Resurrection Cemetery

city of Shorewood, Hennepin County, Minnesota: T117N - R23W, section 36

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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This cemetery is kept up and in good shape. The earlier burials in this cemetery appear to have occurred in the 1920’s. As I walked the rows it appeared that the size of the burial plots had changed over time. All in all the rows line up well, however they do appear to jog in the center of the cemetery.

The cemetery is located near the intersection of Highway 7 and Old Market Road in Shorewood. The cemetery is surrounded by trees and is not visible from Highway 7.

As you enter the cemetery there is a dedication plaque that reads: Resurrection Cemetery - Church of Saint John the Baptist - Excelsior - This Cemetery Entrance and Gateway Was Donated in Memory of Timothy R. Merz 13 March 1950 - 18 December 1968 - by . and Mrs. Ray Merz and Family - A.D. 1972

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed in September 2001.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2001


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Anna H. Abplanalp

Herbert P. Akins

Mary D. Akins (?)

Lenny J. Allee

Frances Allenburg

Fred H. Allenburg

Daniel Verne Almen

Arthur Altier

Del Anne Altier

Beatrice I. Ames

William S. Ames

Angeline Mary Anderson

Catherine A. Anderson

Clifford Herman Anderson

Dean R. Anderson

Evalyn F. Anderson

Gregory Lee Anderson

John D. Anderson

Kevin Jay Anderson

Louis Wm. Anderson

Marlowe A. Anderson

Mary C. Anderson

Rudolph D. Anderson

Verna A. Anderson

Virginia N. Anderson

Lillian S. Anlauf

Eleanor I. Armstrong

Robert W. Armstrong

George J. Arns

Irene E. Arns

Therese Arns

Mary T. Baker

Henry Joseph Balluff

Wilhelmina Jung Balluff

Mary S. Banker

Victor A. Banker

Nancy J. Barlau

Helen May (Dupont ?) Barrett

Mildred K. Barrett

Patricia Mary Barrett

Willard K. Barrett

Geraldine Dunne Barry

Walter R. Barry

Claude Bartlett

Ruth C. Bartlett

Alice Madden Barton

Marlys J. Batdorf

C. Mabel Batteen

Ralph M. Batteen

Edna I. Baughn

Muriel F. Baughn

Beda Benno Bauman

Emily A. Bauman

Ivo T. Bauman

James Emmet Bauman

Janice M. Baune

Edward Ray Bean

Loretta Beireis

Patricia M. Bemis

Howard H. Bender (?)

Violet W. Bender (?)

Frank G. Benneis

Anna M. Bennis

George E. Bennis

Joseph Spencer Bennis

Michael Bennis

Annie G. Berg

Eleanor M. Berg

Mary Ellen Berg

Patricia J. Berg

Cyril M. Bernier

Genevieve K. Bernier

Bernadette P. Berreau

J. Art Berry

Rose V. Berry

Warren Lawson Beson

Joan J. Beth

Edward Betlock

Evelyn Betlock

Anna R. Bickford (?)

Charles B. Bickford

Luella C. Bickford

Mary Anna Bickford (?)

Willard A. Bickford

Christopher Mark Bidon

Bernice A. Bierlein

Harold B. Bierlein

Josephine M. Bierlein

Michael J. Bierlein

Judith Mary Bishop

Leverett G. Bishop

Martha R. Bishop

Beatrice C. Blackowiak

John F. Blackowiak

Agnes L. Blair

Frank J. Blair

Peggy A. Blanke

Raymond L. Blanke

Bernadine Bolduc

Lloyd S. Bolduc

Barbara Jenkins Boo

Henrietta Boo, nee Mergens

Mary, daughter of B.C. and H.M. Boo

Clarence F. Borgheiinck

Rosanne M. Borgheiinck

Louis A. Bormes

Ruth K. Bormes

David A. Bossert

Joanne A. Bossert

Richard J. Bossert

Robert C. Bossert

Albert H. Bourgerie

Edwidge M. Bourgerie

Alice Rose Boyland

John Boyland

Mary K. Boyland

Donald W. Brancel

Robert Todd Branham

Callie Collette Brattain

baby boy Breckheimer

John W. Breckheimer

H. Ray Brenden

Margaret A. Brenden

Thomas Ray Brenden

baby girl Brennan

Jeannine P. Brennan

Edmund L. Bristol

Elizabeth R. Bristol

Robert Lawrence Bristol

Earle G. Brooks

Jocelyn R. Brooks

Homer J. Brouillard

Rose Mary Brouillard

Elizabeth Wood Brown

Gordon R. Brown

James Frederick Brown

Michael Brown

Sarah A. Brown

Elizabeth A. Bruning

Patricia J. Bruning

Patty Bruzek

Catherine Bryant

Melvin Bryant

Eli Burdette

Ellen Burdette

Jeremy Burger

Gladys M. Burghdorf

Orris A. Burghdorf

Anna F. Burke (?)

Gertrude J. Burke

Henry J. Burke (?)

Robert C. Burke

Christopher G. Burns

Mary G. Burroughs

Charles Henry Busch

Thelma M. Busch

Grace E. Butler

Wm. J. Butler

Leslie John Butman

Kenneth Bystol

James V. Cafarella

Robert ‘Bruce’ Cameron

Geraldine E. Cammack

Richard H. Cammack

Margaret Gorman Canning

Adeline D. Carlson

Donald R. Carlson

Ervin F. Carlson

Margaret H. Carlson

Stephen E. Carlson

Malcolm Carll

Marguerite Carll

Lisa A. Carnes

Catharen O. Carr

Donald J. Carsik

Karen D. Carsik

Hans N. Cary

Mary M. Cary

Thomas L. Cary

Arthur T. Casey

Eileen Josephine Casey

Ellie L. Casey

Inez Evelyn Casey (?)

Harry W. Casey

Jeannette H. Casey

B. Dominic Caughrean

Claire D. Caughrean

Stanley R. Caughrean

Kyle Phillip Cauley

Donald D. Chinander

Mark J. Chinander

Raymond E. Christesen

Kimberly Lyn Christiansen

Donald Christy

Esther M. ‘Terri’ Churchill

Clothilde J. Clark

Jerry W. Clark

Lorraine S. Clark

William A. Clark

Albert T. Colby

Alke K. Colby

Elvira Colby

Frank Colby

John W. Colby (?)

Mary C. Colby (?)

Elizabeth Dehr Cole

Walter K. Cole

Joseph P. Colihan

Marion Colihan

Charles F. Collver

Jeanette E. Comer

Michael O. Comer

Peter Ross Cone

Arthur N. Cordell

Dorothy E. Cordell

Florence M. Cordell

Howard H. Cordell

James Cordell

Margaret S. Cordell

Simon J. Cordell

Pearl Costner

Alexander E. Cottingham

Flossie Wegler Cottingham

Christopher Robert Coy

David John Cridge

Carlton R. Cronin

Catherine C. Cronin

Dorothy C. Cronin

Gregory C. Cronin

Margaret F. Cronin

Mary E. Cronin

Michael E. Crowe

John S. Crowley

Leslie H. Crowley

Shirley F. Crowley

Joy Cruggs

Elva M. Cruit

Frances I. Cruit

John M. Cruit

Michael Cruit

Peter Joseph Cummins

Margaret Cunningham

Thomas B. Cushen

August Dahmen

Dolores Dahmen

baby Dahl

Donald A. Dalbec

Genevieve Dalbec

Mildred L. Dalbec

William Dalbec

Scott T. David

Josephine J. Davis

Lester A. Davis

Joseph DeGuise

Mary T. DeGuise

Adeline M. Denell

Edward L. Denell

Don D. Dickenson

Maria Elvira I. Dickenson

George F. Dolan

Jennifer Booth Dolan

Clara E. W. Donlin

Jeanne H. Donlin

John E. Donlin

Joseph Cook Donlin

Mary Donlin

Stella N. Donlin

Thomas D. Donlin (?)

Malisa Lynn Dragotis

Genevieve Draus

Stephen Draus

Richard D. Drayne

Florence H. Dreher

Lucille Dreher

Ray G. Dreher

Thelma Dresen

William J. Dresen

Catherine Duggan (Packard ?)

Rose DuLac

Pedro E. Dumalag

Mary Lou Dunn

Robert J. Dunn

Ronald T. Dunsmore

Laurent A. Dupont

Mary A. Dupont

Therese B. Dupont

David A. Dvorak

David Jerome Dvorak

Elizabeth M. Dvorak

Emily C. Dvorak

Tyler Benjamin Dvorak, son of Nicholas Councilman and Brooke Dvorak

Winslow L. Dvorak

Herbert A. Dyer

Nora Lane Dyer

Clyde E. Eddy

Florence E. Eddy

James L. Eddy

Matthew J. Edwardson

Janet K. Emfield

Harlan E. Engelmann

Francis W. Engrav

Helen M. Engrav

Frank T. Ennis

Lillian M. Ennis

Judy A. Evans

only Farrell

Edwin J. Fasching

Monica R. Fasching

Elizabeth M. Feerick

Frank P. Feerick

Harry C. Feichtinger

Lessie Leah Feichtinger

Joanne B. Feldmeier

Joseph E. Feldmeier

Joshua Richard Gottier Fena

Anthony J. Ferrian

Edward J. Ferrian

Jennifer A. Ferrian

Nicholas Anthony Fiedler

Jeanette M. Fink

William R. Fink

Terrence J. Fitzgerald

Joseph F. Fleischhacker

Victoria M. Fleischhacker

Carol Flittie

John Flittie

Antonia Lang Foley

Richard D. Foley

Jean C. Folin

John E. Folin

Christopher L. Force

Robert D. Force

Hildegard E. Forner

Mildred A. Forner

Joseph Foty

Pierina Foty

Joseph C. Fournier

Margaret I. Fournier

Milo E. Fowler

Thelma J. Fowler

Cecelia M. Franken (?)

Joseph H. Franken (?)

Andrew Vaught Freese

Carolyn H. Freese

Thomas E. Freese

Carl O.H. Frenzel

Stella E. Frenzel

Ervin John Friede

Marguerite H. Friede

Ray F. Friede

Harry B. Fritz

Louise E. Frtiz

Mary H. Fritz

Nathan E. Fritz

Sherri Michele Fritz

Reginald A. Frost

Helen Ford Fullerton

Thomas Fullerton

Laurence J. Gage

Mardelle E. Gagne

Sarah L. Gagne

Wm. P. Gagne

Howard J. Gans

Mary E. Gans

Harry G. Gardner

Mike L. Gayda

Dorothy R. Gerber

Walter J. Gerber

Daniel J. Gettelfinger

Florian A. Geyen

Marilyn J. Geyen

Florence C. Gilbert

Dominic A. Giovanelli

Frances Giovanelli

George Glover

Alice L. Goethke

K. James Goethke

Herbert J. Golliet

Rose - Bonnie Golliet

Mark S. Gonsior

F.H. Gordon

George Burke Gordon

Raymond F. Gorman

Mathew William Gramentz

O’Neill Grathwol

Virginia Grathwol

Walter Patrick Grathwol

Russell J. Gray

Veronica M. Gray

Emma Dell Green

Ethel L. Grieshaber

Fred W. Grieshaber

Margaret Griffin

Paul Gross

Dorothy J. Guagliard

John Alan Gustafson

Anne L. Guthrie

Adelia Kane Hagan

Dean E. Haley

Edward J. Haley

Helen H. Haley

Michael Haley

Robert T. Haley

Vivian S. Haley

Carol A. Hambor

Edward J. Hambor

Jerome B. Hames

LaNay E. Hames

Margaret Ann Haney

Blanche J. Hanily

Burke William Hanily

Charles E. Hanily

Dorothy Hanily

John E. Hanily

Mary E. Hanily

Ruth L. Hanily

Theresa E. Hanily

Dale Owen Hanus

Daniel K. Hanua

Donald Hanus

Mary Hanus

Emily Haracz

Peter S. Haracz

Genevieve Harding

William J. Harding

twin boys Michael & Ryan Hare

Frank D. Harrington

Irene T. Harrington

Wm. E. Harrington

Blanche A. Harris

George E. Harris

Bernadette Catherine Hartman

Dorothy T. Hartman

Edmund Jerome Hartman

Mary Elizabeth Hartman

Melina (Bob) Harum

Oscar (Ben) Harum

Orville T. Hastings

Ella M. Havlik

John M. Havlik

Mary T. Hawkins

Philip S. Hawkins

Mary Helen Riley Hayes

Thomas Gerald Hayes

Ellen A. Healy

Anthony J. Heiland

Julia E. Heiland

Andrew Heimerl

Edwin R. Heimerl

Helen Heimerl

Julia Heimerl

Hilda M. Helgesen

Susan M. Helgesen

Malena Grace Helgeson

Frances Helms

Milton J. Helms

George J. Hemsey

Maralyn P. Hemsey

Francis ‘Bud’ Hendricks

Rosemary Hendricks, daughter of Francis and Rosella

Donald O. Henkelman

Frances M. Henkelman

Otto F. Henkelman

Charlotte O. Henkels

Donald J. Henkels

Erna M. Henkels

Raymond J. Henkels

Bernell T. Hennessy

Cora L. Hennessy

John E. Hennessy

John Harold Hennessy

Margaret F. Hennessy

Roger J. Hennessy

Frances F. Heno

Pierre M. Heno

Michele R. Herzig

Lillian A. Heutmaker

Mary G. Heutmaker (?)

Raymond H. Heutmaker

William Heutmaker (?)

Lou Ann M. Hickey

Thomas W. Hickey

William A. Hickey

David F. Hickok

Matthew E. Hickok

Elizabeth B. Higgins

Frank H. Higgins

Josephine M. Hilgart

Frances M. Hill

Donald S. Hlady

Phyllis Hlady

baby boy Hlavacek

Elmer D. Hlavacek

Mabel H. Hlavacek

George M. Hock

Augusta Hoffmann

Agnes F. Holden

Arthur E. Holden

Clayton L. Holden

Dean P. Holden

John R. Horton

Richard H. Horton

Harriet Wendt Howard

Sally Anne Howe

Edna A. Holden

George W. Holden

Margaret A. Holden

Nellie K. Holden

baby boy Huber

Catherine Rose Huber

Donna Monica Huber

John Bristol Huber

John Bristol Huber

John Louis Huber

Martha Catherine Huber

Mary Ann Huber

Monica Bristol Huber (?)

Nancy T. Huber

Patrick Bristol Huber

Patricia M. Huber

Walter J. Huber

Mary Hudlow

Wilbur Hudlow

Rose Ida Huelskamp

Michael John Hunter

Donald J. Huntington

Trent Michael Huntley

Elsie W. Hurley

Michael B. Hurley

Alvin M. ‘Dick’ Hutmaker

Florence A. Hutmaker

Mabel A. Hutmaker

Richard R. Hutmaker

Math. Ibul (?)

Jamie Matthew Infanger

Shirley L. James

Sydney R. James

Bridget Jandrell

David Jandrell

James D. Jandrell

Lila Jandrell

Chris W. Johnsen

Kingsley C. Johnsen

Adeline M. Johnson

Arthur M. Johnson

Beverly J. Johnson

Burt Johnson

Carl A. Johnson

E. Clyde Johnson

Gertrude I., wife of Carl A. Johnson

Margaret K. Johnson

Mark B. Johnson

Mickey Johnson

Ronald D. Johnson

Roy B. Johnson

Vincent L. Johnson

Claire F. Jordano

Regina Marie Jordano

Bernard W. Jorissen

Frieda A. Jorissen

Hildegard Joswick

John Joswick

Robert L. Joswick

Joseph J. Joyce

Nancy H. Joyce

Margaret G. Juran

Albert J. Kagol

Helen B. Kahl

James Kahl

John R. Kahl

Kristian Lee Kamrowski

Robin Andrew Kamrowski

William James Kamrowski

Jennie Kanan

Lucille Kanan

Sam Kanan

Joseph Kasper

Rosella Kasper

Phillip R. Katopodis

James W. Keaveny

Magdalen M. Keaveny

Ann Kelly

Diane Kelly

Jack L. Kelly

Kathryn Lauth Kelly

Robert Kelly

Robert Joseph Kelly

William Gage Kelly

John A. Kelzer (?)

Pauline Kelzer (?)

Maxine E. Kennedy

Clara M. Kerber

Clara T. Kerber

Dorothy Kerber

Evangeline T. Kerber

Frank J. Kerber

Louis J. Kerber

Paul Kerber

R. Frank Kerber

twin boys of Paul and Dorothy Kerber

Urban P. Kerber

Violet Kerber

William H. Kerber

Mary Kilpatrick

John E. Kincade

Clara Stemmer Kinghorn

Helen M. Kinghorn

Robert S. Kinghorn

Mark V. Kirsch

Pamela Page Kiser

Karen J. Klancke

Manley C. Kleven

Tracy S. Kleven

Charles C. Klinger

Frances H. Klinger

Mary A. Klinger

Richard C. Klinger

Andrew Kmetz

Marie A. Kmetz

Michael Kmetz

Susan Kmetz

Theresa Kmetz

William A. Kmetz

Edith H. Knoblauch (?)

Marguerite J. Knoblauch

William C. Knoblauch (?)

Mary H. Knoll

Theodore J. Knoll

Theodore W. Knoll

Emma Knott

Thomas H. Knott

Anna Koch

August Koch

August F. Koch

Edward J. Koch

Helen M. Koch

Irene C. Koch

Cy W. Koenig

Irene T. Koenig

Charles E. Kokesh (?)

Marcus Bradford Kolesar

James E. Kroc

Karl M. Kroc

Rose E. McGinty Kroc

Clifford Kvern

JoAnn Kvern

James P. Kucher

Shirley M. Kucher

Mary T. Labelle

Rod E. Labelle

Barbara J. Lagieski

Ernest B. Lagieski

Joel P. Lagieski

Florian J. LaHaye

Leonard G. LaHaye

May G. LaHaye

Michelle Lee Lake

Fred L. Lallak

Mary M. Lallak

Rose R. Lallak (?)

Thomas Lallak (?)

Lillian Lamont

Helen L. Langer

John H. Langer

Joan G. Langum

Amelia Lano

Mary M. Lansing

Robert E. Lansing

Ardith M. Larson

Heidi Zinn Larson

Martha J. Larson

Mary C. Laughlin

Vincent P. Laughlin

Irene J. Layton

Walter W. Lee

Cindy Leirdahl

Mary Virginia Gardner Lenander

Hazel M. Libby, nee Miller

Anne M. Lillie

Audrrey A. Lindley

Mary M. Lindquist

Joe Linhoff

Rosalie Dupont Linhoff

Lu Lins

Roger Lins

Mary Edna Litfin

Robert L. Loeffel

Lynn Patricia Logelin

Ruth E. Luckow

Kathy, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Lueck

Louise C. Lugowski

Robert John Lugowski

Theodore J. Lugowski

John R. Lund

Daniel Anthony Lyon

Claribel Lyons

John D. Lyons

Michael Lyons

Viola S. Lyons

William H. Lyons

Frank S. Macone

Mary T. Macone

Gladys Manning

Hugh Manning

Catherine Mar

William Mar

James Anthony Martinek

Ronald Martinek

Katherine E. Martyn

Michael F. Martyn

Ogden J. Martyn

Albert Marx

Mary Marx

Georgianne Marie Marxen

Anna E. Mason

Engeborg Dale Mason

Frank J. Mason

Harry Daniel, son of H. & M. Mason

Harry J. Mason

John A. Mason

Marcella A. Mason

Myrtie E. Mason

Ray W. Mason

Thomas W. Mason

Joseph S. Massee

Dona M. Mastel

Beatrice Matlon

Herbert Sumner Matteson

Robert P. McAndrews

Robert P. McAndrews

Connie Y. McArdle

Thomas Byron McCarthy

Dianne Marie McCaul

Jerry McCaul

Cariss Elster McCleary

Ben E. McCormick

Julia M. McCormick

Pearl M. McCoy

Irene M. McCune

Paul W. McCune

Angus C. McDonell

Antonia McDonell

Julia M. McGuire (?)

William T. McGuire (?)

Kevin Patrick McGunnigle

E. Clayton McInerny

Florence L. McInerny

Mary J. McInerny

Robert M. McInerny

Edward J. McIntee

Valeria G. McIntee

Delia McLaughlin

Cleo C. McLean

Bertha McMahon

Daniel McMahon

Katherine M. McMill

Abigail Joanna Meiusi

Ada Mary Meloche

William E. Meloche

Agnes MacQuaid Mergens

Annabelle Mergens

Edward P. Mergens

Joseph J. Mergens

Loretto Mergens

Timothy Michael Merz

Timothy Ryan Merz

Tessa Marie Merz

William E. Messer

Belle Louise Michelson

Gretchen E. Miesen

Mary Arns Miles

Margaret C. Millard

Mark Millard

Cora Belle Miller

Delrose Miller

Earl Miller

James Allen Miller

John W. Miller

Loretta W. Miller

Richard D. Miller

A. Birgit Milligan

Robert G. Milligan

Bobby Misjak

James R. Misjak

Harold F. Mitchell

Rose M. Mitchell

Evelyn C. Mo

Mark T. Moeller

Jane L. Moen

Rolf Moen

Vera JoAnne Moody

James E. Mooney

Hazel M. Moore

James E. Moore

Mary Ann Moore

Richard A. Moore

Ricky J. Moore

William J. Moore

Isabelle Morgan

Odelia K. Morris

Thomas G. Morris

Helen Morse

Vernon A. Morse

William Morse

Anna Connelly Mourning

Edward E. Mueller

Margaret R. Mueller

Mildred Robillard Muldowney

John Patrick Mullen

Caroline S. Murnane

John Ross Murnane

Ella D. Murphy

Thomas S. Nehring

Lawrence E. Nelson

Ruby Nelson

Henry M. Neumann

Olive W. Neumann

Clifford R. Neutgens

Frances K. Neutgens

Orville J. Neutgens

Teresa C. Neutgens

Thomas Nevin

Donald C. Newcomb

Marie G. Newcomb

Helen M. Newberg

M. Ralph Newberg

William H. Newhouse

Niccum babies

Annie E. Niccum

Clarence P. Niccum

Elmer J. Niccum

John S. Niccum

Rose M. Niccum

Sylvester Frederick Niccum

Roland Nichols

Merle M. Niland

John B. Nilson

William Michael, son of Ross and Marjorie Noard

Lynn Nord

Pauline Wegrzyn Norman

Carol E. Niccum Notarino

Bernice J. Novy

Dennis R. Novy

Raymond C. Novy

Esther E. Nugent

George D. Nugent

Charles N. Nye

Mary Wrede Ober

Maxine L. O’Brien

Georgia Caughrean O’Donnell

Joseph P. O’Donnell

Gerald M. Oles

Stephen C. Olmstead

James R. Olson

Terry W. Olson

Kenneth S. O’Neil

Marie K. O’Neil

Catherine Duggan Packard

Clayton P. Packard

Clayton P. Packard

Gerard F. Park

Gertrude C. Passe

Theodore B. Passe

James B. Patnaude

Agnes Paulsen

Betty J. Paulsen

Elizabeth Paulsen

Herbert J. Paulsen

Hubert C. Paulsen

Martin Paulsen

Bertram Calvin Peck

Don T. Pederson

Kalyn Jane Pederson

Clarence I. Pelkey

Edna M. Pelkey

Gerald G. Perrizo

Linnea E. Perrizo

William K. Perry

Bernice Peters

Joseph Peters

Bonnie G. Peterson

Joan D. Peterson

Jonathan L. Peterson

Ownien A. Peterson

Anne E. Phillippi

Donald J. Phillippi

Joseph F. Phillippi

Thomas S. Phillippi

Timothy R. Phillippi

twin boys, Mathew & Mark Pivek

Alfred H. Plowman

Lois C. Plowman

Virginia Leigh Plowman

Brandon Lee Powell

James Ransom Pratt

Susan D. Preston

William Wilson Preston

Rosemary C. Price

Hubert A. Pulvermacher

Ruth M. Pulvermacher

baby boy Purcell

Gloria Jean Previtali Purcell

Kenneth E. Purcell

Albert A. Quast

Ambrose J. Quast

Irene P. Quast

James Quast

Myrtle M. Quast

Philip John Quast

Joyce E. Quinn

Robert J. Quinn

Caroline Rachel

Frank N. Rachel

Henrietta Radermacher

Thomas S. Radzom

Patricia Ann Rahn

Kenneth A. Ralph

Mary M. Rancour

Raymond N. Rancour

George S. Rankin

Helen J. Rankin

Jacob Charles Rasmussen

Mary J. Raver

Aurore M. Rehaume

Lester E. Rehaume

Mary A. Rehaume

Catherine C. Reich

Joseph U. Reich

Bette Reichert

Evelyn A. Prestemon Wegler Reifenberger

Marian E. Reifenberger (Parker)

Mary Veronica Reifenberger

Paul J. Reifenberger

Elizabeth L. Renier

Char Ressler

Margaret V. Reutiman

Walter J. Reutiman

Deborah L. Rheaume

Harold P. Rheaume

Dorothy D. Rice

Meghan Leigh Rich

Carol Jean Riddle

Ralph M. Riddle

Clifford M. Roberts

Suzanne M. Roberts

John S. Robertson

Cora I. Roers

Lena Roers

Martin Roers

John Patrick Rogers

Frank A. Rojina

Harold Stanley Rojina

Mary Rojina

John Patrick Ross

Herman F. Rottier

Lucille M. Rottier

Jean C. Rowan

Thomas J. Rowan

Emily Ruckheim

Orin George Ruff

Rosemary L. Ruff

Emmett P. Ryan

John L. Ryan

Joseph Henry Ryan

Josephine M. Ryan

Lauretta Ryan

Leonard Ryan

Mary F. Ryan

Michael J. Ryan

Katherine Sackrison

Richard Sackrison

George Webb Sampson

Ruth Frances Sampson

Lee S. Sandberg

Geroge F. Sanko

Irene Sanko

Gloria M. Saulon

Joseph F. Saulon

Jamie Savariego

Gordon Everett Sawdey

Evelyn W. Sayer

George W. Sayer

Gerard Sayer

Ann Hathaway Schaefer

Charles H. Schaefer

Frances Schardin

Jerry Schardin

Anna Scheid

baby Scheid

Lawrence Scheid

Robert L. Scheid

Melissa Sue Scheirer

Bernice C. Scherrer

Melvin H. Scherrer

baby Schieber

Michelle Lynn Schlender

Gertrude A. Schmid

Paul H. Schmid

Raymond G. Schmid

Russell Schmid

Ruth Schmid

Albert F. Schmidt

Amanda A. Schmidt

Anna Schmidt

Anna A. Schmidt

Catherine Schmidt

George L. Schmidt

Gilbert Schmidt

Jay Thomas Schmidt

Leona Schmidt

Martin A. Schmidt

Phil M. Schmidt

Rosella E. Schmidt

Steven Thomas Schmitt

Pauline R. Schmitz

Sylvester P. Schmitz

Alyce O. Schmunk

Harold H. Schmunk

Joseph C. Schneider

Roger V. Schneider

Chlorince L. Schroeder

Frederick L. Schroeder

Naomi B. Schulte

Stacey Ann Schultz

Dorothea Schumann

John Schumann

Rinehart Schumann

Elizabeth Schutrop

Henry Schutrop

Martin C. Schutrop

Jeanne M. Seamans

John L. Seamans

Laura Dupont Seifer

Milton H. Seifert

Ernest R. Seydow

David J. Shanesy

Lorraine K. Shanesy

Ann M. Shaughnessy

John E. Shaughnessy

Kathryn M. Sheehan

Patrick F. Sheehan

Anthony ‘Ricky’ Siegrist

Max B. Siegrist

Richard Paul Skundberg

Ione A. Slattery

Margaret Virginia Sleeper

Allan G. Smith

Anna C. Smith

Arthur F. Smith

Atha C. Smith

Fred M. Smith

James W. Smith

Maxine C. Smith

Myrtle V. Smith

Patricia Ann Smith

Prescott Michael Smith

Sophie Angela Smith

Urban M. Smith

Glenn C. Snook

Nancy Jean Soehren

James W. Solinger

baby boy Sopko

Frances G. Sorensen

John E. Sorensen

Leo J. Spandel

Rosalie P. Spandel

Grace Spooner

Jeffrey James Squires

Mary St. Amant

Nellie M. St. Amant

Robert V. St. Amant

Willbrod J. St. Amant

Charles A. Stacey

Philip Steffen

Gladys C. Steinman

Marvin V. Steinman

Ida A. Stemmer

Nora Lane Stemmer

Ray R. Stemmer

Winnefred R. Stemmer

Ottie M. Stoll

Dorothy Veronica Stormont

Eugene Roger Strommen

Willis H. Strong

baby boy Studer

Bertha K. Studer

Edward A. Studer

Edward I. Studer

Herbert C. Studer

Kathryn A. Studer

Lorraine A. Studer

Mary V. Studer

Michael J. Studer

twins Peter & Simon Studer

Carol W. Sullivan

Edward Francis Sullivan

Francis J. Sullivan

John Gerard Sullivan

Katherine A. Sullivan

Lawrence Sullivan

Lucille Eva Sullivan

Mary H. Sullivan

Patrick T. Sullivan

Patricia Eileen Sullivan

Raymond L. Sullivan

Susan Kathleen Sullivan

Thelma Sullivan

James Andrew Summer

Margaret Frances Yoklavich Summer

Christian Morrison Swanson

Walter Thomas Tamlyn

David R. Taylor

Mavis Gardner Terry

Patty Tharinger

Robert N. Tharinger

James Thienes

Katherine Thienes

Lawrence E. Thomas

Marna J. Thomas

Susan R. Thomas

William H. Thomas

John William Thomes (?)

Mary Catherine Thomes(?), nee Donlin

Henry A. Thorpe

Catherine J. Timmers

John N. Timmers

Joseph Timmers

Kathleen E. Timmers

Michael Robert Timmers

Norman J. Timmers

John Jos. Totino

Mary Jane Totino

James W. Towey

Luverne K. Towey

Michael J. Towey

Barbara A. Trettel

Clement E. Trettel

Joseph W. Troendle

Judith Troendle

Luvan E. Troendle

Raymond Troendle

Susan Troendle

William Troendle

Myrtle F. Turner

Barbara Ann Tuthill

Floyd (Toby) Tuthill

Lois V. Tuthill

Roy Lee Tuthill

William Uphoff

Mary E. VanDyne

Ralph V. VanGuilder

Louis J. VanHoff

Marie P. VanHoff

Minnie VanMuelken

William J. VanMuelken

Anna L. VanSloun

Joseph C. VanSloun

Adam Lund Van’t Hof

Steven E. Vasseur

Edna Smith Vaughan

Alvin Martin Vavra

Annie Margaret Lucy Dvorak Vavra

Anton Joseph Vavra

Gertrude Anna Vavra

Helen Mary Vavra

Frederick Vensel

Margaret R. Vensel

Edith Ione Vikre

Alice Vosmek

Stan Vosmek

David Gordon Wallentine

Anna Wallerich

John M. Wallerich

John C. Walton

Sue Walton

Kathleen Ward

Earl V. Watts

Emily E. Watts

Roland E. Weber

Joan M. Wegler

Lawrence Wegler

Doris S. Weinauer

Carolyn J. Weiss

James V. Weiss

Rodney Joseph Weiss

Lillian G. Weisser

Ned A. Weisser

Cora A. Weller

Leon L. Weller

Marian E. Weller

Michael Weller

Richard S. Weller

Theresa Weller

Mary F. Welsh

Maurice H. Welsh

Anna A. Wendt

Carl F. Wendt

Howard C. Wendt

Addie M. Wenzel

Edward Wenzel

Joseph V. Wenzel

Dennis L. West

John F. White

Marie White

Gordon E. Whiteman

Mary Elizabeth Whiteman

George W. Wilharm

Gladys M. Wilharm

Anthony Wilkes

James H. Wille

John Joseph Wille

Mary C. Mayme Wille

Anna T. Williams

Fred E. Williams

Fred R. Williams

Fritzi - Ellen Williams

Lemont D. Williams

Margaret E. Williams

Ralph P. Williams

Frank C. Wimler

Rose Mary Wimler

Bernice J. Winters

Harrison M. Winters

Oscar W. Winzerlin

Esther Ann Wirtz

Joseph Wirtz

Lilah Wirtz

Simon Wirtz

Valeria Wirtz

Frank Wojcik

Helen Wojcik

Evelyn W. Wood

Frances Helen Wood

James H. Wood

Robert Jessop Wood

Lea Rose Work

Wilbur J. Work

Julia C. Wrede

John H. Wylder

Helen M. Young

Jake Young

Hugh O. Zanger

Esther S. Zembrycki

Tony F. Zembrycki

Anne G. Ziemer

William H. Ziemer

Alice R. Zinn

Missy Zinn

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