Faith Presbyterian Cemetery

f/k/a Evangelical Bohemian Presbyterian

f/k/a John Hus Presbyterian Church of Minnetonka

12007 Excelsior Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN



The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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City of Minnetonka, Hennepin County, Minnesota: T117N – R22W, Section 26


The Faith Presbyterian Cemetery is maintained on a regular basis and in good shape.  This cemetery was established in 1887.  The rows line up fairly well.  There appears to be gaps in the burials. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2010.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2010



Albright, John D.

Albright, Ruth S.

Anderson, Ada L.

Anderson, Carol O.

Anderson, Earl E.

Anderson, Leslie B.

Andrle, John

Andrle, Julia

Andrle, William H.

Bachinsky, Ella A.

Bachinsky, Michael

Bailey, baby

Bailey, Marian

Bailey, Philip

Bartus, Joseph

Bartus, Josephine

Bauman, Edith T.

Bauman, Howard E.

Bell, Lawrence

Bell, Marian

Bemner, Teri Ryan

Benedict, Leonard G.

Benedict, Margaret A.

Bengston, Roger E.

Bengtson, Marjorie

Bilek, Rose

Bilek, William A.

Blomgren, Dorothy M.

Blomgren, Kenneth R.

Blomgren, V. Richard

Bohach (?), Emily

Bohach (?), Rudolph

Bohach, Alvie

Bohach, Anna

Bohach, Anna Mary

Bohach, Frank

Bohach, Frank

Bohach, Ida

Bohach, John Ed.

Bohach, Josephine

Bohach, Richard F.

Boltman, Dorothy H.

Boltman, Edwin B.

Booth, Anna R.

Booth, Cleveland V.

Booth, Eleanora

Booth, Jacob W.

Brask, Gordon L.

Brask, Marcella L.

Bren (?), Anna

Bren (?), Antoinette

Bren (?), E. Helen

Bren (?), Elmer E.

Bren (?), Emily

Bren (?), Floyd J.

Bren (?), Francis

Bren (?), Frank S.

Bren (?), George E.

Bren (?), Jerry E.

Bren (?), Joseph

Bren (?), Joseph M.

Bren (?), Josephine

Bren (?), Lillian

Bren (?), Mabel Clare

Bren (?), Marie J.

Bren (?), Maurice F.

Bren (?), Olga E.

Bren, Adolph

Bren, Alvin J.

Bren, Anastasia

Bren, Anna

Bren, Antonia

Bren, Bessie

Bren, Blanche Vraspir

Bren, Clarence

Bren, Daniel

Bren, Daniel J.

Bren, Doris L.

Bren, Dorothy M.

Bren, Edward W.

Bren, Edward W.

Bren, Edwin L.

Bren, Eleanor

Bren, Emil F.

Bren, Emilie W.

Bren, Emily M.

Bren, Evan

Bren, Florence C.

Bren, Florence R.

Bren, Frank

Bren, Frank E.

Bren, Frank F.

Bren, George J.

Bren, George S.

Bren, Harvey J.

Bren, Howard F.

Bren, John

Bren, John A.

Bren, John W.

Bren, Josephine

Bren, Margaret A.

Bren, Martha E.

Bren, Mary

Bren, Mary H.

Bren, Mildred J.

Bren, Millard E.

Bren, Raymond A.

Bren, Richard J.

Bren, Rosalia O.

Bren, Rose C.

Bren, Samuel A.

Brokl (?), Anna

Brokl (?), Arnold

Brokl, Anna

Brokl, Antonia

Brokl, Catherine

Brokl, Clementine V.

Brokl, Ella S.

Brokl, Frank B.

Brokl, George J.

Brokl, Grace M.

Brokl, John

Brokl, Joseph

Brokl, Otto F.

Brown, Mabel L.

Brum, Ethel

Brum, Wesley

Bruneau, Alfred J.

Bruneau, Elva

Burian, Ben E.

Burian, Charles J.

Burian, Florence E.

Burian, Frank

Burian, Paul

Burian, Theresa

Bursch, William G.

Buska, Dean R.

Carlson, J. Ragnar

Carlson, Lottie I.

Cermak, Josephine

Cermak, Lillian M.

Cermak, Louis

Cermak, Mary B.

Cermak, Otto G.

Chermack (?), Jerry

Chermack (?), Wilma E.

Chermack, Alma G.

Chermak, Elmer J.

Chermak, Elmer J.

Chermak, Emily

Chermak, Joseph

Chermak, Rose D.

Cherveny (?), Anna

Cherveny (?), Anna

Cherveny (?), Anna S.

Cherveny (?), baby

Cherveny (?), Frank

Cherveny (?), Jerome

Cherveny (?), John J.

Cherveny (?), Joseph

Cherveny, John A.

Cherveny, Joseph Joe

Chreiman, Gerald C.

Chreiman, Martha M.

Christianson, Aster G.

Christianson, Obin C.

Christopher, Harold C.

Christopher, Lorraine C.

Clark, Mary E.

Clark, Norman Franklin

Clark, Robert S.

Clark, Ruby H.

Cole, Allen J.

Cole, May E.

Cronin, Alice

Cronin, Patricia

Cunning, A. Frank

Cunning, Helen M.

Danielson, Josiah

Deaton, Alice M.

Deaton, John R.

Demler, Marie C.

Demler, Max W.

Derscheid, Charles W.

Dickenson, James George

Diekman, Donald H.

Diekman, Herman H.

Diekman, Ruth I.

Dolejsi, Joseph

Dolejsi, Mabel Ann

Dolejsi, Tillie A.

Dudycha, John

Dudycha, Lydia M.

Dvorak, Anna

Dvorak, Antonia

Dvorak, Edward

Dvorak, Edwin

Dvorak, Elizabeth

Dvorak, Frank

Dvorak, Frantisef

Dvorak, Frantisek

Dvorak, Ignac

Dvorak, Ignac

Dvorak, James H.

Dvorak, John S.

Dvorak, Josefka

Dvorak, Jozefa

Dvorak, Lillian E.

Dvorak, Marie

Dvorak, Martha

Dvorak, Mary J.

Dvorak, Prokop

Dwinnell, Charlotte

Dwinnell, Lloyd

Effertz, Lila

Effertz, Marjorie L.

Effertz, Raymond

Effertz, William P.

Ekelund, Robert W.

Ekelund, Viola E.

Empanger (?), Adeline L.

Empanger (?), Evelyn E.

Empanger, Charles F.

Empanger, Doris E.

Empanger, Emma

Empanger, J.L.

Empanger, John Douglas

Empanger, Joseph A.

Empanger, Lizzie

Empanger, Lumies

Empanger, Margaret

Empenger (?), Anna M.

Empenger (?), Emil

Empenger (?), John

Empenger (?), Joseph H.

Empenger (?), Katherine

Empenger, Anna R.

Empenger, John E.

Erickson, Krista

Ericson, Susan J. Lionberger

Ettinger, James M.

Ettinger, John Elliott

Eyres, Charles W.

Eyres, Florence O.

Fajman (?), Anton

Fajman (?), Josephine

Fajman, Josef

Fajman, Vilem

Faltin, Frank

Faltin, Jessie

Filipi, Anton

Filipi, Ben A.

Filipi, Charles

Filipi, Josefa

Filipi, Margaret

Foster, George F.

Gehl, Sharon Lynn

George, Orville A.

George, Ruth E.

Gerold, Dorothy V.

Good, George L.

Good, Helen A.

Grande, Christopher Lee

Grande, Erl W.

Grande, Todd E.

Grande, Vivian L.

Gray, Elisabeth S.

Green, Mildred C. Bren

Green, Russell L.

Greenfield, George D.

Griffiths, Betty Jane

Griffiths, Erma R.

Griffiths, John Roy

Gubrud, Robin Jo

Gullickson, Bonnie Bren

Hadac, Josephine

Halva, Albin V.

Halva, Antoinette

Halva, Vincent

HanusPobuda, Gladys

Hanus, Adolph

Hanus, Adolph E.

Hanus, Antonia

Hanus, Antonia

Hanus, Danny

Hanus, Drahomir (Joe)

Hanus, John

Hanus, Joseph

Hanus, Josephine

Hanus, Libby L.

Hanus, Lillian E.

Hanus, Mary

Hanus, Theodore J.

Hanus, Tillie

Hanus, Vincent

Hartnell, Ernest

Hartnell, Janet

Haughahl, Marjorie Ann

Haupt, Agnes

Haupt, Frances L.

Haupt, Frank

Haupt, Josef

Havelka, Emily

Havelka, Theodore E.

Hendrickson, David

Hendrickson, Dorothy

Hladky (?), Benjamin

Hladky (?), Harvey

Hladky (?), Lottie

Hladky (?), Mary

Hladky, Camille

Hladky, Edward

Hladky, Frank

Hladky, Frank W.

Hladky, Leonard

Hladky, Mary

Hladky, Mary J.

Hladky, William

Hlavac, Anna

Hlavac, Blanch

Hlavac, Joseph

Hlavac, Randall E.

Hlavacek, Elsie M.

Hlavacek, J.M.

Hlavacek, Jacob

Hlavacek, Katie

Hockel, Frank

Hockel, Gladys L.

Hockel, Lloyd V.

Hockel, Mary

Hockel, Robert P.

Hockel, Vincent

Hoganson, Richard D.

Hoganson, Richard D.

Holasek, Alice L.

Holasek, Alvin A.

Holasek, Anna A.

Hopperstad, Edith

Hopperstad, Gilbert

Horak, Bertha

Horak, George

Horak, George J.

Horak, Laddy J.

Horesjsi, Millie (?) Navratil

Hosfield, George W.

Hosfield, Ruth M.

Hromadko, Alfred

Hromadko, Anna

Hromadko, Ardetta I.

Hromadko, Fred

Hromadko, Fred J.

Hromadko, Joseph

Hromadko, Joseph A.

Hromadko, Lucy M.

Hromadko, Stanley

Huntress, Bessie Shenkyr

Hurlburt, ?

Hurlburt, Charles E.

Hurlburt, Virginia

Husak, Anna

Husak, Frank

Jamieson, Pearl

Janko, Anna

Janko, baby Emily

Janko, Fred

Jensen, Daniel W.

Jensen, Elizabeth

Jensen, Joan V.

Jensen, Schiebold J.

Jerabek (?), Antonie

Jerabek (?), Frank F.

Jerabek (?), Mary

Jerabek, Jeanette B.

Jerabek, Milan W.

Jersak, Elizabeth

Jersak, Joseph C.

Jersak, William

Jewell, Sharon Rose

Johnson, Mary L.

Johnson, Selmer V.

Kalash, Adolph A.

Kalash, Ruth D.

Karasek, Alvin W.

Karasek, Anna

Karasek, Anna

Karasek, Fred

Karasek, Helen Lasar

Karasek, Helen M.

Karasek, Joseph E.

Karasek, Keith R.

Karasek, Raymond R.

Kartak, Jacob B.

Kartak, Sophie

Kimmer, Amalie

Kimmer, Blanche

Kimmer, Fred

Kimmer, John

Kimmer, Milton C.

Klima (?), Emilie

Klima (?), Frank

Klouda, F.

Klouda, J.

Klouda, J.

Klouda, K.

Kopecky, Anna A.

Kopecky, Frank E.

Kopesky, Catherine

Kopesky, Dorothy E.

Kopesky, Emily A.

Kopesky, Richard A.

Kopesky, William B.

Korista, Albena B.

Korista, C. Jane

Korista, Frances

Korista, Helen A.

Korista, J.S.

Korista, May M.

Korista, V.

Kovar, Helen J.

Kovar, Thomas T.

Kraml, Anita H.

Kromadko, Ann

Krusina (?), Jan Maly

Krusina (?), Joseph

Krusina, Josefa

Kucera (?), Agnes

Kucera (?), Albert

Kucera (?), Anna

Kucera (?), Fred

Kucera (?), John W.

Kucera (?), Joseph F.

Kucera (?), Josephine

Kucera (?), Kristina

Kucera (?), William F.

Kucera, Anna

Kucera, Joseph

Kucera, Samuel A.

Kucera, Samuel J.

Kuchera, Annie

Kuchera, Frances L.

Kuchera, Frank

Kuchera, Joseph B.

Kull, Harvey C.

Kull, Margaret A.

Kurtz (?), Anna

Kurtz (?), Anna

Kusisto, Arvo W.

Kutcher (?), James

Kutcher (?), James and Rose

Kutcher (?), Julia

Kutcher, baby

Kutcher, Edward

Kutcher, Emil J.

Kutcher, Emily J.

Kutcher, Florence

Kutchera, Kathrine

Larson, Gladys H.

Law, Edward R.

Lease, Iris

Lease, Wesley

Liggett, Joan H.

Liggett, William E.

Linc, Frank

Linc, Leona K.

Linc, Steven G.

Lionberger, Irma L.

Lionberger, Olin W.

Littlefield, Alvina R.

Littlefield, G. Earle

Lorence, Delores M.

Lorence, James J.

Lorence, Karen Sue

Loverin, Dorothy Ann (Shanus)

Lyons, Dorothy E.

Lyons, Reed M.

Mahlberg, Peter M.

Mahlberg, Rose M.

Makousky (?), Edward

Makousky (?), Josie E.

Makousky (?), Marie K.

Makousky, Edward A.

Makousky, Julia M.

Makousky, Melvin E.

Makovska, Veronika

Makovsky, Jozef

Makowsky (?), Anna

Makowsky (?), Hattie A.

Makowsky (?), Joseph

Makowsky (?), Joseph G.

Makowsky (?), Lucy

Makowsky (?), Ralph F.

Makowsky, Albert D.

Makowsky, Rose

Mangold, Billee Snare

Mangold, Edwin A.

Marr, Aura A.

Marr, Irving E.

Matuska, Robert J.

Mau, Jack A.

Mau, Martha J.

McCall, Frederick Wm.

McCall, Kathryn C.

Mercer, Bonnnie F.

Mercer, Neil J.

Metcalf, Anna L.

Miguet, Florence P.

Miller – Reed, Tracie Lynn

Miller (?), Anna

Miller (?), Edward

Miller (?), John

Miller (?), Samuel

Miller, Frances

Miller, Stephen

Minnick, Donald E.

Minnick, Helen P.

Mlinar (?), Frank

Mlinar (?), Lena

Mlinar, Adolph

Mlinar, Alice

Mlinar, Dale Vernon

Mlinar, Daniel A.

Mlinar, Frances L.

Mlinar, Josephine

Morris, Sylvia R.

Musil, Arthur A.

Navratil (?), Christine E.

Navratil (?), Frank

Navratil, Alojs

Navratil, Anton C.

Navratil, Benjamin

Navratil, Esther H.

Navratil, Joseph

Navratil, Marie B.

Nechas (?), Emil

Nechas, Emma

Nechas, Joseph

Nelson, Elizabeth Stuart

Nelson, Floyd

Nelson, Kent

Nelson, Raymond L.

Nelson, Raymond Lewis

Nelson, Sophia (Hromadko)

Nemec, Charles

Nemec, Frances

Nemec, Gertie

Nemec, Joseph A.

Nickodym, Donald A.

Nickodym, Howard J.

Nickodym, James

Nikodym, Antonia

Nikodym, Frank

Nikodym, Frank

Nikodym, Rose

Novotny, Antonia

Novotny, Frank

Novotny, Ruth

Novotny, Stanley

Olsen, Mildred

Olson, Clara M.

Olson, Clifford W.

Onell, Florence Strachota

Ostrum, Donald R.

Ostrum, Evelyn G. Derscheid

Overby, Charles Arthur

Padua, Josie A.

Padua, Louis D.

Parker, George McClure

Parker, Nancy Ann

Pavelka (?), Arthur A.

Pavelka (?), Mary

Pavelka (?), Matilda D.

Pavelka, Albert H.

Pavelka, Alfred E.

Pavelka, Betty Lou

Pavelka, George W.

Pavelka, George W.

Pavelka, Helen B.

Pavelka, Irene S.

Pavelka, Irwin D.

Pavelka, John H.

Pavelka, Loretta

Pavelka, Mary J.

Pavelka, Melvin M.

Pedersen, Marie

Perkl, Grace

Perkl, Herbert

Peshina, Emil A.

Peshina, Emily A.

Peshina, Ethel A.

Peshina, John A.

Peshina, Lillian A.

Petrash (?), Vincent

Petrash, Cheryl

Petrash, Joseph

Picha, Abbie C.

Picha, Adeline R.

Picha, Albert C.

Picha, Alice E.

Picha, Anna

Picha, Frank

Picha, Frank

Picha, Frank O.

Picha, George

Picha, Harry E.

Picha, Hermina

Picha, Joseph L.

Picha, Julia A.

Picha, Julie

Picha, Katie R.

Picha, Martha L.

Picha, Mary E.

Picha, Richard H.

Picha, Rosie

Picha, Vilem

Plehal, Emilie

Plehal, Joseph

Plihal (?), Anna

Plihal (?), Joseph

Plihal, Emily

Plihal, Emily E.

Plihal, Frantisek

Plihal, John

Plihal, Joseph

Plihal, Josephine

Plihal, Vincent

Pobuda, Blanche F.

Pobuda, Frank J.

Pobuda, John

Pobuda, Sally A.

Pokorny, Joseph

Pokorny, Marie

Poul, Frank J.

Prochazka, Frank

Prochazka, Martha M.

Profant, Paul

Raber, Charlene K.

Raber, Dean A.

Randl (?), James

Randl (?), Mary

Rapp, Emily M.

Rapp, Lloyd W.

Reed, Willem Thomas Eugene

Robillard, Lydia C.

Roushar, Adolph

Roushar, Josefka

Roushar, Joseph

Schiller, William

Schmeidel, Anna

Schmeidel, Walter P.

Schmidel, Frank J.

Schmidel, Harold J.

Schmidel, Joseph

Schmidel, Rosalia

Schmidel, Rose H.

Schroedermeier, Betty M.

Schroedermeier, Eugene A.

Sedesky, Adeline A.

Sedesky, Robert Edward

Shanholtzer, Jasper G.

Shanus, Gene P.

Shauer, Glenn L.

Shauer, Ione A.

Shenkyr, Beatrice

Shenkyr, Franitisek

Shenkyr, Joseph E.

Shenkyr, Vincencia

Siller, Vilem

Sima, Blanche

Sima, Charles

Sima, Harriet M.

Sima, Joseph R.

Simon, Millie

Simon, Richard

Sinks, Robert Marshall

Skranka, Frantisek

Skranka, Katerina

Slavik, Godfrey G.

Slavik, Maxine M.

Slocum, Judson M.

Sluka, Kent

Smatlan, Lothie

Smetana, Anna

Smetana, Edward

Smetana, Harvey E.

Smetana, Helen

Smetana, Joseph F.

Smetana, Joseph J.

Smetana, Lisa S.

Smetana, Louis J.

Smetana, Marcella

Smetana, Mary

Smith, Robert

Smith, Robert L.

Smith, Virginia

Smutlan (?), Annie

Sodoma, Bertha M.

Sodoma, Charles

Sodoma, Marie

Soulen, Harvey H.

Soulen, M. Estelle McCall

Soules, Harold A.

Soules, Ruth A.

Stanbrough, Wende Sue

Stoffel, Cathrine H. “Buddy”

Stoffel, Jay H.

Stoffel, Julius H.

Strachota, Frank

Strachota, John

Strachota, Katherine

Svoboda, Adolph

Svoboda, Josephine

Swanson, Bess

Swanson, Betty R.

Swanson, Elmer L.

Swanson, Fred

Swartout, Holly N.

Tesarek, Anna

Tesarek, Anna E.

Tesarek, Bohumil B.

Tesarek, Emanuel J.

Tesarek, Frances E.

Tesarek, Joie H.

Tesarek, Joseph

Tesarek, Mary J.

Tesarek, Raymond B.

Tobias, Clarence W.

Tobias, Edward

Tobias, Fannie

Tobias, John

Tobias, Josephin

Tobias, Vincent

Totushek, Antonia B.

Totushek, Benjamin

Totushek, Lillian

Trutna, Emil A.

Trutna, Martha E.

Tufvander, E. Irene

Tufvander, Ellis A.

Uherka, Betty V.

Uherka, Donald D.

Uherka, Evelyn B.

Uherka, Frank J.

Uherka, Leonard F.

Uherka, Marie M.

Underhill, Edna

Underhill, Harold

Underhill, Thomas

Utika, Olokar

Utikal, Otokar

Vaclav, Otec

VanderGriend, Sara Lin

Vasko, Anna

Vasko, Charles

Vikla, Martha Burian

Vranek, Donald T.

Vranek, Elizabeth J.

Vranek, Thomas

Vraspir (?), Antonie

Vraspir (?), Frank

Vraspir (?), Joseph

Vraspir (?), Mary

Vraspir, Elizabeth

Vraspir, Evelyn E.

Vraspir, Frank

Vraspir, Julia

Vraspir, Louis

Vraspir, Ludvik

Vraspir, Veleslav

Vraspir, Vincent

Vraspir, Wilhelmina

Vraspir, Willard J.

Walters, Howard R.

Walters, Margie J.

Wanek, Martha A.

Welch, Arthur E.

Werner, Nena Marie Tillman

Wesolowski, Hazel

Whitehead, Gordon A.

Whitehead, Harriet H.

Wilson, Marion Ann

Wilson, Robert Alvin

Wingate, Jenny

Wingate, Karolyn

Wrasper (?), Agnes P.

Wrasper (?), Frank A.

Wraspir, Vincencia

Wright, Charlene Ellyn Whittum

Wright, John Howard

Yager, Mary S.

Yarbrough, Edward M.

Yarbrough, Ione M.

Yeager, Sarah Parke

Yeager, Walter F.

Zak (?), Adele M.

Zdrazil, Agnes

Zdrazil, Aloisie

Zdrazil, Arthur

Zdrazil, Jozef

Zdrazil, Lydia

Zeman (?), Anton

Zrust (?), Anna

Zrust (?), Frantisek

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