Minnetrista Baptist Church Cemetery

Minnetrista Township, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T117N – R24W, Section 32



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This cemetery is upkept and in good shape.  There were several replaced burial monuments.  It is situated a top a small knob hill along Highland Drive, one half mile north of the intersection of Kennedy Memorial Drive and Highland Drive.  There is a swampy area surrounding the east side of the cemetery.  The Minnetrista Baptist Church is situated at the intersection of Kennedy Memorial Drive and Highland Drive


On page 260 of the 1881 History of Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis, it states The German Baptist Church, located on Section 32, was organized November 22, 1858, and the present church, a log structure, was built in 1865, at a cost of about $150.  It has services every Sunday, also a Sunday school, which is well maintained. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008




?, August (?)

Ackerson, Lorn Kirk

Adam, Edward

Adam, Olga

Amborlee (?), George

Balkins, Minnie Krenke

Banks, Mildred I.

Beise (?), Albert O.

Beise (?), Bertha

Beise (?), Bertha

Beise (?), Christine

Beise (?), Edw.

Beise (?), Edward

Beise (?), Ferdinand

Beise (?), Fredericka

Beise (?), Fritz

Beise (?), Hattie

Beise (?), Minnie

Beise (?), Walter A.

Beise, Albert

Beise, Alma

Beise, Annie

Beise, Bertha

Beise, Carl

Beise, Emilie

Beise, Friedrich

Beise, Friedrick (?)

Beise, Gennevieve M.

Beise, George

Beise, Henry Th.

Beise, Louisa

Beise, Louisa

Beise, Marcella R.

Beise, Minnie

Beise, Sheldon E.

Beise, Wilhelmina

Bens, Roy B.

Bergs, Elroy H.

Bergs, Elroy H.

Bergs, Mayda Wendt

Berry, Anna

Block, baby boy

Bratrud, Arthur Ferdinand

Bruhn (?), Esther

Bruhn (?), Harry

Bruhn (?), Otto

Bruhn (?), Ruth A.

Bruhn (?), Sophia

Bruhn (?), William E.

Bruhn, Adela

Bruhn, Andrew R.

Bruhn, Anna

Bruhn, Benjamin F.

Bruhn, Benjamin F

Bruhn, Bernice E.

Bruhn, Carl

Bruhn, Carl

Bruhn, Charles

Bruhn, Charley

Bruhn, Dora

Bruhn, Eddie

Bruhn, Emma R.

Bruhn, Harvey

Bruhn, Johney

Bruhn, Lydie

Bruhn, Margaret

Bruhn, Minnie

Bruhn, Richa

Bruhn, Rudolf

Bruhn, Samuel

Bruhn, Selma

Bruhn, Sophia

Bruhn, Wesley D.

Bruhn, William

Colburn, Vern R.

Danielowski, Betty Ann

Danielowski, Donald Wayne

Dohren, ?

Donovan, Henry E.

Donovan, Lydia

Eisele, Dorothea

Eisele, Franz. X.

Eiselle?, Theodor Albert

Emery, Bonita M.

Emery, Laurence E.

Feiffer, ?

Fitch, Alfred Wendt

Fitch, Magdalena Wendt

Fratzke, Karoline

Funk, Alma

Funk, Aloysius

Ganz, Heinrich

Ganz, Sophia

Gongoll (?), ?

Gongoll (?), Walter E.

Gratrud, Harriet Gongoll

Greg, Rodney

Gregg, Constance

Gregg, Evelyn O.

Gregg, Walter J.

Gregg, Warren J.

Griep (?), Fred A.

Griep (?), Marian E.

Griep, Mabel M.

Griep, Milton

Griep, William H.

Gruhn, George

Haueter, Charles

Haueter, Helena Krenke

Hedtke, Wilhelmine C.

Heinemann (?), Friedrich H.

Heinemann (?), Wilhelmine

Heinemann, Ida

Heinemann, Walter

Hooten, Ann Bratrud

Hooten, Floyd

Hooten, Jasper B.

Hooten, William Craig

Horn, Walter B.

Horn, Willimine H.

Johnson, Elaine H.

Johnson, Goodwin P.

Johnson, Marlin M.

Keckhafer, August

Keckhafer, Louise

Kliese, Edwin C.

Krenke, Emma

Krenke, Ferdinand

Krenke, Frank

Krenke, Irving

Krenke, Maria

Krenke, Wilhelmine

Krenke, William

Krenz (?), Mary

Krenz (?), Robert

Kristofferson, Frieda

Krotzer, Alonzo

Krotzer, Alvin A.

Krotzer, Charles

Krotzer, Dennis R.

Krotzer, Etta

Krotzer, Mary

Krotzer, Mary

Krotzer, Mary S.

Krotzer, Myrtle M.

Krotzer, Ruby

Krotzer, Sharon

Krotzer, Thomas K.

Kukowski, Justin Joseph

Ladewig, Maria

Lehmann, Hortense G.

Lehmann, Otto

Littke, Ferdinand

Lorius, Albert

Luedtke – Wendt, Mathilda

Luedtke (?), Frank

Luedtke (?), Ida

Luedtke (?), Mary

Luedtke (?), William

Luedtke, baby boy

Luedtke, Bertha and Emilie

Luedtke, Emilie

Luedtke, Mary

Luedtke, Raymond

Luedtke, Richard

Luedtke, Wilhelm

Luedtke, Wilmar

Maas (?), Adolph

Maas (?), Alma E.

Maas (?), Minnie

Maas (?), Otto

Maas, Hattie

Maas, Irene C.

Maas, Olga E.

Maas, Robert

Maas, Stanley E.

Maas, Theda B.

Maas, Walter R.

Maas, Wm. F.

Maass, Anna

Maass, August

Maass, Friedrich

Maass, Henriette

Maass, Herman

Maass, LenaLobitz

Maass, Lucetta

Maass, Mathilda

Maass, Richard

Maass, Ulrike A. C.

Maass, Wilhelm

Maurer, Cheryl K.

Maurer, Garnet E.

Maurer, Garnet E.

Maurer, Katherine

Melcher, Milo M.

Meyer, baby boy

Meyer, Hans R.

Meyer, Rosemary I.

Minning, Frederick

Nagel, Friederike

Nagel, Lilian

Nagel, Wilhelm M.

Ohde, Albert L.

Ohde, August

Ohde, Bernhard

Ohde, Maria

Ohde, Martha

Ohde, Mary Carsensen

Piltz (?), Ida H.

Piltz (?), Simon

Piltz, Albert

Piltz, George

Piltz, John

Piltz, Lillian

Piltz, Minnie T.

Piltz, Theresia

Pofhal, Emma

Rehbein (?), Christine

Rehbein (?), Henry E.

Rehbein (?), Mildred

Rehbein, Anna

Rehbein, Charles A.

Rehbein, Christina

Rehbein, Earl E.

Rehbein, Heinrich

Rehbein, John

Rehbein, Josephine

Rehbein, Mabel

Rehbein, Mary

Rehbein, Mathilda

Rehbein, Milton

Rehbein, Ralph E.

Rode, Alber

Schmidt, Leonard

Schmidt, Mabel

Schmidt, Mabel

Schroeder (?), Amelia

Schroeder (?), William

Schroeder, Dena

Schroeder, George

Schroeder, Henry

Schroeder, John A.

Schumacher, Carl

Strobach, Harvey

Strobach, W.H.

Sundman, Claire Donovan

Thiese, August R.

Thurk (?), Gustave

Thurk (?), Hulda

Thurk, Elmer

Thurk, Evelyn

Vanwagner, Rebecca S.

Vongkaysone, Si

Wallin, Alice E.

Wallin, Gloria D.

Wallin, Ted W.

Wechsler, Lena

Wechsler, Ray S.

Wechsler, Ricka

Wegner, Lena

Weiland, Chad. E.

Weiland, Gene J.

Weiland, Joseph C.

Weiland, Lamont J.

Weiland, Olive B.

Weiland, Viola J.

Weiland, William E.

Wendt, ?

Wendt, ?un?

Wendt, Albert

Wendt, Albert L.

Wendt, Annia

Wendt, Bernhard

Wendt, Carl

Wendt, Emma

Wendt, Emma A.

Wendt, Helena

Wendt, John

Wendt, Maria

Wendt, Maria

Wendt, Martin

Wendt, Mary

Wendt, Mathilda

Wendt, William

Wetzig, Marcella M.

Wilcox, Edna Mae

Wilcox, W. Woods

Ziemann, Johann

Ziemann, Wilhelmine

Ziemer, ?

Ziemer, Adolph

Ziemer, Albert

Ziemer, Augusta H.

Ziemer, Carl L.

Ziemer, Christian H.

Ziemer, Freidrich (?)

Ziemer, Henrietta

Ziemer, Henry

Ziemer, Herman G.

Ziemer, Johanna

Ziemer, Karl

Ziemer, L ?

Ziemer, Lizzie

Ziemer, Mainord

Ziemer, Viola


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