Mound Union Cemetery

Mound, Hennepin County, Minnesota

T117N – R24W, Section 22


The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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This cemetery is located along Bartlett Boulevard / Hennepin County Road 110, approximately one mile west of the intersection of Hennepin County Road 44 and Bartlett Boulevard / Hennepin County Road 110.  A storage shed on the property states Established 1894.  This cemetery is upkept and in good shape. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008



?, Agnete

?, Charles

?, Christian

?, Henrietta

?, Laura

?, Mark

?, Russell

?, Susan

?, Tavis

?, William

Allard, CH

Anderson, Albert H.

Anderson, Almon C.

Anderson, Amy D.

Anderson, Anna E.

Anderson, Anna K.

Anderson, Carl G.

Anderson, Carl Oscar

Anderson, Catherine

Anderson, Darlene

Anderson, Edna Smith

Anderson, Edward W.

Anderson, Erling O.

Anderson, Gloria M.

Anderson, Gust C.

Anderson, Hazel I.

Anderson, Henry M.

Anderson, Hulda

Anderson, Idamae

Anderson, James W.

Anderson, John A.

Anderson, Lovisa

Anderson, Luther E.

Anderson, Mary Jean

Anderson, Myrtle L.

Anderson, Nels J.

Anderson, Paul A.

Anderson, Ragna Rasmussen

Anderson, Ragnhild

Anderson, Ralph G.

Anderson, Rena

Anderson, Robert N.

Anderson, William F.

Archer, Howard A.

Austin, Donald M.

Austin, Opal G.

Austin, Terry M.

Backlund, Ole

Baker, Clarence Henry

Baker, George R.

Baker, Katherine

Bakke, Lottie

Bakke, Wallace J.

Baldwin, Richard L.

Barnes, Ethel

Bartlett, Ada

Bartlett, Edward D.

Bartlett, Elsa

Bartlett, Fred O.

Bartlett, Gertrude

Bartlett, Robert H.

Bartlett, Sarah J.

Beacom, Cari Lynn

Bee, Marlin X. ‘Red’

Bee, Vera L.

Beech, Lois Ruth

Behm, Daniel R.

Behmler, Edward J.

Behmler, Frieda A.

Beiersdorf, Elmer F.

Beiese, Ferdinand

Beiese, Louise

Beise, Charles F.

Beise, Ervin W.

Beise, Sophia F.

Bentley, Clara L.

Bentley, George Ward

Berge, Johan O.

Berge, Myra F.

Berglund, Gordon L.

Berglund, Michael E.

Bernstein, Edna May

Bernstein, Richard

Bernstein, Wm.

Bettschart, Adolph H.

Bettschart, Helen C.

Bittle, Robert B.

Bjerke, Alice

Bjerke, Anne H.

Bjerke, Edward J.

Bjerke, Florence G.

Bjerke, Hans J.

Bjerkelund, Clara

Black, Charles

Black, Floyd

Black, Nora

Black, Walter D.

Blair, Archie W.

Blair, Mary Pearl

Blair, Myrtle B.

Blair, Wallace A.

Blakstcedt, Anfin V.

Blakstvedt, Else M.

Blakstvedt, Gilbert

Blakstvedt, Sonja L.

Blatzheim, Alice

Blatzheim, Elvera

Blatzheim, Gordon

Blatzheim, Kenneth J.

Blatzheim, William

Blaztheim, Edward

Boehner, Darleen

Boehner, Melvin

Bohlman, Bertha W.

Bosma, John

Bosma, Virginia A.

Bowers, Ada M.

Bowers, Christina

Bowers, Dorothy A.

Bowers, E. Charles

Bowers, Elijah

Bowers, Joshua

Bowers, Laura

Bowers, Martha

Bowers, Mary A.

Bowers, Sherman

Bowers, Sherwood S.

Bowers, Walter R.

Boynton, Etta (?) May

Bradley, Mae E.

Brandenburg, Irene S.

Brandenburg, William F.

Brandvold, Marjorie C.

Brandvold, Thomas

Bratager, Andrew S.

Bratager, Elda Cora

Bratager, John Lowell

Bratager, Margaret E.

Bray, Vernona C. (LaBarge)

Bredahl, Katherine E.

Bredahl, Severin

Brinkema, Jesse

Brinkema, Minnie

Brockert, August

Broeckert (?), Fritz

Broeckert (?), George

Broeckert (?), Johanna

Broeckert, Fred

Broeckert, Olga

Bronson, Evelyn

Bronson, Fred W.

Bronson, Harold L.

Bronson, Roby C.

Brook, Olive J.

Brooks, Olive Heath

Brooks, Sherman A.

Brooks, W. D. ‘Bill’

Bruhn, Alma P.

Bruhn, Bert

Bruhn, Doris E.

Bruhn, Elmer J.

Bruhn, Joseph H.

Bryce, Alex ‘Scotty’

Bryce, Alexander

Bryce, Isabella

Bryce, Isabelle E.

Bryce, Lucille

Bryce, Nichol

Bryce, Peter Donald

Buch, Halli

Buehl, John E.

Burandt, Arden Henry

Burandt, Esther

Burandt, Linda Eileen

Burandt, Walter

Burns, Mabel

Burns, Robert

Bursey, Laurie Kay

Byrne, Paul R.

Campbell, Ernestine H.

Campbell, Raymond C.

Carlin, David

Carlin, Ellen

Carlsen, Esther C.

Carlsen, William A.

Carlson, Carl R.

Carlson, Clara A.

Carlson, Helen M.

Carlson, John R.

Carlson, John S.

Carlson, Vera M.

Carruthers, Marvel O.

Case, Antoinett

Case, Clyde

Casey, Bill

Celhaye, baby

Champine, Charles Clayton

Chapman, Arthur W.

Chapman, Bradley G.

Chapman, Claude E.

Chapman, George T.

Chapman, John S.

Chapman, Lillian

Chapman, Mark A.

Chapman, Maude S.

Chapman, Minnie S.

Chapman, Roy A.

Chapman, Seymour A.

Charles, Ann

Charles, Lloyd E.

Chaulset, Sylvia

Cheney, Barbara J.

Cheney, Michael R.

Cheney, Robert A.

Christiansen, Emma E.

Christiansen, Henry M.

Christiansen, Martha Jane

Christiansen, Robert

Christiansen, Thomas L.

Christiansen, Vernon Orville

Christie, Charles W.

Christie, Geraldine B.

Clark, baby girl

Clark, Edith

Clark, Edith B.

Clark, Emily J.

Clark, Fred J.

Clark, Gilbert

Clark, Laura S.

Clark, Walter F.

Clement, Cora

Clenth, Ann K.

Clenth, Carl P.

Clough, Brian J.

Cole, Edna Hage

Cole, George Ridley

Cole, Gladys M.

Como, Nathan C.

Como, Rosetta

Cooper, Gwendoline

Corl, Steven M.

Correll, Harold H.

Correll, Wanda

Craig, Leon W.

Craig, Minnie M.

Crawford, Elsie M.

Crawford, Gordon P.

Cressy (?), Fannie F.

Cressy (?), Florence A.

Cressy (?), Joseph G.

Cressy, Bradley M.

Cressy, Elliea

Cressy, Gwendolyn V.

Cressy, Marley Anne

Cressy, Martha G.

Cressy, Orville M.

Cressy, Warren D.

Cunningham, John

Curtis, Tyler Michael

Cushman, Curtis

Cushman, Florence

Cuthbert, Florence

Dahl, Gerda

Dahl, Oscar F.

Dahlgren, Christian

Dahlgren, Enola S.

Dalbec, Brian J.

Dalton, Hayes R.

Dalton, Winnifred

Davidson, Grace O.

Davidson, John A.

Dealing, Edith Cavell

Dealing, Lillian R.

Dealing, Robert Orn

Decker, Dorothy J.

Decker, Herbert C.

Deering (?), Sylvester

DeMarais, E. Margaret

Deveny, Richard J.

Dewey, Christine L.

Dewey, Jerome

Dick, Jacob Edw.

Dick, Lucy K.

Dick, Raymond G.

Dickson, Betty Lou

Dickson, Frank Lee

Dickson, Robert Lee

Divine, Betty

Divine, James L.

Divine, John

Divine, Mae E.

Dodds, Loren C.

Dodds, Selma P.

Dressel, Elsie

Dressel, Frances I.

Dressel, Reinhold P.

Dugstad, Eunice T.

Dugstad, Harlan S.

Dugstad, Ida C.

Dugstad, John W.

Dugstad, Linda Lou

Dullum (?), Anna Marie

Dullum (?), Ole L.

Dullum, Josephine B.

Dullum, Morris J.

Duske, Dale A.

Duske, Duane A.

Eccles, Roberta Lynn

Eckwald, Nels

Edlund, Bernice K.

Edlund, Chester A.

Edlund, Conrad A.

Edlund, Elin

Edlund, Gordon B.

Edlund, Otto

Edlund, Pearl K.

Egan, Anthony E.

Eiss, Harry E.

Eiss, Helen H.

Emerson, Lorne W.

Emerson, Mary A.

Endresen, Carsten J.

Endresen, Malfrid M.

Enerson, Carl A.

Enerson, Ida J.

Engelhart, John H.

Engelhart, Leverna M.

Engelhart, Peter A.

Engelhart, Rose T.

Engelke, Albert

Engelke, Grace

Engelke, Robert W.

Engstrom, Carl

Engstrom, Carol A.

Engstrom, Chellis G.

Engstrom, Margaret J.

Engstrom, Walter H.

Erdman, Margaret A.

Erdman, Raymond John

Erickson, Arthur W.

Erickson, Brian J.

Erickson, Carl A.

Erickson, Carl Joseph

Erickson, Freda

Erickson, Lucille M.

Erickson, Simon E.

Erickson, Wilbert C.

Eriksen, Evelyn

Eskaln, Jennie A.

Etter, Elinor A.

Etter, Herbert L.

Eugster, Emilie

Eugster, George

Eugster, Helen Kerr

Eugster, Ulrich

Eugster, Ulrich Hedley

Evanoff, Mary

Evanoff, Tom

Evans, Carroll C.

Faaberg, Carol N.

Faaberg, Eugene T.

Fairchild, Lillian

Farness, Andre A.

Farness, Andrew A.

Farness, Andrew A.

Farness, Otis A.

Farness, Viola I.

Farness, Viola J.

Fenstad, Orval Raymond

Fenstad, Vivian Grace

Ferrall, Charles Russell

Fink, Ben F.

Fink, Elnora M.

Fiske, Clarence A.

Fiske, Pearl E.

Fitch, Charles H.

Fitch, Elbert L.

Fitch, Sumner E.

Ford, Catherine

Forkey, David

Forkey, Inga

Forkey, Julia

Forkey, Medric

Forsman, Edwin

Forsman, Julia

Foster, Asa G.

Foster, Sarah J.

Franzen, Gunnar

Fredrickson, Hazel

Fredrickson, Orrin

Fritz, Carl L.

Fritz, Myrtle L.

Fulkerson, Kent Eugene

Gagn, Alfred Joseph

Gagn, Tillie

Garland, Mather

Gay, Breyan Alyce

Gease, Alfred E.

Gease, Anna M.

Gebo, Arthur

Gebo, Minnie

Gebo, Thomas L.

Geffre – twins – Don – David

Geisthardt, Agnes J.

Geisthardt, John H.

Gelhaye, Irene C.

Gibson, Elizabeth C.

Gibson, Ethel A.

Gibson, Joseph L.

Gibson, Richard J.

Gillespie, Elliott W.

Glewwe, Herman

Glewwe, Margarethe

Goddon, Myrna E.

Goddon, Steve D.

Gooder, Alfred L.

Gooder, Edna J.

Gooder, Franklin B.

Gooder, Inez M.

Gooder, Shirley Mae

Goodwater, Gail G.

Goodwater, Roy W.

Gorfcsik, Arthur

Goudy, Albert E.

Goudy, Ethel M.

Graeber, Lyman M.

Graeber, Marie L.

Grandin, Adolf

Grandin, Amy O.

Grandin, Annette L.

Grant, Jack

Grant, Mildred C.

Grant, Richard D.

Gravelle, Lois Drogseth

Green, Ernest

Green, Ernest A.

Green, Frances E.

Green, John A.

Grimm, Erna S.

Grimm, Ervin E.

Gruette (?), Effie

Gruette, Gerald O.

Gruette, Louis N.

Gruette, Mary H.

Gruette, Vern D.

Grundeen, Amy Kathryn

Grundeen, Ronald J.

Gruppe, Bertha

Gunderson, Edgar

Gunderson, Nellie M.

Gunion, Ada A.

Gunion, Elmer M.

Gustafson, Christine

Gustafson, Gustaf W.

Gustner, Debbie Rae

Gustner, Emma J.

Haack, Charles E.

Haack, Hattie F.

Hafermann, Emma C.

Hafermann, Eugene E.

Hafermann, Martin J.

Hafermann, Mildred M.

Hafstad, Andrew G.

Hafstad, Olga C.

Hage, Hilmar M.

Hageman, Ruby Anne

Hagen, Helen A.

Hagen, Wallace H.

Hallin, Douglas E.

Hansen, Donald M.

Hansen, Janet Mae

Hansen, Martha

Hansen, Norman

Hansen, Peter

Hanson, Arthur E.

Hanson, Hans

Hanson, Harley W.

Hanson, Hilda C.

Hanson, L. Jeanette

Hanson, Olai

Hanson, Olive A.

Hardina, Frank C.

Hardina, Katie Clara

Hardy, Earl E.

Hare, Imo F.

Hare, Paul D.

Harrell, Leota L.

Harrison, Daviv

Hart, baby girl

Hasse, Verna

Hastings, Aaron Fred

Hastings, Catherine E.

Hastings, George H.

Haugen, Florence A.

Haugen, Philip J.

Hayes, Edward Victor

Hayes, Mae R.

Hayes, Veda May

Heath, Charles F.

Heath, Charles G.

Heath, Charles H.

Heath, Ethel B.

Heath, Fannie O.

Hecker, C. Isabelle

Hecker, Gerald Paul Michael

Hecker, Herbert W.

Hedberg, Peter O.

Heinsch, Ellen V.

Heinsch, Henry O.

Heinsch, Martin H.

Heitz, Alfred G.

Heitz, Louise A.

Henderson, John W.A.

Henderson, Pauline

Henke, Edna

Henke, Gerhardt

Henning, Josephine M.

Herman, Anna

Herman, Isaiah

Hicks, Duard G. ‘Duke’

Hicks, Joyce E. ‘Elaine’

Hicks, Kathryn L.

Higus, Dorothy G.

Higus, Genevieve A.

Higus, Loren T.

Higus, Marjory J.

Hillier, Myrtle Clara

Hillier, Willard Hamilton

Hitchings, Dorothy E.

Hitchings, Emma M.

Hitchings, Louis A.

Hitchings, Louis A.

Hjermstad, Carl F.

Hjermstad, Florence Koehler

Hoag, Marjorie K.

Hoag, Ward A.

Hodge, Dorothy V.

Hodge, Eugene H.

Hodge, Kimall E.

Hodge, Mildred D.

Hoefer (?), Emilie K.

Hoefer (?), William F.

Hoefer, Dorothea

Hoefer, Fredolin A.

Hoefer, Louis

Hoefer, Pamela

Hoff, Alice Bjerke

Hoff, Dale N.

Hoff, Edward E.

Hoff, Peter

Hoff, Theresia M.

Hofferber, Ralph Leon

Hofteig, Haldor J.

Hokanson, Emma

Hokanson, George

Holm, Pearl P.

Holm, Walter Richard

Holman, A.B.

Holman, Clara

Holmgren, Kim Denelle

Holmquis, Arthur

Holmquist (?), Charles

Holmquist (?), Ernest A.

Holmquist, Carl H.

Holmquist, Winifred

Horteig, Laura A. Tower

Horton, Amelia A.

Horton, Harry I.

Hotchkiss, Charles R.

Hotchkiss, Nellie J.

Howe, Clifford R.

Hoyt, John Burton

Huebl, Anthony L.

Huff (?), Catherine J.

Huff (?), Cyrus W.

Huff (?), John M.

Huff, Albert M.

Huff, Bert A.

Huff, Cyrus W.

Huff, Elizabeth

Huff, Elizabeth R.

Huff, Gladys S.

Huff, Glenn M.

Huff, Harland B.

Huff, J. Maurice

Huff, James A.

Huff, Lillian J.

Huff, Lilly M.

Huff, Mable V.

Huff, Nathaniel

Huff, Ruth V.

Hurley, John D.

Husby, Marie

Husby, Nels

Infelt, Gladys G.

Inman, Alice O.

Inman, Galvin L.

Iverson, Arnold O.

Iverson, Clarence L.

Iverson, Darlene D.

Iverson, Ellsworth A. ‘Tex’

Iverson, John L.

Iverson, Julie P.

Jackson, Charles C.

Jacobs, Esther B.

Jacobs, William

Jahelka, Joseph J.

Jahelka, Marie L.

Jahnke, Carl

Jahnke, Martha

James, Evan

James, Goldie

Jansen, Jane Alfreida

Jansons, Valdis

Japs, Theodore

Jarrett, Lolah J.

Jarvey, Helen A.

Jarvey, Ray B.

Jennings, Aylmer P.

Jennings, Frederick A.

Jennings, Mary A.

Jensen, Alel

Jensen, Beverly C.

Jensen, Charlotte N.

Jensen, E. V. Van

Jensen, Elma Marie

Jensen, Geneva D.

Jensen, Hanna O.

Jensen, Harold D.

Jensen, Leslie N.

Jensen, Roy L

Johnsen, Inger

Johnsen, Sonja Laila

Johnson (?), Louis (?)

Johnson (?), Nellie

Johnson, Alex J.

Johnson, Alma D.

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Anna L.

Johnson, August S.

Johnson, C. Clifford

Johnson, C. Herman

Johnson, Carl Gustave

Johnson, Carl J.

Johnson, Carl M.

Johnson, Charlotte

Johnson, Christine

Johnson, Claus A.

Johnson, Dale Alan

Johnson, Edna L.

Johnson, Emil Francis

Johnson, Ferner E.

Johnson, Gottfried

Johnson, Hilda M.

Johnson, Hulda J.

Johnson, Inga M.

Johnson, Jacqueline Elaine

Johnson, Jennie E.

Johnson, Karl O.

Johnson, Lawrence R.

Johnson, Lenore R.

Johnson, Madeline E.

Johnson, Marie L.

Johnson, Priscilla

Johnson, Ralph G.

Johnson, Richard Lane

Johnson, Robert L.

Johnson, Thomas W.

Johnson, Thorvald F.

Jones, Elva E.

Jones, Frederick S.

Jonsen, Signe

Julsrud, J. Maurice

Kallman, Karl A.

Kallman, Marie E.

Kallman, Marie Ellen

Kasten, Carl

Kasten, Isabella

Kasten, Verna M.

Kasten, Verona L.

Kaufman, Jean L.

Keckhafer, Fannie M.

Keckhafer, George L.

Keckhafer, May

Keintz, Natalie A.

Keiser, Edward W.

Keiser, Ida A.

Kelly, Lena

Kendrick, D. Stanley

Kendrick, David E.

Kendrick, Mary E.

Kern, E.C.

Kester, Lydia M.

Kickhafer, Amanda

Kickhafer, Donna M.

Kickhafer, Herman

Kickhafer, Josephine

Kickhafer, Ralph G.

Kickhafer, William

Kissinger, Donald G.

Kissinger, Esther J.

Kjolseth, James C.

Kjolseth, Lena

Kjolseth, Lena M.

Klein, Bette J.

Klein, David V.

Kline, Robin R.

Klovstad, Anna B.

Knapp, Gertrude F.

Knapp, Glenn D.

Koehler, A.P.

Koehler, baby

Koehler, Betty H.

Koehler, Clarence E.

Koehler, Edward F.

Koehler, Ellen

Koehler, Ethel A.

Koehler, George W.

Koehler, Gottlieb A.

Koehler, Grace E.

Koehler, Hortense

Koehler, Leona L.

Koehler, Marvin P.

Koehler, Mary Jane

Koehler, Philip O.

Koehler, Sandra J.

Koehler, Sophia

Koehler, W. Sherman

Koehler, Wm. H.A.

Koehn, Florence A.

Koehn, Raymond C.

Kopplin, Charles

Kopplin, Loretta

Kosower, Le G. Julsrud

Kowal, baby

Kowal, Edna L.

Kowal, Lynn E.

Kowal, Peter P.

Kowal, Roxanne L.

Kragthorpe, Emma

Kragthorpe, Jalmer

Krans, Algodt Peter

Krans, Mathilda

Krantz, Arnold C.

Krantz, Carl A.

Krantz, Olga M.

Krantz, Olga M.

Krause, Andrew C.

Krause, Elsa

Krause, Elsie B.

Krause, Florence E.

Krause, Harry F.

Krause, James

Krause, Jean

Krause, Jeffrey C.

Krause, Joseph G.

Krotzer, Marion M.

Kruse, Robert H.

Kuhlman, William Charles

Kullberg, Evelyn

Kullberg, Patrick

Kvaal, Anna

Lamb, Elliot E.

Lamb, Thelma J.

Lamberton, Nathan R.

Landberg, Otto J.

Lang, Pearl A.

Lang, Ralph P.

Larson, Ann

Larson, Astrid E.

Larson, Dagmar F.

Larson, Earl G.

Larson, Frances O.

Larson, George Earl

Larson, Hanna

Larson, Harold B.

Larson, Harold E.

Larson, Harry R.

Larson, Helena

Larson, Josephine A.

Larson, Julia

Larson, Julius C.

Larson, Richard

Larson, Sharon

Larson, Thomas

Lasch, Alice O.

Lasch, Ernest E.

Laub, Zola I.

Laube, Chris J.

Laundry (?), Minnie

Laundry, Joseph C.

LeMere, Elwood

Lene, Avis P.

Lene, Clayton

Liljenfors, Anna

Liljenfors, baby

Liljenfors, Emil

Lilligren, Cynthia Y.

Lilligren, Jerry O.

Lincoln, H. Earl

Lincoln, Mary

Lind, John

Lind, Mathilda

Lindlan (?), Anna R.

Lindlan (?), Harry O.

Lindstrom, Herman L.

Lindstrom, Hilda L.

Lindstrom, Richard Leon

Lindstrom, Robert L.

Lister, Karen Anita

Littlejohn, Emma

Lohmar, Jacob August

Lohmar, Luella Mugrdechian

Lovaasen, baby

Lovaasen, Inez

Lovaasen, Lavae L.

Lovaasen, Michael

Lovaasen, Orville C.

Lovgren, Gerda

Lovgren, Gustav

Lowell, I.J.

Lueck, Terrence H.

Luedtke, Edgar E.

Luedtke, Ida S.

Lund, Henry

Lund, Loche MacLean

Lundquist, Anton J. ‘Bert’

Lundquist, Dane Edward

Lyckholm, Lillian Lou ‘Billie’

Lyckholm, Robert Merlin

Maas, Alice

Maas, Bernard

Maas, Helen

Maas, John

Maas, Rodney B.

Madden, Ruth I.

Madsen, Edna C.

Madsen, Louis P.

Magney, Agnes M.

Magney, George M.

Maltz, John

Manthel, Audrey Mae

Mapstone, Cynthia

Marble, Alice

March, Evelyn (Engseth)

March, Ralph M.

Marsh, Florence

Martin, Mary M.

Martin, Robin (Krause)

Mathisen, Borghild K.

Mathisen, John L.

Mattson, Myrtle F.

Mattson, Rose L.

McConnell, Edna

McCullough, Francis

McCullough, Susan J.

McCurdy, Dennis D.

McCurdy, Howard W.

McCurdy, Rufina L.

McGinn (?), Edward E.

McGinn (?), Elizabeth M.

McInnis, Joyce

McKee, Donna L.

McKee, John T.

McKee, John T.

McKee, Robert John

McKelvey, baby

McKinney, Zelma (Bray)

Meagher, Albert E.

Meagher, Ernest

Meagher, Nellie

Meagher, Vera M.

Meeker, Harold Peterson

Meredith, Inga I.

Meredith, Sidney L.

Meredith, Timothy L.

Messer, Florence M.

Messer, Margaret C.

Messer, Sievert W.

Michel, Emilie

Michel, Lee

Miller, Carl

Miller, Dorothy

Miller, Helen E.

Miller, Henry W.

Moberg, Gertrude

Moe, ?stine J.

Moe, Kathryn B.

Moe, William B.

Moore, Edna L.

Moore, Frank

Moore, Grace

Moore, Grace E.

Moore, Harry R.

Moore, John I.

Moriarity, Mark Matthew

Morrison, Frieda M.

Morrison, Harry G.

Morrison, John R.

Mugrdechian, Mugrdech Der

Mugrdechian, Rita

Mugrdechian, Sampson

Nash, Robert E.

Nelson (?), Geraldine

Nelson (?), John

Nelson (?), Sophia

Nelson, Dorothea

Nelson, Elaine Lallak

Nelson, Ernest G.

Nelson, Lars

Nelson, Lillian L.

Nelson, Ralph A.

Nelson, Ruth R.

Nelson, Teckla A.

Neumann, Charles E.

Neumann, Harold G.

Neumann, Mathilde Auguste

Niccum, Betty L.

Niccum, Jeffrey L.

Niccum, Roy S.

Nichols, Kathleen Mae

Nichols, LaVerne Mae

Nichols, Nelva A.

Nichols, Robert G.

Nickel, Hedwig Augusta

Nickisch, Elizabeth

Nickisch, Harold G.

Nielson, Clarice A. ‘Sally’

Nielson, Donald Edward

Nikodym, Matilda

Noland, Harry A.

Noon, Luverne E.

Noon, Ruth B.

Norgard, Andrew F.

Norgard, Helga J.

Norgard, John K.

Norgard, Knut John

Norgard, Lea E.

Norgard, Vera N.

Oelrich, Fred J.

Oelrich, Zua O.

Oelrick, Gua (?) Olga

Oestreich, baby

Oestreich, Christina

Oestreich, France E.

Oestreich, Hubert A.

Oestreich, Reinhard

Ohrn, Gustav

Olds, James M.

Olexa, Allen

Olsen, Catherine A.

Olsen, Clarence

Olsen, Harry E.

Olsen, John

Olsen, Lois

Olson, Andrew D.

Olson, Anna C.

Olson, John M.

Olson, Lena

Olson, Ruby M.

Olson, Stella Nash

Olson, Thomas

Only Honky

Opdahl, Donald J.

Orn, Charles R.

Orn, Dorothy J.

Orn, Howard C.

Orn, Phyllis E.

Orn, Randall R.

Osell, Petra

Oslund, Michael J.

Oveson, Gustave A.

Oveson, Maude M.

Painter (?), Adam H.

Painter (?), Clara

Painter (?), Lillie M.

Painter, Annie

Parker, Claribel

Parker, Harvey L.

Partridge, Harriet

Patten, Marion Doreen

Paulsen, Gary M.

Paulsen, Julie Marie

Paz, Rafael

Peach, Ruth Ann

Peck, Frank E.

Perbix, Audrey M.

Perbix, Oscar H.

Petersen, Alma J.

Petersen, Bernice V.

Petersen, Dale M.

Petersen, David Lee

Petersen, Ronald C.

Peterson, Anna O.

Peterson, Arland Jeanette

Peterson, baby

Peterson, Blanche

Peterson, Earl Elmer

Peterson, Harold J.

Peterson, Ira L.

Peterson, Leona

Peterson, Lila M.

Peterson, Mary M.

Peterson, Mildred G.

Peterson, Oscar

Peterson, Peter

Peterson, Petra

Peterson, Rosalie J.

Peterson, Sterling

Pieper, Susan M.

Pierce, Bernard R.

Pierce, Olive M.

Pierce, Patrick L.

Pierce, Raymond L.

Pierson, Roy E.

Plant, George H.

Plant, Glory

Plant, Ken

Plant, Winifred M.

Poikonen, Bernice J.

Poikonen, George A.

Powell, Frank W.

Quaas, baby

Quaas, Benjamin F.

Quaas, Carl F.

Quaas, Dorothy B.

Quaas, Herman F.

Quaas, Hulda

Quist, Al G.

Quist, Alma J.

Ranis, Emil Frank

Ranis, Margaret

Rasmussen, Irene

Rasmussen, Wallace E.

Reed, John P.

Reratt, Asia

Reratt, Frank

Reynolds, Mable V.

Richardson, James M.

Richardson, Lefie E.

Rieck, Herman J.

Riggin, Addie

Riis, Otto

Ringer, Margaret

Ringer, William

Robert, Dorothy Claire

Roberts, Wilbur D.

Roberts, Wilbur David

Robinson, Laura

Roby, Elisabeth Clark

Roby, Harlow Scammon

Rockvam, Byron C.

Rockvam, Jenny O.

Rode (?), John

Rode, Anthony

Rode, Henry

Rode, Mary

Rogers, Alice E.

Rogers, Glenn

Roth, Albert

Roth, Elizabeth

Roth, Hilda R.

Roth, Noah E.

Rundell, Carol L.

Runman, Catherine M.

Runman, Eric A.

Rutledge, Boyd A.

Rutledge, Zella E.

Ruud, Einar F.

Ruud, Geraine L.

Ruud, Gwen

Ryan, Edward

Ryan, Mary

Salden, Mark R.

Sandberg, Gustaf A.

Sandberg, Minnie O.

Sanders, Nathaniel ?

Sanderson, Oscar

Sandgren, Edwin E.

Sandgren, Elna M.

Sandhoff, Elsie W.

Sandhoff, Herbert F.

Sarenpa, David E.

Sarpena, Edith Dorothy

Sarpena, Einard

Sarpena, Richard E.

Schafer, Alma L.

Schafer, Henry C.

Schaumburg, Ina J.

Schaumburg, Jean Carol

Schaumburg, Walter C.

Schedine, Hansy

Schedine, Leonard P.

Schellenberg, Loren R.

Schendel, Gilbert C.

Schendel, Irene C.

Schilling, Gilbert J.

Schilling, Myrtle K.

Schinderling, E.C.

Schinderling, M.

Schmidt, Agnes L.

Schmidt, Anna Marie

Schmidt, Fred L.

Schmidt, Gerrit D.

Schmidt, Lewis

Schmidt, Marjorie L.

Schmidt, Minnie

Schmidt, Walter A.

Schmidtbauer, Ashlee A.

Schnabel, Carol Bee

Schnabel, Richard Lynn

Schneider, Elizabeth J.

Schneider, Norma J.

Schneider, Victor

Schneider, Victor

Schoening, Emil C.

Schoening, Gertrude A.

Schrapp, Lavera

Schroeder, Clarence O.

Schroeder, Hulda A.

Schultz, Joel

Schultze, Leonard William

Schultze, Margaret A.

Schutz, Richard G.

Schwalbe, Alma L.

Schwalbe, Edward F.

Schwartz, Edna M.

Schwartz, Edward M.

Scott, Bitha

Scott, Jennie

Seimertz, John

Seipel, Raymond L.

Seipel, Vina Winslow

Shay, Allen K.

Sheehan, Patrick B.

Shellstrom, Evelyn I.

Shellstrom, Martin E.

Shepherd, Ada V.

Shepherd, George C.

Siebel, William C.

Sigafoos, Cora V.

Sigafoos, Evelyn V.

Sigafoos, Ralph W.

Simar, Ethel I.

Simar, Howard A.

Simensen, Edna K.

Skarp, Bernice A.

Skarp, Douglas M.

Skarp, Henry Millard

Skinner, John M.

Slentz, Hope

Sloan, Eliz. M.

Sloan, Harriet C.

Sloan, Ralph F.

Smith, Anna B.

Smith, baby girl

Smith, Bryon Arthur

Smith, Charles Herbert

Smith, Chas. J.

Smith, Christine

Smith, Edward W.

Smith, Genevieve

Smith, Gregory Allen

Smith, Hannah

Smith, Herbert W.

Smith, John A.

Smith, John Alfred

Smith, John P.

Smith, Leland Leroy

Smith, Michael D.

Smith, Portia M.

Smith, Ruth M.

Smith, Ruth V.

Smith, Timothy John

Sohns, Alice H.

Sohns, Alma

Sohns, Alvina Maltz

Sohns, Charles G.

Sohns, Eugene J.

Sohns, Henry R.

Sohns, Ivy M.

Sohns, Louis P.

Sohns, Philip H.

Solberg, Paul

Sollie (?), Edward

Sollie (?), Peter

Sollie (?), Peter

Sollie (?), Sophia

Sollie, Allen Nicholas

Sollie, Vilet J.

Spangrud, Paul E.

Spaulding, Augustus

Spaulding, Nancy C.

Speer, Kari Lyne

Spencer, David Roger

Spotten, Louis L.

Sprague, Neil B.

Sprague, Ralph W.

St. Lewis, Ernest

St. Lewis, Ernest

St. Lewis, Mabelle

Stahlke, Gilbert W.

Stahlke, Lillian A.

Stanton, Therese

Stark, Cathy Jean

Stark, Frieda E.

Stark, Leonard W.

Stark, Myrtle J.

Stark, William F.

Statts, Anna M.

Statts, Harry J.

Statts, Maria A.

Steele, Louise A.

Steele, Marjorie

Stein, John C.

Stein, Katherine

Stelling, Marge G.

Stelling, Roy W.

Stewart, John

Stewart, Mary Ann

Stieve, Doris A.

Stieve, Earl Albert

Stoll, Henry J.

Stoll, Iva B.

Storlien, Wayne

Stowe, Rufus

Stowe, Vera D.

Strand, John E.

Strickland, John M.

Strickland, Sandra E.

Stringfellow, Jayce Wayne

Sturmer, Arthur

Sturmer, Hazel

Sundberg, Lillian B.

Sundberg, Russell A.

Sundin, Johan

Sundstrom, M. Winnifred

Sundstrom, Rupert E.

Swanson, Carl V.

Swanson, Eric G.

Swanson, John

Swanson, Joshua James

Swanson, Russell

Swanstrom, Betty R.

Swanstrom, Roger D.

Sweeney, Caroline H.

Sweeney, Edmund H.

Swendseid, Christine

Swenson, Beverly J.

Swenson, Gordon T.

Swensrud, Frank E.

Swensrud, Louise M.

Sycks, Myron Lewis

Tangen (?), John O.

Tangen (?), Oleana T.

Taylor, Adele M.

Taylor, Richard W.

Taylor, William Edgar

Terp, Alvina

Terp, Mads

Terp, Petrae H.

Tharalson, Raymond A.

Thoe, Genevieve

Thoe, Henry L.

Thomas, Harriett G.

Thomas, Leigh Safford

Thompson, Betsey

Thompson, Lawrence

Thompson, Mathilda

Thompson, Reinert S.

Thulin, Anna B.

Thulin, Oscar N.

Tibbetts, Adolph Caughey

Tibbetts, Claribel

Tieman, Elva F.

Tipperman, Dora

Tipperman, William

Towner, Charles

Towner, Clara

Troelsen, ?? an S.

Troelsen, bab Donald

Troelsen, baby girl

Troelsen, Walter

Troska, Rochelle E.

Tuff, Alberta L.

Tuff, Carl L.

Tuff, Lina G.

Tuff, Mae H.

Tuff, Oscar C.

Tuff, Paul B.

Twitchell, Taylor Chebet

Tyler – Yaw, Elisabeth W.

Tyler, Ethel H.

Tyler, Granville

Tyler, Walter A.

Uhlin, Irvin F.

Uhlin, Minnie

Ullin, Donna ‘Blatzheim

Ulrick, Doreen M.

Ulrick, Eleanor S.

Ulrick, Roy Howard

Ulven, Andrew

Ulven, Gladys B.

Uner, Elwood Chester

Uner, John A.

Uner, Sally Ann

Uner, Selma

Urban, Lumir A.

Utley, John E.

Utley, Ruth N.

Utman, Bess

Vandercook (?), Carl

Vandercook (?), Myrtal

Vandercook, Elizabeth K.

Vandercook, Vernon C.

Vanvlerah, Grant

Vanvlerah, Marian

Varty (?), Ida

Varty (?), Joseph

Volkenant, Edward F.

Volkenant, Elaine J.

Volkenant, Hertha A.

Volkenant, Lorraine J.

Volkenant, Margaret Ruth

VonEschen, Helen M.

VonEschen, Vern L.

Wagman, June B.

Wagner, Cynthia Marie

Wagner, Steven A.

Walker, ?

Walker, Arthur

Walker, Cloe

Walker, DeLoy

Walker, Helen

Walker, Verna R.

Walker, William

Walters, J. Marie

Walters, William H.

Ward, Charles B.

Ward, Charles Robert

Ward, Olga Arlene

Ward, Roger S.

Warren, Ollie

Webber, Myrtle E.

Weiland, Bernard J.

Weiland, Minnie A.

Weiland, Shirley

Welch, Ellen

Welch, Norman

Weller, Barbara

Wermager, Delores Ann

Wermager, Robert T.

Westlund, Alice Marie

Westlund, Oscar R.

White, Helen

Whittaker, Charles E.

Whittaker, Dale J.

Whittaker, Edward P.

Whittaker, Myrtle C.

Wicklund, Carl G.

Wicklund, Chas.

Wicklund, Ella M.

Wickstrom, Freda S.

Wickstrom, Gust

Wilkes, Donald C.A.

Winslow, Josephine

Wistedt, Augusta

Wistedt, Gustaf

Wistedt, Winston Eugene

Wohlman, George A.

Wohlman, Mabel H.

Wolfe, Clara M.

Wolfe, Paul R.

Wolner, Helen L.

Wolner, Herbert E.

Woodward, Evylon D.

Woodward, Irene

Woodward, Ralph P.

Worland, Thomas C.

Woytcke, Ernest R.

Woytcke, Irene G.

Woytcke, Kimberley E.

Wroda, James R.

Wymer, Irene

Young, Alice B.

Young, Jack B.

Yule, Florence M.

Yule, Norman E.

Zill, Ella H.

Zill, Erich A.

Zill, Hugo O.

Zimmerman, Conrad

Zimmerman, Josephine E.

Zubert, Julia H.

Zubert, Peter M.


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