Church of St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery

13015 Rockford Road

Plymouth, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T118N – R22W, Section 15




The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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This cemetery is located near the intersection of Rockford Road and Northwest Boulevard in Plymouth, Minnesota.  The cemetery is upkept and in good shape.  The rows appear to line up poorly in some sections.  This could be due to platting changes.  There is a church at this location, but it is no longer used on a regular basis.  Online information about this congregation states St. Joseph’s Parish has its roots in the year 1856 as a mission parish for mostly French-Canadian settlers.  It also states they purchased 11 acres of land in nearby New Hope and built a new church there in 1970. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008




?, baby Carol

?, our baby boy

?terrham (?), ?ary LF

Allard, Joseph Clinton

Amon, Ann M.

Amon, Anna C.

Amon, Jean T.

Atkins, Albert A.

Atkins, Albert A.

Atkins, Esther I.

Atkins, Francis S.

Atkins, Harris

Atkins, Louise

Atkins, William H.

Aydt, Lester

Aydt, Vivian

Bauler, Christina and baby

Baumgartner, Susan

Begin (?), Adelle D.

Begin (?), Elmer S.

Begin (?), Eugene A.

Begin (?), George

Begin (?), Joseph M.

Begin (?), Leonthina M.

Begin (?), Marie Anne

Begin (?), Minnie

Begin (?), Ramona L.

Begin (?), Theresa

Begin, Aleda

Begin, Alexander (?)

Begin, Amelia

Begin, Angel Brunelle

Begin, Betty A.

Begin, Betty Jean

Begin, Burt

Begin, Charles

Begin, Deborah Kay

Begin, Dennis J.

Begin, Edna

Begin, Elizabeth

Begin, Eugene

Begin, Frank

Begin, George L.

Begin, Henry J.

Begin, Jerome P.

Begin, John J.

Begin, Joseph

Begin, Joseph M.

Begin, Lawrence

Begin, Lewis V.

Begin, Lillian M.

Begin, Lillian M.

Begin, Louis

Begin, Louis D.

Begin, Louis J.

Begin, Lucy

Begin, Mary

Begin, Mary M.

Begin, Maxine C.

Begin, Michael R.

Begin, Mildred V.

Begin, Oscar

Begin, Peter

Begin, Ralph F.

Begin, Ralph Francis

Begin, Rosa

Begin, Rose D.

Begin, Rosie

Begin, Thomas

Begin, Vernon

Begin, Wallace

Begin, Wilfred L.

Berthiaume (?), Mary

Berthiaume (?), Max

Berthiaume, Alvina

Berthiaume, Ann

Berthiaume, David J.

Berthiaume, Louis

Berthiaume, Toughfel

Boucher, Angel Pepin

Boucher, Bertha M.

Boucher, Carol

Boucher, Desanges

Boucher, Dorothy C.

Boucher, Dorothy H.

Boucher, Edmund C.

Boucher, Eustaghe

Boucher, Ferdinand

Boucher, John

Boucher, Lucy

Boucher, Mary

Boucher, Peter

Boucher, Rose

Brandt twins

Brandt, Elizabeth

Brandt, Leo

Brandt, Leo W.

Brandt, Mildred

Brandt, Steven Carl

Brunelle, Joseph

Brunelle, Louisa

Butz, Barbara

Butz, Francis

Cavanagh (?), baby

Cavanagh (?), Kenneth

Cavanagh (?), Leo

Cavanagh (?), Mary

Cavanagh (?), Mary E.

Cavanagh (?), Maurice J.

Cavanagh (?), Patrick

Cavanagh (?), Walter J.

Cavanagh (?), William

Cavanagh, Mary

Cavanagh, Patrick

Daly, Bridget Rae

Daniel, Peter

Daugherty, Frederick M.

Daugherty, Johnny

Daugherty, Katherine

Daugherty, Lucious A.

Devery, Jim

Devery, Liz

Ditter, Adeline

Ditter, Anna C.

Ditter, Arthur R.

Ditter, Barbara A.

Ditter, Carol

Ditter, Catherine J.

Ditter, Clarence

Ditter, Eldena K.

Ditter, George

Ditter, Leo

Ditter, Mathias A.

Ditter, Rosa

Ditter, Thomas

Ditter, William A.

Djerf, Adam David

Donahue, James L.

Donahue, John F.

Donahue, Joseph

Donahue, Margaret J.

Donahue, Marie A.

Donahue, Patrick L.

Donahue, Thomas J.

Elsner, Enna

Elsner, John

Ernst (?), Anthony M.

Ernst (?), Catherine

Ernst (?), Mabel A.

Ernst (?), Mary D.

Ernst, Brigitta E.

Ernst, Irven E.

Ernst, John

Faber (?), Deanna Marie

Faber (?), Elizabeth

Faber (?), John

Faber (?), John Henry

Faber, Adam B.

Faber, Charlotte Y.

Faber, David W.

Faber, Henry A.

Faber, Jacob

Faber, Mary Ann

Faber, Nicolaus

Faber, Rose

Faber, Stella A.

Faber, William

Farrnecto (?), ?

Flynn, Kati Leah

Fortin, ?

Freund, Anna M.

Freund, Anthony

Freund, baby girl

Freund, Beatrice M.

Freund, Caroline M.

Freund, Harvey John

Freund, Iris Murine

Freund, John

Freund, John F.

Freund, Joseph J.

Freund, Leo M.

Freund, Leonard J.

Freund, Margaretha

Freund, Mary L.

Freund, Math A.

Freund, Patricia L.

Freund, Vernon M.

Fries, Cora

Fries, Elizabeth

Fries, Howard

Fries, Irene

Fries, Peter

Fries, William

Gagnia, Cid

Gagnia, Genevieve M.

Gagnia, Thaddeus

Gagnis, Laura

Goulette, Edward

Goulette, John

Haeg, Elizabeth

Haeg, Frank C.

Haeg, Helen J.

Haeg, Lawrence F.

Haeg, Marcus E.

Haeg, Nicholas (?) Patrick

Haeg, Roy G.

Hansen (?), Adeline

Hansen (?), Fred

Hansen, Vernon D.

Harrer, Mary M.

Harrer, Richard H.

Hart, Doris

Hart, Herbert V.

Hart, Ida

Hart, Mabel

Hayden, Nicole Louise

Heinrich, Barbara

Hilger, Katherine

Hilger, Peter

Holzheu, Frank

Holzheu, Jacob

Holzheu, Mary

Holzheu, Theresa

Holzneu, Albert

Hommes, August

Hommes, Barbara

Hommes, Fred

Hommes, Garnet

Hommes, John P.

Hommes, Katie

Hommes, Mabel

Hromadko, Evelyn I.

Hromanko, Godfrey

Huar, Amos

Huar, Charley

Huar, Elmire

Huar, Ida

Huar, Joseph

Huar, Lucille

Huar, Oliver

Jaeger, Ellen Daugherty

Johnson, Lucille Begin

Johnson, Sarah

Keekmichel, Margurite E.

Kelly, Elizabeth

Klein, Camilla A.

Kluck (?), Albert J.

Kluck (?), Maria A.

Kluck, Albert A.

Knotz, Barbara

Knotz, John

Kreatz, Irene Webb

Kreatz, Ronald G.

Lacount, Amabe

Lane, Clifford F.

Lane, Genevieve A.

Lane, Marty James

Larson, Norma L.

Lecount, Antoin

MacDonald (?), Donald

MacDonald (?), Father

MacDonald (?), Mother

MacDonald (?), Peter

McCluskey, Josephine

McCluskey, Josephine

McDonald, James

McDonald, Joseph P.

McGowan (?), Annie

McGowan (?), Georgia V.

McGowan (?), Thomas

McGowan, Alice

McGowan, Annie

McGowan, Mary

McGowan, Philip

McGowan, Timothy

Meister, James

Meister, Joseph

Meister, Michael

Mengelkoch (?), Albert

Mengelkoch (?), Anna M.

Mengelkoch (?), Anthony

Mengelkoch (?), baby

Mengelkoch (?), Ellen

Mengelkoch (?), Florence Mae

Mengelkoch (?), Henry M.

Mengelkoch (?), Joseph

Mengelkoch (?), Linda Lee

Mengelkoch (?), Margaret C.

Mengelkoch (?), Paul

Mengelkoch (?), William M.

Mengelkoch, Albert

Mengelkoch, Catharine

Mengelkoch, Clemens

Mengelkoch, Emma M.

Mengelkoch, infants

Mengelkoch, Jacob

Mengelkoch, Katharina

Mengelkoch, Laura

Mengelkoch, Paul

Merchant, Adele Begin

Merchant, Adeline M.

Merchant, Anna

Merchant, Arsen

Merchant, Charles M.

Merchant, Helen and Rose

Merchant, Louis T.

Mihm, Elizabeth T.

Mihm, Gertrude M.

Mihm, Marie M.

Mihm, Peter M.

Milbert (?), Adam

Milbert (?), Anna M.

Milbert, Adam

Milbert, Arthur J.

Milbert, Helen

Milbert, Simon

Morghan (?), Melvina

Morghan (?), Theodore

Morin, Henry

Moris, Anna

Moris, John

Moris, Rosalia

Morris (?), Angela

Morris (?), Audry

Morris, Benjamin

Muller, August

Muller, Barbara

Muller, Johann

Muller, Katharina

Muller, Katherina Arenz

Muller, Katherina Roden

Muller, Mathias

Munn, Donald J.

Munn, Edith Webb

Neis, Noelle Kristin

Neumann (?), Florence

Neumann (?), Jacob

Neumann (?), Katherine

Neumann (?), Peter

Neumann, ?

Neumann, Bernadine M.

Neumann, Clem B.

Neumann, Clemense

Neumann, Clemense

Neumann, Clement

Neumann, Florence

Neumann, Gertrude

Neumann, Hubert

Neumann, Joseph

Neumann, Joseph Henry

Neumann, Katherine

Neumann, Maria Catharina

Neumann, Mary

Neumann, Sophie S.

Neumann, William

Neuville, Andrew Martin

Noel, Joseph

Noel, Mary

Nuemann (?), Mary

O’Borsky, Evelyn

O’Borsky, Richard T.

O’Connor, Kevin Charles

Oborsky, Mary A.

Oborsky, Tony

Orth (?), Emma

Orth (?), John R.

Oster, Elizabeth

Oster, John

Oster, Marion

Oster, Michael

Oster, Theresa

Peterson, Ian Alex

Pomarlo (?), Selanire Boucher

Prouty, Anna M.

Prouty, James R.

Prouty, William A.

Redman, Elizabeth Hagel

Reich (?), Margaret

Reich, Marguerite

Reichert, infant daughter

Richardson, Charles F.

Richardson, Margaret

Rippe, Adaline EE

Rippe, Anna M.

Rippe, Gladys AM

Rippe, Lettie

Rippe, Lubwig

Rippe, Ludwig F.

Roehl, Mathias

Roehl, Simon

Rohl, Margreth

Rohl, Mathias

Roles (?), Mary

Roles (?), Mathias

Roles, Cornelius N.

Roles, Emma E.

Roles, Joseph

Roles, Julia Miller

Roles, Marie A.

Rosch, Edward

Rosch, Gertrude

Rosch, Gertrude

Rosch, Marie

Rosch, Reinhard

Rosch, Susan

Roskop, Frank

Roskop, Katherine

Roth, Edward

Roth, Mary

Roy ?, Marie

Ruha, George E.

Ruha, Mamie L.

Ryan (?), Catherine

Ryan (?), Frank M.

Ryan (?), Michael

Ryan, Amy M.

Ryan, Loretta E.

Ryan, Margaret

Ryan, Timothy

Ryan, Walter M.

Ryan, Walter M.

Ryan, William

Schmidt (?), Carl A.

Schmidt (?), Mary D.

Schmidt, Charles

Schmidt, Ella

Schmidt, Elmer E.

Schmidt, Elmer E.

Schmidt, Gertrude

Schmidt, Gertrude M.

Schmitz, Gertrude

Schmitz, John and Michael

Schnell, Karen Marie

Sjolie, Timothy Bruce

Stinson, Alice C.

Stinson, Reginald

Strain, Joseph F.

Streeter, Edris M.

Streeter, Edris M.

Streeter, Howard N.

Streeter, Howard N.

Theis (?), Edward L.

Theis (?), Jerome J.

Theis (?), John R.

Theis (?), Wallace P.

Theis, Albert

Theis, Anna

Theis, John

Theis, John P.

Theis, Maria A.

Theis, Mary

Theis, Peter

Tingley, Clara Daugherty

Tombers, Alfred J.

Tombers, Alice W.

Toncisch, Anna M.

Trombley, Clifford

Trombley, Margaret

Tyree, Daniel

Tyree, Steven

Vandrasek, Alice Marie

Vandrasek, John W.

Vandrasek, Mary Ann

Vansteenburg, Martin

Wachtler, Louise A.

Wachtler, Stephen F.

Waschek, Delrose K.

Waschek, John B.

Webb (?), Frank

Webb (?), Josephine

Weiland, Gertrude

Weiland, John

Weiland, Joseph

Weiland, Peter

Weiland, William P.

Wood, Albert J.

Wood, Roach J.

Wood, Rose

Yochum, Caherine Morris


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