Shady Oak Lake Cemetery

city of Minnetonka, Hennepin County, Minnesota: T117N - R22W, section 35

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This shady cemetery is in good shape. The grounds appear to be maintained on a regular basis. The original cemetery is fairly full of burials. New burial sections have been opened in the back or west area of the cemetery.

There is an old central gated entrance to this cemetery with Shady Oak Lake Cemetery - Est. 1875 over the gate. This cemetery is located north of the intersection of Bren Road and Shady Oak Road. The northern edge of this cemetery borders Lone Lake P k.

A plaque with a note / letter on the cemetery grounds stated that this cemetery was started as a place for the poor immigrants from the city of Hopkins to be buried.

It should be noted that this cemetery has numerous burial monuments written in the Czech language.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed in July 2001.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2001


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Joseph M. Aumbrecht

Josephine A. Aumbrecht

Margaret Rose Benson

George Bizek

Kenneth A. Bizek

Alma W. Boltmann

Annette M. Borgen

John W. Brecka

Apolonia L. Bren, daughter of J. & A. Chastek

Arthur Bren

Bennie F. Bren

Carl Bren

Harry Bren

Ida M. Bren

Josephine Bren

William H. Bren

Anna Brokl (?)

Emil Brokl

Frank Brokl

Frantisek Brokl

Bessie Burkhardt (?)

‘Father’ Burkhardt (?)

Jeanette E. Carlson

Vernon C. Carlson

Babycka Apolena Castek

**John Castek, born in Bohemia, married to Anna Pribec / Pribyk, 22 February 1837 – 24 May 1924.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Emil Cerveny (?)

Mary Cerveny (?)

Vlasta Cerveny (?)

Winslow J. Cerveny (?)

Josephine Chalfant (?)

Anna E. Chastek

Anna P. Chastek

**Anna Pribyk Chastek, born in Austria, Hungary, wife of John Chastek, 30 April 1845 – 13 September 1933**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Clifford F. Chastek

Clifford J. Chastek

Emil Chastek

**Emil Chastek, 13 May 1876 – 12 March 1903**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Evelyn Gladys Chastek

Jan M. Chastek

**John Chastek, served during Civil War – Private, Co. E., Hatch’s Independent Battalion Cavalry, married Anna Pribec 19 March 1868 at Racine, Wisconsin, 1837 – 1924**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Vladimer P., son of J. & A. Chastek

John J. Chermack

Georgia A. Cherveny

Michael Cherveny

Theodore Cherveny

Theodore G. Cherveny

Verna L. Cherveny

Albert Chmel

Minnie L. Chmel

Ruth Chmel (?)

Ladislav J. Ciskovsky

Marion E. Ciskovsky

Grace M. Costain

Donald L. Dean

Frank L. Dean

Jessie R. Dean

Mary E. Dean

Walter S. Dean

Katherine Therese Dee

Elizabeth M. Dewey

Frank A. Dewey

Mary Lynn Dewey

Henry W. Dominick (?)

**Henry W. Dominick, son of Philip Dominick and Anna Schmidel Dominick, married to Josephine Wasnick, born in Minnetonka Township 5 July 1856 – 11 March 1936 **  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.


**Josephine Dominick, daughter of Frank Wasnick, wife of Henry Dominick, born in Scott County, 5 March 1858 – 19 October 1949**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Anna D. Dominik (?)

Philip D. Dominik (?)

Emil S. Donat

Frank Joseph Donat

Joseph Donat

Mary Donat

Aurora E. Donovan

Thomas F. Donovan

Waclaw (?) P. Dostal

Frances Drevikovsky

Josef Drevikovsky

Joseph Dudycha

Mary Dudycha

Robert E. Dummer

Shirley A. Dummer

Hilda Dunn

Paul T. Durfee (?)

Agnes H. Dvorak

baby boy Dvorak

baby girl Dvorak

Betty Lou Dvorak

Delores L. Dvorak

Emil W. Dvorak

Erwin G. Dvorak

Frances Dvorak (?)

Frances E. Dvorak

Frank E. Dvorak

Joseph Dvorak (?)

Joseph J. Dvorak

Joseph W. Dvorak

Leo F. Dvorak

Robert A. Dvorak

Rose A. Dvorak

Winslow J. Dvorak

Helen A. Edgerley

Lloyd B. Edgerley

Lora Welch Eggan

Janet K. Erickson

Bessie Fanta

John Fanta

Clovere N. Gilfillan

Morris J. Gilfillan

Betty Gleitz

Adolph Graupmann

Berhard T. Graupmann

Clara D. Graupmann

Mary Graupmann

Albert Habermann

Hedvika Hacha

Gertrude Hauge

Lester O. Hauge

Henry G. Heideman

Anthony Hemza

Frank Hemza

Anna Herzan

Charles Herzan

Charles W. Herzan

Charlotte L. Herzan

Frank F. Herzan

Frankie H. Herzan

George Herzan

Henry C. Herzan

Mary A. Herzan

Rose F. Herzan

Anastasia Heyda

Anna A. Heyda

Frank J. Heyda

Harold L. Hinners

Pearl M. Hinners

Arthur W. Holasek

baby Holasek (?)

Bertha Holasek (?)

Deloris B. (Betty) Holasek

Earl J. Holasek

Eleanor M. Holasek

Emil Holasek (?)

Evelyn Holasek

Fred Holasek

Fred Holasek

Harriet V. Holasek

Hattie Holasek

Herbert S. Holasek

Jacque L. Holasek

John Holasek (?)

Josef Holasek

Joseph Holasek

Joseph Holasek

Joseph W. Holasek

Josephine Holasek

Lilliard M. Holasek (?)

Mabel H. Holasek

Marjorie R. Holasek

Mary Holasek (?)

Mary Holasek (?)

Nancy L. Holasek

Paul R. Holasek

Richard Holasek

Signe G. Holasek

William J. Holasek

Winslow Holasek (?)

Marie Holaskova

C. Alice Holt (McLeod)

Frank Horejsi

Margaret Horejsi

Emily L. Hromatka

Linus I. Igwe

Vaclay Jelinek

Edward Jerabek

Frances M. Jerabek

Frank Jerabek

Louis Jerabek

Mary J. Jerabek

Vily Jerabek

William Jerabek

Josefka Jerabka

Anna Kincl

Josef Kincl

‘Mother’ Kincl (?)

Agnes Kinsel (?)

Annie Kinsel

Frank Kinsel

Frank S. Kinsel

Frank Knotek

John J. Koblan

Frieda L. Kocourek

James J. Kocourek

Karen Kocourek

Richard E. Kocourek

Rudolph W. Kocourek

William H. Kocourek

William J. Kocourek

Anna M. Kogourek

John J. Kogourek

Francis J. Kopesky

Mary Ann Kopesky (?)

Penny Koppang

August, son of ? ? Korizek (?)

Rosey, daughter of ? ? Korizek

Glen A. Korpi

Alexander Kriz (?)

Frank Kriz (?)

Frank H. Kriz

Josephine Kriz

Rose Kriz

Rose P., wife of S. Kriz

Steven Kriz

Alma F. Kucera

Frank J. Kucera

Anna Kucerov (?)

Anna Kuchera

‘Grandfather’ Kuchera (?)

Henry E. Kuchera (?)

John Kuchera (?)

Mollie Kuchera

Rudolph J. Kuchera

William Kuchera

Mabel M. Kutcher

William A. Kutcher

Emily A. Kvid

Joseph Kvid

Thomas A. Kvid

Ida Bren Lauritsen

Agnes Lawrence

Henry W. Lawrence

Gladys L. Lennander

Gordon E. Lennander

Joseph Libra

Axel R. Lofgren

Lillian C. Lofgren

Mary M. Long

Frantisek Lopour

Albert Lorence

child Lorence

Joseph Lorence

Katherine Lorence

Freda O. Lorenz

William Lorenz

Aloise Lukas

Edward Lukas

Josefa Lukas

Anna Makousky (?)

Ben Makousky

Donald G. Makousky

George Makousky

Hattie A. Makousky

John Makousky (?)

John B. Makousky

Michael G. Makousky

Matka Anna Makovsky (?)

Otec Jan Matovsky (?)

Tuck May

C. Alice Holt McCleod

C.M. McCleod

Emily Miller (?)

Frank Miller

Frank E. Miller (?)

Joseph Miller (?)

Lyle H. Miller

Rose L. Miller (?)

Elaine F. Miska

Stanley B. Miska

Dale Mlynar (?)

Filipina Mlynar (?)

Ottylia Mlynar (?)

Paul Mlynar (?)

Prokop Mlynar (?)

Frances Najmajstr

Joseph Najmajstr

Ralph L. Najmajstr

Ralph L. Najmajstr

Amalie L. Naymaster

Eugene A. Naymaster

Beverly Ann Nelson

Brett Willis Nelson

Frank J. Neumeister

Frank W. Neumeister (?)

Mary A. Neumeister

Tomas Nezhyba

Charles O. Norman

Ida P. Norman

Berta Novak

Ethel Novak

Jan Novak

Rolla Novak

Anna Palecek

Thomas Palecek

John Panec

Virginia Panec

Blanche Parkos

John J. Parkos

George W. Parks

Mary L. Parks

Anna Pashina

Frank J. Pashina

Anton Pavek

Ludmila Pavek

Lydia Pavek

Flora E. Pavelka

John E. Pavelka

Frank Peeha

Adalene Perry

Andrew G. Perry

Frank Peshel

Florence M. Peterson

Albin I. Picha

Anna A. Picha

Emil H. Picha

John Picha

John Picha (?)

John F. Picha

John F. Picha

Joseph Picha

Mary M. Picha

Rose Picha

William B. Picha

Emma Pikal

Jackie Pikal (?)

John Pikal

Richard Pikal

Sylvia Pikal

Arthur Plankers

Beatrice Plankers

Clara Pokorny

Henry Pokorny

Josefa Pokorny

Blanche B. Popelka

Frances Popelka

Hilda Popelka

Jan Popelka

John J. Popelka

William Popelka

Vaclay Portel

Lillian T. Porter

Antonie Premil

Frank G. Premil

Rose E. Premil

? Radosta

Alvon C. Radosta

Edwin Arthur Remer

Grace E. Roath

Gayle J. Robbins

Jack W. Robbins

John J. Roushar

Margaret A. Roushar

Joseph Schmeidel

Josephine Schmeidel

Alex J. Schutrop

Mary R. Schutrop

Jason Christopher Scott

Frank Senkyr

Frank Shenkyr

Julia Shenkyr

Anna Shima

Henry Shima

Isabel Shima

James Shima

Joseph J. Shimek

Margaret Shimek

Marie R. Shimek

Betty Ann Shimota

Edward J. Shimota

Frank J. Shimota

Rose Shimota

Anna Smetana (?)

Christine C. Smetana

Dorothy V. Smetana

Edward E. Smetana

Florence E. Smetana

Frank J. Smetana

Frank W. Smetana

Harold W. Smetana

Herbert R. Smetana

Joseph Smetana

Joseph Smetana (?)

Joseph Smetana

Katherine Smetana (?)

Louise Smetana

Mary E. Smetana

Millicent R. Smetana

Phoebe Smetana

Warren A. Smetana

William S. Smetana

Frank O. Soderberg

Rick Sherwood Sorensen

Amy Souba (?)

Eleanora Souba (?)

Eliska Souba (?)

Henry Souba (?)

Henry Souba (?)

Ignac Souba (?)

Joseph Souba (?)

Lucie Souba

Marcel Souba (?)

Theresa Souba (?)

Zofie Souba (?)

Josef Spoustz

Helen Stepanek

Joseph Stepanek

Louis Stepanek

Mary Stepanek

Edward Stodola (?)

Isabell Stodola

Joseph Stodola (?)

Joseph W. Stodola

Mabel Stodola

Shirley Stodola

Tillie Stodola

William Stodola (?)

Wm. Stodola

Albert J. Strachota

Anna M. Strachota

Donald J. Strachota

Jerry Strachota

Katherine Strachota

Vaclay Strachota

Frank Stvan

Anna R. Svanda

Joseph Svanda

Gladys Svec

Petrolina Svec

Stanley Svec

Ben J. Tesarek

Emily Tesarek

Frank Tesarek

Jerry, son of F. & A. Tesarek

Joseph Tobias

Mary Tobias

Mary, wife of J. Uherka

Antonia Ulman

Edmund H. VanHeel

Mary J. VanHeel

Barker VanNurden

Bernice VanNurden

Theodore Vasko

Vera Vasko

Casper M. Videra

Albina Viska

Frank Viska

Louis G. Viska

Frank Vomela

Pauline Vomela

Florence Vosmek

Christina Walstead

Bruce W. Watson

Lucile E. Watson

Merle A. Welch

Julia Welshinger, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dominik

Margaret R. Wilcox

Diane Wingate

**John O. Winnenberg 6 September 1964 - 16 November 2002**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Richard Witten

Katherine L. Worthington

‘Grandma’ Zajicek (?)

‘Grandpa’ Zajicek (?)

Isabela Zajicek (?)

Anthony N. Zrust

Blanche Zrust

Joseph Zrust (?)

Margaret Zrust

Not able to determine surnames on the following:


J.K. - near Novak

only Brecka

only Oscar ?

? ? 23 April 1813

? ? 23 March (?) 1797

Jin ? - hard to read

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