Evangelical United Brethren

Hollywood Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T117N - R26W, section 36

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This cemetery has regular care and is in fair shape. The rows of burials do not line up very well. There is not a church at this location.

This cemetery is just north of the town of Mayer, Minnesota on the West side of Carver county road 23. Just across the road, on the east side of Carver county road 23, is the Mayer Zion Lutheran Cemetery.  

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Virginia A. Anderson

August Arndt

Carolina Arndt

Edna Haueter Behrens

Jakes W. Behrens

Alice Becker

Reynard Becker

Helen P. Berndt

Hugo A. Berndt

Pearl H. Berndt

Ronald G. Bjork

Alice Block

baby Block

Carl W. Block

Carl W. Block, 5 Wisconsin L.A.

Clarice M. Block

Floyd H. Block

Frank F. Block

Helen F. Block

Hulda Marie Block

Lillian Block

Lydia Block

Milton E. Block

Raymond F. Block

Robert C. Block

Roy Block

Sarah M. Block

Walter Block

only Blum

Emma Blum

Hannah L. Blum

Herbert, son of J. and D. Blum

Jacob Blum

John B. Blum (?)

John B. Blum

Louise L. Blum

Susanna Blum (?)

Mary Boehner

William Boehner

Achsah Borchart

Charles Borchart

? Borno (?)

August W. Bretzel

Wilhelm F. Briesemeister

Henrieta (?) Bunse (?)

Rev. H. Bunse (?)

Clara L., wife of B.M. Burfield, nee Haueter

Edward J. Cermak

Myrtle H. Cermak

?, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Clau?

Alfred O. Concoll (?)

John Concoll (?)

Maria Concoll (?)

Myrtle H. Congoll

Edward J. Daily

Loleta G. Daily

George B. Dobratz (?)

baby Jon Dobratz

Lillian M. Dobratz

Martha M. Dobratz (?)

Walter L. Dobratz

Alphena W. Driver (?)

Erwin W. Emick

John Emick

Mary Emick

Mary Emmerson

William S. Emmerson

Carl Engelke

Charley Engelke

Elizabeth (?) Engelke (?)

Mary Engelke

Mattie Engelke

Paul H. Engelke

Otto C. Engelke (?)

Albert Gloege (?)

Amanda Gloege (?)

Anna M. Gloege

Anna M. Gloege (?)

August Gloege (?)

C. Fred Gloege (?)

Ella Gloege

Emma A. Gloege (?)

F.A. Gloege

Fred W. Gloege

Glendofh, son of H. & M. Gloege

Gottlieb (?) Gloege (?)

Gottlieb J. Gloege (?)

Gustine Gloege (?)

Helen Gloege (?)

Henry H. Gloege (?)

? Louis Gloege (?)

Louise Gloege (?)

Louise L. Gloege

Martha E. Gloege (?)

Ralph R. Gloege (?)

William G. Gloege (?)

Agnes E. Gongoll

Alma E. Gongoll (?)

Ben (?) A. Gongoll

Charles F. Gongoll (?)

Clarence A. Gongoll (?)

Edmond G. Gongoll

Ernstiene Gongoll

Friedrich W. Gongoll

Harold H. Gongoll

Herman A. Gongoll

Hermine Gongoll

Hulda B. Gongoll

Johann Gongoll

Joseph Gongoll

Lydia B. Gongoll (?)

Martha A. Gongoll

Max B. Gongoll

Rachel J. Gongoll

Stanley W. Gongoll

Wesley H. Gongoll

William F. Gongoll

Clarence P. Graben

Ellen E. Graben (?)

Silas W. Graben

Maria Graeben

Rev. Julius Graeben

Herman Granzow

Mary Granzow

Jonathan A. Hammar

Austin H. Hansen

baby Marlene Hansen (?)

Clyde C. Hansen (?)

Helen L. Hansen (?)

Larry Gene Hansen (?)

Lydia M. Hansen

Agnes A. Haueter (?)

Albertina Haueter (?)

August B. Haueter

Christian Haueter

Elmer J. Haueter (?)

Fred C. Haueter (?)

Friedrich Haueter (?)

Rev. Friedrich Haueter

Helen M. Haueter (?)

Louisa M. Haueter

Lydia Haueter (?)

Robert W. Haueter

Wilhelmine Haueter

William Haueter

Inga Hauk

Wesley Hauk

Alice Haueter Heimkes

Barbara Henseler (?)

Emil A. Henseler (?)

‘Father’ Henseler

Martin J. Henseler (?)

‘Mother’ Henseler

Walter Hensler

Emma Honebrink (?)

William Honebrink (?)

Sophie Hoogland

Vernon R. Hoogland

Wilhelmz Johnson

Anna A. Kahl

J.E. Kahl

August L. Kowalke

Clarence A. Kowalke (?)

Fred Kowalke (?)

Karolina Kowalke

Martha Kowalke (?)

Rachel Kowalke (?)

Bernhard Krause

Cristenia Krause

Gustav Krause

Hulde Krause

Ida Krause

Louis Krause

Roy B. Krause

Emma L. Kroll

William C. Kroll

Harold F. Kusske

Hugo P. Kusske (?)

Lydia Kusske (?)

Mildred Kusske

Ralph W. Kusske

Walter A. Kusske

Albert J. Lambrecht

Arthur W. Lambrecht

Bennie J. Lambrecht

Mathilda Lambrecht

Augusta, wife of R. Lippert

Rudolph Lippert

James Lyon

Erick E. Matzke

Harriet Matzke

Myron Lee Matzke

Odella A. Matzke

Esther S. McPadden

Muriel R. McPadden

William M. McPadden

Beverly Borchart McNeill

Clara L. Mielke

Lena Mielke

Leonhard Mielke

Carl Milschewsky

Oscar A. Milschewsky

Sarah A. Milschewsky

Selma M. Mittelstadt

Gott. Mix

Robert Mix

Wil H. Mix

George G. Mueller

Emma E. Olbrich

A. Raymond Orton

Flora H. Orton

Herbert, son of O.D. & E.A. Ponsford

Carl F. Pretzel (?)

Ellen A. Pretzel

Helene M., wife of August Pretzel

E.J. Ranzinger

Ethel Ranzinger

Alois Richter (?)

Annie M. Richter (?)

Carl H. Richter (?)

Emma Richter (?)

Marie Arndt Robinson

Gladys Rosenwald

Waldo Rosenwald

Philip Jacob Schoch

Harvey E. Schoepper

Mabel E. Schoepper

? Schoeppler

Aley F. Schoeppler, child of F. & J. Schoeppler

‘Father’ Schoeppler

Friedrich Schoeppler

Heinrich E., son of F.E. & J. ? Schoeppler

Helen H. Schoeppler (?), child of F. & J. Schoeppler

Josephine, wife of F.E.(?) Schoeppler

‘Mother’ Schoeppler

Wilhelm (?), son of F.E. & J.? Schoeppler

Harvey R. Schule

Augusta Schwalbe

Julius Schwalbe

Ludwig Schwalbe

Wilhelmine, wife of L. Schwalbe

Lillian Stewart

??, daughter of F.D. & W.A. Tesch

Aaron H. Tesch

Albertine F.A., daughter of F.D. & W.A. Tesch 

Alma Tesch

Bertha Tesch, nee Conrad (?), wife of H. Tesch 

Beulah Alvira Tesch (?)

Byron B. Tesch

Carl August Tesch (?)

Carl B. Tesch

Esther L. Tesch

Ferdinand D. Tesch

Florence Tesch

Friederike W.A. Tesch

Gertrude Tesch

Harris Tesch

Hattie H. Tesch (?)

Herman Tesch

Ida Florence Tesch (?)

Ida E. Tesch

Iona G. Tesch

Lorraine M. Tesch

Lydia C. Tesch

Reuben R. Tesch

William F. Tesch

? Theis (?)

Arthur Thies

Doris I. Thies

Emma Thies

Paul Thies

Pauly Thies

Louis Tressman

Katharina Urbach

Otto C. Urbach

Martha Utzinger

Augusta Voige

Bertha Voige

Charles E. Voige

John Voige

Margarethe Voige

Alice Volkenant

Bertha Volkenant

Clifford Volkenant

Della Volkenant

George Volkenant

Alfred L. Wabbe (?)

Emma J. Wabbe

Frank G. Wabbe (?)

Julia A. Wabbe (?)

Lewis A. Wabbe

Adam Walch

? Wechsler (?)

? Wechsler

George Wechsler

Johann (?) Wechsler (?)

John Wechsler

Emma Werder

Louisa Werder (?)

Eleanora Werner

Gilbert Werner

? Wetter

Daisy S. Wetter (?)

Gottlieb Wetter, born in Hollywood, Carver County, Minnesota

Hulda E. Wetter (?)

Lydia A. Wetter (?)

Paul Wetter

Sadie C. Wetter

Sadie C. Wetter

William F. Wetter (?)

Willmar M. Wetter (?)

Wilhelmine Zilmer

Andrew Zuercher

Elisabeth Zuercher

Ernst Zuercher

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