Gravestone Lists – Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, and Scott Counties



Cemeteries of Eastern Carver County, Minnesota

Table of contents:

>>City of Carver

Mount Hope Cemetery T115N-R23W, Section 18

St. Nicholas Catholic Cemetery T115N-R23, Section 18


>>City of Chaska and Chaska Township

St. John’s Cemetery T115N-R23W, Section 3

Moravian Church Cemetery T115N-R23W, Section 5

Priebe Family Cemetery T115N-R23W, Section 5

Mount Pleasant Cemetery T115N-R23W, Section 5

Guardian Angels Catholic Cemetery T115N-R23W, Section 8


>>Dahlgren Township

Miller Family Cemetery T115N-R24W, Section 5

Zion United Church of Christ T115N-R24W, Section 10

Lenzen Family Burials T115N-R24W, Section 10

Preiss Cemetery T115N-R24W, Section 14

Bandomer Family Cemetery T115N-R24W, Section 22

St. Nikolas Catholic Cemetery T115N-R24W, Section 24

Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran / Arneson Cemetery T115N-R24W, Section 29

East Union Lutheran Church Cemetery T115N-R24W, Section 35


>>City of Chanhassen

St. Hubert’s Catholic Cemetery T116N-R23W, Section 13

Aspden / Pioneer Cemetery T116N-R23W, Section 15

Leach Cemetery ? T116N-R23W, Section 5


>>City of Victoria

Lake Auburn Moravian Cemetery T116N-R24W, Section 11

St. Victoria’s Catholic Cemetery T116N-R24W, Section 14


>>Laketown Township

Scandia Baptist Cemetery T116N-R24W, Section 18

Zoar / Waconia Moravian Church T116N-R24W, Section 32


Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota

Table of contents:

>>Hancock Township

West Union Lutheran Cemetery T114N-R25W, Section 1

Abandoned Cemetery T114N-R25W, Section 6

Assumption Lake Catholic Cemetery T114N-R25W, Section 18


>>Benton Township

St. Bernard’s Catholic Cemetery T115N-R25W, Sections 12/13

St. John’s United Church of Christ Cemetery ‘The Bongard’s Church’ T115N-R25W, Section 17

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery T115N-R25W, Section 22

Cologne United Methodist Cemetery T115N-R25W, Section 24

Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery T115N-R25W, Section 27

Zion Evangelical Cemetery T115N-R25W, Section 30


>>Young America Township

Ferguson Cemetery T115N-R26W, Section 6

St. Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery T115N-R26W, Section 12

The Church of the Ascension Catholic Cemetery T115N-R26W, Section 12

Norwood Public Cemetery / Forest Hills Cemetery Association T115N-R26W, Section 15

Abandoned Cemetery T115N-R26W, Section 17

St. Paul’s Evangelical Reformed Church / United Church of Christ Cemetery T115N-R26W, Section 34


>>Waconia Township

Faith Rutz Lake Cemetery T116N-R25W, Section 8

Sudheimer / Sutheimer Cemetery T116N-R25W, Section 13

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery T116N-R25W, Section 13

Waconia Public Cemetery T116N-R25W, Section 13

St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery T116N-R25W, Section 24


>>Camden Township

St. Mark Lutheran Cemetery T116N-R26W, Section 5

St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery T116N-R25W, Section 15


>>Watertown Township

Church of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery T117N-R25W, Section 4

Watertown Public Cemetery T117N-R25W, Sections 5 and 8

Swedish Mission Cemetery T117N-R25W, Section 9

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery T117N-R25W, Section 9

St. Peter Lutheran Cemetery T117N-R25W, Section 13

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran / Gotaholm Cemetery T117N-R25W, Section 21

Mayer Zion Lutheran Cemetery T117N-R25W, Section 31


>>Hollywood Township

St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery T117N-R26W, Section 29

Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery T117N-R26W, Section 36


Cemeteries of Central and Northern Dakota County, Minnesota

Table of contents:

>>City of Eagan

Trinity Lone Oak Cemetery T27N-R23W, Section 2

St. Johns’ Cemetery T27N-R23W, Section 20

Christ Lutheran Cemetery T27N-R23W, Section 29


>>City of Burnsville

Pleasant View Cemetery T27N-R24W, Section 34

St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery T115N-R21W, Section 15


>>City of Hastings and Nininger Township

Oakwood Cemetery T115N-R17W, Section 20

Lakeside Cemetery T115N-R17W, Section 21

Soldiers and Sailors Cemetery T115N-R17W, Section 21

St. Lukes Cemetery T115N-R17W, Section 34

Pine Bend Cemetery T115N-R18W, Section 18

Spring Lake Methodist Cemetery T115N-R18W, Section 23


>>City of Rosemount

Rosemount Lutheran Cemetery T115N-R18W, Section 20

St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery T115N-R19W, Section 26

St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery T115N-R19W, Section 29


>>City of Apple Valley

Lebanon Cemetery T115N-R20W, Section 36


Cemeteries of Southern Dakota County, Minnesota

Table of contents:

>>Randolph Township

Lakeside Cemetery T112N-R18W, Sections 8 and 9


>>Waterford and Sciota Townships

Kibbe Cemetery T112N-R19W, Section 14

Red Rose Cemetery T112N-R19W, Section 17

Waterford Cemetery T112N-R19W, Section 20


>>Greenvale Township

Greenvale Cemetery T112N-R20W, Section 1

Solar Lutheran Cemetery T112N-R20W, Section 9

John Clague Cemetery T112N-R20W, Section 11


>>Douglas Township

St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery T113N-R17W, Section 1


>>Hampton Township

Hampton Cemetery T113N-R18W, Section 4

St. Mathias Catholic Cemetery T113N-R18W, Section 8

St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery T113N-R18W, Section 11

Hillcrest Cemetery T113N-R18, Section 20

Zion Cemetery R113N-R18W, Section 23


>>Castle Rock Township

Emmanuel Evangelical Cemetery T113N-R19W, Section 2

Castle Rock Valley Cemetery T113N-R19W, Section 21

McNutt Cemetery T113N-R19W, Section 25


>>Eureka Township

Greenwood Cemetery T113N-R20W, Section 4

St. John’s Danish Farmington Lutheran T113N-R20W, Section 14

Old Christiana Post Office burials T113N-R20W, Section 21

Highview Christiana T113N-R20W, Section 28

East Christiana Lutheran Church T113N-R20W, Section 29


>>Marshan and Ravenna Townships

Elliott’s Hill Cemetery T114N-R16W, Section 16

Mound (Catholic) Cemetery T114N-R17W, Section 1

Hastings State Hospital Cemetery T114N-R17W, Section 2

William Lyon Cemetery T114N-R17W, Section 6

Bellwood Cemetery T114N-R17W, Section 22

Marsh Family Cemetery T114N-R17W, Section 26


>>Vermillion Township

St. Agatha’s Catholic Cemetery T114N-R18W, Section 8

St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery T114N-R18W, Section 22


>>City of Farmington and Empire Township

Corinthian Cemetery T114N-R19W, Section 29

St. Michael’s Catholic Cemetery T114N-R19W, Section 29


>>City of Lakeville and Lakeville Township

Highland Cemetery T114N-R20W, Section 1

Farmington Presbyterian Cemetery T114N-R20W, Section 25

Lakeville Grove Cemetery T114N-R20W, Section 28

All Saints Cemetery T114N-R20W, Section 32


Cemeteries of Central and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota

Table of contents:

>>City of Plymouth

Mount Olivet – T118N-R22W, Section 14

St. Joseph Catholic – T118N-R22W, Section 15

Parkers Lake Cemetery – T118N-R22W, Section 28


>>City of Minnetonka

Groveland Cemetery – T117N-R22W, Section 17

Faith Presbyterian Cemetery – T117N-R22W, Section 26

Shady Oak Lake Cemetery – T117N-R22W, Section 35

St. Margaret’s Cemetery – T117N-R22W, Section 36


>>City of Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie Cemetery – T116N-R22W, Section 20

Pleasant Hill Cemetery – T116N-R22W, Section 26


>>City of Excelsior

Oak Hill Cemetery – T117N-R23W, Sections 27, 34, and 35


>>City of Shorewood

Woodside Cemetery – T117N-R23W, Section 32

Resurrection Cemetery – T117N-R23W, Section 36


Cemeteries of Hennepin County, Minnesota—Edina and Richfield

Table of contents:

>>City of Edina

Adath-Yeshurum – T028N-R24W, Section 20

Grandview Park Cemetery – T117N-R21W, Section 30


>>City of Richfield

B’Nai Emet Cemetery – T028N-R24W, Section 32

Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery – T028N-R24W, Section 32

United Hebrew Cemetery – T028N-R24W, Section 32

Assumption Catholic Cemetery – T028N-R24W, Section 34


Cemeteries of Hennepin County, Minnesota—South Minneapolis and Bloomington

Table of contents:

>>City of Minneapolis

Temple Israel – T027N-R24W, Section 10

Oak Hill Cemetery – T028N-R24W, Section 22


>>City of Bloomington

Bloomington Cemetery – T027N-R24W, Section 21

Dawn Valley Memorial Cemetery – T116N-R21W, Section 30


Cemeteries of Western and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota

Table of contents:

>>Minnetrista Township

Ox Yoke / Merriman Cemetery – T117N-R24W, Section 5

Fairview Cemetery – T117N-R24W, Section 12

Minnetrista Baptist Cemetery – T117N-R24W, Section 32

Halsted Brothers Cemetery – T117N-R24W, Section 35


>>City of Mound

Our Lady of Lakes Catholic Cemetery – T117N-R24W, Section 11

Mound Union Cemetery – T117N-R24W, Section 22


>>City of St. Bonifacius

St. Boni Catholic – T117N-R24W, Section 32


>>Medina Township

Petri Pauli Catholic Cemetery – T118N-R23W, Section 7

German Liberal Cemetery – T118N-R23W, Section 16

Holy Name Catholic Cemetery – T118N-R23W, Section 24


>>City of Hamel

St. Anne Catholic Cemetery – T118N-R23W, Section 12


>>City of Long Lake

Union Cemetery – T118N-R23W, Section 35


>>Independence Township

Lewis Cemetery – T118N-R24W, Section 23

Oakland / Bryant Cemetery – T118N-R24W, Section 31

Christ Lutheran Cemetery – T118N-R24W, Section 36


Cemeteries of Northern Scott County, Minnesota

Table of contents:

>>Credit River Township

Credit River Catholic Cemetery  T114N-R21W, Section 8


>>Spring Lake Township and City of Prior Lake

St. Michaels Catholic Cemetery  T114N-R22W, Section 1

St. Pauls Lutheran Cemetery  T114N-R22W, Section 1

Spring Lake Cemetery  T114N-R22W, Section 3

Fish Lake Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery  T114N-R22W, Section 28

Zion United Methodist – Concord Cemetery  T114N-R22W, Section 29

Church of St. Catherine Catholic Cemetery  T114N-R22W, Section 35


>>Sand Creek Township and City of Jordan

Spring Hill – Jordan Cemetery  T114N-R23W, Section 19

St. John the Baptist – Calvary Catholic Cemetery  T114N-R23W, Section 20

St. Josephs Catholic Cemetery  T114N-R23W, Section 23


>>St. Lawrence Township

Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery  T114N-R24W, Section 32


>>City of Savage

Glendale Cemetery  T115N-R21W, Section 18


>>City of Shakopee and Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community

Valley Cemetery  T115N-R22W, Section 5

Veterans Park – Burial Mounds  T115N-R22W, Section 5

Calvary Catholic Cemetery  T115N-R22W, Section 8

Tiowakan SMSC Spiritual Center Cemetery  T115N-R22W, Section 28


>>Jackson Township and City of Shakopee

MarkMary Catholic Cemetery  T115N-R23W, Section 12

St. Marys of Marystown Catholic Cemetery  T115N-R23W, Section 35


Cemeteries of Southern Scott County, Minnesota

Table of contents:

>>New Market Township and Cities of New Market and Elko

West Christiania Lutheran Cemetery  T113N-R21W, Section 13

Church of St. Nicholas Catholic Cemetery  T113N-R21W, Section 28


>>Cedar Lake Township

St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery  T113N-R22W, Section 18


>>Helena Township and City of New Prague

St. Benedict Catholic Cemetery  T113N-R23W, Section 17

Czech National Cemetery  T113N-R23W, Section 33

St. Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery  T113N-R23W, Section 34


>>Belle Plaine Township and City of Belle Plaine

Mount Moriah Cemetery  T113N-R24W, Section 4

Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration Cemetery  T113N-R24W, Section 6

Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery  T113N-R24W, Section 6

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery  T113N-R24W, Section 6

St. Martin Catholic Cemetery  T113N-R24W, Section 7

Lutheran Home Association Cemetery  T113N-R25W, Section 1

Oakwood Cemetery  T113N-R25W, Section 1


>>Blakely Township

Blakeley Township Cemetery  T113N-R25W, Section 8

Schlegel – Zion M.E. Church Cemetery  T113N-R25W, Section 32

Church of the Redeemer Cemetery  T113N-R25W, Section 34



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