Church of the Immaculate Conception Cemetery - Watertown, Minnesota

city of Watertown, Watertown Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T117N - R25W, section 4

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. Some of the older burial monuments appear to have been replaced with newer burial monuments. The cemetery does not have an identification sign stating the name of the cemetery. 

In ‘Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota’, written in 1919, it states: ‘In 1876 a new church building ... since that time the Church of the Immaculate Conception at Watertown has been large in its membership and efficient in its works. The church cemetery was established in 1861.’

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Dayton Adickes

Eleanor Adickes

Christina Alt, daughter of Arthur & Marjorie

William S. Anderson

Ambrose Babatz

baby Babatz

Frank Babatz

John J. Babatz

Louis James Babatz

Mary E. Babatz

Paul W. Babatz

Rosemary Babatz

Sophia Babatz

Theodore Babatz

Zuzanna Babatz

August C. Baldus

Gladys L. Baldus

Ida Baldus (?)

Ivan F. Baldus

Jane E. Baldus

Petter Barrett

A. Mary Barth

Anna M. Barth

Anthony C., son of F.A. & A.M. Barth

C. Barth

Frank A. Barth

George, son of Geo. F. & W.A. Barth

George A. Barth

John Barth

only Barth

Rosa M. Barth

Winifred A. Barth

James M. Bauer

Josephine E. Beirsdorf

Archie O. Blackketter

Edward J. Blackketter

Georgia M. Blackketter

Grace M. Blackketter

Mary Boettcher

Delores Boylan (?)

Dena K. Boylan (?)

Eileen Boylan (?)

Francis A. Boylan

George C. Boylan

infant child of J.F. & Dena Boylan

John Boylan

John F. Boylan (?)

Zola Boylan

Ann Boyle

Edward Boyle, native of Killebeg’s Co. Donegal Ireland

Edward M. Boyle

John Boyle

Neil Boyle

Patrick J. Boyle

Michael (?) Bradley (?)

Patrick Bradley

Gertrude Brandenburg

Emma Brown

George Brown

Ardis M. Buck

Fred Donald Buck

Hannah M. Buckley (?)

Helen M. Burke

Kathryn A. Burke

Richard J. Burke

Anna Maria Burns, daughter of Michael & Juanita Burns

Barbara Burns

Bridget Burns, born in Ireland

Edna Burns

Edward F. Burns (?)

Edwarrd J. Burns (?)

Elizabeth Burns

‘Father’ Burns (?)

Florence J. Burns

Garret M. Burns

James A. Burns (?)

James E. Burns (?)

Joe Burns

John Burns (?)

Julia R. Burns

Kathleen A. Burns

Kathryn M. Burns

Margaret Burns (?)

Mary Burns (?)

Mary Herron Burns

Michael Burns

Michael F. Burns

‘Mother’ Burns (?)

Pat A.L. Burns

Patrick P. Burns

Rita Ann Burns

Rose C. Burns (?)

Rosella B. Burns

Thomas Burns (?)

Thomas C. Burns, MN Pvt 3 Pion Inf

Thomas M. Burns

Kathrein Bury

Louis B. Bury

baby boy Campbell

Bridget Campbell

Bridget, wife of M. Campbell

children of Mr. & Mrs. J.F. Campbell

Edward C. Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell (?)

Frances C. Campbell

Francis G. Campbell

George Campbell (?)

George F. Campbell

Helen A. Campbell

John Campbell

John F. Campbell

John Henry Campbell

Joseph W. Campbell

Lloyd E. Campbell (?)

Lloyd E. Campbell

Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell

Mary A. Campbell

Mary (Mahon) Campbell

Miron Campbell

Nellie Campbell (?)

Patrick Campbell

Peter Christian, son of P. & L. Campbell

Peter J. Campbell

Rose Campbell (?)

Thomas Campbell

Ellen Campebell (?)

Felix Campebell, native of Arde (?) County Louth, Ireland 

Margaret Campebell (?)

Margaret Campebell, native of Arde, County Louth, Ireland 

only S. Cardinal

Antonia Carlson

Curtis A. Carlson

Gladys A. Carlson

Agnes N. Cebulla

Anthony Cebulla (?)

Charles Cebulla (?)

Edith E. Cebulla

Frances Cebulla (?)

Frank Cebulla (?)

John M. Cebulla

John P. Cebulla

Raymond P. Cebulla

Rose A. Cebulla

Ambrose A. Connolly

Anna Veronica Connolly (?)

Catherine, wife of L. Connolly

Edward Francis Connolly

James J. Connolly

John J. Connolly

Laurence Connolly

Laurence Connolly

Lawrence Connolly

Lawrence Connolly

Rose Connolly

Rose S. Connolly

Florenty G. Copeland

Guy E. Copeland

Marie M. Copeland

John Corr

John E. Corr

Michael Corr

Michael Corr

Benjamin F. Craven

Ellen Craven (?)

Isabella, daughter of T.E. & M. Craven

John H. Craven

Maggie (?), wife of F. Craven

Patrick S. Craven (?)

Thomas F. Craven

W. Davis

John T. Devine

Mary Devine

Michael Devine

Thomas F. Devine

Thos. Devine, born in Co Roscommon, Ireland

Catherine B. Dick

Helen C. Dick

Mary A. Dick

Peter F. Dick

Joseph W. Diethelm

Erwin A. Dongoski

Frances A. Dongoski

Gerald F. Dongoski

Thomas L. Dressen

Agnes E. Drew

Ambrose M. Drew

Danie Drew

infant son Francis William Drew

Margaret Drew

Mary Drew

Michael H. Drew

Sarah, wife of Michael Drew, native of Coolrog (?) Co Killkenny Irelanb

William L. Drew

Anna Dugan (?)

Anne Dugan (?)

Catherine Dugan

Catherine I. Dugan (?)

Frank Dugan (?)

George, child of M.L. & A. Dugan

Harry K. Dugan (?)

Helen Dugan (?)

John Dugan (?)

John H. Dugan (?)

Lucy T. Dugan (?)

Margaret M. Dugan (?)

Michael Dugan

Michael, child of M.L. & A. Dugan

Thomas Dugan

Thomas J. Dugan (?)

William M. Dugan (?)

Freddie, son of John H. & Nellie Duggan

Bernard Earley

Catherine V. Earley

Cordelia Earley

Donald Michael Earley

George B. Earley

Michael Earley

Mae R. Ebert

Josephine R. Eckerman

Kathleene Edelstein

James Egan

James Egan

Margaret Egan

Mary J. Egan

Nicholas Egan

Richard Egan

Henry Ehalt

Mathilda Ehalt

Mary A. Ertl

Michael Ertl

Alfons P. Fasching

Ella M. Fasching

James Finnegan

Adelaide F. Florek

Andrew J. Florek

Frank J. Florek

Marian Florek

Ann Marie Fritz

Isabella A. Fritz

Jerome B. Fritz

Thomas J. Gagnon

Edward Peter Gallus

Thomas Gallus

Elmer J. Goetz

Gordon M. Goetz

Jeanette D. Goetz

Marie B. Goetz

Marie E. Goetz

Martin J. Goetz

Goerg Goetzmann

M. Anna, wife of Georg Goetzmann

baby son of Charles and Helen Goodridge

Charles O. Goodridge

Helen G. Goodridge

Bernice Gothmann

Daniel Graham

Margaret, wife of Daniel Graham

Dan Grattan

Mary Agnes Grattan

Helen V. Grave

John C. Grave

Lucille A. Grell

William H. Grell

Elisabeth Grewe

Frank Grewe

Mary, wife of B. Griffin

Karen Louise Griffith, daughter of Robert & Carol

Catherine G. Grossinger

Clarence A. Grossinger

Laura Jean Grossinger

Catherine Hauwiller

Francis Hauwiller

Edward, son of John & Chloe (?) Haverty

Mary, wife of Thomas Haverty

Thomas Haverty

Darrell W. Heldt

Milfred F. Heldt

Milfred F. Heldt

Willard W. Heldt

Willard W. Heldt

Susie Hendrickson

John A. Hennessy

Katherine Hennessy

Bertha Hentges

William R. Hentges

Ardis D. Herbst

Henry Herbst

Mary R. Herbst

Rose Herbst

Russell Herbst

Arthur M. Herron

Bridget A. Herron

Daniel Herron

Edward Herron

Elizabeth Herron

Emma Herron

Emma Herron

George Herron

Mary Herron

Michael Herron

Sarah E., daughter of D. & H. Herron

William Herron

wife of P.H. Higgins

Ann Boyle Higgins

Joseph Higgins

Mary Higgins (?)

Thomas Higgins (?)

William J. Higgins

Francis Hirsch (?)

Eunice K. Hoffman

Reinhardt G. Hoffman

Arthur S. Holmes

Elizabeth Scott Holmes-Wickham

Evelyn M. Holmes

M. Agnes Holmes

Sabin S. Holmes

Emma Hotz

Donna Hron

Philip B. Huber

Regina M. Huber

Grace K. Hunerberg

Kenneth C. Hunerberg

Ambrose Roy Janikula

Archie Janikula

Clara A. Janikula

Connie V. Janikula

Ellen Janikula

George R. Janikula

Joseph Lawrence Janikula

Lloyd A. Janikula

Lorentz Janikula (?)

Martha Janikula (?)

Mary E. Janikula

William F. Janikula

Thomas Jirik

Charles W. Johnson

Grace Johnson

Warner Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Beatrice F. Jorisson

Joseph W. Jorisson

Alexander A. Kaiser

Charles E. Kaiser (?)

Frank X. Kaiser

Joe Kaiser

Marguerite Kaiser

Rose E. Kaiser (?)

Rose T. Kaiser

Catherine Kane (?)

James T. Kane (?)

Mary J. Kane (?)

Michael Kane (?)

Rose Ray Kane

James L. Kappes

Anna Karels (?)

Irene Karels

Leonard Karels

Louis Karels (?)

Bernard Kaster

Bridget Kelly (?)

Mathew Kelly (?)

James Kennedy

Martin Kennedy (?)

Martin Kennedy (?)

Mary Kennedy

Michael Kennedy (?)

Paul Kennedy (?)

Sarah Kennedy (?)

Earl W. Ketcher

Florence Ketcher

Leslie Ann Ketcher

Edna, daughter of H.M. & M. King

Clarence J. Klock

Elizabeth, wife of Michael Klock

Ludwig A. Klock (?)

Mary Klock (?)

Catharine Koehler

Anthony C., son of S.B. (?) & H.S. Kohler

Caroline, daughter of C. & M. Kohler

Celestine Kohler

Frederick G. Kohler

Johanna Kohler

Louisa Kohler

M. Magdalena, wife of C. Kohler, born Roth in Baden

S.B. Kohler

Valeria Kohler

August Kohnke

August Kohnke (?)

Theresia Kohnke

Alfred Koziol

Catherine P. Koziol

Theodore F. Koziol

Henrietta A. Kruzel

Ivan Paul Kruzel

Joseph P. Kruzel

Anna Kuka

Anthony H. Kuka

Charley Kuka

Clarence Kuka

Evelyn Kuka

Frances Kuka

Genevieve Kuka

George Kuka

George Kuka

John M. Kuka

Joseph Kuka

Joseph Kuka

Leo Kuka

Louise Kuka

Lucas Kuka

Margarette Kuka

Martin Kuka

Mary Kuka

Paul F. Kuka

Paulena Kuka

Peter Kuka

Thomas J. Kuka

Thomas R. Kuka

Veronica E. Kuka

Ernstina Lange

Evangeline M. Laumann

Laurence F. Laumann

Ethel V. Lehane

Clyde J. Lenz

Harry F. Lenz

John T. Lenz

Mary M. Lenz

Mary M. Lenz

Matilda Lenz

Orville Lenz

Helen M. Leuthner

Lawrence Leuthner

Thomas H. Lewandowski

Anna, child of M. & K. Litfin (?)

Katie, child of M. & K. Litfin (?)

Martin Litfin

Rosalia Litfin

Rose Campbell Littfin

Elizabeth Loney

Nellie Boyle Loney

Wm. J. Loney Co B 12 U.S. Inf.

John Lynch

John Lynch

Josephine Lynch

Margaret A. Lynch

Margret Lynch

R. Daniel John, son of Leon & Carol Lynch

Bridget Madden

Charlie Madden (?)

Etta Madden

father’ Madden (?)

James E. Madden

John Madden

Michael Madden

mother’ Madden (?)

Nancy Madden

Thomas Madden

Thomas Madden

Thomas Madden (?)

Karen L. Madson

Leo Madson

Edward Magner

Esther F. Magner

Michael J. Magner

Sylvester Magner

William Magner

Kathryn P. Mahon

Thos. F. Mahon

Hannah Rourk Malsed

Gertrude Mason

Othmer Mason

Othmer M. Mason

James E. Mattson

John W. Mattson

Henry J. Matyshoke

John T. Matyshoke

Kathryn R. Matyshoke

James McClellan

Mrs. James McClellan

Rachel C. McClellan

Thomas McClellan

Anna McDonald

Brian McDonald

George McDonald

John McDonald

Kenneth F. McDonald

Margaret V. McDonald

Patrick M. McDonald

Celia, wife of P. McGill

Patrick McGill

Bridget (?), wife of James McGrath

Elizabeth McGrath

Gilbert G. McGrath

James McGrath

James McGrath (?)

Margaret E. McGrath

Martin McGrath

Nora McGrath (?)

Thomas, son of James & Bridget McGrath

Thomas P. McGrath

Walter M. McGrath

James McKenly, native of Co Armach, Ireland

Bert Metz (?)

Evelyn Metz (?)

Joseph Metz

Joseph Metz (?)

Rose Metz

Tessie Metz (?)

Lawrence W. Meuleners

Mary Meuleners

Mary C. Meuleners

Joseph Miller

Mary A. Miller

Frederick Moebius

Margaret Moebius

Margret Moebius, wife of August Moebius

Alexander, son of E. & C. Moers

Charlie, son of E. & C. Moers

Josie Moers (?)

Katharina Moers

Sophie Moers (?)

Maurice Molan

Mary Molan (?)

Mary Pearson Moore

Ann Marie Motzko

George A. Motzko

Gordon (Mox) Motzko

Mary K. Motzko

Robert Allan Motzko

??cis, child of M. & B. Murphy (?)

Amelia Murphy

Anthony E. Murphy

Bridget Murphy

Bridget, wife of Martin Murphy

Catherine A. Murphy

Daniel Murphy

Edward Murphy

Edward, husband of Margret Murphy

Edward A. Murphy

James, child of M. & B. Murphy (?)

Johanna Murphy

John F. Murphy (?)

Margaret Murphy

Margret, wife of Edward Murphy

Marie Murphy

Martin Murphy

Martin Murphy

Mary Murphy (?)

Mary, daughter of E. & M. Murphy

Mary A., wife of James W. Murphy

Michael Murphy

Michael J. Murphy

Patrick H. Murphy

Thomas C. Murphy

Joseph E. Nagel

Rose M. Nagel

Ann C. Neaton

Annie Neaton

Bridget Neaton (?)

Bridget Neaton

Bridget Neaton

Dennis Neaton

Dennis D. Neaton

Genevieve M. Neaton

Joseph F. Neaton

Joseph J. Neaton

Julia F. Neaton

Katherine G. Neaton

Margaret Neaton

Martin Neaton (?)

Mary, wife of Dennis Neaton

Mary E. Neaton

Michael Neaton

Paul Neaton

Paul J. Neaton

Thomas F. Neaton

Kirk M. Newman, son of Kirk & Mary Newman

Lucille F. Nolan

Thomas E. Nolan

Andrew Noonan, native of Co Mayo Ireland

Margaret Noonan

Dorothy Oberg

Leonard Oberg

Anna O’Brien (?)

Catherine, wife of Patrick O’Brien

Clara O’Brien

James O’Brien (?)

James P. O’Brien

Mary O’Brien

Mary E. O’Brien

Mike O’Brien

Mona O’Brien

Patrick O’Brien

Patrick J. O’Brien

Bridget O’Day, native of Co Clare, Ireland

Michael O’Day 1835-1890 Co Clare, Ireland Vet *

Catharine, wife of Thos. O’Gara

Ellen A. O’Gara

Thomas F. O’Gara

George P. O’Leary

Helen M. O’Leary

Corneilius O’Loughlin

Florence K. O’Loughlin

Sarah O’Loughlin

William C. O’Loughlin

Earl Orlin Olson

Florence E. Olson

Robert L. Olson

Barnard O’Neil

Edward O’Neil

Peter B. Oneil

Delia O’Rourk

Mary, wife of Wm. Orr

Charles O’Toole

Christopher O’Toole

James O’Toole

Kathry O’Toole

Mary O’Toole

Mary O’Toole

Mary, daughter of J. & H. (?) O’Toole

Paul Parochka

Ann Patton

Neil Patton

William H. Patton

William H. Patton

Randea L. Pavlish

Edward C. Pearson

Mose Joseph Picor

Anna B. Pilgram

Florence Pilgram

Hattie P. Pilgram

Henry Pilgram

Jane Pilgram

John Pilgram

Joseph L. Pilgram

Lawrence M. Pilgram

Mary R. Pilgram

Nancy Pilgram

Mary Plattner

Alphonse Poetz

Mary Poetz

Agnes C. Pysick (?)

Anna Pysick

Charles Pysick

Elizabeth Pysick

Evelyn Mary Pysick (?)

John Pysick

Joseph Pysick

Martin E. Pysick (?)

Mary Pysick

Mary Pysick

Peter Pysick

Rose Pysick

Bridget Rasmussen

Morse Rasmussen

George Ray

Johanna Ray

Mary Ray

Mary Ann Ray

Michael P. Ray

Frances M. Rauschendorfer

Joannie C. Rauschendorfer

Paul J. Rauschendorfer

Virginia Rauschendorfer

Elizabeth Raymond

Rev. Thomas Rehill

James Roe

John Roe

Mary Roe

Abigail M. Rogers

John P. Rogers

Joseph Rogers (?)

Julia Rogers

Katherine Rogers

Katherine Rogers

Mary J. Rogers

Mary Jane Rogers (?)

Nellie Agnis Rogers

Patrick Rogers

Timothy Rogers

Carl F. Rosckes

Cordelia A. Rosckes

Ellen Rourk

Michael Rourk

Joseph Rumpza (?)

Lorena Justus Rumpza

Mark Rumpza

Mary Rumpza (?)

Michael Rumpza

Pauline M. Rumpza

William Rumpza (?)

baby Salonek

Bob Allen Salonek

Catherine Salonek

John F. Salonek

Stephen D. Salonek

Theodore J. Salonek

Theresa T. Salonek

David Schaust

Mary Schaust

Alfred Scheuble

Elizabeth Scheuble

Jacob J. Schlecter

Matilda Sexton Schlecter

Scott R. Schuler

Edwin H. Schultz

Anna, wife of Frank Schwert

Frank J., husband of Anna Schwert

George Schwert

Alice, wife of C.P. Scott (?)

Annie N. Scott

baby Scott

John A. Scott

Ann Sexton

Ardis C. Sexton

Bridget Sexton (?)

Catherine Cane (?), wife of Michael Sexton, native of Co Clare, Ireland

Daniel Sexton (?)

Ellen, wife of Thomas Sexton, native of Co Clare, Ireland

Isaac Sexton (?)

John Sexton, native of Co Clare, Ireland

Kathyn D. Sexton

Marvin C. Sexton

Mary Sexton

Mary Sexton

Mary Ann Sexton (?)

Mayme Sexton (?)

Patrick Sexton (?)

Philip Sexton (?)

Thomas Sexton, native of Co Clare, Ireland

Thomas M. Sexton

Edward Shovelain

Grace Shovelain

George C., son of E. & G. Shovelin

Alice V. Snicker

Clinton J. Snicker

John G. Snicker

John L. Snicker (?)

Joseph Snicker (?)

Joseph A. Snicker

Lena Snicker (?)

Lena B. Snicker (?)

Leona C. Snicker

Marian Snicker

Marina M. Snicker

Roy W. Snicker

Sylvester Snicker

Margaret Spain

Thomas Spain

Adam Speckel, born in Alsace France

Adam Speckel Co A 11th Minn. Inf.

Agnes M. Speckel

Aloysius L. Speckel (?)

Anna M. Speckel

Barbara Speckel

Clarence Speckel

Donald S. Speckel

Florence Speckel

Frank A. Speckel

Harold G. Speckel

Helen C. Speckel

James Speckel

John A. Speckel (?)

John E. Speckel

John I. Speckel

John W. Speckel

Joseph Speckel

Lena Speckel

Leo M. Speckel

Leslie Speckel

Louis Speckel

Mathilda M. Speckel

Theresia R. Speckel (?)

Ferdinand Speikers

Lucy L. Speikers

baby boy Splettstoesser

Philip W. St. Aubin

Ferdinand Steckard

Frank Steckard (?)

Rose Steckard (?)

Charles F. Stein

Clarence H. Stein

Etta M. Stein

Friedericka Stein

Gertrude A. Stein

Julia A. Stein

Katharine L. Stein

Katherine Stein

Leo Stein

Louis T. Stein

Louis T. Stein

William Stein

John E. Stewart

Anna M. Stoltz

Joseph Stoltz

Daniel Sullivan

Edward J. Sullivan (?)

Edward J. Sullivan

Ellen B. Sullivan (?)

James C. Sullivan

Lois Sundby

Edwin M. Swalboski

Anna E. Teas

Claude C. Teas

Jay C. Teas

Lorna A.M. Teas

Louise A. Teas

John B. Terwedo

Monica E. Tesch

Roland J. Tesch

Renae Marie Theisen

Margaret Walker

Adam Walters

baby Wedekind

Henry Wedekind

Josephine R. Wedekind

Andrew J. Weiland

Vernice A. Weiland

Celia J. Westlund

Irvin W. Westlund

Catherine Windsperger

Lawrence Windsperger

Lawrence Windsperger

Marie Windsperger

Merlyn Windsperger

Paul Windsperger

Richard Windsperger

Mary Crollek Wright

Nicolaus Youngman

Aaron J. Younk

I was not able to determine a surname for the following:

badly worn - only able to read aged 17 years 1 month 13 days - near Devine

‘Father’ (?)

‘Mother’ (?)

James W. (?)

Catherine (?)


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