Groveland Cemetery

3300 Woodlawn Avenue, Minnetonka, MN


The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Central and Southwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 


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City of Minnetonka, Hennepin County, Minnesota:  T117N – R22W, Section 17


Groveland Cemetery is regularly maintained and in good shape.  The rows line up well.  The cemetery has been open since at least 1855.  In “History of Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis, including the Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota, By Rev. Edward D. Neill, and Outlines of the History of Minnesota, By J. Fletcher Williams,” written in 1881, it states “The first death occurred in June, 1855; that of Mr. Waters, who had just arrived with his family from Pennsylvania, having contracted the cholera … The coffin was made by Mr. A.N. Gray, and the body buried in Groveland Cemetery … “ 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2010.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2010



? Shin A.J.

?, ? Wilson

?, Anna Bertha

?, Bennie

?, Donald

?, Irwin Olysses

?, William Ira

Adams, Anna

Adams, Arthur H.

Adams, Dawn P.

Adams, Fern A.

Adams, Irving L.

Adams, James E.

Adsem, Marlys M.

Adsem, Robert T.

Albert, Mary Lynn

Allen, Burris R.

Allen, Harry B.

Andersen (?), James M.

Andersen (?), Victoria K.

Anderson (?), Hilma

Anderson (?), Peter

Anderson, ?

Anderson, Alfred

Anderson, Amanda

Anderson, Ann L.

Anderson, Arthur F.

Anderson, Cary

Anderson, Charlotte C.

Anderson, Clarence

Anderson, Dennis D.

Anderson, Dorothy Dodie (Walton)

Anderson, Elias

Anderson, Ellen

Anderson, Emil

Anderson, Harvey F.

Anderson, J. Albert

Anderson, Jeanette Melby

Anderson, Jodi Lynn

Anderson, Johanna

Anderson, Lorraine R.

Anderson, Sina A.

Anderson, Susan J.

Anderson, Swan

Andrada, Blaine C.

Andrada, Dennis W.

Andrada, Thina

Andres, Betty Marguerite

Andres, William Albert

Andrs, Anna M.

Andrs, Irene K.

Andrs, Karel

Andrs, Milo W.

Andruskiewicz, Donald

Archer, Arthur

Archer, Marie M.

Armstrong, Evelyn L.

Armstrong, James C.

Asher, Helena

Asher, Robert

Aspelin, Dorothy Marie

Aspelin, Ernest H.

Aspelin, Hazel M.

Aspelin, Richard L.

Atkins, Annie A.

Aubuchon, Christopher Wyatt

Austin, L.A.

Axelsen, Karl Hagen

Axelsen, Lucille Miller

Bacik, Joseph

Bacik, Katherine

Bahr, Clarence M.

Baker (?), Delia E.

Baker (?), Jennie M.

Baker (?), John M.

Baker (Nam ?), Myrtle B.

Baker, Jennie M.

Baker, Peter Henry

Bakko, Cliff C.M.

Bakko, Kay K.M.

Balderston, Benjamin F.

Balderston, Earl F.

Balderston, Lillie L.

Balderston, Lois V.

Ball, Theresa A.

Bander, Mina

Bargfield, Nancy K.

Barrett, Andrew

Barrett, Andrew R.

Barrett, Elizabeth

Barrett, Enid Ryan

Barrett, John

Bartlett, Steven P.

Bassett, Hartwell

Bassett, LaJune

Bassett, Ruth O.

Batterton, Edgar

Batterton, Jean A.

Bechtol, Lynn E.

Bechtol, T. William

Becker, Dotty

Becker, Marilyn S.

Becker, Ronald J.

Beckner, Jannelle C.

Bednar, Joe L.

Beebe, Zinea

Bell, Duane

Bellaire, Belle Packard

Bellaire, George Lewis

Bellaire, George P.

Bellaire, Marion McC.

Bengtson, Albin

Bengtson, Arthur

Bengtson, Mary

Bengtson, Nils

Bengtson, Tillie

Bennett, Marie A.

Bennett, Tom F.

Benny, Bernice

Benny, Michael

Berdan, Mary Ann

Berg, George O.

Berg, Johanns

Berg, Velma J.

Bergdahl, Carl A.

Bergdahl, Ellen

Berger, Anna

Berger, Frances A.

Berger, Grace M.

Berger, Irvin O.

Berger, Oscar J.

Berger, Urs

Berger, Wilhelm

Bergeson, Mikayla Faith

Bergeson, Rachel Marie

Berring, Anton C.

Berring, Olga M.

Berry, Kathryn

Bestler, Louis B.

Bestler, Tillie H.

Betcher, Doris L.

Betcher, Harold C.

Betz, Jean E.

Betz, John L.

Bird, Alice May

Bird, Beatrice (?) A.

Bird, Grace M.

Bird, Harry M.

Bird, Helen B.

Bird, James H/

Bischoff, Carol Ann

Bishop, Hannah

Bishop, Helen

Bishop, Leverett J.

Bishop, Rick

Bishop, Wes

Bjorklund, Theodore

Blaskovich, Caryl Joan

Blessing, Dean R.

Blessing, Frank K.

Blessing, Harriet R.

Bloch, Louis LeDuc

Blodgett, Emma T.

Blodgett, Lewis

Blomquist, Elsie A.

Blomquist, Hilma

Blomquist, John

Bluem, Delores

Bluem, Herman

Bluem, Terry A.

Boertjens, Jacomina H.

Boertjens, Johannes C.

Bogle, Florence C.

Bogle, Jack L.

Bolin, Ginny

Bolin, Mike

Bolin, Roger Allen

Bolke, Mary A.

Bonner, Dorothy I.

Bonner, Edsel N.

Boostrom, Anna M.

Borgeson, Albert

Borgeson, Eleanor

Borgeson, Morris C.

Boswinkel, Laurian A.

Bowker, Laurie Plympton

Bragg, Kevin Trevor

Bredemeier, Kenneth G.

Bredeson, Carl

Brenden, Lillian B.

Brenden, Wallace H.

Brenden, Wallace H.

Bristol, Ada Marie

Bristol, Eugene L.

Britzius, Bernice A.

Britzius, Cary A. Willette

Britzius, Charles W.

Bromley, Bob

Bromley, Evelyn

Broms, Amanda

Broms, Henning F.

Broms, Walter Harold

Brothen, Melvin

Broughton, Alfred

Brown (?), ??y

Brown, Clayton H.

Brown, Edwin S.

Brown, Evelyn D.

Brown, Frederick

Brown, Laura M.

Brown, Myrtle H. Bessesen

Brown, Scott Holloway

Brown, William

Bryand, Mary O.

Bryant, Cynthe Ellen

Bryant, Margaret G.

Bryant, Paul A.

Bryant, Timothy C.

Bryce, Judith Kay

Buchholz, Maggie

Bud, John

Buergel, James D.

Buergel, Ruth T.

Bull, David A.

Bull, Marion

Bunting, Cora Mae

Bunting, James E.

Bunzel, Eric O.

Burnes (?), Isabelle Francis

Burnes, Charles D.

Burnes, Charles S.

Burnes, Charles S.

Burnes, Diana

Burnes, Ida May

Burnes, Isabelle F.

Burnes, Mollie N.

Burnes, Robert D.

Burnett, Don

Burnett, Pat

Burns, Cynthia M.

Bury, Dorothea A.

Butzow, George Nesbitt

Butzow, Patricia Conley

Bye, Donald W.

Bye, Hans O.

Bye, Mathilda

Bye, Ruth E.

Byers, Stephen

Caldwell, Bradley Scott

Cameron, Vernon E.

Campbell, Ashley JoAnn

Cannon, Glenice M.

Cannon, Kenneth E.

Cantwell, Mary Laib

Carbonneau, Joann M.

Cargill, Loretta M.

Carlsen, Albert

Carlsen, Karen

Carlson (?), Eleanor

Carlson (?), Hannah

Carlson (?), Oskar

Carlson (?), Walter

Carlson, ? J.

Carlson, Alfred P.

Carlson, Alva C.

Carlson, August

Carlson, August A.

Carlson, Augusta

Carlson, Bernice M.

Carlson, Elmer

Carlson, Emma

Carlson, Esther V.

Carlson, Etta V.

Carlson, Gustav

Carlson, Harry A.

Carlson, Hedvig J.

Carlson, Herman

Carlson, Jane W.

Carlson, John A.

Carlson, Manfred G.

Carlson, Marian J.

Carlson, Max W.

Carlson, Richard

Carlson, Stephen Wayne

Carlson, Thomas E.

Carlson, Victor

Caron, David J.

Carpenter, Avis L.

Carpenter, Edward

Carpenter, Grant W.

Carpenter, Rodger D.

Carr, Emma F.

Carr, Eugene D.

Castle, Joseph A.

Castle, Mabel H.

Cathers, Glenn A.

Caw, Edward S.

Caw, Mary F.

Chambers, Jack Austin

Chambers, Kathleen Muriel

Chan, Mamie C.

Chan, Martin F.

Chapman, Susan Jane

Charleston, Charlotte E. Brum

Chase, Bart D.P.

Chase, Bart D.P.

Chase, S.B.

Chastain, Mark James

Cheely, J.W.

Chowen, Alvah F.

Chowen, Annie J.

Chowen, Betsey

Chowen, D.M. Mac

Chowen, Doris B.

Chowen, E. Caroline Gunn

Chowen, J.H.

Chowen, Jane

Chowen, Loren

Chowen, Margaret S.

Chowen, Mary M.F. Rear

Chowen, Morris

Chowen, William Streeter

Christensen, Cora

Christensen, Hannah S.

Christensen, Jean M.

Christensen, John M.

Christensen, Marius

Christian, Kathryn A.

Christian, Richard Stephen

Churchill, Kenneth

Churchill, Marie H.

Chute, Budd C.A.

Chute, Henrietta

Clark, Matthew

Clausen, Edna L.

Clausen, Henry C.

Clements, George Bill

Colbjornsen, Patricia R.

Collister, Catherine

Constable, Don

Constable, Scott D.

Cook, Arthur C.

Cook, Charles R.

Cook, Donn E.

Cook, Edward J.

Cook, Martha E.

Coronell, Lynn

Coronell, Shirley

Cortes, Barrie Wynne

Coulman, Lillian G.

Covert, John A.

Crowley, Dennis D.

Crowley, Gladys T.

Crowley, Howard W.

Crowley, Lavonne C.

Crowley, Leslie M.

Crowley, Louise J.

Crowley, Michael M.

Crowley, Minnie

Crowley, Neal

Crowley, William P.

Crozier, Frances Viola

Crozier, Jack McKee

Currier, Amanda J.

Dahlberg (?), Douglas F.

Dahlberg (?), Edward A.

Dahlberg (?), Edwin A.

Dahlberg (?), Emma (?)

Dahlberg (?), Father

Dahlberg (?), Mother

Dahlberg, Anna J.

Dahlberg, Oscar P.

Dale, Charles A.

Dale, Henry J.

Dale, Winifred L.

Davidson, Frank A.

Davidson, Lizzie M.

Dawson, Harold L.

Dawson, Ione (Olson)

Day, George H.

Deardoree, Ruth Lindley

Deardorff, Mollie Belle

Decker, Warren R.

Delaney, Shawn P.

Demo, Mary A.

Demo, Verle M.

Dennett, Elaine V.

Denson, Florence M.

Denson, Helen Ann

Denson, Ida Bell

Denson, William Franklin

Denson, Wm. Henry

Denson, Wm. Henry

DeVoll, M. Lou

DeVoll, Merritt

DeVos, Paulette D.

DeWitt, Heidi

Dichtl, Julia W.

Dickerson, Peggy S.

Dirks (?), Ada V.

Dirks (?), Iris E.

Dirks (?), Nelita A.

Dirks (?), Simon C.

Dirks, Ruben

Doherty, Terrence J.

Donley, George R.

Donley, Grace S.

Doran, Alice S. Sackrison

Doust, Harry

Doust, Helen

Doust, Helen L.

Dragert, Henry C.

Drost, Adam

Drost, Anna

Drost, Jules

Duemke, Douglas C.

Duffy, Bernard J.

Dumke, Fred H.

Dumke, Louise

Dunphy, Dick R. W.

Dunphy, Marian T.

Dvorak, Bruce M.

Dvorak, H. Gail

Dwyer, Elsie J.

Dwyer, James J.

Easter, George R.

Easter, Madelyne C.

Edwall, Craig R.

Edwall, Phyllis J.

Edwall, Robert N.

Edwards, Genevieve H.

Eidam, Eddie

Eidam, Louisa

Eidam, Susan

Eitel, Hazel

Eitel, Pete

Eklund, Clarice A.

Eklund, Julia S.

Eklund, Paul G.

Eklund, Paul H.

Elliott, Eunice H.

Ellisen, Arthur R.

Ellisen, Nina V.

Elmore, Carlie Blodgett

Emerson, Anne A.

Emerson, C.W.

Emick, Charlotte

Emick, Chuck

Empenger, Anna M.

Empenger, Edward

Enbom, Carl

Enbom, Elizabeth

Engler, John F.

Engler, Mildred

Englund, Matthew P.

Engman, Chester J.

Engman, Jeanne V.

Ennis, Betty Anne

Erickson, Anna H.

Erickson, Arthur C.

Erickson, Darlene M.

Erickson, Doris Jean E.

Erickson, Henning E.

Erickson, John A.

Erickson, Lillian A.

Erickson, Milton

Erickson, Richard H.

Ernst, Barbara J.

Ernst, G. Dale

Evans, Jane E.

Evans, Raymond J.

Fabel, Alma H.

Fabel, Raymond L.

Fahlstrom, Agnes M.

Fahlstrom, E. Warner

Farrell, Grant

Feig, Theodore Q.

Feldhaus, Ralph J.

Feldhaus, Sarah B.

Ferrell, David C.

Ferrell, Evaline A.

Ferrell, Mary E.

Ferrell, Sarah

Ferrell, Sarah A.

Ferrin, Irence M.

Fetterly (?), Mollie Ann

Fetterly, Henry H.

Fetterly, Warren

Fillbrandt, Douglas K.

Fillbrandt, Leann S.

Fillbrandt, Marcella R.M.

Fillbrandt, Raymond A.J.

Finger, Thomas H.

Finn, Catherine Ann

Fischer, Albert

Fischer, Dorothy J.

Fischer, Isabell J.

Fischer, Roger A.

Fisher, Drew

Fisher, Orville

Fix, Paul James

Fix, Ronald L.

Flanders, Arthur

Flanders, Gerald E.

Flanders, Jennie

Flint, Thomas H.

Folkerts, Dawn Marie

Foss, Edward B.

Foss, Ida May

Foty, baby girl

Foty, Gladys

Foty, Joseph J.

Foty, Ruth E.

Foty, Vincent

Fox, Katherine Mary Kay

Franklin, Lucy J.

Franklin, S. Jewett

Frear, Anne H.

Frear, Clara E.C.

Frear, Dana W.

Frear, Grace S.

Frear, Walter S.

French, Carolyn V.

French, O. Jack

Frost, Ruth Eva

Frost, Zada A.

Fuhrman, twins

Fuller, John E.

Gage, Ada Hitchcock

Gage, J.F.

Gager, Florence E.

Gager, Helen R.

Gager, Herbert P.

Gager, Isabel Cook

Galbraith, Stella May

Galchutt, Anastasia A.

Galchutt, Robert W.

Gambill, Bernice N.

Gambill, Robert L.

Gammon, Edith A.

Gammon, Edith Stella

Gammon, George P.

Gammon, Inez

Gammon, Lee M.

Gammon, Nellie

Gantt, Blanche

Garoutte, Mike L.

Garrison, Carol E.

Garrison, William A.

Garven, Jeffrey David

Gausel, Pauline Nelson

Gay, Anna Lydia

Gay, Carol A.

Gay, Patricia Ann

Gay, Roger G.

Genadek, Michael L.

Giesen (?), Agatha

Giesen (?), Joseph

Giesen, Bernard C.

Giesen, Clara H.

Giesen, Joseph M.

Giesen, Lillie

Giesen, Martin H.

Gilbertson, Paul Andrew

Gillies, Donald F.

Gillies, Gladys O.

Gilmour, Stephen Werner

Giltner, Christopher Samuel

Giltner, Gloria A.

Giltner, Samuel V.

Glasl, Helma O.

Glasl, Joseph C.

Goerlach, Albert

Goerlach, Celeste

Gooding, Anna

Gooding, Lars

Gordon, Marlys

Gosen, Maxine R.

Gosen, Richard P.

Gould, Tish

Gralow, Clara

Gralow, Gustave

Gralow, Rudolph W.

Grave, Dale Lloyd

Grave, Marian Elaine

Gray (?), Ella M.

Gray (?), Jack

Gray (?), Jesse W.

Gray (?), L. Pearl

Gray, A.N.

Gray, Dorothy M.

Gray, Ernest

Gray, Phebe

Gray, Robert A.

Gray, Susan A.

Greenwood, Rachel

Grenell, Marcella

Grenell, Richard

Griffiths, Darleene M.

Griffiths, John N.

Grimaldi, Joseph Anthony

Grimm, Edwin H.

Grimm, LaRee V.

Grodahl, Arne M.

Grodahl, Bibbi

Grodahl, Fred M.

Grodahl, Hulda

Grodahl, M. Louise

Grodahl, Reidun

Grover, Andrew C.

Grover, Narice N.

Grussing, John

Grussing, John

Grussing, Mabel C.

Guerre, Michael

Gulstrand, Marion

Gulstrand, Rich

Gulstrand, Rudy

Gunther, Anna M.

Gunther, George (?) C.

Gunther, Hazel L.

Gustafson, Carl

Gustafson, Clara

Gustafson, Nels

Gustner, Elof

Haensel, Kenneth W.

Haertl, Julie Louise

Haertl, Mary Jane

Haiden, Emma L.

Haiden, Fred C.

Haley, Clayton E.

Haley, V. Lou Ann Olmsted

Hallgren, Anna M.

Hallgren, Axel H.

Hallin, Kristene D.

Hallin, Troy D.

Halsten, Chester A.

Halsten, Eileen M.

Halverson, Anna M.

Halverson, Knut

Halvorsen, Harold W.

Halvorsen, Lois C.

Halvorson, Theodore M.

Halvorson, Winnifred J.

Hand, Yvonne LaSalle

Haney, Eugene C.

Haney, Ruth M.

Hansen, Ann C.

Hansen, Hans Albert

Hansen, Jeanne B.

Hansen, John H.

Hansen, Leslie L.

Hanson, Dale A.

Hanson, Joyce V.

Hanson, Ruth M.

Hanson, Vincent R.

Hare, Edward T.

Hare, Ethel L.

Harmsen, Theresa J.

Harris, Fern I.

Harris, Joan M.

Harris, Robert E.

Hartman, Benjamin D.

Hartman, Ryan Scott

Hartson, Mattie

Harvey, Alfred G.

Harvey, Dagmar D.

Harvey, May E.

Hasek, Donald James

Hasek, Donald James

Hasek, Donna Jean

Hatz, Richard Andy

Haugdahl, Gladyce E.

Haugdahl, Joanne

Haugdahl, John

Haugdahl, Sverre J.

Hawkins, ?ogene ?

Hawkins, Alfred O.

Hawkins, Clara W.

Hawley, Baird E.

Hayes, Marjorie Lou

Headla, Eleanora A.

Headla, Ray C.

Heathcote, Edwin C.

Heathcote, Helen A.

Heathcote, Joseph C.

Heckenlaible, Amanda F.

Heckenlaible, Edwin

Hedlund, Leland S.

Helgesen, Gilford S.

Helgesen, Virginia M.

Helin, Mabel Saline

Helmrich, Gerlad D.

Henrikson, Alma

Henrikson, Axel G.

Henrikson, Priscilla L.

Heokstra, Gerben

Hepperlen, John Christian

Herning, Betty C.

Herrick, Keith Elliott

Hessey, John Raymon

Hessey, Mary Elizabeth

Higgins (?), Austin J.

Higgins (?), Josephine

Hilsen, Alilce W.

Hilsen, Ben

Hilstad, Clifford P.

Hilstad, Helen A.

Hirshhy, Eva Clara

Hodne, Elvera M.

Hodne, Herman

Hoekstra, Jennie

Hofschult, Dennis Reid

Hofstrand, Edward E.

Hofstrand, Harold L.

Hofstrand, Henry P.

Hofstrand, Margaret I.

Hogenson, Scott W.

Hogsven, Harlan J.

Holden, John B.

Holden, Marjorie G.

Holt, Ryan D.

Holte, Beth (Harris)

Hommes, Bernard J.

Hommes, Nancy A.

Homola, Agnes

Homola, Joseph

Hoo, Earling

Hoo, Roberta L.

Hoppe, Florence M.

Hoppe, Frank W.

Hornung, Frederick L.

Horst, Rhoda M.

Horst, Walter I.

Howg, Edwin M.

Howg, Emma C.

Huber, Evelyn H.

Huber, John B.

Hull, Anna Van’T

Hullsiek, Brad R.

Hullsiek, Charles W.

Hullsiek, Craig R.

Hullsiek, Donald F.

Hullsiek, Esther R.

Hullsiek, Frances F.

Hullsiek, George

Hullsiek, Joanne

Hullsiek, William F.

Hurley, Ardyth

Hurley, Earl

Husemoller, Roger Paul

Hutchinson, Cora F.

Hutchinson, Garry M.

Hyland, John A.

Hyland, Marie A.

Hytjan, Ryan

Jackson, Janet Eileen

Jacobsen, Carl H.

Jacobsen, Christopher M.

Jacobsen, David M.

Jacobsen, Helen C.

Jacobsen, Maren O.

Jacobson (?), Jacob Jon ?

Jacobson, Caroline

Jacobson, Laurie

Japs, Barbara G.

Japs, George W.

Japs, Henry I.

Japs, Julia M.

Jaye, Nancy

Jennerson, Cora M.

Jensen, Amanda O.

Jensen, Jens M.

Jensen, Leroy D.

Jensen, Mary E.

Jephcott, Clare D.

Jimenez, Linda A.

Johanson, Aleda Candy and infant son

Johanson, August

Johanson, Charlotta

Johanson, Werner W.

Johns, Nancy A. Nicholson

Johnsen, Albert H.

Johnsen, Alice R.

Johnsen, Bertha

Johnsen, Bodil

Johnsen, Georgia A.

Johnsen, Hans C.

Johnsen, Kenneth J.

Johnsen, Louis A.

Johnsen, Margaret H.

Johnsen, Marie P.

Johnsen, Martin C.

Johnson (?), Andrew

Johnson (?), Anton

Johnson (?), Christi??

Johnson (?), Cora

Johnson (?), Hazel (?)

Johnson (?), Hugo Hellen

Johnson (?), Kirstina

Johnson (?), Mary

Johnson (?), Olga A. Hellen

Johnson (?), Rose (?) M.

Johnson, ?

Johnson, Agnes J.

Johnson, Albert N.

Johnson, Alfred A.

Johnson, Allan J.

Johnson, Arthur J.

Johnson, baby boy

Johnson, Barbara J.

Johnson, Barbara Jean

Johnson, Beatrice P.

Johnson, Bertha M.

Johnson, Bettie J.

Johnson, Carl E.

Johnson, Carl H.

Johnson, Cecelia M.

Johnson, Cecilia J.

Johnson, Charles J.

Johnson, Charley Bill

Johnson, Clara

Johnson, Clarence J.

Johnson, Clarice

Johnson, Ditz

Johnson, Donald A.

Johnson, Douglas S.

Johnson, Earl F.

Johnson, Edith

Johnson, Eleanor K.

Johnson, Elta Benson

Johnson, Erma C.

Johnson, Esther A.

Johnson, Esther J.

Johnson, Florence A.

Johnson, Frank C.

Johnson, George Z.

Johnson, Glenn A.

Johnson, Glenn Frank

Johnson, Gordon Carl

Johnson, Grace M.

Johnson, Grace W.

Johnson, Gunhild

Johnson, Gust

Johnson, Hans P.

Johnson, Howard W.

Johnson, Inga

Johnson, Irene S.

Johnson, Irving A.

Johnson, James N.

Johnson, James R.

Johnson, Jane Olivia

Johnson, Jergen

Johnson, John

Johnson, LaVerne M.

Johnson, Lief E.

Johnson, Lief E.

Johnson, Lois E.

Johnson, Lowell E.

Johnson, Marc

Johnson, Margaret E.

Johnson, Margaret P.

Johnson, Marlys Jean

Johnson, Maurice T.

Johnson, Mollie

Johnson, Myrtle B.

Johnson, Norma G.

Johnson, Olive S.

Johnson, Percy R.

Johnson, Rhoda E.

Johnson, Richard A.

Johnson, Richard E.

Johnson, Richard R.

Johnson, Robert O.

Johnson, Ruby A.

Johnson, Steven R.

Johnson, Sven

Johnson, Theodore G.

Johnson, Vernon A.

Johnson, Walter T.

Jorgensen, Axel A.

Jorgensen, Richard N.

Kaldahl, Clarence

Kaldahl, Jessie

Kalton, Elizabeth A. Lindell

Kalton, Emma C.

Kalton, Ferris W.

Kantrud, Diana

Karset, Ingar (?) A.

Karset, Ole M.

Kaul, Gerhardt H.

Kendall, Frank Appleton

Kendall, Martha McIlhany

Kendrick, David Hall

Kendrick, Roberta C.

Kendrick, Virginia C.

Kendrick, W. Dudley

Kenmir, Vivian C.

Kenmir, Willis G.

Kessle, Gregory Scott

Kim, Nicholas Y.

King, James D.

King, Mary Ellen

King, Thelma M.

King, twin sons

King, Vickie

Kingman, Gwen B.

Kingman, Joseph R.

Kinney, Betty P.

Kinney, Donald J.

Kinney, Millie

Kinser, Charles A.

Kinser, Melvina S.

Kirk, Lloyd H.

Kiskinen, Eino

Kiskinen, Joyce

Klein, George F.

Klein, Helen L.

Klein, Lydia C.

Klitgaard, Ida M.

Kloewer (Mackey), Janice

Klone, Phillip D.

Klone, Tamela Ann

Klumpner, Bruce A.

Klumpner, Merle E.

Knapp, Christine L.

Knott, Walter Lee

Knudsen, Terrill D.

Knutson, Carl J.

Knutson, Josephine S.

Knutson, Oscar J.

Knutson, Violet M.

Koehnen, Valerie J.

Koepke, Carl

Koepke, Lena

Koncir, Evelyn Gene

Kopen, Charles F.

Koplen, Shirley M.

Kral, Edward H.

Kral, Emilie

Kreminski, Lillian Josephine

Kucera, Adeline

Kucera, Arthur K.

Kucera, Emma P.

Kucera, Frank J.

Kucera, Ida Marie

Kucera, Richard F.

Kucera, Ruth Marie

Kurtz, Mary L.

LaBelle, Marie

LaBelle, Richard

Laketa, Nicholas R.

LaMoine, Noah David

Lampe, Gurlie Sabena

Lampe, Ludwig Johann

Lane, Chas. S.

Lane, Elmer A.

Lane, Jane L.

Lane, Orilla M.

Lankford, Lester

LaPorte, Edwin Rexford

LaPorte, Tami Jo

Lardy, Albert P.

Larson (?), Ernest J.

Larson (?), Jennie E.

Larson, ?rlif

Larson, Alice F.

Larson, Arthur J.

Larson, Bertha

Larson, Charles E.

Larson, Edward C.

Larson, Edwina H.

Larson, Elizabeth

Larson, Gurtie

Larson, Helen E.

Larson, Hilda F.

Larson, Ida B.

Larson, J. Leonard

Larson, Lena

Larson, Lillian M.

Larson, Ludvig

Larson, Robert

Larson, Robert E.

Larson, Robert H.

Larson, Rolf O.

Larson, Sophia

LaSalle, Effie A.

LaSalle, Hugh F.

Laswell, Willard K.

Layman, Hannah

Layman, Robert W.

Lebo, Mae E.

Lebo, Patricia J.

Lebo, Thomas Earl

Lee, Charles B.

Lee, Dianna Marie

Lee, Jordis D.

Lee, Mariflo Driver

Lee, Ruth


Lehman, Donna L.

Leininger, Gwendolynn E.

Leininger, Jennifer Rae

Lenarz, Joyce

Lenarz, Monte

Lewis, Nancy

Lian, Gina

Lian, Louie

Liberg, John R.

Lickfelt, Harriet J.

Lickfelt, William

Linda, Esther M.

Lindahl, George Lloyd

Lindahl, Grace McCrea

Lindbo, Mabel

Lindbo, Oscar

Linde, Ernest H.

Linde, Gustave

Linde, Gustave

Linde, Marjorie Ann

Linde, Peter

Linde, Rotilda

Link, E. Blaine

Lisell, Rodney E.

Lisle, Frances B.

Lloyd, Bertha O.

Locke, Bert

Locke, Daline

Locke, David

Logan, Adina

Logan, baby girl

Logan, Sophia

Logan, William G.

Long, Arthur

Long, Douglas F.

Long, Mabel I.

Longley, Arminda J.

Loven (?), Annie H.

Loven (?), Ole A.

Loven (?), Wallace G.

Loven, Donald Curtis

Loven, Rose

Loven, Vernon

Low, Dory

Lowert (?), W.S.

Lowrie, Raymond W.

Lowrie, Shirley J.

Lucas, Albert H.

Lucas, Lillian G.

Ludy, Glen L.

Ludy, Olive W.

Lund, Charles S.

Lund, Clarence M.

Lund, Pearl L.

Lundahl, Adry M.

Lundahl, Allida

Lundahl, Nels M.

Lyman, Myrtle A.

Lyman, Samuel B.

Lynn, Ellsworth E.

Maahs, Walter

Mace, Emma

Mace, Myrtle M.

Mace, Roy R.

Mace, Rufus J.

Mace, Velma L.

Macheledt, Francis J.

Macheledt, Marion R.

Mack, Budd Lincoln

Mack, Margaret Weymouth

Mackenzie, Delbert L.

Mackenzie, Jesse M.

Mackey, Elsie Siderius

Mackey, Jamie Frederick

Mackey, Joan Copeland

Macleod, Alice A.

MacLeod, Clyde A.

Magnette, Augustine L.

Magnette, Robert L.

Magnuson, Barbara

Magnuson, Robert

Magnuson, Terre Pivec

Magnusson, Hildur F.

Magnusson, Martin

Malm, Betty Jane

Malm, Charles

Malm, Donald Andrew

Malmquist, Arlyn Tukie

Martin, Agnes

Martin, Dwight C.

Martin, Emma P.

Martin, Jesse G.

Martin, John H.B.

Martin, Myron R.

Martin, Wayne P.

Marx, Mildred Strobeck

Masko, Mary Beth

Masterson, Robert N.W.

Mathson, Iva Joyce (Hofstrand)

Mathson, Nels Kenneth

Mattson, Sarah Ann

May, Lisa Jean

Maylone, Charlotte I. (Westom)

Maylone, Thomas J.

McClelland, Bessie

McClure, Brian K.

McCoy, Clinton Wallace

McCrea, Ida B.

McCrea, Richard N.

McCrea, Roy Richard

McCrea, Stanley

McGerr, Karin Elizabeth

McGillivray, Lucille

McGillivray, Ray

McIntyr, Clarence W.

McIntyr, Olive (?)

McIntyre, Robert T.

McKenzie, Christina W.

McKenzie, Clarence R.

McKenzie, Elaine C.

McKenzie, H. Emerson

McKenzie, H. Louise

McKenzie, Jack Henry

McKenzie, Jackie Marie

McKenzie, John H.

McKenzie, Kenneth R.

McKenzie, Leighton R.

McKenzie, Lewis J.

McKenzie, Marie Margaret

McKenzie, Mary C.

McKenzie, Myrtle L.

McKenzie, Myrtle M.

McKenzie, Ruth F.

McKenzie, Thomas R.

McLaughlin, Robt. H.

McLelland, L.E.

McNally, Clarence J.

McRae, Celecta O. “Sally”

McRae, Horace A.

Meinen, Ernest Martin

Meinen, Joan

Meinhardt, Donna Jean Hofer Hasek

Mellen, David L.

Mellen, Doris G.

Melnikova, Leya

Merry, Ardis M.

Merry, Frank E.

Mertes, James

Mertes, Ruthmary

Meuer, Hattie B.

Meurer, Walter E.

Meyer, Donald Homer

Meyer, Jean Audrey

Michener, Alice S.

Michener, H. Edward

Mickelson, Allen J.

Mickelson, Jean R.

Middlebrook, Charles R.

Midthun, Carol Mace

Midthun, Dean P.

Mikkelsen, Jean

Mikkelsen, Vern

Millar, Adelaide W.

Millar, William B.

Miller (?), Betsy C.

Miller (?), Chas. M.

Miller (?), Louise

Miller, Alona A.

Miller, Arlene V.

Miller, Betty Addy

Miller, Carl W.

Miller, Ellen

Miller, Herbert H.

Miller, Joseph W.

Miller, Lorenz H.

Miller, Pauline Ausmus

Miller, Robert August

Miller, Sylvia A.

Miller, Theodore

Miller, Virginia C.

Miller, Will Edvin

Missling, Nellene A.

Mitchell, Myron R.

Mitchell, Ruby Pavey

Mlynar, Anna

Mlynar, Bretislaw

Mlynar, Joseph

Moeller, Eva

Moeller, Robert F.

Moen (?), Gina

Moen (?), Gust

Monson, Sue Ann Coulter

Montgomery, Helen L.

Montgomery, Mary A.

Montgomery, William C.

Mooney, Francis

Moore (?), Edna L.

Moore (?), Elsie L.

Moore (?), Harold Claire

Moore (?), Ward E.

Moore, Charles G.

Moore, Grace H.

Moore, Maria C.

Moore, Marie

Moore, Robert B.

Moore, Thomas

Mortenson, Daniel G.

Mueller, Hattie G.

Mullen, Joseph J.

Mullen, Joseph J.

Mullen, Margaret E.

Nasco, Laura L.

Nash, Mary A.

Nash, Robert Fred

Natale, Viola A.

Neal, Kent E.

Nederloe, Norma G.C.

Nederloe, Ole J.

Nego, John

Neill, James F.

Neill, Mary D.

Nellins (?), Evangeline E.

Nellins (?), James S.

Nelson (?), Andrew D.

Nelson, Anna M.

Nelson, Anne

Nelson, Anton

Nelson, Augusta

Nelson, Bessie M.

Nelson, Carl

Nelson, Carl J.E.

Nelson, Catherine E.

Nelson, Catherine E.

Nelson, Charlotte M.

Nelson, Clarence A.

Nelson, Dana R.

Nelson, Dorothy E.

Nelson, Douglas V.

Nelson, Edith M.

Nelson, Edward E.

Nelson, Edythe Marie

Nelson, Elizabeth M.

Nelson, Ella R.

Nelson, Ethel

Nelson, Evelyn

Nelson, Geo. F.

Nelson, Harry W.

Nelson, Herman H.

Nelson, Ingeborg

Nelson, Jensene

Nelson, Jerry Lee

Nelson, John

Nelson, John C.

Nelson, John O.

Nelson, Judy A.

Nelson, Lucille L.

Nelson, Mabel

Nelson, Mabel Rooth

Nelson, Maria M.

Nelson, Marion Kay

Nelson, Martin

Nelson, Mary

Nelson, Mildred Joy

Nelson, Nicolai J.

Nelson, Richard Walter

Nelson, Ronald E.

Nelson, Thelma K.

Nelson, Theodore J.

Nelson, Urb

Nelson, Victor C.

Nelson, Wallace M.

Nerning, Ralph Leo

Netwal, William H.

Neururer, Margaret J.

Neururer, Robert F.

New, Barbara (Sue)

New, Keith David

Nicholson, A. Edwin

Nicholson, Ranghild

Nicol, Bruce Allen

Nieland, Mitchell B.

Nielsen, Clayton M.

Nielsen, Kaia L.

Nielsen, Lois Jean

Nielsen, Theodore M.

Nielsen, Thomas

Nienaber, Irene

Nienaber, Jack L.

Niles, George Herbert

Niles, Mary E. Bryant

Nilsen, Bertha Christine (Flotten)

Nilsen, William Olai

Nilson, Gertrude

Nilson, Harold

Noble, Burt L.

Noble, Hulda M.

Nolen, James E.

Nolen, Nina J.

Nolt, Audrey E.

Nolt, Dean D.

Nordin, Ewald

Nordquist, George L.

Nordquist, George L.

Nordquist, Helene I.

Noreen, Alma

Noreen, Clarence R.

Noreen, Emma

Noreen, Frank W.

Noreen, Harold

Noreen, Helen G.

Noreen, Howard J.

Noreen, Julie M.

Noreen, Stanley

Norell, Norma F.

Norell, Raymond P.

Noyes (?), Mary C.

Noyes, Ethel (?) Finc?

Nygren, Inga L.

Nygren, Otto E.

O’Konski, T. Robert

Oberg, Patricia

Ogin (?), Benjamin V.

Ogin (?), Eugene Benjamin

Ogin (?), Henry

Ogin (?), Mary Jane

Ogin (?), Nellie P.

Ogin, Alma M.

Ogin, Anna E.

Ogin, Daniel W.

Ogin, Daniel W.

Ogin, Emma

Ogin, Gerald E.

Ogin, Harry L.

Ogin, Loraine G.

Ogin, Mary L.

Olausen, Donald E.

Olausen, Ingrid

Olsen, Per Andrew

Olson, Alvin L.

Olson, Andrew J.

Olson, Anna M.

Olson, Anna S.

Olson, Arlyne R.

Olson, Cameron John

Olson, Clarence O.

Olson, David G.

Olson, Emil

Olson, Erick H.

Olson, Ethel M.

Olson, Helger O.

Olson, Henry W.

Olson, Irene H.

Olson, Jenny

Olson, Johanna

Olson, Julius G.

Olson, Leroy A.

Olson, Ludwig

Olson, Marit Mogstad

Olson, Martin Suhlen

Olson, Mildred V.

Olson, Shirley Joyce

Olson, Swan A.

Olson, Sylvia G.

Olson, William H.

Oppegaard, Jeanann Beth

Oritt, William R.

Osbeck, Mildred Rooth

Osborne, Lucille Hutchins

Osborne, Willis Williams

Osman, Willetta Margorie

Osman, William

Otis, Isabella Rose

Ottis (?), Catherine

Ottis (?), Robert F.C.

Overlee, Calvin E.

Overstreet, Rena M.

Ovitt, Olleva M.

Owens, James Hilliard

Owens, LaVonia McInnis

Paleen, Irene M.

Paleen, Oliver J.

Palm, Janice L.

Palm, Reuben N.

Panzer, Mary M.

Panzer, Otto E.

Parisi, Cynthia Jane

Parkhurst, Harry Day

Parks, Donald H.

Parks, Dorothy L. Dempsey

Patriece, Anton D.

Patriece, Hazel V.

Patten, Effie E.

Paukert, Edward C.

Pausch, Josef

Pausch, Mary Frances Gray

Pavey, Andrew L.

Pavey, Esther N.

Pavey, Mark A.

Pavey, Maude M.

Pavey, Minnie E.

Pavey, Ronald A.

Peaslee, Steven C.

Pedersen, Anna K.

Pedersen, Arthur B.

Pedersen, Bonnie M.

Pedersen, Carl

Pedersen, Christian

Pedersen, Elen

Pedersen, Emmy B.

Pedersen, Ingeborg

Pedersen, James E.

Pedersen, Martin B.

Pedersen, Trygve R.

Pederson, Adeline E.

Pederson, Amanda G.

Pederson, F. Gordon

Pederson, Helen

Pederson, John K.

Pederson, Marey

Pederson, Martha Pauline

Pederson, Walter

Peleaux, Hazel E.

Peleaux, Ralph M.

Penney, Harvey A.

Penney, Jennie M.

Perkins, Mazine E.

Perkins, Samuel P.

Peter, Evelyn C.

Peter, Melvin A.

Peters, Bradley F.

Peters, Harry Donald

Petersen, Alfred T.

Petersen, Clarence M.

Petersen, Dorothy M.

Petersen, Ellen E.

Petersen, George W.

Petersen, Harold G.

Petersen, Jensine K.

Petersen, Peter L.

Petersen, Sophia A.

Petersen, Thorwald

Petersen, Walter V.

Peterson (?), Anna H.

Peterson (?), Julia M.

Peterson (?), Peter C.

Peterson, Alan N.

Peterson, Alden (Pete)

Peterson, C. David

Peterson, Clarence

Peterson, Elmer N.

Peterson, Eugene F.

Peterson, Frances A.

Peterson, Irene P.

Peterson, Louise J.

Peterson, Olga

Peterson, Pearl M.

Peterson, Queen V.

Peterson, Richard J.

Petrach, Donald P.

Petre, Margaret B.

Petrich, Michael

Petron, Darlene M.

Petron, George P.

Pettijohn, Ethel A.

Pettijohn, Lawrence W.

Pettijohn, Nellie C.

Pettijohn, Theodore F.

Phillips, ?

Phillips, Abigal

Phillips, Arthur E.

Phillips, Cecelia A.

Phillips, Clinton W.

Phillips, Everett A.

Phillips, Freda O.

Phillips, George C.

Phillips, Lillian H.

Phillips, Newman M.

Phillips, Robert Allen

Pierce, Frank

Pierce, Ida H.

Pierre, Herve

Pittsle, Roy

Plympton, Lily Bryant

Plympton, Mary Elizabeth

Plzak, Albert James

Porte, Harold A.

Porte, Harold E.

Porte, Helen M.

Porte, S. Margaret

Prescott, Edward J.

Prescott, Wanda D.

Preston, Ruby E.

Preston, William A.

Price, Donald E.

Probelski, Dorothy E.

Probelski, Philip J.

Quam, Albert

Quam, baby Esther

Quam, Elmer

Quam, Ernest

Quam, George

Quam, Jane

Quam, John

Quam, Kathryn G.

Quam, Margaret

Quam, Mary

Quam, Theresa

Rahlen ?, daughter and son

Rahlen, Joyce Mae

Ramsey, Mary Lou

Rankin, Gladys M.

Rankin, Howard

Rapp, Clyde B.

Rapp, Emma B.

Rapp, Shirley M.

Rasmussen, Anna

Rasmussen, Carey Ann

Rasmussen, Claus

Rasmussen, Helen L. Munson

Rasmussen, Victoria D.

Rath, Andrew

Rath, Andrew J.

Rath, Anna M.

Rath, Christine

Raymond, Charles F.

Reberg, Edward S.

Reberg, Elizabeth E.

Reed, Mary Jane

Reger, Mary Becker

Reid (?), Francis (?)

Reid, Charles A.

Reinert, Florence L.

Reynolds, Mary A.

Richardson, Clark, Sheryl L. and her unborn son

Richardson, D. Thomas

Richardson, Donald L.

Richardson, Eloise Long

Rick, Robert Joseph

Rick, Sylvia Josephine

Ringsrud, Alfred James

Risser, Charles R.

Risser, Eva McConaughey

Risser, Henry Arthur

Risser, Katherine

Risser, Mary Hansen

Risser, Richard A.

Robbins, Barbara J.

Robbins, Donald M.

Robbins, Franklin E.

Robbins, Franklin E.

Robbins, Hugh Edward

Robbins, Luella W.

Robbins, Vivian Pierce

Roberts, Annie E.

Roberts, Frank H.

Roberts, Howard LeRoy

Roberts, Luella H.

Roberts, Steven John

Robertson, Helen A.

Robinson (?), A.B.

Robinson (?), Celest E.

Robinson, Clay Everett

Robinson, Elizabeth Irene

Robinson, Rian Lee

Rockswold, David

Rogers, Barbara Jean (Tuthill)

Rogers, Gerald Eugene

Rogers, Timothy G.

Rohlfing, Fredrick

Rohlfing, Minnie

Rohlfing, Wilmina

Ronbeck, Joan L.

Ronbeck, John S.

Rooth (?), Father

Rooth (?), George

Rooth (?), Mamie

Rooth (?), Mother

Rosenow, Lillian M.

Rosenow, Walter F.

Ross, Joan L.

Rottier, Marie

Rowland, David R.

Runez, Annette E.

Running, Arnold

Running, Donald

Running, Dorothy

Ruohoniemi, Anna

Russell, Colton F.

Rutherford, Asa W.

Rutherford, Clarence A.

Rutherford, Dorthea M.

Rutherford, Jennie T.

Rutledge, Edward D.

Rutledge, Mathilda O.

Sackriaon, Ellen

Sackrison, Axel

Sackrison, Charles G.

Sackrison, Elizabeth A.

Sackrison, Ellen

Sackrison, Henry

Sackrison, Irene M.

Sackrison, Lena

Sackrison, Patricia

Sackrison, Roy M.

Sackrison, Vivian D.

Sackrison, Wilbur D.

Sackrison, Wilbur E.

Sadilek, F. James

Sahlstrom, David Carl

Saleme, Eileen G.

Saline, Elen

Saline, Peter

Samuelson, C. Luther

Samuelson, Lily E.

Samuelson, Rodney L.

Sanderson, Vivian I.

Sandin, Irene Homola

Schack (?), Christine

Schack, MB

Schelin, Charles

Schelin, Shirley

Schendel, Mary H.

Schendel, Otis R.

Schier, Martha K.

Schiltz, Ione O.

Schmucker, Gertrude K.

Schmucker, William R.

Schoell, Joyce M.

Schoell, William D.

Schonebaum, Florence

Schonebaum, Theodore H.

Schultz, Ethel M.

Schultz, Henry F.

Schultz, Joseph Henry

Schultz, Julianne

Schultz, Robert D.

Schuster, Edna V.

Scott, Alexander

Scott, Barbara

Scott, John C.

Selleck, Helen L. Quam

Sesler, Ruth Ewart

Seward, Margaret

Seward, Olaf

Shadler, Jimmy A.

Shaver, Sarah C.

Shaw, Charles A.

Shaw, Orvetta B.

Sheehey, Patricia Penn

Shenk, David W.

Shenk, Zella M.

Sherf, Clara

Sherf, Lloyd

Shimp, William A.

Shin, Maria Kim

Shoemaker, Curtis J.

Shoemaker, John

Shoemaker, Marian E.

Shoemaker, Steven

Shoemaker, Susan

Shook, Elizabeth W.

Shook, Elsie M.

Shook, Elza H.

Shuck, Auburn M.

Shuck, Walborg A.

Sieren, Robert W.

Simons, Justain Edward

Simons, Katherine Bird

Sjordal, Grace

Sjordal, James

Skifstad, Beth E.

Skold, Sara Margaret

Smith, Albert A.

Smith, Don

Smith, Doris S.

Smith, Earl W.

Smith, Ellen I.

Smith, Everett

Smith, Frieda L.

Smith, G. Eugene

Smith, Harold A.

Smith, James H.

Smith, Lester Warren

Smith, M. Joy Bacon

Smith, Myrtle

Smith, Nellie E.

Soelberg, Carlton

Soltis, Elmer P.

Sonderup, Verna C.

Sonderup, Walter E.

Sopko, Dorothy V.

Sopko, Lewis M.

Sopko, Mark G.

Sorenson, James

Sorenson, Olga D.

Spitzner, Ernest

Spranger, Peter J.

Sprengeler, Donald A.

Stakke, Christie

Starch, Francis A.

Starch, John August

Starch, Mary A.

Stark, Harry D.

Stark, Myrtle M.

Staska, Diana Beth

Steging, Carl M.

Steging, Joel E.

Steging, Paula E.

Steiner, Alfred S.

Steiner, Bernice K.

Stendahl, Reynold

Stendahl, Wilma

Stern, Steven

Stern, Viola

Stevens, Frederick

Stewart, Emma G.

Stewart, Esther

Stewart, Ida W.

Stewart, Lillian L.

Stewart, Samuel C.

Stoa, Clifford E.

Stoa, Elba Buhn

Stodola, Donald

Stodola, Edward W.

Stodola, Hezel M.

Stodola, Lorraine M.

Stoenman, Harrison K.

Stoltenow, Alma F.

Stoltenow, Benjamin W.

Stoltenow, Myron E.

Stoneman, Hazel B.

Strachota, Ellen P.

Strobech, August (?)

Strobech, Nels (?)

Strobeck, Adolf

Strobeck, Ellis M.

Strobeck, Frank E.

Strobeck, Helen

Strobeck, Oscar E.

Strobeck, Sina

Strobeck, William

Stubbs, Edward P.

Stubbs, Phyllis

Sulciner, Aurel

Sulciner, Rachel

Swanson, Andrew N.

Swanson, Dean M.

Swanson, Donald Gunnar

Swanson, Edwin W.

Swanson, Ethel B.

Swanson, Ethel L.

Swanson, Gunnar E.

Swanson, Mayme Q.

Swanson, Patricia F.

Swanson, Selma E.

Sweet, Anna M.

Sweet, William I.

Swenson, David L.

Swenson, J. Edward

Swenson, Rose M.

Tambornino, Katherine L.

Tambornino, Robert A.

Tate, Betty J.

Tate, Cynthia J.

Tate, Freeman J.

Taylor, Doris C.

Taylor, Everett A.

Taylor, Grace D.

Taylor, Jane E.

Taylor, Jesse

Taylor, Lena M.

Tedholm, Florence McCrea

Tedholm, Oscar E.

Tendall, Orville

Tendall, Violet

Thimsen, Donald J.

Thimsen, Donald James

Thimsen, Ingrid N.

Thimsen, Ruth H.

Thimsen, Seymour M.

Thimsen, Seymour M.

Thomas, Carl E.

Thomas, Ellis L.

Thomas, Leona H.

Thomas, Margaret V.

Thompson (?), Barbara Jean

Thompson (?), Bertha L.

Thompson (?), Louise C.

Thompson (?), Theodore A.

Thompson, Theodore S.

Timm, Ervin L.

Timm, Mabel E.

Timmers, Francis

Timmers, Patricia

Tjornhom, David A.

Tonsager, Doris J.

Tonsager, James P.

Tretbaugh, Leonard W.

Tretbaugh, Mary E.

Tromanhauser, Vera M. Pavey

Truax, Alicia Lynn

Tucker, Helen W.

Tully, John William

Turk, Bertha

Turk, Gladys A.

Turk, William

Turner, Andrew L.

Turner, Edna M.

Turner, James D.

Tuthill, Helen Sylvia

Tweed, Ellen S.

Tweed, Selmer C.

Twiford, Esther M.

Twiford, Floyd N.

Urke, Patti Ann

Vandevner, Emma E.

Vanek, Ellen

Vanek, Mel

Vanek, Terri L.

VanHercke, Thomas James

VanWyk, Barend J.

Vanzo (?), Fred

Verba, Rose

VonEdeskuty, Joan C.

VonEdeskuty, Robert O.

Wagner, Lulu B.

Wagner, William H.

Wahl, Edward

Wahl, Edwin F.

Wahl, Elsie V.

Wallace, Miriam M.

Walton, Charles

Walton, Dessie Lou

Walton, Paul S.

Walton, Sarah

Wandscher, Dorothy

Wandscher, John

Warmdahl, Roy Edwin

Waterhouse, Susan Lyn

Waters (?), Carrie

Waters (?), Silas

Watson, David B.

Weatherwax, Charles N.

Weatherwax, Isabel F.

Wedan, James “Roy”

Wedan, Sylvia B.

Wegener, Jennie M.

Wegener, Louis A.

Wells, Lucille (Fredericksen)

Wendling, ?yla L.

Wendling, Floyd L.

Wessman, Bernice E.

Westerlund, Francine L.

Westerlund, Joyce E.

Westfall, Henry Ricahrd

Westfall, John James

Westin, Frida S.

Westmark, Anna

Westmark, Carl

Westmark, Harold P.

Westmark, Mildred I.

Whipple (?), Beth

Whipple, baby

Whipple, Bertha A.E.

Whipple, Bill

Whipple, Geo.

Whipple, Mary (?)

Whipple, Pat

Whipple, Vadelma Bryant

Whitby, Kenneth

Wier, Erin Colleen

Wikholm, John A.

Wikholm, Selma C.

Wilde, Charles J.

Wilde, Irma L.

Wilds, Berdine

Wilds, Melvin


Williams, Diane L.

Williams, Elizabeth A.

Williams, Evan B.

Williams, Ezra

Williams, Lon

Wilmo, Lois K.

Wilmo, Warren S.

Wilson, Elmer M.

Wilson, Hazel M.

Wilson, Patricia

Wilson, Richard

Wiltsey, Donald E.

Wiltsey, Elsa I.H.

Winje, Marian J.

Winter, Laurie M.

Winter, Paula M.

Wirtz, Irene (Vegh)

Wirtz, Walter W.

Wiser, Everette

Wiser, Laurel D.

Wiser, Lee O.

Wiser, Rose T.

Wold, William L.

Wolfe, Lee D.

Wolfe, Paul R.

Wolff, Timothy

Woodrow, Beverly G.

Woodrow, Orval L.

Woodrow, Terrance P.

Wright, Amelia

Wright, Betty J.

Wright, David Edwards

Wright, Donald W.

Wright, Erma C.

Wright, Glenn

Wright, Laura

Wright, Morley

Wright, Wilbur G.

Wurm, baby boy

Wyatt, Isaac H.

Wyatt, Julia N.

Yi, Jong Hui Ku

Zabrocki, Courtney Joy

Zahalka, Anna

Zahalka, John

Zahalka, John

Zahalka, Joseph

Zdrazil, Edward

Zdrazil, Rose

Zimmerman, Frederick A.

Zimmermann, ?ale L.

Zimmermann, Gerald E.

Zschocher, Elsie W.

Zschocher, Heinz A.

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