Watertown Public Cemetery - Watertown, Minnesota

city of Watertown, Watertown Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T117N - R25W, section 5 & 8

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the www.lulu.com website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape.  The cemetery area is large, but the bulk of the burials are in the northern sections. There are burials in the southern areas, especially south of the stream / flood bed, but the burial monuments are more sporadic or located in groups throughout the southern area.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Albert Abraham (?)

August W. Abraham (?)

Caroline Abraham

Fred A. Abraham (?)

Reinhold H. Abraham (?)

Roland D. Abraham

William Abraham

William Acker

Charles All

Charles E. All

Frieda All

Hezekiah Alley

Nancy Alley

Anna Sophia Anderson (?)

Arthur H. Anderson

Carl A. Anderson (?)

David J. Anderson

George W. Anderson

Gust E. Anderson (?)

Julia E. Anderson, wife of George W. Anderson

Otto A. Anderson (?)

Magdalena, wife of N. Asmussen, nee Kenchler


Esther G. Ballard

Alfred C. Bandemir

Alfred C. Bandemir

Clarence J. Bandemir (?)

Emma T. Bandemir (?)

Frieda S. Bandemir (?)

Julius A. Bandemir (?)

Rachel B. Bandemir

Christine M. Barber (?)

Hazel Barber (?)

John William Barber

Nina Mara Barber

Bertha Barfknecht

Eda Ernest Barfknecht

Herman Barfknecht

Darwin D. Barfnecht

Harold H. Barnes

Luella S. Barnes

Francis Barnick

Friedrich Barnick

Margaretha, wife of F. Barnick

Katherine Barth

Charles A. Batdorf

Alice C. Baverley

Carl H. Baverley

Clifford C. Bauer (?)

Florence M. Bauer (?)

Sara I. Rogers Nystrom Bauer

Ernest H. Baumann

Mabel E. Baumann

Esther A. Beckman

Francis H. Beckman

Richard W. Beckman

Jason John Beintema

Harry W. Beirsdorf

Lillian B. Beirsdorf

Andrew J. Berggren

Martha Berndt

August W. Berwald

Elizabeth I. Berwald

Herman F. Berwald

Herman F. Berwald

Lydia A. Berwald

David Lee Bettschart

Brita Bjork

Olof Bjork

Anna S. Bjorklund (?)

Ida M. Bjorklund (?)

John P. Bjorklund (?)

? (broken off burial stone top) Blakketter (?)

Charles Blakketter

Eliza Ann Blakketter

Emma Blakketter

Oliver D. Blakketter

W.T. Blakketter Co I. 123rd Ind. Inf.

Wesley Blakketter

William Blakketter

Wilmar G. Blauert

Emma E. Bleedorn

Oscar J. Bleedorn

William Bleedorn (?)

Berner Blomquist

Hannah Blomquist

Ruth M. Blomquist

Vernon M. Blomquist

Amanda S., wife of T. Bluck

Anna Borg (?)

August Borg (?)

Clarence A. Borg

Gladys S. Borg

Lillie Borg

Lucia I. Borg (?)

William M. Borg (?)

Emile Bostrom

Helen A. Boyd

baby boy Brach

Florence ‘Patty’ Brach

Jacob Brach

Theodore G. Brach

Wanita Jane Brach

Wilhelmine P. Brach

William G. Brach

Alice A. Brandenburg

baby girl Brandenburg

Charles A. Brandenburg

James Brandenburg

Louis H. Brandenburg

Ronald Brandenburg

Louis, son of ? & M. Brandt

Mary, daughter of Charles & Mary Brunzel

Mary, wife of Charles Brunzel

Celeste J. Bryan

George J. Bryan

Carl Cameron

Ellen Cameron

Alma Carlson (?)

Andrew Carlson

Charles Carlson (?)

Evans E. Carlson

Harry L. Carlson

Johanna Carlson (?)

Laverne M. Carlson

Mathilda Carlson

Zaidee E. Chase, nee St. John, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. St. John 

Emma Church

Frank Church

Johanna, wife of Peter Church

Jacqueline Y. Clark

Agnes M. Crawford

Armida Crawford

Bertha S. Crawford (?)

Durand F. Crawford

Frank P. Crawford (?)

Harriet M. Crawford

Jane Crawford

John C. Crawford

William F. Crawford

Elizabeth Cremer

John Cremer

Samuel G. Cremer

Erna L. Dalbec

George J. Dalbec

Henry O. Dalchow

Olga H. Dalchow

Dorothy Jean Davies

Augusta H. Denzel

Bertha Denzel

Xavier Denzel

Xavier F. Denzel

Jacob Dietz

Elsie L. Dircks

Peter W. Dircks

Ida Anderson Olson Dolvin

Oscar H. Domras

Benjamin Doyle

Francis E. Doyle

Hannah Doyle

Henry Doyle

John B. Doyle

Matilda J., daughter of J. & L. Doyle

Elsie A. Dressel

J. Peter Dressel

L. Margaretha, wife of J.Peter Dressel

William E. Dressel

Barbara J. Eckhoff

Harold B. Edelstein

Bethsheba G. Edwards

Corpl. Ephraim H. Edwards Co F 12 U.S. Inf.

Jos. C. Edwards Co C 1 Minnesota Cavalry

Travis Robert Eggersguss

Fred Ellingson

Hazel A. Ellingson

Dewey G. Emery

James David Emery

John Thomas Emery

Vivian B. Emery

Hilma Johnson Englebregt

Mary (Peterson) Englebregt

Ole Englebregt

Agnes Engstrom

Andrew Engstrom

Arthur Engstrom

Augusta Engstrom

Charles W. Engstrom

Charlotte S. Engstrom

Harvey A. Engstrom

Henry Engstrom

John A. Engstrom

Judith Engstrom

Lilly L. Engstrom

Lydia Engstrom

Marie C. Engstrom

Bert Flood

Ellen Flood

‘Father’ Flood

Jonnie Flood

John Flood

May Flood

‘Mother’ Flood

George A. Fluhrer

Jane Adair Forcier

Philip E. Forcier

Urben Foreache Co D 60 Ohio Inf.

Albert A. Frank (?)

Lena Frank (?)

Caroline W. Freiberg

Emilie Freiberg

Frederika Freiberg

Henry Edward Freiberg

Ludwig Freiberg

Ludwig C. Freiberg

Ludinina E. Freiberg

Max Gustave Freiberg

Otto B. Freiberg

Paul E. Freiberg

Reinhold Freiberg

Carl J. Gabrielson

Stina G. Gabrielson

Luella Gamer

Cara Lynn Gendron

Hans E. Giertz

Helen S. Giertz

Louise M. Giese

Walter K. Giese

Clarence M. Gloege

Elizabeth N. Gloege

Gladys E. Gloege

Herman A. Gloege

Margaret M. Gloege

Ruth E. Gloege

Simonetta Gloege

Albert V. Gotreau

Evelyn Graunke

George W. Graunke

Walter C.F. Graunke

Clinton Grave

William Gravelle

Michael W. Green

Patricia L. Green

Charles J. Grife

Elias Grife

Marie Grife

Sophia Grife

Hallie L. Guetzkow

Wallace N. Guetzkow

Wimar G. Guetzkow

Anna F. Gustafson

Elof Gustafson

E. Allen Hahn (?)

Edward Hahn (?)

Ervin A. Hahn

Gladys A. Hahn (?)

Harry Hahn (?)

Louisa Hahn (?)

Theodore Hahn (?)

Ada B. Halgren

Alden Halgren

Anna Halgren

Arthur C. Halgren

C.G. Halgren

Clinton G. Halgren

Ebba V. Halgren

Elsie B. Halgren

Geraldine Halgren

Guy E. Halgren

H.A. Halgren

John E. Halgren, Co E 1 Minnesota H.A

John E. Halgren,

Lovina B. Halgren

** Minetta C., daughter of Levi & Eliza Halgren, died 25 May 1873  aged 20 years 4 months 6 days**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Ralph C. Halgren

William Halgren

Sgt. Ernest Hainlin, Co B 9th Minnesota Inf.

Sarah, wife of Edward F. Hainlin

Charles Hammerberg

Christina Hammerberg

Elmer M. Hansen

Lenor G. Hansen

Viola E. Hansen

Everett E. Hanson

Otto E. Hanson

Richard Hanson

Jennifer Ruth Harder

Elsie Harloff

Theodore A. Harloff

John S. Harms

Verna L. Harms

‘Father’ Hassenzahl (?)

‘Mother’ Hassenzahl (?)

Eudora E. Haubrick

Anna Heck (?)

Eugene Heck (?)

Hattie O. Heck (?)

Julia M. Heck

Vincent Heck (?)

Vincent Heck (?)

Henry Hecker

‘Father’ Hed (?)

‘Mother’ Hed (?)

Nathanial James Henke

Pauline G. Henriksen

R.V. ‘Babe’ Henriksen

Edward Herbst

Clara A. Hermansfeld (?)

Ernest C. Hermansfeld (?)

Orin W. Hermansfeld

Steven A. Herrmann

Bertha Hesse

Edward L. Hesse

Carl A. Hill

Clara L. Hill

Jenna L. Hintze

Ernest Hirsch

Elmer Hoese

Evelyn Hoese

Lenora L. Hoese

Orvin E. Hoese

Peter M. Hogelund

Esther Holtby

Thomas Holtby

Violet Holtby

Arthur C. Honebrink

Edith C. Honebrink

baby boy Hoogland

Alma A. Hunerberg

Charles A. Hushins

Ulrick (?) Ingamarson (?)

Esther Ittel

Melvin Ittel

Liddie B., daughter of F.W. & A.C. Jacobs

Clifford H. Jadwin

Eva Dell Jadwin

Francis M. Jadwin

Georg Jadwin

Hanna Jadwin

James W. Jadwin

Louisa Jadwin

Mary V. Jadwin

Milton Jadwin

Nellie M. Jadwin

Albert D. Japs (?)

Ferdinand A., son of W.D. & C.H. Japs

Hannah Japs (?)

Theresa Japs (?)

Walter G. Japs

William Japs (?)

William Japs (?)

Anna C. Jepsen

S.A. Jepsen

Donald Howard Jerde

Halvor Jerde

Harold W. Jerde

Howard Jerde

Melia Jerde

Ambrose Jezewski

Alma M. Johnson

Alvin C. Johnson

August P. Johnson

Axel L. Johnson

Betty V. Johnson

Charley J. Johnson

Dorothea L. Johnson

Durelle D. Johnson

Eddie N. Johnson

Edith H., daughter of Gust M. & Hanna Johnson

Edna E. Johnson

Elizabeth D. Johnson

Elmer A. Johnson

Emil Johnson

Esther S. Johnson

Eunice D. Johnson

Gust M. Johnson

Gustav W. Johnson

Gustav W. Johnson

Hanna Johnson

Hannah C. Johnson

Ida Johnson

Johan P. Johnson

Johanna Johnson

Lyly V. Johnson

Mabel E. Johnson

Mamie L. Johnson

Martin Johnson

Mary Ellen Johnson

Mary W. Johnson

Myrtle M. Johnson

Myrtle N. Johnson

Peter S. Johnson

Richard H. Johnson

Richard W. Johnson

Rudolph E. Johnson

Russell D. Johnson

Sophia Johnson

Sune Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Roma J. Jolin

Anna Jones (?)

Caroline Jones (?)

‘Father’ Jones (?)

Floyd Jones (?)

Frederick Jones (?)

Grace M. Jones (?)

Harold F. Jones (?)

James Jones (?)

Jonas P. Jones

Lena Jones (?)

Mildred Jones (?)

‘Mother’ Jones (?)

Roy W. Jones (?)

Russell A. Jones (?)

Marcella E. Jopp

Edward Karels

Theresa Karels

Henrietta, wife of Julius Keitel

Julius Keitel

Lena W., daughter of J. & H. Keitel

Selma C. Keller

Carrie Ketcher

Elmer Ketcher

Emelia Ketcher (?)

Frank Ketcher (?)

Leona Ketcher

Walter O. Ketcher

William Ketcher (?)

Arthur F. Kirchenwitz

Ethel A. Kirchenwitz

Loren D. Kirchenwitz

Robert K. Kirchenwitz

Mabel Barber Kirkland

Edw’d Koehler, Co A 2 Minnesota Cavalry

Edward Koehler (?)

George W. Koehler (?)

Wilhelmina Koehler (?)

Herman H. Koentopf (?)

Lillie Ann Koentopf (?)

Clotilde Kovscheise (?)

Oskar Kovescheise (?)

Amelia A. Kowalke

Charles J. Kowalke

Elizabeth A. Krause

Louis Krause

Minnie Krause

Oscar A. Krause

Mary Kremer

Nick Kremer

Nickolaus Frank Kremer

J. Hermann Kretschmar

Ernestine, wife of F. Kuechler

F. Kuechler

Henry A. Kugath

Luella E. Kugath

Franz Kuntz

Fredericka Kuntz

Helena Kuntz, nee Schilling

Henry Kuntz

Henry R. Kuntz

A.J. Landberg

A.R. Landberg

Christine L. Landberg

Marie E. Landberg

Arlene E. Lange

Claude F. Lange

Cora E. Lange

Frank H. Lange

Lillie V. Lange

Lydia E. Lange

Minnie Lange

Walter C. Lange

Warner C. Lange

Anna Larson

Orpha Lee

Theodore Price Lee

Thorvald M. Lee

Glenn W. Leiter

Larry G. Leiter

Larry G. Leiter

Warren G. LeNoue

Emma A. Lentz

Henry F. Lentz

baby girl Lenz

Dora E. Lenz

Lee A. Lenz

Marie E. Lenz

Stanford A. Lenz

Stanford A. Lenz

William F. Lenz

Roma Teas Levine

Addie, daughter of Isaac I. & Georgiana Lewis

Caleb Lewis

Donald R. Lhotka

Clara Light

Dorothy F. Light

Erna M. Light

Joel B. Light

Mary E. Light

Oscar B. Light

Wilbur B. Light

William W. Light

Carl A. Lindberg

Albert A. Lindquist (?)

Charles W. Lindquist

Christine Lindquist (?)

Eddie O. Lindquist (?)

Eddie Oscar Lindquist

George W. Lindquist

Louis A. Lindquist (?)

Mabel C. Lindquist

Nellie E. Lindquist

Florence A. Lohmar

James D. Lohmar

Jacob, husband of Bertha Lohmar

William Louis Lohmar

Clinton Lommel

Irene Lommel

Clarence Longpre

Esther Longpre

George C. Lorenz

Albert (?) Ludwig

Linus A. Lueck

Elisabeth Lueders

Fried Lueders

baby Luke

Bertha Luke

Clarence F. Luke

Fred G. Luke

James C. Luke

Leona J. Luke

Margaret Luke

Robert Luke

Charles A. Lund

Emma J. Lund

Ivan Lund

Leona Irene Lund

Bert J. Lundquist

Christina Lundquist (?)

Ella M. Lundquist

Elmer E. Lundquist

Nils Lundquist (?)

P.J. ‘Minnie’ Lundquist

Vernon Lundquist (?)

Victor Lundquist

Glenn Lundstrom

Lois Lundstrom

Melvin Lundstrom


S.M. (between McKee & Mapes)

Elmer Maass

Emogean Maass

John Malsed (?)

M.L. Malsed

Sarah Malsed (?)

Betsey (?) Mapes (?)

Chester Mapes

George Edward Mapes

Myrtle Mapes

O.W. Mapes

Strena, wife of G. Mapes

John J. Mara (?)

John J. Mara (?)

Lois, wife of John J. Mara (?)

Walter Mara, Co I 2 Minnesota Inf.

Walter A. Mara (?)

infant daughter of W.B. & A. McClellan

Rosemary S. McElwain

Ida E., daughter of H.J. & M.A. McKee

Lucy Fruen McKenzie

Anna, daughter of D.E. & M.C. Means

Charlotte C. Metzgar (?)

Albert (?) Meyer(?)

Albert Meyer

Henry Meyer (?)

Johann Meyer

John Meyer (?)

John W.A. Meyer

Maria Meyer

Martha, wife of Henry Meyer

Wilhelmina Meyer (?)

William H. Meyer

Edward J. Mielke

Guy Edward Mielke

Arthur Miller

Michelle Jean Milner

Addie M. Mix

Henry Mix

Sam Morrison, Co E 2 Minnesota Cavalry

Annie M. Mueller (?)

Bertha N. Mueller (?)

daughters of Bertha & George Mueller (?)

Eldoris A. Mueller

Erlin E. Mueller

George W. Mueller (?)

Gertrude B. Mueller (?)

Gladys E. Mueller

John W. Mueller

Lillie M. Mueller

Mark Alan Mueller

Martin F. Mueller

Ralph J. Mueller

Travis L. Mueller

Walter F. Mueller

Willard F. Mueller

William A. Mueller (?)

** William A. Mueller - birth name was Antone William Mueller born 11/1873 and died 7/1918 **  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Amanda C. Nelson

Andrew Nelson

Anna Nelson

Dallas S. Nelson

Robert Clayton Nelson

Sam Nelson

Sarah A. Nelson

Tim Nelson

Clara A. Neumann

Jenny L. Neumann

Otto H. Neumann

Walter ‘Bud’ Neumann

Walter H. Neumann

baby Noll

Marie Noreen

Swan Noreen

A. Wilton Nystrom

Alice A. Nystrom

Christina S. Nystrom (?)

John G. Nystrom, Co A 66 Illinois Vol. Inf.

Louise M. Nystrom (?)

Oscar B. Nystrom (?)

Samuel A. Nystrom (?)

Carolina C. Oberg (?)

Charles J. Oberg (?)

Emma C. Oberg (?)

Harry Oberg (?)

Gustaf A. Oberg (?)

Nellie O. Oberg (?)

Frank C. Oestreich

Genevieve R. Oestreich

Loyden A. Oestreich

Cecile A. Ohman

Aaron Ostlund (?)

Diantha Jadwin Pagenkopf

only Palmer

Wallace H. Paschka

Pleabbart G., son of S. & M. patrick

Rebecca J., daughter of S. & M. Patrick

Solomon Patrick

Annie A. Pearsson (?)

Arthur J. Pearsson (?)

Clarence Pearsson (?)

Jerome Pearsson (?)

Mabel E. Pearsson

Hulda C. Peck

Christina Person

Amos Peterson (?)

Arthur E. Peterson

Carl L. Peterson

Carl M. Peterson

Charles A. Peterson

Frank Peterson

John Edward Peterson

Joseph Alder Peterson

Marey Peterson (?)

Mathilda (Johnson) Peterson

Mathilda C. Peterson

Minnie C. Peterson (?)

Selma Peterson

William H. Peterson (?)

James L. Platt

Margaret M. Platt

Richard E. Pogue

William Pondexter

Ada V. Ponsford

Ella F. Ponsford, wife of Jas. J. Ponsford

Jas. J. Ponsford

son of Jas. J. & Ella F. Ponsford

Dennie C. Poor

Lina, wife of Dennie Poor

Dorothy Price

John H. Price

Heinrich Prust

Jeannette I. Putt

William Putt

Dorothy M. Pysick

Joseph P. Pysick

Donald Quinn

Fredricka Quist

Florence H. Radde

Oscar R. Radde

Henry G. Rader (?)

Ida C. Rader

J. Frank Rader (?)

John Rader

Marie Rader

Marion E. Rader

Nancy F. Rader

Gilbert W. Rehmann

Viola M. Rehmann

Joseph P. Reiter

Zama A. Reiter

Albert Rennwanz

Glen W. Richards

Donald W. Richter

Kevin D. Richter

Mary Lewis Ritchie

Lorna Robert

Maurice Robert

Edward, son of L. & M. Rodgers

Isaac Rodgers

Margaret, wife of Isaac Rodgers

Isaac Roger - Co B 9th Minnesota Inf.

George A. Rogers (?)

George M. Rogers

Rosalia Rogers

Ernest J. Rohwer

Ernest J. Rohwer

Laverna E. Rohwer

Alvina V. Rollen

Charles E. Rollen

Harold Rommel

Othelia Rommel

Sissa Rosengren

Jennie Rumpza (?)

John Rumpza (?)

Mar (?) ?? - ?? Ryan

Albert A. Sandquist

Charles S. Sandquist (?)

Helma V. Sandquist (?)

Charles Santio

Swan Santio

Johann, son of Jacob & Katharine Schaefer 

Georgiana D. Schafer

Richard J. Schafer

Richard J. Schafer

Gustave Schefke (?)

Curtis Schlefke (?)

Elsie E. Schlefke (?)

Gustave A. Schlefke

Hannah W. Schlefke

Julia, wife of G. Schlefke

Lisette Schlefke (?)

Oscar, son of G. & J. Schlefke

Silphia, ? of G. Schlefke

Clara C. Schmidt

Edward E. Schmidt

Harold W. Schmidt

Maynard R. Schmidt

Albertina Schmoldt

Edward Schmoldt

William F. Schmoldt

Johann E. Schramm

Johanna, wife of Johann E. Schramm

Ervin Schroeder

Lillian Schroeder

Louisa Schroeder

baby girl Schrupp

Ernest E. Schrupp

Loren A. Schrupp

Nora C. Schrupp

Curtis F. Schuette

Elizabeth A. Schuette

Fred J. Schuette

Esther A. Schumann

William T. Schumann

Guy Hilton Schwalbe

Elsie M. Seck

Frank Fredrick Seck

Olga H. Seck

Lois L. Seegert

Winifred T. Senior

Julia M. Sexton, nee Heck

E.E. Shrader

Lottie E. Shrader

Geo. Shultice, Co E 2 Minnesota Inf

Lester Simon

Verna Simon

Christ’n Single (?), 1st Minnesota Batty.

Lydia R. Singley

Emil A. Sjolin

Martin H. Sjolin

Lillian E. Smith

Robert C. Snyder

Clarence Socher

June Socher

Burt C. St. John

Elizabeth St. John

Leverett St. John

Mary A. St. John

Mary Jane St. John, wife of Walter St. John

Walter S. St. John

Jno. F. Stauss

Richard Stauss

Agnes Steeg

John E. Steege (?)

Marie Steege (?)

Walter H. Steege

Hattie A. Steffen

Herman J. Steffen

Troy J. Stender

Fred Stephan (?)

Friedrich Stephan

Mary Stephan (?)

Evelyn M. Stephens

Gerald H. Stephens

Gerald H. Stephens

Roy J. Stull

Shirley Stull

Andrew Swanson (?)

Bothilda Swanson (?)

Donald F. Swanson

J. Donald Swanson (?)

Amy Jane Swayne

Carl E. Swenson

Carl Edwin Swenson

Florence G. Swenson

Alice (Peterson) Sutherland

Alice L. Teas

Chas. O. Teas, Co D 13 U.S. Inf

Earle, son of C.O. & Allie Teas

Lillian E. Teas

Herbert Henry Tester

Walter G. Tester

William A. Tester

William A. Tester

Anna E. Thill

Bernice E.S. Thomas

Andrew Thompson (?)

Charles H. Thompson

Christina Thompson (?)

Ida Thompson (?)

Reubin Thompson (?)

Selma M. Thompson

Ulrick Thompson (?)

A.M. Thunstrom

son of A.J. & F. Truwe

Ida Underwood

Carl Urbach

Emma Urbach

Agnes R. Space Vail

Eloise S. Vallender

Fredricka VanKreoelen

John C. VanKreoelen

Ruth VanKreuelen

Donna VanKrevelen (?)

F.W. VanKrevelen (?)

John D. VanKrevelen

Mary M. VanKrevelen

Nellie I. Vidlund

Victor J. Vidlund

James G. Vincent

May A. Vincent

Richard Vorderbruggen

Evelyn Vossen

Henry Vossen

Edna Warta

Floyd Warta

Frank Warta

Sophie M. Warta

B.F. Washburn

Clarence Washburn

Harry Washburn

Hulda Washburn

Harold G. Weege

Laverna Weege

Edna I. Wegner

Walter J. Wegner (?)

twin boys Wendt

Mina, daughter of H. & S. Wevgand

Henry A. Weygand

Sophia E. Weygand

Harry Wheeler

Viola Wheeler

Sophia (?) W. Wiberg

George A. Wickham

Lewis C. Wickham

Phoebe E. Wickham

Deborah K. Wiggins

Anna E. Williams

Friend L. Williams

Kathryn Jane Williams

Carl Winke

Minnie Winke

Otto Winke

Paul Winke

Anna H.A. Wendorf

Estella, wife of Geo. Yager

Geo. P.H. Yager

George C. Yager

Jacob Yager

Joyce J. Yager

Lillie B. Yager

Minnie, wife of Jacob Yager

Paul C. Yager

James Young

Carolina Zachrison (?)

Peter Zachrison (?)

William Zachrison (?)

Alvina M. Zellmann

Arthur E. Zellmann

John C. Zellmann

Martha D. Zellmann

Bertha A. Zeyer

Charles Zeyer

Charles F. Zeyer

Mary Zeyer

Mary L. Zeyer

Raleigh Zeyer

Gladys E. Ziermann

Marvin W. Ziermann

Emma B.J., daughter of H. & H. Zuelich (?)

Martha Zuege (?)

Robert W. Zuege (?)

Carl F.W. Zuge

Wilhelmina Zuge

I was not able to determine a surname for the following burial monuments



Minetta C., daughter of Levi & Eliza ???,

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