Union Cemetery

Long Lake, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T118N – R23W, Section 35



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This cemetery is located along Highway 12, just east of Long Lake, Minnesota.  This cemetery is maintained and in good shape.  It is a fairly full cemetery.


The Wikipedia listing for Long Lake, Minnesota mentions the Union Cemetery.  It states …A significant aspect of the early settlement of Long Lake was the relationship between the Dakota, the Chippewa and the settlers.  The origin of the Union Cemetery is found in this tripartite relationship.  The area where the cemetery is located was called Teepee Hill in these early years.  It served as an encampment for the Chippewa in 1859-1860.  The Dakota were informed of the location of the Chippewa through two settlers in the area.  This information prompted many of the Dakota to be in and around Long Lake.  Although there was no fighting and the actual intentions of the Dakota are not clear, their presence in the area forced the Chippewa to vacate Teepee Hill.  This area was acquired by Bradford Wakefield, most probably through squatter's rights, and purchased by the Union Cemetery Association in 1861.  There was concern among the settlers that the Chippewa would return, so by establishing a cemetery (hallowed ground) it was unlikely that any Native American people would choose that site as an encampment, thus assuring the safety of the surrounding area …


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008



?, ?

?, Barry B.

?, Charles

?, Frank

?, Harry

?, Hattie

?, Jeremy

?, Marjory

?, Myron

?ock, boy

Aalbu, Isabel A.

Aalbu, Rolf W.

Ackelson, Katharine Suzanne

Ackelson, Mary F.

Adams, Verna B.

Albee, Drane J.

Albee, Myrtle M.

Alger, Deborah Kay

Alger, Elaine

Alger, Irvin

Allen, Helen M.

Alley, Bertha

Alley, George A.

Allicon, Kathryn C.

Allison, Robert J.

Alm, A. Marie

Alm, Warren J.

Ambruch, ?

Amel, John G.

Amlaw, Issac H.

Amlaw, Zaidee M.

Anderson, Alden L.

Anderson, August Emil

Anderson, Axel A.

Anderson, baby girl

Anderson, Beatrice C.

Anderson, Carl E.

Anderson, CG

Anderson, Christine M.

Anderson, Edith B.

Anderson, ET

Anderson, Eva

Anderson, Fannie

Anderson, Frank B.

Anderson, Genevieve H.

Anderson, George E.

Anderson, Hazel H.

Anderson, Helen M.

Anderson, Henry

Anderson, Ingram Myron

Anderson, JH

Anderson, John A.

Anderson, John A.

Anderson, Lillian M.

Anderson, Lotta

Anderson, Lotta

Anderson, Lydia C.

Anderson, Rachael V.

Anderson, Sarah C.

Anderson, Sarah M.

Anderson, Todd Allen

Anderson, William

Archibald, Diana

Aslesen, Chadwick David

Bailey, Alvin C.

Bailey, Edna M.

Bailey, Lynn M.

Baker, Glenn B.

Baker, Margaret E.

Bakke, John A.

Bakke, Minnie

Bakke, Ruth A.

Ballard, Henry E.

Barge, Carl

Barkow, Charlie

Barkow, Chas.

Barkow, John

Barkow, Lena

Barnette (?), Howard

Barrett, Maude E.

Barrett, William

Bartig, Mark A.

Bartig, Maude L.

Bartig, Sheila O.

Bartig, Walter R.

Bartig, William K.

Bathurst, John

Bayer, Duncan

Bayer, Elizabeth Ann

Beaudin, James Craig

Beck, Anna

Beck, Kilian

Bellow, Ruby Louise

Bengston, Maiastina

Bennett, Corey W.

Bennett, James Fleming

Bennett, John C.

Bennett, John Curtis

Bennett, John Curtis

Bennett, Lena C.

Bennett, Solomon

Benson, Andrew H.

Benson, Earl Ray

Benson, Lillie H.

Benson, Mark Earl

Benson, Mary T.

Benson, Maude V.

Berg, Bertha

Berge, Harold H.

Berglin, James M.

Berglin, Julia I.

Berglin, Terril

Berglund, Agnes R.

Berglund, Chauncey E.

Berglund, Christina

Berglund, Emanuel

Berglund, Emma C.

Berglund, Esther J.

Berglund, Howard S.

Berglund, John E.

Berglund, Marjorie Elizabeth

Bergquist, Dewayne D.

Bergquist, Godfrey F.

Bergquist, Hilda B.

Berneck, Myrtle A.

Bertelsen, Gordon E.

Betelsen, Carol J.

Bill, Ebbie

Bloom, Charles

Bloom, Darlene A.

Bloom, Elmer E.

Bloom, Lee D.

Bloom, Merle M.

Bloom, Nami

Bloom, Norman

Bollum, Effie M.

Bollum, Halvor J.

Bollum, Hannah M.

Bollum, K. John

Bollum, Kenneth M.

Bollum, Melvin C.

Bourquis, Jesse M.

Bowen, Harvey

Boyd, Margaret White

Boyd, Palmer Clyde

Braden, Dora

Braden, William

Breitbarth, Bernice M.

Breitbarth, Frederick J.

Brickley, Meghan Marie

Bridges, Charles C.

Brooks, Julie Ingebrigtson

Brooks, Oscar William

Brose, Francois Paul

Brown (?), Joseph

Brown (?), Pauline T.

Brown, Andrew

Brown, Belle B.

Brown, Eliza J.

Brown, Evelyn M.

Brown, James B.

Brown, Ruth C.

Brown, Walter S.

Brown, Walter W.

Browne, Alexandra M.

Bruschweiler, Anna

Bruschweiler, August

Bryant, Catherine

Buffington, Pat M.

Bullis, Gordon E.

Burbank, David Arnold

Burbank, Lucille Thies

Burkhardt (?), Emma C.

Burkhardt (?), Floyd C.

Burkhardt (?), John A.

Burkhardt (?), Lillian L.

Burse, Louisa H.

Butterfield, Bertie A.

Butterfield, Elaine J.

Butterfield, Frank J.

Butterfield, Fred R.

Butterfield, George F.

Butterfield, Loren V.

Butterfield, Sarah M.

Butterfield, Viola

Cann, Minnie

Cannon, Olive

Capron, Angeline

Capron, Llewellyn

Capron, Llewellyn

Carley, Cordelia W.

Carlson, Ardyce K.

Carlson, Carney M.

Carlson, Melvin B.

Carr (?), Dama E.

Carr, William Wesley

Centerwall, Abbie J.

Centerwall, Durant D.

Centerwall, Durant D.

Centerwall, John W.

Centerwall, Lucille M.

Centerwall, Lulu Mae

Chambers, J.

Chapman, Caroline

Chapman, Fylinda

Chapman, George

Cheney, Hattie Bailey

Chose, Patricia A.

Christlieb, Amy

Christlieb, Benjamin F.

Christlieb, Benny F.

Christlieb, May

Christlieb, Susie B.

Cierpinski, Barbara

Cierpinski, Harvey and Mary

Cierpiski, LJ

Cirpinski, Amelia B.

Cirpinski, Beulah

Cirpinski, Dorathea

Cirpinski, Frederick

Cirpinski, Friederika

Cirpinski, Goldie

Cirpinski, Gottlieb

Cirpinski, Jacob

Cirpinski, Victor C.

Clark, Helen G.

Clark, Thomas F.

Clasen, Blanche

Clasen, Elizabeth

Clasen, Gratia

Clasen, Henry

Clasen, JJ

Clasen, Wendell

Clasen, Zeeder O.

Classen, Rose L.

Clausen, Carl L.

Cleaveland, Florence

Cleaveland, Lola

Cleaveland, Wesley

Clysdale, Edward

Clysdale, Lillie M.

Clysdale, Mary L.

Cole, Charles

Cole, Helen I.

Coleman, Julia

Coleman, Lorenzo

Condel (?), Elizabeth (?)

Cook, Sarah E.

Courtney, Celia M.

Cowin (?), Albert J.

Cowin (?), Christine G.

Cox, Anneliza

Cox, Charles E.

Cox, Cora O.

Cox, Edgar

Cox, Grace A.

Cox, Henry A.

Cox, Ing N.

Cox, Joseph S.

Cox, Lewis A.

Cox, Loren L.

Cox, Lucy G.

Cox, Marie J.

Cox, Mary S.

Cox, Raymond

Cox, Sarah E.

Cox, Susan C.

Cox, Vincent

Cox, VM

Crandall, Cyrus

Crawford, Andrew R.

Crawford, Clara F.

Crawford, Lloyd A.

Crawford, Margaret A.

Crawford, Mary A.

Crawford, Sean

Crawford, Sean

Crawford, Timothy

Crawford, Timothy

Crawford, Todd A.

Croll, M. Elizabeth

Croll, Thomas C.

Cruzen, Victoria (?) Aile (?)

Curtis, Barbara M.

Curtis, John E.

Dahl, Arthur

Dahl, Carol

Dahl, Garfield

Dahl, Margaret M.

Dahlstrom, GA

Dam, Frederik K.

Danek, Viola Talbert

Danielson, Clarence E.

Danielson, Mabel M.

Darth, Augusta

Darth, Carley W.

Darth, Elizabeth

Darth, Jennie E.

Darth, Vendla D.

Darth, Wesley W.

David, Henrietta ‘Hattie’

Davis, Morton R.

Day, Coleman

Day, John A.

Day, Myrtle E.

Decamp, George H.

Decamp, Jane R.

Denny, Pearl

Denny, Wm.

DeSantis, Cheryl

Dewitt, Delores J (Aalbu)

Dexter, Dorothy Jo

Dexter, Everett I.

Dickey, Andrew P.

Dickey, Annie

Dickey, Arthur

Dickey, Belle Stewart

Dickey, Daniel P.

Dickey, E.

Dickey, Gertrude

Dickey, Guy

Dickey, Laurie E.

Dickey, Marie E. (Mayme)

Dickey, Murray E.

Dickey, Nellie Kingsley

Dickey, Norval M.

Dickey, Rena

Dickson, Fred A.

Dickson, Kathryn

Dillman (?), Ethel D.

Dillman (?), Mary Ethel

Dillman (?), Solon T.

Dillman, Ethel D.

Dillman, Jacob

Dillman, James D.

Dillman, Mary E.

Dillman, Solon T.

Dodge, Mary Brown

Doheny, Thomas A.

Dolin, Mary

Dorer, Albert

Dorrel, Lavonne W.

Dorrel, Robert E.

Drake, Judson Underwood

Dressel, Albin

Dressel, Herbert

Dressel, Lillian

Dumas (?), Adeline

Dumas (?), Thomas

Dumas, Beatrice Dauwen

Dumas, Edward N.

Dumas, Jeanette P.

Dumas, John D.

Dumas, Paul Allen

Dumas, Paul Robert

Dunbrack, Alexander

Dunbrack, Andrew

Dunbrack, Belle

Dunham, Louise Olson

Dunleavy, Nora Catherine

Dunn, Doralene M.

Dunn, Hollis S.

Dunn, John

Dunn, Laura A.

Dunn, Morey S.

Dunn, Nora

Dupont, Charley

Durfee, Hannah

Ebert, Fred

Ebert, Helen E.

Ebert, Herman

Ebert, Herman

Ebert, Wilhelmine

Ehlers, ?

Eisinger, Clarence J.

Eisinger, Frank K.

Eisinger, Frankie E.

Eisinger, George A.

Eisinger, Harry W.

Eisinger, Ida M.

Eisinger, John

Eisinger, K. Eldon

Eisinger, Manda

Eisinger, Margaret E.

Eisinger, Margaret E.

Eisinger, Mary Frances

Eisinger, Mary J.

Eisinger, Orlo

Eisinger, Rodger S.

Eisinger, Sarah Eva

Eisinger, Schley

Eisinger, Susanna

Eisinger, Victoria E.

Eisinger, Virgil J.

Eldredge, Lyman

Ellens, Wm. M.

Elliot, Edith Hall

Ellis, Inez M.

Ellis, James T.

Ellis, Marilyn

Ellis, Ruby M.

Elnes, Ida

Elnes, Leonard

Evans, Eva A.

Evans, John L.

Fairbanks, Eleanor A.

Fairbanks, Lloyd E.

Fairbanks, Timothy C.

Ferguson, James L.

Ferguson, Lester J.

Ferguson, Myrtle M.

Ferodowill, Emma

Ferodowill, Francis X.

Ferodowill, Frank X.

Ferrell, Donald R.

Ferrell, Donald R.

Ferrell, Doris Albee (Annabelle Lee)

Ferrell, Eugene D.

Ferrell, John Clark

Ferrell, Mabel G.

Ferrell, Mabel G.

Ferrell, Pauline

Ferrell, Richard Grey

Feser, Grace D.

Feser, Maylin ‘Mike’

Finger, Anna Dahlstrom

Finley, Alice

Fischer, Clara B.

Fischer, William F.

Fischer, William F.

Fisher, Donald William

Flanagan, Robert J.

Fleischhacker, Barbara

Fleischhacker, Frank

Flynn, George

Fogelsonger, Laura M. Shaver

Fogelsonger, Mary A. Lewcock

Fogelsonger, SW

Folsom, Gladys I. Sullivan

Folts, Howard

Franchuk, Alice M.

Franchuk, John

Fredenberg, Jackie R.

Fredenburg, Jackie R.

Freund, Lawrence

Fries, Edward

Fries, Lottie Graham

Fries, Margaret

Fries, Peter

Fries, Rose

Fries, Violet May

Fries, William

Frost (?), Margaret J.

Frost (?), Orrin D.

Frost, David Orren

Frost, Esther

Fuller, Guy S.

Fuller, Kittie C.

Fuller, Margaret A.

Fuller, Mary E.

Fuller, William M.

Fuller, Wm. Lawrence

Fulmer, ?

Fulmer, ?orence

Fulmer, Lorence

Furst, Inez

Furst, Klemens

Gale, Grace E.

Gale, Jay B.

Gangelhoff, Linda Bloom

Gardner, Addison S.

Gardner, Carl

Gardner, Heber W.

Gardner, Ida May

Gardner, Karl ?

Gardner, Louisa F.

Gardner, Walter N.

Gasch, Robert H.

Gaspar (?), Emma J.

Gaspar (?), John B.

Gaspar, Elizabeth

Gaspar, Herbert

Gaspar, John

Gendreau, baby

Gerber (?), Arthur

Gerber, Ella L.

Gerber, Frank

Gerber, Harold E.

Gerber, John

Gerber, Mary

Gerber, Merle I.

Gerber, Nora H.

Gerber, Roy J.

Gerber, Walter H.

Getten, Beulah

Getten, Beulah M.

Getten, Ennis N.

Getten, Ennis N.

Giebenhain, Claire LG

Giebenhain, Frank E.

Giguere, Daniel

Givler, Ann Eliza

Givler, William

Glampe, Edward H.

Glampe, Harold E.

Glampe, Otto B.

Glampe, Reinwart W.

Glampe, Ruth A.

Glampe, Viola

Glampe, Violet M.

Glavas, Julia H.

Gle?, Ruth E.

Godfrey, Agnes Heinzen

Godfrey, Roy Edmond

Goldsbary, Hazel Stafford

Golie, Clara A.

Golie, Hans J.

Gordon, David B.

Gordon, Elizabeth M.

Gordon, GW

Grabow (?), Caroline E.

Grabow (?), William E.

Graham, Gladys A.

Graham, James

Grave, Allen

Grave, Allen J.

Grave, Charles A.

Grave, J. Wilson

Grave, Kenneth

Grave, Kenneth S.

Grave, Lauretta

Grave, Mary E.

Grave, Mary T.

Grave, Verona

Gray, Harold Ward

Gray, Wilson S.

Green, Ada Maxfield

Green, Alice

Green, CH

Green, Elmer

Green, Frank

Green, H. Clifford

Green, Hannah O. Norse

Green, Harvey R.

Green, Lucinda J,

Green, Maggie

Green, Silas J.

Grendahl, Dennis T.

Grenier, Louis V.

Griswold (?), Mertie

Griswold, Allen

Griswold, Frances (?) Ann (?)

Groff, Carrie E.

Groff, John W.

Groff, Thomas W.

Gronberg, Dianne Susan

Gross, Muriel D.

Guise, Anna A.

Guise, Leon W.

Guise, Mary E.

Guise, Sidney E.

Guise, William J.

Guise, William P.

Gunsolus, Ivan

Gustafson, Reuben F.

Hadley, Anson J.

Hagfors, Brian C.

Halbert, Charlotte

Hale, Garnet S.

Hales, Clifford A.

Hales, Elizabeth

Hales, Eva C.

Hales, Fred W.

Hales, Frederick W.

Hall (?), Elmer E.

Hall (?), Gertrude E.

Hall (?), Lauretta H.

Hall (?), Raymond

Hall, Amos L.

Hall, Edward Roger

Hall, Laura ?

Hall, Laura C.

Hall, Robert

Hall, Samuel

Hall, Virginia N.

HalldinElayne S.

Halldin, Willard E.

Hallson, Alma M.

Hallson, Christine

Hallson, Emil C.

Hallson, Henrietta

Hallson, John P.

Hallson, Norman

Halverson, Lavina I.

Halverson, Leroy

Halverson, Leroy

Halvorson, Andrew

Hanna, Grace Dillman

Hanson, Henry Mathias

Hara, Florence E.

Hara, William M.

Hardie, Agnes Bakke

Hardy, Frederick Pierre

Hardy, Leone Noreen

Harrington (?), Lena EM

Harrington, Amanda

Harrington, Elmer

Harrington, Geneva

Harrington, JO

Harrington, John S.

Harrington, John S.

Harrington, Laura

Harrington, Mary

Harrington, Minerva

Harrison, Sonya Ione

Hartman (?), Charles

Hartman (?), Emma

Hartman, Anna

Hartman, Barbara

Hartman, Charles

Hartman, Dorothy

Hartman, Emanuel

Hartman, Jacob E.

Hartman, Ludwig

Hatzel, Dorathea

Hawkinson, Frank H.

Hayes, Albert C.

Hazen, CS

Hebbert, Eva Ludwig

Hedlund, Abel P.

Hedlund, Betty June

Hedvall, John

Hehl (?), August C.

Hehl (?), Carrie

Hehl, Alma E.

Hehl, Caroline

Hehl, Christian

Hehl, Emilie A

Hehl, George A.

Hehl, Harriet

Hehl, Karoline S.

Hehl, Lillian G.

Hehl, Sebastian

Hehl, Vernon

Helgerson, Grace

Heller, Absalom

Heller, Mary A.

Heller, Mary B.

Hellier, Cora G.

Hellier, Louis A.

Henderson, Gilbert D.

Henderson, James E.

Henderson, Louise K.

Hentschel, Adolph

Hentschel, Christiana

Hentschel, Ella

Hentschel, Fred

Hentschel, Frederich A.

Hentschel, Hattie

Hentschel, Helen

Herman, Albert

Hilary, Cora M.

Hilary, Harvey

Hill, Gloria J.

Hill, Howard C.

Hill, Minerva H.

Hink, Lavonne L.

Hink, Lloyd H.

Hintz, Carl A.

Hintz, Martha A.

Hoagland, Annie M.

Hoagland, Joanna

Hoagland, Louis K.

Hoagland, William

Hoagland, Willie

Hoffman (?), Flora I.

Hoffman (?), George J.

Hoffman, George E.

Holbrook, Albert P.

Holbrook, Elizabeth

Holbrook, Julia C.

Holbrook, William F.

Holman, Lura

Holter, Anna T.

Holter, Carl

Holter, Clyde C.

Hough, Lenora D.

House, Elfreda

Howe, John W.

Hughes, Bunky

Hughes, Caroline T.

Hughes, Dolly

Hughes, Dorian J.

Hughes, Laurence

Humes, Frances S.

Huntcberger, Mary

Huntsberger, Charles A.

Huntsberger, Eliza Etta

Huntsberger, Elizabeth

Huntsberger, Ellen

Huntsberger, Lottie E.

Huntsberger, Michael

Hursch, Avis Woodworth

Hursch, David Henry

Hursch, Hannah Ester

Hursch, Homer B.

Hursch, Myrtle Barnes

Hursch, Scott Beardsley

Hursh (?), Annie L.

Hursh (?), Clair

Hursh (?), S. Edward

Hursh, Gratia A.

Hursh, Ima M.

Hursh, Jacob

Hursh, Jacob B.

Hursh, Jewell A.

Hursh, John C.

Hursh, Mary A.

Hursh, Neil

Hursh, William L.

Innes, Charlotte

Jahn, Johanna G.

Jahn, John H.

Jankowski, Mary Anne Miller

Jansen, Daniel D.

Jenson, Muriel J.

Johnson (?), Fred

Johnson, Alice S.

Johnson, Arthur H.

Johnson, baby girl

Johnson, Betty J.

Johnson, Duane

Johnson, Eleanor V.

Johnson, Ernest A.

Johnson, Esther M.

Johnson, Eugene E.

Johnson, Frances M.

Johnson, Helga O.

Johnson, Hilding

Johnson, Jay W.

Johnson, Leo A.

Johnson, Nystrom

Johnson, O.E.

Johnson, Olaf

Johnson, Walter E.

Johnston (?), Ethel C.

Johnston (?), John B.

Johnston (?), mother

Johnston, Agnes A.

Johnston, Donald

Johnston, Donald

Johnston, Frederick G.

Johnston, George

Johnston, Harold E.

Johnston, James

Johnston, Martha

Johnston, Neva

Johnston, Paul L.

Johnston, Rodney W.

Johnston, Ross B.

Johnston, Ruth A.

Johnston, SH ‘Colonel’

Johnston, William J.

Jones, Florence E.

Jones, Leroy

Joy, Donna May

Joy, James W.

Jumer (?), Margaret

Jumer, John

Kalweit, August W.

Kalweit, Fred W.

Kalweit, Henry Joseph

Kalweit, Julia

Kalweit, William Richard

Kangas, Nancy Wasgatt

Karlze, baby

Kassube (?), Augusta

Kassube (?), W. Otto

Kassube, ?

Kassube, Albert

Kassube, Fred W.

Kassube, Wilhelmine Schultz

Kassube, William C.

Kath, Arlys A.

Kath, Reinhard G.

Kath, Ronald George

Keller, Catharine I.

Keller, Fred J.

Kelley, Ella V.

Kelley, Ester H.

Kelley, Lester S.

Kelley, Lloyd Shueh

Kelley, Mary K.

Kelley, Winona Snoke

Kelley, Wm. S.

Kelso, Lenora Lewis

Kelso, Oliver Sewall

Kennedy, Harold L.

Kennedy, Minnie P.

Kent, Loretta

Keyes, Alvin

Keyes, Dorusa

Keyes, Emily A.

Keyes, Phianniah

King, ?

Kingsley, Amos Weeks

Kingsley, Cornelia Brown

Kingsrud, Frederick

Kingsrud, Ruth Hallson

Kiola, Bessie O.

Kiola, Louis A.

Kirsch, Mabel C.

Kirsch, William H.

Kleeberger, Dorothy

Kloss, Annie

Kloss, John

Kloss, Mathew J.

Kloss, Michael J.

Klotter, A. Madge

Klotter, Charles A.

Klotter, Colleen

Klotter, Craig F.

Klotter, Edward K.

Klotter, Edward Martin

Klotter, Luella A.

Knapp, Rosabel

Knoblauch, Daniel H.

Kohnen (?), Edward

Kohnen (?), Frank

Kohnen (?), Nicholas

Kohnen, Lena

Kolar, John

Konopka, Gisa

Konopka, Paul

Kopf, Rick R.

Koppel, Goldie Clasen

Kreb, Almond N.

Kreb, Eleanore M.

Krieg, Arnold L.

Krieg, Donna M.

Krieg, Esther M.

Krieg, Gary V.

Krieg, George G.

Krieg, Lena M.

Kruger, William

Krump, Gladys L.

Krump, Peter P.

Kulinsky, Agnes

Kulinsky, John

Kurtz, George

Kurtz, George

Kurtz, Robert

Kusske, Bryce Glenn

Labs, Ernest

Labs, Florence

Laidlaw, Donna

Laidlaw, Lavern

Larkin, Edward

Larsen, Carl

Larsen, Marie

Larson (?), Annie

Larson (?), Elmer

Larson (?), John A.

Larson, baby

Larson, Caroline

Larson, Inga

Larson, Jeffrey S.

Larson, Kyastin

Larson, Leonard E.

Larson, Louis J.

Lathrop, Julie A.

Lathrop, Lloyd

Lavelle, Joshua James

Lawrence, Allan W.

Lawrence, Donna Dickey Gray

Lawrence, Elizabeth

Lawrence, Esther A.

Lawrence, George H.

Lawrence, Harry Louis

Lawrence, Henry

Lawrence, Henry S.

Lawrence, Janet

Lawrence, Janet

Lawrence, Lionel W.

Lawrence, Marcella

Lawrence, William Davis

Lawrence, William W.

Lawton, John L.

Lawton, Margaret A.

Lawton, Philomena E.

Ledell, Betty W.

Ledell, Lloyd S.

Leischner, Elizabeth

Leischner, William

Lepowsky, Arthur F.

Lepowsky, Etta

Lepowsky, Fred W.

Lepowsky, Hazel M.

Lepowsky, Sophia

Lewcock, Ann

Lewcock, Geo H.

Lewcock, Geo. H.

Lewcock, George

Lewcock, George E.

Lewcock, George V.

Lewcock, infant daughter

Lewcock, John

Lewcock, Kate

Lewcock, Kate V.

Lewcock, Leona

Lewcock, Mary

Lewcock, Mary E.

Lewcock, Thomas

Lewcock, William

Lewis, JA

Lewis, James A.

Lewis, Lulu Guise

Lien, Jonas R.

Lien, Mabel M.

Lind, Carrie

Lind, Edward H.

Lind, George W.

Lind, Mildred G.

Lind, Mon R.

Lind, William G.

Lindquist, father

Lindquist, mother

Lindstrom, Florence J.

Lindstrom, Harold E.

Linscott, Mabel N.

Lockwood (?), Ina

Lockwood (?), Isaac

Lockwood (?), Mary A.

Lockwood (?), Vernie

Lohstreter, Arnold P.

Lohstreter, Karen

Lohstreter, Marian Guelker

Loraas, Ardath

Loraas, Arthur E.

Loraas, Frances S.

Luby, Elizabeth

Luby, Hattie L.

Luby, John

Luby, Lillian B.

Ludwig, Fred

Ludy, Kenneth Maurice

Luedke, Edwin M.

Luedke, Erna A.

Luke, Anna M. Neddermeyer

Luke, Robert Ferdinand

Lund, Chas. O.

Lund, Maia B.

Lundberg, Aleck G.

Lundberg, C. August

Lutjen, Fred L.

Lutjen, Ovedia C.

Lydiard (?), David (?)

Lydiard (?), Hannah

Lydiard (?), Janet D.

Lydiard (?), Sherman

Lydiard (?), Wendell H.

Lydiard, baby

Lydiard, Charles D.

Lydiard, Ellen C.

Lydiard, Hannah

Lydiard, WJ

Lydiarl (?), Allie

Lydiarl (?), Willie

Lyons, ?

Lyons, Charles S.

Lyons, Ella M.

Lyons, Leroy Butler

MacDonald, Catherin

Mackinnon, Elizabeth Davis

Mackinnon, George E.

Mahaffy, Fanny

Mahaffy, William

Mahaffy, William (?)

Maki, James M.

Manson, Dorothy Jeanette

Manson, John

Manson, Mary

Manson, Mary Louise

Manson, Mathilda L.

Manson, Vinnie Maria

Martin, Gladys E.

Martin, Marion E.

Martin, Maurice B.

Martinson, Christene

Martinson, Emma O’Dell

Martinson, Hannah

Martinson, Martin

Mason, Hellen

Mason, Joseph M.

Mason, Moses

Mason, Moses

Mason, William M.

Matehr, John

Mather, Dudley

Mather, Estella

Mather, Henry

Mather, Mabel

Mather, Mary A.

Mather, Mary Alice

Mather, Robert H.

Mather, Sadie L.

Matter, Mary E.

Matter, Michael


Maurer, baby boy

Maurer, Elaine E.

Maurer, Minnie L.

Maurer, Reed A.

Maxfield (?), Clar

Maxfield, David

Maxwell, Clark

Maxwell, CW (Ted)

Maxwell, Delilah Slane

Maxwell, Elizabeth

Maxwell, George S.

Maxwell, James W.

Maxwell, John G.

Maxwell, John Henry

Maxwell, Leanore

Maxwell, Mary

Maxwell, May Helen

Maxwell, Moses McDowell

Maxwell, Rae

Maxwell, Sarah

May, Eva B.

May, Linnie

May, Thomas F.

Maynard, Harry C.

McCollough, Alice Maude

McCollough, Frederick J.

McCormick, Archie

McCormick, Blanche E.

McCormick, Ella Frances

McCormick, Frances D’Lores Oberst

McCormick, George

McCormick, John

McCormick, John I.

McCormick, Scobie

McCormick, William J.

McCulley (?), Myrtle

McCulley (?), Preston

McCulley, Donovan P.

McCulley, Evelyn M.

McCulley, Graydon M.

McCulley, Jean S.

McGrath, Frank K.

McGrath, Rachel J.

McKenzie, Dorothy N.

McKenzie, Lee D.

McKenzie, Lee D.

McPherran, Helen May

McPherran, J. Robert

McPherson, Amy Kathleen

McPherson, Daniel Giddens

McPherson, Ruth Gladys

McWilliams, Shirley S.

McWilliams, Vera M.

Meland, Elenor M.

Meland, Martin O.

Meland, Tora

Mercier, Joyce

Meyer, Anna

Meyer, August C.

Meyer, Clara E.

Meyer, Clifford H.

Meyer, Delora E.

Meyer, Elizabeth E.

Meyer, Elroy M.

Meyer, Frederick

Meyer, FW

Meyer, Herbert D.

Meyer, Irene St. John

Meyer, Lucille F. (St. John)

Meyer, Margaret

Meyer, Robert C.

Meyer, Theo J (Ted)

Meyer, W. Ervin

Michelsen, Robert N.

Miller, Bonnie Roberts and child

Miller, Charlotte Hursh

Miller, Donna M.

Miller, Edward H.

Miller, Lillian G. Hursh

Miller, Otto H.

Miller, Vernon C.

Miner, Andrew E.

Miner, Andrew M.

Miner, Betty

Miner, Nellie M.

Moffatt, Randy A.

Moffitt (?), Agnes

Moffitt (?), George

Moore, Janet N.

Moore, Stanley A.

Moschle, Leo

Moschle, Sixtus

Mott, Allie

Murdry, Eliza

Murdry, James

Murdry, John

Murdry, Mable A.

Murdry, Vesta

Murphy, FM

Murphy, Gilbert

Murphy, Mary E.

Murphy, Nancy

Naab, John L.

Naab, Kate Andrews

Naab, Richard G.

Nadasdy, Carl J.

Nadasdy, Claribel

Nafstad, Marlans C.

Nason (?), Charles B.

Nason (?), Jessie F.

Naue, Emma D.

Neddermayer, Claus August

Neddermeyer (?), Catharina A.

Neddermeyer (?), Maria A.

Neddermeyer, Anna Maria

Neddermeyer, Blanche

Neddermeyer, Dorothy J.

Neddermeyer, Ernest

Neddermeyer, Francis

Neddermeyer, M. Cornelius

Neddermeyer, Marguerite

Neddermeyer, Mary L.

Neddermeyer, Shirley

Neddermeyer, Shirley F.

Neddermeyer, Yvonne J.

Neddermyre, John S.

Neilson, Jane Z.

Neilson, Kenneth M.

Neilson, Lincoln W.

Neilson, Mamie Thies

Neilson, Margaret M.

Neilson, Murdock F.

Neilson, Robert T.

Neilson, Ross W.

Neldon, Russell

Nelson, Earl W.

Nelson, Florecen M.

Nelson, Martha

Nelson, Olaf

Newhall, Ione Fulmer

Newhall, William Melvin

Nichel, Lorraine M.

Nichel, Robert P.

Noreen (?), Ferne M.

Noreen (?), Fred C.

Noreen (?), Vernice A.

Norris, Theodore A.

O’Connor, Lynette

O’Dell, Donald

Oare, Clifford M.

Oare, Tholine I.

Oborsky, Donald E.

Oborsky, Marion A.

Oemcke, Frederick

Oemcke, Louise

Oestreich, Fred G.

Oestreich, Lucile L.

Offerman, Addie

Offerman, Gertrude

Offerman, Jerome

Offerman, John

Offerman, John Peter

Offerman, Lorraine

Ohnstad, Monica may

Oliver, Ronald W.

Olson, Alice A.

Olson, Barbara J.

Olson, Clara B.

Olson, Claude R.

Olson, Donald James

Olson, Emil N.

Olson, Emma J.

Olson, Eva E.

Olson, Henry

Olson, K. Virginia

Olson, Otto T.

Olson, Raymond

Olson, Robert C.

Olson, Theresa

Olsson, Olof

Orn, Hazel J. (Schiebe)

Oswald, Donna Mae

P?, Emma

Page, Adell A.

Page, Alverson William

Pahl, William Meredith

Palmer, ?

Palmer, Bessie E.

Palmer, Bonnie Ann and Connie Kay

Palmer, Lydia J.

Palmer, Ralph W.

Palmer, Ralph W.

Parker, James S.

Parker, Mary A.

Parker, Mary V.

Parker, Mattie I.

Parrish, Alice M.

Parrish, Carl

Pattee, Lloyd G.

Pattee, Nancy Atwood

Patterson, ?

Patterson, ?

Pearson, Emal G.

Pearson, James T.

Pearson, Mildred T.

Pearsonette, Della D.

Peartmo, John R.

Pederson, Hildor M.

Pederson, Lillian M.

Perry, ?

Perry, ?

Perry, Samuel

Person, Alvin (Fritz)

Personett, Elizabeth

Personett, Irvin R.

Personette, Minnie

Peterson (?), A. Henry

Peterson (?), Chas. P.

Peterson (?), Hilda E.

Peterson, ?phia

Peterson, Albin S.

Peterson, baby

Peterson, Harold T.

Peterson, Jack W.

Peterson, Jacquelyn H.

Peterson, Johana K.

Peterson, John

Peterson, Lillian F.

Peterson, Oscar

Peterson, Robert A.

Peterson, Ruth E.

Peterson, Ruth V.

Peterson, Selma

Peterson, William C.

Pettis (?), Wells S.

Pettit (?), Viola S.

Pfau, Brian George

Pfuhlman (?), Caroline

Pigott, George

Pigott, Shannon

Plant (?), Mary C.

Plant, David V.

Plant, Earl

Plant, Patricia

Pool, Denise L (Dahl)

Popp, Sophia Kassube (?)

Porter, Mona E.

Posthumes, Peter H.

Posthumes, Rebbecca S.

Potter, Cameron Gates

Potter, Caroline (nee Wolsfeld)

Potter, John Burke

Potter, Margaret

Pressnall, Pauline Lewis Grenier

Pritchett, Barbara H.

Pritchett, John A.

Quaal, Alma E.

Quaal, Reuben A.

Rader, Helen Bill

Raveling, Nina B.

Raveling, Ronald R.

Ray (?), Earl (?)

Ready, A. Cierpinski

Rebecca, Lillian

Redeen, Arthur C.

Redeen, Emil

Redeen, Klara

Redpath, Caroline

Redpath, Lloyd E.

Redpath, Thomas

Redpath, Violet E.

Reed, Dan E.

Reed, Gilbert Earl

Rettinger (?), Alice A.

Rettinger (?), Samuel

Rettinger, Albert

Rettinger, Beryl

Rettinger, Evelyn

Rettinger, Evelyn E.

Rettinger, Frederick P.

Rettinger, J. Melvin

Rettinger, Kate

Rettinger, Meredith M.

Rettinger, Pete

Rettinger, Thomas C.

Rhine, Clara Evelyn

Rhine, Homer

Rhine, Roy

Rice, Leona Grave

Roberts, Frank J.

Roberts, Maggie J.

Robinson, Mildred Edith

Robinson, Myron Arthur

Rosch, Hubert

Rosch, Nellie

Ross, Agnes

Ross, Betty A.

Ross, Gerald H.

Ross, Minnie A.

Ross, P. Amy

Ross, Richard J.

Ross, Wm. K.

Rudd, Bette D.

Rudd, Stan

Rude, June H.

Rude, Kenneth V.

Rude, Susan Kay

Rude, Walter E.

Ruff (?), Amy

Ruff (?), Joseph

Ruff (?), Margaret

Ruff, Alfred W.

Ruff, Edna Mae

Ruff, John J.

Ruff, Mary Bell

Russell (?), Amy A. (Walsh ?)

Russell (?), Burke E. (Walsh ?)

Russell (?), Edmund B. (Walsh ?)

Russell (?), Elmer F. (Walsh ?)

Russell (?), Henry C. (Walsh ?)

Russell (?), Russell D. (Walsh ?)

Russell (?), Ruth B. (Walsh ?)

Russell, Frances E.

Russell, Leslie L.

Russell, Lillian E.

Ruud, Maren

Ruud, Peder

S?, Walter

Santini (?), Guiseppe

Santini (?), Wilhelmine

Sceary, Kathryn Joy

Scherer, Anna M.

Scherer, Jacob

Scherer, John A.

Scherer, Peter L.

Scheuerecker, Joseph G.

Schiebe, Carl J.

Schiebe, Lena B.

Schiebe, Walter C.

Schmidt, Beckiek

Schmidt, Caroline

Schmitz, John

Schmitz, Wilhelmina W.

Schrader, Elizabeth M.

Schrader, Elmer

Schrader, Wm. J.

Schweder, Bonnie E.

Sellman, Almeda Stubbs

Sellman, John E.

Senesac, Sara M.

Senesac, Steve E.

Seth, Theo L.

Shank (?), Alice

Shank (?), John

Shank, Edwin

Shaver, Bayard T.

Shaver, Mara E.

Shaver, Marie E.

Shaw, ?

Shaw, George H.

Shaw, Priscilla

Shenk (?), Elizabeth

Shenk, Catherine

Shenk, Edward M.

Shephard, May D.

Sho?, Abbie E.

Shrewsbury, ?la

Shrewsbury, Alice

Shrewsbury, Mabel Amanda

Shrewsbury, Robert Lloyd

Sidnam, Amanda

Sidnam, Frances M.

Sidnam, Howard E.

Sidnam, Howard E.

Sidnam, John

Sidnam, Raymond

Smart, Carrie

Smart, Hattie Patterson

Smart, Hattie Patterson

Smith (?), ?

Smith, ?

Smith, ?

Smith, Almira

Smith, Aretas

Smith, Aretas

Smith, Calvin Morris

Smith, Ella Marie

Smith, Elliot

Smith, Esther M.

Smith, Florence J.

Smith, George B.

Smith, George C.

Smith, Harry R. ‘Zeeker

Smith, Hazel V.

Smith, Hesikah

Smith, Hugh A.

Smith, Irvin L.

Smith, John J.

Smith, Josephine D.

Smith, Kristine A.

Smith, Lahelia A.

Smith, Mary B.

Smith, Mary Jane

Smith, Maurice B.

Smith, Merlea

Smith, Oberne V.

Smith, Ruth E.

Smith, Ruth H.

Smith, Sidney

Smith, Spencer

Smith, Susan L.

Smith, W. Loris

Smith, William J.

Smitterbergh, Harry B.

Smitterbergh, Marion E.

Smyth, Cameron and Valerie

Snoke (?), Guy

Snoke (?), Martin

Snoke, Esther M.

Snoke, Lee

Snoke, Lizza A.

Snoke, Lloyd Hoover

Snoke, Mary V.

Sohn, Bradley Allan

Solyst, William J.

Sorensen, Anne M.

Sorensen, Christen

Sorenson, Alice L.

Sorenson, Sharon Lee

Sorenson, Willis O.

Spates, Carrie M.

Spates, Hattie Carleton

Spates, Justin V.

Spates, Mina R.

Spates, Simon R.

Sprague, Clara P.

Sprague, Donald W.

Sprague, Loralee

Springer, Bernice I.

Springer, Henry J. (Skeeter)

Springer, Henry L.

St. John, Benjamin F.

St. John, Emma B.

St. John, Gladys M.

St. John, Jennifer Flynn

St. John, Marjorie Helen

Stafford, Addie A.

Stafford, Addie B.

Stafford, Anna Mary

Stafford, Arthur S.

Stafford, Charles F.

Stafford, Clarence A.

Stafford, Ella

Stafford, George W.

Stafford, Harry W.

Stafford, Isabell J.

Stafford, John D.

Stafford, Josephine S.

Stafford, Oliver B.

Stafford, Vinnie P.

Starkey, father

Starkey, mother

Steinborn, Emil

Steingas, Frederick D.

Stenberg, Gustaf A.

Stenberg, Lembie J.

Stevens (?), Dora E.

Stevens, Mildred Maynard

Stiles, Charles A.

Stiles, Hazel R.

Stiles, Keith W.

Stinson, Albion

Stinson, baby boy

Stinson, Lucinda P. Twombly

Streeter, baby boy

Stryker, Charles Vern

Stryker, Geraldine Gibbs

Stubbs (?), Mark L.

Stubbs (?), Milo A.

Stubbs, ?

Stubbs, Alice H.

Stubbs, Anna J.

Stubbs, Benjamin A.

Stubbs, Chas. W.

Stubbs, Cherry C.

Stubbs, Clifford J.

Stubbs, Donna A.

Stubbs, Dorothy T.

Stubbs, Edith M.

Stubbs, Elizabeth

Stubbs, Ellen B.

Stubbs, Esther

Stubbs, Florence

Stubbs, Frank Chalmer

Stubbs, Frnces Lor

Stubbs, Harry

Stubbs, Henry

Stubbs, Henry

Stubbs, Joel Lennox

Stubbs, Kathryn L.

Stubbs, Latitia Jane

Stubbs, Louisa

Stubbs, M. Stella

Stubbs, Mable

Stubbs, Margaret A.

Stubbs, Margaret Mary

Stubbs, Martha

Stubbs, Mary

Stubbs, Mary B.

Stubbs, Milton A.

Stubbs, Nathan H.

Stubbs, Nathan J.

Stubbs, Nellie E.

Stubbs, Paul Austin

Stubbs, Perry N.

Stubbs, Philip C.

Stubbs, R. Avery

Stubbs, Rena M.

Stubbs, Robert W.

Stubbs, Roger M.

Stubbs, Rolla

Stubbs, Violet Lenore

Stubbs, William Perry

Stubbs, Wm. E.

Stubes, WP

Stuhlfaut, Mary Ann

Styers, Ken C.

Sullivan, Charles R.

Sundlin, Henry Ellis

Sundlin, Mayona V.

Swaningson, Barbara

Swaningson, Donald C.

Swanson (?), Ellsworth T.

Swanson (?), Rachel A.

Swanson, Sidney F.

Sweeney, Elizabeth A.

Symoniak, John L.

Symoniak, Lawrence

Symoniak, Phyllis I.

Talbert, Alvah Luverne

Talbert, Elmer E.

Talbert, Estella W.

Talbert, Gaylie J.

Talbert, Milton I.

Talbert, Rachel M.

Talbert, Rosella

Talbert, Thomas

Talbert, Walter

Talbert, Wilhelmina

Taylor, George D.

Taylor, Malcom M.

Taylor, Pauline

Taylor, Ralph L.

Taylor, Rena E.

Teas, Annett

Teas, Diadama

Teas, Gibson

Teas, Rebecca J.

Teneyck, Amanda T.

Teneyck, Marie

Teneyck, Wesley E.

Teneyck, William

Tesch, George H.

Tesch, Gladys B.

Theis, Edwin

Theis, Frank B.

Theis, Fredericka

Theis, Henry

Theis, Jerry

Theis, John

Theis, John N.

Theis, Katherine

Theis, Louise

Thies, Alfred

Thies, Alice Leone

Thies, Allen L.

Thies, Anne

Thies, Arlene L.

Thies, baby

Thies, Blanche

Thies, Doris Catherine

Thies, Florence

Thies, Frank

Thies, Freeman

Thies, Kerney J.

Thies, Pearl V.

Thompson, George J.

Thompson, Gerhard B.

Thompson, Hazel B.

Thompson, Stephen P.

Thonet, Geord I.

Thornquist Luke, Augusta E.

Thornquist Luke, Emma

Thorpe, Ingram L.

Thorpe, Mabel P.

Thurber, Calvin Ro?

Thurber, Gertrude L.

Thurber, Lydia E.

Thurber, Milton O.

Thurber, Sarah Alice

Tibbetts, ?nna

Tibbetts, Daniel E.

Todd, Olive B.

Tourangeau, Arthur J.

Tourangeau, Harriet Spates

Toure, Dale James

Treff, Donald H.

Treff, Norma P.

Turnham (?), George F.

Turnham (?), Maylie

Turnham, Alice

Turnham, Annora

Turnham, Edith D.

Turnham, Ellen

Turnham, Elvera O.

Turnham, Emily

Turnham, Emma A.

Turnham, Evelyn C.

Turnham, Fred B.

Turnham, Gaylie G.

Turnham, George A.

Turnham, George Darcy

Turnham, James M.

Turnham, John Edwin

Turnham, Kathryn M.

Turnham, Kenneth

Turnham, Kenneth Dudley

Turnham, M. Viola

Turnham, Mary E.

Turnham, Myrtle M.

Turnham, Sigel J.

Turnham, Vivan

Turnham, Vivan

Twombley, Henry

Twombley, Lucilla K.

Ulven, Howard

Valiton, Herman R.

Valiton, Lillian G.

Vance, Benjamin F.

Vanderbundt, Gertrude

Vanderbundt, Levinus (Joe)

Vanderbundt, William F.

Vandevere, Addison K.

Vandevere, baby daughter

Vandevere, Blanche E.

Vandevere, Dolores E.

Vandevere, Violet H.

Vanvleet, Annie

Vanvleet, Clifford C.

Vanzante (?), Frederick

Vanzante (?), Harriet

Varty, Hilma V.

Varty, Joseph W.

Varty, Lenore J.

Varty, Wilson R.

Vertucci, Thomas

Vickerman, Jean M.

Vickerman, Lisle C.

Vickerman, Lisle C.

Vickerman, Nina M.

Vickerman, Richard R.

Vickerman, Ruth A.

Volney, Vernon D.

Wakefield, Abby Eldredge

Wakefield, Bradford

Wakefield, Dorothy E.

Wakefield, Elmer

Wakefield, Genevieve E.

Wakefield, John B.

Wakefield, Maria

Wakefield, Warren

Walker, Sharon

Walker, Vernice Thies

Wallen, Andrew J.

Wallen, Augusta

Wallen, Beda W.

Wallen, Harry J.

Wallen, Olga

Wallin, Sofia

Walsh, Edward F.

Walsh, Emma P.

Walsh, Frank L.

Walsh, James D.

Walsh, Mary A.

Walter, L. Earl

Walter, Margaret

Ward, Billie Mae

Ward, Ida Mae

Ward, Margaret L.

Ward, William H.

Wasgatt, David P.

Wasgatt, Jennie M.

Watry, Michael L.

Watry, Vivabell

Webber, Clyde E.

Webber, Lillian H.

Weeks (?), ?

Weeks (?), Charles W.

Weeks (?), Ethel (?) A.

Wehmhoff, Henry

Wehmhoff, Theresa

West, John

West, John B.

West, Lena

West, Marie J.

West, Melvin H.

West, Morris J.

Wheat, Laura M.

White, Alma E.

White, Anna V.

White, Benjamin H.

White, Chris H.

White, Clotilda C.

White, Emory H.

White, Everett H.

White, Fredrick R.

White, Leona

White, Margaret

White, Margaret F.

White, Martha A.

White, Nathan

White, Rebecca J.

White, Richard C.

White, Ruby S.

White, Vernice L.

White, Ward Clinton

White, William G.

Whittington, Jack E.

Wichtman, Violet May

Wicklund, Ronald K.

Wicklund, Vernon A.

Wieland, Joyce Brooks

Wieland, L. Elmer

Wightman, Lee Addison

Wiley, Bessie

Wiley, Edward S.

Wiley, Lucia Barnes

Wiley, Nellie E.

Wiley, Nettie E.

Wilhelm, Lawrence L.

Wilson, William

Winter, John E.

Wolfe, Betty Belle

Wolfe, Warren G.

Wolff, Bertha A.

Wolff, Friedrich and Edwart

Wolff, Rudolf

Wolsfed (?), Josie (?)

Wolsfeld (?), John

Wolsfeld (?), L. Louise

Wolsfeld (?), Peter

Wolsfeld, Frances M.

Wolsfeld, Frank A.

Wolsfeld, Gordon R.

Wolsfeld, John C.

Wolsfeld, Josephine

Wolsfeld, Laura A.

Wolsfeld, Nicholas J.

Wolsfeld, Virginia M.

Woods, Gloria J.

Woods, SK

Wright, Harry B.

Wright, Thelma A.

Wyatt, Arthur A.

Wyatt, Donald V.

Wyatt, Edla J.

Wyatt, Ruby S.

Wyatt, William W.

Yarusso, Amanda Kay

Yates, John Andrew

Younger, June Kosta

Younger, Karl Edwin

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