Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery - Watertown, Minnesota

city of Watertown, Watertown Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T117N - R25W, section 9

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This large cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. 

When you visit this cemetery you may notice a very small abandoned cemetery kitty corner across the intersection of Newton Avenue S.E. and Madison Street S.E. This is what remains of the Swedish Mission Church Cemetery and not part of the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Karolina Ahlstrom

L.M. Ahlstrom

Henry R., son of J.P. & J.S. Akens

Johanna Sophia, wife of Jonas (?) P. Akin (?)

Amanda H. Akins

Arthur T. Akins

Bertha W. Akins

Carlton A. Akins

Edwin J. Akins

Ethel M. Akins (?)

Everett E. Akins

Frances A. Akins

Jennie E. Akins

Johanna M. Akins (?)

Jonas P. Akins (?)

Lisa Joy Akins, daughter of Paul & Jolene

Louella H. Akins

Margaret E. Akins

Eleanore Amundson

Gaylord Amundson

Henry Amunson

A.G.W. Anderson

Alexander Anderson

Alfred Anderson

Amolida E. Anderson

Anna Louise Anderson

Anna M. Anderson (?)

August Anderson

Cajsa Anderson, born in Sweden

Carl F. Anderson

Christina Sofia, wife of C.M. Anderson, born in Wimmerby, Sverige

Dale C. Anderson

Dale C. Anderson

Elias, son of Olof and Cajsa Anderson, born in Sweden

Emma Anderson

Gustave Anderson

Ingrid Anderson

J. Alfred Anderson

Johanna Anderson, wife of Jonas E.K.

Jonas Peter Anderson

Levi Anderson

Olof Anderson, born in Sweden

Otelia H. Anderson

S.J. Anderson

Samuel Anderson

Selma A. Anderson (?), nee Iustus

Sofie H. Anderson (?), nee Holmberg

Swante L. Anderson (?)

Vernon O. Anderson (?)

Johanna, wife of J. Appelquist

John Appelquist

Arthur Edger Applequist

Emma Louisa, wife of L.P. Applequist

Anne K. Baker

Lewis S. Baker

Myrtel Johanna, child of John P. & Anna Swanberg’s Barn 

Lottie Bard

Walter F. Bard

Lillian M. Barr

Clarence C. Batdorf

Hildur Batdorf (?)

John T. Bauer

Andrew O. Beckman

Selma M. Beckman

Anna A. Behning

Edwin R. Behning

Jerry H. Bender

Ladd G. Bender

Herman Johannes Berg

Pastorskan (?) Constance & August Berg

Rev. Peter E. Berg

Hanna Bergman

John H. Bergman

Marjorie L. Bergman, nee Hendricks

Naomi J. Bergman

Dean L. Bergstrom

Daniel E. Bjork (?)

Dorothy B. Bjork (?)

Evelyn Bjork

Maynard E. Bjork

Philmor D. Bjork

Phyllis J. Bjork - Raether

Charles L. Blaine

Sophie Blaine

Agnes M. Bley (?)

Mildred A. Blomquist

Reuben L. Blomquist

Ester Bloomquist

Swan P. Bloomquist

Ellen A. Bly

Hanna Maria Bolinder (?)

Lars Bolinder

Maria Bolinder

Darrell E. Borg

Edward H. Borg

Inez H. Borg

Alander Tilfred, son of Tilda M. & A.J. Brown

Alfred J. Brown (?)

Manvill Larando, son of Tilda M. & A.J. Brown

Tilda Brown (?)

Rhoda Burtman Bruesehoff

Amos F. Burtman

Walner A. Burtman

Adry E. Carlson

Adry E. Carlson

Agnes Carlson (?)

Anna Carlson

Annie E. Carlson

Ardelle L. Carlson

baby daughter Carlson (?)

C. Emil Carlson (?)

Carl V. Carlson

Carrie L. Carlson (?)

Ceylon A. Carlson

Christina Carlson (?)

Clyde E. Carlson

Deanna A. Carlson

Earl O. Carlson

Edna E. Carlson

Ellen V. Carlson (?)

Esther J. Carlson

F. Clarence Carlson

Flavia ‘Fay’ Carlson

Frank Carlson

Frank A. Carlson

Frank O. Carlson (?)

Gudrun I. Carlson

Gustave Carlson

Haddie E. Carlson

Hannah Carlson

Hilda L. Carlson

Jeanette C. Carlson

Johan Sven Carlson

John H. Carlson

Julia L. Carlson

Lisa B. Carlson

Loraine E. Carlson

Mons Carlson, Co I 8 Minn. Inf.

Nannie S. Carlson

Otto F. Carlson

Robert W. Carlson (?)

Selma O. Carlson

Vivian L. Carlson

Wendell W. Carlson

William E.L. Carlson

Arthur G. Cederstrom (?)

Arvid C. Cederstrom

Elmer W., son of E. & A. Cederstrom

‘Father’ Cederstrom (?)

Harley Ralph Cederstrom

Henry V. Cederstrom (?)

Henry W., son of E. & A. Cederstrom

Herbert Bernhard Cederstrom

J. Betty Lou Cederstrom

Minnie C. Cederstrom

Minnie M. Cederstrom (?)

‘Mother’ Cederstrom (?)

Phoebe N. Cederstrom (?)

Roy E. Cederstrom (?)

Ann M. Clemensen

Kenneth Clemensen

Agnes Noyd Condo

Alfred T., son of Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Cornell

Andrew L. Cornell (?)

Annie L. Cornell

Carl P. Cornell (?)

Charley J. Cornell

Charlotta Cornell (?)

Christine M. Cornell (?)

Donald A. Cornell

Ella W., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Cornell

Elsa Sophia Cornell

Emma H. Cornell (?)

Hannah A. Cornell

Henry E. Cornell

John H. Cornell

Marie Cornell

Martin Luther Cornell

Oscar A. Cornell (?)

Rueben Cornell (?)

Selma W. Cornell (?)

Victor Cornell

Norman E. Cutcher

Sarah W. Cutcher

Augusta W. Dahlin

John P. Dahlin

Albert P., son of P.A. & L.M. Danielson

Anna M., daughter of J. & L. Danielson

Anna Stina Danielson

Charlie A. Danielson

Emma S. Danielson

Gustav Danielson

Helen S. Danielson

Horace E. Danielson

John F., son of P.A. & M. Danielson

Lena M., wife of P.A. Danielson

Peter A. Danielson

Eudora G. Dyste

Frithjof A. Dyste

John Edling

Adelaide E. Eklund (?)

Anna M. Eklund

Corinne M. Eklund

Gustaf J. Eklund

John W. Eklund (?)

Roland W. Eklund

Teckla C. Eklund

Frank A. Ekstrom

Arthur J. Emick

Arthur Emick

Jeanette Emick

Anders Engholm

Andrew Emanuel Engholm (?)

Anna M. Engholm (?)

Christina Engholm (?)

Emma Christina, daughter of J.A. & S.C. Engholm 

Johannes Engholm (?)

Kajsa Engholm

Victor J. Engholm (?)

P.C. Engman

Gordon S. Engstrom

Harry A. Engstrom

Myrtle V. Engstrom

A. Melvin Erickson

Aagot Erickson

Andrew A. Erickson

Andrew A. Erickson

Carl O. Erickson

Ewald Erickson

Hattie S. Erickson

Thilda Erickson

Alice L. Etnier

Charles A. Etnier

Ernestine M. Etnier

Raymond E. Etnier

Cora E. Ewert

John W. Ewert

Gertrude L. Fahse

Walter A. Fahse

Melvina M. Ferrell

Adelyne Nordstrom Fois, wife of Robert Fois

Robert J. Fois

Louis W. Frank

Minnie S. Frank

Anna S. Freed

Swan Freed

Herbert R. Fritzke

Merva A. Fritzke

Rebecca Lee Fritzke

Frieda L. Gongoll

Gilbert C. Gongoll

Barbara M. Graunke

Merlin E. Graunke

Stephen John Gray

Carl Green

Mabel Green

Selma Amanda, daughter of P.M. Greif (?)

A. Amanda Grife (?)

Albert H. Grife (?)

Alice L. Grife

Helmer L. Grife

J. Edward Grife

John A. Grife

Magdalena Grife

Milo A. Grife

Peter M. Grife

Ruben Grife

Sophia L. Grife

Violet H. Grife (?)

Vivien M. Grife

Willard E. Grife (?)

Anna Mathilda Griffe, wife of P.M. Griffe

Florence Gruesner

Mary Grundin

P. Richard Grundin

Mary Amundson Guenther

Edwin F.N. Gunberg

Ida M. Hagberg

Cornelia T. Hagelin

Elda G. Hagelin

Hilmer G. Hagelin

Melvin H. Hagelin

Carl V. Hagman

Esther R. Hagman

Beatrice Miller Halgren

Selma A. Hall

Elmer C. Hammerberg

Ruth E. Hammerberg

Fred Hannibal

Marvin C. Hannibal

Selma Hannibal

‘Grandmother’ Hanson

Magnus Hanson

Emma S. Haraldson, nee Nystrom

C.M. Haraldson

Johanna G. Haraldson

Manrus E. Haraldson

Ernstine Harloff

Fred Harloff

Henry F. Harloff

Leone O. Hahn Harloff

Sophia A. Harloff

Elizabeth Hendicks

Raymond J. Hendicks (?)

Alma Cecilia, daughter of A.C. & J.P. Hendricks

Anna C. Hendricks (?)

Anna Elisabeth, daughter of Anna C. & J.P. Hendricks 

Annie H. Hendricks (?)

Arne E. Hendricks

C.F. Hendricks

C.J. Hendricks

Clara E. Hendricks

Clarence Hendricks

Edwin F. Hendricks

Elias (?) J. Hendricks

Elmer E. Hendricks

Elmer E. Hendricks

Elvina C., daughter of Anna Charlotta & J.P. Hendricks

Emma Hendricks

Esther J. Hendricks (?)

Florence E. Hendricks

Hanna M. Hendricks (?)

Hilda Hendricks (?)

Ida H. Hendricks (?)

Irene L. Hendricks (?)

J.P. Hendricks

John L. Hendricks

John M. Hendricks (?)

Josephine E. Hendricks

Louise Hendricks (?)

Mary Carolina, daughter of Anna C. & J.P. Hendricks 

Oscar E. Hendricks (?)

Robert C. Hendricks (?)

Rosenda J., daughter of Anna Charlotta & J.P. Hendricks 

Theodore L., son of J.P. & Anna C. Hendricks

William N. Hendricks

Albert E. Hendriks

Elisabet Naemi Hendriks (?)

A. Lorando Henning (?)

Charles W. Henning (?)

Elsie S. Henning (?)

Hanna A. Henning (?)

J. August Henning (?)

Johanna M. Henning (?)

John E. Henning

Lawrence A. Henning

Ruth E. Henning

Mary Ann Highum

Charles W. Hill

Henrietta Hill

Lorraine S. Hill

Ralph E. Hill

Signe O. Hill

Stanley C. Hill

Bertha (Lizzie) Holmberg

Clara M. Holmberg

Eleanor Holmberg

George V. Holmberg

Hannah M. Holmberg

John W. Holmberg

Leonard Holmberg

Nils M. Holmberg

Bernice Hazel, child of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Holmgren

Edward Holmgren

Effie W. Holmgren

Ellen S. Holmgren

Emil J. Holmgren

Gunard Gunny Holmgren

infant son Holmgren, child of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Holmgren

Ingri C. Holmgren (?)

Kermit E. Holmgren

Mabel Holmgren

Matilda J. Holmgren (?)

Mildred B. Holmgren

Milton E. Holmgren

Minnie Holmgren, nee Ahlstrom

Nels J. Holmgren (?)

Emery E. Holmquist

Verdella T. Holmquist

Caroline Holtin

John A. Hult

Wilhelmina K. Hult

Anima Lavina Hultgren

Clara S. Hultgren

George A. Hultgren

Ida Sofia, wife of J.P. Hultgren, nee Hendricks

Inga Hultgren, nee Bergman (?)

Inga Katarina Hultgren

Johanna Mathilda Hultgren

Johannes Hultgren

John P. Hultgren (?)

Oscar Allvin Hultgren

Ruth Cecelia, daughter of J.M. & Hilda Hultgren 

Theodor A. Hultgren

Titus E. Hultgren

Amanda Hultquist

Ellen Newstrom Hultquist

George A. Hultquist

J.M. Hultquist

Wilhelmina, wife of J.M. Hultquist

William A. Hultquist

Anna M. Iustus (?)

Anna, wife of P. Iustus

George E. Iustus (?)

Peter Iustus

Charlotte Jensen

Christian M. Jensen

Anders Johan

A.M. Johnson

Albin L. Johnson

Alfred Johnson (?)

Alice S., daughter of C.M. & A.L. Johnson

Amanda C. Johnson

Anna C. Johnson

Anna C., wife of L.A. Johnson, born Alvid (?) in Sverige

Anna L., wife of C.M. Johnson

Anna Lovisa, wife of G.E. Johnson

Anna M. Johnson

August M. Johnson

baby Johnson

baby of C.G. & E.A. Johnson

baby boy Johnson

babies Johnson

Bert V. Johnson

Bertha H. Johnson (?)

Carl A.W. Johnson (?)

Carl O. Johnson

Carl M. Johnson

Charles A. Johnson

Charles G. Johnson

Charlotte Johnson (?)

Christina Johnson (?)

David E. Johnson (?)

Dorothea I. Johnson

E.W. Johnson

Earl E. Johnson

Ebbie V. Johnson

Ella A., wife of C.G. Johnson

Elmer G. Johnson (?)

Emma C. Johnson

Emma M. Johnson

Erick G. Johnson

Ever H. Johnson (?)

F. Harris Johnson

Florence A. Johnson (?)

Florence W. Johnson (?)

Frank E. Johnson (?)

Fred N. Johnson (?)

George A. Johnson

Gertie J. Johnson

Glenrose Johnson (?)

Gustav V. Johnson (?)

Gustof E. Johnson

Hilda L. Johnson (?)

Hjalmer E. Johnson

Ingeborg Johnson

Irene L. Johnson

John A. Johnson (?)

John P., son of C.M. & A.L. Johnson

John Vance Johnson

John Victor Johnson

Jonas M. Johnson

Josephine H. Johnson (?)

Kristinna Johnson

L.A. Johnson

Laura Johnson (?)

Leonard Johnson (?)

Levi A. Johnson

Lillian A. Johnson

Mabel L. Johnson

Marie L., daughter of C.M. & A.L. Johnson

Marion H. Johnson

Mary C. Johnson (?)

Mathilda J. Johnson (?)

Merlyn G. Johnson

Myrtle H. Johnson

Nora C. Johnson (?)

Olga Johnson

Oscar E. Johnson

Oscar W. Johnson

Philip O. Johnson (?)

Phyllis E. Johnson (?)

Raymond Johnson (?)

Rosamond, daughter of L. & E. Johnson

Russell H. Johnson

Selma Johnson

Thelia H. Johnson

Theodore F. Johnson

Wallace, son of L. & E. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Anna Britta Jones

Anna E. Jones

Arthur L. Jones

Emilia J. Jones (?)

Francis L. Jones

Henry W. Jones (?)

John L. Jones (?)

Rueben M. Jones (?)

Vernon B. Jones (?)

Adelaide A. Justus

Arthur L. Justus

Caroline Justus

Gilbert A. Justus

James C. Justus

Vernon Justus (?)

Hazel Kerr

Jeffrey A. Kirby

Elsie E. Krause

Eda M. Krause

Melvin E. Krause

Otto M. Krause

Alice V. Larson

Alida C. Larson

Anders Larson

Anna L. Larson

Anna Louisa Larson

Arthur C. Larson

Clarence R. Larson

Clarence R. Larson

Elsie V. Larson

Emelia Larson

Florence S. Larson

Henry E. Larson

Johanna U., wife of John Larson

John Larson

Louis Larson

Mathilda A. Larson

Minnie E. Larson

Sigrid Larson

Walter C. Larson

Bertha L. Leaf

C. Edwin Leaf

Frank Leaf (?)

George A. Leaf (?)

Gust Leaf (?)

Ida Leaf (?)

Perry E. Leaf

Sophia Leaf (?)

Agnes Odell Lee

John L. Lee

Bonita L. Lemke

Charles A., son of A. & E. Lengren

Albert Lenz

Ervin J. Lenz

Evangeline G. Lenz

Laura M. Levander

Rev. M. Levander

George R. Lilly

Helen N. Lilly, nee Sandquist

Charles A. Lindberg (?)

Sven J. Lindberg (?)

Anders J. Lindquist

Augusta Lindquist

Benjamin Lindquist

Edgar J. Lindquist

Hulda S. Lindquist

John A. Lindquist

Tina Olivie Lindquist

Angela Lindstrom

Eva Lindstrom

Hilmer Lindstrom

Hulda S. Lindstrom

John S. Lindstrom

Delores S. Lobitz

Lloyd Lobitz

Louise S. Lobitz

Walter F. Lobitz

Esther B. Lueck

Herbert F. Lueck

Augusta H. Lundin (?)

Charles J. Lundin (?)

Clarence A. Lundin (?)

‘Father’ Lusty (?)

‘Mother’ Lusty (?)

Swan Lusty (?)

Amy Lynn

Carmann R. Lynn

Christina W. Lynn

Eldor Lynn

John P. Lynn

Mable Lynn

Roy Lynn

Walfred O. Lynn

Eleanor I. Magnuson

Joseph R. Magnuson

Andrew G. Malberg (?)

Selma A. Malberg (?)

Myrtle I. Malmen

Odean M. Malmen

Hannah A. Mannerberg (?)

Per Magnus Mannerberg (?)

Ulrika Johanna Mannerberg (?)

Wilhelmina Charlotta Mannerberg (?)

Emma Carolina, wife of A. Manson, born in Sverige

Carl J. Mars

Carl L. Mars

Caroline S. Mars

Albert C. Mattson (?)

Anna Mattson

Christine Mattson

Christine H. Mattson (?)

Frank A. Mattson

Jenette Mattson (?)

Nels Mattson

Selma C. Mattson

Viola Mattson (?)

Richard Swan McCreary

Viola Caroline McCreary, nee Johnson

Fred M. Menth

Richard J. Mewaldt

Alvin C. Miller

Andrew G. Miller

Anna I. Miller

Anna Mathilda, wife of C.A. Miller

Bertha, wife of A.C. Miller

C.A. Miller

Clarence G. Miller

Earnest A. Miller (?)

Ernestine, daughter of A.G. & A. Miller

George U. Miller

Gustava A., ? of Matilda & C.A. Miller

Hazel Irene, daughter of Henry & Mary Miller

Herbert C. Miller

Herman L. Miller (?)

Ida C. Miller (?)

John P. Miller (?)

Julia, wife of H.G. Miller

Lavina J. Miller

Minnie C. Miller (?)

Nellie A. Miller (?)

Olive M. (?), daughter of Mathilda & C.A. Miller

Walter L. Miller (?)

Charles J. Milford

Emil C. Milford

Selma A. Milford

Andrew Millford

Mary Millford

Patricia R. Minneheine

George V. Moline

Ida V. Moline

Myron R. Moline

Amanda L. Monson (?)

Carl Fredrick Monson

Christina W. Monson

Clara C. Monson (?)

John A. Monson (?)

John M. Monson (?)

Olivia Monson

Samuel Monson

Walter T. Monson

Amanda Moody

Andrew P. Nelson (?)

Andrew P. Nelson

Charles A. Nelson

Christina A. Nelson (?)

Christina J. Nelson (?)

Clifton, son of J.E. & M. Nelson

Esther Nelson (?)

Eva M. Nelson

Hannah Nelson

Hilda S., daughter of A.P. & A.L. Nelson

infant son Nelson (?)

Johanna S. Nelson (?)

John F. Nelson

John P. Nelson (?)

Lydia M. Nelson

Perry Nelson (?)

William Nelson

John P. Newman

Laura A. Newman

Edward Newstrom

Nora Newstrom

Anna S. Nilson

Carl C. Nilson

Anna K. Nojd

Johannes Nojd

Arthur N. Nordstrom

Eleanor, daughter of F.A. & H.C. Noyd

Henry H. Noyd

John J. Noyd

Mabel, wife of J.T. Noyd

Mathilda, wife of J.J. Noyd

John T. Noyed

Hilda C. Noyed

August Nordstrom (?)

Augusta Nordstrom (?)

John O. Nordstrom

Carl J. Nyberg (?)

Charlotte Nyberg (?)

Edward G. Nyberg

Edward J. Nyberg

Jane M. Nyberg

Lloyd P. Nyberg

Mathilda C. Nyberg

Otto W. Nyberg

Anders M. Nystrom

Anna E. Nystrom

Charlie A. Nystrom

Elvira R. Nystrom (?)

Adolph P. Oberg (?)

Alice E. Oberg (?)

Alma A. Oberg

Anna A. Oberg

Cathrina Oberg

Earl T. Oberg

Edgar T. Oberg (?)

Edwin H. Oberg

Gustaf F. Oberg

Hannah L. Oberg

Jenny O. Oberg

John A. Oberg

Malvina A. Oberg

Peter M. Oberg

Sophia M. Oberg (?)

Wilhelm Eugen, son of Anna & J.A. Oberg

Howard James O’Connell

Anna G. Odell

Gustaf Odell

Helen Odell (?)

John P. Odell (?)

Anna C. Olson (?)

August T. Olson

Carl E. Olson (?)

Edith J. Olson

Emma R. Olson (?)

Hanna N. Olson (?)

John P. Olson (?)

Walter G. Olson

Anna C. Oman

Ionas Peter Oman

Ida Oslund

Peter Oslund

Agda S.O., daughter of Emil & Hulda Palmer

Emil A. Palmer

Hulda O. Palmer

Carl Edwin Pearson (?)

Lambert Erthinus Pearson (?)

Lovisa Mathilda Pearson (?)

Swan Pearson (?)

Ethel H. Pedersen

Leo A. Pedersen

Alice Peterson

Amanda O. Peterson

Annie M. Peterson (?)

Carl Herman Peterson

Charles M. Peterson

David Peterson

Erland Peterson

Fred Peterson

George W. Peterson

Gloria I. Peterson

Mrs. Gustafva Peterson

Helen G. Peterson (?)

Hulda S. Peterson (?)

J. Elof Peterson (?)

John P. Peterson (?)

John P. Peterson

John T. Peterson

Josephine Peterson

Katherine Lenz Peterson

Lena W. Peterson

Lorraine J. Peterson

Martha Lisa Peterson

Martha M. Peterson (?)

Mary C. Peterson (?)

Mathilda L. Peterson (?)

Nels A. Peterson

Oscar H. Peterson

P. Edward Peterson (?)

Perry A. Peterson

Peter Peterson

Rosalie E. Peterson

Signe Peterson

Sophia Peterson (?)

C.O. Petterson

Johannes Petterson

Sophie Petterson (?)

Alice M. Pierson (?)

Bertha L. Pierson

John C. Pierson

Justine E. Pierson

Linus L. Pierson (?)

Ossean S. Pierson

Ralph, son of J. & B. Pierson

James Martin Ringberg

Fern E. Rommel

Wilton L. Rommel

Anna C. Roos

Anna C. Roos

Arvid Roos

G.I. Roos

Gustaf M. Roos

Josephine C. Roos

Fred Rumpza

Virginia Rumpza

Johanna Salin (?)

Jonas Salin

Agda E. Samuelson

Betty O. Samuelson

Herbert A. Samuelson

Herbert A. Samuelson

Ida J., wife of J.F. Samuelson, born in Wimmerby (?), Sverige

Inez L. Samuelson

John F. Samuelson

Lotthard E. Samuelson

Marvie E. Samuelson

Millard W. Samuelson

Albert Sandquist (?)

Albertina Sandquist (?)

Alice A. Sandquist

Alma M. Sandquist

Anna Sandquist

Clifton H. Sandquist

Elof Sandquist

G. Algot Sandquist

John P. Sandquist

Julia Christina, daughter of G.A. Sandquist

Lillian L. Sandquist

Lillie W. Sandquist (?)

Nels M. Sandquist (?)

P.E. Sandquist

Ralph Sandquist

Randolph Sandquist

Sidney L. Sandquist (?)

Walter J. Sandquist

Albert Sanquist (?)

Ellen E. Sanquist (?)

Ida Sanquist (?)

Andrew A. Schafer

Marie Schafer

Agnes I. Schultz

Charles E. Schultz

Edward A. Schultz

Emma J. Schultz

Cora M. Seck

Fred H. Seck

Adeline Skarlund (?)

Albert A. Skarlund

Andrew M. Skarlund

Eleanor M. Skarlund

Erick Gustaf Skarlund

John Skarlund (?)

Magnhild S. Skarlund

Margreta S., wife of A.M. Skarlund

Minna Skarlund, nee Mild (?)

Robert W. Skarlund

Carl M. Sodergren

Christina, wife of C.M. Sodergren

Johannes Sparlund, born in Levene (?) Foramling (?) Sverige

Katharine, wife of Johan Sparlund, born in Sverge Forsamling (?)

Rollo P. Spencer

Herbert H. Stender

Lucille H. Stender

Ricky Jay Stender

Augusta Storen (?)

Greta Storen

Johana, wife of J.P. Strand

Gladys E. Strandquist

Henry W. Strandquist

Alex E. Suemnick

Alma H. Suemnick

Anna Christina Svensson

Carl August Svensson

Anna C., daughter of Chas. & Carolina M. Swanson

Carolina M., wife of Chas. Swanson

Chas. Swanson, husband of Carolina M.

Edward A., husband of Ida S. Swanson

Federick W. Swanson

Harry W. Swanson

Ida S., wife of E.A. Swanson

Lydia A. Swanson

Paul E. Swanson

Paul E.L. Swanson

Christina Maria Swenson

Mathilda Swenson

Nels P. Swenson

Arlys Tesch

Dorothy Tesch

Lloyd Tesch

Albin Thompson

Amy M. Thompson

Anton B. Thompson

Charles P. Thompson

Delia T. Thompson

Mabel A. Thompson

Martin J. Thompson

Pastor Warren Thompson

Clara M., wife of G. Thorene

Albert Thorson

Ellen S. Thorson

Emelie Sofia, wife of P.P. Thorson

Esther A. Thorson

Carl Thunberg (?)

Sophia Thunberg (?)

Axelia A. Tilly

Grace M. Tilly

Gustaf F. Tilly

Guy E. Tilly

Howard W. Tilly

Lucille H. Tilly

Ronald L. Tilly

Gunhild E. Tomlin, nee Eklund

Abel Turner

J. Elliott Tuvey

J. Elliott Tuvey

Wille Radde Tuvey

Aldor G. Upgren (?)

Emma M. Upgren (?)

Gustave Upgren (?)

Gustave Upgren

Lydia C. Upgren (?)

Alfred R. VanTassel

Doris M. VanTassel

Evelyn A. Vidlund

Gunner H. Vidlund

Harriet Vodegel

Walter Vodegel

Carlton E. Wallgren

Charles E. Wallgren

Effie A. Wallgren

Ingastina Wallgren

John Wallgren

Selma M. Wallgren

William C. Wallgren

Anna Louise Wallin

Johanna Wallin (?)

John Wallin (?)

Lila Louise Wallin

Otto Edward Wallin

Alice F. Wandersee

Gordon W. Wandersee

Adolph West

Anna West

Bertha L. West

Charles A. West (?)

Edwin West

Frances L. West (?)

John West

Swan West

William West

Annie S. Westlund

Ansgar W. Westlund

John Victor, child of O. & G. Westlund (?)

Kari, wife of Martin Westlund

Marguret C. Westlund

Martin Westlund

Olof Westlund

Peter Anshelm, child of O. & G. Westlund (?)

?, son of J. & C. Widman

Ruth B. Williams (?)

W. Friedolph Williams (?)

Ida S. Winters, wife of James Winters

I was not able to determine a surname for the following:

?? 1825 - 17 April 1879 - badly worn stone

?, died 2 February 1883 - to worn to read

Alma - rest to worn to read

Anna Sinette, daughter of Kjerstin Och & ? ALM (?) 

Christina C., ? Suchsdoter (?) (not sure if this is a surname ?) 

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