St. Anne Catholic Church Cemetery

200 Hamel Road

Hamel, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T118N – R24W, Section 31



The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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This cemetery is located along Hamel Road in downtown Hamel, Minnesota.  This cemetery is upkept and in good shape. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008



?, Emil and Joseph

?, Lawrence F.

Adams, Clara A.

Adams, Jacob A.

Ahern (?), Godfrey L.

Ahern (?), Patrack J.

Ahern (?), Patrick H.

Ahern (?), Rose D.

Aprea, Peter A.

Atkins, Anne J.

Atkins, Florence E.

Baer, Fritz W.

Baer, Henry G.

Baer, Margaret

Barber, Bernice Labrie

Barber, John P.

Begin, Mary E.

Begin, Rochie P.

Begin, Rochie P.

Bell, Leonard F.

Bell, Mabel T.

Benjamin, Logan

Bernsdorf, Bertha

Bernsdorf, Richard

Berthiaume (?), May

Berthiaume, Clarinda V.

Berthiaume, Eliza M.

Berthiaume, Elmer J.

Berthiaume, Frank E.

Berthiaume, Gaylord M.

Berthiaume, Harold J.

Berthiaume, Philip

Berthiaume, Salaina

Berthiaume, Vickie Ann

Berthiaume, Virginia E.

Berube, Francis

Berube, Sibyl H.

Bezenar, Agnes Nelson

Billodeau, Adell

Billodeau, Alfred

Billodeau, Alfred

Billodeau, Emma M.

Billodeau, Leo

Billodeau, Louis

Billodeau, Richard A.

Billodeau, William L.

Birch, Joseph S.

Boldug, Albert

Boldug, Alvina

Boldug, Clotilde

Boldug, Febromie

Boldug, Georgiana

Boldug, Joseph

Boldug, Leon

Boldug, Majorique

Boldug, Marie

Boldug, Raymond

Bouley, Russel L.

Bouley, Viola V.

Boutang, Gertrud M.

Butz, Joseph W.

Butz, Mary A.

Carstedt, Bette Laurent

Cassidy, George Edward

Cassidy, Mildred Wallace

Cavanauge, Thomas F.

Cavanaugh, Claire L.

Cavanaugh, John Francis

Cavanaugh, John J. ‘Pat’

Connolly, Diane Marie

Connolly, Jeffrey Scott

Connolly, William George

Cook, Ellen

Cook, George

Cook, George A.

Cosgriff, Collette T.

Cosgriff, Donald J.

Cosgriff, Donald T.

Crews, Rita C.

Crews, Robert B.

Dayon (?), Albina M.

Dayon (?), David Eugene

Dayon, Amos J.

Dayon, Archie

Dayon, Elizabeth

Dayon, Galen J.

Dayon, Isabelle M.

Dayon, Joyce

Dayon, Rodger

Decheine, George A.

Decheine, Marie

Deslauriers, David P.

Deslauriers, Edwin

Deslauriers, Pierre

Deslauries, Alfred Edward

Deslauries, Cesarie

Devereaux, Hazelle M. Pouliot

Devereaux, TJ

Deziel, Frank H.

Deziel, George H.

Deziel, Godfrey

Deziel, Helen E.

Deziel, Irene T.

Deziel, Joseph

Deziel, Lilly

Deziel, Mary

Deziel, Richard J.

Deziel, Ronald W.

Deziel, WH

Dolan, John

Dolan, Keran

Dolon, Margaret

Donahue, James

Donahue, Kathryn

Dorweiler, Caroline S.

Dorweiler, Cornelius O.

Doyle, Gerald W.

Dubay (?), Donald W.

Dubay (?), Duane J.

Dubay (?), Henry A.

Dubay (?), Mame S.

Dubay, Brandon James

Dubay, Phyllis P.

Dubay, Wilton H.

Dubeau, Alfred L.

Dug, Aimie

Durand, Benjamin J.

Durand, Gerald B.

Durand, Grace M.

Dykhoff, Gerald J.

Dykhoff, James J.

Dykhoff, John J.

Dykhoff, Mary A.

Dykhoff, Rose A.

Dykhoff, Ruth E.

Eckes, Fidelis J.

Eckes, Loretta J.

Edholm, Axel N.

Edholm, Olive D.

Erickson, Michael R.

Etzel, Adeline M. Deslauriers

Faue, Edwin E.

Faue, Floyd A.

Faue, Rose M.

Favorite, Dominick D.

Favorite, John

Favorite, Pauline Theresa

Favorite, Walter B.

Finazzo, Grace V.

Finazzo, Samuel

Flemming, Todd M.

Fortin (?), Abselon George

Fortin (?), Albert J.

Fortin (?), Alexandra

Fortin (?), Gertruce M.

Fortin (?), Philibert

Fortin, Angelina S.

Fortin, Dominic (?) W.

Fortin, Esther

Fortin, Eugene J.

Fortin, Florida M.

Fortin, Isabel (Koch)

Fortin, Katherine W.

Fortin, Kenneth P.

Fortin, Kenneth P.

Fortin, Lloyd J.

Fortin, Paul

Fourniea, Wm.

Franco, Pierre

Gadbois, Florence

Gadbois, Rosa (?)

Gagne (?), David F. ?

Gagne (?), Emelie L. ?

Gagne, Arthur Jule

Gagne, Clarence P.

Gagne, Della

Gagne, Elsie B.

Gagne, Nels

Gagne, Wilfred David

Gagnon, John Alden

Gagnon, Marion Dykhoff

Galzki, Stephen J.

Galzki, Stephen J.

Galzki, Viola A.

Gamache, Edwina M.

Gamache, Peter M.

Garon, Julie Lariviere

Garvey, Betty M.

Garvey, James T.

Gerber, Marie

Gibbs, Emma

Girard, Edith

Girard, Leo P.

Gorham (?), Amanda Mary

Gorham (?), Millie

Gorham (?), Philip

Gorham (?), Theophile

Gorham, Basilice

Gorham, Constance

Gorham, Frank

Gorham, Gregory

Gorham, Rose A. Gross

Gorman, Henry

Gorman, James M.

Gorman, Marie

Gould, Anna Doyle

Goulet, Zerilla Rouillard

Grover, Mary M.

Growe, Frances W.

Growe, James

Growe, James

Growe, James M.

Growe, John E.

Growe, John J.

Growe, Margaret

Grund, Kenneth A.

Grundie, Henry F.

Grundie, Susan Fourniea

Guest, Garrett Anthony

Hamel (?), Francis A.

Hamel (?), Josephine F.

Hamel (?), L. Ange

Hamel, Albert

Hamel, Clara S.

Hamel, Cordilia

Hamel, Emily M.

Hamel, Eugeneie

Hamel, Eugenie Moffet

Hamel, Florence M.

Hamel, Joseph O.

Hamel, Lucian C.

Hamel, Theressa

Hamel, William

Hamel, William E.

Hayes, Margaret M.

Heinzen, Anna

Hoffman, Marie

Hoffman, Theodore

Hopkins, Nicholas Lee

Huar, Arthur

Huar, Christine

Huar, Robert

Huard, Marie Morin

Huard, Theophile

Hughes, Alice

Hughes, Annie

Hughes, Arthur H.

Hughes, Christopher

Hughes, Elizabeth A.

Hughes, Eva T.

Hughes, Exilda M.

Hughes, Floyd A.

Hughes, Harry J.

Hughes, Howard H.

Hughes, James A.

Hughes, John W.

Hughes, John W.

Hughes, Josephine C.

Hughes, Laura D.

Hughes, Maria A.

Hughes, Patrick J.

Hughes, Sylvia G.

Hughes, Vincent M.

Hughes, Walter J.

Hughes, Walter T.

Jamme, Eugenie Pouliot

Janicula, Lorraine Verna

Janicula, Marvin

Janicula, Marvin A.

Jubert (?), Adele

Jubert (?), Alfred

Jubert (?), Ambrose

Jubert (?), Nora

Jubert (?), Stephen

Jubert, Ambrose

Jubert, Archie J.

Jubert, Arthur D.

Jubert, August

Jubert, baby boy

Jubert, David

Jubert, Elizabeth

Jubert, Emil J.

Jubert, Esther

Jubert, James R.

Jubert, Joseph A.

Jubert, Mary A.

Jubert, Rita A.

Jubert, Rita R.

Kalweit, Lucy

Koch (?), Louis N.

Koch, Elizabeth

Koch, Leopold

Kovacic, Florence K.

Labrie (?), Amy

Labrie (?), George

Lamere, Amil L.

Lamere, Rose L.

Lapoint, Adeline

Lapointe, Agnes

Lapointe, Joseph T.

Lapointe, Joseph T.

Laurent, Adeline

Laurent, Albert

Laurent, Amanda

Laurent, Antoine

Laurent, Arthur

Laurent, Dr. and Mrs. AA

Laurent, Elmer J.

Laurent, Harold J.

Laurent, Hedwidge

Laurent, Jeanne A.

Laurent, Jule

Laurent, Jule F.

Laurent, Lorraine

Laurent, Magdalene

Laurent, Mary

Laurent, Pamela A.

Laurent, Raymond M.

Laurent, Rosalind

Laurent, Tellie

Laurent, Theresa M.

Laurent, Thersille

Ledaue, Josephine

Lefler, Carol Roy

Leroux, Louise M.

Leroux, Roy J.

Leuer, Henrietta

Leuer, Mathias

Leutgeb, Katherine Lynch

Leveque, Desange

Lewandowski, Elma E.

Lewandowski, Henry J.

Lewandowski, Lawrence H.

Logan, Patricia A.

Louiselle (?), Jean Bastaste

Lynch, Kathrine

Lynch, Patrick

Maki, Irl Edwin

Maki, Thomas Irl

Marchant, Thomas O.

Markham, Gareld F.

Markham, Linda B.

Masl, Macel

McCormack, Linda Ziehwein

McDermott, James A.

McDermott, John

McDermott, Louis J.

McDermott, Margaret

Mendenhall, Leona J.

Mengelkoch, Alice A.

Mengelkoch, David P.

Meyer, Marie

Miller, Marvel Ann

Miller, Thomas Otto

Molitor, Frank M.

Molitor, Laura J.

Morin (?), Emma A.

Morin (?), Eugene D.

Morin (?), Eugenie M.

Morin (?), Olive

Morin (?), Peter

Morin (?), Peter E.

Morin (?), Rose D.

Morin, Alfred A.

Morin, Amanda

Morin, Francis A.

Morin, Leo

Morin, Louis I.

Morin, Magerick

Morin, Rose D.

Morin, Shirley

Mowrey, Michael C.

Murphy, Ann H.

Nelson, Donald G.

Nelson, Lawrence W.

Nelson, Magdalene M.

Neumann, Joseph

Neumann, Lillian M.

Nicolay, Marguerite

Nistler, Jeanette U.

Nistler, Leroy B.

O’Hern, Anna M

O’Hern, Grace

O’Hern, James

O’Hern, John

O’Hern, Neal

Orcutt, Corinee Ann Hughes

Osier (?), Elmer W. Schaber (?)

Osier (?), Fred W. Schaber (?)

Osier (?), Leanore L. Schaber (?)

Osier (?), Marie D. Schaber (?)

Osier (?), Mary

Osier (?), William

Osier, Ann C.

Osier, baby girl

Osier, Donna Lee

Osier, Earl

Osier, Edward C.

Osier, Ella

Osier, Irvin (Ben)

Pearson, Deborah A.

Pepin, Anna M.

Pepin, Arthur

Pepin, Arthur

Pepin, Clara T.

Pepin, Cyprien P.

Pepin, David J.

Pepin, Eugene J.

Pepin, Eva A.

Pepin, Florence Eva

Pepin, Henry

Pepin, Isadore J.

Pepin, Katherine C.

Pepin, Mabel E.

Pepin, Philomine

Pomarlo, David

Pomerleau (?), Emily

Pomerleau (?), Frances

Pomerleau (?), Maxim

Pomerleau (?), Udevine

Pomerleau, Anna

Pomerleau, Arthur C.

Pomerleau, Aug.

Pomerleau, Bartholomew

Pomerleau, Elmer J.

Pomerleau, Esther M.

Pomerleau, Eugene

Pomerleau, Francis

Pomerleau, George

Pomerleau, Mary

Pomerleau, Phelonise Trudeau

Pomerleau, Rose

Pomerleau, Zoe

Pouliot (?), Edwin H.

Pouliot (?), Emil EP

Pouliot (?), Esther

Pouliot (?), Eugene P.

Pouliot (?), Frank J.

Pouliot (?), Joseph L.

Pouliot (?), Philimene P.

Pouliot, Achile D.

Pouliot, Aime

Pouliot, Aleda M.

Pouliot, Archie L.

Pouliot, Aubeline

Pouliot, Avis Marie

Pouliot, David L.

Pouliot, Deborah

Pouliot, Delvina

Pouliot, Donald J.

Pouliot, Fred

Pouliot, Ida C.

Pouliot, Joseph A.

Pouliot, Joseph T.

Pouliot, Lawrence J.

Pouliot, Lizzie

Pouliot, Louis

Pouliot, Lucille F.

Pouliot, Myrtle G.

Pouliot, Romain

Pouliot, Stella

Pouliot, Theodore

Pouliot, Vernon L.

Pumalo, David Cyrille

Pumarlo (?), Albert

Pumarlo (?), Esther

Pumarlo (?), Eva M.

Pumarlo (?), Miller F.

Reiser, Alex J.

Reiser, Frances G.

Reiser, Helen L.

Reither, Joshua Matthew

Rocheleau, Andrew

Rocheleau, Grace

Rodney, Annie

Rodney, Bridget

Rodney, James (?)

Rodney, JF

Roehl, Andrew James

Ross, Joseph Peter

Rouchleau, Mary

Rouillard, Betty Ann

Rouillard, Celina

Rouillard, Rose Roy

Roy (?), Clara W.

Roy, Dona Joseph

Roy, Ellsworth A.

Roy, Florence L.

Roy, Francis L.

Roy, Francois E.

Roy, Joseph Roman

Roy, Julia M.

Roy, Laverne A.

Roy, Leontine L.

Roy, Mabel M.

Roy, Valida F.

Roy, Wenceslaus J.

Ruschoff, Anna

Ruschoff, John

Ruschoff, Joseph

Ruschoff, Susan

Scanlon, baby boy

Scanlon, baby girl

Schaber, Agnes M.

Schaber, Donald

Schaber, Elmer L.

Schaber, Everett M.

Schaber, Sylvia A.

Schaber, Terrance M.

Schaefer, Donna A.

Schaefer, Dorothy

Schlumpberger, Michael Jon

Schmidt, Gordon C.

Schmidt, Ival H.

Schmidt, Kathryn A. Jacobs

Schmidt, Otto C.

Schmidt, Roger P.

Schmidt, Sibyl E.

Scott (?), Alice V.

Scott (?), Eugenie C.

Scott (?), Hector

Scott, Amos

Scott, Benoni

Scott, Donald W.

Scott, H.

Scott, John E.

Scott, Mary E.

Scott, Nellie

Sheldon, Charles

Shermer, George F.

Shermer, Hazel M.

Snow, Virginia L.

Sommers, Dolores C.

Sommers, Donald W.

Squire, Della M.

Squire, Florance P.

Stauffer, Violet R.

Stauffer, Wendell R.

Stember, Dolores M.

Stember, Raymond O.

Stember, Raymond O.

Strassen, Peter

Sullivan, Douglas J.

Sullivan, Margaret B.

Sullivan, Vincent J.

Theis, Adam J.

Theis, Emory P.

Theis, Jesse

Theis, Laverne

Theis, Mardell

Theis, Mary

Theis, Richard Alan

Theis, William P.

Tillmann, Elizabeth

Tillmann, Louis G.

Veillette, Nettie A.

Veillette, Peter L.

Vuinovich, Eileen

Wallace, Emma Pouliot

Wallace, James Vee

Weber, Bonni

Weekly, Ina Wilder

Weisen, Julia J.

Willis, Eleanore E.

Woods, Vicki Lou

Ziehwein, James Edward

Ziehwein, Joseph

Ziehwein, Mathew J.

Ziehwien, Bernadette Hughes

Zuccaro, Alice F.

Zuccaro, John

Zuccaro, Theresa M.


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