St. Peter Lutheran Church Cemetery

Watertown Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T117N - R25W, section 13

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The cemetery appears to have a separate burial area for children, as children were buried in the western rows and adults were buried in the eastern rows. Over the years this burial pattern changed to a date of death burial pattern, but no space left for a spouse. The more recent burials in the southwest corner appear to set aside a plot for the burial of a spouse.

In ‘Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota’, written in 1919, it states: ‘St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, on the north shore of Mud Lake, in section 13, was organized in 1868 by Rev. John Horst.’

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Katharina Adelberger

Bertha Barfknecht

Gustav A.F. Barfknecht

? Bauer

A.F. Bauer

Katherine Bauer

Louisa Bauer

Gloria B. Beck

John H. Beck

Doris C. Benson

Robert M. Benson

Alvera Bentz

Gilbert H. Bentz

Anton L. Berglund

Clara L. Berglund

Lilly Berwald

Mabel Berwald

Oscar Berwald

Wilhelm Berwald (?)

William Berwald

Darlene J. Bogatzki

Augusta Brandenburg (?)

Carl Brandenburg

Della Brandenburg

Emile Brandenburg

Gladys A.D. Brandenburg

Harry Brandenburg

John A. Brandenburg

John J. Brandenburg

Josephine Brandenburg

Ludwig Brandenburg (?)

Martin A. Brandenburg

Martin A. Brandenburg

Pearl A. Brandenburg

Anna K. Broeckert

Arthur Broeckert

August C. Broeckert

Erich G. Broeckert

Ferdinand Broeckert

Helen C. Broeckert

infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Theo. Broeckert

Maria Broeckert

Theodore H. Broeckert (?)

Verna A. Broeckert (?)

Wilhelmmine Broeckert

Herman Bruesehoff

Ida Bruesehoff

Agnes Bruhn

Fern I. Bruhn

Henry Bruhn

Alpha V. Burdorf

Ernest F. Burdorf

James A. Burdorf

Fred W. Burmaster

Lorena C. Burmaster

Winton D. Burmaster

Winton D. Burmaster

Andrew L. Bury

Albert Dalchow (?)

Benjamin C. Dalchow

Emil C. Dalchow

Emilie C. Dalchow

Flora E. Dalchow

Johan Dalchow

Johann Dalchow

Johannes Dalchow

Kora Dalchow

Louis Dalchow

Louise Dalchow (?)

Louise O. Dalchow

Lydia A. Dalchow

Paul A. Dalchow

Robert Dalchow (?)

Rose E. Dalchow

Ruth M. Dalchow

William A. Dalchow

Willis F. Dalchow

Emma E. Dolmberg

Anna Dongoske

August Dongoske

Bertha Dongoske

Emil C. Dongoske

Henry H. Dongoske

Oscar W. Dongoske

William Dongoske

Alfred Dongoski

Emma E. Dongoski

William H. Dongoski

Albert B. Dressel

Augusta Dressel

Carl F. Dressel

Clara Dressel

Dora, daughter of Aug. A. Dressel

E. Barbara Dressel, nee Eichhorn

Edith Dressel

Edmund Dressel

Edna I. Dressel

Edwin A. Dressel

Elisabeth Dressel, nee Geier

Elisabeth Dressel

Elmer L. Dressel

Emma E. Dressel

Ferdinand E. Dressel

**Ferddinand Edwin Dressel, June 27, 1891 - July 12, 1976, son of Edwin A. Dressel and Margaret (Marie) Dressel (Kesseler)**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Florence Dressel

George Dressel (?)

Henry Dressel

infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ferd. Dressel

J. Nicolaus Dressel

Julius M.L. Dressel

Kenneth H. Dressel

Kenneth H. Dressel

Laura Dressel

Linus H. Dressel

Lydia E. Dressel

**Lydia Emilie Dressel (Seck), wife of Ferdinand Edwin Dressel**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Margaretha Dressel

Marie, wife of Edwin A. Dressel

Minna E. I., daughter of Edwin (?) & R (?) Dressel 

Oliver Dressel

Oliver H. Dressel

Reinhard Dressel (?)

Dora A. Ehalt

Albert M. Felt

Anna M. Felt

Gustave Gatz

Ida Gatz

Frank Giese

Mark H. Giese

Pauline Giese

Wilhelm F. Giese

Wilhelmine Giese

Adolph Gollub (?)

Bruno F. Gollub

Fredericka Gollub (?)

Carl Grosshuesch

Evelyn Grosshuesch

Henry Hecksel

Irene Hecksel

Minnie Hecksel

Raymond Hecksel

Lillie Henning

Emma C. Herbst

William Herbst

Augusta Hesse, nee Schaftlein

Emilie Hesse

Wilhelm Hesse (?)

Fredolin Hoefer

Karl Emeil, son of F. & C. Hoefer

Karoline Hoefer

Grace L. Holmberg

Harold J. Holmberg

Martha M. Holmberg

Verner T. Holmberg

Jacob Jaeger

Alfred Jaekel

Alvin L. Jaekel

Dora C. Jaekel

Lillian Jaekel

Louis H. Jaekel

Fredericke Jahnke

Herman J. Jahnke

Loisa Jahnke

Wilhelm Jahnke

Harvey Jens Jensen

George G. Johnson

Marie M. Johnson

Marlene Johnson

Sherry Lee Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Kilian R. Kelzer

Arthur P.A., son of L. & A. Kertscher

Auguste, wife of M. Kertscher

Michael Kertscher

Anna C. Ketcher

Elroy Ketcher

Elroy L. Ketcher

Emilie Ketcher

Franklin Roy Ketcher

Ida R. Ketcher

Hilda Ketcher

Julius Ketcher

Leonard P. Ketcher

Lorenz Ketcher

Louis Ketcher

Minnie Ketcher

L.M.B. Ketscher

Margaret Ketscher (?)

Margie Ketscher

Martin Ketscher (?)

Bonnibel Marie Kickhafer

Frank Kickhafer

Roger Frank, son of Frank & Mamie Kickhafer

Gustaf (?), son of C. & M.(?) Klein (?)

Alice Koehler

Herbert Koehler

Robert H. Koehler

Helene Kohls 

Hugo W. Kohls

Henry H. Kowalke

Louisa W. Kowalke

Meredith Helen Kowalke

August Kreinbring (?)

Henrietta Kreinbring

John Kreinbring

William Kreinbring

Bertha, wife of Pastor H. Kretzschmar

Rev. F.H. Kretzschmar

Josephine Sylwester Kretzschmar

Rev. M. Kretzschmar

Clara L. Kritzel

Emma R. Kritzel

Mary Kritzel

Wm. Fred Kritzel

Alice Kubasch

Carl Kubasch (?)

Carolina Kubasch

Herman H. Kubasch

Pauline Kubasch (?)

Walter Kubasch

Albert Bernhard, son of F. & M. Lange

Alvina O. Lange (?)

August Lange

August Lange (?)

Caroline Lange

David Roger Lange

Emma Lange (?)

Ferdinand E. Lange

Fred O. Lange

John Lange (?)

Karl W. Lange (?), son of August Lange

Leada Birtha Lange

Lydia J. Lange

Mabel Lange

Malinda W. Lange

Marie C. Lange

Rosa C. Lange

Rosanna Marie Lange

William A. Lange

Fridolin, son of J. & M. Laundry

Albertina Lemmerman

Alfred F. Lemmerman

Alfred F. Lemmerman

John Lemmerman

John G. Lemmerman

Lizzie E. Lemmerman

Agnes E. Lemmermann

August R. Lemmermann

Amanda E. Lillemo

Marie W.H. Lillemo (?)

Sever C. Lillemo (?)

Sylvia F. Lillemo

Emalina Lipfert

Martin Lipfert

Pauline Lipfert

Daniel Lobitz

Bertha Lohmar (?)

Clarence Lohmar (?)

Hubert Lohmar

August C.R. Lohrke

Carl Lohrke

Charles Lohrke

Elsa Lohrke

Flora Lohrke

Henrietta F. Lohrke

Royal A. Lohrke

Waldemar C. Lohrke

Wilma M. Lohrke

August Luebke

Gertrude Luebke

Floyd G. Maass

Katherin M. Mass

John C. Maass

? Mann (?)

Adam Robert Markuson

Conrad Marth

Sylvia Marth

Clyde Roy, son of Mr. & Mrs. E.A. Menzel

Elmer Menzel

Louise Menzel

Margaret Moore

Albert F. Mueller

Anton C. Mueller

Arthur Mueller

Barbara Mueller

Carl J. Mueller

Celia E. Mueller

Eliza A. Mueller

Elsie D. Mueller

Emil Mueller (?)

Emma Mueller

Erna Mueller (?)

Fred. H. Mueller

Friederike, wife of Johann Mueller

Gilbert C. Mueller

Henry A. Mueller

Johannes Mueller

John H. Mueller

John T. Mueller

Martin Mueller

Minnie Mueller

Minnie A. Mueller

Mueller babies

Pauline Mueller

Raymond A. Mueller

Timmothy H. Mueller

Agnes Muhs

Augusta Muhs (?)

Christ Muhs

Clarence William Muhs

Edwin Muhs

Fred E. Muhs

Henrietta O. Muhs

Henry Muhs

Joachim Muhs

John Muhs

John Muhs (?)

John P. Muhs

Marie E. Muhs

Mary Muhs

Mary, wife of John Muhs

Mary C. Muhs

Saraba Otto, ? Casper Muller

Emmy Lu Neddermeyer

Martha Norman

Anna Opalka

Johann Pretzel

Martha Pretzel

August Quaas

Johanna F.K., wife of George Riebe

Augusta Rohde

Fred Rohde

Mary Rohde

Henry J. Rohlfsen

Marie Rohlfsen

Christena Rommel

Henry Rommel

Netta J., wife of C. Rommel

Augusta C. Rudolph

Barbara Schaeftiein (?)

George Schaunaman (?)

Leonard R. Schaunaman

Augusta Schaunamann

Ferdinand Schaunamann

Frank Schaunamann

Harry J. Schaunamann

Pauline M. Schaunamann

Reinhard W. Schaunamann

Selma E. Schaunamann

William H. Schaunamann

Sophie Ch., wife of F. Scheunemann

Andrew Schilling

August A. Schilling

Emilie C. Schilling

Fredericka Schilling

Gertrude, wife of Oscar Schilling

Heinrich M. Schilling

Hulda E. Schilling

Katharina Schilling

Kilian T. Schilling

Louis Schilling

Lucille R. Schilling

Lydia A. Schilling

Oscar Schilling

William C. Schilling

Albert L. Schmidt

Charles Schmidt (?)

Fred W. Schmidt

Herbert A. Schmidt

Katherine E. Schmidt

Lenora O. Schmidt

Lillie A.P. Schmidt

Mary Schmidt

Rosie M. Schmidt

William E. Schmidt

Ernstine Schramm (?)

J.G. Schramm (?)

Oscar J. Schramm

Carl Schultz

Karl Schultz

William Schultz

Augusta Schust

Delores Seck

Dora Seck (?)

Edward J. Seck

Elisabeth Seck

Elmer Seck

Elsie M. Seck

Emma J. Seck

Gustave Seck

Karl Seck (?)

Martin Seck

Mary Seck

Michael Seck

Walter F. Seck

Amalia Seeder

Heinrich Seeder

Christ Simon

Elloyd E. Simon

Elloyd H. Simon

Kevin Simon, son of Elloyd & Judith

Louise Simon

Judith Simon

Roger Simon, son of Elloyd & Judith

Anna Singley (?)

Christina Singley

Lydia Singley

Mathias Singley (?)

Matt Singley

Elsie Margaretha Singlie

Charles F. Stark (?)

Donna M. Stark

Frederick Stark (?)

Louise H. Stark (?)

Jno. Staus Co G 6th Minn. Inf.

Christian M., son of M. & E.E. Stauss

Elizebeth Stauss

Matthaeus Stauss

Louise Steffen

Frank Stern (?)

Henry F. Stern

Louis Walter Stern

Mary Stern (?)

Regina M. Stern

Anna Trier

Louis Urbach

Augusta Vollrath

Dorothy Vollrath

Dorothy A. Vollrath

Elmar C. Vollrath

Herman Vollrath

Otto Wagner

Paulena Wagner

Clara, daughter of Joseph & Lena Warta (?)

August Wedekind

Matilda Wedekind

Anna C. Yager

Christina Yager

Kermit G. Yager

Margaret, wife of Philip Yager

Philip Yager

Philip Yager

Philip M. Yager

Pauline Zeyer, wife of Charles Zeyer

Heinrick, son of H. & H. Zuelich

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