St. Bonifacius Catholic Church Cemetery

St. Bonifacius, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T117N – R24W, Section 32



The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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This cemetery is upkept and in good shape.  It is situated across the street from the St. Boniface Catholic Church at the corner of Main Street and Kennedy Memorial Drive. 


On page 260 of the History of Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis, it states St. Bonifacius Catholic Church, built in 1859, is a log structure, and was organized by Father Shearer, now of Hastings. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008




?, Andrew L.

?, baby John

?, Clarina

?, Dolores M.

?, Emma M.

?, Felix

?, Frank J.

?, Hubert – (Driessen ?)

?, Mary

?, Paulina

?, Ray Jr.

?, Ray T.

?? ui?, Anna

Aretz (?), Anton

Aretz (?), Caroline

Aretz, Anthony A.

Aretz, Dorothy

Aretz, Eleanor

Aretz, Ethel B.

Aretz, Frank R.

Aretz, Katherine

Aretz, Mathew

Aretz, Melba M.

August, Joseph

Auran, Anna B.

Auran, Joseph

Auran, Norman

Baert, Harry J.

Baert, Mary A.

Barbarich, Friedrich

Barten, Dolores R.

Barten, Gregory J.

Bauer, Agnes L.

Bauer, Anton

Bauer, Joseph

Bauer, Joseph

Bauer, Joseph A.

Bauer, Lois D.

Bauer, Mary

Bauer, Meinard A.

Bauer, Norbert L.

Bauer, Norbert L.

Bauer, Raymond J.

Bauer, Reinhard

Bauer, Rosalia

Bauer, Theresa

Bauernschmitt, George G.

Bauernschmitt, Joseph A.

Bauernschmitt, Mabel M.E.

Beichenberger, Anna

Berberich, Maria

Bittner, baby girl

Bittner, Rose E.

Bittner, William

Blalz, Maria Anna

Boll (?), Andrew

Boll (?), Mary

Boll (?), Mary M.

Boll (?), Matilda

Boll, Andrew D.

Boll, Andrew J.

Boll, Anna

Boll, Anna M.

Boll, Elizabeth

Boll, Florian A.

Boll, Frank

Boll, Fred E.

Boll, George

Boll, Germain A.

Boll, Irene A.

Boll, Jacob A.

Boll, John

Boll, Joseph

Boll, Marian J.

Boll, Mary G.

Boll, Matilda

Boll, Raymond J.

Boll, Ruth

Boll, Simon

Boll, Theresa

Boll, Viola A.

Boll, William A.

Brandenburg, Cornelia

Brandl, Anna

Brandl, Elisabeth

Brandl, Ignatz

Brichenberger (?), Elisabeth

Brodin, Eleanor R.

Brusch, Catherine

Casey, Anastasia V.

Davidson, Julia

Derhaag, Mary A.

Derhaag, Walter H.

Derhaag, Walter H.

Dill, Albert

Dill, Christina

Dirsch, Auguste

Ditch, Johan

Ditch, Margaretha (?)

Ditsch (?), Anna

Ditsch (?), Anton J.

Ditsch (?), Catherine A.

Ditsch (?), George J.

Ditsch, Casper

Ditsch, Elisabeth

Ditsch, Esther

Ditsch, Frank

Ditsch, John

Ditsch, John

Ditsch, Joseph

Ditsch, Joseph M.

Ditsch, Lorraine T.

Ditsch, Margaretha

Ditsch, Thomas

Dittrich, Antonia

Dittrich, Barbara

Dittrich, Eleanor E.

Dittrich, Eugen

Dittrich, Leonard T.

Dittrich, Leonard T.

Dittrich, Thomas L.

Driessen (?), Catherine

Driessen, Johnie

Driessen, Katharina

Driessen, Raymond

Dull, Jacob

Dullum, Emma

Dullum, Laury

Ebert, Albert

Ebert, Andreas

Ebert, Andreas F.

Ebert, Andrew A.

Ebert, Anton

Ebert, Anton F.

Ebert, Cecilia L.

Ebert, Clarence

Ebert, Clemence F.

Ebert, Cordelia A.

Ebert, Dawn B.

Ebert, Donald J.

Ebert, Edward H.

Ebert, Elizabeth

Ebert, Florian

Ebert, Frank X.

Ebert, Franzoskia

Ebert, George A.

Ebert, George H.

Ebert, Gerald R.

Ebert, Hildegard

Ebert, Joseph

Ebert, Lorraine M.

Ebert, Margaret M.

Ebert, Marion C.

Ebert, Mary C.

Ebert, Mathew A.

Ebert, Peter Andreas

Ebert, Robert A.

Ebert, Roman G.

Ebert, Rosa

Ebert, Rose

Ebert, Veronica

Eder, Anna

Eder, Arthur M.

Eder, Cecelia M.

Eder, Cecilia M.

Eder, John

Eder, Lawrence J.

Eder, Leonard J.

Eder, Maria M.

Eder, Richard

Eder, Richard L.

Eder, Susan R.

Eder, Theresa F.

Eder, William B.

Ehalt (?), Charles

Ehalt (?), Mary

Ehalt, Carl A.

Ehalt, Fred

Ehalt, John

Ehalt, Mary

Ehalt, Mary

Ehalt, Mathias

Engelhart, Augusta

Engelhart, John

Engelhart, Margaretha

Ess, Clarence J.

Ess, Clarence J.

Ess, Elizabeth M.

Ess, Henry M.

Ess, Mildred G.

Feierecker, Anton

Feierocker, Georg

Feirecker, Theresa

Fischer, Loretta A.

Gagne, Ione E.

Gast, Alois

Gast, Blandina M.

Gast, John M.

Gast, Joseph

Gast, Lawrence J.

Gast, Mary

Gast, Mary J.

Geyen, Alfred J.

Geyen, Angela

Geyen, Arnold

Geyen, August G.

Geyen, Caroline B.

Geyen, Christ C.

Geyen, France M.

Geyen, Francis A.

Geyen, Gertrude

Geyen, Janet

Geyen, Jennie E.

Geyen, Joseph

Geyen, Judith A.

Geyen, Karl

Geyen, Martin

Geyen, Sarah I.

Geyen, Valeria

Glaeser, Kyle William

Glassen (?), Christian

Glassen (?), Guttfried

Glassen (?), Mary

Glassen, Anthony J.

Glassen, Edward J.

Glassen, Gabriel

Glassen, Genevieve M.

Glassen, Gottfried

Glassen, Joe

Glassen, Julia

Glassen, Mathilda

Glassen, Mathilda

Glassen, Peter P.

Gothmann, Ambrose M.

Gothmann, Anders (?)

Gothmann, August M.

Gothmann, Cecilia

Gothmann, Dorothy A.

Gothmann, Frorence J.

Gothmann, Helen F.

Gothmann, Henry

Gothmann, Henry M.

Gothmann, John H.

Gothmann, Kenneth L.

Gothmann, Louis A.

Gothmann, Mary E.

Gothmann, Matthew A.

Gothmann, Mildred P.

Green (?), Emma

Green (?), John

Green, Dora M.

Green, Frank J.

Green, Helidore A.

Green, John F.

Green, Rose E.

Groschen, C. Mathew

Groschen, Catherine

Haffeley, Marice

Haffely, Theresia

Haumiller, Anna

Haumiller, Joseph

Hauwiller, Albert

Hauwiller, Joseph

Hauwiller, Peter

Hauwiller, T. H.

Hauwiller, Victoria

Hegerle, Anna T.

Hegerle, Anthony F.

Hegerle, Anton

Hegerle, Aurelia R.

Hegerle, Carol F.

Hegerle, Genevieve

Hegerle, Heinrich

Hegerle, Henry H.

Hegerle, Joan

Hegerle, John

Hegerle, John H.

Hegerle, John P.

Hegerle, John V.

Hegerle, Joseph

Hegerle, Joseph

Hegerle, Joseph L.

Hegerle, Katharina

Hegerle, Matthaus

Hegerle, Matthew H.

Hegerle, Rosa

Hegerle, Rose C.

Hegerle, Viktoria

Heitz, Cecilia M.

Heitz, Clemence J.

Heitz, Elizabeth

Heitz, Elmer F.

Heitz, Jacob

Heitz, John G.

Heitz, Marie P.

Heitz, Ruth C.

Higgins, Magdalen S.

Hilgers, August J.

Hilgers, Evelyn R.

Hilgers, Robert E.

Hoagland, Ernest L.

Hoch, Helena

Hoehn, Heinrich

Hoffman, Anna

Holt, Margaretha

Hoppe, Roger D.

Hudinski, Margaret E.

Hudinsky, Leo J.

Hudinsky, Mary E.

Jax, Amanda Lea

Jetzer (?), Maria

Jetzer, Leo A.

Jetzer, Maria K.

Joercks, Vera M.

Johnson, Armin C.

Johnson, Margaret E.

Johnson, Raymond J.

Kaley, August J.

Kaley, Magdalena

Karset, Anna V.

Kasmakers, Joseph

Kerber, Mary C.

Kerber, Wilfred A.

Ketteman, Elisabeth

Kirsch, Frances A.

Kirsch, James C.

Kirsch, James R.

Kirsch, Leon A.

Kirsch, Ruth H.

Klepperich, Raymond J.

Klingelhut, Matthew A.

Koecheler, Theresa

Koechler, Joseph

Koehnen, Marie

Koehnen, Rose

Kohamn, Joseph A.

Kohanek, Charles H.

Kohman, Bette A.

Kohman, Emma H.

Kohman, Jerry W.

Kohman, Jossph A.

Kohman, Magdalene F.

Kohman, Mary

Kohman, Olivia M.

Kohman, Thomas

Kohman, William H.

Kohman, William H.

Kolb, Magdalena

Kramer, August J.

Kramer, Clara

Kramer, Eleonora

Kramer, George

Kramer, Martina S.

Kramer, Rose

Kranz, Apolonia

Kranz, Appolonia

Kranz, Catherine B.

Kranz, Gregory J.

Kranz, Heinrich

Kranz, Helen M.

Kranz, Peter P.

Kranz, Sophia C.

Kranz, Stanislaus

Kranz, Stella A.

Kranz, Wincent

Kreutzian, Mary R.

Kunze, Albert J.

Kunze, Elizabeth

Kunze, Ermin John

Kusilek, Nolan P.

Larson, Arago

Larson, Lucille

Laumann, Anna

Laumann, Henry C.

Laumann, Lambert

Laumann, Louise G.

Leesman, Hildegard

Legelin, Alex J.

Lessardi, Estelle R.

Leuthner, August F.

Leuthner, Victoria

Litfin, Albert

Litfin, Maria

Loew, Alois

Loew, Anne

Loew, Anton

Loew, Eileen

Loew, Joseph

Loew, Margaret

Logelin (?), Benjamin

Logelin (?), Dorothy

Logelin (?), Felix

Logelin (?), Mary

Logelin (?), Raymond

Logelin (?), Theresia

Logelin, Adelaide

Logelin, Albert B.

Logelin, Alfred B.

Logelin, Ann

Logelin, Anna

Logelin, Anna

Logelin, Anna

Logelin, Anna B.

Logelin, Anna E.

Logelin, Anthony Felix

Logelin, Arlene M.

Logelin, baby boy

Logelin, Barbara A.

Logelin, Baussant (Joe)

Logelin, Bernard

Logelin, Catherine

Logelin, Catherine M.

Logelin, Chares H.

Logelin, Charles H.

Logelin, Clarence

Logelin, Donald B.

Logelin, Ed. G.

Logelin, Elisabeth

Logelin, Florence D.

Logelin, Frank F.

Logelin, George J.

Logelin, George L. ‘Tip’

Logelin, George T.

Logelin, Gerald A.

Logelin, Gerald A.

Logelin, J.B.

Logelin, James I.

Logelin, John

Logelin, Joseph

Logelin, Joseph B.

Logelin, Lorraine

Logelin, Marie C.

Logelin, Mary J.

Logelin, Mathew J.

Logelin, Rosa M.

Logelin, Rosella A

Logelin, Shirley E.

Logelin, son of John

Logelin, Theresa M.

Lorius, Louis L.

Losius, Maria

Ludwig, Joseph Richard

Luebke, Clarence A.

Luebke, Rose Ann

Lundquist, Margaret

Maas, Eleanor C.

Maas, Frances A.

Maas, Hubert A.

Maas, Lorraine M.

Maas, Louis H.

Maas, Martin

Maas, Marvin F.

Maas, Philomina

Maas, Wilbert C.

Maass, Elizabeth

Mader, Angeline C.

Mader, George Joseph

Mader, Lillian

Mader, Mary Margaret

Mader, Paul P.

Mader, Paul P.

Maerz (?), Johann N.

Maerz (?), Sarah

Malone, E.A.

Malone, Mary

Marz, Barbara

Meyer, Anna

Meyer, Douglas J.

Meyer, Harvey W.

Mieseler, Apollonia

Mieseler, Edmund

Moldenhauer, JoAnn L.

Murphy, Minnie G.

Nauwiller (?), ?

Neubauer, Anna P.

Neubauer, Heliodore

Neubauer, Heliodore J.

Neubauer, John F.

Neubauer, Myrtle M.

Neubauer, Rosa

Neubauer, Rose C.

Nixon, Annie

Nixon, William F.

Oaks, Mary E.

Oeffler, Josephine K.

Opdahl, Katherine Elizabeth

Ordorff, Leona R.

Orth, Gertraud C.

Pauli, Appolonia

Pauly, Fred

Pauly, John

Pauly, John

Pauly, Lonie M.

Pauly, Mary

Pauly, Mary A.

Rehbein, Melvin R.

Reichenberger, Anna

Reichenberger, Edward J.

Reichenberger, John

Reichenberger, John B.

Reichenberger, Lena

Reichenberger, Margaretha

Reichenberger, Mary

Reichenberger, Michael

Reichenberger, Michael

Reichenberger, Walter

Reichnberger, Robert M.

Reimer, Darlene E.

Reimer, Leo J.

Reimer, Peter L.

Reiter, Anna

Reiter, Catherine

Reiter, John

Remer, Ronald P.

Robling, Catherine

Robling, Mathias

Rudnicki, Ann E.

Rudnicki, Charles A.

Rudnicki, Charles A.

Rudnicki, James A.

Rudnicki, Jeanne R.

Salden, Arthur W.

Salden, Clarine

Salden, Clemens

Salden, Francis C.

Salden, George A.

Salden, Gertrude

Salden, Hubert

Salden, Judy

Salden, Leonard

Salden, Magdalena

Salden, Martha M.

Salden, Martha M.

Salden, Ray J.

Sames (?), Gustave

Sames (?), Ottilia

Sames, Cecilia F.

Sames, George C.

Schecher, Anna

Schecher, F.W.

Schecher, Joseph

Schecher, Marie J.

Schindler, Victoria

Schleh, Anna M.

Schleicher, Albert

Schleicher, Mary

Schug, Wilfred Leo

Schuler, A. Maria

Schuler, Anna

Schuler, Appolonia

Schuler, Evelyn C.

Schuler, Joseph

Schuler, Lawrence G

Schuler, Lucas

Schulz, Juel A.

Schulz, William A.

Schulz, William A.

Schwartz, Carl J.

Schwartz, George F.

Schwartz, Theresia

Segener, Clarence J.

Segner (?), Fred J.

Segner (?), Rose R.

Segner, Alois

Segner, Arthur J.

Segner, Barbara

Segner, Bernice F.

Segner, Bud M.L.

Segner, Casimira M.

Segner, Charles A.

Segner, Charles A.

Segner, Charles J.

Segner, Clemens A.

Segner, Dennis E.

Segner, Elizabeth M.

Segner, Emma

Segner, Florian F.

Segner, Frances I.

Segner, Francis

Segner, George J.

Segner, Gerald

Segner, Gertrude E.

Segner, Gregory F.

Segner, Irene M.

Segner, John B.

Segner, Julius

Segner, Lawrence

Segner, Luella

Segner, Margaret L.

Segner, Mary G.

Segner, Myron L.

Segner, Ositha

Segner, Patricia

Segner, Raymond C.

Segner, Rosa K.

Seimertz, Katharina

Sicheneder, Florence I.

Sicheneder, Joseph L.

Simertz, Jake

Simertz, Mary

Simon, Elaine C.

Simon, Francis H.

Simon, Rose

Simon, William

Skibicki, Helen J.

Skibicki, Lloyd J.

Spah, Rose Mary (Green)

Statts, Amelia K.

Stifter, Alex F.

Stifter, Andrew

Stifter, Anna M.

Stifter, Clem H.

Stifter, Rosalia

Stoltman, Agnes E.

Stoltman, Isidore J.

Stoltman, Joan M.

Stout, Mary L.

Thesing, Andrew J.

Thesing, baby

Thesing, Catherine R.

Thesing, Gertrude

Thesing, John

Thesing, Katie M.

Thurk, Agnes L.

Thurk, Albert R.

Thurk, Andrew

Thurk, Barbara

Thurk, Catherine A.

Thurk, Clarence

Thurk, John

Thurk, Lucille

Thurk, Mary A.

Thurk, Ottilia

Thurk, Scott A.

Thurk, Theresia

Thurk, Wilbur A.

Thurk, Wilbur J.

Timlin (?), Bertha

Timlin (?), Timothy J.

Tschimperle, Leonard R.

Tschimperle, Rosella A.

Valenciano, Artemio R.

Valenciano, Marie B.

Vanderlinde, Aaron Jacob

Vanderlinde, Alfred A.

Vanderlinde, Alphonse

Vanderlinde, Alphonse G.

Vanderlinde, Andrew H.

Vanderlinde, Ann Rose

Vanderlinde, Anthony B.

Vanderlinde, Bernadine C.

Vanderlinde, Debra A.

Vanderlinde, Dorothy M.

Vanderlinde, Edmund

Vanderlinde, Elizabeth

Vanderlinde, Frances E.

Vanderlinde, Gertrude

Vanderlinde, Gertrude L.

Vanderlinde, Harriet E.

Vanderlinde, Heinrich A.B.

Vanderlinde, Henry

Vanderlinde, Marcella

Vanderlinde, Margaret A.

Vanderlinde, Mary A.

Vanderlinde, Norbert A.

Vanderlinde, Rosella K.

Vanderlinde, Stacy Ann

Vanderlinde, Steven M.

Vanderlinde, William

Venderlinde, Walter M.

Vincent, Fred N.

Vogelgesanf, Henry

Vogelgesang, Harry L

Vogelgesang, Harry L.

Vogelgesang, Mary A.

Waring, Caroline Thurk

Wartman, Ralph J.

Wartman, Rosemary

Weber, Caroline H.

Wehle, Anton F.

Wehle, Clarence C.

Wehle, David J.

Wehle, Elisabeth

Wehle, Elisabetha

Wehle, Florian T.

Wehle, Jocob

Wehle, Marvin

Wehle, Rose E.

Weiland (?), Andrew

Weiland (?), Anna

Weiland (?), Emma B.

Weiland (?), Jacob P.

Weiland (?), John

Weiland (?), Mary R.

Weiland, Albert B.

Weiland, Bernice R.

Weiland, Carol Ann

Weiland, Diane B.

Weiland, Emma R.

Weiland, Frank

Weiland, James J.

Weiland, John

Weiland, Joseph

Weiland, Lawrence J.

Weiland, Lawrence J.

Weiland, Margaret

Weiland, Margarethe K.

Weiland, Peter

Weiland, Rosa

Weiland, Thomas A.

Weiland, Verna M.

Weiland, Virginia K.

Weiland, Walter A.

Weiland, Walter A.

Weinzierl, Andrew J.

Weinzierl, Andrew J.

Weinzierl, Angela

Weinzierl, Anthony J.

Weinzierl, Anton

Weinzierl, Arthur H.

Weinzierl, Christopher Ryan

Weinzierl, Dora L.

Weinzierl, Elaine Rose

Weinzierl, Ermin F.

Weinzierl, Evelyn

Weinzierl, Floyd E.

Weinzierl, Floyd E.

Weinzierl, Frances A.

Weinzierl, George J.

Weinzierl, Harry

Weinzierl, John

Weinzierl, Joseph

Weinzierl, Joseph

Weinzierl, Joseph F.

Weinzierl, Katharina

Weinzierl, Katherine

Weinzierl, Louisa

Weinzierl, Margaret A.

Weinzierl, Margaret I.

Weinzierl, Margaret M.

Weinzierl, Mary Ann

Weinzierl, Math. H.

Weinzierl, Mathew A.

Weinzierl, Matthew H.

Weinzierl, Michael

Weinzierl, Pauline R.

Weinzierl, Rosa

Weinzierl, Rosella A.

Weinzierl, Susan A.

Weinzierl, Terrance M.

Weinzierl, Theresa

Weinzierl, Theresa

Weinzierl, Thomas A.

Widmer, Audrey M.

Widmer, Edith

Widmer, Gottfried T.

Widmer, John F.

Widmer, John H.

Widmer, Margaret

Widmer, Mary

Widmer, Sidney J.

Widmer, Sidney J.

Wimmer, Joseph

Winkler, Bernard E.

Winkler, Betty J.

Wohlfohr, Roy K.J.

Yetzer, Henry

Yetzer, Leo

Young, Herman

Young, Mary


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