Saints Petri and Pauli Catholic Cemetery

Medina Township, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T118N – R23W, Section 7



The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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This cemetery is located at the intersection of Hennepin County Road 19 and Hennepin County Road 115 / Hamel Road.  The cemetery has two sections with a road connecting the two cemeteries.  The older cemetery is on a hill top area.  The newer cemetery is a larger area near the intersection of Hennepin County Road 19 and Hennepin County Road 115 / Hamel Road.  I believe the newer of the two cemeteries is situated on land where the congregation’s church once sat.  The church for this cemetery is currently located in the nearby town of Loretto, Minnesota


In the History of SS. Peter & Paul Church, Loretto, Minnesota, 1867 – 2003, it states the following about its cemetery / cemeteries:  ‘The cemetery is located on 10 acres in the SW ¼ of the NE ¼ of Section 7, Township 118, Range 23, facing the Hamel Road, about ½ mile South of Loretto in Medina Township, Hennepin County, Minnesota.  A large crater separates the ‘old’ and ‘new’ sections.  This old cemetery was surrounding the first log church built in 1867 by the early German and Dutch settlers of the area.  In 1903, a new church was built in the town of Loretto, leaving the entire site as cemetery.  The Western part became the ‘new cemetery.’  During the years of 1866 to 1899, a certain ‘Kulture Kampf’ occurred and many records were either not kept or destroyed.  The cemetery also was disrupted at a later date when during a clean-up, many old or broken stones were discarded.  Attempts have been made to restore or replace some of these.’


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008





?, Anna

?, Ottilia

?, Theodore

?, Vernon A.

Allendorf, Frank X.

Allendorf, Lena M.

Altendorf, baby

Altendorf, baby

Altendorf, Carl

Altendorf, Elizabeth M.

Altendorf, Father

Altendorf, Mary H.

Altendorf, Michael G.

Altendorf, Mother

Altendorf, Theodore

Altendorf, Theodore

Altringer, Lois Ann

Altringer, Paul Clayton

Anderson, Erik S.

Anderson, Jerry

Anderson, Pat

Arens (?), Elisabeth

Arens (?), John H.

Arens (?), Josephine

Arens (?), Louis S.

Arens (?), Marie

Arens, Albert

Arens, Albert

Arens, Andrew

Arens, Anna M.

Arens, Aurelia

Arens, Della

Arens, Erwin J.

Arens, Floyd H.

Arens, Franz

Arens, Fred J.

Arens, Gertrude B.

Arens, Harry H.

Arens, Herbert

Arens, Joseph

Arens, Juliana

Arens, Katherine

Arens, Laurenz

Arens, Lawrence L.

Arens, Lillian R.

Arens, Louise M.

Arens, Mae E.

Arens, Margaret

Arens, Otto

Arens, Priscilla

Arens, William J.

Aydt, Frank

Aydt, Theresa

Bantle, Mary

Bantle, Peter

Bauer, Anthony

Bauer, Benedict

Bauer, Peter

Becker (?), Cornelia M.

Becker (?), John

Becker (?), Mary

Becker (?), P. Joseph

Becker, Anecline

Becker, Anna M.

Becker, Bertha

Becker, Cecilia

Becker, Elisabeth

Becker, Frank S.

Becker, Jacob

Becker, Jacob

Becker, John

Becker, Joseph

Becker, Joseph J.

Becker, Katherine

Becker, Michel

Becker, Nicholas

Becker, Peter

Becker, Ramona L.

Bellingham, Charles H.

Bellingham, Mary L.

Bermel, Evelyn

Bermel, Lawrence

Berres, John

Bigalke, Elizabeth J.

Bigalke, Ralph R.

Billiet, Francis L.

Billiet, Julia K.

Blue, Perry L.

Blue, Randall R.

Brandt, Helen A.

Brandt, Lewis E.

Branson, Leona Rose

Braun (?), Wilhelm (?)

Braun, Dominick

Braun, Frederick

Braun, Heinrich

Braun, Joseph M.

Braun, Julia

Braun, Magdalena

Braun, Marie E.

Braun, Marie M.

Braun, Mike

Braun, Ronald L.

Breen, Bernard J.

Breen, Mary L.

Brick, Alicia M.

Brick, Leo F.

Brummer, Carmen

Brummer, Richard

Bryant, Linda Jean

Buchheit, John

Budd, Mary L.

Budd, Meryl L.

Bukocky (?), Anna

Bukosky (?), Frank T.

Bukosky, Henry M.

Bukosky, Jacob

Bukosky, Joseph

Bukosky, Kathrene

Bukosky, Mary E.

Bukowski (?), John

Bukowski (?), Lucy

Bukowski, Helen P.

Bukowski, Julia

Bukowski, Lambert P.

Bukowski, Mathilda

Bukowski, Peter

Bukowski, Theodore

Burg, Rose M.

Burgess, Everett P.

Burgess, Lucille M.

Burnett, Louis J.

Chezik, Timothy Paul

Cichon, Kenneth L.

Cichon, Limberlee M.

Cichon, William S.

Clasen, Elizabeth M.

Clees, Lena

Conzet, baby girl

Conzet, Bernardine M.

Conzet, Glenn F.

Curry, James L.

Curry, Mary

Curry, Thomas (?)

Dahl, Gerald Charles

Dahl, Rose Ellen

Dalbec, Leroy H.

Dalbec, Mary C.

Daniel (?), Peter (?)

Daniel, George

Davis, Darwin J.

Davis, Kathleen A.

Deminsky, Ignatius

Derosier, Alex J.

Derosier, Dorothy

DeWerd, Betty Jean

Dickey, Helen E.

Dickey, Marla Mae

Dickey, Russel Alvin

Dickey, Russell A.

Dickhausen, Randy Jay

Doboszenski, Chris L.

Doboszenski, Christian Robert

Doboszenski, Rose M.

Doboszenski, Vincent J.

Droneck, Simon

Dupont, Eugene

Dupont, Irma Marie

Dupont, Susan

Ebert, Henry L.

Eisen, Aloysius Alfred

Elsen, Aloysius

Elsen, Betty

Elsen, Eileen M.

Elsen, Elizabeth

Elsen, Emma Elizabeth

Elsen, John A.

Elsen, John J.

Elsen, Nicholas

Elsen, Nicholas A.

Elsen, Stephen Nicholas

Engel (?), Catherine

Engel (?), Elizabeth

Engel (?), John

Engel (?), Lawrence

Engel (?), Lorraine

Engel (?), Margaret

Engel (?), Peter

Engel, Angela

Engel, Jacob

Engel, Jacob C.

Engel, Jacob P.

Engel, Louise M.

Engel, Mabel R.

Engel, Norma I.

Engel, Paul J.

Engel, Peter

Eppler, Agnes

Eppler, Edward C.

Eppler, Harlindis C.

Eppler, Othmar G.

Euerle, Julieanne Marie

Fehn, Joseph J.

Fehn, Maree Z.

Feltes, Bernard

Feltes, Magdalena

Fick (?), John

Fick (?), Peter

Fick, Anna

Fick, John H.

Fick, Magdalena

Fick, Mary Eva

Follen, Marie H.

Follen, Robert J.

Franzen, Adam

Franzen, Ida

Franzen, Nicholas

Franzen, Rose

Freeman, Molly Ann

Freichels, Anna M.

Freichels, Marguerete

Friechels, John

Fries, Anna M.

Fries, Christina

Fries, John

Fries, John N.

Fries, Karl

Fries, Katie

Fries, Leroy H.

Fries, Mathias

Gaffney, John T.

Gaffney, Mary K.

Gagne, Alear P.

Gagne, Rose M.

Gales, Mathew

Gales, Otillia

Georges, Corinne B.

Georges, Harry

Georges, Harry H.

Georges, Louise G.

Georges, Louise G.

Georges, Norman T.

Georges, Walter I.

Georges, Walter I.

Godzala, Mary Jo

Goergen, Maria

Goergen, Maria

Goergen, Nikolaus (?)

Gonzola, Augustina

Grinnell, Charlotte L.

Grinnell, James H.

Hallman – Cook, Conner Mason

Hamer, Dale V.

Harmer, Rasalia Kuehn

Harwood, Rod L.

Hasslinger, Bernadette M.

Hasslinger, Bernard L.

Hasslinger, John

Hasslinger, Mary Elizabeth

Hasslinger, Rosa

Heinzen (?), Ben J.

Heinzen (?), Helen M.

Henderson, Constance L.

Hiibner, Mary

Hines, Regina K.

Hines, William F.

Holmes, Allen M.

Holmes, Madonna L.

Hozempa, Ann E.

Hozempa, Stanley F.

Hubner, Maria

Huebner, Amelia

Huebner, Theodore

Hustert, Joseph M.

Hustert, Katherine

Hustert, Theodore

Jacobs, babe

Jacobs, Dorothy

Jacobs, Florence H.

Jacobs, Herbert N.

Jacobs, Jered M.

Jacobs, Judy E.

Jacobs, Kathrine

Jacobs, Lawrence

Jacobs, Michael

Jakobs, Luzia

Jessing, Maria

Jex, Mary

Jordan, Daniel J.

Jordan, Joseph H.

Kaiser, George M.

Kaiser, Louise H.

Kasheimer, Amanda Rose

Kasheimer, Tyler E.

Kaufmann, Geo. A.

Kauth, Anna

Kauth, Barbara

Kauth, Catherine

Kauth, Elisabeth

Kauth, Emma M.

Kauth, Frank A.

Kauth, Henry

Kauth, Hilarius

Kauth, Hilda M.

Kauth, Irene

Kauth, Jacob J.

Kauth, Jocob

Kauth, John

Kauth, Joseph J.

Kauth, Kathrina

Kauth, Lucille M.

Kauth, Lucy

Kauth, Mathias

Kauth, Mathias

Kauth, Nickolaus

Kauth, Sophia A.

Keiser, Anna

Keiser, Mary

Keiser, Mathew

Keiser, Nick

Keiser, Nicklaus

Keiser, Peter

Keiser, Susana

Kenney, Clare C.

Kenney, Clare C.

Kenney, Helen C.

Ketter, Julia

Klaers, Alfred N.

Klaers, Amelia

Klaers, Anna M.

Klaers, Anna Marie

Klaers, Arnold

Klaers, baby

Klaers, Bernard

Klaers, Carola J.

Klaers, Eileen M.

Klaers, Eulalia M.

Klaers, Eva L.

Klaers, Frank

Klaers, Frank J.

Klaers, Frank J.

Klaers, Irene

Klaers, Irene

Klaers, Jerry

Klaers, Johann

Klaers, John

Klaers, Joseph

Klaers, Joseph

Klaers, Joseph

Klaers, Joseph

Klaers, Katharina

Klaers, Lawrence V.

Klaers, Leroy B.

Klaers, Luzia

Klaers, Margaret M.

Klaers, Marge

Klaers, Maria

Klaers, Marie

Klaers, Mary A.

Klaers, Michael

Klaers, Nicholas

Klaers, Peter

Klaers, Regina

Klaers, Richard J.

Klaers, Theodore

Klaers, William J.

Klatte, Nancy Louise

Klein, Elizabeth

Klein, Philip

Klonne, Herman

Klonne, Julia A.

Klonne, Paul H.

Koch, ?

Koch, Amanda

Koch, Anna M.

Koch, Barbara

Koch, Catherine

Koch, Christine A.

Koch, Eugene C.

Koch, Frederick P.

Koch, Frederick P.

Koch, Herbert

Koch, Johann

Koch, John

Koch, John A.

Koch, Katherina

Koch, Lucy K.

Koch, Mary J.

Koch, Marzell

Koch, Nicholas

Koch, Peter

Koch, Peter J.

Koch, Rose

Koch, William J.

Koe?, Helen

Koecher, Jill Marie

Kohnan, Katharina

Kohnen, Agnes M.

Kohnen, Florence T.

Kohnen, Marlin C.

Kohnen, Walter F.

Kotilinek, Melissa Dawn

Krajewski, Catherine

Krajewski, John

Krajewski, Rosie

Kraskey, Joseph

Kuehn, Bertha Emilie

Kuehn, Joseph

Kuehn, Lucie Otillie

Kuehn, Marie White

Kuehn, Nickolaus Lenard

Kuehn, Otto S.

Kuehn, Ralph A.

Kuehn, Raymond F.

Kuehn, Sylvester T.

Kuehn, Theresa

LaHaye, Billy

LaMotte, Henry

LaMotte, Susan

Lanars, Edna

Lanars, Henry T.

Lanars, Jerry A.

Lanars, Leo E.

Lanars, Louis

Lerch, Peter

Lesser, Brett L.

Lesser, Brett L.

Leuer, Fred

Leuer, Leo

Leuer, Lorraine

Libor, Ben H.

Libor, Evelyn E.

Lindahl, Elizabeth

Loose, Agnes

Loose, John

Loose, Theodore

Lux, Frances Marie

Lynch, Nora

Lynch, Sheila Jane

Maiers, Helen

Maiers, Michael

Malerich, Joseph I.

Malerich, Rebecca M.

Marsh, Bernard J.

Marsh, Clifford J.

Marsh, Elizabeth M.

Marsh, Marian

Marsh, Raymond

Marxen (?), Dominic J.

Marxen (?), Hillarious D.

Marxen (?), Mary M.

Maskell (?), Peter (?)

Maskell, Elizabeth

Maskell, John P.

Maskell, John V.

May, Donald H.

May, Shirley A.

Mayr, Franz Joseph

Mayr, M. Magdalena

McGuire, Mamie Viola

McVary, Odell M.

McVary, Patrick L.

Mengelkoch, Afra E.

Mengelkoch, Frank P.

Mengelkoch, John V.

Meyer, Marcelius P.

Meyer, Wilhelm

Miller (?), Mathias

Miller, Annella M.

Miller, Clarence A.

Miller, Cletus J.

Miller, Deloris

Miller, Dorothy

Miller, Elmer C.

Miller, Francis

Miller, Helen Marie

Miller, James M.

Miller, Lawrence`

Miller, Leonard J.

Miller, Leonhard

Miller, Margaret

Miller, Marie I.

Miller, Mary

Miller, Theresa R.

Miller, Wilfred

Miller, Willard O.

Miller, Yvonne

Mitchell, Annie Keiser

Mitchell, Bernard

Mitchell, Irene A.

Mitchell, Laura

Mitchell, Sydney T.

Mitchell, Sydney W.

Mitchell, Sylvester K.

Morberg, Elizabeth A.

Morin, Marie E.

Morin, Marie E. (Mary)

Morin, Virgil J.

Morin, Virgil J.

Mostrom, Phyllis

Munson, Johnny

Murphy, Louise J.

Murphy, Patricia A.

Murphy, Robert F.

Murphy, William

Nathe, Donald J.

Nathe, Roman C.

Nathe, Sophia C.

Nathe, Walter

Nathe, Walter I.

Neises, Henry H.

Neises, Joann A.

Neises, Joann Arnes

Neises, Minnie M.

Neises, Robert H.

Neises, Robert H.

Nelson, Harry W.

Nelson, Verna M.

Nesenson, Paul V.

Niesmann (?), Katharina

O’Loughlin, Anna

O’Loughlin, Denis

Oeffling (?), John H.

Oeffling (?), Kasper R.

Oeffling (?), Magdalen

Oeffling (?), Nickolas

Oeffling (?), Nickolaus

Oeffling (?), Susan

Oeffling, Angela

Oeffling, baby boy

Oeffling, Henry

Oeffling, James M.

Oeffling, Jean M.

Oeffling, Laura S.

Oeffling, Mathew J.

Oeffling, Peter S.

Oeffling, Rose J.

Oeffling, Walter N.

Olson, Danny J.

Otten, Anton H.

Otten, Dorothea R.

Otten, Rita C.

Otten, Robert P.

Otto, Elsie C.

Otto, Jane M.

Otto, Othmar

Otto, Othmar W.

Otto, Vincent C.

Patnode, Bonne C.

Payne (?), William

Payne, Dorothy

Payne, William

Pepin, Rita H.

Pepin, Robert J.

Pettit, Anna

Pettit, Catherine H.

Pettit, Clem

Pettit, Gilbert C.

Pettit, Harold J.

Pettit, Irene J.

Pettit, Jane V.

Pettit, Jeffrey A.

Pettit, Joseph T.

Pettit, Joseph T.

Pettit, Joseph W.

Pettit, Michael F.

Pettit, Richard N.

Pettit, Ronald A.

Pettit, Teresa M.

Pettit, Yvonne M.

Pieper, Carl?

Poirier, baby girl

Pouliot, Alma

Pouliot, Amos J.

Pouliot, Catherine E.

Pouliot, Helen A.

Pouliot, Henry E.

Pouliot, Mable

Pouliot, Malady

Pouliot, Philip

Pouliot, Raymond

Pouliot, Roman

Pouliot, Spence J.

Pytleski, Sydney Grace

Ranallo, Genevieve M.

Ranello, Savino E.

Reifenberger, Johann

Reifenberger, Katharina

Reimer, Carl

Reimer, Charles

Reimer, Hazel M.

Reimer, Magdalena

Reimer, Theodore J.

Reiser, Catherine A.

Reiser, Edmund J.

Ristau, Todd D.

Roden, Jimmy

Roehl, Bernard A.

Roehl, Elsie M.

Roehl, Francis R.

Roehl, John

Roehl, Lucy

Roehl, Mary

Roehl, Mathias

Roehl, Rose

Roehl, Silverius H.

Roehl, Simon

Rosch, Clara M.

Rosch, John H.

Rosch, Lawrence J.

Ruppelius, Ferdinand

Ruppelius, Mabel

Ruppelius, Mary

Rushford, Edward

Rushford, Louisa

Russel, Mary Ann

Russel, Robert W.

Scanlon, Catholine Leona

Scanlon, Patrick G.

Scanlon, Patrick Geary

Scanlon, Rita J.

Sch?, Agnes (?)

Schausser, Johannes

Scherber, Beth Ann

Scherer, Gregory Michael

Schindler (?), Lathan H.

Schlosser, Gladys

Schlosser, Jared L.

Schlosser, Joseph

Schlosser, Joseph

Schlosser, Katharina

Schlosser, Leonard

Schlosser, Marie

Schlosser, Marie

Schlosser, Mark E.

Schlosser, Ralph

Schmidt, Donald Matthew

Schmidt, Rachelle Mary

Schmit, Adam N.

Schmit, Alexus

Schmit, Christina

Schmit, Elizabeth

Schmit, Fred

Schmit, James P.

Schmit, Margaret C.

Schmit, Mary

Schmitz (?), Father

Schmitz (?), Mother

Schmitz, J. Philip

Schmitz, John

Schmitz, Lena

Schmitz, Myrtle A.

Schneider, Ralph

Schneider, Rita

Schnell, Deanna Marie

Schnell, Don

Schnell, Donna

Schnell, Hjord B.

Schnell, Marcus A.

Schnell, Mark M.

Schockweiler (?), Nikolaus

Schockweiler, Bernhard

Schoening, Arthur B.

Schoening, Susan M.

Schuler, Catherine A.

Schuler, John B.

Schuler, John J.

Schultze, Bernice C.

Schultze, Donald E.

Schumacher (?), Anna

Schumacher (?), Henry

Schumacher (?), Margaret

Schumacher (?), Mathias

Schumacher, Adam

Schumacher, Agnes A.

Schumacher, Alex P.

Schumacher, Clem H.

Schumacher, Delina

Schumacher, Gertrude

Schumacher, Helen M.

Schumacher, Hilarius

Schumacher, Hillarius

Schumacher, Joseph

Schumacher, Laura C.

Schumacher, Magdalena

Schumacher, Magdalena

Schumacher, Mary A.

Schumacher, Peter

Schumacher, Peter A.

Schumacher, Regina Reinking

Schumacher, Reuben M.

Schumacher, Rosalia K.

Schumacher, Rose M.

Schumacher, Sylvester J.

Schwalen (?), John

Schwalen, Margretha

Schwallen, Mathias

Schweitzer, Steve

Schwengle, Alois

Schwengle, Josephine

Sexton, Aurea

Sexton, James

Simon, Adela M.

Simon, Ben J.

Simon, Fred J.

Simon, Fred J.

Simon, Hedwig

Simon, Henry J.

Simon, Marie

Simon, Peter

Sipe, Bernice C.

Sipe, Catherine M.

Sipe, Gerald Lee

Sipe, Harry B.

Sipe, Mary

Sipe, Theodore

Smud, Reinhard J.

Smude, Reinhard

Smude, Veronica M.

Spurzem, Barbara

Spurzem, Clemens

Spurzem, Hubert

Spurzem, John J.

Spurzem, Lee Alan

Spurzem, Mary

Spurzem, Raymond Jacob

Spurzem, Raymond Jacob

Spurzen, Helen

Stearns, Gertrude

Stearns, Joseph

Stein, Edward Joseph

Strehler, Edward A.

Strehler, Margaret

Strieble, Frank

Sullivan, Jennie

Sullivan, Leo P.

Sullivan, Philip E.

Tabaka (?), Lawrence A.

Tabaka (?), Leroy

Tabaka (?), Theresa E.

Tautges, Amherst

Tautges, Elizabeth

Tautges, Herbert

Tautges, Johann

Tautges, Marie

Tautges, Peter M.

Tautges, Richard N.

Tautges, Susanna

Tautges, Vitus

Theis, baby girl

Thomas (?), Anna T.

Thomas (?), Carl

Thomas (?), Jacob C.

Thomas (?), Mary

Thomas, Jacob C.

Thomas, Jacob C.

Thomas, Lorraine F.

Thomas, Norman G.

Tomann, William Joseph

Treinen, John

Tucking, Elizabeth

Tucking, Elizabeth

Tucking, Henry J.

Vanbeusekom, Albert

Vanbeusekom, Kenneth J

Vanbeusekom, Kenneth J.

Vanbeusekom, Margaret

Vanbeusekom, Mildred T. (Laurent)

VanBeusekom, Theodore

Vanderhagen (?), Aletta M.

Vanderhagen (?), Bernard L.

Vanderhagen (?), Bernard L.

Vanderhagen (?), John LW

Vanderhagen, Henriette M.

Vanderhagen, Henry A.

Vanderhagen, Maria

Vanderhagen, Marie K.

Vanlith, Anthony E.

Vanlith, Eileen A.

VanLith, Kenneth Henry

VanLith, Mary Jo

Vergin, Edwin Ralph

Vetsch, Mary Lou

Vetsch, Willard K.

Wachman, Elenora M.

Wachman, Raymond T.

Wagner (?), Cecilia

Wagner (?), Gertrude

Wagner (?), Margaret

Wagner (?), Mary

Wagner, Anna

Wagner, Carl

Wagner, Charles

Wagner, Gertrude

Wagner, John

Wagner, John

Wagner, John

Wagner, John C.

Wagner, Katherine

Wagner, Louella

Wagner, Michael

Wagner, Rosalia

Wagner, Theodora

Watry, Joseph

Watry, Margaret

Watry, Nick

Weidenbach, Adolph

Weidenhar (?), Peter (?)

Weidner, Leona

Weidner, William

Weier, John

Weismann, Frank C.

Weismann, John

Weismann, Mary

Wenz, Alice E.

Wenz, Elizabeth M.

Wenz, Ernest C.

Wenz, Ernest C.

Werbowski, John

Werbowski, Louise K.

Wiesmann, Barbara

Wiesmann, Christian

Wiesmann, Elizabeth

Wiesmann, Elizabeth

Wiesmann, Helen Catherine

Wilson, Helen M.

Wilson, Robert C.

Winterhalter, Catherine

Winterhalter, Joan

Winterhalter, John

Winterhalter, Joseph

Winterhalter, Katharina

Winterhalter, Lorie M.

Winterhalter, Louis

Winterhalter, Louis

Winterhalter, Mary

Wise, Barbara Lee

ZeYen, Peter


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