Minnesota Connections offers professional historical, genealogical, and general research services with a focus on Minnesota and Minnesotans.

           Minnesota Connections’ services include, but are not limited to, genealogical research services, family tree investigative services, house history research services, legal / paralegal research services, and general research services.

           Minnesota Connections offers the experience gathered from over thirty years of research, investigatory, and genealogical research experience.  It has completed and produced research for numerous genealogies, located, collected, and reviewed a variety of records, worked with death, interment, and cemetery records, researched and wrote house history articles, and completed research for a number of law firms across the United States. 

           Minnesota Connections has proven research and investigatory skills.  Inquiries about your historical, genealogical, paralegal, or general research project can be emailed to Minnesota Connections at:   minnesotaconnections@gmail.com



Minnesota Connections

Specializing in Minnesota and Minnesotans



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