Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Cemetery

Mound, Hennepin County, Minnesota

1485 County Road 110, Mound, Minnesota

T117N – R24W, Section 11



The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the www.lulu.com website. 


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This cemetery is located at the intersection of Hennepin County Road 110 / Commerce Boulevard and Game Farm Road East.  The online website for the Our Lade of the Lake Catholic Church identifies this cemetery as about one mile north of its church.  It estimates the size of the cemetery as approximately five acres in size with only about one-fourth of its space developed at this time.  This cemetery is a fairly new modern style cemetery with only ground level burial monuments.  It is well maintained and in great shape. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2008.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2008



Adams, Braeden Xavier

Amireault, Mary

Amireault, Omer

Anderson, Agnes M.

Anderson, Carl L.

Anderson, Donald

Andreasen, Peter

Andreasen, Rose C.

Armstrong, Hugh Eldon

Armstrong, Rose Lynn

Babler, Donna Mae

Babler, John W.

Baier, Anton A.

Baker, David Alan

Baker, Jenilee Jo

Baker, Julie Ann

Baldwin, Stanley H.

Baldwin, Viola M.

Barkley, Beverly A.

Barkley, Timothy Allen

Barkley, Wayne M.

Barrett, Anthony Earl

Barrett, Rose Kathleen

Bartikoski, Mary L.

Bartikoski, Paul W.

Bartikoski, Robert G.

Bartikoski, Tom A.

Bauer, Joseph A.

Beckman, Herman

Beckman, Josie

Beckman, Lawrence

Beckman, Theodore E.

Bedel, Ada May

Bedel, Victor G.

Bedell, Eve Kathy

Belanger, Sophia

Belawski, Aldora F.

Belawski, Alex W.

Benedict, Eva A.

Bennett, Rose C.

Beohm, Charles E.

Beohm, Mary Ann C.

Berger, Amanda

Berger, Gilbert

Betzler, Roberta

Betzler, William F.

Blackowiak, Edward J.

Blackowiak, Elaine A.

Blackowiak, Frank G.

Blackowiak, Isabel M.

Blackowiak, Janet Louise

Blake, Lorraine R.

Blake, Vincent G.

Boll, Alfred S.

Boll, Jennie J.

Boll, Robert L.

Bonecho, Frank I.

Bonesho, Emma M.

Borgonjon, Herman

Borgonjon, Thelma P.

Bosiger, Geraldine M.

Botter ??, Genevieve M.

Botter ??, Norman E.

Boudin, Henry A.

Bowers, Mary T.

Brady, Francis L.

Brady, Pauline C.

Brady, William A.

Brambilla, Arthur C.

Brambilla, Elizabeth V.

Brandenburg, Donald F.

Broechert, Katherine J.

Broeckert, Gustav F.

Brooks, Deloris M.

Brooks, Kenneth C.

Brooks, Kenneth K.

Brooks, Lynn W.

Bruels, Elsie Doris

Bruhn, Arnold G.

Bruhn, LaVerne R.

Bruns, Doris Irene

Bruns, Terry Louis

Buckingham, Robert L.

Burke – Smith, Evangeline

Burke, Evelyn M.

Burton, Rosemary B.

Burton, Thomas M.

Busha, Guy Ivan

Busha, Regina M.

Buysse, Audrey A.

Bylin, Ethel M.

Bylin, Milton J.

Byrnes, Pearl W.

Chalstrom, Kathryn

Chase, Brian Joseph

Cheney, Leslie W.

Cheney, Louise A.

Childs, Charles E.

Chladek, Anna M.

Chladek, Emil J.

Chladek, Florence C.

Chladek, Marian R.

Christa, Nellie E.

Christa, Nicholas

Clausen, Frank Peter

Clausen, Ida Eva

Cloutier, Cortlen L.

Cloutier, Ethel

Cloutier, Gretchen M.

Cloutier, Lillian E.

Cloutier, Ralph F.

Cloutier, Romeo F.

Cloutier, Verna M.

Cloutier, Yvonne M.

Cola, James J.

Condon, Elizabeth A.

Condon, Mark R.

Condon, Myrtle

Condon, William H.

Connolly, John F.

Connolly, Sylvia M.

Crawford, Virginia

Crowner, John D.

Crowner, Verna P.

Cummins, Pamela J.

Curry, Thomas A.

Daly, Patricia E.

Daly, William P.

Danielson, Beatrice T.

Danielson, Kevin M.

Danielson, Marvin O.

Darian, Joseph

David, Catherine P.

David, Darrell R.

David, Dorothy M.

David, Michael J.

Davis, Jack C.

Davis, Margaret M.

Davis, Terese Marie

Dehardt, Fay M.

Denenny, Velma M.

DeRosia, Joseph E.

DeRosia, Violette O.

Derry, Jock Anthony

Deutsch, Bernadina

Deutsch, Matthew

DeVinney, Barton E.

DeVinney, Robert E.

Divine, Laurey J. Jacobsen

Dobbelaire, Dalin Achiel

Dobbelaire, Terry

Dodd, Eva R.

Dodd, Richard E.

Doffing, Peter M.

Donahue, Barbara D.

Donahue, Clarence

Donahue, Edith

Donnay, Charles J.

Donnay, Irene E.

Dressel, Donald I.

Dressel, Elizabeth L.

Dressel, Herman M.

Dressel, Marjorie A.

Drey, Frank W.

Drey, Marti N.

Duffy, Donovan C.

Duffy, Felix M.

Duffy, John B.

Duffy, Julia B.

Duffy, Lucile

Duffy, Margaret A.

Duffy, Naomi J.

Dupuis, Gail L.

Ebert, Albert A.

Ebert, Elizabeth

Ebert, Evelyn

Ebert, Fred J.

Ebert, Henry A.

Ebert, Henry A.

Ebert, Mary M.

Eckman, Julia

Eckman, Walter E.

Ehalt, Arthur J.

Ehalt, Barbara

Ehalt, Jacqueline

Ellingson, Lori Jo

Engelhard, Stella

Erickson, DeLore N.

Erickson, Genevieve M.

Ericson, Frank J.

Ericson, James T.

Ericson, Pearl H.

Esch, Hubert P.

Ess, Catherine

Ess, Edwin F.

Ess, Florence M.

Ess, George

Fadell, Janice L.

Fadell, William J.

Farley, Eugene T.

Farley, Mary E.D.

Farrell, Carol J.

Farrell, Erwin J.

Faue, Walter B.

Fegers, Lou

Fegers, Marilyn

Fehr, Michael R.

Filan, Mary

Finn, Gerald T.

Finn, Ursula C.

Fischer, Char. J.

Fischer, Gertrude M.

Fischer, Henry F.

Fischer, Jim A.

Fischer, Theodore A.

Forde, Frances

Forde, Glenn R.

Fournier, Cyril T.

Fournier, Susan Egan

Frank, Roger

Friden, John Arthur

Friden, Mary Jane

Friden, Rich

Friden, Steve

Friden, Virginia M.

Gagne, Alice C.

Gagne, Robert L.

Geagan, James

Geagan, Margaret

Geib, Robert

Geyen, Elmer T.

Geyen, Lucille M.

Geyen, Marvin H.

Geyen, Ronald P.

Gibbs, Michell E.

Gindt, Kelly & Shelly

Gnitka, Frank

Gnitka, Laura

Golden, Helen P.

Golden, Herbert F.

Golden, Herbert R.

Golden, Merrill F.

Golden, Viola H.

Goodfellow, Everett S.

Goodfellow, Mary Pat

Goslin, Cherie L.

Grachek, Edward

Gracher, Martha

Graham, Clifford H.

Graham, Laverne M.

Grimes, Evelyn Anne

Grimes, Margaret

Grimes, Wayne

Groschen, Charles M.

Groschen, Elaine M.

Groschen, Florence R.

Groschen, Frank L.

Grundmeier, Marilyene O.

Gulden, Helene

Gulden, William

Gustafson, Gregory R.

Haas, Suzanne M.

Haerden, A. Patrick

Haerden, Ambrose J.

Haerden, Arnold P.

Haerden, Elizabeth M

Haerden, John H.

Haerden, Louise C.

Haerden, Margaret K.

Haerden, Mary

Hagen, Christopher D.

Hagen, Nicholas

Halvarson, Kathleen

Halvarson, Paul

Hansen, Reda M.

Hanson, Bernard J.

Hanson, Cecelia M.

Hanson, Henrietta M.

Hanson, Lindsey Marie

Hanson, Margaret L.

Hanson, Phillip H.

Hanson, Timothy J.

Harding, Louise S.

Harding, Wesley W.

Harris, Donald R.

Harris, Joan F.

Harris, Joshua

Hatcher, Erma A.

Hatcher, Heidi M.

Hatlie, Norton Marlowe

Hayes, Ann Louise

Hayes, Paul E.

Hays, Esther M.

Hays, Theodora M.

Heimann, Anna

Heimann, Louis C.

Heitz, Andrew J.

Heitz, Chris

Heitz, Eileen E.

Heitz, Lawrence J.

Heitz, Lena M.

Hengen, Florence F.

Hengen, Florence M.

Hengen, William H.

Hengen, William L.

Henning, Ernest H.

Henning, Stella B.

Henrich, Edward R.

Hentges, Connie

Hentges, Mickey

Hentges, Patrick T.

Heyman, Albert W.

Heyman, Timothy P.

Higgins, James E.

Higgins, Lydia

Higus, Neil L.

Hilgers, Alfred F.

Hilgers, David A.

Hilgers, Elvira S.

Hilgers, Hazel L.

Hilgers, Sylvester L.

Hiller, Elizabeth L.

Hiller, John K.

Hohs, John T.

Hohs, Teresa M.

Holisky, Anna A.

Holisky, Thomas J.

Holley, Rachel A.

Horton, Florence M.

Horton, Harry I.

Huber, Lucille R.M.

Huber, Robert Louis

Huber, Ronald E.

Huderle, Anna K.

Huderly, Joseph

Huff, Ceciliann C.

Huff, Cyrus W.

Humboldt, Lucille P.

Humboldt, Robert F.

Humpolik, Francis J.

Huntington, Monty J.

Husak, Eugene

Husak, Irene

Illies, Agnes J.

Illies, Bernard

Illies, Julian A.

Jackson, Jeffrey Michael

Jacobsen, Audrey C.

Jacobsen, Howard E.

Jager, Francis

Jezorski, Irene M.

Jezorski, Theodore J.

Johns, Marie Jeanette

Johns, William Isadore

Johnson, Albert B.

Johnson, Catherine J.

Johnson, Charles Y.

Johnson, Dorothea H.

Johnson, Elvera V.

Johnson, Francis O.

Johnson, Marie A.

Johnson, Oscar D.

Jostrom, Ann Margaret

Jostrom, Elizabeth Seraphina

Jostrom, Forest James

Jostrom, Knute Oscar

Jostrom, Thomas James

Judge, Mark W.

Kahn, Michael H.

Kalal, Joseph P.

Kalal, Katherine M.

Kalal, Laverne B.

Kaminski, Dawn ‘Shelly’

Kaminski, Kenneth W.

Kaminski, Sarah M.

Kantack, Mabel

Kantack, Martin

Keefe, Mary R.

Kellogg, Fredrick H.

Kellogg, Rosella M.

Kelly, Agnes H.

Kelly, Arlene H.

Kelly, Arthur J.

Kelly, Colon

Kelly, Donald J.

Kelly, James V.

Kelly, Mary

Kelly, Patrick F.

Kelly, Patrick J.

Kenefick, Agnes

Kenefick, Harold

Kenefick, Sarah A.

Kenneally, Patrick J.

Klein, Elizabeth

Klein, Henry E.

Klein, Mary Ann Carol

Klein, Phillip Anthony

Klein, Stephen L.

Kloss, Emma

Kloss, Frank

Knott, Agnes C.

Knott, Gustave R.

Koecheler, Anthony

Koecheler, Anthony J.

Koecheler, Francis J.

Koecheler, Frank

Koecheler, Gertrude

Koecheler, James J.

Koecheler, Joseph

Koecheler, Katherine

Koecheler, Leonard F.

Koecheler, Mary Lea

Koecheler, Rosa

Koecheler, Sybil C.

Koehnen, Edward J.

Koehnen, Edward Leonard

Koehnen, James K.

Koehnen, James R.

Koehnen, Margaret M.

Koehnen, Michael

Koehnen, Robert I.

Koepp, Carl F.

Koepp, Helen R.

Kohman, Elizabeth K.

Kohman, Thomas J.

Kokesch, Eva L.

Kotula, Pamela

Koyonen, Catherine M.

Kraft, Christine Lutz

Kramer, Alice K.

Kramer, Ray P.

Krause, Chester R.

Krause, Evelyn F.

Krause, Helen Pauline

Krause, Lucille M.

Krause, Theresia K.

Krause, William F.

Krotzer, Jeanne A.

Krotzer, Kent E.

Kunde, Stephen G.

Kuntuzos, Emilie B.

Kuntuzos, Helen V.

Kuntuzos, James D.

Kuntuzos, John A.

Kuske, Mary A.

Kust, Elizabeth M.

Kust, Gerald Eugene

Kust, Joan M.

Kust, Joseph F.

LaFore, Arlett

Lafore, Clara

Lafore, Edward

Lafore, Georgia Lee

Lally, Isabella

Lally, Leo F.

Lange, Elsie C. Farrell

Lange, Jeanette M.

Lange, Jerome P.

Lange, Thomas K.

Lapinski, Esther A.

Lapinski, Robert C.

Larson, Margaret J.

Leach, Kathryn M.

Lee, Richard Philip

Lee, Richard Philip

Leighton, Leone M.

Leighton, Michael R.

Leighton, Robert E.

Lenz, Alphonse

Lenz, Mary R.

Lewis, Lottie E.

Lewis, Robert L.

Lighthart, Christopher

Linnenkamp, E. Dale

Linnenkamp, Marlyce C.

Linquist, Carl W.

Linquist, Kyler Bailey

Linquist, Marguerite

Loew, John

Logelin, Edna A.

Logelin, Kenneth V.

Logelin, Vincent J.

Loneman, Patrick Dean

Lundberg, Ronald George

Maas, Georgia L.

Maas, John H.

Maas, Lambert H.

Maas, Theresa A.

Machtemes, Charles

Machtemes, Elizabeth

Macias, baby boy

Macias, Doris J.

Macias, Manuel E.

Mader, August F.

Mader, Bernice F.

Mader, Russell J.

Magnus, Robert A.

Magnus, Valarae H.

Manning, James E.

Manning, L. Lucy

Marczynski, Theresia

Mason, Andrew Thomas

Matachek, Ethel F.

Matachek, Frank B.

Maxwell, Julie

Maxwell, Margaret E.

May, John F.

May, Vera M.

Maylone, Forrest C.

Maziarka, Arthur J.

Maziarka, Margaret M.

McCombs, Ronald L.

McDonald, Louis W.

McDonald, Mary C.

McGowan, Mary & Joseph

McGrath, James L.

McGrath, Mary J.

McMahon, Maureen Etta

McVay, Joyce V.

Meehl, Alva M.

Meehl, John J.

Melius, Sonia R.

Mesick, David N.

Mesick, Elizabeth D.

Mikes, Barbara Steichen

Miller, Dorothy E.

Miller, Kristin E.

Miller, Margaret

Miller, Max H.

Miller, Molly Beth

Miller, Nicholas

Miller, Ralph E.

Morgan, Daniel Patrick

Moschini, Arthur

Mueller, Theresa M.

Munz, Francis A.

Murnane, Edmond B.

Murnane, Nina V.

Murphy, Frances B.

Murphy, John T.

Murphy, Margaret M.

Murphy, Richard F.

Nagel, Anne M.

Nagel, Irwin W. Pat

Nelson, Charlotte P.

Nelson, Donna Mae

Nelson, Eleanor

Nelson, Harry E.

Nelson, Jeffrey M.

Ness, Alvin L.

Ness, Marion C.

Netka, Anna L.

Netka, Lawrence E.

Neumann, Adelia E.

Neumann, Donald  B.

Neumann, Donald B.

Neumann, John M.

Niccum, Catherine F.

Niccum, Chester S.

Nicolay, Peter

Nielsen, Cathie M.

Nielsen, Peter F.

Nielsen, Ruth K.

Nolan, James

Norgren, John C.

Norgren, Neil P.

Norlander, Clarice M.

Norlander, Robert D.

Norton, Patrick J.

Novack, John Leon

O’Brien, George P.

O’Connell, Christopher Patrick

O’Halloran, Kevin Dennis

O’Halloran, Patricia H

O’Halloran, Patrick Flynn

O’Halloran, Raymond J.

O’Kefe, Neil Patrick

O’Malley, Florence L.

O’Malley, Henry S.

O’Malley, Sean

O’Neill, Isaac E.

Oas, Daniel Oswald

Olsen, Axel C.

Olsen, Emma M.

Olson, Carl K.

Olson, Evelyn B.

Osmonson, James E.

Osmonson, Patricia L.

Ott, Barton L.

Pauly, Henry W.

Pauly, Hubert

Pauly, Lenora

Pauly, Mildred M.

Payant, Alfred E.

Payant, Angie R.

Payant, Paul J.

Peters, Isidore H.

Peterson, Emmy M.

Peterson, Vernon E.

Pfeifer, Agnes Pollock

Philbrook, Anna M.

Philbrook, Frank I.

Piche, Ernest J.

Piche, Mary E.

Plumadore, Leonard H.

Plumadore, Ruth E.

Podany, Catharine

Podany, John P.

Pollock, Joseph

Poulk, Donalda E.

Pratt, Gertrude

Pratt, Joseph

Prchal, Agnes M.

Ptacek, Louis G.

Pulchinski, Eugene

Pulchinski, Georgiana

Putt, Bernice C.

Putt, Harry

Rascop, Robert P.

Rauschendorfer, Dorothy O’Brien

Regan, Charles J.

Regan, Joseph

Regan, Marguerite K.

Regan, Rose

Reid, Irene M.

Reid, Wayne V.

Rewerts, Richard

Rice, Hugh S.

Rice, Kevin C.

Rice, Marvel M.

Rippberger, baby boy

Rippberger, Joseph H.

Ritchie, Paula M.

Rogers, David Michael

Rosengren, John P.

Rosengren, Shirley J.

Roth, Everett L.

Roufs, Eugene W.

Roufs, Helen G.

Roussin, Alfred G.

Rowan, Anthony J.

Rowan, Lillian M.

Rudnicki, Effie A.

Rudnicki, Frank A.

Rudnicki, Harold

Russell, Marie Anne

Rydeen, Della Helen (Hall)

Saari, Lorraine G.

Salden, David

Satek, Joyce F.

Satterfield, Abby Jane

Scamporrino, Angelina M.

Scamporrino, Salvador J.

Scherber, Frances V.

Scherber, James J.

Scherber, Leo J.

Schiltgen, Albert J.

Schiltgen, Elizabeth

Schiltgen, John J.

Schmitt, Adeline C.

Schmitt, Joseph W.

Schmitz, Nicholas J.

Schneider, Philip A.

Schrimpf, H. James

Schroeder, Doris Bernice

Schroeder, John Graham

Schug, Margaret

Schulenberg, Everett T.

Schuler, Dennis L.

Schuler, Emma C.

Schuler, Florian P.

Schuler, George H.

Schuler, Gertrude A.

Schuler, Gilbert C.

Schuler, Leona E.

Schuler, Peter J.

Schuler, Richard E.

Schulte, Edwin J.

Schulte, Leone H.

Schultz, Debra C.

Schultz, Peter Joseph

Schwartz, Ferdinand Henry

Scullin, Edgar V.

Scullin, H. Laurine

Segner, Ann G.

Segner, Clarence A.

Segner, Frank J.

Segner, Frankie A.

Segner, Gary E.

Segner, Joseph G.

Segner, Richard Joseph

Segner, Thelma Jean

Segner, William A.

Seguin, Blanche H.

Seifert, John

Seifert, Maude

Seifert, Pontie

Shaughnessy, E.L. Bud

Shields, Charlotte E.

Shields, John Edward

Sicheneder, Josephine

Sicheneder, Marlin

Simertz, George Henry

Simertz, Patricia

Simertz, Sophie Frances (Linquist)

Skochenski, Duane

Skochenski, Mark A.

Skochenski, Patricia

Skow, Mary A.

Skow, Myron E.

Slechta, Anita J.

Slechta, Charles

Slechta, Geneieve

Slechta, Leo J.

Smith, Mary A.

Sohns, Laura E.

Sohns, Melvin M.

Sorensen, Clarence (Pete)

Sorensen, Mayme L.

Sorensen, Robert

Spellacy, Judith Ann

Spillane, Anna

Stavrum, Hildegard S.

Stavrum, Wayne A.

Stearns, Elizabeth Ann

Steichen, John Roman

Stein, Mary Jane

Stein, Mathias R.

Stein, Valentine C.

Sterriker, Audrey E.

Sterriker, James W.

Stoddard, Denise Jean

Storke, Kenneth F.

Storke, Marion G.

Strand, Mary A.

Strand, Robert E.

Stromme, Helen

Strong, Elisabeth

Strong, Ralph H.

Styner, Fredrick D.

Styner, Mary Jo

Sullivan, Charles P.

Sullivan, Frances L.

Sullivan, Isabel R.

Sullivan, Michael H.

Sumskis, Ona

Supalo, Ellen C.

Supalo, John E.

Swensen, Stephen Allen

Tart, Al. N.

Tart, Kay C.

Teffs, Robert J.

Tenerife, Christopher M.

Theisen, Barbara A.

Theisen, John L.

Therault, Milton J.

Thorson, Jesse Pascua

Touart, Michael

Trainor, Helen K.

Trainor, James E.

Trippler, Daryle Dale

Trippler, Evalyn Weiland

Tuff, Herman S.

Tuff, Pearl S.

Vakoc, Henry J.

Vakoc, Phyllis M.

Vegners, Darleen M.

Vegners, Edgars Z.

Venecek, Margarethe

Vetsch, Amanda Louise

Vlach, Abert Fred

Vlach, Anna Amalia

Voorhees, Norman G.

Wallin, Ellen Marie

Walters, Harry O.

Walz, Caroline A.

Walz, Frank F.

Wambeke, John J.

Wambeke, Katherine A.

Wambeke, Michael Alan

Washburn, Gary

Webber, Eliza

Weed, Charlotte Stephens

Weed, Hanna

Weed, Joseph D.

Weed, Marie

Weed, Thomas P.

Weiland, Alice E.

Weiland, Andrew F.

Weiland, Anthony F.

Weiland, Betty Jane

Weiland, Catherine C.

Weiland, Clara M.

Weiland, Clarence R.

Weiland, David A.

Weiland, Ethel G.

Weiland, Eva M.

Weiland, Frank A.

Weiland, Frank W.

Weiland, George J.

Weiland, John C.

Weiland, Lois R.

Weiland, Mary Jane

Weiland, Phillip F.

Whalen, George T.

Whalen, Grace A.

White, Jason M.

Willette, Alice S.

Willette, Joseph O.

Williams, Alyse E.

Williams, Annabelle

Williams, Catherine Y.

Williams, Edward M.

Williams, Florence C.

Williams, George M.

Williams, Georgette M.

Williams, Gloria L.

Williams, Joseph P.

Williams, Khalil M.

Williams, LaVerne Bell

Williams, Mary A.

Williams, Richard Jerome

Williams, Unes P.

Williams, William

Wing, Faye A.

Winkel, Bernard F.

Wirtz, Herbert Henry

Wirtz, Marie Hauwiller

Wiswell, Joseph James

Wiswell, Lydia C.

Wiswell, Richard A.

Wiswell, Thomas F.

Yost, Frank X.

Zabel, Elizabeth G.

Zabel, Theodore O.

Zajicek, Joseph S.

Ziehwein, Rita M. ‘Kopperud


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