Swedish Mission Church Cemetery - Watertown, Minnesota

city of Watertown, Watertown Township, Carver County, MN: T117N - R25W, section 9

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What remains of this tiny cemetery has minimal care and is in fair shape. This cemetery has no identification sign. This cemetery is located across the street from Trinity Lutheran Church and Cemetery , but this tiny cemetery is not part of that congregation. 

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Aster M. Carlson

Thilda Maria Carlson

Carolina C., wife of P.M. Hogelund

Olaf Johnson

A. Lindgren

Maggreta Monson (?)

Peter Monson

Nels Person

Hilda C. Thompson

Tobie A. Thompson

****The following information was received from a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in June 2005****

In May 2005, Trinity Lutheran Church printed some information in their church bulletin about the Swedish Mission Church.  The following is what they wrote:

Did you know ... there is a small cemetery across the street on the south side of Trinity?

Did you know ... there are approximately 40 people buried there.

Did you know ... apparently there was a disagreement with members of the Gotaholm Church and a group broke away and began the Swedish Mission Church across the street from Trinity's current location.  They purchased land for the cemetery in 1878.

Did you know ... as time passed there was a disagreement in the Swedish Mission Church and the church dissolved.

Did you know ... some of the members returned to Trinity and others formed the Free Church in Watertown.


Corner of Newton & Madison Ave SE

The following is a list of the know persons buried in the Mission Cemetery

Monson, Samuel* 1810?-1891 (Husband & Wife)

Monson, Margreta* 1817? - 1909

Johnson, Geo* 1875-1891

Johnson, Olaf* 1850-1891 (Father & Son)

Hogelund, Carolina* d.4-23/27-1890, wife of P.M. Hogelund

Person, Nels* 1817-1896

Thompson, Tobie A.* 1873-1902

Thompson, Hilda C.* 1875-1902

Carlson, Tilda Marie* b. 03/09/1873, d. 07/07/1880

Carlson, Aster M.* b.07/19/1880, d. 07/08/1889 (Gabriel's daugher)

Frank, Old Mr. & Mrs.

Dahlgren, Pearl

Dahlgren, Willie, sister & brother

Quist, Mrs.

Larson, Brother (speculate they were sister & brother)

Turner, Mrs.

Johnson, Carl

Dahlgren, Old Lady

Hilton, Girl

Hed, Girl

Carlson, Andrew (two boys)

Segerland, Mrs.

Bloom, Mrs.

Noreen, Ida

Noreen, Aaron

Noreen, Alf

Ahlquist, Nils

Ahlquist, Sophie (husband & wife), grandparents to Willie Nelson

Frank, Albert - 2 children

Boquist - 2 children

Leaf, George - Ida's boy

Monson, Sam's boy

Olson, John S. died 09/30/1989, buried by sister (found in Carver County News Obituaries)

Oberg, Mrs. Chalrina, died 05/23/1928, b. Sweden, came 1899 (found in Carver County News Obituaries)

*grave marker present

History of Mission Cemetery per Sue Magnuson from information gathered from Pastor Kling of Watertown Evangelical Free Church and Barb (Mrs. Cully Carlson).  The names of person buried were given by conversation between Mamie Luella Johnson and her mother, Hanna, (Mrs. Peter S. Johnson).  Other data supplied by compiler from gravestones, newspaper obituaries, etc.

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