Minnesota Connections online at www.debbiesgenealogy.com Helping people discover their unique heritage by equipping them with knowledge and encouraging them to get to know their ancestors.
Services include, but are not limited to: Historical / Archival Records Research Historical Court Record Searches Historical Government and Legislative Research Historical Church and Cemetery Record Searches Census and Genealogical Records Searches Locate Missing Persons from your Family Tree Legal / Paralegal / Genealogical Research and Services Genealogical Interviewing and Investigation Services Visit on-site locations to review original records Now offering: Don’t leave your ancestors in the rearview mirror: Embracing your unique heritage. Please contact for more information about speaking to your group.
Research rates: Research services are billed at $100.00 per hour in 15-minute increments. Research expenses are extra, and may include, but are not limited to, long distance telephone calls, copies, faxes, costs related to requests for documents, costs for documents, postage and mileage. We typically bill through PayPal in ten-hour increments. Inquiries can be emailed to: minnesotaconnections@gmail.com