Lewis Cemetery

Independence Township, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T118N – R24W, Section 23



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This cemetery is located near the intersection of Highway 12 and Hennepin County Road 90, near Maple Plain, Minnesota.  This cemetery is maintained and in good shape.  These is some evidence of sinking burial monuments.  The cemetery area appears to have a large amount of space reserved for future burials. 


The city of Maple Plain, Minnesota website has a page titled Memoirs of Amanda Johnson.  Within this information it states … Among the settlers who came in 1855 was William Lewis and his family.  He died a month after his arrival here and was the first person to be buried in the Lewis Cemetery which was located on his claim and named for him…  His burial is no longer marked. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008



?, Adel

?, Brad T.

?, Earnest

?, Eliza M.

?, Ellias

?, Fern E.

?, George

?, Grace A.

?, John H.

?, Lillian J.

?, Sarah

?, Sophie

?, Walter M.

Adkins, Neil G.

Ahlstrom, Bertha L.

Ahlstrom, Edna M.

Ahlstrom, John A.

Ahlstrom, John A.

Ahlstrom, Rosa C.

Ahlstrom, Roy E.

Akerson, Andrew

Akerson, Ethel A.

Akerson, Mary

Albinson, Axel W.

Alger, Daniel W.

Alger, Grace M.

Alger, Howard L.

Alger, Marion A. Gertz

Alger, Wm. C.

Allen, Guy E.

Allen, Kathryn

Andersen, Carlo M.

Andersen, Dorothy C.

Andersen, Egon

Andersen, Egon

Andersen, Evelyn E.

Andersen, Neils C.

Andersen, Neilsine G.

Anderson (?), Charles

Anderson (?), Hannah

Anderson, Albert M.

Anderson, Carrie A.

Anderson, David L.

Anderson, Donald Raymond

Anderson, Donna K.

Anderson, Dora I.

Anderson, Earl M.

Anderson, Elden J.

Anderson, Eleonora Carolina

Anderson, Elfrida M.

Anderson, Ella

Anderson, Emelia

Anderson, Emil J.

Anderson, Ernest F.

Anderson, Ernest W.

Anderson, Gerald Arthur

Anderson, Gideon E.

Anderson, Hannah M.

Anderson, Helen L.

Anderson, Jeffrey Scott

Anderson, Jennie E.

Anderson, Jessie Mills

Anderson, John Martin

Anderson, Jugas L.

Anderson, Karl

Anderson, Leona R.

Anderson, Marie F.

Anderson, Mark Ellard Jon

Anderson, Martha C.

Anderson, Marvin A.

Anderson, Mathilda

Anderson, Nels L.

Anderson, Paul E.

Anderson, Peter L.

Anderson, Raymond E.

Anderson, Sharon Elizabeth

Anderson, Walter

Andreoff (?), Donald E.

Andreoff (?), Lillian M.

Arnold, Lecile Erwin

Arnold, Margaret E.

Astrope, Elizabeth G.

Astrope, Henry

Astrope, Rebeca

Astrope, Thomas

Austin, Chandler A.

Austin, Flobadd (?)

Austin, Harriett A.

Baker (?), Ila

Baker (?), Joseph

Baker (?), Lizzie

Baker (?), William

Baker, Laretta

Baker, Loren C.

Barbee, Eunice L.

Barfknecht, Albert S.

Barfknecht, Gust A.

Batdorf (?), Albert

Batdorf (?), Almeda

Batdorf (?), Barton B.

Batdorf (?), Bertie

Batdorf (?), Burley

Batdorf (?), Daisy

Batdorf (?), Elma

Batdorf (?), Ira C.

Batdorf (?), James

Batdorf (?), Jennette

Batdorf (?), John

Batdorf (?), Lydra

Batdorf (?), Margaret

Batdorf (?), Melvin

Batdorf, Allen

Batdorf, Beth B.

Batdorf, Charlotte

Batdorf, Clayton

Batdorf, Clinton E.

Batdorf, Corrine F.

Batdorf, Dolly

Batdorf, Ennis O.

Batdorf, Floyd T.

Batdorf, Harland W.

Batdorf, Henry L.

Batdorf, Howard A.

Batdorf, Ida M.

Batdorf, Lena

Batdorf, Margaret I.

Batdorf, Martha I.

Batdorf, Mary

Batdorf, Niles

Batdorf, Norman

Batdorf, Raymond Albert

Batdorf, Sarah H.

Batdorf, Tillie W.

Batdorf, William

Bauernschmitt, Douglas R.

Bauernschmitt, Lorraine A.

Bauernschmitt, Stanford J.

Be ?, Mary Catharin

Beal, Alida May

Beal, Alonzo

Beal, Clara M.

Beal, Clarence Leonard

Beal, Edward M.

Beal, Eleanor L. (Murphy)

Beal, Ernestine M.

Beal, Eva

Beal, Floyd J.

Beal, Harold A.

Beal, Jacob

Beal, Matilda

Beal, Nancy S.

Beal, U. Grant

Beer, Hilton

Beer, Hilton G.

Beer, John H.

Beer, John H.

Beer, Sarah L.

Beer, Vivian E.

Benedict, Anthony G.

Benedict, Shirley M.

Benjamin (?), Anna

Benjamin (?), Anna E.

Benjamin, Mary

Bennett (?), Jordan

Bennett (?), Phoebe

Bennett, Aaron Edward

Bennett, Amelia L.

Bennett, Herman

Bennett, Roy

Bennett, Signe L.

Bensen, Anna

Bensen, Bent W.

Bensen, Ella

Bensen, Robert E.

Benson, Christian

Berg, Clarence

Berg, Harriet

Berg, Olivia G.

Berglund, Clifford L.

Berglund, Zella H.

Bergman, Jessen Ross

Bergman, Margaret C.

Bergman, Virgil M.

Bergquist (?), Maria M.

Bergquist, Blanche

Bergquist, Carl

Berry, Alice

Berry, Charles F.

Berry, Hilbern

Berry, John J.

Berry, Lorinda W.

Berry, Maynard L.

Berry, Mildred A.

Berry, Murry Dale

Berry, Ruth Ann

Berry, Ruth E.

Berry, Ruth E.

Berry, Winfred L.

Berry, Winfred L.

Beyer, Lorna E.

Beyer, Melvin M.

Bickford, baby

Bickford, Edward H.

Bickford, Mable A.

Blacketer, J.M.

Boehner, Elsie

Boehner, Harley

Boehner, June Elizabeth

Boehner, Marvel J.

Bolton, Annie E.

Bolton, George W.

Bonar, Doris

Bonar, Thomas E.

Bonar, Thomas E.

Bosell (?), August F.

Bosell (?), Lydia

Botnan, Jean W.

Botnan, William M.

Bowen, Archie

Boyer, Clinton R.

Boyer, Keith C.

Bracken, Halvor

Bracken, Harold

Bracken, Ingeborg

Bracken, Ole

Bracken, Ole R.

Bradford (?), Percy J.

Bradford, Annie

Bradford, G.W.

Brandon (?), Julius

Brandon (?), Olga E.

Brandon (?), Sarah I.

Brandon, ?

Brandon, ?

Brandon, Ebenezer

Brandon, John E.

Brandon, Myrtle

Brandon, Myrtle J.

Brandon, Nellie M.

Brandon, Olga Marystone

Brask (?), Andrew (?)

Brask (?), Ida

Brekken, Halvor

Brier (?), Gerald J.

Brier (?), Robert L.

Briley (?), ?

Briley (?), Claude

Briley (?), Myra A.

Briley, David

Briley, Landon W.

Briley, Roswell (?)

Briley, Tina

Briley, Wm.

Britton, Clara Peterson

Brown (?), Raymond A.

Brown, Gena M.

Brown, Leslie W.

Bryant, Althea I.

Bryant, Clayton G.

Bryant, Donald K.

Bryant, Evelyn M.

Bryant, Hugh R.

Bryant, Irene L.

Bryant, Kenneth A.

Bryant, Lydia M.

Bryant, Marcia J.

Bryant, Rufus I.

Bryant, Sylvanus H.

Bryant, Vivian

Bryant, Winnie M.

Budd (?), William W.

Budd (?), Wm. Marshall

Budd (?), Zua May

Budd, babies

Budd, Charles

Budd, Claude M.

Budd, Eliza A.

Budd, Elsie M.

Budd, Emeline

Budd, Henry C.

Budd, Julia F.

Budd, Lillie M.

Budd, Oliver M.

Budd, Willie S.

Budd, Wm. W.

Buelow, Harry E.

Buelow, Jennie M.

Buranen, Reka

Burdick, William

Burke, Beverley

Burke, Dolores L.

Burke, Harold R.

Burnett, Donald L.

Caliendo, Agnes G.

Caliendo, Joseph E.

Carlson, Adele M.

Carlson, Axel

Carlson, baby

Carlson, Ellen J.

Carlson, Ellen V.

Carlson, Florence W.

Carlson, Henry

Carlson, infant

Carlson, Levi E.

Carlson, Richard Orrid

Carruthers, Robert F.

Carruthres, Nona M.

Ceaser, Jayson S.

Chambers, Philip

Chapman (?), Eddie G.

Chapman (?), Metta C.

Chapman, Joseph Z.

Chapman, Susan

Chinn, Adam Lincoln

Christenson, Abe

Christenson, Julie Lynn

Christenson, Leona

Christenson, Matthew Crosby

Clark, Lorraine E.

Cleaveland, Bertha R.

Cleaveland, Warren J.

Cole, Deloris I.

Cole, Donald M.

Collette, Janice I.

Collette, Laverne T.

Collins (?), Bessie

Collins (?), brother

Collins, Oakie L.

Collins, Raymond J.

Compton, Anna S.

Compton, David

Compton, Milton

Cook, Amy B.

Cook, Ira

Copeland, Adalina

Copeland, Albert

Cornell, Clair A.

Cornell, Ilynne R.

Corpe, Charles Arthur

Corpe, Gertrude L.

Cotton, Dora Schmitz

Cox (?), David

Cox (?), Lucinda E.

Cox, Brent

Cox, David

Cox, Della May

Cox, Flossie J.

Cox, infant son

Cox, Isabelle M.

Cox, Melvin E.

Cox, Nellie

Cox, Nellie May

Cox, William David

Cranmer, Terry Wayne

Cunningham, Ellen M.

Cunningham, Gordon W.

Cunningham, Herbert

Cunningham, Victoria W.

Dalrymple, James N.

Danielson (?), Alfred

Danielson (?), baby

Danielson (?), Ida S.

Danielson (?), Peter John

Danielson, Edith M. ‘Gronberg’

Danielson, Edward R.

Danielson, Elizabeth S.

Danielson, Oscar W.

Daufney, Marie

Daugherty, Adlyn M. ‘Lanny’

Day, Richard F.

DeCamp, Chester L.

DeCamp, E. Arlene

DeCamp, Edwin Emerson

DeCamp, Emma Adelaide

DeCamp, Harry

DeCamp, J. Warren

DeCamp, Joseph ‘Bernie’

DeCamp, Myrtle

DeCamp, Raymond

DeCamp, Ward William

DeCampr, Sarah L.

Ditty, Annette G.

Ditty, Charles Archie

Ditty, Ida Alvina

Ditty, Lilly M.

Ditty, Myrtle M.

Ditty, Orel R.

Ditty, Shirley

Ditty, Theodore B.

Ditty, Wm. O.

Dodds, Ronald

Dombrowski, Thomas James

Dongoske, Bervia D.

Dongoske, George J.

Dressel, Adolph F.

Dressel, Caroline

Dressel, Edwin H.

Dressel, Emerson C.

Dressel, Evelyn M.

Dressel, Flora L.

Dressel, Helen J.

Dressel, Henry P.

Dressel, Henry Paul

Dressel, Kathryn M.

Dressel, Linda

Dreyeskracht, Arthur

Drysdale (?), Harvey Emil (?)

Drysdale, ?

Drysdale, Donald B.

Drysdale, Edward

Drysdale, Esther N.

Drysdale, Helen T.

Drysdale, Joseph B.

Drysdale, Marvin B.

Drysdale, Nellie M.

Duehn, Julia Clara

Duehn, Leo E.

Duehn, Percy Charles

Duehn, Ruby M.

Dunwoody (?), Ellen M.

Dunwoody (?), John F.

Dunwoody, Alice M.

Dunwoody, John F.

Duport, George

Duport, Kathryn

Durant, Elizabeth

Durant, Joseph C.

Durant, Octavious

Eckdahl, Avis Ione Drifmeyer

Eckdahl, Carl Elmer

Edwards, Winifred Mae

Ellis, Phineus B.

Elwell, John E.

Elwell, Martha F.

Elwoll (?), Ellen

Elwoll (?), Peter

Elwoll (?), Peter

Elwoll, Oscar

Emerson, Adele A.

Emerson, Arthur C.

Emigh, Howard

Engel, Tracy M.

Engel, William

Engquist, Dorothy

Engquist, Mel

Enos, Helen A.

Enos, Joseph M.

Enos, Muriel Marie

Erickson, Anna

Erickson, Carl Olaf

Erickson, Esther

Erickson, Herman N.

Erickson, John R.

Erickson, Mary

Erickson, Olaus

Ericson, Donald E.

Ericson, Harlan D.

Ericson, James Newman

Ericson, Palmer N.

Ericson, Sara M.

Erlanson (?), Gunder

Erlanson (?), Mary

Ernst, Mildred Adell

Ernst, Richard Adam

Everroad, Anna A.

Eyestone (?), Christine

Eyestone (?), Christine

Eyestone (?), Clarence

Eyestone (?), Clarence L.

Eyestone (?), David A.

Eyestone (?), David A.

Farnes, John A.

Farnes, Tulla

Farniok, Richard M.

Farnoik, E. Beth

Fetter, Clyde L.

Fetterley (?), Bertha May

Fetterley (?), Christeen

Fetterley (?), James Arthur

Fetterley (?), Oscar

Fisher (?), Frances

Fisher (?), Henry

Fogelmon, Mary

Fogelmon, William

Fogleman, Addie Belle

Fogleman, Henry

Fogleman, John M.

Fogleman, Julia M.

Fogleman, Katherine A.

Fogleman, Lillian M.

Fogleman, Margaret M.

Fogleman, William S.

Foglemon, David

Franklin, Barbara L.

Franklin, James L.

Frees, Adam Peter

French, Carole A.

French, Richard L.

Frost, James Marvin

Frost, Robert G.

Gabriel, Adolf

Gabriel, Edna

Gabrielson (?), Carolina

Gabrielson (?), Charles V.

Gabrielson (?), Hilda

Gabrielson (?), John P.

Gabrielson (?), Nannie A.

Gabrielson, A. Emil

Gabrielson, T. Mabel

Galde, Gerald O.

Galde, Lorene V.

Gallup, Adolph

Gallup, Mabel

Gast, Charlie W.

Gast, Ferdinand

Gast, Ferdinand E.

Gast, Gordon

Gast, Lillian A.

Gast, Theodore

Gertz, Alma C.

Gertz, Gustav

Gillis, Minnie Bryant

Gobel, Clifford

Gobel, John G.

Gobel, Lucile A.

Goldsmith, Elaine A.

Goldsmith, Lyle L.

Gorney (?), Albert H.

Gorney (?), Margaret H.

Gorney, Lynn Maxwell

Gorney, Peter Kent

Gorney, Tekla L.

Gorney, Ward J.

Gotsch (?), Oscar P.

Gotsch, Edith

Gotsch, Florence E.

Gotsch, Walter

Grandstrand, Todd Philip Michael

Grendahl, Andrew H.

Grendahl, Regina A.

Grie??, Eva J.

Grife, Bernard L.

Grife, Bernard Leonard

Grife, Donovan Mathew

Grife, Lillian A.

Griffin, Charles R.

Griffin, Fran E.

Gronberg, Alvina Lillian

Gronberg, Arvid

Gronberg, Dennis Lloyd

Gronberg, Gabinius Johan

Gronberg, Lloyd Arvid

Gustafson (?), Carl J.

Gustafson (?), Matilda M.

Gustafson (?), Minnie

Gustafson (?), Olga N.

Gustafson (?), Samuel G.

Gustafson, Elva I.

Gustafson, Elvie Margaret Alene

Gustafson, Mark A.

Hafsahl (?), Martin G.

Hagen, Arthur G.

Haglund, Bennie

Haglund, Ida

Haglund, Nels

Hagman, Edward E.

Hagman, Hannah L.

Hahn, Joseph

Hahn, Mae Forde

Hahn, Mary (?)

Haislet, Jo

Hales, Cecil L.

Hall, Almira

Hamann, ?

Hamilton, Ellen G.

Hammer, Anton O.

Hammer, Jennie D.

Hammerlund, Aaron Franklin

Hammerlund, Albert Walter

Hammerlund, Eleanor Sunday

Hammerlund, Elizabeth A.

Hammerlund, Kenneth L.

Hammerlund, Robert E.

Hanlon (?), Frank

Hanlon (?), George E.

Hanlon (?), Gertrude

Hanlon (?), Ida May

Hanlon (?), infant son

Hanlon (?), Warker

Hansen, G. Mary

Hansen, Hans N.

Hansen, Hilmer M.

Hansen, Mildred K.

Hanson, Nels

Hanus, James H.

Harding, Sherman McGee

Hardt (?), Julius G.H.

Hardt (?), Wilhelmine F.A.

Hardt, Alice G.

Hardt, Henry E.

Harmon, Bette

Harmon, Darrell

Harrington, Chauncey

Harrington, Grace E.

Harrington, H.

Harris, Aubrey O.

Harvery, Kandace Lauree

Harvey, Charles Daniel

Haskell, Edmund G.

Haskell, Ellis

Haskell, Katharine A.

Haskell, William P.

Hatcher, Betty L.

Hatcher, Joseph A.

Hatcher, Raymond Lee

Hatcher, Robert James

Hauan (?), Oluf

Hauan (?), Thora

Hawkinson, Steven Lynn

Hay, John A.

Hedin (?), Ida

Hedin, Arthur

Hedin, Esther

Hedin, John R.

Heinrich, Lisa K.

Heinzen, Anna M.

Heinzen, Florence M.

Heinzen, Harold

Heinzen, Harvey J.

Heinzen, Herbert F.

Heinzen, Jacob

Heinzen, Lillian A.

Heinzen, Mabel

Heinzen, Margaret

Heinzen, Myrtle L.

Heinzen, Nicole Ann

Heinzen, Robert L.

Heiraas, Axel T.

Heiraas, Selma O.

Helstad, Pearl Lois

Hendricks, Ronald M.

Hendricks, Shirley M.

Henning (?), Ernest J.

Henning (?), Minnie E.

Henning, Alice

Henning, Annette K.

Henning, Audrey M.

Henning, Edwin H.

Henning, Herman F.

Henning, Josephine C.

Hensen, Melita

Hensen, Melita

Hensen, Orma

Highsted, Anna L.

Highsted, John P.

Hilbrands, Brent L.

Hill, Alexander

Hill, Clara A.

Hill, Douglas M.

Hill, Grace M.

Hill, Murray A.

Hill, R. Lois

Hill, Sadie Gene

Hill, Sarah

Hill, Stanley

Hillstrom (?), Albin J.

Hillstrom (?), Alfred J.

Hillstrom (?), Daisy

Hillstrom (?), Dale G.

Hillstrom (?), Gust S.

Hillstrom (?), Inga J.

Hillstrom (?), Johannes

Hillstrom (?), Margaret

Hillstrom, Alfred

Hillstrom, Alma S.

Hillstrom, Charles

Hillstrom, Clara

Hillstrom, Clifford W.

Hillstrom, Elsie L.

Hillstrom, Glenn R.

Hillstrom, Gustaf

Hillstrom, Harold A.

Hillstrom, Johanna

Hillstrom, John

Hillstrom, John H.

Hillstrom, Luella J.

Hinskley, Margaret L.

Hinson, Karen M.

Hitsman, Diahn

Hitsman, William

Hoglin, Ingvar M.

Hoglin, Mildred C.

Hoisington (?), Almira

Hoisington (?), Earl

Hoisington (?), Homer

Hoisington, Benjamin

Hoisington, Jane

Hokanson, Stephanie

Holida, Archie

Holida, Kathryn M.

Homlevik, Anna E.

Homlevik, Ole O.

Hopkins, Sadie F. Merriman

Hoppe, David L.

Horak, Ruth

Houchins, Harvey G.

Houchins, Rebecca

Huebner, Alfina

Huebner, Edwin

Huebner, Walter R.

Huff, Walter C.

Ingereson, Ashbel

Ingersoll, Barbara L.

Ingersoll, Hugh Tyler

Ingersoll, Norman D.

Ingerson (?), Father

Ingerson (?), Irving

Ingerson (?), Mother

Ingerson, Charles W.

Ingerson, Irving

Ingerson, Jessie

Ingerson, Jessie

Ingerson, Norman Dale

Ingerson, Ralph

Ingerson, Wm. F.

Jabret (?), Henry

Jackson (?), Edwin W.

Jackson (?), Ellen Bell

Jackson (?), Henry

Jackson (?), Nancy G.

Jackson, Ellen Belle

Jackson, Gladys

Jackson, Gladys A.

Jager, Lucas Allan

Japs, Edward R.

Japs, Ione M.

Jenkins, Deanna

Jenkins, Edith B.

Jenkins, Norman

Jenkins, Ray F.

Jensen, Grace Ellen

Jensen, Lloyd G.

Jensen, Lloyd G.

Jensen, OrLou L.

Jensen, Wesley Chris

Johnson (?), Albin Anshelm

Johnson (?), Algot W.

Johnson (?), Amanda

Johnson (?), Anna E.

Johnson (?), Charles

Johnson (?), Charlotte and Carl

Johnson (?), Edwin A.

Johnson (?), Elmer E.

Johnson (?), Ernest

Johnson (?), F. Oscar

Johnson (?), Father

Johnson (?), Frida

Johnson (?), Ingrid L.

Johnson (?), Josephine

Johnson (?), Lottie

Johnson (?), Mother

Johnson (?), Rozella

Johnson, ?

Johnson, Albin A.

Johnson, Alfred A.

Johnson, Algot W.

Johnson, Ardys V.

Johnson, Arnold

Johnson, Arthur E.

Johnson, Brooke Arlene

Johnson, Clara

Johnson, David

Johnson, David E.

Johnson, Delores ‘Faye’

Johnson, Elizabeth

Johnson, Eloise A.

Johnson, Emma

Johnson, Emma A.

Johnson, Erick A.

Johnson, Grace M.

Johnson, Gustav A.

Johnson, Gustave R.

Johnson, Gustavus

Johnson, Hanna Loraine

Johnson, Hannah

Johnson, Herman

Johnson, Ingrid C.

Johnson, J.C.

Johnson, John O.

Johnson, John O.

Johnson, Kiley Lynn

Johnson, Kristina

Johnson, Lydia

Johnson, Margaret

Johnson, Martha L.

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Mary E.

Johnson, Melvin S.

Johnson, Nan P. Breezley

Johnson, Peter M.

Johnson, Richard H.

Johnson, Robert C.

Johnson, Roy A.

Johnson, Russell B.

Johnson, S. Albert

Johnson, Sophia

Johnson, Theodore

Johnson, Wyatt Theodore

Johnson, Zaddiah

Johnston (?), Dennis K.

Johnston (?), Nancy E.

Johnston, Father

Johnston, Mother

Jones, Leona M. (Maski)

Jorgensen, Anton

Jorgensen, Ellen T.

Joslyn, George C.

Joslyn, Lou E.

Justus, Eva E.

Justus, Robert O.

Kailer, Arthur E.

Kailer, Hazel L.

Katchmark, Donald W.

Katchmark, Verla C.

Keator, Chas. H.

Keator, Martha E.

Kelley, Deane E.

Kennedy, Maggie M.

Kennedy, Mary E.

Kennedy, Wm. H.H.

Kenner, Jeffrey

Kessler, Florence JH

Kessler, Isadore A.

Ketcher, Roy H.

Ketcher, Verna

Keys, Maude Drysdale

Kieselhorst, Hattie E.

Kieselhorst, William H.

Kitzma, Harry M.

Kitzma, Sally L.

Kleven (?), ?

Kleven (?), Henry

Kling, Jeffrey Scott

Knoke, Lorna Hanlon

Knudson, Angeline R.

Knudson, Gladys

Knudson, Russell

Knudson, William

Knutsen, Louise P.

Knutson, Ina E.

Knutson, Knut

Knutz, Jacob

Kohls, Raymond

Kowalenko, Alex I.

Kowalenko, Kelo

Kowalke, Amos O.

Kowalke, Lois A.

Krauss, Ella

Krotzer, Emily M.

Krueger, Albert C.

Krueger, Beda A.

Krueger, Clara G.

Krueger, Elna E.

Krueger, Herman G.

Krueger, Hugo W.

Kuntz, Andrew G.

Kuntz, Bertha K.

Kuntz, Christina

Kuntz, Ebba O.

Kuntz, Edward

Kuntz, Elizabeth

Kuntz, Elizabeth

Kuntz, Emma

Kuntz, Eva

Kuntz, Fred

Kuntz, George J.

Kuntz, Hulda U.

Kuntz, John

Kuntz, John H.

Kuntz, John W.

Kuntz, Mae

Kuntz, Stephen H.

Kuntz, William

Lake (?), Ester ?

Laliberte, Mary Etta

Landry, Audrey E.

Lane, Grace

Larson, Burnell L.

Larson, Hilma

Larson, Olaf

Laughlin, Dorothy Frank

Lauritzen, Adrian RM

Lauritzen, Evelyn R.

Lauritzen, Marie M.

Lauritzen, William J.

Layman (?), Anna M.

Layman (?), Frank B.

Layman (?), R. Thomas

Layman, Joyce Elaine

Layman, William J.

Leece, Dale (?), R.

Lemieux, Millie

Lewis, Maude A.

Lidholm, Alfred T.

Lidholm, Esther R.

Lidholm, Gary Merrill

Lidholm, Leonard A.

Lidholm, Leonard Earl

Lidholm, Nellie F.

Lidholm, Theodor

Lidman, Karl

Lidman, Maria

Lien, Marie B.

Lind, Ethel V.

Lind, William J.

Lind, William J.

Lindberg, Alfred

Lindstrom, Charles

Lindstrom, Helen C.

Lindstrom, Nels P.

Lindstrom, William

Lobdell, Jennie E.

Locke, Brian Keith

Lockwood, Mary Lillie Benjamin

Lohstreter, Delbert

Lohstreter, Laverne

Loney, Verna

Lucas, Nellie A.

Lugo – Arocho, Cecilia

Lundberg, Margaret

Lundberg, Stuart

Mack, William

Magnuson (?), Harley

Magnuson, Ann E.

Magnuson, Eileen I.

Magnuson, Josephine M.

Magnuson, Lila H.

Magnuson, Oscar M.

Magnuson, Roy E.

Magnuson, Stanley E.

Mara, Augusta

Mara, Marvin F.

Mara, Walter F.

Marity, Geraldine W.

Martenson, Anna

Martenson, Calla D.

Martenson, Harry L.

Martenson, Loran D.

Martenson, William

Martin, Albert O.

Martin, Alvin

Martin, Earl R.

Martin, George H.

Martin, James K.

Martin, June F.

Martin, Ragna E.

Martin, Ruth M.

Martin, Tina T.

Martin, Vera M.

Marystone, Amund

Marystone, Florence E.

Marystone, Mayer S.

Marystone, Silena

Maski, Albert F.

Maski, Elsie J.

Maski, Frieda

Maski, Rollen V.

Mason, Marne D.

Mason, Mildred

Matteson, Clyde H.

Maxson, ?

Maxson, Laura J.

Maxson, Marianna H.

McCann, Lida E.

McCann, Walter H.

McCarthy, Richard J.

McCulley, George

McCulley, Mary

McFarlane, Gloria

McGary (?), Ennis N.

McGary, Clara

McGary, Ella May

McGary, J.R.

McGary, Jarusha

McGary, Omar

McGinnis, Catherine E.

McGinnis, Ivan H.

McGuire, Lillian F.

McKeever, George J.

McKeever, Olive M.

McKown, Ira E.

McKown, Keith L.

McKown, Virginia A.

McNeely, Michael G.

McPerson, Dale Edward

McPherson, Dale E.

Mense (?), Thilda G.

Mense (?), William

Merriman, Bonnie H.

Merriman, Joseph A.

Merriman, Joseph A.

Meyer, Cora H.

Meyer, Henry J.

Miars, Sybil Gorney

Michels, Betty Jane

Michels, Richard

Midge, Fredrick W.

Midge, Gwendolyn J.

Mielke, Carl

Mielke, Mathilda

Mikre, Sam

Mills (?), Maria

Mills (?), Robert M.

Mills, Della

Mills, infant son & daughter

Mills, Leslie

Mills, Leslie V.

Mills, Margaret E.

Mills, Mary C.

Mills, Neva I.

Mills, Robert M.

Mills, Virginia H.

Mills, William

Mills, William W.

Mooney, Richard C.

Moore, Emerson D.

Moore, Henry

Moore, Mabel

Moore, Zora ?

Moritz, Bernice

Moritz, William G.

Morshare, Patricia Ann

Moyer, James E.

Mross, Eleanor A.

Mross, Frank T.

Mross, Joseph

Mross, Sarah May

Mueller, Carlin Gene

Mueller, Leroy L.

Munson, JB

Murphy, Branda Carol

Murphy, Charity Carol

Murphy, Michael Patrick

Nalley, Mary Ellen

Nehrbass, Linval A.

Nelson (?), Sarah E.

Nelson, Alfred

Nelson, Alice L.

Nelson, Andrew S.

Nelson, Anna

Nelson, Axel H.

Nelson, Caroline H.

Nelson, Charles E.

Nelson, Curtis E.

Nelson, Donald A.

Nelson, Edorff B.

Nelson, Etta A.

Nelson, Eugene F.

Nelson, Franc O.

Nelson, Fred A.

Nelson, Gerda

Nelson, Harold E. and Harriet E.

Nelson, John

Nelson, Lowell J.

Nelson, Margaret E.

Nelson, Marion

Nelson, Martha L.

Nelson, Mary L.

Nelson, Nancy C.

Nelson, Natalie F.

Nelson, Opal I.

Nelson, Pauline

Nelson, Ruth M.

Nielsen, Mildred Brandon

Nielsen, Niels E.

Nielsen, Sofie

Nilson, Clara Hoisington

Nolan, Amanda

Nolan, Annie Rebecca

Nolan, Arthur

Nolan, Cass E.

Nolan, Cecilia

Nolan, Frank

Nolan, Gladys E.

Nolan, Ira P.

Nolan, Olaf

Nolan, Rusha Brandon

Nolan, Walter E.

Nordby, Arthur

Nordby, Augusta

Nordby, Charles H.

Nordby, H?

Noreen (?), Heman G.

Noreen (?), Jennie B.

Noreen, Alice L.

Noreen, Anna

Noreen, Axel E.

Noreen, Harland R.

Noreen, Helen F.

Noreen, John

Noreen, Lydia E.

Noreen, Wesley E.

Olander, Carl G.

Olander, Florence A.

Olander, Richard J.

Olansson (?), John

Olansson, A. Victor

Olansson, Helen

Oliver, Charles

Oliver, Charles S.

Oliver, Charles S.

Oliver, Henry N.

Oliver, Minnie C.

Oliver, Monica F.

Olson (?), Beatrice B.

Olson (?), Lyall R.

Olson, Anna N.

Olson, Anne E.

Olson, Duane A.

Olson, Edna

Olson, Gladys D.

Olson, Louis

Olson, Ogden J.

Olson, Peter

Olson, Ralph

Only Styner

Opsahl (?), Harold

Opsahl (?), Jacob

Opsahl (?), Mary

Orrison, Adaline

Orrison, Chester

Orrison, Edwin Thomas

Orrison, Gene W.

Orrison, James H.

Orrison, Jennie

Orrison, Leatha

Orrison, William

Oscarson, Evelyn

Oseland, Nicholle

Ostvig, Gunnel M.

Ostvig, Jack D.

Otterness, Ellen

Overby, Lena Bracken

Owens, Mary Quaas

Pagenkoff, William

Pagenkopf (?), Clifford

Pagenkopf (?), John W.

Pagenkopf (?), Mathilda R.

Pagenkopf, Archie

Pagenkopf, Bennie B.

Pagenkopf, Cora Emma

Pagenkopf, Edna L.

Pagenkopf, Edward W.

Pagenkopf, Effie

Pagenkopf, Eleanor A.

Pagenkopf, Emma

Pagenkopf, Emma

Pagenkopf, Fred

Pagenkopf, Fred W.

Pagenkopf, George

Pagenkopf, John

Pagenkopf, Lizzie

Pagenkopf, Nina

Pagenkopf, William G.

Pahl, Lloyd

Painter (?), Elizabeth

Painter (?), Floyd

Painter (?), Olive

Painter, Abbie N.

Painter, Annie

Painter, baby

Painter, Charlotte L.

Painter, David J.

Painter, Donald R.

Painter, Doris E.

Painter, Elaine M.

Painter, Floyd W.

Painter, Geo.

Painter, Gordon J.

Painter, Gordon J.

Painter, Guy W.

Painter, Hannah M.

Painter, J. Wilbur

Painter, Keith T.

Painter, Keith T.

Painter, Kenneth M.

Painter, Marie F.

Painter, Mary E.

Painter, Ralph D.

Painter, Ralph D.

Painter, Ruth A.

Painter, Sarah L.

Painter, Wm.

Palmer, Ethel M.

Palmer, Shelby E.

Parker, Grace May

Partlow (?), Elizabeth

Paske, Orlando

Paske, Rachel E.

Patterson, Frances

Patterson, William

Paulson, Ida

Paulson, John

Payne, Gertrude O.

Payne, Howard C.

Pearson – Cox (?), Louise Jane

Pearson – Cox, Charles Albert

Pearson – Cox, Charles Elden

Pearson – Cox, Daisy Annetta

Pearson – Cox, Louise Frances

Pearson, Adrian W.

Pearson, Doris I.

Pearson, Edgar Robert

Pearson, Edna C.

Pearson, Elvera I.

Pearson, Ernest E.

Pearson, Henry W.

Pearson, Margaret V.

Pearson, Marlys Jean

Pearson, Shirley A.

Pearson, Theodore B.

Pearson, Zeke M.E.

Pedersen, Bende C.

Pedersen, Signe R.

Pegenkopf, Caroline

Pennick, Duane L.

Perkins, Perry L.

Personette, John E.

Personette, Mary A.

Peters, Laura A.

Peters, Wayte H.

Peterson (?), baby

Peterson (?), Barbara H. (Elms)

Peterson (?), Clarence R.

Peterson (?), Ever

Peterson (?), Hadda S.

Peterson (?), Marie

Peterson (?), Nels A.

Peterson, Albert E.

Peterson, Andrew

Peterson, Arthur A.

Peterson, August

Peterson, Carl H.

Peterson, Christina

Peterson, Elmer

Peterson, Eme E.

Peterson, Harry G.

Peterson, Henry

Peterson, Herman

Peterson, J.W.

Peterson, Jeanette A.

Peterson, Jennie

Peterson, Lisa

Peterson, Mamie S.

Peterson, Marie A.

Peterson, Mary

Peterson, Oley J.

Peterson, Oscar

Peterson, Robert

Peterson, Ronald Roy

Peterson, Rosa P.

Peterson, Swan

Peterson, Vernon F.

Peterson, Vernon Frederick

Phillips, Emma

Pierce, Hillian D.

Pierce, Martha J.

Pipal, Donald L.

Plank, Dell

Plank, Mattie

Platt, Mary

Pool (?), Veronica

Pool, Alban

Pool, Alban

Pool, Bernice

Pool, Bonney Charles

Pool, Cora

Pool, David U.

Pool, Gordon E.

Pool, Helen M.

Pool, Hubert (?), D.

Pool, Jesse

Pool, John A.

Pool, Lydia B.

Pool, Mary Jane

Pool, Palma

Pool, Paulette L.

Pool, Robert

Pool, Rose C.

Pool, Sheldon H.

Pool, Sheldon Harley

Pool, Vera

Pool, Vernon

Pool, Vivian H.

Porter, Dorothy L.

Printy, Mary J. (Johnson)

Printy, Robert M.

Quast, Charles F.

Quast, Sadie C.

Ragland (?), John

Ragland (?), John T.

Ragland, Beth

Ragland, Ella

Ragland, Ella

Ragland, Floyd

Ragland, Floyd

Rasmussen (?), Emma

Rasmussen, George

Rasmussen, J. Vincent

Rasmussen, James W.

Rasmussen, Jean M.

Rasmussen, Marjorie

Rasmussen, Sorina

Rea, Betty Jo

Rea, Mark Steven

Rea, Nita J.

Rea, Thomas J.

Rice, Anna

Rice, Harold Al

Rice, Helen A.

Rice, James

Rich, Clarence Louis

Rich, Hazel Florence

Rich, Leslie W.

Richards, George W.

Richards, Mary E.

Richards, Minnie

Robertson, Martin

Robinson, Dorothy Pool

Robinson, Loran E.

Roderick, Mark

Roderick, Viola

Roehl, DeEtte

Roehl, John

Roeser, Melissa Ann

Rogers, infant son

Rosenberg, Lawrence J.

Roth, Mabel T.

Rozycki, Alex F.

Rozycki, Gertrude M.

Ruschmeyer, Arnold H.

Ruschmeyer, Mildred P.

Russ, Harley L.

Russ, John Edward

Rygg, Ole N.

Rygg, Olga M.

Saloneck, John A.

Saloneck, Rose

Sandler, David D.

Sandler, Janet L.

Sandman, ?

Sandman, Mathilda

Sann, Anna M.

Sann, John W.

Sanow, Edith E.

Sanow, William H.

Sather, Einar

Sather, Thena

Scheer, Aaron Edward

Scheer, Edward

Scheer, Elizabeth

Scheer, Irvin G.

Scheer, Otto

Scheer, Ruth F.

Scheer, Theodore C.

Schliinz, Bernice E.

Schliinz, Kenneth J.

Schmitz, baby girl

Schmitz, Raymond

Schultz, Diane Marie

Schultz, E. Irene

Schultz, Evelyn M.

Schultz, Genevieve M.

Schultz, Richard B.

Schultz, Robert E.

Schultz, Wm. Dick R.

Schuman, Ethel H.

Schuman, Walter W.

Schumann, Irene

Schumann, Myrtle G.

Schumann, Paul A.

Schumann, Walter W.

Setzler, Gladys M.

Setzler, Lawrence B.

Shaver, baby

Shaver, Mildred L.

Shaver, Myron S.

Shaw, Elkanah R.

Shaw, Henry C.

Shaw, Mothy Dow

Shaw, Ruth C.

Shaw, Thomas

Shortridge, Beatrice V.

Shortridge, Joseph P.

Shrewsbury, Arthur E.

Shrewsbury, Eva Ann

Shrewsbury, Frank

Shrewsbury, John I.

Shrewsbury, Jola Stenbeck

Shrewsbury, Reta V.

Shrewsbury, Vernon C.

Simpson, Andrew J.

Simpson, Clara C.

Sincheff, Alexander W.

Sincheff, Lorna R.

Sinclair, Grace H.

Sinclair, James

Siverson, Muriel J.

Siverson, Norvald B.

Smith, Carl C.

Smith, Clarence H.

Smith, Emma

Smith, Eva R.

Smith, Joyce E.

Smith, June R.

Smith, Mary H.

Smith, Mattie J.

Smith, Nellie A.

Smith, Osmore R.

Smith, Ruben E.

Snyder, Hugh H.

Snyder, Loren D.

Soley, Charles

Soley, Estella

Soley, Oleana

Soley, Peter

Solverson, Severin

Sorenson, Gilman T.

Sorenson, Gilman T.

Sorenson, Mildred A.

Spangrud, Alfred L.

Spangrud, Edna

Spangrud, Julie M.

Spencer, Fred

Spencer, Inez

Splettstoeszer, Doris E.

Splettstoeszer, Wallace G.

Starkey, Charles

Starkey, Mina E.

Stegner, Gilbert F.

Stegner, Sarah B.

Steinhaus, Arlene E.

Steinhaus, Irvin E.

Steinke, Marjorie B.

Stenlund, Hazel E.

Stenlund, Roy H.

Stewart, Nettie M.

Stinson (?), Dora L.

Stinson (?), John W.

Stinson (?), Paul C.

Stinson, Allison G.

Stinson, Betty J.

Stinson, Clyde E.

Stinson, Esther M.

Stinson, Eugene

Stinson, Evelyn

Stinson, Francis

Stinson, George

Stinson, Gladys E.

Stinson, Helen

Stinson, Ira W.

Stinson, John R.

Stinson, Laurence R.

Stinson, Louis

Stinson, Minnie A.

Stinson, Minnie L.

Stinson, Murt

Stinson, Neil W.

Stinson, Ruth

Storley, Marguerite H.

Stotroen (?), Albert

Stotroen (?), Caroline

Stotroen (?), Oscar

Stotroen, Ida Avilda

Stotroen, Ole

Stotroen, Sigri

Stringer, Julia

Stromberg (?), August

Stromberg (?), Christine

Stromberg, Henry

Stromberg, Oland W.

Strong, Twyla

Strong, Wallace E.

Stubbs, Bernice R.

Stubbs, David M.

Stubbs, David N.

Stubbs, Lillian L.

Stubbs, Lyndon S. ‘Bill’

Stuckmayer, Jennie M.

Stuckmayer, John

Stuckmayer, Scott Dean

Styner (?), Anna M.

Styner (?), Glenn W.

Styner (?), Irvin

Styner (?), Orlando

Styner, Charles R.

Styner, D.

Styner, Frederick D.

Styner, Glenn Orland

Styner, Guy

Styner, Helen G.

Styner, Roy T.

Styner, Ruth E.

Styner, Trumann D.

Sumpter, Gene R.

Sutherland (?), Charles H.

Sutherland, ?

Sutherland, Belle C.

Sutherland, Christina

Sutherland, Horace J.

Sutherland, Irma J.

Sutherland, Martin V.B.

Sutherland, Sina Jane

Sutherland, William A.

Sutton, Leland S.

Sutton, Marion L.

Sutton, Reva E.

Sweeney, Cletus Ed.

Sweeney, Lilly A.

Swenson, Alice V.

Swenson, Arthur R.

Swenson, Clara M.

Swenson, Jennie C.

Swenson, William

Taylor, Carl A.

Taylor, James M.

Taylor, Martha

Taylor, Selma

Tchiabrichvili, Valentina

Teneyck, Charles E.

Thell, Ava B.

Thell, Calvin James

Thell, Christian J.

Thompson, Albert T.

Thompson, Helen P.

Timpe, Chris R.

Timpe, Donald

Timpe, Donald H.

Timpe, John A.

Timpe, Margaret G.

Timpe, Marie

Timpe, Thomas

Tippey, Harold F.

Tippey, Mildred H.

Tonsberg, Marlyn T.

Trefethen, Edith M.

Trefethen, George E.

Trowbridge, Horace J.

Trowbridge, Thelma I.

Turnham (?), G. Merriman

Turnquist, Leonard R.

Turnquist, Muriel A.

Twardy, Joseph A.

Tweeten, Gerald

Underdahl, Milton I.

Underdahl, Randy Lee

Vaars, Ramona

Vanderwarker, Adelaide

Vanderwarker, Martin I.

Varty, Elizabeth

Varty, Isaac

Vincent, Almon Maski

Visser, Amy

Visser, Arie

Visser, Carol Marie

Vold, Douglas G.

Wagner, Alice

Wagner, Erick

Wagner, John C.

Wagner, Mabel

Wagner, Maude B.

Wagner, Otto

Waid, Arthur V.

Waid, Margaret E.

Walker, Barbara

Walsh, Olive L. Maxson

Walters, Myrtle I.

Wardwell, Fred Henry

Wardwell, Mary E.

Wardwell, Ralph E.

Warner, Collins B.

Warner, Frank

Warner, Lucile E.

Warner, Lula Fran

Warner, Robert A.

Washington, George

Washington, William F.

Wasson, infant son

Wasson, JH

Wasson, Sarah

Wasson, Willie

Webster, Geneva G.

Webster, Kenneth H.

Wefel, Bonnie

Wefel, Colleen M.

Wefel, Florence A.

Wefel, Merle D.

Wefel, Woodley V.

Weldele, Hilma

Welker, Lois E. (Budd)

Welker, Vernon Lowell

Weller, Gunhild B.

Weller, Howard B.

Wemmer, Millie A.

Wendell, ?

Whitman, Albert R.

Whitman, Edith W.

Whitney, Irene Hixon

Will, Elaine E.

Will, Robert F.

Williams, Lucille Henriksen

Willis, Marie Evelyn Edwards

Wilson, Tucker C.

Wineman, Mary E.

Winquist, Arthur H.

Winquist, Lydia M.

Woolsey, Eliza A.

Wright, Blanche C.

Wright, Edwin J.

Wright, Elizabeth M.

Wright, H. Alfred

Wright, Vernon A.

Wyman, Clyde L.

Yokley, S.W.

Young, Darron D.

Young, Edwin, N.

Young, Jennie L.

Zahrendt, Jennie

Zahrendt, Otto

Zoldahn, Earl J.

Zoldahn, Margaret

Zoldahn, Marlene Mae

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