Oak Hill Cemetery

city of Excelsior, Hennepin County, Minnesota: T117N - R23W, parts of sections 27, 34, & 35

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This cemetery is in fair shape. Much of the cemetery is situated around a large steep hill. At the top of this hill is a circular area with burials only in half of the area. Based upon the dates of death this section was opened much later than the main cemetery that surrounds the hill below this point. I suspect that the large Civil War statue which is situated in the newest area of this cemetery once stood upon the hill.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed in July 2001.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2001


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Myrtle Eastman Akselsen

Harriette Morse Aldritt

Lincoln E. Aldritt

E. Ross Amlaw

Mabel Amlaw

Agnes M. Anderson

Alben C. Anderson

Anna Anderson

August Anderson

Axel Shornof Anderson

Carl Arthur Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson

George W. Anderson

Gertrude Anderson

Hannah Jacobson Anderson

Lester A. Anderson, husband of Marian

Luella Halverson Anderson

Mary F. Anderson (?)

Ralph P. Anderson

Adrian E. Apgar

Albert S. Apgar

Anna A. Apgar

Clarence Armagost

Myers Armagost

Gust G. Arnold

Lila A. Arnold

Ralph G. Arnold

William G. Arnold

Dorothy E. Asp

Robert Asp

Robert L. Asp

Helena, daughter of J. & J.L. Awin (?)

Richart, son of J. & J.L. Awin (?)

? Babcock (?)

Augustus Babcock

Ellsworth F. Baker

Alice L., wife of O.H. Bakke

Clifford D. Ballard

Muriel V. Ballard

? Baller (?)

Agnes Bannochie

? wives of Chas. S. Bardwell

Adele A. Smith, wife of C.S. Bardwell

Alice A. Bardwell

Araminta H. Bardwell

C.S. Bardwell

Clarissa Bardwell

Eliza Green, wife of C.S. Bardwell

**Emeline 'Emma' Noyes Bardwell - born 13 February 1841 Minot, Cumberland, Maine - died 15 November 1900 - married Ethan S. Bardwell in 1859 - parents were Luke and Mary Griffin Noyes** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Emma N. Bardwell

Ernistine Bardwel

Ethan S. Bardwell

Frank E. Bardwell

Fred Leslie Bardwell

Katherine Bardwell

L. Ward Bardwell

Lizzie Hodgdon, wife of F.L. Bardwell

Marie Taylor, wife of F.L. Bardwell

Mariette F., wife of E.S. Bardwell

Maurice E., child of E.S. & E.N. Bardwell

Maurice F. Bardwell

Mary E., child of E.S. & E.N. Bardwell

Nettie Jenks, wife of C.S. Bardwell

Selah Bardwell

W.E. Bardwell

William C. Bardwell

Joanne A. Barnhart

Maria E. Barton

Ruth A. Bartush

William Bartush

Charles C., son of Howard W. & Eldora E. Bates

Eldora E. Bates (?)

Walter P., son of Howard W. & Eldora E. Bates

William H. Bates

Bessie, child of W. & M.M. Beach

Elizabeth T. Beach

Maggie, child of W. & M.M. Beach

Maggie M., wife of W. Beach

Martham, wife of W. Beach

Wesley Beach

Ellen Beatty

Geo. Beatty

Mahlon H. Beebe

Deborah J., wife of Dea. A. Beeman

E.P. Beeman

Louisa M. Beeman

Mary M., wife of H.L. Beeman

H.H. Beers

Robert John Beggs

Helen K. Beinert

Henry Beinert

Myrtle Beinert

John Belair

only Bennett and only Mother ?

Abner C. Bennett

E.L. Bennett

Earl Bennett

Ella M. Bennett

Melvin W. Bennett

Gerald A. Bensen

Mary L. Bensen

Hannah Benson (?)

Louis Benson (?)

Mable Benson

Ruby Benson

Charles A. Berg

Esther W. Berg (?)

Jack Imus Berg

Jennie Berg

Kitty May Berg

Alice M. Bergstrom

Charles Bergstrom

Charles Bergstrom

James A. Bergstrom

Irene B. Beroud

M. Melvin Beroud

Abert C. Bickford (?)

Bertha M. Bickford (?)

Eri Bickford

Frances E. Bickford (?)

Fred Bickford (?)

Leora A. Bickford (?)

Moses Bickford (?)

V. Pearl Bickford (?)

Lily M. Bishop

Wm. T. Board - Company E 99 Ind. Inf.

Ida Mary Sauter, nee Boehner 8 November

Susie Morse Booth

Lucile Preston Borden, Mayflower Descendant

Lula M. Bost

Arthur Brackett (?)

Claude R. Brackett (?)

Dorothy Brackett

Roy D. Brackett

Sarah E. Brackett (?)

Alice Mary Bray

Angeline Noyes Bray

**Angeline Noyes Bray - born 13 February 1841 Minot, Cumberland, Maine - died 1912 - married Ebenezer Bray in 1859 - parents were Luke and Mary Griffin Noyes** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Ebenezer Bray

Elizabeth May Bray

Harriet Emma Bray

Madison Eugene Bray

Fyrne L. Brekke

Ole S. Brekke

John W. Broderick

Helen Brooks

Milton Brooks

Milton Brooks

Virginia M. Welch Brooksie and baby

Valeria A. Brothers

A.D. Brown - Company D 5 Minn. Inf.

Susan J. Brown

C.N. Brutton (?) - Company F. 5 Ohio Inf.

Blanche Burch (?)

Harvey ? Burch (?)

Lottie J. Burch (?)

Miriam A. Burch (?)

Lilian Burkhard

Henry F. Bullens

Mamie I. Bullens

Alice G. Cotton Whitney, born Boyston, Mass.

Gale Cotton Burton

Hazel Burton, born Brookline, Mass.

Hazen James Burton, born Brookline, Mass.

Hazen James Burton, born Roxbury, Mass.

Lindley James Burton, born in Minneapolis, MN

Ward Cotton Burton of Lake Minnetonka, born Brookline, Mass.

Gertrude, wife of G.E. Butler

Dene H., wife of George M. Cale ?

Edith Frederika Cale

Edward A. Cale

George M. Cale

George William Cale

Henry P. Cale

Mary Maxwell, wife of George William Cale

Philip J. Cale

Hallie M. Calloway

Viola M. Caple

Heartie Wood Carle

Nathaniel Allen Carle

Ida Carlson

Oscar A. Carlson

Arthur (?) Carr

baby Carr

Mary A. Carr

Ann E. Carver

Doris T. Chandler

Alvin Chapman

Belle D. Clark

Belle D. Clark

Ernest F. Clark

Harry O. Clark

James H. Clark

**James Hervey Clark, 24 May 1830 – 30 October 1905, married to Susan A. Clark – Civil War veteran Ill 112th Inf.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

James S. Clark

Susan A. Clark

**Susan A. Clark, 30 September 1830 – 8 March 1910, wife of James Hervey Clark**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Anna Clarke

James A. Clime

Melissa Clime

Clarence G. Clofer

Elizabeth Clofer (?)

Gustavis A. Clofer (?) - could be O’Connor

June Grace Coad

Daniel Connor

Evie Connor

Clifford M. Conrad

Edna A. Conrad

Martha Conrad

Minnie Conrad

Althea Cook

? ?, son of ? & ? Coons (?)

Ruby A. Peck Cooper

Mae A. Corrigan, wife of J.E. Corrigan

Sadie Hoag Counsell

Alice Bishop Creaser

Mark Wesley Creaser

Elizabeth G. Curtis

Evan Dahl

Gerda C. Dahl

Ragna Dahl

Rudolph J. Dahl

Thea Dahl

Adeline Daily

Jane Damon

Amanda J. Darnell

Christena Darnell

Darley Darnell

C.A. Davidson (?)

Angelina W. Davis

John W. Davis

Alici (?) B. Day ? ?

Clara A. Day

Edith E. Day

Enos Day

Ida M. Day

Lucinda, wife of Enos Day

Othniel Day

Samuel A. Day

Michael L. Dean

Amy Howe DeGroodt

Clara M. DeGroodt

Norman K. DeGroodt

Peter S. DeGroodt

Reuben Hurd DeGroodt

Rose A., wife of Reuben H. DeGroodt

Eri Bickford Dennis

Katie A., daughter of O.H. & E.R. Dennis

Olive H. Dennis

Veda P. Devitt

William G. Devitt

John DeVries (?)

Mildred C. DeVries

Rena DeVries (?)

David A. Deyoe

Donald J. Deyoe

Lucille A. Deyoe

baby Dickinson (?)

Eliza J. Dickinson

Emma R. Dickinson (?)

Geo. P. Dickinson (?)

Justin L. Dickinson

Luther F. Dickinson

A.G. Dicks - Company G 16th Ind. Inf.

Bertha J. Dix

Effie E. & Eva F., babies of L. & F.M. Dix

Lillian C. Dix

Donald Ray Douglass

Ellen Dovenberg

Louis Dovenberg

Robert Dovenberg

Bessie Pappas Drake

Helen L. Drake

Bertha Dudley

Catharine B. Dudley

Henry L. Dudley

Ida M. Dudley

Robert V. Dudley

Rose A. Dudley

Warren Dudley

Warren Dudley

Amanda B. Dunn

Clarence O. Dunn

Earl C. Dunn

Samuel W. Dunn

Adolph B. Durbahn

Fred J. Durbahn

Lillian T. Durbahn

Alyce A. Dyer

Herbert A. Dyer

Henry R. Eddy

John L. Eddy

William Eddy

Randolph Edgar

Dale A. Ekert

Ruth Ann Ekert

Hilda S. Ekrem

Martin L. Ekrem

Hazel Elliott

Lee E. Elliott

Mary M. Elliott

John C. Elmblad

Lars J. Erickson

Signe M. Erickson

William L. Estes

Grace I. Curtis, wife of Samuel S. Farley

Malcolm F. Farley

Samuel S. Farley

Jane E. Farnsworth

Eliza Fawcett

Bert Ferguson

Kyle Alden Ferguson

Lowell Ferguson

Mabel Ferguson

Carl J. Fogelmark

Carl J. Fogelmark

Johanna Fogelmark

Laurena J. Fogelmark

Hilda L. Foreman

Helen V. Frank

John A. Franzen

Marguerite E. Franzen

John W., son of J.W. & M.L.E. Fredrick

Martha L.K., wife of ? Fredrick (?)

Arthur Fregeau

Arthur Fregeau

Cyril French

Louella A. Froyd

Rolan J. Froyd

Osmer Frye

Elizabeth Howery, wife of Philip J. Gale

Charles Galpin

Edwin B., son of Charles & Semantha W. Galpin

Semantha W., wife of Charles Galpin

Pearl Gaskill

Cynthia L.B., wife of O.S. Gates

Orpheus S. Gates

our baby Gates (?)

Maria E. Gess

Walter H. Gess

Bertha W. Getzke

Fred W. Getzke

Nathalie Ethel Getzke

Theodore H. Getzke

‘Mother’ Gideon (?)

Peter M. Gideon

Wealthy Gideon

Joshua E. Gilman

Mary L. Gilman

Ella E. Glaeve

Fred C. Glaeve

Harriet A. Goetz

Britton A. Goetze, husband of Greta

Emma M. Goetze

Greta H. Goetze

Harriet A., wife of C.A. Goetze, daughter of E.B. Harrison

Julius H. Goetze

Paul Turner Goldsmith

? ? Gould - Company D ? Minn. Cav.

F.G. Gould - Company D Minn. Cav.

Freeman Curtis Gould

Hattie (?) M., daughter of F.G. & M.S. Gould

infant daughter of F.G. & M.S. Gould

Mary S. Gould

Harold P. Grant

Lee A. Gravlun

Donald D., son of Grace A. & John B. Gray

Grace A. Gray

Mary Helen Green

William Harrison Green

Vella M. Greene

baby Greer

Lotta E. Greer

Amanda E. Gustafson

Edwin T. Gustafson

Harry C. Gustafson

Kenneth H. Gustafson

Lillian N. Gustafson

John Hacking

Sara Haik

Joseph Egerton Hagan

Letty May Hagan

Minnie Hagen

Carrie Edna Haglin

Celia J. Haley

Maude M. Hall

Jacques H. Hammer

Margaret H. Hammer

Kathleen M. Hammond

James H. Hanson

Lewis Hanson (?)

Virgeline V. Hanson

Caroline Haralson

Charles Haralson

Addie A. Harrington

Gerald Harrington

Wilbert C. Harrington

Abbie A. Harrison

Cora A. Harrison

Edward B. Harrison, born in England

Edwin B. Harrison

Ethel D. Harrison, nee Knopf

Gordon Clyde Harrison

Hannah Harrison

Hannah Harrison, born in England

Hannah E. Harrison

Hannah E. Harrison

John J. Harrison

John R. Harrison

John W. Harrison

Laura LaMoine Harrison

? Harter ?

Harvey I. Harter

**Hattie Maria Harter 1859 - 1948, wife of Harvey I. Harter**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Lulu Darnell Harvey

Cordelia Hawkes (?)

Gertrude A. Hawkes (?)

Myron A. Hawkes (?) - Company K 30 Ind. Inf.

Elsie M. Hayward

T.T. Hayward

Elizabeth Heap (?)

George Melvin Heap (?)

Corinne L. Hedenberg

Margaret E. Hedenberg

Alexander J. Helming (?)

Anna S. Helming (?)

Mildred F. Helming (?)

Eva S. Hendricks (?)

Florence W. Hendricks (?)

Francis O. Hendricks (?)

infant son of Francis O. Hendricks (?)

John Hendricks - Company B 3 Wis. Inf.

John Hendricks (?)

Correan C. ‘Brooksie’ Hennings

Amy C. Hickson, daughter of F.J. and B.B. Stoddard

John S. Higgins

Margaret Bell Higgins

Tom N. Hillis

Mary Hinsley (?)

Ada G. Hitchcock (?)

Levi E. Hitchcock (?)

Emma L. Hixson (?)

John P. Hixson (?)

Mamie Lorence (?) Hixson

Mary E. Hixson (?)

Augusta E. Hoag

Frank S. Hoag

Mabel Irene Hoag

Daareth N. Berg, wife of Andrew Hoiby

Enos Holker

Laura Holker

Burton C. Holmes

Wilhelm Holst

Vo Thi Hon

King Hoo

Leah R. Hoo

Beverly J. Hoover

Paul D. Hoover

A.H. Hopkins - Company S 9 Minn. Inf.

Albert Hopkins (?)

Charles Hopkins

George B. Hopkins

Lillian Hopkins (?)

Martha Hopkins

Susan C. Hopkins (?)

Julia M., wife of M.T. Howard

Milton T. Howard

John D. Hubbard

Sarah C. Hubbard (?)

William A. Hubbard (?)

Geraldine H. Huck

Hal Hutchinson

A.E. Hval

Nora, wife of G.A. Hval

Albert C. Imus

Arch A. Imus

Gertrude M. Imus

Karin Maria Isaacson

Olof Isaac Isaacson

E. Jacobson

Mary E., wife of O.O. Jaquith

O.O. Jaquith

Alice R. James

Dorothy S. James

Ethel M. James

George W. James

Lowell T. James

William M. James

John D. Jamieson

Sarah Brown Jamieson

Olga Kathryn Jammer

Anderson H. Jenkins (?)

Grant S. Jenkins (?)

Joseph T. Jenkins

Julia C.M. Jenkins (?)

Andrew L. Jensen

Christ Jensen

Liddie Jensen

Anton Jerabek

Josephine Jerabek

Andrew Johnson

Anna Johnson

Bennie C. Johnson

Charles R. Johnson

Clarence G. Johnson

Daisy E. Johnson

Dorothy Edith Johnson

Edith Ivy Johnson

Elen Johnson

Emma N. Walworth Johnson

Frederick Wm. Johnson

Gerald E. Johnson

Gustav Johnson

Gustav G. Johnson

Hanna G. Johnson

Hilda C. Johnson

Mae Lillian Johnson

Martha Johnson

Mathilda Johnson

Ole Johnson

Warren H. Johnson

D. Bruce Johnstone

David Elliott Johnstone

Florence E. Johnstone

Estella N. Jones

Mary H. Jones

Mary J. (?), wife of W.D. Jones

William B. Jones

Clyde Forest Jordan

Ella Jordan

Maria Jordan

Benny Jung

Jeanne Jung

Ruth G. Kendrick

Wanda Carol Kendrick

Dan W. Kennedy

Fred L. Kennedy

Alma A. Kerner

Frank J. Kerner

Kenneth R. Kerner

Elsie I. Merchant Kidd

Alva P. Kimmel

Louis King

Joseph David Knowles

Mary Ann Knowles

David M. Knutson

Evelyn M. Knutson

George F. Koch

Diane Kuechle

Grace B. Kuechle

Harry G. Kuechle

William E. Kuechle

Ione P. Kurtz

John Lamberson

Sarah H., wife of John Lamberson

Duncan M. Lamont

Carrie M. LaPaul

George F. LaPaul

John W. LaPaul

Cora A. Larson

Peter W. Larson

George ? Latterner

Ida (?) Latterner

Olga A. Lawson

William O. Lawson

Grace T. Leaman

John W. Leaman

Harold James Lees

Jean Robert Lees

Susie Morse Lees

Gladys H. Leipold

L. Edmond Leipold

Lattie Letson

Sara Lewis

Charles V. Loeffler

Naomi P. Loeffler

Arthur E. Long

Elbert W. Long

Jeziel P. Lopez

William Lord

Albert E. Lorenz

Annie V. Lorenz

William Lorenz

Ella S. Loudon

Stewart M. Loudon

Will S. Loudon

Will S. Loudon

Betty J. Lundell

Stanley E. Lumdell

Beth E. Lundy

Laura Wilson Macmains (?)

Alice F. Marsh

Dagney E. Mattson

Gust E. Mattson

John Maxwell

Doris W. Maynard

Edwin M. Maynard

Essie I. Maynard

‘Father’ Maynard (?)

Hattie P. Maynard (?)

M.M. Maynard - Company K 34 Mass. Inf.

Walter M. Maynard

William W. McArty

Elizabeth McBroom

John Kellett McBroom

May Ione McBroom

Oliver Hall McBroom

William A. McClaran

Calvin H. McClintock

Dorothy (Waite) McClintock

Kate May McCormick (?)

Louis Cass McCormick (?)

Minnie B. McCormick

Orville S. McCormick

W.P. McDonald (?) - Company L 17 Ill. Cav.

John D. McEachran

Myrtle M. McEachran

Harry McGrath (?)

Harry M. McGrath

Nellie McGrath (?)

Robert McGrath (?)

Robert C. McGrath (?)

Robert C. McGrath

Sarah McGrath (?)

Sarah S., wife of R.B. McGrath

Louisa S. McKee

Abbie M. McLain

Geo. McLain

Goldwin W. McLellan

Minnie B. McLellan

Ella M., child of H.C. & S.R. Mead

Mabel, child of H.C. & S.R. Mead

Ralph Erwin Mears

L.F. Meash (?) - Company K (?) 1 Wis. ?

James Melvin

Rhoda A. Melvin

Dwight E. Merchant

Francis G. Blinn Merchant

August H. Metca

Linnie L. DeGroodt, wife of August H. Metca

baby daughter of ? Miller

William Milner

Frank Mitchell

Mary Modlin (?)

Oliver H. Modlin (?)

Anna Monitor

Jacob Monitor

John Monitor

Anson L. Moody (?)

Josephine Hecker Moody

Lowell Henderson Moody

Ruth C. Moody (?)

Betsy A. Moore

Edw. W. Moore

John W. Moore

Wesley J. Morgan

Andrew Morse

Anne Mason Morse (?)

Flora M. Morse

Frank Morse

Harry Morse

Herbert A. Morse

infant son of George Kinnicut Morse (?)

John V. Morse

Lydia Morse

Lydia P. Morse

Mary Lebahn Morse (?)

Morrison Morse

Orrin G. Morse

Preston Morse

Sarah Morse

Warren B. Morse

William B. Morse

Cecilie, wife of J. Mumm (?)

Donald John Mumme

George Munger

Minnie Munger

Robert Munger

Elizabeth Murray

Emma A. Murray

James A. Murray

John Murray

John Weir Murray

Mollie Thomas, wife of J.W. Murray

William Murray

Koert D. Neher

Sadie F. Neher

Violet B. Neher, wife of Donald R. Neher

Belle M. Nelson

Henry N. Nelson

W. Robert Nelson

Edla D. Newell (?)

Glee H. Newman (?)

Nettie May Newman (?)

Nina M. Newman (?)

Sheldon D. Newman (?)

William L. Newman (?)

Ellen J. Niblock

John W. Noltimier (?)

Mary A. Noltimier (?)

Ruben X. Noltimier (?)

Luke Noyes

**Luke Noyes, born 29 April 1803 Minot, Cumberland, Maine - married Mary H. Griffin 11 March 1833 - died 20 December 1867 - his parents were Nicholas and Rachel Hill Noyes** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Mary H. Noyes

**Mary H. Griffin Noyes - wife of Luke Noyes - died 15 May 1885** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Meeville P. Noyes

**Melville P. Noyes - born 29 January 1843 Minot, Cumberland, Maine - died 3 March 1868 - parents were Luke and Mary Griffin Noyes** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

W.S. Noyes

**Walter S. Noyes - born 26 May 1838 Minot, Cumberland, Maine - died 19 October 1908 - his parents were Luke and Mary Griffin Noyes** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Lena Nyhammer

A. Melinda O’Connor

Alfred H. Ohm (?)

Charles T. Ohm

Mary M. Ohm

Thomas Ohm

Thos. Ohm - Company F 11 Minn. Inf.

Arline A. Oliver

Harry E. Oliver

Lucy H. Oliver

Helen B. Olsen

John H. Olsen

John O. Olsen

Axel Olson, born in Sweden

Richard W. Olson

baby O’Mera

Rose A. Dudley, wife of Charles O’Mera

Jack Fred O’Neil

Jack Orr

Clara West Osborn

James W. Osborn

Grace Page

W.H. Page (?) - Company D (?) 28 Minn. Inf.

Ella S. Palmer

George A. Pappas

Ann Booth Parker

Constance B. Parker

J. Kneeland Parker

Myrtle Anne Paulson

Ben Pearson

Mary Pearson

Arthur L. Pease

M. ? H. Pease

Theodore O. Pease, born in Somers, Ct.

Fred A. Peck

John I. Peck

Mary E. Peck

Myron A. Peck

Helen Pennock

Bessie J. Perry

Jennie A.C. Perry

Peter H. Perry

Sarah J. Perry

Ida C. Petching

Herman L. Peters

Margaret Peters

Mary Peters

Alyce V. Peterson

Charles W. Peterson

Clarence W. Peterson

Dianne Alyce Peterson

Jane Ann Peterson

Norma A. Peterson

Wallace E. Peterson

Elsie K. Phillips

Harry S. Phillips

Leila S. Phillips

Magdalyne L. Phillips

Ella Pier

Carlisle Pierce - Company B 11 Minn. Inf.

Jennie Pierson

Olaf Pierson

Eva Darnell Place

Anna, child of John W. and Anna S. Pomeroy

Anna Sherman Pomeroy

Florence H. Pomeroy

Harry, child of John W. and Anna S. Pomeroy

Jessamine, child of John W. and Anna S. Pomeroy

John W. Pomeroy

John W. Pomeroy

Josephine, child of John W. and Anna S. Pomeroy

Theodore, child of John W. and Anna S. Pomeroy

Ovid Post

Ina M. Powers

Charles Herbert Preston (?), ‘Mayflower Descendant’

Ruth Louise Preston (?)

Alva C. Prince (?)

C.E. Prince

Mary Hume Prince (?)

Maurice A. Prince (?)

Tirzah M. Prince (?)

Ira E. Pry

Selma Carlson Pry

George H. Raitz (?)

Louisa F. Raitz (?)

Louise R. Raitz (?)

Mattie Randolph

Peter A. Randolph

LaVona Dix Raney

Clara A. Ratliff

Thompson Ratliff

Guy Reed

Jennie Reed

John H. Reem (?)

Luella M. Reem (?)

Leland W. Richal

Mary A. Richal (?)

William Richal (?)

H. Jehiel Richmond

Maria P. Richmond

Louise Rickard

Bertha Rieke (?)

Howard E. Rieke (?)

Louis F. Rieke (?)

? Robe

Hazel Louise Roberts

Harry F. Robertson (?)

Lilian S., wife of Harry F. Robertson (?)

Loraine Robertson (?)

Marjorie D. Robideau

Roland E. Robideau

Thomas Robinson

Christine Rosenquist

Frank Rosenquist

R. (?) Dowell (?) Ross (?)

Cora May Rowe

Ellen C., wife of C.H. Rowe (?)

Ernest John Rowe

Blanche E. Sampson

Carrie L. Sampson (?)

Chelsea A. Sampson (?)

Evie D. Sampson

Francis Sampson

infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. H. Sampson

J.A. Sampson - Company A Hatch’s Minn. Cav.

John A. Sampson (?)

Laura F. Sampson (?)

Theresa Rose Dunn Sampson

William H. Sampson

August Sauter

Etta M. Schliesman

Bertha M. Schlintz, died (?)

Earl H. Schlintz, died (?)

H.L. Schlintz, died (?)

Otto A. Schlintz

Paulina Schlintz

Rosy J. Schmeidel

Ruddolf Schmeidel

Charles F. Schmidel (?)

Emma Schmidel (?)

‘Mother’ Schmidel (?)

Edward Scholle

Ruth Scholle

Herman W. Schroeder

William F. Schroeder

Justine E. Schultz

Ludwig S. Schultz

Mabel M. Schulz

Robert A. Schulz

Harvey E. Scott - Company E 1 Minn. Inf.

Walter M., son of H.E. and M.M. Scott

? Fred W. Seamans (?)

Adrian E. Seamans

Emma Seamans (?)

Hannah E., wife of S.A. Seamans

Hannah E., wife of Silas A. Seamans

John F. Seamans

Mona Marion Seamans, daughter of John S. and Iola

Pearl E. Seamans

Sarah C. Seamans

Silas A. Seamans

Thomas P. Seamans

Clara B. Seitz

Clement D. Seng

Patricia L. Seng

LaVerne Severson

Norman Severson

Mattie P. Dike (?), ? ? Sheldon (?)

John Shoemaker (?)

O.V.W. Sigafoos (?)

Sybilla Sigafoos (?)

Augusta L. Sio

Charles F. Sio

Claus T. Skiby

Ellen Anna Skiby (also Bella Lula on stone)

John H. Skillen

Margie Ann Slints

Estelle Apgar Slocum

Eli Small

Martha Small

Abram Smith

Abram Smith - Company D 34 Mass. Inf.

Alonzo Smith - Company I 7 Minn. Inf.

Alpha R. Smith

Anna Smith

Fred S. Smith

Laura J. Smith

Leora F. Smith

Mallory Elizabeth Smith

Mike Smith

Philip Alden Smith

Lillian Berg Sotherlund

Carrie F. Spannaus

Catherine, wife of George Sparrow

George Sparrow

Robert B. Spence

Lester C. Spriggs

Diane L. Springer

Elie Staff

Roy William Staggs

Florence D. Stambaugh

Rodney Stapp

C.A. (?) Staring (?) - Company ? 9 N.Y.

Otis A. Starr

Elizabeth M. Starritt

Simon P. Starritt

Carl G. Steller (?)

Emma Steller (?)

Sophie Stempf

Adam Stewart

Dorothy Kellogg Stewart

Fred E. Stewart

Susie E. Stewart

John Steward

Blanche B. Stoddard

Eddie (?) R., son of ? and ? Stoddard (?)

Elinor H. Stoddard

Frank J. Stoddard

Rena May, daughter of F.J. and B.B. Stoddard

Harriet Stoddarr, born at Litchfield, Conn.

Daniel Stone (?)

Emily Stone

Ester Stone

William J. Stone

Fredrick O. Stout

Alice C. Straight

Cleve M. Straight

Caroline Virginia Stratton

Levi W. Stratton

Perneicy, wife of L.W. Stratton

Joseph P. Strong

Mabel A. Strong

Jennifer Marie Studer

Paul Edward Studer

Brett, infant son of Sharon and Monty Stuhler

Jason, infant son of Sharon and Monty Stuhler

Henry Sturk

Clara Svenson

Alice C. Swanson

Arthur W. Swanson

Emma Christina Swanson (?)

Frederick Swanson (?)

George C. Swanson

Jorga L. Swanson

Karl A. Swanson

Lillian A. Swanson

Marjorie A. Swanson

Clara H. Sweeney

Edward F. Sweeney

Inez G. Sweeney

Jesten E. Sweeney

Alice E. Swenson

George E. Swenson

Electa W., wife of N.D. Taylor

Elizabeth Pinkney Taylor

George Francis Taylor

George Francis Taylor

Lillian Helms Taylor

N.D. Taylor

Milga M. Tervo

Le Quang Thao

Conrad Tharalson (?)

G. Edward Tharalson (?)

‘Grandma’ Tharalson (?)

‘Mother’ Tharalson (?)

Charles H. Thayer

Ruby Thayer

Bernice G. Theilmann (?)

Christina Theilmann (?)

George Theilmann (?)

Wilbur H. Theilmann (?)

Louis Thoele

Louisa C. Thoele

Augusta Thomas

baby Burton Eugene Thomas

Burton Lewis Thomas

Edward E. Thomas

Gene Thomas

Lillian A. Thomas

Allette Torkelson

Diana M. Torkelson

Jessie M. Torkelson

Oscar Torkelson

Rasmus Torkelson

Ruben A. Torkelson

Trygve M. Torkelson

Joel Trumbele - 9 Minnesota Inf.

A. Adie, son of J. Trumble

Eben A. Trumble

Jemima, wife of J. Trumble

Lucy F., daughter of J. Trumble

Olive M. Trumble

Vera Genevieve Trumble

Willia ?., son of C. D. and ? Trumbull

Philander H. Turner

Thomas Carl Utne

Donald L. VanGuilder

Darlene M. VanLoucks

Gladys B. VanSloun

Rufinus G. VanSloun

Wilfred M. Vikre

Geo. W. Wait

Harriet F. Wait

William W. Wait

Elizabeth (Starr) Waite

Glen Waite

James F. Waite

Ruth Waite

Fanny A. Wakefield

Edgar E. Walworth

Luella M. Walworth

Myrtle F. Warren

Leverett L. Watrous

Frank A. Way (?)

Horace M. Way (?)

Margaret Way (?)

Ronald Allen Weinrauch

Maude A. West

Vernon L. West

Freda A. Westman

Morris H. Westman

E. Lucille Whisler

Glen A. Whisler

Della R., wife of H.H. Whitmore

Leon A., son of H.H. and D.R. Whitmore

J.C. Wickban (?) - Company B 1 Minn. ? A

Harvey S. Widney

Alexander Wiest

Ida Wiest

Margaret V. Viitala

Alice D. Williams

Charles H. Williams

Elford W. Williams

Marlene Grace Williams (infant daughter - Dawn Royce)

Nellie F. Williams

William O. Williams

Anna M. Wilson

Byron D. Wilson

Henry C. Wilson

Leila Murray Wilson

Walter S. Wilson

baby Winsor

Anna Wistrand (?)

Matilda Wistrand (?)

Peter E. Wistrand (?)

Alice V. Wolff

Carl H. Wolff

Emma Sarver Wood

John Wood

Maude S. Wood

Noma (?) W. Wood - Company H 10 Missouri Inf.

Cora B., wife of A.S. Woodruff

Ethel M. Woodruff

Iris Woodruff

Wallace S. Woodruff

Clinton S. Wostrel

Marion G. Wostrel

Hattie Louisa Wright (?)

Lillie Wright (?)

Robert Ardis Wright (?)

Isabelle F. Wylder

Etta L. Young (?)

Milo N. Young (?)

R.B. Young, 4th Minnesota Vol. Inf.

Sally C. Zachary

Edward J. Ziebarth

Lizzie L. Ziebarth

Calista M. Zuercher

Fred Zuercher

Unable to determine surnames for the following:

??, died ?? 1871, age 70 years 9 months 17 days

Charles (?) L. ? - with Harriet Stoddarr

Edwin L. ? - with Harriet Stoddarr

Ellen M. ? - with Harriet Stoddarr

Ida M. ? - with Harriet Stoddarr

Sarah (?) J. ? - with Harriet Stoddarr

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