Woodside Cemetery - Shorewood, Minnesota

city of Minnetonka, Hennepin County, Minnesota: T117N - R23W, section 32

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This cemetery is up kept and in good shape. The cemetery is located in a residential area at the intersection of Smithtown Road and Cajed Lane in Shorewood.

In the southwest corner of this cemetery is a large area that is marked by six one foot by one foot squared waist high posts. In the center of the area is a granite monument that reads: Herein Lie The Remains of Those Buried in the Hennepin Count Home Cemetery, Hopkins, Minnesota. From 1865 - 1955 and Removed to Woodside Cemetery July 1955.

I contacted the caretaker of the Woodside Cemetery and inquired about the burial records from the Hennepin County Home Cemetery (the Hennepin County Poor Farm). No records were transferred with the bodies. The current caretaker stated that all that they were given was a burial permit which listed 580 burials were transferred from the Hennepin County Home Cemetery to Woodside Cemetery.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2001

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed in July 2001.


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Loren W. Adams

Naomi A. Adams

A.E. Aldritt

Clayton R. Aldritt

Dagny E. Aldritt

Edwin Aldritt

Eva I. Aldritt

Florence A. Aldritt

Hazel M. Aldritt

J. Edwin Aldritt

Lizzie, daughter of Edwin and Anne E. Aldritt

Lucien H. Aldritt

Marietta Aldritt

Mary W. Aldritt

Phillip R. Aldritt

Ralph W. Aldritt

William J. Aldritt

Donald B. Anderson

Emil A. Anderson

Harry W. Anderson

Howard G. Anderson

Joanne L. Anderson

Nellie M. Anderson

Maryann L. Arthur

Roland B. Autey

Ada Gilmore Axtell

Al Day Axtell

A. G. Axtell

Charlie Sutton Axtell

Doris M. Axtell

Eugene D. Axtell

Luella R. Axtell

Abbie M. Bacon

Lloyd W. Bacon

George Bailey

Mabel R. Bailey

Bart Baker

Bernice Baker

Cornelia Baker

Martin Baker

Mary T. Baldwin

Gerald E. Barnard

Hazel I. Barnard

Jeanette Barry

Beverly C. Bass

Joseph Torrey Bass

Laura W. Bauer

William E. Bauer

Vernon H. Baumann

Katherine Beck

Edgar W. Becker

Bert S. Beehrle

Clara A. Beehrle

Roy C. Beehrle

Earl G. Benjamin

Helga F. Benjamin

Clifford Bergman

Lanny R. Bergman

Harriet R. Berkey

Ilot C. Berkey

Gladys I. Besser

Wallace M. Besser

Bradley Scott BirkholzWein

William H. Bisbee (?)

Alida A. Bjornvold

Lyder A. Bjornvold

Frank Pixley Blandin

Grace Elsie Blandin

Howard W. Bogie

Virginia E. Bogie

George A. Bogle

Hazel E. Bogle

Pearl Bohl

Ragnar Bohl

Lavonne A. Boike

Howard S. Boley

Margaretha E. Boley

Alfred J. Bottke (?)

John Bottke (?)

Karen Bottke (?)

Alice M. Boyd

Gary H. Boyd

Elizabeth J. Bradbury

Aurelio C. ‘A.C.’ Bravo

Evelyn Sigafoos Brekke

Raymond Luverne Brekke

Doris Trumble Brickley

Eva Brinstad

Owen Brinstad

Charlotte Broholm

Ingolf A. Broholm

S. Jeanette Brooks (?)

Inez Bradbury Brown

Weltha H. Brown

Dennis Arthur Bruhn

Mary Ann Bruhn

Leithe E. Buchanan

Peter Buchanan

Ardis H. Buckett

James T. Buckett

Mary Ray Burns

Wendell Tipton Burns

Jacob Butts

Gertrude Camp

James N. Camp

Margaret Stroup Campbell

Joel L. Capesius

Mary Anne Capesius

Agnes J. Carlson

David N. Carlson

Florence Carlson (?)

George T. Carlson (?)

Jeffrey W. Carlson

Minola J. Carlson

Robert F. Carlson

Steven John Carlson

Clifford Childers

Gertrude Childers

Virgil Childers

Kari Ann Christ

Charles R. ‘Tuna’ Christensen

Dorothy M. Christensen

Paul W. Christensen

A.M. Christenson

Christena Christenson

Verna S. Christian

Scott C. Clark, son of Terril and Betty Ann

Everett V. Clauson

Helen L. Clauson

Harry Colby

Sarry Colby

Emilia S. Collado

Frank Collado

Daniel Conright

Mary E. Conright

Lori Kay Cordes

Janice J. Cornish

Robert S. Cornish

Charles Crabtree

Ellen N. Crabtree

James Crabtree

Ripley Crabtree

Elizabetha Crigler

Elmer Crigler

Lewis Crigler

Judith Crosby

Oscar Crosby

Carl H. Cross

Margaret A. Cross

William H. Cross

Kirstine Dahl

Waldemar Dahl

Aaron D. Daily

Duane W. Daily

Gusta M. Daily

Gladys I. deGuise

Joseph F. ‘Crappie Joe’ deGuise

Daisy Deline

Grace Eliza Dennis

Leonard H. Dennis

Gregory Dean DeVaan

Brandi S. Dix

Gustav E. Doering (?)

Mary H. Doering (?)

only Dressel

Charles Drinkwater

Emma B. Dummer

Walter H. Dummer

Gladys L. Dyste

Charles J. Eddans

Jean E. Eddans

Catherine Eddy

Elinor C. Eddy

Henry R. Eddy

Louis L. Eddy

Steve L. Eddy

Vernillian Eddy

Almond Empey

Augusta Empey

Clarence Empey

Edna M. Empey

Maria Engstrom

Louis C. VanEps

Vivian I. Erickson

Warren V. Erickson

Clarence C. Faiman

Henrietta B. Faiman

Allan F. Fairchild

Cecil L. Farrow

Elsie D. Farrow

Irene B. Faxon

Robert B. Faxon

Carl Albert Ferm

Alanson Winslow Fillmore

Doris Kathryn Fillmore

Matthew Scott Foote

Carl ‘Wes’ Fowler

Frank J. Fox

Constance M. Frommes

William T. Frommes

Herbert C. Gager

Violet M. Gager

E. Patrick Galles

Patrick H. Galles

Cornelia Gates

Blanche Gern

Robert Gern

August J. Gerth

Henrietta Gerth

Idella Gerth

Stewart Anthony Gibson

G.W. Gideon, Company B 9 Minnesota In.

Bertie G. Gifford (?)

Charity, wife of Joshua Gifford

Clarissa J. Gifford (?)

Ephraim D. Gifford (?)

James S. Gifford

Polly M. Gifford

Willis S. Gifford (?)

George T., son of J.T. and M.A. Goodwin

John T. Goodwin

Leon H., son of J.T. and M.A. Goodwin

Mary A. Goodwin

Lewis M. Grace

John A. Graham

Leona E. Graham

Lloyd A. Graham

Myrtle L. Graham

only Green

Leo Lee Green

Anna M. Grinnell

Loyal C. Groves

Dale K. Halford

Caroline F. Handy

Ray D. Handy

Robert C. Handy

Terry Handy

Vera M. Handy

Arthur C. Hansen

Helen E. Hansen

Robert F. Hansen

Elmer R. Hanson

Thomas H. Haselhuhn

Wendell W. Haselhuhn

Earl A. Hasher

Carol M. Hazelton

Duane L. Hazelton

George (?) Hedderly (?)

Edward J. Hefty

Fred Hefty

Michael J. Heiland

Andrew Henderson

Mable Henderson

Bernadine Hendrickson

Jack Hendrickson

Shelby Ann Heyne, daughter of Fred and Sally Berquist

Miles R. Hieronymus

William H. Hieronymus

Frank Hocking

Marjory Hocking

Dorothy Hoien

Hanna Holmberg (?)

Hilma Holmberg (?)

Paul R. Holmberg

Roger J. Holmberg

Victor Holmberg (?)

Wallace E. Holmberg (?)

Grace L. Houseman

Adeline Howard (?)

Clara Howard

Silas Howard, born in Burr ??, Rhode Island

Simeon Howard (?)

Thomas E. Howard

J.W. Howe, Company E 11 Minnesota Inf.

Emma E. Hudlow

Frank D. Hudlow

Jacob E. Hudlow

John Hudlow

Marietta Hudlow

Jean M. Hughes

John Perry Hughes

Elmer J. Hunsinger

Ruby E. Hunsinger

Jim Iverson

Ida M. Ives

Leroy S. Ives

Anna Paulina Jacobson, nee Engstrom

Edna S. Jacobson

Edward G. Jacobson

Hjalmar Jacobson

Hjalmar Theodor Jacobson

Irene L. Jacobson

Sarah Jacobson

Edith Charlotte Jenks

Everett C. Jensen

Mabel R. Jensen

Audrey M. Johnson

Bernard Johnson

Ina E. Johnson

Marlene Johnson

Mathias E. Johnson

Maude C. Johnson

Peter R. Johnson

Petra Thomas Johnson

Philip H. Johnson

Vincent D., son of Mr. and Mrs. P.R. Johnson

Adeline D. Johnston

Ann E. Johnston

Donald J. Johnston

Earl C. Johnston (?)

Edward A. Johnston

Ellinor A. Johnston (?)

Florence Johnston

George W. Johnston

Harold S. Johnston

Ivy A. Johnston (?)

J. Howard Johnston

James Edward Johnston

James W. Johnston (?)

John A. Johnston (?)

Mabel E. Johnston

Mary Johnston (?)

Millard E. Johnston

our baby - closest to Johnston and Mathews

William Johnston (?)

Winona E. Johnston

Charles Keefer

Irene Keefer

Stephen R. Keeler

Arkadi Borisovich Kisin

Alice Knight

Florence Knight

Alice L. Knowlton

Annette Knowlton (?)

Burt H. Knowlton (?)

Grace A. Knowlton

Jean Knowlton

John E. Knowlton

Mark L. Knowlton

Mark L. Knowlton

Bernice A. Knudson

Bert Knutson

Rose Nelson Kocher

Elsie Koehler

Ernest Koehler

Dorothy H. Kornberg

John A. Kornberg

Richard N. Kriesel

Rockwell R. Kriesel

Cory Mark Kreslins

Vilma Kreslins

Mike Kuzma

Arthur C. Kyhn

Ingeborg Kyhn

Kenneth Arthur Kyhn

Loraine E. Kyhn

Estella E. Lambert

Beverly J. Lane

Freeman Parker Lane

George L. Lansing

Lorine A. Lansing

Harold Larson ‘Somme’ (?)

Tinette J. Larson

William O. Larson

Albert E., son of O.F. & A.L. Latterner

Donald O. Latterner

Eliza J. Latterner

Elsie Anna Latterner

Fredrick R. Latterner

George ‘Doc’ Latterner

Harry R. Latterner

J. Fred Latterner

Jean D. Latterner

Karen H. Letterner

Leona M. ‘RoniLatterner

Lloyd A. Latterner

Lorraine L. Latterner

Oliver Latterner

George F. Latturner

Elmer R. Lawrence

Pearl D. Lawrence

Stephen J. Lee

Elsa G. Lefebvre

Emil J. Lefebvre

Arthur C. Lehman

Florence J. Lehman

W.H. LeVan (?)

Dorothy L. Liggett

Michael C. Lindberg

Wesley G. Lindberg

Anton M. Litfin

Elsie Litfin

Earle L. Lobdell

Mae E. Lobdell

only Loboda

Ada Corrine Loboda

Earl R. Loudon

Elizabeth J. Loudon

Holmes Ahern Loudon

Irene J. Macklin

Patrick Hayes Macklin

Willis R. Macklin

Celia Mann

Charles E. Mann (?)

Charles H. Mann

Charles H. Mann

Earl T. Mann

Emma L. Mann

Esther G. Mann

Everett Mann

George M. Mann

Harriet Mann

Hazel Horton Mann

Horace P. Mann

Ida J. Mann (?)

Jennie B. Mann

John E. Mann

John W. Mann

Lewis E. Mann

Lloyd F. Mann

Lucile M. Mann

Marian L. Mann

Marie E. Mann

Mary Mann

Mary E. Mann

Mavis T. Mann

Nancy B. Mann

Neil P. Mann

Neil Perry Mann

Oliver M., son of J.W. and N.P. Mann

R.T. Mann

Ruth H. Mann

Theresia Mann

W. Oscar Mann

William F. Mann

Betty Marcus

Judith Anne Marshall

Isaac Martin

Lily Eddy Mason

William Booth Mason

John B. Mathews

our baby, Mathews (?) or Johnston (?)

Thomas Mathewson

Esther Maxwell

Fred W. Maxwell

Clarence E. McClure

Evelyn Sylvia McClure

Harold Edward McClure

Maggie McClure

Sandra Kay McCrady

Julie Story McGinn

John W. McLeod

Kathleen M. McLeod

Francis McKinley

Kirk, son of Francis and Ruth McKinley

Lynn A. McKinley

Nancy Ann McKinley

Ruth McKinley

Dorothy Caroline Hefty McQueen

William D. McQueen

Elizabeth M. McNeal

George Darl McNeal

Mitchell C. McNeal

Ida Mergens

Janice C. Mickelson

Thorwald J. Mickelson

Sandra J. Midthun

Laile H. Mieseler

Albert S. Millard

Chloe T. Millard, born in Northbridge, Mass.

Henry Millard

Anna Miller

Bruce G. Miller

Charles A. Miller

Chas. F. Miller

Clayton S. Miller

Clyde G. Miller

Elizabeth, wife of Geo Miller

Estella A. Miller

Frank Miller

Garnet M. Miller

George A. Miller (?)

George M. Miller

Harry W. Miller

Ida Mae Miller

Izadore B., wife of J.F. Miller

John Miller (?)

Joseph F. Miller (?)

Louise Miller (?)

Sadie R. Miller

Sarah A. Miller (?)

Donald H. Moe

Ellnora Moe

Henry S. Moe

Binky Moody

Achille E. Mullebrouck

Frederick Arthur Muller

Lina Margaret Muller

George W. Murfin

Mary A. Murfin

Julia F. Murray

Thomas B. Murray

Thomas E. Murray

Carl L. Myhre

Christine S. Myhre

Harriet Edwards Naegle

Joan H. Naegle

Robert Otto Naegle

Alma Nelson

Jacob Nelson

Jacob A. Nelson

Beulah M. Nephew

Darryl O. Nephew

Doris M. Nephew

Freddie L. Nephew

Alexander Niccum

Alice M. Niccum

Cyril William Niccum

Emily Mann Niccum

Harris M. Niccum

Howard E. Niccum

Irving W. Niccum

Louise C. Niccum

Milton A. Niccum

Sophie M. Niccum

William J. Niccum

Agnes O. Norman

Chester O. Norman

Doris I.M. Norstrom

Hartley W. Norstrom

Charles W. North

Roberta A. North

Iona Ruth Northrup

Ranger W. Northrup

Edward Nubson

Edward L. Nubson

David R. Nygaard

Margaret I. Oelschlager

Max H. Oelschlager

Guy W. Olson

Billie Carol Orr

James Tracy Page

Loren Pahl

Mary Lee Pahl, nee Fitch

Nora E. Palmer

Craig W. Parrish

Bennie E. Paulson

Clark Boyd Peck

Clark Miner Peck

Elizabeth B. Peck

Emma Boyd Peck

Gladys N. Peck

Wallace R. Peck

Joseph N. Perrault

May Rose Perrault

Kevin Scott Petersen

Michael L. Petersen

Dorothy M. Peterson

Mary S. Peterson

Daniel C. Phillips

Ruth E. Phillips

Wendy Kay Pokorny

Elizabeth Margaret Poole

Walter George Pree

Althea G. Quaas

Robert J. Quass

Iva L. Rachel

Walter M. Rachel

Allan A. Randall

Charles Allen Randall

Doris M. Randall

James W. Randall

Julia S. Randall

Karl Randall

Katherine Randall

Neil A. Randall

Marion R. Ray

Neil A. Ray

Berneice I. Raymond

Edward H. Raymond

Marjorie L. Reeves

Ralph V. Reeves

Michelle Lynn Reid

Muriel (Hoien) Reid

Timothy Reid

Bernerd B. Reutiman

Bernice B. Reutiman

Ernest Reutiman

Jennie I. Reutiman

Lysette A. Reutiman

Lysette M. Reutiman

Robert W. Reutiman

Thomas L. Reutiman

Carl B. Rhedin

Sannie Rhedin

Harold, son of Harold H. & Patricia J. Riesen

Harold Thomas Riesen

Pattie Ann, daughter of Harold H. & Patricia J. Riesen

Pattie A. Riesen

Jesse W. Ristow

Marilyn M. Ristow

Ann E. Ritz

Herman C. Ritz

Edmond C. Roberts

Lucile K. Roberts

Ryan Jon Robinson

William J. Roffe

Nora B. Ross

Albert B. Russ

Sarah R. Russ

Helen J. Ryan

Jennie Ryan

Porter J. Ryan

Timothy Ryan

Emma L. Ryberg

Lloyd L. Ryberg

Laura Ryerson

Augusta B. Salt

Ruth Saxton ‘Lobdell

?, child of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schimmelffennig

Charles A. Schimmelpfennig

Grace M. Schimmelphennig

Kenneth Schimmelpfennig

Renata Schimmelphennig

Thelma Schmelke

Benedict Schmid - Company G (?) 2 Minn. Inf.

Benedikt Schmid (?)

Bennedict, child of B. & R. Schmid

Daniel Schmid

Lenore Schmid

Nora B. Schmid

Robert, child of B. & R. Schmid

Rosina Schmid (?)

Roy W. Schmid

Stuart Schmid

William Schmid

Leslie C. Scholle

Marion Scholle

Juliane Schulz

Melanie K. Schulz

Arthur W. Scott

Mildred B. Scott

Naomi ?, wife of H.H. Scott

Susan L. Scott

Stephen James Scott

William N. Scott

Raymond E. Seamans

Elena Collado Segredo

Jose Raul Segredo

Charles F. Sheets

Emma M. Sheets

Peter G. Sheldrick

Geraldine L. Shermock

Leonard J. Shermock

Susan M. Shields

Eva S. Sigafoos

Ida Sigafoos

Merlin Sigafoos

Rome T. Sigafoos

Sewell Sigafoos

Sophie L. Sigafoos

Mary Jane Simcox

Samuel W. Simcox

Richard Smerdon

Anne Smith

Henry Smith

Jacob Smith

Julie Ann Smith

Leroy Smith

Rose Smith

I. Emil Soderlund

Johanna Soderlund

August R. Sotherlund

Mabel S. Sotherlund

Jean Kathryn Spong

Lawrence Phillip Spooner

Emma ‘Trick’ St. John

Kate Starritt

Myrlie Starritt

Ralph H. Stevens

Elwyn C. Stubbs

Phyllis K. Stubbs

Joyce E. Sturgeon

Suzanne Marie Johnson Sullivan

Frances Marie Swanson

J. Edwin Swenson

Svea L. Swenson

Herman Taylor

Robert Wood Taylor

Alma Tesch

Emil Tesch

Gertrude E. Tesh

Luther M. Tesh

Isabel T. Thibault

Joseph N. Thibault

Edward G. Thiede

Lola May Thiede

Edward M. Thomas

Margaret G. Thomas

Margaret G. Thomas

Raymond G. Thomas

only Thompson

Dawn Ruth, daughter of Lyle & Mary Thompson

Richard N. Thompson

Wilma A. Thompson

Byron Thomson

Byron E. Thomson

John A. Thonander

Julius E. Trick

Bertha Tritch

Elizabeth Tritch

John Tritch

Chauncey H. Trumble

Doris M. Trumble (Rodin)

Ethel Mae Trumble

Olive B. Trumble

Roscoe M. Trumble

Seymour Trumble

Sophie L. Trumble

Lucille R. Trumble - Anderson

Alice E. Upgren

Emil J. Upgren

Walter J. Upgren

Lloyd H. VanGuilder

Ruth I. VanGuilder

Chester F. Vik

Chester T. Vik

Cora I. Vik

Alma Voigt

Howard O. Voigt

Donald S. Wambold

Arthur H. Wandrei

Emma Wandrei

Henry Wandrei

Leona C. Wandrei

Edith L. Wang

Oliver E. Wang

Chas. E. Wasson

Dixie B. Wasson

Frank W. Wasson

T.F. Wasson

William A. Wasson

Eva M. Waterbury

Ross F. Waterbury

Elizabeth A. Watts

Francis D. Wellman

Lelia M. Wellman

August W. Wendt

Bertha Wendt

Harvey K. Wendt

Myron ‘Mike’ J. Wendt

Robert Wendt

Virginia W. Wendt

Alice Marie West

Anna M. ‘Marie’ West

George V. ‘Buddy’ West

Ruby Day West

Vernann C. ‘Fuzzie’ West

Vernon C. West

Glenn Arthur Westigard

Kathryn Haven Westigard

Kathryn Jean Westigard

Morris D. Westman

Elton R. Whitesell

Mabel E. Whitesell

Angela Kay Wigelsworth

Dale Wayne Wilhelm

Thomas Dale Wilhelm

Eugene W. Will

Marcia L. Will

Irma B. Wilson

Robert Costin Wilson

Stephen C. Wilson

Frank M. Worth - Company H 28 (?) PA. Inf.

Leona H. Worthingham

Peter A. Worthingham

Violet F. Worthingham

Elma E. Young

Henry F. Young

Theresa C. Young

August Zabel

Gertrude Zabel

Glenn E. Zabel

Myrle M. Zabel

Evelyn R. Zoellmer

Jerome F. Zoellmer

Charlotte M. Zwirtz

Esther Grace Zuercher

Not able to determine surnames for the following:

Clarence ?  (with M. Elaine)

M. Elaine ?  (with Clarence)

Viola  - near Schmid

only ‘Mother’ 1854-1917

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