St. John's Lutheran Cemetery - Ev. L. Cemetery

Hollywood Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T117N - R26W, section 29

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in fair to good shape. The eastern half of this cemetery was older and in poor shape. Several of the burial monuments in the eastern half of the cemetery were leaning, broken, or placed in piles throughout the area. There were also a few burial monuments that had been surrounded by over grown shrubs or lilacs. The western half of the cemetery was in better shape and the western rows had newer burials with few older burials.

In ‘History of the Minnesota Valley - including the Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota’, by Rev. Edward D. Neill, written in 1882, the following is written: ‘About 1872 the Lutheran church was built on section 29 by the Germans of that denomination.’

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Augusta Abraham (?)

Delores Abraham

Fred Abraham (?)

Alice B.L., daughter of G. & C. Arnold

Clara E. Arnold

Clara E.W., daughter of G. & C. Arnold

Florentine Arnold

Gustave M. Arnold

Heinrich E. Arnold

Mathias Arnold

Albert H. Asmus

Hulda Asmus

Paul Asmus

Albert Bareknecht

Martha, daughter of A. & ? Bareknecht

Hermann Bartz

M ? Bartz

August F. Bauer

Bertha M. Bauer

Augusta K. Baumann

Carl M. Baumann

Ellen Baumann

Melva Irene, daughter of Ruben & Ellen Baumann

Otto H. Baumann

Stella L. Baumann

Ruben Baumann

Irene E.J., daughter of Geo & Bertha Becker

Irene S., wife of H.R. Becker

Friede Adolphine Pauline Boesche

Thomas A. Boettcher

Arthur Borchart

Arthur A. Borchart

Edward J. Borchart

Gertrude M. Borchart

Luverne Borchart

Martha Borchart

Martha E. Borchart

Wallace Borchart

Elisabeth Borchert

Heinrich Borchert

Karl F. Borchert

Katherina Borchert

Margretha Borchert

Wilhelm Borchert

Wilhelmine Borchert

Henriette Borkofska

Paulina, wife of Carl Borkofska

M ?, daughter of F. Bosche & Marie, nee Jansmann (?) 

Emil Brueggemeier

Lydia Brueggemeier

Orville M. Brueggemeier

Roger E. Brueggemeier

Carl Burchort (?)

Wilhelmina Burchort (?)

Caroline B. Clasen

Clifford F. Clasen

Dietrich Clasen

Fred Clasen

Helena Clasen

Henry F. Clasen

Louise Clasen

Norma E. Clasen

Raymond G. Clasen

Emma Dennin

Robert Dennin

Albert Domjahn

Emma E., wife (?) of Carl Domjahn

Henry Domjahn

Mary Domjahn

Olga Drews

Bertha Dummer

Hermann Dummer

Otto Dummer

E. Eddy

H.A. Eddy

S.A. Eddy

S.E. Eddy

Alvina Engels

Aleaha Rose Engle

Holli Lynn Engle -

Josephine Farber

Minnie Farber

William Farber

William E. Farber

Edna M. Fillbrandt

Harvey E. Fillbrandt

Oscar A. Fillbrandt

Anna M. Frick

Johannes (?) C. (?), son of J. & C G??itz

Augusta Gatz

Dale R. Gatz

Ernest Gatz

Julius Gatz

Rosa Gatz

Anna M. Gerbitz

Conrad W. Gerbitz, private Co. C Development Battalion

Emilie Gerbitz

Johannes Gerbitz

?, son of ? & ? Goede

Anna, wife of Fred Goede

Carl Goede (?)

Edna M.M. Goede, daughter of E. & L. Goede

Friedrich Goede

Hilma F.I. Goede

Johanna S., wife of Carl Goede

August F. Graunke (?)

Bertha Auguste Groenke

Elenora Groenke

Erna C. Groenke

F.A., son of (?) A. & K. Groenke

Herman Groenke

John H. Groenke

Walter E., son of A. & K. Groenke

Earland C. Guetzkow

Eleanor M. Guetzkow

Lillie L. Guetzkow

Otto F. Guetzkow

**Maria Christine Wilhelmine Hafemann, nee Vogt, 12 December 1812 – 22 February 1885**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Louisa Haman

Bertha Hamann

Fred Hamann

Henrietta, daughter of O. (?) & C. Hamann

? Hart

Emelia Hart

Walter Harthum

baby Hasse

Orville W. Hasse

?ella M.E. Hechsel

Clara Hechsel

Emilie Hechsel

Emilie Hechsel

Friedrich (?) Hechsel (?)

Friedrick Hechsel

Hermann Hechsel

Hulda Hechsel

Wilhelmine Hechsel

Howard F. Hecksel

Jerome Hecksel

Kevin H. Hecksel

Lena B. Hecksel

Luella Hecksel

Stella Hecksel

Theodore H. Hecksel

Verdella O. Hecksel

Wallace Hecksel

? Hecksell

Ardelle E. Heller

?, son of E. & B. Hennig (?)

Julius Henning

Wilhelmina Henning

Charles Herrmann (?)

Elmer F. Herrmann

Friederike (?) Herrmann

Hertrich (?) or Muelich (?)

?? Hertrich (?)

?? Hertrich (?)

Agnes A. Hertrich

Eduard K.A. Hesse

Ernest Hesse

Louise K., daughter of Carl & C. Hesse

M. Louise Hesse

Mary Hesse

Walter R. Hesse

William A. Hesse

Laura H. Heyne

Robert G. Heyne

Heinrich J. Hildebrandt

baby Hilk

Eleanor L. Hilk

Henry O. Hilk

Agnes, daughter of A. & M. Hirsch

Ernst Hoppe

Barbara Mae Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

baby girl Jopp

Bertha Jopp

Byron P. Jopp

Clara A. Jopp

Elsie A. Jopp (?)

Emma E. Jopp

Ista (?) A. Jopp

Leopold Jopp

Lorena L.E. Jopp, daughter of P. & E. Jopp

Orville, son of R.J. & S.M. Jopp

Paul G. Jopp (?)

Ralph P. Jopp

Robert G. Jopp

Selma M. Jopp

Wallace R. Jopp

Wallace R. Jopp

Andrew Karels

Christian Karels

Dencel, son of Chas. & Minnie Karels

Elisabeth M. Karels

Henry Karels

Herbie, son of H. & I. Karels

Ada C. Kassulker

Alma M. Kassulker

baby Kassulker

Gordon C. Kassulker

Hermann Kassulker

Howard Kassulker

Lorraine Kassulker

Malinda Kassulker

William P. Kassulker

Hulda Kodiger (?)

Franz Koentopf

Henriette Koentopf

Johann F. Koentopf

Sidomia I.T. Kohls

Elizabeth A. Kosthoryz

Anna M., daughter of F. & A. Kowalke

Florintine Kowalke

Jacob Kowalke

Agnes Kruger (?)

Bertha, daughter of C. & P. Kubasch

Charles W. Kubasch

Edmund A. Kubasch

Emilia B. Kubasch

Erma L. Kubasch

Paul F. Kuntz

Luzente Lang (?)

Albert Lange

Beata Lange

Emma Lange

Franz Lange

Ilene E. Lange

Wallace Erwin Lange

Wilhelm Lange

Alvina Lehrke

Elmer Lehrke

Raymond Lehrke

Bertha Lemke, nee Oestreich

? of Wm. & R. Lohrke

? W. (?) & S. (?) Lohrke

Roland (?) M.H. Luect (?)

Adeline C. Luedke

Carl H. Luedke (?)

Clarence H. Luedke

Fred Luedke

Kurt H. Luedke

Magdalene H.W. Luedke (?)

Raymond M.C., son of C. & L. Luedke

Reuben Luedke

Verna Luedke

Marie, wife of Wm. Ludke

Anna M. Luke (?)

Donna A. Luke

‘Father’ Luke

Henry C. Luke

Huldrich Luke (?)

Lorena M. Luke

‘Mother’ Luke

? Lutter (?)

Augusta Lutter

Franz Lutter – Died at the age of 12 in 1889 when a tree came down and struck him – he was the son of Wilhelm Friedrich August and Augusta (Valting) Lutter  **This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.**

Friedrich Lutter – Born in 1881 – died in infancy – son of Wilhelm Friedrich August and Augusta (Valting) Lutter  **This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.**

H. Lutter

Helena Lutter – born in 1885 – died in infancy – daughter of Wilhelm Friedrich August and Augusta (Valting) Lutter  **This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.**

Wilhelm A. Lutter

Anna E. Menth

Christian Menth

Helena, wife of William Menth

Karolina Merke (?)

Bertha Milschewsky

Wilhelm Milschewsky

Hertrich (?) or Muelich (?)

Georg Muelich

George Muelich

John George Muelich

Martha Muelich

Paul Muelich

Wilhelm P., son of C. & W. Muelich

Wilhelmine, wife of G. Muelich

A. Margaretha, wife of Georg Mulich

Anna, wife of H. Narr

Florence A. Narr

George ? Narr

Heinrich Narr

Irene A. Narr

John Narr

Martha Narr

Ruben A. Narr

Herman K. Ninnemann

August Noerenberg (?)

August C. Noerenberg

Emma Noerenberg (?)

Hilda E. Noerenberg

Larry R. Noerenberg

Ludwig G. Noerenberg

Lydia M. Noerenberg

Friedrich Norenberg

Friedricka Norenberg

Agnes L. Noeske

Christian F. Noeske

Martha A.A. Noeske

Agnes, daughter of F.W. & E. Oestreich

August Oestreich

baby son of Mr. & Mrs. T. Oestreich

Beanca Hedwig Louisa Oestreich

Carl Oestreich

Donald R.W., son of F.W. & E. Oestreich

Donald W. Oestreich

Emilie Oestreich

Johanna Oestreich

Karl L.H. Oestreich

Kurth, son of F.W. and E. Oestreich

Leonard A.E., son of F.W. & E. Oestreich

Paul (?) Gerhard (?) (or could be Paul and Gerhard) Oestreich 

Ruben F. Oestreich

Victor Oestreich

Wilhelm Oestreich

William Pavell (?)

Sharon L. Peterman

Ferdinand (?) Pinske (?)

Pauline (?) Pinske (?)

Magdalena Lang, wife of August Pritzel 

Robert, son of ?? Reiteg (?)

George A. Richter

Lena L. Richter

Franza A.H., son of Wm. & O. Roepke

Steven Roepke

Bertha W. Rohloff (?)

William E.F. Rohloff (?)

Fred T. Roos

Louis F. Roos

Ludwig Roos

Pauline A. Roos

Anna Rudloff

Edward F. Rudloff

Paul Rudloff

Franklin F. Schaumburg

Friederich Schaumburg

Karoline Schaumburg

Wilhelmine Schaumburg

Schaunbarg (?)

Anne Schmidt

Amy Schmidt

August Schmidt

Fred H. Schmidt

Gotthelf Schmidt

Henrich Ernst, son of G. & P. Schmidt

Karoline Schmidt

Lillie Schmidt

Minnie L. Schmidt

Rhinehold Schmidt

Vernon Schmidt

Wilhelm (?) Schmidt

Wilhelmina Schmidt

Herman Schroeder

Lena Schroeder

Lydia M.B., daughter of (?) H. & H. Schubert

Wilhelm H.A. Schubert

August R., son of Wm. & M.E. (?) Schultz

Maria, wife (?) of Wilhelm Schultz

Wilhelm C. Schultz

Adolph Schumacher

Agnes Schumacher

Emilie Schumacher

Fiderike, wife of John Schumacher

Herman A. Schumacher

James Schumacher

John Schumacher

Rebecca Schumacher

Albert F. Schumann

Augusta Schumann

Charlotte A. Schumann

George Schumann, in Camp Co. ?, New Mexico 

Herman Schumann

Rosalie Siecert (?)

Albert Schwantes

Wilhelm Schwartz

Benjamin Spomer

Benjamin Spomer

Cordella Spomer

George Spomer

Katherine Marie Spomer (?)

Friedrich Sunram

Alfred Stender

Anna M. Stender

Clara A. Stender (?)

Hattie Stender

Lucille Stender

Ruben W. Stender

Bertha Strehlke

Friederich W. Strehlke

Herman Strehlke

Karoline Strehlke

Malinda F. Strehlke

Margaretha Strehlke

Martin J. Strehlke

Emma Strei

Gustav Strei

Julius F.A. Strei

Wilhelmina Strei

Alwine A., daughter of K. & K. Strel?lK

Harold A.P., son of H.A. & F. Strey

Rev. Robert E. Thorson

Henry H. VanKrevelen

Karl F.E. Venscke

baby Ronald N. Venske

Carl Venske

Friederike Venske

Anna M. Vioge

Johann F. Voige

Adolph A. Vollrath

Johanna M. Vollrath

Josephin (?), daughter of D. & L. (?) Wastermann

Joseph Weber

Malinda Weber

Leona A., daughter of Wm. & B. Wendorf

Carolina Wenghoefer

Sophia (?) Werder

Ludwig Westermann (?)

C.C. ‘Pete’ Willard

Margaret C. Willard

Friedrich, son of C. & W. Wischnack

Friedrich C. (?) Wolf

Augusta A.C. Wolff

Wilhelm F. Wolff

Bertha Zabel (?)

Ludwig Zimmerman

Ottilga Zimmerman

Anna F. Zimmermann, nee Noernberg

Karl Zimmermann

I was not able to get a complete reading on the following stones

Bertha ??, daughter of Fr. & J. (?) ?asimann

Hulda ??, daughter of B ?

Len ?, daughter of ?,

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