St. Margaret’s Cemetery

Along Bren Road near Shady Oak Road, Minnetonka, MN



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City of Minnetonka, Hennepin County, Minnesota:  T117N – R22W, Section 36


St. Margaret’s Cemetery is located along Bren Road near its intersection with Shady Oak Road.  The cemetery has regular maintenance and is in good shape. 


There was a church on this site at one time.  In “History of Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis, including the Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota, By Rev. Edward D. Neill, and Outlines of the History of Minnesota, By J. Fletcher Williams,” written in 1881, under the churches category, it states “Bohemian Catholic Church.  This Structure was begun in the fall of 1879, and located on section 36.  Have no regular preaching, but have readings by some member every Sunday.”


There were two small Catholic churches in the Hopkins area during the late 1890’s, St. Margaret’s on Bren Road near Shady Oak Road, and St. Mary’s on 6th Avenue South in Hopkins.  St. Margaret’s was built in 1880 and served the Bohemian settlers.  St. Mary’s was built in 1895.  These two Catholic churches were merged into one Catholic church in 1921 and became the Church of St. Joseph of Hopkins. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2010.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2010



, Kim and Kelley

??onat?, Helen

??onat?, Henrietta

Abts, Frances F.

Adams (?), Joseph G.

Adams, (?), Anna

Adams, Luella C.

Adams, Mathew P.

Alba, Roman V.

Alwaraqi, Johad

Anderla (?), Frances

Anderla (?), Helen J.

Anderla (?), Joseph

Anderla (?), Joseph T.

Andersen, Dorothea M.

Andersen, Edgar

Anderson, Bessie Ann

Anderson, Vernon G.

Andren, Eunice Valesh

Andresen, M. Margaret

Andresen, Roy J.

Andring, Marie R.

Andring, Norbert J.

Andring, Norbert John

Andrle, Joyce

Anghilante, Elaine Woughter

Apland, Agnes I.

Apland, Wilfred E.

Apland, William H.

Archambo, Cecile M.

Archibald, Jeremy John

Armiger, Kathryn A.

Arnett, Bette L.

Arnett, Robert L.

Atkinson, Dolores M.

Atkinson, Lawrence M.B.

Austin, Adeline E.

Bachler, Matthew John

Bacik, Anna M.

Baer, Helen G.

Baer, Jerome H.

Baker, Joseph H.

Baker, Marie A.

Bamak (?), Marie (?)

Barclay, Betty A.

Barclay, Earl L.

Barry (?), Edward F.

Barry (?), James

Barta, Frances

Barton, Garry W.

Barton, Mary K.

Barton, Myles W.

Bauman, Edna E.

Bauman, George E.

Bauman, John E.

Baynard, Loretta A.

Be, Anna Nguyen Thi

Beck, Kristin

Beckman, Harriet D.

Beckman, Leo K.

Beebe, Laura

Beers, Arlene M.

Beers, Barney

Beers, Barney

Begin, Eileen G.

Behring, Cynthia

Bennane, Jerry

Bennane, Nora

Bennett, Jane C.

Bennis (?), Catherine

Bennis (?), John

Bennis, Carrie E.

Bennis, Charles L.

Bennis, John J.

Bennis, Joseph

Benson, Alton A.

Benson, Eleanore F.

Benson, Robert A.

Berg, Milton L.

Berg, Robert J.

Berg, Ruby Viola

Berset, Marlys H.

Best, Earl L.

Betlach, Fred E.

Betlach, Muriel M.

Betros, Shirley A.

Betros, Theodore R.

Biglow, Laura Anne

Biglow, Mary Kathleen

Bignoski, Adam

Bignoski, Mary

Biros, Shirley Hallin

Bjorklund, Susan Lamb

Black, Adam A.

Black, Margarete E.

Blake, Allan J.

Blake, Catherine Agnes

Blake, Christina T.

Blake, Ellen

Blake, George T.

Blake, Grace Jeannette

Blake, James

Blake, James A.

Blake, Jeanette D.

Blake, Marie J.

Blake, Mary

Blake, Mathias

Blake, Paul S.

Blake, Richard H.

Blake, Ruth H.

Blakeborough, Floyd

Blakeborough, Margaret D.

Block, Kate

Block, Lloyd J.

Blodgett, Helen McLaughlin

Blunt, Sophie M.

Bocko, James W.

Boegeman, Eleanor

Boegeman, Elmer

Boklep, Theresa Ann

Bollig, Lorraine J.

Bollig, Peter J.

Bollig, Richard L.

Bollig, Rose I.

Boltz, Clinton E.

Boltz, Helen D.

Bongard, Matthew

Bongard, Olga

Boria, Kelley Ann

Born, Agnes

Boucher, Joseph

Boucher, Mary

Boucher, Mary E.

Bouzek, Jean D.

Braeden, Albina

Braeden, Robert

Brecka, Frances

Brecka, John

Brecka, Josephine

Bren, Anastasia M.

Brezden, Dorothy

Brezden, William

Brinck-Lund, Ebbie

Brinck-Lund, Patricia

Brokl, Agnes

Brown, Mary T.

Brusseau, Bradley

Bulver, Nancy

Bulver, Paul Joseph

Burnikel, Deborah S.

Burnikel, Hope M.

Burns, Dorothy J.

Burns, John J.

Burns, Reid T.

Busch, Albert M.

Busch, Hildegard S.

Bye, Josephine M.

Caffrey, Bridget B.

Campbell, Scott R.

Carey, William Emery

Carlson, Beverly

Carlson, Brittney Ann

Carlson, Gerard

Carlson, Jane M.

Carlson, Mary W.

Carlson, Paul William

Carlson, Warren S.

Carlson, William Reff

Caron, Claire A.

Caron, Leonard J.

Carr, Cathleen Mary

Carr, Joanie O.

Carr, John L.

Cassidy, Vincent J.

Cavanaugh, James W.

Cecka (?), Albert

Cecka (?), Elizabeth M.

Cecka (?), Joseph M.

Cecka (?), Mary

Cecka, Agnes H.

Cecka, David Frank

Cecka, Eleanor M.

Cecka, Frank W.

Cecka, George J.

Cemenski, Gordan A.

Cemenski, Janice E.

Cermak (?), Helen V.

Cermak (?), Mary

Cermak (?), William J.

Cermak (?), William N.

Cermak, Aneska

Cermak, Anna

Cermak, Mary A.

Cermak, Otto F.

Cermak, Vaclav

Cermak, Vaclav

Cervena, Anna

Cerveni, Karel

Cerveny, Charles

Cerveny, Mary

Cerveny, Mary H.

Chaix, Elsie A.

Chaix, John A.

Chandler, Genevieve M.

Chandler, Harry E.

Chase, Daniel L.

Chermack, Delores J.

Chermack, James D.

Chermack, Loa R.

Chermack, Robert W.

Chermak, Harvey T.

Chermak, J.J.

Chermak, Ludmila

Chiliemann, Esther M.

Chmel, Judith Maria

Chmel, Mary

Chmel, Vaclav

Choiniere, Teresa Marie

Chouinard (?), Albert Joseph

Chovan, Sheila Sue

Christian, Dorothy Osander

Christopherson, Josephine

Christopherson, Louis P.

Collins, Celestine V.

Combs, Alfred W.

Combs, Rose B.

Coover, Helen T.

Corcoran, Marcella H.

Corcoran, Patrick D.

Corcoran, Steven Patrick

Corniea, Anthony J.

Corniea, Belle

Corniea, James A.

Corrigan, Astrid N.

Corrigan, Jerome P.

Costin, Joseph

Cottrell, Hulda M.

Courtney, Henry R.

Courtney, Jeannette D.

Coyle (?), Frances R.

Coyle, Hugh P.

Coyne, Ina J.

Cranmer, Charles H.

Culshaw, Joseph

Culshaw, Loraine

Culshaw, Mary A.

Daley, Gladys H.

Daley, William F.

Daley, Wm. F.

Damschen, Catherine J.

Damschen, David J.

Dandurand, Helen

Dandurand, Louis

Dargen, Lyle R.

Dargen, Verna

David, Richard

David, Robert

Degn, Glady

Delaney, Timothy John

Deutsch, Myrna E. “Penny”

DeVeau, John

DeVeau, John E.

DeVeau, Olga J.

DeVine, Enid F.

Ditrich, Frank

Dittmar, Janet Anderla

Dittmar, Martin R.

Dolan, Clara M.

Dolan, John F. “Jack”

Donahue, Joseph L.

Donahue, Mary A.

Dostal (?), Daniel D.

Dostal (?), Mary A.

Doyle, Charlotte M.

Doyle, William J.

Dragon, Anthony G.

Dragon, Florence C.

Drahosh, Anna

Drahosh, Joseph

Dranginis, Charles J.

Duda, Ernest J.

Duda, Helen W.

Duda, James A.

Dudo, Albina

Dudo, Anna F.

Dudo, Donald R.

Dudo, Frank C.

Dudo, John J.

Dvorak (?), Agnes B.

Dvorak (?), Carrie A.

Dvorak (?), John N.

Dvorak (?), Joseph

Dvorak (?), Mary

Dvorak (?), Mary M.

Dvorak (?), Mother

Dvorak, Albin R.

Dvorak, Anna

Dvorak, Anna

Dvorak, Anna

Dvorak, Anna B.

Dvorak, August J.

Dvorak, Benjamin D.

Dvorak, Bessie A.

Dvorak, Clement

Dvorak, Colleen M.

Dvorak, Doris I.

Dvorak, Dorothy

Dvorak, E.G. Mick

Dvorak, Edmund M.

Dvorak, Edna K.

Dvorak, F.J.

Dvorak, Frances A.

Dvorak, Frank

Dvorak, Frank A.

Dvorak, Frank A.

Dvorak, Frank B.

Dvorak, Henry

Dvorak, Henry S.

Dvorak, Jak.

Dvorak, Jan

Dvorak, John

Dvorak, John P.

Dvorak, Joseph W.

Dvorak, Katerina

Dvorak, Lisuse A.

Dvorak, Louise C.

Dvorak, Ludmila

Dvorak, Mark T.

Dvorak, Marlene

Dvorak, Mary

Dvorak, Mary

Dvorak, Mary M.

Dvorak, Olga E.

Dvorak, Stasie

Dvorak, Ted J.

Dvorak, Theodore V.

Dvorak, Veronyka

Dvorak, Victor R.

Dvorakova, Anna

Ebnet, Adolph J.

Ebnet, Agnes L.

Ebnet, Gertrude L.

Ebnet, Leo P.

Ebnet, Robert D.

Edgar, Agnes M.

Edgar, Emma

Edgar, Theodore

Ednet, Maxine E.

Ednet, William F.

Ehmiller, Helen

Ehmiller, Jane

Ehmiller, Raymond J.

Eidam, James G.

Eidam, Marlys M.

Eltl, Mamie E.

Eltl, Richard F.

Empanger (?), Anna

Empanger (?), William

Empanger (?), William A.

Empanger, Dorothy M.

Empanger, Warren L.

Eng, Katherine

Eng, Raymond

Engbloom, Al E.

Engbloom, Roseanne

Engelhart (?), Christina M.

Engelhart (?), John J.

Engelhart (?), Leo A.

Engelhart, Vincent F.

Engelkes, Berend M.

Engelkes, Bernice E.

Erhard, Lucy Edna

Erhard, Robert Joseph

Ernst, Edward R.

Ernst, Minnie J.

Ernst, Viola M.

Ess, Alfred E.

Ess, Alice A.

Ess, Alyce M.

Ess, Arline D.

Ess, Bernadette Neider

Ess, John A.

Exworthy, James K.

Exworthy, Mildred M.

Falton, Cecile K.

Falton, Edward M.

Falton, Grace M.

Falton, James V.

Falton, Mary A.

Faragher, Agnes E.

Farnick, Clara B.

Farnick, Lois Elixe

Farnick, Ralph Charles

Farrell (?), Arthur

Farrell (?), Catherine B.

Faucher, Hilma

Faucher, Narcisse C.

Feeley, Alfred

Feeley, Helen

Feltl (?), Claudia Anne

Feltl, Ann I.

Feltl, Anna

Feltl, Anna Tesar

Feltl, Anne H.

Feltl, Cyril

Feltl, Emily M.

Feltl, Frank E.

Feltl, Jan

Feltl, Jean

Feltl, John C.

Feltl, John E.

Feltl, John J.

Feltl, John Joseph

Feltl, Joseph

Feltl, Joseph F.

Feltl, Jozefka

Feltl, Katherine C.

Feltl, Katherine M.

Feltl, Katherine Renza

Feltl, Margaret E.

Feltl, Margaret K/

Feltl, Martin V.

Feltl, Mary A.

Feltl, Mary M.

Feltl, Raymond M.

Feltl, Robert J.

Feltl, Rose M.

Feltl, Stanley B.

Feltl, Stephen J.

Fick, James A.

Foley, Dorothy Ann Schwob

Foley, Kathleen

Foley, Margaret I.

Foley, Thomas R.

Fontana, Elizabeth C.

Fontana, Samuel J.

Forner (?), Aloys P.

Forner (?), Elizabeth

Forner (?), Elnora

Forpahl, Gertrude M.

Frane, John D.

Frank, Arnold

Fredrickson, Donna M.

Fredrickson, James E.

Freiborg, Anna C.

Freiborg, Herman

Freiborg, Herman

Fuentes, Manuel C.

Fuller, Agnes G.

Fuller, Eugene K.

Fuxa (?), Anna

Fuxa (?), Joseph

Fuxa, Agnes S.

Fuxa, Albert E.

Fuxa, Albert W.

Fuxa, Anna

Fuxa, Anna M.

Fuxa, Bessie M.

Fuxa, Frank F.

Fuxa, Frederick John

Fuxa, Isabelle E.

Fuxa, Margaret A.

Fuxa, Winslow

Gagnon, Juanita Schrauf Nagel

Gagnon, Theodore J.

Galchutt, Floyd J.

Galchutt, Katherine B.

Galvin, Agnes E.

Galvin, Appie L.

Galvin, Catherine

Galvin, John Patrick

Galvin, Thomas

Galvin, Thomas

Galvin, Thomas A.

Garcia, baby girl

Garcia, Michelle

Garcia, Milana Amanda

Gaudreau, Daniel L.

Gaudreau, Florence M.

George, Howard W.

George, Kaitlyn Michelle

George, Ruth M.

Gillis, Leonard

Gillis, Mark G.

Gillis, Sandy

Girard, Marian E.

Girard, Oliver S.

Goebel, Edna W.

Goebel, Nick J.

Goede (?), Margaret Moore

Goede (?), William P.

Goetz, Gail E.

Goffin, Pamela J.

Goldberg, Neil M.

Goldborg, Theresa

Golon, Casimer F.

Graben, Teresa H.

Grabowski, Delfne Philip

Grabowski, Dorothy S.

Grattan, Patrick H.

Greamba, Jacob S.

Greamba, Pauline M.

Green, Helen I. (Pivec)

Griffin, Joseph P.

Groetsch, Peter J.

Gustafson, Geraldine Uram

Haakonson, Marye E.

Haakonson, Ole H.

Habisch, Agatha M.

Habisch, Bernard M.

Hadac, Philip

Haglund, Bobby

Haller, Chester Russell

Haller, Mary Jane

Halligan, Charles P.

Halligan, Marguerite

Hanley, Cecelia C.

Hanley, Francis T.

Hannan, Anna

Hannan, Grace M.

Hannan, James E.

Hannan, John H.

Hansen, Adolph H.

Hansen, Ann Nunvar

Hansen, Irene T.

Hansen, James L.

Hansen, Mary C.

Hanus, Betty A.

Hanus, Raymond A.

Hardgrove, John

Harincar, Frank J.

Harincar, John S.

Harincar, Maria A.

Harincar, Violet C.

Harmon, John E.

Harmon, Kathryn L. (Stevens)

Harmon, Mary W.

Harmon, Milo Harvey

Harmonick, Anna

Harmonick, Joseph

Harmonick, Thomas J.

Harstad, Adam

Harstad, Oliver L.

Hartley, Hannah

Haskin (?), Elmer J.

Haskin (?), Emily A.

Haskin, Anne M.

Haskin, Emily T.

Haskin, Emmett Frances

Haskin, Harry

Haskin, Leon J.

Haskin, Leon O.

Haskin, Margaret E.

Havel, Frantisek

Havel, Vaclav

Haverty, Benjamin J.

Haverty, Mary H.

Havlova, Marie F.

Hawks, Laura Mari

Hazuka, Adolph O.

Hazuka, Delores M.

Hazuka, Frank R.

Hazuka, Rose M.

Heath, C. Alice

Heath, William M.

Hebing, John G.

Hebing, John Kenneth

Hedges, Hazel V.

Hedges, Orvel E.

Hegland, Bess

Hegland, Ernie

Heiland, August M.

Heiland, Dorothy

Heiland, Eugene L.

Heiland, Gertrude

Heiland, Gertrude J.

Heiland, Harold

Heiland, Jeanne A.

Heiland, John

Heiland, Kenneth C.

Heine, James

Heissel, Cecelia B.

Heissel, Dale R.

Heitz, Helen M.

Helgeson, Paul A.

Hemker, Edwin J.

Hemker, Ruth A.

Hemza, Anton

Hemza, Charles

Hemza, Vincencia

Hentges, Donald W.

Hentges, Elaine E.

Herbst, Michelle Marie

Herrick, Mary

Hersey, Arthur J.

Hersey, Marie J.

Hersman, Charles A.

Hersman, Charles C.

Hersman, Helen M.

Hersman, John J.

Hersman, Josephine

Hersman, Lorraine A.

Hersman, Marcel M.

Hersman, Mary E.

Hersman, Paul Bruchs

Herzan, Adele G.

Herzan, Rudolph H.

Hesse (?), Anna M.

Hesse (?), Joseph E.

Hicks, Lorry Rose

Hiedeman, Scott Allen

Hiep, Phero Trinh

Hill, Christine Kokesh

Hill, Kathryn Louise

Hill, Lloyd R.

Hill, Rosemary K.

Hillestad, Lillian E.

Hiniker, baby boy

Hlavacek (?), John

Hlavacek (?), Mary

Hlavacek, Agnes L.

Hlavacek, Leonard B.

Hlavacek, Viktorije

Hoelscher, Marjorie B.

Hoelscher, Richard B.

Holoma (?), Matka

Holschuh, Omer J.

Homola (?), Frank J.

Homola (?), Magdalene M.

Homola (?), Otec

Homola (?), Sophia I.

Hondlik, George Chester

Hondlik, John Russell

Hondlik, Marjorie (Duffy)

Hoppe, Bryan Allen

Horner, Anna M.

Horner, Melchoir

Houser, Alois

Houser, Mary

Hromatka (?), Joseph W.

Hromatka (?), Mary A.

Hromatka, Calvin “Kelly”

Hromatka, Frantisek

Hromatka, Frantiska

Hromatka, Joan Marie

Hromatka, Rose Mae

Hruska, Edward E.

Hruska, Julia F.

Huberty, Theresa M.

Humason, Grace

Hussey, Gertrude E.

Hussey, Harold L.

Igo, Malia May

Igo, Martha Ann

Irrgang, baby

Jace, Anne Marie

Jace, Patricia

Jace, Patrick

Jace, Susan Anne

Jackels, Annie

Jackels, Dorothy

Jackels, Vincent

Japs, Michael

Jensen, Frances G.

Jensen, Joseph E.

Jensen, Lucie

Jensen, Peter

Jensen, William E.

Jeppesen, Burnell A.

Jeppesen, Einar J.

Jeppesen, John F.

Jeppesen, Nellie E.

Jeske, Dorothy

Jeske, William

Jeter, Jeanette Feltl

Jezek, Anna

Jezek, Anton

Johnson, Ann C.

Johnson, Arlene K.

Johnson, Aurelia D.

Johnson, George W.

Johnson, Gilford J.

Johnson, Jane D. (Conboy)

Johnson, Jean Helen

Johnson, Mary Jeanne

Johnson, Richard S.

Johnson, Ronald Joseph

Jones, Lester Peter

Jones, Lynn W.

Jones, Marian A>

Jones, Marian Magdalene

Joos (?), Alvina

Joos (?), Henry

Joos, Albina D.

Joos, Charles F.

Joos, Elizabeth

Joret, Joseph

Joret, Minnie

Jorgenson, Emily Rose

Josefky (?), Jan ?

Joshua, Samuel “Vincent”

Jusko, Joseph

Kadlec, Adolph

Kadlec, Florence

Kadlec, John

Kadlec, Laurie

Kadlec, Mary

Kakach, Phyllis J.

Kakach, Richard H.

Kalkes, Clara A.

Kalkes, Eleanora E.

Kalkes, Nicholas

Kampa, Anne

Kampa, Anthony A.

Kane, Frances

Kane, Joyce

Karasek, Francis

Kartak, Bernard

Kartak, Cecile

Kartak, Clayton

Kartak, Dorothy

Kartak, Evelyn R.

Kartak, Francis J.

Kartak, Gertrude Frances

Kartak, Jakub

Kartak, Joseph M.

Kartak, Kayli Elizabeth-Helen

Kartak, Lyle

Kartak, Mary

Kartak, Richard W.

Kartak, Stephen

Kaspar, Henry

Kaspar, Winnifred C.

Kasper, Joseph J.

Kasper, Mary

Kasper, Peter

Kavanaugh, Lawrence N.

Kavanaugh, Mary A.

Keeley, Arthur J.

Keeley, Gertrude A.

Keister, Harold G.

Kelley, Puroy Viller H.

Kelly, Myrtle M.

Kelly, Robert J.

Kent, Joseph D.

Kerber, baby son

Kerchiel, Joseph

Kerchiel, Mary

Kertzman, Hubert

Kertzman, Margaret Heine

Kevelin, Mary A.

Kevelin, Robert J.

Kienzle, Margaret P.

Kienzle, Raymond J.

Kine, Helen C.

Kirk, Robin Marie

Kirley, Joseph R.

Kirley, Margaret L.

Kitchen, Rose A. (Zitka)

Kittelson, Vernon W.

Kizer, Amelia B.

Kizer, Nina M.

Kline, Charles F.

Klinkhammer (?), Joseph

Klinkhammer (?), Mary N.

Klinkhammer, George R.

Klinkhammer, Magdalene J.

Klobe, John G.

Klobe, John Michael

Klope, Lucille R.

Kluge, Kristi A.

Knoss, Charles

Knuth, Anna M.

Knuth, John

Knuth, Lloyd J.

Koblas, Katerina

Koblas, Rose P.

Koch, Bradley A.

Kocourek (?), Agnes F.

Kocourek (?), John W.

Kocourek (?), Mary Josephine

Kocourek, Albin F.

Kocourek, Jan

Kocourek, Ludmila

Kocourek, Mary E.

Koehnen, Anna M.

Koehnen, Frank A.

Koehnen, Richard

Kokes, Janner

Kokes, Josefa

Kokesh (?), Adolphina

Kokesh (?), Anna A.

Kokesh (?), Chas. F.

Kokesh (?), Christina

Kokesh (?), Frances

Kokesh (?), John H.

Kokesh (?), Louis J.

Kokesh (?), Winslow A.

Kokesh, Anna

Kokesh, Bernice

Kokesh, Carole A.

Kokesh, Cecilia Anne

Kokesh, daughter and son

Kokesh, Edward L.

Kokesh, Frances

Kokesh, Frances C.

Kokesh, Frances M.

Kokesh, Frank

Kokesh, Frank J.

Kokesh, Frank P.

Kokesh, Frank S.

Kokesh, Gladys V.

Kokesh, Joseph F.

Kokesh, Joseph M.

Kokesh, Kathleen J.

Kokesh, Louis J.

Kokesh, Margaret A.

Kokesh, Margaret S.

Kokesh, Marie E.

Kokesh, Mary I.

Kokesh, Paul F.

Kokesh, Phillip W.

Kokesh, Rose H.

Kokesh, Rudolph F.

Kokesh, Victoria T.

Kokesh, William J.

Kokesh, William T.

Kopeck (?), Ann

Kopp, Fay A.

Kopp, Lucille C.

Kopp, Lyle

Kopp, Roger P.

Kopp, William J.

Korbel (?), Anna

Korbel, Anton

Korbel, Arthur

Korbel, Clara

Korbel, Esther

Korbel, George J.

Korbicka, Joseph F.

Kosanda (?), Albert C.

Kosanda (?), Mary A.

Kosanda, John G.

Kosanda, Mary A.

Kosanda, Thomas J.

Kosanda, Trudy H.

Koss, Esther M.

Koss, Frank R.

Koss, John F.

Koss, John F.

Koss, Nellie

Koss, Richard

Kral, Bernice

Kral, Jacob M.

Kral, John

Kral, John

Kral, Joseph W.

Kral, Julia E.

Kral, Marcella

Kral, Mary

Kral, Mary L.

Kral, Patricia

Krause, Abigail

Krause, Lucian

Krautkremer, Adeline F.

Krautkremer, Gerard

Krautkremer, Quentin W.

Krautkremer, Virginia M.

Krawczak, John C.

Krawczak, Martha L.

Kriz (?), Ivan J.

Kriz (?), Marie F.

Kriz, Stanley E.

Kroc (?), Marie

Kroc (?), Rudolph

Kroc, Joseph R.

Kroc, Sophie E.

Krog, Rudolf

Kuchera (?), James J.

Kuchera, Christine

Kuchera, William

Kuklok, Genevieve

Kurtz (?), Adolph A.

Kurtz (?), Aloysius

Kurtz (?), Bernard Albert

Kurtz (?), Helen K.

Kurtz (?), Joseph

Kurtz (?), Karl R.

Kurtz (?), Rose G.

Kurtz (?), William M.

Kurtz (?). Anton

Kurtz, Anton

Kurtz, Frantiska

Kurtz, Jan

Kurvers, Christine

Kurvers, Gilbert G.

Kurvers, Lillian M.

Kurvers, Raymond L.

Kurvers, Theodore

Kvetensky (?), Annie

Kvetensky (?), Ricahrd

Kvetensky (?), Robert F.

Kvetensky (?), Stanley

Kvetensky, Anastasia

Kvetensky, Ann M.

Kvetensky, Arthur C.

Kvetensky, Frank

Kvetensky, Frank

Kvetensky, Frantisek

Kvetensky, John

Kvetensky, Josefka

Kvetensky, Theodore E.

LaBerge, Dennis John

Lahr, Joseph William

Lamb, John E.

Lamb, Patricia A.

Lambertz, Johanna M.

Lambertz, Roman J.

Landberg, Todd A.

Lanners, Edmund

Lanners, Phyllis

Lanning, Carolyn M.

Lanning, Donald L.

Lapic (?), Anna E.

Lapic (?), Emil A.

Lapic, Adele F.

Lapic, Charles C.

Lapic, Dorothy A.

Lapic, Elizabeth M.

Lapic, Joseph V.

Lapic, Karen A.

Lapic, Katherine

Lapic, Marie M.

Lapic, Mary Clara

Lapic, Robert J.

Lapic, Thomas

Lapic, Thomas W.

Lapic. Raymond C.

Larson, Alfred G.

Larson, Ernestine

Larson, Evelyn M.

Larson, Lorraine C.

Larson, Luddie E.

Lauer (?), Anna M.

Lauer (?), Joseph A.

Lauer (?), Martin J.

Lavelle (?), Catherine L.

Lavelle (?), Ray E.

Lawrence, Ruby

Leach, Agnes F.

Leach, Harvey M.

Leary, Amelia P.

Leary, Henry H.

Leary, John S.

Leary, Rosalie

Lebra, Frank J.

Lebra, Laverne M.

Lebra, May

Lebra, Virgil Elmer

Leduc, Mary E.

Lefevre, John

Lehman, Florence R.

Lehmbecker, Amelia

Lehmbecker, Charles

Lehmbecker, Elizabeth M.

Lehmbecker, Frank J.

Lehn, Aloysius J.

Lehn, Christine T.

Lemieux, Sharon Kay

Lemke, Gust C.

Lemke, Julia Knoss

Lemke, Robert W.

Lemke, Sophie M.

Lent, Bernice B.

Lent, James R.

Lent, John H.

Lettis, Alice

Lettis, Thomas

Leuthner, Nellie T.

Leuthner, William F.

Libra, Elizabeth Vlcek

Libra, Joseph

Libra, Theresa

Lidholm, Helena M.

Light, Earl John

Linster, Anthony

Linster, Vernice

Litfin, Clara C.

Litfin, Emil O.

Lodermeier, Charles V.

Lodermeier, Harriet A.

Loosen, Marie

Loosen, Oscar J.

Lorenc (?), Joseph H.

Lorence (?), Cera

Lorence, Anna

Lorence, Frances A.

Lorence, Harold

Lorence, Joseph

Lorence, Lorraine

Lorence, Milton J.

Lorenz (?), Frank P.

Lorenz (?), Mary M.

Lorenz, August

Lorenz, babies

Lorenz, baby

Lorenz, Frank W.

Lorenz, Joseph D.

Lorenz, Joseph G.

Lorenz, Lottie J.

Lorenz, Mary Ann

Lorenz, Mary M.

Loscheider, baby boys

Lubbers, Clement S.

Lubbers, Martha A.

Lulich, Mary

Lulich, Nick

Lundquist, Elizabeth

Lundquist, Paul R.

Luong, Maria Quach T.

Maas, Doreen M. Vanek

Maas, Geneva M.

Maas, Mathias J.

MacDonald, Colin

Mack, Cody J.

Madden, Catherine

Madden, F.M.

Madden, George E.

Madden, Kathryn

Mahigan, Genevieve C.

Mahigan, Gretchen H.

Mahigan, Irvin R.

Mahigan, Richard D.

Mahigan, Robert I.

Mahlberg, John G.

Malecha, Eleanore Jean (Bingen)

Malecha, John Albert

Malek, Frank

Malek, Mary

Malerich (?), Alexander Hubert

Malerich (?), Marguerite Mary

Malerich, Alexander H.

Malerich, Johanna K.

Maleritsch, Christine E.

Maleritsch, Edward J.

Malmsten, Myrtle M.

Manthey (?), Lynn Michele Tweed

Manthey, Alice A.

Manthey, Harold P.

Markham, J.L.

Markham, Mrs. J.L.

Marquardt, Florence C.

Martin, Dorothy V.

Marx, Aloys F.

Marx, Bernice

Marx, Eva Thon

Mashek, Agnes C.

Mashek, Amy Kathleen

Mashek, Anna

Mashek, Jerry C.

Mashek, John

Mason (?), Anna

Mason (?), Edmund

Mason (?), Marie

Mason, Duane L.

Mason, Elizabeth M.

Mason, Henry M.

Mason, Herbert A.

Mason, Jeannie M.

Mason, Jerome Herman

Mason, Julia O.

Mason, Leander J.

Mason, Marian Hagen

Mason, Michael M.

Mason, Robert H.

Mason, Thomas H.

Mather, ?

Mathison, Josephine

Mathison, William G.

Mattheisen, Gladys M.

Mattheisen, James Anthony

McCabe, Constance W.

McCabe, Mildred N.

McCarthy, John J.

McCluske, Dolores H.

McCluske, Victor R.

McCormick, Mary Ann

McCormick, Myrtle M.

McCormick, Phillip K.

McDougald, Ella C.

McDougald, William J.

McDowell, Cyril M.

McDowell, Ferne G.

McGannon, Donald L.

McGannon, Eugene

McGannon, Genevieve M.

McGannon, Joseph D.

McGannon, Margaret

McGannon, Margaret Ann

McGannon, Philip T.

McGannon, Thomas J.

McGannon, Winifred Marie

McGinty (?), Loren L.

McGinty (?), Mollie A.

McGinty, Bernice E.

McGinty, Denise A. “Bonnie”

McGinty, John

McGinty, Melvin F.

McGonagle, Rose M.

McGonagle, William L.

McKillip, Alice Rose

McKillip, Richard J.

McLaughlin, E.J.

McLean, Alexander J.

McLouth, Marilyn Feltl

McMahon, Ruth E.

McMahon, William J.

Meagher, Leo J.

Meagher, Margaret G.

Meixner, C.H. Mike

Meixner, Carol J.

Melchor, Gilbert

Melchor, Pauline

Merritt, Kenneth

Merritt, Louise

Methven, Carolina P.

Methven, Don A.

Michl, Anna

Michl, Joseph

Mikulay, Rose P.

Milbert (?), John

Milbert (?), John W.J.

Milbert (?), Mary

Milbert (?), Verna M.

Milbert, Donald Joseph

Milbert, Len J.

Milbert, Mamie L.

Miller (?), Joseph B.

Miller (?), Theresa

Miller, Albert J.

Miller, Anna S.

Miller, Archie H.

Miller, Ben F.

Miller, Cecilia A.

Miller, Ella

Miller, George C.

Miller, John H.

Miller, Josefa

Miller, Kenneth Joseph

Miller, Matt

Miller, Ruth E.

Miller, Valeria

Miller, William C.

Mills, Mary J.

Mills, Walter Lewis

Minenko, Arch J.

Minenko, Priscilla H.

Minnehan, Eugene D.

Minnehan, Helen J.

Miska, Albin

Miska, James T.

Miska, Margaret

Mohl, Joanne Page

Molzahn, Robert F.

Moore, Alyce

Moore, Ben J.

Moore, Emerson J.

Moore, Frank H.

Moore, Kathrine

Mord, Lynn C.

Motzko, Cletus E.

Muehlberg, Florence C.

Muehlberg, Kari Ann

Muehlberg, Roman J.

Mullen, Jeanette M.

Mullen, Raymond F.

Murphy, Helen M.

Murphy, William G.

Nagel, Clara R.

Nagel, Eunice Hawley Schauf

Nagel, Joseph

Nagel, Joseph P.

Nagel, Mary F.

Najmajstr, Anna

Najmajstr, Jan

Narozen, Edward

Narozen, Robert

Naydel, Martin J.

Naydel, Mary A.

Nelson, Carl C.

Nelson, Carl M.

Nelson, Donald A.

Nelson, Hilda M.

Nelson, Katherine M.

Nelson, Lillie T.

Nelson, Sophie I.

Nelson, Woodrow H.

Nesbit, Rose W.

Neudecker, Evelyn

Neudecker, Joseph

Newcomb, Dorothea E.

Newcomb, William L.

Nichols, Colleen

Nichols, Lawrence

Nichols, Robert M.

Nolan, Grace Ann

Nolan, James S.

Notermann, Pamela Joy

Nunvar (?), Frank

Nunvar (?), Frank

Nunvar (?), Josephine

O’Brien, James D.

O’Brien, Lora I.

O’Brien, Roger M.

O’Connell, Robert

O’Corman, Jane Ruby

O’Hearn, Pat

O’Leary, Daniel F.

O’Leary, Ethel M.

O’Malley, Charles J.

O’Malley, Helen F.

O’Neill, Adelaide C.

O’Neill, Edmund B.

Oliver, Edmund C.

Oliver, Marilyn V.

Olson, Helen S.

Olson, James H.

Olson, Robert M.

Ophoven, Bernice

Orecchia, Catherine Lynn

Oritz, Edith

Oritz, Ralph

Ortiz, Pelegrin

Ortiz, Virginia Ramirez

Ortloff, Herman F.

Osgood, Irene J.

Osgood, Warren F.

Ostendorf, Chas.

Page, Marcella

Page, Wesley P.

Palm, Elizabeth

Palm, George

Palmer, Eva M.

Panu Zesnula (?), Dopocia V.

Papke, Kevin Mitchel

Parker, Elizabeth A.

Parker, Howard J.

Paron, Frantisek

Paron, Frantiska

Paron, Igmag

Paul, Charles H.

Paulsen, Arthur O.

Paulson, Lucille A.

Pauly, Appolonia R.

Pauly, Catherine E.

Pauly, Leonard J.

Pauly, Nicholas E.

Pelan, John F.

Peluf, Joseph L.

Peluf, Mildred V.

Pennington, Charles Lane

Pennington, Robert John

Perkins, Eugenia R.

Perkins, Philip D.

Perkins, Philip D.

Perkins, Rose M.

Perkl, Bert A.

Perkl, Hubert J.

Perkl, Marie

Peshina (?), Adeline C.

Peshina (?), Albin

Peshina (?), Charles H.

Peshina (?), Christine C.

Peshina (?), Elizabeth M.

Peshina (?), Frank

Peshina (?), Joseph

Peshina (?), Mary

Peshina, Josef F.

Pesina, Frantisek

Pesina, Frantiska

Pesina, Josef

Pesina, Jozef (?)

Pesina, Ludvik

Pesiny, Anna

Pesl, Frank

Pesl, Katerina

Peterson, Anastasia

Peterson, Evert

Peterson, Mabel C.

Petrak (?), Anastasia A.

Petrak (?), Ja?

Petrak (?), John

Petrak (?), Mary

Petrak (?), William G.

Petrak, Frank W.

Petrak, Irene F.

Petrak, Josef

Petrak, Josef

Petrak, Josefka

Petrak, Josephine

Petrak, Lucille Mary

Petrak, Vincent

Petrak, William Joseph

Petrak, Zoe V. Panu (?) Dopociva Fr.

Pfleghaar, Edward G.

Pflug, David A.

Pflug, David Michael

Pflug, Gregg Joseph

Picha (?), Abbie

Picha (?), Albina

Picha (?), Anton

Picha (?), Bessie

Picha (?), Justine

Picha, Josefka

Pierskalla, Felix

Pierskalla, Luella

Pierson, August

Pierson, Josephine

Pivec, Christina L.

Pivec, Delores

Pivec, Dorothy

Pivec, Francis J.

Pivec, Mary J.

Pivec, Patricia M.

Pivec, Stanley

Plante, Ann T.

Plante, Chester E.

Plehal, Alvin R.

Plehal, Jeanne A.

Plendl, Rita M.

Plendl, Virgil N.

Plihal (?), Anna

Plihal (?), Anna

Pollock, Marie E.

Pollock, Phillip J.

Popelka, Clara V.

Poretti, Peter

Porter, Doris G.

Porter, James V.

Potter, Barbara J. (Stepanek)

Poul, Frank

Poul, Josephine

Power, Elaine D.

Power, Thomas M.

Preston, Carol M.

Preston, Gene R.

Princiotta, Elvira

Princiotta, John

Prior, Carl Paul

Prior, Laverta E.

Proehl, Edward H.

Proehl, Eva I.

Prosecky, Josefa

Prosecky, Joseph

Puhl, Anna M.

Puhl, Lucille J.

Quinn, Thomas J.

Quinn, Violet A.

Raedeke, Debra Ann

Rafferty, Pauline Grattan

Rahn, Agnes A.

Rahn, Francis L.

Raymond, Gladys M.

Ream, Clarence J.

Ream, Mary C.

Reed, Pearl C.

Reed, William F.

Reid, Regina I.

Remington, Charles David

Remington, Maryanne

Remington, Milan (Mike)

Remza, Frantisek

Renza, John F.

Renza, John F.

Revza, Katerina

Rice, Blanche

Rice, Erling Fastman

Rice, John

Rice, Lucil Elva

Rieschl, Catherine T.

Rieschl, Frederick B.

Riggs, Anna

Ring, Anton J.

Ring, baby boy

Ring, Edward H.

Ring, Emma B.

Ring, Ethel A.

Ring, Marcella E.

Ring, Richard J.

Rittenhouse, Francis E.

Rittenhouse, Thelma A.

Roderick, Elsie

Roeser, Bernice M.

Roeser, Lawrence L.

Roeser, Mathilda

Rogan, Edward J.

Rogan, Margaret E.

Rogers, Ann K.

Rogers, George W.

Rogers, James W.

Rogers, Linda A.

Rogers, Mary T.

Roiland, Irving

Roiland, Rose

Rolfson, Agnar Gerald

Rolfson, Alice Marcella

Romportl, Betty Lou

Romportl, Emilie

Romportl, Frank J.

Romportl, Jan A.

Romportl, Laddie

Romportl, Leopoloyna

Ronayne, Gregory J.

Ronayne, Patricia A.

Ronayne, Russell W.

Ross, Donald

Ross, Mary Alice

Roushar – Anthony, Mary E.

Roushar (?), Anna

Roushar (?), Joseph

Roushar, Agnes

Roushar, Albert W.

Roushar, Frank

Roushar, Frank J.

Roushar, Julia A.

Roushar, Sylvia E.

Roushar, William

Rowe, Anna M.

Rowe, Joseph E.

Ruddy, Thomas

Rumford, Dorothy A.

Rumford, Louis T.

Ruter, Evelyn K.

Ruzicka, Claire E.

Ruzicka, Frantiska

Ruzicka, James W.

Ruzicka, John W.

Ruzicka, Mary

Ruzicka, Mary A.

Ruzicka, Roman J.

Ruzicka, William P.

Ruzicka, William P.

Ryan, Bridgid J.

Ryan, Esther S.

Ryan, Harold J.

Ryan, Mary Ethel

Ryan, Patrick B.

Ryan, Patrick J.

Ryan, Paul Anthony

Ryan, Ray L.

Ryan, Stephan S.

Ryan, Viola M.

Saatzer, Barbara A.

Saatzer, Ronald R.

Sandstrom, Della V.

Sandstrom, Russell M.

Sarazin, Raymond O.

Sarazin, Regina

Sassman, Ed

Sassman, Jul

Sauter, Frank J.

Sauter, Lillian

Schaefer, Alta B.

Schaefer, Mathias A.

Schaefer, Thomas K.

Schafnagel, Emma G.

Schatz, Raphael F.

Schatz, Rosella K.

Schauf-Nagel, Max

Scheffler, Jacob

Scheffler, Marie C.

Schelitzche, Clara K.

Schelitzche, Clifford

Schelitzche, Clifford Peter

Schelitzche, Dolores L.

Schelitzche, William J.

Scherber, Anne B.

Schiesel, Jean C.M. Bigelow

Schiesel, Robert L.

Schiltz, Barbara J.

Schiltz, James W.

Schiltz, June D.

Schiltz, Michael Lee

Schimml, Janice L.

Schimml, Joseph J.

Schlee, Justin Paul

Schliemann, Otto W.

Schmid, David M.

Schnabel, Agnes F.

Schnabel, Natalie M.

Schneider (?), Margaret C.

Schneider, Albert H.

Schneider, John A.

Schneider, Julia Hept

Schneider, Rose C.

Schoenecker, Paul Wm.

Schol, Christiaan

Schol, Elizabeth

Schommer, Allen P.

Schouviller, Helen C.

Schouviller, John (Ed)

Schroer, Doris A.

Schroer, Robert A.

Schumacher, Dorothy Ann

Schunk, Alfred J.

Schunk, Inez C.

Schunk, Irene M.

Schunk, Mathilda T.

Schutz, Alexander M.

Schutz, Anne

Schutz, Dorothy

Schutz, Grace A.

Schutz, Lawrence

Schutz, Leo A.

Schutz, Raymond

Sculley (?), Agnes M.

Sculley (?), Thomas W.

Sefcik (?), Barbara

Sefcik (?), Frank F.

Sefcik (?), Josephine E.

Sefcik (?), Mathew

Sejkoba (?), Joseph

Sellner, Anna D.

Sellner, George W.

Semrad, Joseph

Semrad, Rosemary M.

Semrad, Virginia

Senkyr, Anna

Senkyr, Steven D.

Sharp, James J.

Sharp, Josephine A.

Shaughnessy, Esther M.

Shaughnessy, Matthew E.

Shaughnessy, Patrick F.

Shaw, Letitia

Sheck, Wilfred A.

Sheehan, James L.

Sheehan, Louise B.

Sheehan, Mary E.

Sheehan, Michael G.

Sheehan, Thomas C.

Sheehan, Thomas H.

Sheehan, Thomas M.

Shidla (?), Josephine

Shidla, Crystal

Shidla, Edna A.

Shidla, James

Shidla, Joseph A.

Shidla, Wenceslaus Jim

Shimek, Agnes M.

Shimek, Aileen P.

Shimek, Clara F.

Shimek, John J.

Shimek, John W.

Shimek, Wenzel J.

Shonka (?), John G.

Shonka (?), Mary H.

Shonka, Anthony F.

Shonka, Charles

Shonka, Mary

Shonka, Mary C.

Shonka, Rose K.

Shubert (?), Joseph

Shubert (?), Katherine

Shubert, Celia C.

Shubert, Iren

Shubert, John J.

Shubert, Kenneth J.

Shubert, Minnie H.

Shubert, Susan

Sidla, Adolph A.

Sidla, Albert J.

Sidla, Anthony

Sidla, Anton J.

Sidla, Audrie M.

Sidla, baby girl

Sidla, Beatrice M.

Sidla, Cecelia

Sidla, George J.

Sidla, Gladys A.

Sidla, Josef

Sidla, Joseph

Sidla, Mabel A.

Sidla, Marie I.

Simmons, Golden L.

Simmons, Rose B.

Sirois, Amber M. Griffin

Sirois, Francis

Sirois, Gertrude

Sitar, Frank A.

Sitar, Katherine E.

Skarolid, John

Skarolid, John J.

Skarolid, Mary

Skarolid, Mary A.

Skoogman, Mildred Haskin

Skoogman, Per Alrik

Skranka (?), Albert J.

Skranka (?), Elizabeth

Skranka (?), Helen B.

Skranka (?), John A.

Skranka, Gladys E.

Skranka, John C.

Slavin (?), Anna

Slavin (?), Francis J.

Slavin (?), Leo T.

Slavin (?), Patrick

Slavin, Elizabeth

Slavin, John

Slavin, Josephine K. Doyle

Slavin, Rose Mary Light

Slechta, David R.

Slice, Anna

Slice, Edward

Slice, Richard C.

Smith, Betty L.

Smith, Lawrence H.

Smith, Reid W.

Smith, Stephen K.

Smith, Steven P.

Smolak, Marlys J.

Smolak, Steve P.

Smykal (?), Frank

Smykal (?), Mary A.

Smykal, Frank

Smykal, Joseph

Smykal, Margaret

Solheid, Charles

Solheid, Elwin P.

Solheid, Margaret M.

Solheid, Theresa

Sopczak, Andrew J.

Sopczak, Diane C.

Sopczak, Patricia A.

Sopczak, Stephen S.

Sopr (?), Anna M.

Sopr (?), Mike J.

Sopr (?), Rudy M.

Soukup, Paul J.

Specken (?), Margaret M.

Specken (?), Mary P.

Specken (?), William C.

Specken, Agnes M.

Specken, John H.

Spott, Carrie

Spott, Frank

Spott, Theresa

Springer, (Pat) Grace

St. Amant, Madeline M.

St. Amant, Paul J.

Stack, T.C.

Stang, Andrew P.

Stang, Mathilda M.

Stark, Emily G.

Stark, Joanne D.

Stasney (?), John J.

Stasney (?), Joseph

Stasney (?), Marie

Stasney, Eva I.

Stasney, Francis P.

Steinmetz, George F.

Stenger, Bertha I.

Stenger, Eugene H.

Stepanek (?), Caroline M.

Stepanek (?), Peter P.

Stepanek, Agnes

Stepanek, David P.

Stepanek, Francis

Stepanek, George

Stepanek, Helen M.

Stepanek, Isabelle E.

Stepanek, James W.

Stepanek, Joseph P.

Stepanek, Marian T.

Stepanek, Marie

Stepanek, Paul T.

Stepanek, Tony

Stewart, Anna E.

Stewart, James S.

Stifter, Clemence B.

Stifter, Irene S.

Stobodna (?), Franziska Palia

Stockdale, Margaret L.

Stockdale, Richard J.

Stodola, Anna A.

Stodola, Frank S.

Stodola, Frank W.

Stodola, Mary A.

Stodola, Mary A.

Stodola, Mary R.

Stodola, Richard A.

Stodola, Richard A.

Stodola, Ronald

Stodola, Vaclav

Stodoli, Josef

Stodolka, Francis

Stodolka, Mathilda

Stodolka, Rosalie M.

Sudbeck, Mary V.

Sula, Norbert J.

Sula-Ring, Ellen M.

Sumpter, Joseph Edwin

Svandova, Anna

Svihel, Albina

Svihel, Henry

Svihel, John J.

Svobodny, Bernice M.

Svobodny, Charles G.

Svobodny, Charles G.

Svobodny, Gary J.

Svobodny, George J.

Svobodny, Helen T.

Svobodny, Mary A.

Swanson, G. Eugene

Swanson, Lynn Marie

Swanson, Mary Anne

Swatosch, Sylvia M.

Szatan, Valente

Tarnaski, William

Tatarka, Anna

Tatarka, Emily

Tatarka, Helen

Tatarka, Johanna

Tatarka, Karol

Taylor, Harold A.

Taylor, Margaret C.

Techam, Beth

Techam, Herman J.

Techam, Mary K.

Techam, Sharon L.

Teply, Irene H.

Teply, James J.

Terwedo, Darlene

Terwedo, Frank W.

Terwedo, Mary J.

Terwedo, Milford R.

Terwedo, Sara A.

Terwedo, William

Tetrault, Emma A.

Teyro (?), George L.

Teyro (?), James

Teyro (?), Lillian

Teyro (?), Mary

Thaemert, Helen C.

Thaemert, Susan M.

Thaemert, Vernon J.

Theis, Catherine

Theis, Dale Peter

Theis, John

Theis, Joseph P.

Theis, Lois

Theis, Susan E.

Theis, William A.

Thereaux, Elmer

Thesing, Raymond

Thesing, Rosemary

Thielbar, David A.

Tholen, James W.

Tholen, Mariann F.

Thomas, Marie C.

Thomas, Roland C.

Throne, Marcella A.

Throne, Vayle D.

Thul, Helen A.

Thul, Leon J.

Timmins, Frank L.

Timmins, Frank L.

Tobias, Fred

Tobias, Marguerite

Tomczyk, William G.

Tomsche, Edward

Tomsche, Louise

Toussaint, Arnold N.

Toussaint, Viola R.

Trenda, Agnes F.

Trenda, George E.

Trenda, George E.

Trettel, baby Ann

Triden, Elizabeth

Triden, Vendel C.

Trombley, Clarence

Trombley, Clement John

Trombley, Elizabeth

Trombley, LeRoy

Trombley, Lucille M.

Trombley, Marcella

Trombley, Robert

Trombley, Rosetta A.

Trombley, Thomas C.

Trousdale, Roger H.

Trousdale, Virginia M.

Tschimperle, Clyde F.

Tschimperle, Edmund M.

Tschimperle, Esther K.

Tschimperle, Evelyn

Tschimperle, Frank

Tschimperle, Harry

Tschimperle, Laurel A.

Tschimperle, Louise

Tschimperle, Lydia

Tschimperle, Oliver

Tschimperle, Ronald E.

Tschimperle, Rosemarie

Tucker, Beverly C.

Tweed, Gilbert L.

Typal, Vaclav

Uhl, George F.

Uhl, Marguerite

Ulasich, Frank M.

Ulasich, Marguerite L.

Unterleider, Adam P.

Unterleider, Shirley W.

Vacek, Joseph P.

Valesh, Albert A.

Valesh, Clara

Valesh, Edwin L.

Valesh, John

Valesh, Katie H.

Van Poll, John

Vanek, Albert J.

Vanek, Apoline

Vanek, Jerry

Vanek, Leroy A.

Vanek, Rosemary J.

Vanek, Stella E.

VanVerth, Alice M.

Vassar, Anthony J.

Vassar, Beatrice M.

Vassar, Genevieve M.

Vassar, Josephine M.

Vassar, Leonard D.

Vassar, Philip A.

Veal, Ralph T.

Veal, Sylvia M.

Velner (?), Jeffrey T.

Velner (?), Leonard C.

Velner (?), Shirley J.

Velner, Anna M.

Velner, Blanche C.

Velner, Charles E.

Velner, Charles J.

Velner, Gerald

Velner, James

Velner, Joseph E.

Velner, Louis

Velner, Threasa

Vesely (?), Elsa

Vesely (?), Emma A.

Vesely (?), Gilbert P.

Vesely (?), Lloyd E.

Vesely (?), Sophia C.

Vesely, Bertha

Vesely, Joseph F.

Vickerm, Alice E.

Vierling, Francis C.

Villim, Julius

Vita, Emma B.

Vita, Henry

Vlcek, Josef

Vonhof, Susan Jean

Vosika, Mabel D.

Vosika, Raymond T.

Vosmek, Frances

Vriezen, Ann M.

Vriezen, Harry W.

Wagner, Anna

Wagner, Frank

Wagner, Rose G.

Walker, Almina R.

Walker, Joseph R.

Walker, Marie R.

Walkowiak, Betty

Walkowiak, Robert William

Wall, Donald P.

Wallner, George M.

Wallner, Theresa G.

Walsh, Brent E.

Walsh, Edmund C.

Walsh, Jean Watson

Walsh, Joseph Patrick

Walsh, Margaret M.

Walton, Patricia A.

Wargin, Jack Edwin

Wargin, Marion C.

Watson, Sherri R.

Wegleitner, Alan

Wegleitner, Ellen

Weldon, Carol O.

Weldon, Helen M.

Weldon, Matthew

Weldon, Matthew J.

Wellens, Ervin Henry

Wellens, Ruth E.

Welter, Martha Jean

Wenzel, Alfred F.

Wenzel, Rose Jean

Wesely, Emil

Whalen, Andrew F.

Whalen, Nora

Whitaker, Debbie

Whittemore, Gertrude I.

Wiedman (?), Frances M.

Wiedman (?), Ray A.

Wiedman, Joseph

Wiedman, Katherine

Wiley, Rita A.

Wiley, Robert F.

Wilkens, Catherine G.

Wilkens, Robert A.

Wilson, Bonnie

Wilwerding (?), Carl J.

Wilwerding (?), Stephen Carl

Wilwerding (?), Wilhelmine

Wilwerding, Leone A.

Winkelman (?), Jean Louise

Winkler, David

Winkler, Ellen

Winship, Marcella

Winship, William

Wolf, Bertha E.

Wolf, Herbert George

Wolf, Herbert P.

Wolf, Mary

Wolf, Peter J.

Wolf, Phyllis J.

Wolfe, Bert A.

Wolfe, Mary A.

Wood, Charlotte A.

Wood, Fredrick L.

Woodman, Carl B.

Worde, Rebecca Lynn

Woughter, John M.

Wright, Charles D’Arcy

Wright, Kate Keating

Wright, Katherine H.

Wright, Roger Wilson

Wynkoop, Helen M.

Zak (?), Anthony A.

Zak (?), Mary A.

Zeik, Dennis L.

Zellinger, Anna M.

Zellinger, Vincent J.

Zeman, Donald G.

Zeman, Mary

Ziegler, Edward A.

Ziegler, Marion A.

Zipoy, Albia A.

Zipoy, Michael W.

Zitka (?), Antonia

Zitka (?), Joseph F.

Zitka, Joseph J.

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