Mount Olivet Lutheran Church of Plymouth

Originally: German Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery

12235 Old Rockford Road

Plymouth, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T118N – R24W, Section 31



The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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This cemetery is located along Old Rockford Road in Plymouth, Minnesota.  If you decide to visit this cemetery, please note that it is fenced and locked.  You might want to contact Mount Olivet in Plymouth to arrange for someone to unlock the cemetery gate for your visit. 


 There is a historical chapel located within the cemetery.  It is no longer used on a regular basis.  The Mount Olivet Lutheran Church of Plymouth website states this about their church cemetery and its cemetery:  … in 1863 the German Evangelical Lutheran Church was formed.  The first meeting was in the home of Herman Sandhoff, located near Medicine Lake.  The German Evangelical Cemetery Association was formed in 1878 to maintain the cemetery land that was provided by the Sandhoff family, and in 1880 provisions were made to build a church building on the property…


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008



?, Albert

?, Minna (?)

Anderson, Leola G.

Anderson, Oscar

Baldwin (?), Kenneth E.

Bickford, James H.

Bickford, Maryanne L.

Bornstein, Luella B.

Bornstein, Walter E.

Braesch, Annie M.

Braesch, Arnold C.

Braesch, Charles

Braesch, Christian

Braesch, Henry L.

Braesch, Sophia M.

Bristol, Stuart L.

Buranen, Bernadine

Buranen, Ervin J.

Buranen, Merrill L.

Buranen, Rod A.

Chlausen, Frank

Chlausen, Minna

Chudecke, Diane M.

Cook (?), Dora

Cook (?), Hugh

Cort, Elizabeth Fitzer

Cort, Lenard

Cort, Willie

Cort, Wm. L.

Darsow, Edna S.

Darsow, Emil O.

Darsow, Fred A.

Darsow, Herman G.

Darsow, Herman Karl

Darsow, Wilhelmina A.

Enstad, Jake Alexander

Erickson, John V.

Erickson, Mabel I.

Finkelmeyer (?), Delina

Fischer, Gorlyn L.

Fitzer (?), Dina L.

Fitzer (?), Evelyn M.

Fitzer (?), Heinrich (?)

Fitzer (?), Henry

Fitzer (?), Henry A.

Fitzer (?), Maria

Fitzer, Adeline

Fitzer, Albert A.

Fitzer, Henritte F.

Fitzer, John

Fitzer, Patricia

Fitzer, William Albert

Fitzer, William Roger

Fobert, Mary Anne

Freitag, Maria

Friese, Keith H.

Friese, Leota L.

Giebehhain, Anna H.

Giebenhain, Bert R.

Giebenhain, Lyle A.

Hartwig, Bertha

Hartwig, Julius

Haug, Jan E.

Haug, Kenneth Sverre

Haug, Marilyn G.

Heidelberger, Alvina

Heidelberger, Dora

Heidelberger, John H.

Herberg, Bradley Romaine

Herman (?), Dorothea

Herman (?), Louis J.

Herman, Louis G.

Herman, Loyed L.

Herman, Mabel L.

Hesse, Anna

Hesse, Otto

Hesse, Walter

Hoppenrath, Amelia

Hoppenrath, Charles

Hoppenrath, Charles

Hoppenrath, Ella

Hoppenrath, Emelia

Hough, Frank A.

Hough, Thomas J.

Hoy, Steven Christen

Jorgenson, Arthur M.

Kanduth, Dorothy Giebenhain

Kang, Rosine M.

Kasper, Bernice R.

Kehrberg, John Herman

Kidney, Jay

Kirschbaum, Alma Zellmer

Klar, Elsa

Klemetti, Waino

Kobs, Friederike

Kobs, Lena

Kobs, Louis

Kobs, Louis

Kobs, Ludwick

Kobs, Sophia F.

Kohne, Amelia H.

Kohne, Henry

Krienke, William

Krumholz, John

Krussow, August

Krussow, August

Krussow, Louisa

Lang, Friedrich W.

Lang, Katharine R.

Lapoint, William George

Leaden, John

Leaden, Lucy C.

Libby, Albert L.

Libby, Minnie D.

Link, Carl Fred

Link, Maria

Lonneman, Alan P.

Mayer, twin sons

McKee, Genevieve

McKee, Leonard R.

McKee, Milan L.

McKevitt, James E.

McKevitt, Maryllyn

Miller, Clara

Miller, Edward C.

Miller, Mary D.

Mozey, Wm. Billy

Nystrom, H. Elmer

Oberg, Jean E.

Oberg, William L.

Odegaard, Ivabelle M.

Olson (?), Harry

Olson (?), Minnie

Peterson, Jean P.

Peterson, Robert H.

Phillips, Harry L.

Pippel, Burghardt

Pippel, Louisa

Pomerleau, Pauline A.

Prigge (?), Julius

Prigge (?), Matilda

Proehl, Chas. F.

Proehl, Dorathea

Proehl, Elizabeth

Proehl, Emma

Proehl, Henry

Proehl, Kenneth

Prohl, Andreas (?)

Prohl, Anna

Reibe, Christian

Reibe, Maria

Reimer (?), David A.

Reimer, Harold E.

Reimer, Marjorie P.

Rode, Eralena (?)

Roggeman, Alex

Roggeman, Arthur W.

Roggeman, Carolina

Roggeman, Henry F.

Roggeman, Mary A.

Roggeman, Rose F.

Roggeman, Selma

Roggemann (?), baby boy

Roggemann (?), Carl C.

Roggemann (?), Caroline

Roggemann (?), Charles

Roggemann (?), Elizabeth

Roggemann (?), Ella

Roggemann (?), Friedrich JE

Roggemann (?), John H.

Roggemann (?), Mary F.

Roggemann, Anna C.

Roggemann, Anton H.

Roggemann, Edward W.

Roggemann, Frederick

Roggemann, Mathilda

Roggemann, Rose

Roggman, Hermann

Roggman, Hulda

Rohlka, Andreas

Rohlka, Susan

Roth, Alvin B.

Sandhoff, ?erd

Sandhoff, Albert F.

Sandhoff, Amalia L.

Sandhoff, August A.

Sandhoff, August C.

Sandhoff, August F.

Sandhoff, Bertha

Sandhoff, Charles

Sandhoff, Clara L.

Sandhoff, Edward B.

Sandhoff, Efrosine

Sandhoff, F. Christoph

Sandhoff, Fred

Sandhoff, Gustav

Sandhoff, H. Frantz

Sandhoff, Hermann A.

Sandhoff, Ida JR

Sandhoff, Johanna

Sandhoff, Lillian M.

Sandhoff, Loise

Sandhoff, Maria W.

Sandhoff, Myrtle M.

Sandhoff, Otto

Sandhoff, Pauline

Sandhoff, Wilhelm

Sandhoff, Wilhelmina

Sandhoff, Wilhelmine

Schaber (?), Herman

Schaber, Arthur L.

Schaber, daughter

Schaber, Elizabeth

Schaber, Valentine

Scheuba, Martin

Schmidt (?), Albert C.

Schmidt (?), Alfred C.

Schmidt (?), Bertha

Schmidt (?), Carl

Schmidt (?), Emma

Schmidt (?), Franciska

Schmidt (?), Gustav

Schmidt (?), Henry

Schmidt (?), Maria

Schmidt (?), Mary

Schmidt (?), Wilhelmina C.

Schmidt (?), William

Schmidt, Agnes A.

Schmidt, Albert W.

Schmidt, Annie

Schmidt, baby

Schmidt, baby girl

Schmidt, Bertha S.

Schmidt, Christian HG

Schmidt, Clara F.

Schmidt, Eduard L.

Schmidt, FHB

Schmidt, Heinrich

Schmidt, Herman C.

Schmidt, John C.

Schmidt, Marie Barbara

Schmidt, Melvin A.

Schmidt, Minnie JS

Schulz, Carl M.

Schulz, Marie K.

Schulz, Nancy C.

Schulz, William M.

Sconfienza, Bernice Libby

Sterud, Gary A.

Stoffel, Dwight W.

Stoffel, Irene A.

Streeter, Arthur C.

Streeter, Beatrice A.

Streeter, Selma E.

Tepley, Christine M.

Theis (?), Bertha L.

Theis (?), Joseph P.

Theis, Barbara

Theis, Math

Turner (?), Wallace A.

Turner, Ell. (Bert)

Turner, Lottie

Turner, Sharon Marie

Warner, Frank

Warner, Hazel

Went, John

Went, Katharina

West, Melvin A.

Wilson, Adam Palmer

Wilson, Alvina Sandhoff

Zellmer, Emil F.

Zellmer, Erwin J.

Zellmer, Fred E.


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