Christ Lutheran Cemetery

f/k/a Swedish Lutheran Gotalund Church

Independence Township, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T118N – R24W, Section 36



The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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This cemetery is located along Hennepin County Road 110.  There is a plaque in the middle of this cemetery stating ‘Site of the Swedish Lutheran Gotalund Church – Organized 27 December 1875 – Built 1879 – Razed 1932 – Now [part of] Christ Lutheran Church in Maple Plain – Built 1925.’  The plaque is dated October 12, 1935.  This cemetery is maintained and in good shape. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008



Albertson, Alfred

Albertson, Elna

Anderson (?), Andrew H.

Anderson (?), Charles J.

Anderson (?), Christina

Anderson (?), Christine

Anderson (?), David C.

Anderson (?), Elvina

Anderson (?), Fred W.

Anderson (?), Ida L.

Anderson (?), Lily B.

Anderson (?), Nancy A.

Anderson (?), Swante

Anderson (?), Theodore E.

Anderson, Alfred

Anderson, Alfred O.

Anderson, Andrew P.

Anderson, August

Anderson, baby

Anderson, baby

Anderson, Bertha S.

Anderson, Evelyn L.

Anderson, Hannah

Anderson, Harvey S.

Anderson, James Harold

Anderson, Jeanette E. (Jo)

Anderson, Laura

Anderson, Lowell H.

Anderson, Mathilda

Anderson, Nellie

Anderson, Robert Don

Anderson, Sigfred M.

Anderson, Sven

Bendickson, Michael Jon

Benseon, Lillian Spearin

Benson (?), Amanda

Benson (?), John

Berg, David John

Berg, Eugene Walter

Berg, Evelyn L.

Bergquist (?), Dale F.

Bergquist (?), Emily

Bergquist (?), Kate

Bergquist (?), Lawrence A.

Bergquist (?), Lawrence A.

Bergquist (?), Mabel Lennea

Bergquist, Arthur V.

Bergquist, Betty Ann

Bergquist, Betty Ruth

Bergquist, Christina

Bergquist, Donovan D.

Bergquist, Francis

Bergquist, John

Bergquist, Mae M.

Bergquist, Oscar T.

Bergquist, Reuben J.

Bergquist, Roger K.

Bergquist, Vinnie M.

Bergstrom, Andrew G.

Berquam, Warren O’Neil

Beyer, Arling R.

Beyer, Jeanne E.

Blankenship, Julie P.

Blankenship, Miles M.

Blankenship, Verne Allen

Boe, Iver I.

Boe, Iver O.

Boe, Karen

Bolin, Emelia H.

Braa, Jensine

Braa, Ole O.

Brethorst, Lance

Burkes, Johnney

Buschbom, Floyd E.

Buschbom, Margaret M.

Carlson (?), David A.

Carlson, Anna A.

Carlson, Edna Ella

Carlson, Emma M.

Carlson, Florence L.

Carlson, Gust

Carlson, Harold E.

Carlson, Hugo Stenof

Carlson, John A.

Carlson, Laurence Earle

Carlson, Laurence W.

Carlson, Waldor Amandus

Chenoweth, J.

Chenoweth, Minnie

Clausen, Ella

Clausen, Henry C.

Cummings, Gordon R.

Cummings, Ruth M.

Dahlberg, Kristina S.

Doyle, John A.

Drawert, Lloyd

Drawert, Norma

Dunn, Robert J.

Eckblad, Adeline T.

Eckblad, George W.

Eckdahl, Amelia

Eckdahl, Gustaf

Ekstrom, Alphine

Ekstrom, Anna

Ekstrom, Augusta L.

Ekstrom, Carl

Ekstrom, Carl Albert

Ekstrom, I. Alec

Ekstrom, Lydia Elvina

Ekstrom, Minnoe

Ekstrom, Sarah Berg

Engelke, Amelia

Engelke, Otto

Evans, Karen Ann

Fahlstrom, Adolph A.

Fahlstrom, Maybelle E.

Fetter, David L.

Fetter, Ophellia K.

Foss, Ruth E.

Foss, Thomas O.

Frankenberg, O.J.

Fredgren, Brita Stima

Fredgren, Charles F.

Fries, Ronnie A.

Gebo, Renee

Gotsch, Christeen

Gotsch, Gust

Gunderson, Art C.

Gunderson, Edward A.

Gunderson, Edward A.

Gunderson, Ellen B.

Gunderson, Eva M.

Gunderson, Gina

Gunderson, Ole

Gunderson, Thelma E.

Gustafson, A. Cecelia

Gustafson, A. Sidney

Gustafson, C. Raymond

Gustafson, J. Alfred

Gustafson, Mildred C.

Halgren, Adrian

Halgren, Anna S.

Halgren, Bruce F.

Halgren, Clara

Halgren, Clarence W.

Halgren, Frank V.

Halgren, John

Halgren, Laura

Halgren, Mary

Hallberg, Adolph A.

Halstrom (?), Anna

Halstrom (?), Anna O.

Halstrom (?), John Alfred

Halverson, Alta

Halverson, Clarence A.

Hamilton, Philip R.

Hamilton, Verna M.

Hammer, Gunnar Carl

Hammer, Muriel L.

Hansen, Colleen J.

Hansen, G. Dale

Hanson, Doris L.

Hanson, M. Jerome

Hanson, Minnie J.

Hanson, Minor B.

Hanson, Wallace M.

Hediger, Marion F.

Herum, Aida M.

Herum, Haldor C.

Houston, Andrey M. Hallberg

Hovend, Jennie M.

Hovend, Jule

Hystedt (?), Charles U.

Hystedt (?), Elmer W.

Hystedt (?), Emma

Hystedt (?), Mary

Ingebrigtsen, Eline K.

Ingebrigtsen, Ove A.

Iverson, Anton L.

Iverson, Iver A.

Iverson, Oline

Jacobson, Dorothy C.

Jacobson, Lorraine J.

Jacobson, Raymond H.

Jacobson, Robert Hamilton

Jarvenpa, Mae S.

Jarvenpa, Otmar M.

Jerde, Lloyd H.

Jerde, Roxy L.

Jesperson, I.B.

Jesperson, N.P.

Johnson, Axel W.

Johnson, Caroline E.

Johnson, Charles P.

Johnson, Edward

Johnson, Elna Ramona

Johnson, Emma

Johnson, Gust

Johnson, John

Johnson, Leonard E.

Johnson, Margrethe

Johnson, Martha

Johnson, Olof

Johnson, Oscar W.

Johnson, Sophia

Klingert, Freda May

Lane, Marjorie A.

Lane, Robert Wm.

Langert, Charley

Langert, Priscilla

Larson, Arlyce M.

Larson, Bruce R.

Larson, Charles E.

Larson, David P.

Larson, Eva B.

Larson, Lee Henry

Lemmerman, Stan

Lemmerman, Stanley D.

Lindgren, Fred W.

Lindholm (?), Laura Marie

Lindholm, Anna M.

Lindholm, Paul F.

Lindholm, Peter O.

Lund, Anna

Lund, Carl

Lynne, Evangeline J.

Magnuson, Anton

Magnuson, Lovisa

Mathisen, Gary J.

Mathisen, Timothy L.

McCulley, Dorothy Petersen

McMahon, Ruby L.

Miller, Everett Vincent

Miller, Geraldine Brown

Miller, Glenn Herman

Miller, Harvey Vincent

Miller, Ida Margaret

Miller, John Wilhelm

Miller, Manda Sophia

Moline, Andrew Leroy

Moline, Anna

Moline, Anna M.

Moline, Eugene L.

Moline, John L.

Moline, John William

Moline, Jonas

Moline, Kajsa

Moline, Katherine J.

Moline, Nels John

Neilson, Benjamin Rankin

Neilson, Eleanor Ekstrom

Nelson (?), Christina

Nelson (?), Gust

Nelson (?), Nels

Nelson, Augusta M.

Nelson, Caroline

Nelson, Charles H.

Nelson, Hans

Nelson, John

Nelson, June Beverly

Nelson, Mathilda

Nelson, Ruth N.

Nelson, Sigrid Pedersen

Nilson, Nils

Niswander, Christine

Nord, Donna Carlson

Noreen (?), Effie E.

Noreen (?), Levine R.

Novicky, Theodore

Novicky, Theodore W.

Oare, Carl V.

Oare, Carl V.

Oare, Delores M.

Olson (?), Bertha J.

Olson (?), Fred

Olson (?), Grandpa

Olson (?), John

Olson (?), John O.

Olson (?), Mathilda

Olson (?), Octavia

Olson, Carl

Olson, Effie T.

Olson, John A.

Olson, John A.

Olson, Lydia

Olson, Olaf Oscar

Olson, Petronella

Olson, Thomas

Only Father

Only Laura

Only Mother Christina

Only Stromberg (on cement vase)

Ovshak, Gretchen S.

Palmer, Alice

Palmer, Anna

Palmer, August

Palmer, Mary

Pantuso, Lucille M.

Pantuso, Peter J.

Pearson, C.J. Lambert

Pearson, Christe

Pearson, Hilda M.

Pearson, John W.

Pearson, Mathilda

Pedersen (?), Marguerita

Pedersen, Anna M.

Pedersen, Emil Perry

Pedersen, Lauge H.

Perry, Hazel

Perry, John

Peters, Julia O.

Peters, Mary P.

Peters, Mildred I.

Peters, Ray H.

Peterson (?), Frank O.

Peterson, Beverly (Grochow)

Peterson, Chad H.

Peterson, Christina C.

Peterson, Elmer J.

Peterson, Ernest H.

Peterson, Georgia M.

Peterson, Harold

Peterson, John M.

Peterson, Mathilda S.

Peterson, Ole

Peterson, P. Albert

Peterson, Pearl M.

Peterson, Selma S.

Peterson, Thomas D.

Peterson, Walter E.

Pilkington, Dorothy E.

Pool, Marvin (Jim) M.

Pool, Rosemary

Powers, Elizabeth F.

Priest, Gladys P.

Priest, Harry T.

Quammen, Marian C.

Quammen, Ole Milford

Rachel, Clarence N.

Rachel, Sophie A.

Ree, Theodora J.

Ree, Waldo L.

Riewe, Anna M.

Riewe, Charles A.

Rittenshouse, Anne M.

Rutter, Charlotte M.

Sandeen, Esther F.

Sandeen, J. Alfred

Schoening, John M.

Schoening, Wilma

Seger, Amanda

Seger, Chas. O.

Seger, Karl G.

Shives, Donna Jarvenpa

Skyland, Augusta

Smith, Ruth E.

Soderberg (?), Otto A.

Soderberg, Amanda L.

Spangenske, Luverne M.

Spangenske, Richard M.

Spearin (?), Frank A.

Swanson (?), Maud A.

Swanson, C.A.

Swanson, Claus

Swanson, E. Albin

Swanson, Elmer W.

Swanson, Marie

Swanson, Oscar W.

Swanson, Ruth

Swanson, Sophie A.

Swenson, Magnus

Swenson, Swen L.

Tallakson, Ruth Hallberg

Tesch, Minerva F.

Thurston, Ida

Totushek, Alice Mae Elliot

Totushek, Gene Erven

Totushek, Joel A.

Tripet, Charlotte

Tripet, Thomas

Turner, Robert J.

Vigoren, Joshua Paul

Vogelgesang, Dawnita

Wallin, Charles D.

Wallin, Charles E.

Wallin, Clyde Erwin

Wallin, Emma T.

Wallin, John S.

Wallin, Marion E.

Wallin, Patricia M.

Wallin, Sophia

Weestrand, Mark D.

Wicks, John

Wicks, Myrtle

Wicks, Quno John

Wilkerson, James Philip

Wimmergren, Anna

Winter, Don A.

Winter, Marion

Winter, Marion H.

Wold, Anne O.

Wyatt, Rosina Blackmore

Young, Anna M.

Young, Vincent W.

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