Parkers Lake Cemetery

Plymouth, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T118N – R22W, Section 28


The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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This cemetery is located along Hennepin County Road 6, between Minnesota Lane and Niagara Lane in Plymouth, Minnesota.  The cemetery is upkept and in good shape.  The row spacing changes on the east half of the cemetery.  The north end has more rows than the south end. 


The online Plymouth Public Facilities Plan, dated August 8, 2000, states the following about the Parkers Lake Cemetery:  ‘11.3.4 PARKERS LAKE CEMETERY.  Although there are two private cemeteries in Plymouth (Mount Olivet Lutheran Church and the Parish Community of St. Joseph), the Parkers Lake Cemetery is the only public cemetery in the City of Plymouth.  The majority of the 1,154 plots in the Parkers Lake cemetery have been occupied and the 345 remaining vacant plots in the cemetery have been sold.  The cemetery property cannot accommodate additional plots. The City could acquire the property directly north of the cemetery for future expansion, but has no plans to do so.’


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008



Allen, Ella L.

Allen, Robert S.

Allison, Ruth Erickson

Aman, CE

Aman, Lillian (?),

Anders, Dodie

Anderson, Alan Jay

Anderson, Annii A.

Anderson, Claretta M.

Anderson, Doris M.

Anderson, John L.

Anrdt, Carolyn

Arbogast, Leroy F.

Arbogast, Ruth E.

Arne, Douglas J.

Ault, Joseph Charles

Austed, Peggy E.

Austed, Ralph B.

Baker, Lucille M.

Bakule, Carl V.

Bakule, Louis C.

Banister, Peter Barnett

Barker, Eva J.

Barnes, Frank O.

Barnes, Ruth K.

Bennett, John A.

Bennett, Octavia J.

Bevis, George E.

Bevis, Rae M.

Birdsall, Amy

Birdsall, Dudley Wentworth

Bohnett, Dolores D.

Bohnett, Donald E.

Bohnett, Donald Earl

Boyer, Frances G.

Boyer, John E.

Braaten, Karen R.

Brame, Robert C.

Brand, Matti

Brekke, Esther H.

Brekke, Lars E.

Brennan, Blanche M.

Brennan, Henry T.

Brietbach, Josephine O.

Bruer, Carl O.

Bruer, Edith A.

Bruhn, Janet G.

Brujord, Goldie E.

Brujord, Iver Larson

Brunelle, Mary

Brunelle, Phillip

Buckwalter, Gary

Budge, Kathrin D.

Buhlis, Annette Hughes

Bunting, Charles E.

Bunting, Fred W.

Bunting, Lorraine

Bunting, Paula M.

Burger, John

Burgi, Shirley H.

Burt, Robert

Bush ?, Chester

Bushnell, Marian R.

Bushnell, Nancy Culver

Chapman (?), Glen Robert

Chapman, Frank D.

Chapman, Mae E.

Chillstrom, Dorothy E.

Churches, Dale H.

Clark, Evelyn M.

Clark, Forrest F.

Clark, Gordon L.

Clark, Margaret A.

Clark, Vera D.

Clay, Anna F.

Clay, Bertie

Clay, Chas. A.

Clay, Courtney Bridget

Clay, Francis A.

Clay, Henry

Clay, Mary

Clay, Matilda M.

Cole, Steven Michael

Collison, Charles C.

Collison, Glen B.

Collison, Marie J.

Collison, Mary A.

Creelman, Alvin W.

Creelman, Ashmore W.

Creelman, Carol

Creelman, Eddie T.

Creelman, Everett G.

Creelman, James W.

Creelman, Mary J.

Cruikhank, Lester T.

Daugherty, Isaiah

Daugherty, Ruthan

Davis, William

Day (?), Ellen S.

Day (?), Eunice

Day (?), Joseph W.

Day (?), Nathaniel

Day, A. Evelyn

Day, Albert W.

Day, Bernice Creelman

Day, Eliza J.

Day, Elizabeth J.

Day, Elsie I.

Day, Harold E.

Day, John A.

Day, Mary K.

Day, Percy

Day, West

Dehnel, Lydia M.

Dennistoun, David

Dennistoun, James

Dierks, Jane Kimberly

Dillman, baby

Dillman, Christina

Dillman, Eben

Dombovy, Pearl I.

Dombovy, Vincent H.

Dorweiler, Anna D.

Dorweiler, Harriet A.

Dorweiler, Harry J.

Dorweiler, Julius A.

Downs, Fred R.

Downs, Myrtle

Dressel (?), Albin

Dressel (?), Mary

Dressel, Flora

Duggan, Anna

Duggan, Charles

Dumstrey, Ottilie C.

Dworakowski (?), Elizabeth A.

Eager, Charles H.

Eager, Eugene Lloyd

Eager, Olive J.

Eastman, Archie John

Eastman, Eunice A.

Eastman, John C.

Eaton, Sally

Eckes, Andrew

Eckes, baby girl

Eckes, baby girl

Eckes, Davie L.

Eckes, Mark J.

Eckes, Mark J.

Eckes, Myrtle C.

Eckes, Stella A.

Eckes, Vernon E.

Edwins, Wm.

Edworthy, Clifton

Eggert, August

Erickson, Albert W.

Erickson, Alice L.

Erickson, Chas.

Erickson, Eva

Erickson, Frank

Erickson, Hildy A.

Erickson, Martin

Erickson, Mary

Erickson, Olga E.

Erickson, Silus

Erickson, William E.

Ernst, Louis H.

Ernst, Myrtle E.

Ewald, Ferdinand J.

Fasching, Kim Marie

Flanagan, Arlene E.

Flygstad, Esther O.

Foss, Ben C.

Foss, Myrtle H.

Frick, A. Thomas

Frick, Alex R.

Frick, baby

Frick, Caldia M.

Frick, Ethel Riley

Frick, Gerda L.

Frick, Mary

Frick, Vivyen V.

Frick, William W.

Frost (?), Benjamin

Frost (?), Martha L.

Frost, Abbie I.

Frost, John H.

Fryberger, Allen

Fryberger, Betty

Fryberger, Myrlee E.

Gabrielsen (?), Christian M.

Gabrielsen (?), Elise M.

Gabrielsen (?), Henry G.

Gabrielsen, Helen F.

Gabrielson, Edwin M.

Gabrielson, Henry G.

Gabrielson, Mabel

Gabrielson, Magna M.

Gardiner, Albert W.

Gardiner, Charlotte

Gates (?), Claudine R.

Gates (?), Will S.

Gates, Claudine C.

Gates, Galen F.

Gates, Grace E.

Gates, Helen K.

Gates, Roland C.

Gates, Stephano

Gerber, Alice

Getchell, Dick

Getman, Bessie L.

Getman, Russel A.

Gibson, Sammy D.

Glenn, Bruce K.

Goodmundson, Carl T.

Graves, Mary E.

Greer, Phoebe

Gumz, Herbert A.

Gumz, Jean E.

Hackbarth, Michael Vernon

Hanson, Inzie M.

Hare, Barbara G.

Hare, J. Robert

Harring, Charles L.

Hartung, Emily C.

Hasty, Bud

Hasty, Donna

Hasty, Merrill D.

Hasty, Pearl E.

Hatcher (?), Clara

Hatcher (?), Frank

Hatcher (?), Julia

Hatcher (?), Thomas

Hatcher, baby

Hatcher, baby son

Hatcher, Clyde L.

Hatcher, Eddie

Hatcher, Edith

Hatcher, Edwin

Hatcher, Frank

Hatcher, Harvey

Hatcher, James

Hatcher, Lloyd F.

Hatcher, Mary Ann

Hatcher, Maud G.

Hatcher, Minerva

Hatcher, Russell ‘Tom’

Hatcher, William

Hatcher, Willie

Hecker, Rosey

Hedtke, Otto F.

Hedtke, Pearl K.

Hedtke, Richard

Hedtke, Richard O.

Heidelberg, Caroline M.

Heidelberger (?), Adolph

Heidelberger (?), daughter

Heidelberger (?), father

Heidelberger (?), Mary

Heidelberger (?), mother

Heidelberger, Alfred C.

Heidelberger, Amanda

Heidelberger, Edward

Heidelberger, Emil

Heidelberger, Eva M.

Heidelberger, Frances

Heidelberger, Harold A.

Heidelberger, Lillian

Heidelberger, May

Heidelberger, Myrtle Susan

Heidelberger, Nellie R.

Heino, Einard W.

Heino, Irma L.

Heisler, Laurence R.

Heisler, Laurence R.

Heisler, Virginia D.

Heistand, Jean Ann

Heistand, John Phillips

Henderson (?), Cary H.

Henderson (?), Ella L.

Henderson, Ernest V.

Henderson, Ruth P.

Herder, Joyce

Hilde, Alvin Guy

Hilde, Hazelle R.

Hokanson (?), Amanda C.

Hokanson (?), Carl Edwin

Hokanson (?), John G.

Hokanson, Ester M.

Holmes, Cora A.

Holmes, Hugo J.

Holmstrom, Franchon

Horvath, James L.

Howe (?), Cora A.

Howe (?), James B.

Howe (?), Jonas H.

Howe (?), Margaretta A.

Howe, Alfred C.

Howe, Charles H.

Howe, Gladys P.

Howe, John J.

Howe, Laura H.

Hughes, Ann

Hughes, Bertha E.

Hughes, Charles S.

Hughes, Clarence

Hughes, CW

Hughes, Edna I (?)

Hughes, Ednah

Hughes, Edward C.

Hughes, Edward C.

Hughes, Effie Bell

Hughes, Elizabeth

Hughes, Elizabeth W.

Hughes, Elsie

Hughes, Essie M.

Hughes, Eunice Ada

Hughes, Eunice C.

Hughes, Frank

Hughes, Frederick H.

Hughes, Hannah

Hughes, Henry

Hughes, James

Hughes, James

Hughes, Janet

Hughes, Janet H.

Hughes, John W.

Hughes, Margaret E.

Hughes, Margaret K.

Hughes, Martha M.

Hughes, Mary

Hughes, Oscar Francis

Hughes, Rheuben

Hughes, Robert E.

Hughes, Rosalia C.

Hughes, Rose E.

Hughes, Sarah H.

Hughes, Thomas

Hughes, Thomas

Hughes, Vern E.

Hughes, Walter

Hughes, Walter A.

Hughes, Walter E.

Hughes, Willie L.

Jacobson, Leon ‘Jake’

Jardine (?), baby

Jardine (?), Elizabeth M.

Jardine (?), James M.

Jardine (?), John B.

Jardine, Adrew B.

Jardine, Bessie E.

Jensen, Jens H.

Jensen, Nellie

Johnson, Allen R.

Johnson, Charlene R.

Johnson, Emil W.

Johnson, Herbert A.

Johnson, John F.

Johnson, Kenneth E.

Johnson, Marguerite E.

Johnson, Mary Edna

Johnson, Myra A.

Johnston, Clifford A.

Johnston, Olive M.

Jones, CF

Jones, Charles S.

Jones, John

Jones, William Gammell

Judge, Sarah H.

Kaatz, Joyce H.

Kaatz, Larry D.

Karels (?), Anna E.

Karels (?), Edwin H.

Kassube (?), Frederika

Kassube, August

Kassube, Carl

Kassube, Fredericke

Kassube, Minnie

Kautz, Grover Dean

Kautz, Mitchell Guy

Keller (?), Frederick

Keller (?), John Edward

Keller (?), Lillian Julia

Keller (?), Walter T.

Keller, Adey E.

Keller, Alex

Keller, Christian F.

Keller, Christian F.

Keller, Cora

Keller, Edward H.

Keller, Emil M.

Keller, Frankie

Keller, Frankie

Keller, Fyrena

Keller, Helen E.

Keller, Henry C.

Keller, Margaret C.

Keller, Martin Leonhard

Keller, Mary

Keller, Mary Wilhemine

Keller, Raymond A.

Kelzer, Marion J.

Kenyon, Gertrude

Kesller, John J.

Kesller, Margaret C.

King, Margaret

Kinney, Alan D.

Kinney, Lorraine

Kinney, Richard G.

Klinkenberg, Eugene W.

Klinkenberg, Minnie C.

Koons, Lillian Parker

Koons, S. Webster

Koski, William John

Kraft, Joseph

Kreatz (?), Gustav

Kreatz (?), Jennie

Kreatz, Allen

Kreatz, Allen A.

Kreatz, Anna

Kreatz, Arthur F.

Kreatz, Augustine

Kreatz, Christine W.

Kreatz, Ellen M.

Kreatz, Ferdinand

Kreatz, Frank

Kreatz, Frederick William

Kreatz, George A.

Kreatz, George Allen

Kreatz, Gladys D.

Kreatz, J. Frank

Kreatz, Lillie L.

Kreatz, Lloyd

Kreatz, Susanna M.

Kreatz, V. Avon

Kreatz, Walter F.

Kreatz, Zina

Krueger, Lena Hatcher

Kuchera, Virginia Jean (Trittelwitz)

Larkin, John P.

Larkin, Martha V.

Larson, Adelaine E.

Larson, Betty Ann

Larson, Carl G.

Larson, Doris M.

Larson, Gene C.

Layman, Dora Parker

Layman, James H.

Layman, Stella

Layman, Wyman

Lazarus, Anna B.

Leighton, Betty L.

Leighton, Roger H.

Lewis, Clarence E.

Lewis, Selma M.

Lien, Clarence

Lien, Georgia

Linden, Oscar E.

Lindquist, James R.

Locke, L. Wilbur

Locke, Lucille A.

Loughman, Catherine D.

Loughman, Frederick J.

Ludwig, Althea A. (Squires)

Ludwig, Merle R.

Magladry, AW

Magladry, Jane Parker

Magnuson, O. Hjalmer

Malmstedt, Henric G.

Malmstedt, Mary C.

Manning, Carrie

Manore, Amanda A.

Manore, Ethel B.

Manore, Ezra N.

Manore, Lucy M.

Mapes, E. Ezra

Martin, Cloyd R.

Martin, Inez R.

Martin, Karin B.

Martin, Loretta Naumoff

Martin, M. Keith

McGuffin, Catherine

McGuffin, Mary

McGuffin, Michael

McGuffin, William E.

McKinley, James R.

McMillan, Wort ?

Meisser, John

Meisser, Mildred

Mielke, Alice E.

Mielke, William R.

Miggins, Robert W.

Miller, Carol Gruys

Mitchell, Barbara

Mitchell, Doodie

Mitchell, Paul

Mitchell, Peter

Morris, Rhoda ‘Ruby’

Munson, GE

Myers, Alfred William

Myers, Beulah

Myers, Dorothy Patricia

Naborowski, John A.

Nali, Clifford N.

Nali, Ludvig L.

Nali, Telia N.

Navin, Jacqueline A.

Neldon, Anna B.

Nelson (?), Charles

Nelson (?), Jayne V.

Nelson (?), Mary Ann

Nelson, Blenda

Nelson, Carl

Nelson, Cushman G.

Nelson, Ella P.

Nelson, Emma C.

Nelson, Esther

Nelson, Gus O.

Nelson, Lena Mary

Nelson, Leonard J.

Nelson, Olaf E.

Nicklas, Joanne Elise

Nielsen, Michael Brian ‘Mitch’

Nordholm, Agnes M.

Noyes, Jennie E.

Noyes, Wilbur

Nunn, Louella O.

Nunn, William J.

Oliva, Arthur

Olmen, Collette A.

Olson, Gunnar B.

Olson, Maja

Oradson, Andrew

Oradson, Mathilda

Ornat (?), Agnes

Ornat (?), Agnes H.

Ornat (?), Stanislaw

Ornburg, Cortland F.

Ornburg, Gladys B.

Ottaway, Mary Elizabeth

Ottaway. Tho’s Stephen

Packard, Seth M.

Parker (?), Allen I.

Parker (?), Bertha

Parker (?), George M.

Parker (?), Harriet E.

Parker, Anna P.

Parker, Chas. D. ‘Uncle Jack’

Parker, DC

Parker, Elden L.

Parker, Eugene E.

Parker, Eugene M.

Parker, Evelyn M.

Parker, Florence

Parker, Fred G.

Parker, George W.

Parker, HA

Parker, Irving A.

Parker, Irving W.

Parker, James M.

Parker, Lizzie E.

Parker, Sophia L.

Patch, Edgar M.

Patch, Elsie S.

Payton, Betsy

Payton, Douglas J.

Payton, Janet I.

Payton, Richard H.

Pearson, Edith

Pearson, Frederick P.

Pearson, Jeanne D.

Pearson, Perry

Perry (?), Mother

Perry, Chas. H.

Perry, Harry R.

Peterson, Lawrence W.

Peterson, Selma G.

Peterson, VE

Phillips, Frederick Paul

Phipps, Helen J.

Plumb, Clifford G.

Plummer, Anne M.

Plummer, Wilfred M.

Preblick, Ellen F.

Prickett, Grace M.

Prickett, Milton R.

Pullion, Robert P.

Putnam, Eugene F.

Putnam, Frank R.

Putnam, Helen M.

Putnam, Vera E.

Radtke, Gladys F.

Radtke, Wayne H.

Ramsey, Anna

Ramsey, James

Randall, Ashley Ann

Raymond, Mina

Reay, Cheri L.

Reifsteck, Gladys

Reifsteck, Warren

Reinke, Rita J.

Reum, Frederick

Reum, Katherine

Ringwalt, Lester C.

Ritchie, Kathryn E.

Ritchie, Thomas M.

Ritchie, Thomas Martin

Robinson, Agnes A.

Robinson, Ardis M.

Robinson, Stuart L.

Robinson, WR

Rod, Margaret

Rod, Ralph

Rodner (?), Adam

Rodner (?), Josephine

Rodner (?), Lafiet

Rodner, Adam J.

Rodner, Adam J.

Rodner, Charles S.

Rodner, Clinton J.

Rodner, Donald A.

Rodner, Emma A.

Rodner, Fred C.

Rojas, Alejandro M.

Rojas, Jesus E.

Rosing, Blanche Camilla

Rosing, Earl A.

Rosing, Luella Clay

Roskammer, Lawrence J.

Roskammer, Lois A.

Rubert, LaRue

Rubert, Roy M.

Sandgren, Chauncey ‘Sandy’

Sandgren, Marvel Hasty

Sandhoff, Adolph

Sandhoff, Bertha1

Sandhoff, Henry E.

Sandhoff, Mabel P.

Sandhoff, Ruth L.

Sandhoff, Theodore G.

Scanlon, Janet R.

Scanlon, Joseph E.

Schafer, Carl

Schafer, Jennie

Schafer, Johanna

Schafer, Louie

Schiebe (?), Donna K.

Schiebe (?), Edwin C.

Schiebe, Albert F.

Schiebe, Albertina AE

Schiebe, Arthur H.

Schiebe, Charles Fritz

Schiebe, Chas.

Schiebe, Clara

Schiebe, Clara

Schiebe, David Edwin

Schiebe, Emelie

Schiebe, Frederika

Schiebe, Friedericka

Schiebe, Johanna

Schiebe, John Edward

Schiebe, Karl

Schiebe, Leonard A.

Schiebe, Mary Frederika

Schiebe, Willamenia (Mary)

Schietinger, John

Schietinger, Louise

Schlintz, Bonnie C.

Schlintz, Joy A.

Schmidt, Adeline

Schmidt, Clifford

Schmidt, Roy H.

Schmidt, Signe V.

Schmitz (?), Anna M.

Schmitz (?), Dennis

Schmitz (?), Floribelle

Schmitz (?), John C.

Schmitz (?), Mary A.

Schmitz (?), Susan

Schmitz, Donald W.

Schmitz, Henry F.

Schmitz, Isabelle D.

Schmitz, Iva B.

Schmitz, Peter M.

Schreus, Grimaneza A.

Schroeder, Gene A.

Schulte, Michael E.

Schultz, Susan Marie

Scott, Gilbert O.

Scott, Nellie E.

Scott, Susan Lynn

Shelstan, Walter C.

Shorba, Anna

Shorba, John

Sillman, Diane Lynn

Skinner, Earl L.

Smith (?), Burton M.

Smith (?), Marie A.

Smith, Ethel M.

Smith, Harry F.

Smith, Pearl

Snyder (?), Maude

Snyder (?), William C.

Snyder, Albert C.

Snyder, Ernest W.

Snyder, Ethel L.

Snyder, Ferdinand

Snyder, Henrietta

Snyder, Ida May

Snyder, Margaret G.

Snyder, William

Somers, Henry H.

Somers, Holway N.

Somers, John A.

Somers, Mary E.

Somers, Nettie

Sorenson, Scott Jeffrey

Speulda, Herman C.

Splawn, Laura A.

Squiers (?), Arthur T.

Squiers (?), Lissetta W.

Squiers (?), Orville R.

Squiers, Basil R.

Squiers, Clarinda L.

Squiers, Harley A.

Steffens, Ellen

Stoffels, Albert J.

Stotts, Tammy L. Peterson

Swaggert (?), Christopher

Swaggert (?), Eugene

Swaggert (?), Katherina

Swaggert, Harry Wm. M.

Swaggert, Henrietta A.

Swaggert, William M.

Swanson, Carl R.

Swanson, Kyle Richard

Swanson, Lillian

Swanson, Lyle George

Tenold, Bjorn Olav

Thompsen (?), Evian SH

Trittelwitz (?), Mary

Trittelwitz, Augusta

Trittelwitz, Augusta

Trittelwitz, Charles

Trittelwitz, Emil

Trittelwitz, Ethel

Trittelwitz, Hermann

Trittelwitz, Hermann

Trittelwitz, Louis

Trittelwitz, Max A.

Truax (?), Anna Mary

Truax (?), mother

Truax, Alice O.

Truax, Elmer Merton

Truax, Fred

Truax, Lena M.

Truax, Walter

Truax, Walter M.

Trux, Newton

Turnham, Sally Jane

Twittelwitz, Charles

Twittelwitz, Edna J.

Ulrich, Carl P.

Ulrich, Martha M.

Valez, Dayle S.

Varner, Harlan H.

Varner, Hatte E.

Varner, Wilson Clark

Vasicek, Johanna

Vicker, William L.

Vinck, Evelyn M.

Virnig, Bradley Roderick

Wagner, Duane R.

Wagner, Margaret E.

Wagner, Ralph L.

Wagner, Stella S.

Wallace, Bessie K.

Wallace, George W.

Walters, Frances C.

Walters, Fritz

Wanha, Irene M.

Weeks, Jeannie C.

Welch (?), Eddie Walter

Welch (?), Florence K.

Welch (?), George Allen

Welch (?), Glenn A.

Welch (?), Vivan H. (Bud)

Welch, Elaine M.

Welch, Elaine M.

Welch, Leroy P.

Welch, Leroy P.

Welson, Edith C.

Welson, Frank L.

Westberg, Gary N.

Wetzig, Andrew C.

Wetzig, Mabel E.

Whitaker, Odella

Williams, Lillian Ross

Williams, Mildred W.

Williams, Radford K.

Williams, Stephen L.

Winnen (?), Father

Winnen (?), Mother

Winnen (?), Omar

Winnen, Lula

Winnen, Paul O.

Wold, Ann B.

Womack, Elizabeth Howe

Woodville, Lucy A.

Wright, Clinton L.

Wright, Cora

Wright, Edmund G.

Wright, Louisa L.

Wyman, Emily K.

Young, Henry

Zook, Stephan Michael


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