Grandview Park Cemetery

6901 Maloney Avenue, Edina, MN


The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Hennepin County, Minnesota – Edina and Richfield,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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City of Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota:  T117N – R21W, Section 30


Grandview Park Cemetery is maintained on a regular basis and is in good shape.  The cemetery grounds are split into two areas with a private home situated in between the two areas.  Grandview Park Cemetery is a nondenominational Cemetery.  Its website states it has been providing service to the community since 1866. 


This cemeteries burial monument information was transcribed during the summer of 2010.


Copyright © Debbie Boe 2010



? X 3228

?, Maurice R.

Aarstad, Andrew A.

Aarstad, Marit

Abbott, Donald R.

Aberle, Kenneth Eugene

Aberle, Melba Ellen

Addison, William

Adkinson, Samuel C.

Adkinson, Velma L.

Ahrens, Christian H.

Ahrens, Clarence

Ahrens, Martha R.

Ahrens, Martin C.

Ahrens, Susan

Ahrens, Sylvia

Ahrens, Victor

Akerson, Marjorie

Akerson, Walter R.

Alberg, Albin O.

Alberg, Martha A.

Albert, Donald J.

Albert, Melba F.

Aldritt, Alfred L.

Aldritt, Helen K.

Alford, Lillian

Allerton, Ann

Allerton, Horace

Alsaker, Carl D.

Alvig, Alfred M.

Alvig, Viva O.

Ames, Earl Edwin

Ames, Evelyn E.

Ames, Myrtle A.

Ammend, Steven L.

Ammend, Toni R.

Anders, Arnold Armund

Anders, Arnold E.

Anders, Irene D.

Andersen, Adolf

Andersen, Andrew J.

Andersen, Elise

Andersen, Elizabeth

Andersen, Karen

Andersen, Martin C.

Andersen, Nels

Andersen, Rasmus

Anderson (?), Ashton Faye

Anderson (?), August T.

Anderson (?), Bertha

Anderson (?), Carrie

Anderson (?), Charles

Anderson (?), Charles L.

Anderson (?), Charles O.

Anderson (?), Edward

Anderson (?), Ella

Anderson (?), Ella M.

Anderson (?), Emma L.

Anderson (?), George E.

Anderson (?), Lilah

Anderson (?), Mildred

Anderson (?), mother ?

Anderson (?), Othelia

Anderson (?), Raundina

Anderson (?), Raymond A.

Anderson (?), Ruth A.

Anderson (?), Ruth S.

Anderson (?), Sigrid

Anderson (?), Solveig

Anderson (?), Sophie

Anderson (?), William B.

Anderson, Agnes M.

Anderson, Albert O.

Anderson, Alice M.

Anderson, Alma L.

Anderson, Andreas E.

Anderson, Anna M.

Anderson, Anna Mary

Anderson, Arthur C.

Anderson, Arthur C.

Anderson, Arthur W.

Anderson, August

Anderson, August J.

Anderson, Avis M.

Anderson, Byron Edgar

Anderson, C. Emil

Anderson, C. June

Anderson, Carl

Anderson, Carl A.

Anderson, David E.

Anderson, David John

Anderson, David K.

Anderson, Delbert E.

Anderson, Derek A.

Anderson, Donald C.

Anderson, Donald S.

Anderson, Doris Jean

Anderson, E. Helen

Anderson, Earl M.

Anderson, Edwin

Anderson, Elaine A.

Anderson, Elizabeth M.

Anderson, Emma L.

Anderson, Eskil E.

Anderson, Evelyn M.

Anderson, Francis L.

Anderson, Frank M.

Anderson, George W.

Anderson, Hugo W.

Anderson, Jean

Anderson, Jennie

Anderson, Jennie L.

Anderson, John L.

Anderson, Joseph A.

Anderson, Judith J.

Anderson, Kenneth E.

Anderson, Laun E.

Anderson, Lawrence T.

Anderson, Lillian B.

Anderson, Lloyd B.

Anderson, Lona Ella

Anderson, Louisa

Anderson, Lulu W.

Anderson, Lyle A.

Anderson, Marian M.

Anderson, Marie T.

Anderson, Mary

Anderson, Melpha C.

Anderson, Myrna S.

Anderson, Myrtle C.

Anderson, Orville Silas

Anderson, Oscar A.

Anderson, Petrine

Anderson, Richard J.

Anderson, Rose L.

Anderson, Russel

Anderson, Ruth V.

Anderson, William A.

Anderson, William R.

Andrews, Dorothy Jean

Ankney, Dawn Michelle

Antil, Catherine L.

Antil, Edward C.

Arlt, Dolores

Arlt, Kenneth

Armstrong, Sylvia I.

Armstrong, Vern J.

Arndt, Bessie

Arndt, Chase M.

Arndt, Perlie I.

Arndt, Sally Jane

Arness, Anna

Arnold, Marlys

Arnott, E. Bernard

Arnott, Florence L.

Arnott, Harold A.

Arnott, Mary W.

Aronson, Agnes L.

Aronson, Earl W.

Arthur, Nellie H.

Asplund, Charles

Asplund, Esther O.

Asplund, Lovisa

Asplund, Mabel O.

Asplund, Matilda

Asplund, Miken

Asplund, Theodore A.

Aubrecht, Bertha O.

Aubrecht, Helen C.

Aubrecht, Joseph F.

Aubrecht, Joseph F.

Aubrecht, William W.

Augustin, Viola

Augustin, Waldorf F.

Austin, Beata

Austin, Elizabeth

Austin, John

Austin, John

Averill, Leslie

Averill, Velma

Axel, Evelyn I.

Axel, Frederick C.

Bacik, Betty J.

Baehner, Ernst E.

Baehner, Irene C.

Baird, Albert J.

Baird, Bertha C.

Baird, Myrtle E.

Baird, Tina May Ross

Baisten, William

Bakeberg, Erena E.

Bakeberg, Gilbert F.

Baker, Dorothy L.

Baker, Elmer F.

Baker, Leon J.

Baker, Neva L.

Baker, Wayne D.

Bakke, Clarence E.

Bakke, Evelyn E.

Bakke, Irene L.

Bakke, Warren Frank

Balch, Daniel R.

Balck, Roger A.

Bale, Doris I.

Bale, Norman H.

Balts, Carrie M.

Balts, Robert H.

Bang, Halvor

Bang, Myrtle C.

Barker, Geraldine E.

Barker, Richard G.

Barlau (?), Emil

Barlau, Alfred

Barlau, Dennis W.

Barlau, Ervin C.

Barlau, Mildred R.

Barlau, Otto J.

Barlau, Patricia A.

Barlau, Ruby E.

Barnes, Claire

Barnes, Frank M.

Barnes, Mary V.

Bartels, Henry A.

Bartels, Martha A.

Bartholome, Terry E.

Bartlett, Bernice James

Barton, Olive L.

Bassett, Lizzie

Bassie, Phyllis A.

Bassie, Uvanka N.

Bassler, Carl

Bastendorf, Harry H.

Bastendorf, M. Loretta

Bastyr, Albert

Bastyr, Albert E.

Bastyr, Anna C.

Bastyr, Dale

Bastyr, Leonard

Bastyr, Mary S.

Bastyr, Raymond A.

Bastyr, Rosemary E.

Bates, baby boy

Bates, John Thomas

Baudendistle, Blanche

Baudendistle, John

Beaudreau, Earl E.

Beck, Eleanor

Beck, Elfrieda

Beck, Katherine E.

Beck, Virgil (Skie)

Beckman Jo, Hester

Beckman, Charles R.

Beckman, Florence P.

Beckman, Florence R.

Beckman, G.A.

Beckman, Grandma

Beckman, Mae C.

Beckman, Otto R.

Beckman, Richard J.

Beckman, Sophia A.

Beckman, Stuart E.

Bednar, Della Johnson

Beebe, Cora P.

Beebe, Thomas C.

Behnken, Katlynn Marie

Behringer, Joan Patricia

Behringer, Pearl

Behrns, Charles

Behrns, Nellie L.

Behun, Mildred M.

Behun, William W.

Beighlie, Shirley A.

Bell, Pamela Ann

Belland, Virginia

Beltz, Marilyn J.

Bennett, Charles T.

Bennett, Inez L.

Bennett, Minnie

Bennis, Charla A.

Bennis, Charles R.

Bennis, Majel S.

Bennis, William J.

Benson, Anna M.

Benson, Anna W.

Benson, Edith F.

Benson, Edna V.

Benson, Elmer R.

Benson, Erick F.

Benson, Evelyn J.

Benson, George M.

Benson, Warren M.

Benson, William J.

Bentley, Leo J.

Bentley, Mary A.

Berg, Irene Mima

Berg, Leon Melvin

Berg, Leroy H.

Berg, Leroy H.

Bergan, Marianne

Bergan, Robert

Berge, Amos P.

Berge, Helen W.

Berglund, Alfred J.

Berglund, Anselm

Berglund, Helena S.

Berglund, Sofia

Bergmann, Gilbert J.

Bergmann, Ruth B.

Bergstrom, Douglas

Bergstrom, Elouise

Bergstrom, Leroy

Bergstrom, Marion

Berlin, Agnes E.

Berlin, Andrew N.

Berlin, Arthur C.

Berlin, Charlotte L.

Berlin, Ida H.

Berlin, Ida H.

Berlin, Virginia G.

Bernard, Gregory W.

Berndt, Olive

Berry, Edward G.

Bersie, Elsie M.

Bersie, Mervin K.

Bettchart, Ernest

Bettschart, Johanna

Bettschart, Julian

Bettschart, Leone

Bettschart, Wendolin

Bettschart, Wendolin

Beversdorf, Francis S.

Beversdorf, Lorraine I.

Bevins, Elliott

Bielke, Bernice H.

Bierbaum, Cora O.

Bierbaum, Leonard J.

Biltz, Bertha J.

Binh, Khong Tu

Binning, Cecilia F.

Binning, Kenneth P.

Binning, Ronald K.

Birch, Amelia

Birch, C. Sherman

Bird, James Perry

Bird, Robert John

Bishop, Allen C.

Bishop, Bud

Bishop, Virginia

Bjorklund, Corrine S.

Bjorklund, Leonard T.

Bjorklund, Selma

Bjorkman, Fred J.

Bjorkman, Lydia

Bjurstrom, Anna

Blackford, Rollin

Blanchard, Alice M. Berg

Blanchard, Benjamin A.

Blanchard, Donald John

Blanchard, Donald Paul

Blanchard, Esther Florence

Blanchard, Hurley A.

Blanchard, Ida Caroline

Blanchard, Marybelle E.

Blandin, Calla

Blandin, Rolland M.

Bleecher, William W.

Bliese, Alex

Bliese, Amanda

Bliksted, H. Peter

Block, Albert O.

Block, Bertha A.

Block, Ella B.

Block, Robert F.

Blomquist (?), Charles

Blomquist (?), Gust Theodor

Blomquist (?), Nancy J.

Blomquist, Clinton

Blomquist, Vivian

Blood, Edward B.

Blood, Mary Ann

Bloomquist, Elaine B. McCoy

Blunt, Leroy E.

Blunt, Marcella A.

Bock, Arthur L.

Bock, George

Bock, Josephine

Bocko, George

Bocko, Susie

Bodin, Margaret

Bodin, Theodore

Boese, Ernest L.

Boese, Gertrude E.

Bohach, Gladys

Bohach, Joseph

Bohach, Mary

Bohach, Richard

Bohm (?), Louis J.

Bohm (?), Minna C.

Boik, Bernard W.

Boileau, Floyd P.

Bolin, Mary N.

Borey, Adele G.

Borey, John R.

Borgen, Melanie Joy

Borgmann, Adelaide A.

Borgmann, Elmer H.

Borm, Carol L.

Born, Frank

Bottenfield, Carl W.

Bottenfield, Mary L.

Bowder, Myrtle M.

Bowman, Betty L.

Bowman, Claude B.

Bowman, Claude C.

Bowman, Eva I.

Bowyer, Henry

Bowyer, Mabel

Boyan, Evelyn S.

Boyan, Lee

Boyce, Daniel Jose

Boytim, Edward

Boytim, Mathilda

Boyum, Danny Lee

Boyum, Dawn Louise

Bradley, Emma C.

Brandt, Della

Brandt, Martin J.

Brannan, Susan Therese

Bratager, Elsie

Bratager, Walter

Bratrsofsky (?), Anna

Bratrsofsky (?), Joseph V.

Bratrsofsky (?), Vincent

Brecka, Helen M.

Brecka, James

Brehmer, Alvin F.

Brehmer, Dorothea H.

Bren, Josef

Bren, Margaret A.

Bren, Theodore J.

Brenna, Catherine Mary

Brennan, Hannah

Bridell, Donald Henry

Bridell, Jane Arlene

Briffault, Suzanne A.

Brink, Alvin E.

Brink, Arnold E.

Brink, Darlene M.

Brinkhaus, Eldora R.

Briones, Beinvenido Reynoso

Briones, Lavita J. Aubrey

Bristle, Carolina

Bristle, Harvey J.

Bristle, Jacob

Brittain, Anna V.

Brittain, Barbara A.

Brittain, Earl H.

Brittain, Earl H.

Brix, Clara L.

Broberg, Darlene K.

Broberg, Margy

Brochu, Donald A.

Brochu, Eugene E.

Brochu, Gertrude E.

Brock, Florence

Brokl, Chester F.

Brokl, Godfrey

Brokl, Hazel M.

Brokl, Rachel Parker

Bromley, K.R. “Kenny”

Bromley, Madelyn Hall

Brooks, A.E.

Brooks, John N.

Brooks, Judith A.

Brostrom, Hjalmar J.

Brostrom, Olga Sofie

Brown, Elmer S.

Brown, Elsie L.

Brown, Helen R.

Brown, Hulda A.

Brown, Marie D.

Brown, Morris

Brown, Pearl I.

Brown, Rose

Brown, Sidney R.

Brown, Wallace A.

Brown, William F.

Broz (?), Albert

Broz (?), Anna

Broz, Agnes D.

Broz, Edward D.

Broz, Frank A.

Brunes, Leonard P.

Brunes, Lester J.

Brunes, Muriel V.

Bryan, Edwin F.

Bryant, Lucille C.

Bryant, Newell D.

Buck, Faye E.

Buck, Gladys A.

Buck, Lucille A.

Buck, Paul H.

Buck, Susan

Buerosse, Ardythe R.

Burda, Albert Louis

Burgess, William G.

Burgett, Orion Marcus

Burkee, Echo V.

Burkee, Elmer O.

Burnes, Dorothy

Burnes, Dorothy B.

Burnes, George

Burrell, Beatrice

Bursch, Arnold

Bursch, Mabel

Bursh, Douglas W.

Bursh, Harlan G.

Bursh, Muriel A.

Burton, Earl F.

Burton, Emma L.

Burton, Gustaf F.

Burton, Iris L.

Burton, Jon L.

Burton, Judith E.

Burton, Laura E.

Burton, Richard E.

Burton, Robert L.

Burton, Thomas R.

Bush, Bob L.

Bush, Jeannie D.

Buss, Grace Marie

Busse, Elna D.

Busse, Gertrude E.

Busse, W.A.

Busse, Wilbert F.

Buys, Beth Ellen

Bye, Elizabeth

Bye, Lee

Bye, Loren

Bye, O.P.

Bye, Olaf M.

Bye, Olga I.

Byers, Jessie C.

Byers, Roy W.

Cadwell, Monica M.

Calvin, Anna J.

Camelon, Juanita I.

Camp, Juanita I.

Cantazaro, Myrtle A.

Carabaza, Lita

Carignan, Edward C.

Carisch, Caroline

Carlson, Adolph G.

Carlson, Alfred

Carlson, Alma E.

Carlson, Alphonse

Carlson, Anna G.

Carlson, Anna J.

Carlson, Astrid

Carlson, Axel

Carlson, Axel W.

Carlson, Barbara J.

Carlson, Bertie L.

Carlson, Betty E.

Carlson, Carl E.

Carlson, Carl Magnus

Carlson, Charles M.F.

Carlson, Clarence T.

Carlson, Elof G.

Carlson, Elvi L.

Carlson, Elvira M.

Carlson, Gary C.

Carlson, Gary Ray

Carlson, Harrie C.

Carlson, Ida C.

Carlson, J. Albin

Carlson, John A.

Carlson, June C.

Carlson, Katherine Forsman

Carlson, Katherine M.

Carlson, Laverne R.

Carlson, Meredith

Carlson, Mildred M.

Carlson, Nels G.

Carlson, Oscar N.

Carlson, Ray C.

Carlson, Robert V.

Carlson, Roy E.

Carlson, Ruby C.

Carlson, Sylvia G.

Carlson, Theodore W.

Carlson, Vernon C.

Carlson, Viola E.

Carlson, Waldemar Matthias

Carlson, Wilford A.

Carlson, Wilma E.

Carney, Martha

Carney, William J.

Caroline, Flora M.

Caroline, Patrick J.

Carroll, Betty W.

Carroll, James R.

Carroll, John Allan

Carroll, Timothy Paul

Carter, Thomas

Casanova, J.J.

Cathers, James

Cathers, Maude S.

Cathers, Minnie

Caton, Elsie C.

Caton, Harlan M.

Cecka (?), Joseph A.

Cermak, Lad A.

Cermak, Ladislav

Cermak, Marie A.

Cermak, Mary Ann

Ceryes, John A.

Ceryes, Vivian

Chelberg, Arthur R.

Chelberg, Charles A.

Chelberg, Clarence E.

Chelberg, Frances T.

Chelberg, Josephine

Chelberg, Margaret M.

Chermak, Joseph R.

Chermak, Lois I.

Cherrier, Rolland H.

Chevalier, Alvin Louis

Chevalier, Marjorie M.

Chevalier, Vincent A.

Chevalier, Wayne A.

Chmel, Agnes K.

Chmel, James A.

Christensen, Nels J.

Christiansen, Anna

Christiansen, Betty I.

Christiansen, Christ

Christinasen, Axel C.

Christopherson, Donald V.

Christopherson, Mildred J.

Christopherson, Percy I.

Christy, Bruce A.

Christy, Marion

Christy, Violet E.

Ciskovsky, Dorothy

Ciskovsky, Frank

Ciskovsky, Frank J.

Ciskovsky, Otilie

Cizkovsky, Anna C.

Cizkovsky, Josef C.

Clarin, Doris M.

Clark, Gale D.

Clark, Garnet L.

Clark, Phyllis R.

Clark, Rella Hill

Clausen, Jens M.

Clausen, Kirstine M.

Clausen, Lauritz N.

Clear, Don R.

Clear, Karen Rose

Clear, Pearl F.

Clough, Elsie

Clough, William

Clow, Donald Ray

Clow, Gladys G.

Clow, Lorin D.

Clow, Patricia Ann

Cochran, John W.

Cody, Lawrence

Cohrs, Frances

Cohrs, Henriette

Cohrs, Herbert

Colburn, Evertt

Colgrove, Margaret

Colvin, Bernice M.

Colvin, Clifford

Colvin, Donald L.

Colvin, Emma W.

Colvin, Kenneth Scott

Combs, Freeman R.

Combs, Harold

Combs, Olga

Condon, George H.

Condon, Stella A.

Connolly, John H.

Connolly, Mae S.

Connolly, Orlin J.

Connor, Kathleen

Conover-Wilson, Rita F.

Conway, Frank L.

Conway, Olive M.

Coolbroth, James E.

Coolbroth, James E.

Coolbroth, mabel E.

Cooper, Betty S.

Coppins, Donald

Coppins, Margaret

Cordes, Arthur H.

Cordes, Lillian

Corey, Patricia Ann

Corniea, Alfred J.

Corniea, Anthony C.

Corniea, Ardena V.

Corniea, Clara D.

Corniea, Donald H.

Corniea, Harold H.

Corniea, Violet G.

Coulter, John G.

Coulter, Luella M.

Coyer, Bessie

Crable, Scotty

Craner, Edmond T.

Criner, Amy Ann

Crockett, Frank W.

Crockett, Gertrude

Crosby, Lorraine

Crosby, Loyd M.

Crosby, Oscar W.

Crosby, Pauline

Crosby, William C.

Culshaw, Lori Jo

Curlice, Adeline A.

Curtis, Wesley E.

Curtiss, Frances C.

Curtiss, Paul K.

Czebaniuk, Wasily

Dagen, Geraldine D.

Dagen, Lamoure A.

Dahl, Clara M.

Dahl, Eugene P.

Dahl, Henry

Dahlberg, Dorraine V.

Dahlberg, Earl A.

Dahlberg, Harold G.

Dahlberg, Lillian D.

Dahlberg, Vivian C.

Dahlin, Anna

Dahlin, Joel

Dahlin, Olof N.

Dale, John L.

Dallman, Beatrice

Dallman, Laurence

Damrow, Emma

Damschen, Dona J.

Damschen, Emery L.

Damschen, Emma N.

Damschen, John H.

Danek, Fannie

Danielson, Cecilia M.

Danielson, Charles V.

Danielson, Denny

Danielson, Floyd K.

Danielson, Helene M.

Danielson, Ida K.

Danielson, John W.

Danz, Catherine M.

Danz, Harry L.

Dauwalter, Ethel M.

Daveluy, Germaine

Daveluy, Robert F.

Davenport, twin boys

Davidge, Betty L.

Davidge, Edward C.

Davidson, Betty J.

Davidson, Irene C.

Davidson, Paul Jason

Davis, Katherine

Davis, Lester

Day, Carrie J.

Day, Eugene D.

Dean, George L.

Decker, Braman Clark

DeFore, Benjamin H.

DeFore, Helen M.

DeFore, William H.

Delaney, Fern D.

DeLong, Maurice R.

DeMola, Loret

DeMola, Loret

DeMuth, Hazel Bell

DeMuth, John August

DeMuth, Marilyn J.

DeMuth, Steven W.

DeMuth, William J.

Denison, Lloyd E.

Denison, Phoebe M.

Dennis (?), Anna

Dennis (?), Michael J.

Denson, Frieda M.

Denson, Malvie A.

Devitt, Basil B.

Devitt, Edna

Devitt, Katherine Jo

Devore, L. Earl

Devore, Lillie B.

Dibble, Carl E.

Dibble, Kenneth C.

Dibble, Mae

Dickhoff, Christine L.

Dickhoff, Elle F.

Dickhoff, Henry F.

Dickoff, Edward A.

Dickson, Florence

Dieterich, Dorothy Moe

Dieterich, Jeffrey P.

Dieterich, Ralph L.

Dittmer, Phyllis J.

Dlask, Charles

Dlask, Clara

Dodge, Constance

Dodge, Ernest T.

Dodge, Ruby L.

Dolan, Mary A.

Dominick, Donald W.

Dominick, Ellen

Dominick, Frank J.

Dominick, Henry W.

Dominick, Leon E.

Dominick, Louise P.

Dominick, Mattie S.

Dominick, Philip F.

Donaghue, Jodi Michele

Donahue, Vincent G.

Donovan, Howard

Donovan, Lucille

Douglas, Harry C.

Douglas, Lucille T.

Douthitt, Elizabeth C.

Douthitt, James

Douthitt, Otis B.

Dow (?), Hazel M.

Dow (?), Llewellyn A.

Dow, Alice S.

Dow, Alvin A.

Dow, Belinda M.

Dow, Daniel E.

Dow, Lilla M.

Dow, Llewellyn E.

Downing, Grace Hembre

Downs, Clara A.

Downs, Oscar E.

Doyle, Steven T.

Draeger, Meta M.

Draxton, Marian L.

Draxton, Terrill A.

Drayn, Daniel J.

Drayn, Katherine J.

Drebenstedt, Helmer

Drebenstedt, Virginia

Dreyer, Elizabeth F.

Droen, Gertrude E.

Droen, Maurice A.

Duckert, Jean M.

Duncan (?), Danny

Duncan (?), Merle H.

Duncan (?), Wilhelmina

Duncan, Betty M.

Duncan, Robert F.

Dunn, Nany J.

Dunphy, Sara Ellen

Dvorak, Charles J.

Dvorak, Dorothy

Dvorak, Elizabeth A.

Dvorak, Frank H.

Dvorak, John

Dvorak, Josephine A.

Dvorak, Katherine

Dvorak, Leonard L.

Dvorak, Ralph B.

Dysart, Elsie M.

Dysart, Lloyd L.

Eagen, Duane W.

Eagen, Gloria R.

Eastby, Paul S.

Eastman, Ada M.

Eastman, Clyde P.

Eastman, Lyle V.

Eaton, Minnie

Eckers, Ben F.

Eckers, Grace E.

Eckers, John C.

Eckers, Mary K.

Eckers, Minnie A.

Eckers, Robert C.

Eckers, Robert C.

Eckers, Shirley M.

Eckhart, Lovie D.

Ecklund, Frank J.

Ecklund, Mary L.

Edling, Peter

Egan, Frank B.

Eide, Barney

Eide, Dennis B.

Eide, Florence

Eidem, Augusta

Eidem, Ole P.

Eitel, George

Eitel, Mildred E.

Elander, Edward C.

Elander, Joan F.

Elliott, Helen D.

Elliott, Jana Grace

Elliott, Roy W.

Elmquist, Agnes M.

Elmquist, Anna

Elmquist, Arthur S.

Elmquist, Arthur W.

Elmquist, Elsie S.

Elmquist, Gust W.

Elmquist, Harold

Elmquist, Irving C.

Elmquist, Rita

Elmquist, Rose

Elsesser, Anna Bell

Elsesser, Chauncey W. (Todd)

Elsesser, Corinne D.

Elsesser, Gretchen J.

Elsesser, William D.

Elsesser, William D.

Elsnes, Sydney L.

Empanger, Ida M.

Empanger, J. Elmer

Endorf, Loren H.

Eng (?), Carl

Eng (?), Jessie A.

Eng, Alice A.

Eng, Arthur W.

Eng, Carl S.

Eng, Harold T.

Eng, Henry

Eng, Inga M.

Eng, Lucille A.

Eng, Minnie

Engblad, Carl J.

Engell, May E.

Engell, Reuben C.

Enghause, Helen

Englar, Robert M.

Enlund, Bertha

Enlund, Emil

Enlund, Emma M.

Enlund, Mickel

Ensley, Jessie May

Enwesi, Connie Ann

Erickson (?), Erick

Erickson, Bernice W.

Erickson, Carl

Erickson, Charles W.

Erickson, Clara C.

Erickson, Edward

Erickson, Emil P.

Erickson, Emma

Erickson, F. Victor

Erickson, George W.

Erickson, Gustaf A.

Erickson, Hilda M.

Erickson, Inga K.

Erickson, Johanna M.

Erickson, Kevin Gerald

Erickson, Marguerite

Erickson, Mark R.

Erickson, Minnie J.

Erickson, Nima

Erickson, Walter Bertil

Erion, Inez L.

Erion, Norman J.

Erion, Willis J.

Erzurumlu, Garbis

Erzurumlu, Peruz

Escher, Clyde M.

Escher, Donn H.

Escher, Eileen E.

Escher, Gladys L.

Escher, Karol Lynn

Escher, Milton

Esler, Alice A.

Esler, Arthur

Esler, Charles

Esler, Charles H.

Esler, Edwin

Esler, Katherin

Esler, Thomas

Estel, George A.

Estel, Hulda C.

Estenson, Jane W. Wentzel

Estenson, Oliver A.

Estes, Janice F.

Evans, Karen Lucille

Evanson, Charles

Evanson, Gloria D.

Evanson, Marie J.

Faiman, Anna

Faiman, Charles J.

Faiman, Edward

Falconer, Gary

Falconer, Harry E.

Faltin, Agnes E.

Faltin, Fred M.

Faltin, Louis

Faltin, Rose

Fara, Anna M.

Fara, Thomas

Farber, Charlie

Farber, Frieda L.

Farnsworth, Richard A.

Farr, Ann G. Pelarski

Farrell, Lynn E.

Fassler, Balz J.

Fassler, Donna M.

Favorite, Barbara L.

Favorite, Vincent P.

Fehlandt, Alice M.

Fehlandt, Alvin C.

Feist, Michelle M.

Feist, Scott Allan

Feller, Albert O.

Felt, Gretchen

Fenton, Edith H.

Ferch, Arnold L.

Ferch, Arthur E.

Ferch, Emil A.

Ferch, Lloyd L.

Ferch, Louise E.

Ferch, Martha

Fernkes, Janet M.

Fessler, Alice R.

Fessler, Edward

Fessler, Freda E.

Fessler, Helen M.

Fessler, Sophia J.

Feudner, Minnie C.

Feudner, William >

Figueroa, Esteban

Figueroa, Maria E.

Filkins, Darrell

Finstad, Alice M.

Finstad, Chester L.

Fish, Alice F.

Fisher, Margaret J.

Fitzgerald, Claire A.

Fitzgerald, Frank C.

Fitzgerald, Jonette

Fitzgerald, Michael

Fitzsimmons, Mabel

Fix, Shirley

Fix, William

Flattum, James A.

Flavin, Dorothy M.

Flavin, Harold J.

Flavin, Patricia F.

Fleming, Clarence S.

Fleming, Lucile C.

Flores, Bessie C.

Fode, Carl O.

Fode, Ruth W.

Follestad, Robert S.

Forberg, Roger E.

Forbrook, Marvin R.

Forsberg, David

Forsberg, Donna E.

Forsberg, Elaine M.

Forsberg, Emil

Forsberg, Hilda I.

Forsberg, Loretta

Forsberg, Mabelle

Forsberg, Robert

Forsberg, Robert J.

Forster, Helen N.

Forster, William E.

Foster, Lynaa

Fowler, Daniel B.

Fox, Angela J.

Fox, James F.

Frandrup, Tommy Georg

Frandsen, Evald Neil

Frankel, Mary Ellen

Franson, Mark James

Frazee, Jamie Ronald

Frazier, Frances

Frazier, Frank

Frederick, Louis M.

Frederickson, Blanche

Frederickson, John W.

Frederickson, Raymond J.

Freeman, Lillian

Frick, Martha J.

Friden, Grace I.

Fruendt, Fritz W.

Fruendt, Marie L.

Fulin, Elizabeth Ann

Fulin, Frank

Funk, Dorothy M.

Funk, Hubert J.R.

Fyock, Emmert J.

Fyock, Leona M.

Fyten, Clarence E.

Fyten, Gladys R.

Gabbert, Jermiah J.

Gadient, Jacob J.

Gadient, Kathleen

Gaertner, Ann T.

Gaertner, Bert J.

Gaertner, Irma Jean

Gager, Rose J.

Galchutt, Ida P.

Gallagher, Gertrude

Gallagher, Jack

Gallahan, George A.

Gallahan, M. Melvina

Gardner, Frank G.

Gardner, Ida B.

Gardner, Margaret S.

Gardner, Robert H.

Gardner, Rudolph

Gardner, Rudolph

Gardner, Vernice L.

Gardner, William

Gardner, William H.

Garfield, Ruth A.

Garrett, Robert`

Garvik, Myrtle M.

Gaskins, Marlyn J.

Gates, Lylia Wechsler


Gauro, Mitza

Gauro, Rebecca

Gearhart, Frances M.

Gearhart, Glen R.

Gedney, Frances I.

Gedney, Percy L.

Gehrke, Donald D.

Gehrke, Mathilda

Gehrke, Robert

Gehrke, Yvonne

Gemmell, Jack D.

Geno, John

Gerard, Dorothy E.

Gerdes, Albert L.

Gerdes, Clara D.

Giddings, Anna M.

Giddings, James C.

Giesen, Evelyn

Giesen, Ralph

Gilbert, Fred A.

Gilbert, Hannah M.

Gilbert, Helen C.

Gilbert, M.A.

Gilbert, Ralph E.

Gilbert, Ruth H.

Gilbert, Virginia M.

Gingrass, Joseph A.

Ginman, Alice E.

Ginman, G. Walt

Glad, Connie M.

Glad, Henry

Glad, Martha Lee (Hundman)

Glad, Raymond D.

Glaser, Charles D.

Glassing, John D.

Glassing, Mabel L.

Gleeson, Mary

Gligor, Marlys M.

Glockner, Norma

Glockner, Robert

Gnerer, Gladys M.

Gnerer, Leo C.

Gobeil, Mary Lou

Gobeil, Richard J.

Goddard, James W.

Goddard, William W.

Goede, Augusta

Goede, Debra K.

Goede, Ruth H.

Goede, William

Goodlund, Walter B.

Grahn, Edward B.

Grahn, Margaret M.

Gralow, Henry A.

Gralow, Lillie

Grandbois, Beverly Helland

Granlund (?), Carolina

Granlund (?), John E.

Grantwit, Dorothy H.

Grantwit, John A.

Graper, Lauretta

Graper, Minnie

Graper, William

Graper, Willie

Green, Lauren A. Harris

Greenwald, Jessie H.

Greenwald, Lydia F.

Greenwald, William F.

Greguson, Carol

Greguson, Crystal M.

Greguson, Helmer M.

Griffin, Ed F.

Griffin, Eleanor

Griffiths, Carrie D.

Griffiths, W. Howard

Grignon, Arthur A.

Grignon, Rozetta M.

Grimm, Debra M.

Grimm, Robert G.

Grochow, Arthur

Grochow, Bonnie

Grodland, Ole B.

Groetsch, Floyd F.

Gross, Edward F.

Gross, Elsa

Grosscup, Marion E.

Grosscup, Thomas A.

Grover, Clarence W.

Grover, Sophie P.

Grube, Gladys

Grube, Martha

Guest, James W.

Guest, Nettie A.

Guetzke, Adele C.

Guetzke, Albert C.

Gulbro, Martin James

Gullickson, Ellen L.

Gullickson, Helmer

Gullickson, Henry

Gullickson, Joanne L.

Gullickson, John H.

Gullickson, Karyl Ann

Gullickson, Leslie M.

Gullickson, Mildred H.

Gunther, Florence

Gunther, Ronald M.

Guntzel, Eugene H.

Guntzel, Marjorie E.

Guong, Nhuan

Gustafson, Adolph

Gustafson, Bert R.

Gustafson, Clarence W.

Gustafson, Herbert W.

Gustafson, Katherine

Gustafson, Laverne L.

Gustafson, Marleen

Gustafson, Sophia

Gustafson, Violet M.

Guttormson, Elaine

Guttormson, James R.

Guttormson, Reuben

Guttormson, Rolland

Haag, Augusta J.

Haag, Frederick J.

Haakenson, Jay

Haakenson, Lillie

Haeg, Francis D.

Haeg, Johanna W.

Haffner, Michael K.

Hagen (?), Bertha

Hagen (?), Martin P.

Hagen (?), Ralph P.

Hagen, Blanche

Hagen, Esther A.

Hagen, Floy M.

Hagen, Halfton

Hagen, Lela “Dollie”

Hagen, Lillian R.

Hagen, Marion C.

Hagen, Martin B.

Hagen, Martin N.

Hagen, Oscar C.

Hagen, Walter F.

Haggestad, Elizabeth A.

Haggestad, Richard C.

Hagquist, Albin E.

Hagquist, Gudrun T.

Hains, John A.

Hall, Amy M.

Hall, Clark

Hall, Glenn R.

Hall, Helen M.

Halleck, Earl D.

Halleck, Leona M.

Halver, Mark

Halverson, Eillen V.

Halverson, Gerald N.

Halverson, Leonard N.

Hamilton, Archie C.

Hamilton, Hattie M.

Hamilton, Jno. (?)

Hamilton, John M.

Hamilton, Rose

Hamm, Beverly J.

Hamm, Donald J.

Hammack, Wallena

Hammond, Faye V.

Hanenburg, Faith L.

Hanenburg, Rick L.

Haney, Olive B.

Hansch, David Henry

Hanschu, Aili

Hanschu, Bonnie

Hanschu, Kermit Lee

Hanschu, Lee

Hansen (?), babe

Hansen (?), grandmother

Hansen (?), Hanry

Hansen (?), mother

Hansen, Charles C.

Hansen, Christian L.

Hansen, Claricy E.

Hansen, Clifford L.

Hansen, Dorothy J.

Hansen, Douglas J.

Hansen, Fred G.

Hansen, Jens

Hansen, Ruby L.

Hanson, Andrew

Hanson, Anna

Hanson, Blanche

Hanson, Elmer A.

Hanson, Elvira E.

Hanson, Hal

Hanson, Harriet A.

Hanson, John A.

Hanson, Mae Burton

Hanson, Miles N.

Hanson, Myrtle G.

Hanson, Paul Douglas

Hanson, Robert E.

Hanson, Theodore L.

Happe, Allen James

Hard, Ian Kyle

Harmon, Bertha C.

Harmon, George P.

Harmon, Henry Roehl

Harmon, Olga E.

Harpster, Gary

Harrison (?), John O.

Harrison (?), Rose A.

Harrison, Floyd

Harrison, Rose

Harthan, William H.

Hartig (?), Douglas H.

Hartig (?), Earl L.

Hartig (?), Florence

Hartig (?), John J.

Hartig (?), William H.

Hartnell, James E.

Hartnell, Lorraine J.

Harwart, Elfriede

Harwart, Felix

Hastings, Mimie Ohde

Hastings, Peter

Hatcher, Bertha May

Hatcher, Leslie Leroy

Hatcher, Sylvia Eldora

Hatcher, Ulysses Vergel

Hatten, Alvin

Haugen-Ayers, Adam David

Hawkins, Arthur M.

Hawkins, Charlie R.

Hawkins, Edward G.

Hawkins, Hulda M.

Hawkins, Peter A.

Hawkins, Ruth K.

Hawkinson, Carolyn M.

Hawlish (?), George H.

Hawlish (?), Joseph H.

Hawlish (?), Nettie

Hawlish (?), Richard F.

Hayes, Clarence G.

Hayes, Frank D.

Hayes, Lena

Hayes, Verna

Heath, Maynard R.

Heath, Patricia

Heath, Terry L.

Heathcock, Dorothy K. “Brown”

Heathcock, William G.

Hecklund, Leslie N.

Hedin (?), Diane

Hedin, Everett

Hedin, Sophia A.

Hedstrom, Eric W.

Hedstrom, Lilly C.

Heeler, Clyde D.

Heeler, Hazel L.

Heeler, Walter R.

Hegg, Agnes

Hegg, Henry

Hegstrom, Cyrus E.

Heilman-Smith, Gail

Heimbuch, Fred T.

Heinecke, Alfred J.

Heinecke, Clarence

Heinecke, Emma

Heinecke, Gustave A.

Heinecke, Gwendolyn

Heinitz, Kathleen A.

Heinrich, Albert G.

Heinrich, August

Heinrich, Delores M.

Heinrich, Elizabeth

Heinrich, Elizabeth

Heinrich, Martha H.

Heinrich, Robert F.

Heinrich, Robert F.

Heise, Mavis M.

Heise, Virgil E.

Heldt, Elaine

Hembre, Augusta B.

Hembre, John O.

Hembre, Myrtle V.

Hembre, O. Harold

Hemken, Christina

Hemken, Emil

Hemmenway (?), Charles F.

Hemmenway (?), Hattie F.

Henderson, Kay H.

Henderson, Linda Lee

Henderson, Maxine E.

Hendrickson, Sandra D.

Henenburg, Rodd L.

Henke, Alma O.

Henke, Ervin R.

Henke, Joann A.

Henke, Linda June

Henkel, Charles W.

Henkel, Nettie S.

Henningson, Julia

Henningson, Roland

Henrikson, Nels

Henry, John Keith

Henry, Marie A.

Hentz, Joann M.

Heppes, Gustave

Heppes, Lydia

Herbold, Elsie L.

Herder, Agnes E.

Herder, Irma L.

Herman, Ardis L.

Herman, Vincent I.

Hermann, John L.

Hermanson (?), Clara M.

Hermanson (?), Herman

Hermanson, Elfrieda

Hermanson, Everett

Hermanson, Issac E.

Hermanson, Nancy Noleen

Herrmann, Arlene J.

Herrmann, Stanley W.

Hesse, Dorothy B.

Hesse, Dwayne M.

Hetland, Allie Olafson

Hewitt, Michael John

Heyda, Frank F.

Hickman, Glenn Dennis

High, Mary

Hilker, Philip C.

Hill, Duane

Hilleren, Esther L.

Hilleren, P. Edward

Hines, Everett G.

Hissam, Joseph D.

Hissam, Paul J.

Hissam, Sophia S.

Hjort, Emma

Hjort, John

Hjorth, Ernest E.

Hjorth, Irene V.

Hjorth, Isaac E.

Hjorth, Mary M.

Hlavac, Cheryl Reiss

Hochstedler, Abraham J.

Hochstedler, Frederick Kenneth

Hochstedler, Mary

Hochstedler, Vincent Henry

Hochstedler, Walter W.

Hodek, Joseph

Hodek, Marie

Hoerlyck, Julius

Hoerlyck, Karina

Hoff, Emma L.

Hoff, George Albert

Hoffmeyer, Emil

Hofstrand, Ruth E.

Hokanson, Anders Walen

Hokanson, Jennae Walen

Holasek, Adelaide G.

Holasek, Albena G.

Holasek, Frank J.

Holerud, Marvin A.

Holerud, Myrtle

Holling, Freda

Holling, Frederick

Hollingsworth, Mark Richard

Holmlund, Beata

Holmstrom, Roy A.

Holmstrom, Roy H.

Holmstrom, Vernice B.

Holtznagel, Judith A.

Holy (?), Anna

Holy (?), baby

Holy (?), Edward

Holy (?), Jacob

Holy (?), Pauline

Holy (?), Rose

Holy, Frank

Holy, Helen E.

Holy, Hildegard

Holy, Martin

Holy, Winifred A.

Homan, Evelyn M.

Homan, Joy T.

Honcik, Anna

Honcik, Emil

Hoops, Katherine Alice

Hoops, Lillian

Hoops, William C.

Hoover, William R.

Hopkins, Dorothy E.

Hopkins, John R.

Horejsi, Dennis J.

Horejsi, Ruth M.

Horejsi, Walter A.

Horejsi, Walter A.

Hosp, Susan A.

Hosp, William

Houck, Ethel M.

Houck, Eugene T.

Hovander, Herman J.

Hovander, Virginia M.

Hovander, Waldo A.

Hoye, Marvel V.

Hoye, Michael J.

Hruska, Delores

Hruska, Raphael

Hubbard, Ethel

Hubbard, Harold

Hubbell, David E.

Huber, Albert V.

Huber, Gertrude E.

Huberty, Steven J.

Hudson, Winfield Scott

Huff, George F.

Hughes, Etta B.

Hughes, Hugh W.

Hulke, Edwin C.

Hull, Stephanie Dawn

Hulten, Charles E.

Hulten, Millie A.

Hunt, Corinne E.

Hunziker, Lenora Sjurdson

Husak, Mary L.

Husak, Walter J.

Hutchinson, Garry Roy

Huynh-Van-Ngo, Cha

Hydeen, Timothy Peter

Irving, Olga P.

Isaacson, Adela

Isaacson, Gust

Iverson, Edna M.

Iverson, Henry O.

Jackels, Ben G.

Jackels, Harriet

Jacobs, Ella E.

Jacobs, George R.

Jacobs, Henry F.

Jacobs, Mildred

Jacobs, Myrtle F.

Jacobs, William H.

Jacobsen (?), Edith

Jacobsen (?), Inger

Jacobsen (?), Jacob P.

Jacobsen (?), Kathinka M.L.

Jacobsen, Evelyn

Jacobsen, Henry E.

Jacobsen, Marie J.

Jacobsen, Stanley J.

Jacobson, Aage C.

Jacobson, Carl O.

Jacobson, Donald W.

Jacobson, John R.

Jacobson, Margaret M.

Jacobson, Merriam S.

Jacobson, Mildred E.

Jacobson, Phyllis L.

Jacobson, William J.

Jaksztait, Gustav H.

James, Archie Elsworth

James, Betty J.

James, Esther M.

James, Olga Minnie

James, Robert H.

Janohosky, William David

Jansen, Margaret I.

Japs, Archie B.

Japs, Edith H. Voss Larson

Japs, Gustave B.

Japs, Mabel A.

Japs, Mothilda M.

Japs, Otto H.

Jasperson, Anna

Jasperson, Anna H.

Jasperson, Clarkes K.

Jasperson, Ella Ellen

Jasperson, George E.

Jasperson, Harry C.

Jasperson, Hildur

Jasperson, Jasper

Jay, Alfred D.

Jay, Alice I.

Jeck, Esther R.

Jenkins, Kevin

Jenkinson, Vienna I.

Jenkinson, Wm.

Jenneke, Bertha

Jenneke, Edward

Jenner, Alfred

Jenner, Tillie M.

Jensen, Adolph L.

Jensen, Amanda H.

Jensen, Arnold L.

Jensen, Arthur G.

Jensen, Barb

Jensen, Carl M.

Jensen, Christen

Jensen, Conradine

Jensen, Emil

Jensen, Evelyn

Jensen, Georg A.

Jensen, George

Jensen, Gerna M.

Jensen, Gunhild

Jensen, Henry F.

Jensen, Ingvard L.

Jensen, Jackie Lawrence

Jensen, Lois M.

Jensen, Lucille A.

Jensen, Martin

Jensen, Mary

Jensen, Mary

Jensen, Minnie

Jensen, Muriel

Jensen, Robert G.

Jensen, Vicki

Jensen, Wilford

Jenstad, Anton G

Jenstad, Forrest B.

Jenstad, Gilmond Foster

Jenstad, Lois C.

Jereb, Charles W.

Jersak, Libushe M.

Jersak, William

Jeska, Myrtle (Benson)

Jeske, Carl F.

Jeske, Fred W.

Jeske, Hannah

Jeske, Jacquetta

Jessen, Andrew`

Jessen, Freda

Johnson (?), Inga Christine

Johnson (?), Lars Gustaf

Johnson, Alfred

Johnson, Alfred P.

Johnson, Arnold C.

Johnson, August

Johnson, Augusta

Johnson, Betty J.

Johnson, Bryan G.

Johnson, Carl E.

Johnson, Catherine E.

Johnson, Cecelia A.

Johnson, Charles

Johnson, Charles

Johnson, Charles O.

Johnson, Claudia Terri

Johnson, D. Jean

Johnson, Delbert C.

Johnson, Dena

Johnson, Doris M.

Johnson, Earl S.

Johnson, Elmer M.

Johnson, Elmer R.

Johnson, Elvin C.

Johnson, Esther M.

Johnson, Ethel L.

Johnson, Ethel N.

Johnson, Florence L.

Johnson, George

Johnson, George W.

Johnson, Gerald D.

Johnson, Grace Ann

Johnson, Grace V.

Johnson, Harry N.

Johnson, Helfrid J.

Johnson, Herman

Johnson, Hilda M.

Johnson, Ida A.

Johnson, Isabella

Johnson, James F.

Johnson, Jensine

Johnson, Jetta L.

Johnson, John F.

Johnson, John X.

Johnson, Klara

Johnson, Knute

Johnson, LaVera M.

Johnson, Lee G.

Johnson, Leroy B.

Johnson, Lester J.

Johnson, Lillian E.

Johnson, Louis A.

Johnson, Lyle W.

Johnson, Mabel

Johnson, Margaret A.

Johnson, Marian I.

Johnson, Mary S.

Johnson, Mathilda R.

Johnson, Melvin R.

Johnson, Mildred J.

Johnson, Minnie M.

Johnson, Muriel N.

Johnson, Myrtle A.

Johnson, O.A.

Johnson, Oscar

Johnson, Palmer

Johnson, Patricia A.

Johnson, Paul H.

Johnson, Peter A.

Johnson, Ralph

Johnson, Robert A.

Johnson, Ronnie G.

Johnson, Sarah Luaren

Johnson, Selma M.

Johnson, Shirley J.

Johnson, Sigfrid A.

Johnson, Suzanna

Johnson, Verna M.

Johnson, Wallace E.

Johnson, Walter H.

Johnson, Walter O.

Johnson, Willard S.

Johnston, Robert C.

Johnston, Sherry L.

Johnston, Veryl A.

Johnstone, Caroline

Johnstone, Kristin Rose

Jones, Julia M.

Jones, William R.

Jorgensen, Anna

Jorgensen, Axel

Jorgensen, Jorgen C.

Joyce, Kenneth O’Brien

Joyce, Margery VanOrnum

Jurgens, Gina H.

Jurgens, Olaf P.

Juul, Jens J.

Kadousek, James

Kadousek, James

Kadousek, Mary

Kakach, Hattie

Kakach, Japhet

Kakach, Lessley

Kakach, Ludvik

Kalash, Alice Rose

Kalash, Blanche H.

Kalash, Edwin J.

Kalash, James B.

Kallerup, Eigil N.C.

Kallerup, Ellen I.

Kalnenek, Valdemar

Kaminski, Gerald T.

Kaping, Bertha W.

Kasin, Tyler Jon

Kaspar, Frank

Kaspar, Mary

Kasprzak, Thomas Louis

Kassen, Lydia M.

Kassen, Wilbur W.

Kast, Hazel M.

Kastner, Clifford J.

Kayeska, Paul Albert

Kazemi, Abol

Kazemi, Sue Ellen

Keller, Dorothy

Keller, Emil F.

Kelley (?), Barbara A.

Kelley (?), Carl Robert

Kelley (?), Robert H.

Kelly Hazel M.

Kelly, Harold E.

Kelsay, Lester D.

Kelsay, Samuel J.

Kelting, Henry

Kendall, Douglas A.

Kendrick, Albert P.

Kenneth, Samuel E.

Kenneth, Wallace B.

Kenstad, Margaret C. Jensen

Kertes, I. Jack

Keunster, John L.

Key, Richard D.

Kiefer, Robert Jerome

Kimball, Colin David

Kinion, Bonnie J.

Kinion, John C.

Kinion, Wayne A.

Kinn, Carol M.

Kinn, Esther V.

Kinn, John W.

Kinn, Marion L.

Kinn, Walter

Kinney, Amos R.

Kinney, Hattie B.

Kinney, Mary G.

Kirchen Peter

Kirchen, Ella

Kirckmaier, Tulianna

Kirkeeide, Alice E.

Kirkeeide, James T.

Kirkeeide, Lloyd C.

Kistner, Charles M.

Kittelson, Florence

Kittelson, Heidi Jo

Kittelson, Ida A.

Kittelson, William

Kittelson, William

Kivo, Sarah Erion

Klebs, William F.

Klein, Stephen J.

Klemm, Dorothy

Klemm, Walter

Klobe, Patricia A.

Kloss, Cecil M.

Kloss, Isabel C.

Kloster, Harold

Kloster, Hazel

Kloster, Martha A.

Klouda, Charles

Klouda, Irene

Klouda, John

Klouda, Maggie

Kluge, George H.

Kluge, Mildred G.

Knoertzer, Agnes O.

Knoertzer, Thiel E.

Knudsen, Dorothea M.

Knudsen, Gladys E.

Knudsen, Hilbert J.

Knudsen, Hilbert J.

Knudsen, Ninus P,

Knudsen, Norman I.

Knudsen, Sivert

Knudsen, Ursula

Knutson, Dorothy A.

Knutson, Lynn Carol

Kockelman, Bernard J.

Kockelman, Mildred J.

Koelfgen, Burton J.

Koelfgen, Mary S.

Koepke, baby

Koepke, Donald J.

Kohls, Clarence O.

Kohls, Evelyn E.

Kohls, Ewald W.

Kohout, Renee Lee

Kokesh, William

Komer, Angela Dawn

Komer, Emil A.

Komer, Isabelle

Komer, Pamela Lynn

Komer, Robert H.

Komer, W. Jeanie

Koon, Melinda Ruth

Koopman, Adelgunde

Kopesky, August

Kopesky, Mary

Koppelman, Arthur H.

Korbichka, Anna

Korsmo, Gertrude

Korsmo, Gordon

Korsmo, Helen

Korsmo, Marjorie A.

Korsmo, Peter S.

Korsmo, Selores M.

Korsmo, Vern B.

Kounlabout, Phone

Kowalsky, Gus L.

Kowalsky, Olga

Kral, Elaine B.

Kral, Joseph S.

Kral, Mary

Kral, Ramon John

Kral, Ruth H.

Kral, Stanley

Kral, Thomas L.

Kramer, Carrie

Kramer, Casper

Krasnoperova, Anastasiya M.

Kroepfl, Marie

Kroepfl, Walter

Krohnfeldt, Reinhard

Kroon, Carl M.

Kroon, Hazel M.

Kroon, John A.

Kroon, John Wilbur

Kroon, Nancy E.

Kroon, Verna E.

Krueger, Ellen M.

Krueger, Gerry

Krueger, Herb

Krueger, Jim

Krueger, Marilyn

Krumsieg, Duane A.

Krumsieg, Lillian I.

Krumsieg, Paul R.

Krumsieg, Roland E.

Krusina, Charles

Krusina, Josephine

Kuchera, Adeline

Kuchera, Adolph

Kuchera, James J.

Kuchera, Katherine

Kuehn, Rose E.

Kuenster, Alva L.

Kuhlman, Henry W.

Kunkel, Edward A.

Kunkel, Gary S.

Kunze, Irene M.

Kunze, Roger G.

Kurschner, Keith Alan

Kurtz, Anna E.

Kurtz, Arlyn J.

Kurvers, infant son

Kvam, Cora H.

Kvam, Elroy R.

Kvam, Nels

Kyte, Carrie

Laabs, Alice

Laabs, Leo L.

LaFond, Ethel M.

LaFond, John D.

LaFond, Louis A.

LaLonde, Rose

Lambert, Mary C.

Lameyer, Harry K.

Lamoreaux, Ida

Lamp, Carol R.

Lamp, Loyd G.

Landberg, Josie

Landberg, Wallace

Lang, R. David

Lange, Frances Lena

Lange, Nels Henrik

LaPlant, Ronald L.

LaRoche, Barry A.

Larsen, Alma

Larsen, Edward H.

Larsen, Esther E.

Larsen, Louis A.

Larsen, Marinus

Larsen, Nels P.

Larsen, Peter N.

Larson (?), infant

Larson (?), Raymond

Larson, Albert A.

Larson, Bertha M.

Larson, Betty B.

Larson, Charles F.

Larson, Christine

Larson, David Robert

Larson, Donald B.

Larson, Duayne A.

Larson, Edwin C.

Larson, Ernest L.

Larson, Franklin L.

Larson, Gladys J.

Larson, Hannah

Larson, Harold W.

Larson, Harriet M.

Larson, Herman T.

Larson, Hilda A.

Larson, Ida M.

Larson, Jeremy M.

Larson, John C.

Larson, Julia C.

Larson, Lisa

Larson, Loris O.

Larson, Louis B.

Larson, Melvina C.

Larson, Myrtle Williams

Larson, Nora G.

Larson, Pauline M.

Larson, Petar A.

Larson, Robert G.

Larson, Ronald

Larson, Ruby Dow

Larson, Ruth M.

Larson, Sadie B.

Larson, Sam

Larson, Thelma

Larson, Victor E.

Larue, Harold F.

Larue, Mildred E.

Lau, Julius P.

Lau, Minnie

Laub, Daryl L.

Laub, Naomi (Nikki) Beach

Lauer (?), Ida C.

Lauer (?), William

Lauer, Eva A.

Lauer, Raymond H.

Laughton, Ruby L.

Laughton, William J.

Lauman, Donald

Lauman, Duane

Laumann, Karoline

Lavarre, Vernon C.

Laverre, Julia H.

Leaf, Charles

Leaf, Mabel E.

Leaf, Oscar A.

Leathers, George W.

Leathers, Harry W.

Lee, Angela Brekke

Leffler, Frieda D.

Leffler, Gebhardt H.

Leffler, John T.

Leffler, Mildred L.

Lehman, Merrill W.

Lehman, Nita Floy

Lehr, Michael H.

Leininger, Evelyn

Leininger, George

Lemke, Edward William

Lemke, Elizabeth J.

Lemke, Emil F.

Lemke, Fred A.

Lemke, Frederick W.A.

Lemke, Janet A.

Lemke, Leonard G.

Lemke, Marian Frances

Lemke, Sophie

Lemke, Willmar E.

Lenander, Emma C.

Lenander, Hilmer A.

Lenander, Pete M.

Lentsch, Marjorie Day

Lenz, Roland James

Lenzen, Darlene

Lerfold, John

Levens, Charles R.

Levens, Donna Mae

Lewis, Audrey E. Irwin

Lewis, Grace F.

Lewis, John E.

Lewis, Mary E.

Lewis, Ted

Lewis, William J.

Lewis, William O.

Libatique, Enrique

Libatique, Patricia

Libby, Edna I.

Libby, Ruth F.

Libby. Merton R.

Lichtenauer, Mark R.

Lindahl, Ada S.

Lindahl, Arthur T.

Lindahl, Carl R.

Lindahl, Dorothy O.

Lindahl, Florence M.

Lindahl, Gustaf

Lindahl, John R.

Lindahl, Lillian I.

Lindberg, Albin B.

Lindberg, Hertha

Lindbery, Dorothy H.

Lindbery, John O.

Lindbery, John P.

Lindbery, Marie B.

Lindbery, Robert E.

Lindbery, Shirley Jean

Lindbery, Theodore

Lindbrey, Margaret M.

Lindgren, Gary M.

Lindman, David E.

Lindskoog, Arvid F.

Linne, Jennie

Loberg, Albert Nathaniel

Loberg, Albert Richard

Loberg, Benjamin E.

Loberg, Nettie R.

Loberg, Violet Eldoris

Loeffler, Joseph E.

Loeffler, Marie K.

Loeffler, Mary

Lofgren (?), Anna S.

Lofgren, Anna V.

Lofgren, Anton B.

Lofgren, Carl B.

Lofgren, Clinton A.

Lofgren, Gerda E.

Lofgren, Minnie V.

Lofgren, Oscar

Lofgren, Richard C.

Lohman, John W.

Lohrenz, Donna Mae

Lohrenz, Lewis

Loi, Phap Danh Dieu

Long, Elizabeth M.

Long, Vera C.

Long, Wilbur C.

Longbella, Eldon

Longbella, Hilma

Longerbone, Alice L.

Longerbone, Nelson A.

Longley, Ila E.

Lonsbury, Joan D.

Lonsbury, John H.

Lonsbury, John H.

Lonsbury, Mary A.

Lopez, Andrea L.

Losie, Florence M.

Losie, Timothy W.

Love, Eveline R.

Love, Florence L.

Love, Karl D.

Lowe, Elaine (Viola)

Lucas, Frank

Lucas, Lula

Lund, Albert L.

Lund, Alice L. Glad

Lund, Betsey

Lund, Christopher

Lund, Ione M.

Lund, Jens M.

Lund, Katarina

Lund, Peggy

Lund, Walfred J.

Lundahl, A. Grace

Lundahl, Walter N.

Lundberg, David H.

Lundberg, Harriet V.

Lundeen, Carl W.

Lundeen, Myrtle A.

Lundman, Christine

Lundquist (?), Alma J.

Lundquist (?), Louis

Lundquist, Vernon A.

Lundstrom, Michael V.

Lundstrom, Pauline

Lundstrom, William

Luxford, Florence C.

Luxford, Harold L.

Lyman, Christina

Lyman, John

Lyons, Patrick H.

Lyons, Patrick James

Macek, Emma

Macek, William

MacGillivray, Glenn G.

MacGillivray, Ruby J.

Mackey, Ruby R.

Maddox, Douglas H.

Maddox, Evelyne M.

Madsen, David

Madsen, Hans

Madsen, Lorrin H.

Madsen, Rick D.

Madsen, Ruby E.

Maenke, Harold

Maenke, Hilda

Maenke, Reinhard

Maerz, Claudette

Maerz, Eugene

Maetzold, Harvey A.

Maetzold, John G.

Maetzold, Mary L.

Mahoney, Eugenie C.

Makepeace, Daniel

Maki, Eino

Maki, Impi

Makousky, Edw. E.

Makousky, Emma M.

Makousky, Henry J.

Makousky, Sylvia G.

Malo, Arthur F.

Malo, K. Elaine

Man, Nguyen Thi

Mancino, Joanne

Manich, Joseph A>

Manich, Pearl L.

Mann, Beth E.

Mann, Burdette Charles

Mann, Doris L.

Manning, Althea V.

Manning, Dennis

Manning, Hanna E.

Manning, J. Crofton

Manning, Joseph H.

Marchant, Edwin H.

Marchant, Frances H.

Marchant, Frederick

Marchant, John Frederick

Marchant, Thomas H.

Marengo, Donald E.

Marengo, Horace E.

Marengo, Marjorie L.

Marking, Lawrence

Marking, Loyce

Marsh, Eva

Marshall, Lawrence G.

Marshall, Ruby S.

Martin, Andrew

Martin, John B.

Martin, Marie

Martin, Winnifred A.

Martinson, Bernice M.

Martinson, Fred

Martinson, George C.

Martinson, Jorgen R.

Martinson, Magdalen

Martinson, Mathilda I.

Martirosyan, Oleg

Martz, Mary

Masbruch, Charles

Matchke (?), Emma

Matchke (?), John

Matchke, Annie Marie

Maternowski, Phillip R.

Matheson, Robert David

Matison (?), Monis

Matison, Kathryn

Matton, Inez E.

Matton, Lawrence W.

Mattson, Maxine

Maurer, Dorothy P.

Maurer, Fred T.

Maxwell, Everett F.

Maxwell, Helen L.

Maxwell, Pat A.

Maxwell, Ruth E.

McAllen, James Robert

McCann, Winifred

McCauley, Anna

McCauley, Ben F.

McCauley, Bess V.

McCauley, Clark D.

McCauley, David C.

McCauley, Matthew H.

McClure, Chester

McClure, Earmergne

McClure, Harry

McClure, Martha

McClure, Nellie

McConaughey, Severine M.

McConville, Marlys L.

McCoy, Milton R.

McCuaig, Norman D.

McDonald (?), Daniel

McDonald (?), Katherine M.

McDonald, infant son

McDonnell, Fannie

McDougald, William J.

McEntee, Alice M.

McGary, Helen V.

McGary, John C.

McGary, Michael Dennis

McGovern, Michael P.

McGown, Joyce E.

McGown, Lester S.

McNally (?), Hedwege H.

McNally (?), John L.

McNally (?), Lee

McNally (?), Rosina J.

McNally, Leo E.

McNeil, Edward

McQuiston, Ione M.

McQuiston, William H.

Mealey, Ann

Mealey, George

Mealey, Johnston

Mealey, Johnston

Mealey, Maggie

Meehan, Minnie C.

Meier, Christian H.

Melberg, Esther L.

Melcher, Josephine B.

Melcher, Robert G.

Mellin, Enoch M.

Mellin, Verna L.

Melquist, Esther A.

Melquist, Walter L.

Mertens, baby

Mertz, Christine

Mertz, malvin M.

Mertz, William E.

Metcalf, Kimberly

Metcalf, Pauline

Meyer, Floyd A.

Meyer, Rhoda G.

Meyers, Evelyn M.

Meyers, Jesse Justin

Meyers, Michael R.

Mezzenga, Vincent D.

Mickelson, Elizabeth

Mickelson, Henry A.

Mielke, Anna

Mielke, Emma M.

Mielke, Fred J.

Mielke, Rudolph

Mikkelson, Elizabeth

Mikkola, Bernice L.

Mikkola, Clifford J.

Milbrath, Bessie C.

Milbrath, Helen P.

Milbrath, Mathilda

Milbrath, Paul W.

Milbrath, Raymond E.

Milbrath, Ronald B.

Miles, Edna M.

Millar, Jessie

Miller (?), Victor G.

Miller, Anna E.

Miller, baby son

Miller, Edward J.

Miller, Elizabeth

Miller, Elmer C.

Miller, Esther O.

Miller, Fred J.

Miller, Leo B.

Miller, Mabel L.

Miller, Marjorie O.

Miller, Michael C.

Miller, Nancie

Miller, Nancy Marie

Miller, Virgil V.

Miller, Walter

Miller, William T.

Million, Louise

Minty, Helen J.

Mitchell, H.R.

Mitzel, Chris

Mitzel, Florence

Moen, Lila N.

Molloy, Catherine

Molloy, Mary T.

Moloschnikow, Dimitri

Moloschnikow, Walerji

Molzahn, Frederick W.

Molzahn, Sanna H.

Moonan, Marlys G.

Moore (?), Albert

Moore (?), Annie J.

Moore (?), Charlotte B.

Moore (?), George W.

Moore (?), J. Wilber

Moore, Clara L.

Moore, Emily J.

Moore, G.W.

Moore, Henry F.

Moore, Louise

Moore, Richard W.

Morain, Creta A.

Morain, John P.

Morain, Loren

Moran, Alice D.

Moran, William L.

Mord, Dave F.

Mord, Della M.

Morgan, Dale Willis

Morgan, Phillip G.

Morgan, Phyllis Lucille

Morris, Alice

Morris, Faye L.

Morris, Helen C.

Morris, Joseph A.

Morris, Lyle R.

Morrissette, Marge May

Morrissey, Lena

Mortenson, Mons

Moss, Jerome

Mossburger, Leslie L.

Mountain, Bloomie Jenstad

Mueller (?), Robert M.

Mueller, Carolyn

Mulholland, Michael P.

Munson, John

Munton, Debra Lynn

Murain, John P.

Murain, Rena C.

Murphy, Ethel G.

Murphy, Kelly J.

Murphy, Robert A.

Murphy, William

Murray, Archie E.

Murray, Florella M.

Murray, Francis A.

Musil, Mary

Muyskens, Gladys G.

Myers, Cleo F.

Myers, Mary

Nagel, Hilma W.

Nagel, John M.

Narr, Theo G.F.

Nathan, Henry Bernard

Nathan, Sachiko

Navratil, Eleanora D.

Navratil, Frank B.

Neider, Arthur O.

Neider, Carrie F.

Nelson (?), Jacob

Nelson (?), Kate

Nelson (?), Marcus

Nelson, Agnes E.

Nelson, Amanda C.

Nelson, Andrew

Nelson, Arthur D.

Nelson, August B.

Nelson, Bernice

Nelson, Bodil

Nelson, Catherine

Nelson, Christian V.

Nelson, Clifford G.

Nelson, Clifford H.

Nelson, Dagmar M.

Nelson, Darlene D.

Nelson, David

Nelson, Donald L.

Nelson, Edna E.

Nelson, Ejnar V.

Nelson, Ellen M.

Nelson, Florence

Nelson, Florentine L.

Nelson, Frances M.

Nelson, Frank

Nelson, Glen E.

Nelson, Harold L.

Nelson, Harry A.

Nelson, Harvey W.

Nelson, Herbert F.

Nelson, Jennie

Nelson, Jon R.

Nelson, Julie Dawn

Nelson, Karen L. (Pudil)

Nelson, Katherine

Nelson, Katherine

Nelson, Knud

Nelson, Laurina

Nelson, Mabel G.

Nelson, Marie K.

Nelson, Marv

Nelson, Marvin C.

Nelson, Marvin John

Nelson, Matilda

Nelson, Mildred M.

Nelson, Minnie M.

Nelson, Myrna Joyce

Nelson, Nancer W.

Nelson, Nels

Nelson, Nels

Nelson, Nels J.

Nelson, Ragnar

Nelson, Richard S.

Nelson, Rinold J.

Nelson, Rose

Nelson, Sugne C.

Nelson, Tim J.

Nelson, Wallace

Nenadich, Marilyn

Ness, Laura H.

Ness, Mary A.

Nestum, John W.

Netz, Iver D.

Newman, Levi W.

Newman, Sylvia

Newquist (?), Henning

Newquist (?), Mathilda

Newquist, Albert T.

Newquist, Alma Garvik

Nguyen – Van – Tuu

Nguyen, Phuong D.

Nichols, Harold Leroy

Nichols, Susan E.

Nicholson, Keith E.

Nicholson, Marlene M.

Nielsen, Abel

Nielsen, Eva

Nielsen, Evelyn E.

Nielsen, Jorge P.

Nielsen, Niels C.

Nielsen, Nora B.

Nielsen, Olga K

Nielsen, Thorvald O.

Niemann, Milton

Niemela, Mildred J.

Niles, Dianne F.

Niles, Wayne B.

Nilsson, Kajsa

Nilsson, Karl Gidion

Noer, Dagny

Noer, John

Noer, John I.

Noer, Lucille M.

Nolby, Edmund

Nolby, Lillian

Noleen, Alfred

Nordstrom, Carlton I.

Nordstrom, F. Jean

Nordstrom, Mildred B.

Norman, Blake Curtis

Norman, Stephen C.

Norrgard, Edward F.

Norrgard, Leslie

Norrgard, Lolo

Norrgard, Sigrid M.

Norris, Evelyn I.

Norris, Myrtle C.

Norton, Ruth I.

Novak, Eda Ann

Novak, Sherry A.

Novatny, Elizabeth

Novatny, John W.

Novotny (?), Frances

Novotny (?), John

Novotny, John

Novotny, Josephine

Nowak, George S.

Nowak, Gertrude C.

Nyberg, Roger C.

Nyberg, Wenda L.

Nygaard, Eddie O.

Nygaard, Magda

Nygard, Robert J.

Nygren, Carlton D.

Nygren, Ella R.

Nygren, Everett R.

Nygren, John B.

Nygren, Peter

Nylen, Christine M.

Nylin, Agnes C.

Nylin, David E.

Nymoen, Ben O.

Nymoen, Christian O.

O’Brien, Constance Joanne

O’Brien, Edythe J.

O’Brien, Jody Lynn

O’Brien, Joseph L.

O’Brien, Kathleen Mary

O’Brien, Mary C.

O’Connell, Maurice D.

O’Connell, Myrtle B.

O’Donovan, Michael Ambrose

O’Herin, Kathleen M.

Oathout, Steven J.

Odegaard, Edna

Odegaard, Hjalmer

Odegaard, Ralph M.

Odell, Agnes

Odell, Anna M.

Odell, Anna Radde

Odell, William

Ohde, August

Ohman, Robert L.

Olsen, Alice O.

Olsen, Clyde O.

Olsen, Fredora A.

Olsen, Niels A.

Olsen, Renae L.

Olsen, Rita D.

Olson (?), grandmother

Olson (?), Hannah

Olson, Amanda E.

Olson, Anne

Olson, Charles A.

Olson, Clarence M.

Olson, Doris

Olson, Edna Dorothy

Olson, Edward

Olson, Ellen E.

Olson, Emma

Olson, Erick

Olson, Eugene H.

Olson, Eveline E. B.

Olson, Freda J.

Olson, Hilda

Olson, Hilmer

Olson, Jeffrey A.

Olson, John

Olson, Kristina A.

Olson, Marie Moran

Olson, Martin

Olson, Mary

Olson, Michael Robert

Olson, Otto

Olson, randy L.

Olson, Robert Milton

Olson, Vern

Olson, Walter

Oltman, Clara B.

Oltman, Irving W.

Oltman, Leveda J.

Oman, Beatrice I.

Oman, Willard C.

Omestad, Einar

Omestad, Emma

Onchanu, Elizaveta

Onstad, Alfred C.

Orris, Wayne E.

Ortloff, Donna Mae

Ortloff, Dorothy

Ortloff, Stella Cohrs

Osburn, Gordon A.

Osmondson, Dora Emma

Osmondson, Stanley

Osterberg, Ernest T.

Osterberg, Marie B.

Ostman, Arnold M.

Ostman, Arthur E.

Ostman, Bernice A.

Ostman, Beverly Jean

Ostman, Carl E.

Ostman, Clarence H.

Ostman, Doris I.

Ostman, Elin E.

Ostman, Emil J.

Ostman, Gladys F.

Ostman, Isaac

Ostman, Louise B.

Ostman, Mary

Ostman, Maurice O.

Ostman, Robert E.

Ostman, Siegfried

Ostman, Susan Diane

Ostman, Tamara Sue

Oswald, Kipton D.

Otten, Joseph S.

Otten, Mildred V.

Overdick, Agnes Ann

Overdick, William O.

Overdieck, Arthur H.

Overdiek, Donald Earl

Owens, John H.

Pafko, Gladys M.

Pafko, John

Page, Loren Douglas

Pahl (?), August C.

Pahl (?), Charles A.

Pahl (?), Johanna A.

Palmer, Evelyn J.

Palmer, W. Ford

Parenteau, Arthur H.

Parenteau, Elsie J.

Parlin, Lawrence M.

Parsonage, Myrtle M.

Parsonage, Sarah E.

Parsonage, William M.

Parsons, Edith

Parsons, Richard

Parsons, William L.

Pashina, Ronald James

Passon, Wallace P.

Pastorek, Julia M.

Paterson, James A.

Paterson, James S.

Paterson, Lillian M.

Paterson, Myrtle E.

Patten, Anna

Patten, Jean

Patten, Warren

Patterson, C.E.

Patterson, Laura A.

Paulsen, Muriel E.

Paulson, Henning P.

Paulson, Marie

Paulson, Nels

Paulson, Ruth Werness

Peach, Idona F.

Pearson, Annie L.

Pearson, Robert W.

Pearson, Theresa M.

Pearson, Victor A.

Pedersen (?), Cora J.

Pedersen (?), Hans C.

Pedersen (?), Laura J.

Pedersen, Clifford P

Pedersen, Hansine K.

Pedersen, Johannes

Pedersen, Ruth

Pedersen, Soren P.

Pederson, Audrey V.

Pederson, Cheryl Ann

Pederson, Gladys M.

Pederson, Morrill G.

Pederson, Seymour V.

Pehrson, Bertha B.

Pehrson, Joseph A.

Pelarski, Ronald G.

Perkins, Earle D.

Perkins, Elise T.

Perkins, Francis E.

Perkins, Will E.

Pernula, Jeffrey Scott

Persian, Elsie H.

Peshel, Frances F.

Petersen (?) husband M.P. (?)

Petersen (?), Bessie

Petersen (?), George

Petersen (?), J. Peter

Petersen (?), Marius

Petersen (?), Maud

Petersen (?), Maurice

Petersen (?), Nelsene

Petersen, Allen F.

Petersen, Andrew M.

Petersen, Brenda J.

Petersen, Charlene R.

Petersen, Chris

Petersen, Danica D.

Petersen, Edith E.

Petersen, Eleanor G.

Petersen, Janice

Petersen, Jennie A.

Petersen, Raymond A.

Petersen, Soren J.

Peterson, Alpha B.

Peterson, Amanda L.

Peterson, Axel H.

Peterson, Beatrice

Peterson, Ben C.

Peterson, Bruce David

Peterson, Carl Edwin

Peterson, Charles

Peterson, Charles

Peterson, Charles E.

Peterson, Clarence A.

Peterson, Clifford R.

Peterson, Donald W.

Peterson, Dorothy Ahlquist

Peterson, Edwin H.

Peterson, Edyth M.

Peterson, Edythe

Peterson, Eleanor Johnson

Peterson, Evan T.

Peterson, father H.M.

Peterson, Hannah E.

Peterson, Hannah M.

Peterson, Helen

Peterson, Herman

Peterson, Ida S.

Peterson, J. Allen

Peterson, James

Peterson, John A.

Peterson, John L.

Peterson, John W.

Peterson, L.C.

Peterson, Laura M.

Peterson, Lenora M.

Peterson, Lester M.

Peterson, Lillian E.

Peterson, Lillian S.

Peterson, Mary Ann Kathryn

Peterson, Mathilda S.

Peterson, mother H.M.

Peterson, Olivia D.

Peterson, Patricia E.

Peterson, Peter

Peterson, Rosalie A.

Peterson, Rose C.

Peterson, Roy E.

Peterson, Ruth A.

Peterson, Sara

Peterson, Serenus E.

Petrak (?), Adolf

Petrak (?), Annie

Petrak (?), John

Petrak (?), Joseph

Petrosky, George

Petrosky, Rose

Petruska, Corinne L.

Petruska, John

Petruska, Magdalena

Petterson, Doris L.

Pfeifer, Edward L.

Pfiefer, Violet J.

Phelps, Dorothy E.

Phelps, Gordon L.

Philipson, Carl W.

Phillips, Mary Lyn

Phillips, Myron L.

Phillips, Roy E.

Piepho, Lillian M.

Piepho, Robert W,

Piepho, Robert W.

Piepho, Ronald T.

Planque, Ethel M. “Goldie”

Plautz, Kenneth Charles

Plehal, Alvin E.

Plehal, Anara L.

Plehal, Anne S.

Plehal, Dorothy M.

Plehal, Elizabeth Maureen

Plehal, Gerald N.

Plehal, Lorna Sue

Plehal, Pamela Kay

Plehal, Samuel J.

Plehal, William

Plihal, August

Plihal, Warren E.

Plumley, Alfred N.

Plumley, Josephine L.

Plyavina, Asya

Pokorny, Chris

Pokorny, Milo

Pomlerleau, Patricia J.

Popelka, Clara T.

Popelka, Emil A>

Poppenhagen, A. Leonard

Poppenhagen, Esther E.

Poppenhagen, Leland D.

Portner, Florence Stenzel

Portner, Winsted E.

Post, Erick C.

Post, Gerda C.

Post, Thomas S.

Powers, John M.

Powers, Mary Lou

Pregler, Donald A.

Pregler, Lillian M.

Prescott, Clarence F.

Prescott, Jessie M.

Preston, Emma

Preston, Harry C.

Prudlo, Jacquelin

Puck, Ethel M.

Puck, Herman J.

Pudil, Catherine E.

Pudil, James

Pudil, Robert J.

Quernemoen, Benjamin

Quernemoen, Elizabeth Ann

Quick, Anton

Quinn, Frank L.

Quist (?), Christine

Quist (?), Oscar

Quist, Anna S.

Quist, Arvid C.

Quist, Clifford H.

Quist, Inga M.

Qunell, Eva M.

Rachau, Adolph

Rachau, Nettie

Rachau, Nina

Rachau, Orlin

Radde, Dianne V.

Radde, Howard C.

Radde, Phillip H.

Radde, VerneE.

Radiske, Albert F.

Radiske, Frederick E.

Raffenbeul, Joel William

Raffenbeul, Scott William

Raffenbeul, Vonnie Jean

Rafiee, Mehran

Rain, Gloria A.

Rain, Maurice H.

Rakow, Dorothy M.

Rakow, Fred A.

Rakow, Herman F.

Rakow, Manda M.

Ralston, Christopher M.

Ralston, E. Lowell

Ralston, Robert M.

Ramsdell, Steven J.

Ramsden, Catherine

Ramsden, Lisle A.

Ramstorf, Florence

Ramstorf, John R.

Rand, Jenna Louise

Randall, Florence L.

Rank, Leland E.

Ranwick, Alice P.

Ranwick, Larry M.

Rasmussen, Anna M.

Rasmussen, Elvira H.

Rasmussen, George H.

Rasmussen, Hans P.

Rasmussen, Johanne C.

Rasmussen, Nels

Rasmusson, Helen R.

Rath, Carol

Rath, Daniel

Rath, Don

Rath, Nell I.

Ratican – Holt, Elma R.

Ratican, James A.

Rawls, Deb

Ray, Marg J. Risley

Reagor, Jacklyn Rae

Reagor, Melba M.

Reagor, Robert E.

Reagor, Walter M.

Redeen Victor E.

Redeen, Annie C.

Redeen, August

Redeen, Carl A.

Redeen, Christina

Redeen, Elmer L.

Redeen, Hilda

Redeen, Norma

Reed, Louisa W.

Reeder, Hazel L. (Wilkins)

Reese, Jeffrey Lee

Reeves, Jenna V.

Reilly, Eugene F.

Reine, Ingeborg

Reiner, Clara M.

Reiner, John W.

Reiss (?), Jensine

Reiss (?), Peter G.

Reiss, Anna E.

Reiss, Carl H.

Reksten, Edith

Reksten, Henry

Remus, Gustave A.

Rentschler, Betty Fewer

Rettmer, Curtis

Rettmer, Phyllis

Reuben, Darryl T.

Rhodes, Delphine H.

Rhodes, Marshall A.

Rialson, Alice Lorraine

Richard, Opal M.

Richards, Erin Aubrey-Renee

Richardson, Alfred L.

Richardson, Charles

Richardson, Clyde A.

Riegert, Dawn Marie

Riley, Marlys M.

Ringham, Augusta

Ringham, Clarence

Ringham, Grady

Ringham, Helen Gavin

Ringham, Keith

Ringham, Rodger Falk

Rinsema, Jacob

Rinsema, Jean

Ristau, Arnold C.

Ristau, Mildred L.

Robbins, Suzanne K.

Roberg, Arne C.

Roberg, Hattie O.

Roberg, Irene

Roberg, Lorraine

Roberg, Robert

Roberg, Robert A.

Roberg, Rose I.

Robinson, baby daughters

Robinson, Frederick C.

Robinson, Shirley M.

Robinson, Warren T.

Rodberg, Edgar O.

Rodberg, Jean E.

Rogness, Florence

Rogness, Orren S.

Rohe, John Arndt

Romine, Jess L.

Romine, Leola K.

Romine, May

Ronnei, Freida A.

Ronnei, Percy O.

Ronnei, Walter J.

Roosa, Mary

Rorbach, Dorothy M.

Rorbach, H. Vance

Rosckes, Stanley C.

Rose, Andrew

Rose, Barbara Matton

Ross, John D.

Rotnem, Richard A.

Rouzer, Henry Bruce

Rouzer, Mary Elizabeth

Rowe, Ebba T.

Rowe, Willard J.

Rozek, Emil

Rubio, Katharine R.

Rudd, Carl O.

Rudd, Hilda M.

Runsberg, Gladys L.

Runsberg, Herman L.

Runsberg, Mabel B.

Rush, Elvira

Rush, Joseph

Russell, Ruby B.

Ruttner, Alice

Ruttner, Emil

Ryba, Agnes C.

Ryba, Ernest J.

Ryba, Frank J.

Ryba, Madeline

Ryba, Ray J.

Ryba, Rose M.

Rye, Elmer M.

Rye, Melvin A.

Rye, Sophie

Rynders, Janel Lynn

Saba, Duane A.

Sabol, Andrew

Sabol, Susan

Sackrison, Frank

Saefke, Michael W.

Sahlquist, Ebba P.

Sailer, Arnold H.

Salberg, Warner

Salyards, Gretchen G.

Sanchez, Enrique

Sandberg, Anna

Sandberg, Erick

Sandberg, Mary

Sandberg, O.F.

Sanderson, Albert

Sanderson, Esther

Sanderson, Pearl

Sandvik, Margaret M.

Santee, Carma J.

Sargent, Bert

Sargent, Dora

Saric, Henry H.

Saric, Louise

Saric, Milenko M.

Sather, Lily M.

Sather, Sidney A.

Saturnino, Manue

Sauer, Herbert

Sauer, Leota

Scarbrough, Edith B.

Scarbrough, Lee J.

Schaak, August A.

Schaak, Lizzetta

Schaak, Marie A.

Schaak, Roy A.

Schaefer, Agnes M.

Schaefer, W.H.

Schall, Effie P.

Schedin, Elmer J.

Schedin, Pearl

Schellenberg, Hugo

Schellenberg, Lena

Scherer, Harold D.

Scherer, Mabel H.

Scherer, Sara E.

Scherz, Paul D.

Schillinger, Connie R.

Schillinger, Donald J.

Schissel, Kathleen L.

Schlechter, Gladys

Schlechter, Joseph

Schmaedeke, Alice M.

Schmidt, Richard

Schmieg, Francis Leonard

Schmieg, Lorna L.

Schnabel, Anna E.

Schnabel, Stanley S.

Schnabel, William J.

Schoenborn, Carl

Schoenborn, Rougean

Schoephoerster, Alan C.

Schoephoerster, Kurt G.

Schon, Hulda A.

Schon, John

Schoon, Benard H.

Schoon, Shirley M.

Schrader, Alfreda

Schrader, Henry W.

Schrupp, Alfred H.

Schrupp, Donna M.

Schuette, Louise E.

Schuette, Wilbert A.

Schultz, Blaine Allan

Schultz, Erwin

Schultz, Jeanne

Schultz, Ronald L.

Schulz, Alice M.

Schulz, Annie

Schulz, Robert

Schulz, Roland E.

Schulze, Lise Jene

Schuneman, John W.

Schunk, Gerald

Schunk, Irene M.

Schunk, Norbert T.

Schwartz, Jessie M.

Schwartz, Oscar

Scmhidt, Annie

Scoville, Frank W.

Scoville, Ruth R.

Seashore, Jeffrey Thomas

Sell, Harold H.

Sell, Stella

Seller, Bruce M.

Semerikova, Mariya A.

Sester, William J.

Sewall, Gertrude

Sewall, Gunda M.

Sewall, Leon B.

Sewall, Ralph B.

Shaffer, Agnes Mae

Shea, Joseph A.

Shea, Mary D.

Shea, Mary F.

Sheats, Christopher C.

Sheats, Genevieve

Sheats, William

Shellenberg, Arnold B.

Shellenberg, Laura O.

Sherman, Leverett B.

Sherman, Selma E.

Shima, August A.

Shima, James F.

Shimek, Frank J.

Shoemaker, Glenda C.

Shonka, George J.

Shonka, J.J.

Shonka, Joseph A.

Shonka, Juaneta B.

Shonka, Mary A.

Shonka, Ray H.

Shore, Margaret C.

Shore, William F.

Shrake, Noah Paul

Shrake, Susan Kay

Shubert, Augusta

Shubert, Caroline

Shubert, Joseph

Sieving, Ethel B.

Sieving, Herman E.

Siewert (?), Carl G.

Siewert (?), Mary J.

Siewert (?), mother

Siller, Nels Erick

Simmet, Mark A.

Simon, Darwina M.

Simon, Lloyd M.

Simon, Robert J.

Simonson, Bertha E.

Simonson, Clelland M.

Sipprell (?), Merle V.

Sipprell (?), Rosie

Sipprell, Anna M.

Sipprell, Annette

Sipprell, Clayton L.

Sipprell, Isabell C.

Sipprell, Raymond A.

Sipprell, Wayne

Sisson, Lydia A.

Sisson, Ray L.

Sitar, Bessie

Sitar, Frank

Skaarup, Julius

Skartvedt, Gilroy A.

Skelly, James Michael

Skogman, Clara (Hansen)

Skogman, J.T.

Skogmo, Anne E.

Skogmo, Arthur J.

Skogmo, Arthur Joseph

Skorheim, Anton C.

Skorheim, Emma C.

Skorheim, Raymond D.

Skottegaard, Jens M.

Skottegaard, T.C.

Skottegard (?), Walter

Skottegard, Douglas

Skottegard, Rose Lukas

Skottegard, Thorvald

Skrukrud, Harold L.

Skrukrud, Muriel H.

Skrukrud, Thomas L.

Slyce, Anna M.

Slyce, Frank

Slyce, Helen

Slyce, Joseph

Slyce, Mary K.

Smalley, Alonzo

Smalley, Charles E.

Smalley, Emma

Smith (?), Caroline

Smith (?), Sam N.

Smith, Adam E.

Smith, Addie C.

Smith, David G.

Smith, Edith K.

Smith, Harry R.

Smith, Herbert E.

Smith, Ira L.

Smith, Irwin C.

Smith, Margaret A.

Smith, Marion E.

Smith, Nina C.

Smith, Pansy R.

Smith, Saraphine

Smith, Thomas M.

Snell, Ethelmae M.

Snell, Norman A.

Snook, Ralph H.

Snyder, Myrtle C.

Soderbeck, Benjamin B.

Soderbeck, Hulda C.

Solberg, Paula M.

Somaiah, Ram Mahin

Sommerfeld, Donald H.

Sommerfeld, June S.

Soper, Bert L.

Soper, Leslie L.

Soper, Mae C.

Sorensen, Nels M.

Sorensen, Serina

Sorenson, Anna

Sorenson, Christopher A.

Sorenson, N. Ben

Souba (?), Benjamin

Souba (?), Mary

Souba, Ben J.

Souba, Edwin G.

Souba, John I.

Souba, Marie A.

Souba, Robert Carl

Souba, Violet J.

Soukup, Peter

Soukup, Rose

Spencer, Earle W.

Spencer, Hilma E.

Spott, Della E.

Spott, Gary

Spott, Joseph F.

Spurlin, Dannie D.

Staedy, Ellen Strain

Stahlecker, Jan

Stahlecker, Ray

Stallcop, Gilbert E. Pete

Stallcop, Peter T.

Stallcop, Ruth Love

Stanek, Mike

Stans, Hope B.

Stans, Wilfred W.

Stanton, Michael Edward

Starks, Wanda

Stasney, Eleonora

Stasney, Frank

Stasney, Marie L. Lunke

Stedman, Ada P.

Stedman, Arthur B.

Steele, Florence L.

Steele, Roy E.

Stelter, Irene V.

Stelter, Jake

Stenback, James E.

Stennes, Corella

Stennes, Curtis

Stenzel, Ernest A.

Stenzel, H.E.

Stevenson (?), Lee G.

Stevenson (?), Mildred P.

Stodola, Frank

Stodola, Lottie

Stohl, Lasse J.

Stokka, Olaf

Stoll, Emilia A.

Stoltman, Charles W.

Storm, Hilma M.

Storm, John E.

Strachota, Clarence A.

Strachota, George F.

Strachota, Lillian C.

Strachota, Louis

Strachota, Mary C.

Strachota, Phyllis J.

Strachota, Vladimer L.

Strain, Clyde E.

Strain, James Paul

Strain, Margaret A.

Strand, Noel C.

Strandberg, Florence A.

Strandberg, Minnie

Strandberg, Vivian L.

Stratemeyer, Ester

Stribling, Donald L.

Stroh, Pauline

Strom, Ole

Struffert, Dorothy L.

Struffert, Frank W.

Stumm, James E.

Stumm, Marian L.

Suchomel, Michael Paul

Sullwold, Anna

Sullwold, Ethel M.

Sullwold, Henry

Sullwold, Kenneth H.

Sumpter (?), Eugene E.

Sumpter (?), Luther W.

Sumpter, Alvin R.

Sumpter, Florence C.

Sumpter, Laura L.

Sundby, George A.

Sundby, Maren K.

Sundquist, Anna M.

Sundquist, Bess

Sundquist, Cecil W.

Sundquist, Dorothy C.

Sundquist, Florence E.

Sundquist, Frederick A.

Sundquist, John A.

Sundquist, Larry John

Sundquist, Lenora M.

Sundquist, Mary M.

Sundquist, Mildred

Sundquist, Ole Edward

Sundquist, Ole P.

Sundquist, Peter J.

Sundquist, Peter O.

Sundquist, Valentine R.

Suppes, Garnet

Suppes, Gladys

Swanlund, Beulah M.

Swanlund, Fredricka

Swanlund, Gilbert G.

Swanson, Albin

Swanson, Alvin

Swanson, Arlene R.

Swanson, Augusta

Swanson, Charles R.

Swanson, Clarence E.

Swanson, Daryl L.

Swanson, Doris

Swanson, Dorothy M.

Swanson, Elof

Swanson, Erma P.

Swanson, Esther

Swanson, Florence

Swanson, George

Swanson, Gerald A.

Swanson, Gilbert L.

Swanson, Gloria A.

Swanson, Helen M.

Swanson, Hulda J.

Swanson, Ivan

Swanson, John

Swanson, John A.

Swanson, Joseph D.

Swanson, Maria

Swanson, Mildred

Swanson, Myrtle M.

Swanson, Olaf E.

Swanson, Oscar C.

Swanson, Richard P.

Swanson, Robin H.

Swanson, Ruby Eliza

Swanson, Wendla K.

Swatosch, Frank A.

Swatosch, Nettie

Swatosch, Wallace

Swedberg (?), Charles

Swedberg (?), Emma

Swedberg, Ella A.

Swedberg, William C.

Sween, Florence A.

Swendra, Albin

Swendra, Joan

Swendra, Viola

Swenson (?), Hannah

Swenson (?), Hans

Swenson, Andrew K.

Swenson, Anna

Swenson, Connie Engelbert

Swenson, Donald Nels

Swenson, Nels

Swenson, Paul

Swenson, Selma

Swetman, Clara M.

Swinjakow, Wasyl

Sylwester, Roy J.

Tabat, Keith Gene

Tallberg, Marceleen

Tallberg, Theodore

Tauchen, Esther E.

Tauchen, John P.

Taylor, Clare R.

Taylor, Cranshaw L.

Taylor, Donald A.

Taylor, Everett L.

Taylor, Gladys R.

Taylor, Judith A.

Taylor, Rose H.

Taylor, Roy A.

Taylor, Roy E.

Tengblad, Ruth P.

Terlinden, Ida Rath

Tesar, Zelta Pat

Tetzlaff, Henry

Tetzlaff, Laura E.

Tetzlaff, Vera A.

Thiele, Clare E.

Thielman, Alfred E.

Thielman, Arthur

Thielman, Julius

Thielman, Mary

Thietten, Leona M.

Thietten, Rex L.

Thietten, Shelby C.

Thomas, Elaine A.

Thomas, James

Thomas, Jerry E.

Thomas, Liv T.

Thomas, Margaret

Thomas, Randall Mark

Thompson, Cecelia

Thompson, Fred E.

Thompson, Marie

Thompson, Thomas T.

Thompson, William M.

Thomson (?), Elizabeth

Thomson (?), Fred B.

Thomson (?), Norman B.

Thomson, Alma W.

Thomson, Don B.

Thomson, Roy Bertrand

Thomson, Virginia

Thomson, Wilhelmina

Thronson, Sidney F.

Thrunau, Agnes

Thul, George

Thul, Lillian

Timm, Daniel W.

Timm, Jeffrey P.

Timm, Marilyn M.

Timm, Richard W.

Tiroux, Louis A.

Tobias, Christine M.

Tobias, George J.

Torgerson, Marvin R.

Torseth, Warren A.

Totushek, Joseph F.

Totushek, Josephine

Totushek, Louis

Totushek, Louise A.

Towne, Carol A.

Tracy (?), Barbar

Tracy (?), Ella

Tracy (?), John

Tracy (?), Lillian

Trester, Larry

Trester, Martha

Triden, Stephen A.

Truman (?), Herbert D.

Truman (?), Minnie M.

Truman, Alfreda Boothby

Truman, Ralph E.

Trummer, Leo E.

Trygstad, Jeanette H.

Trygstad, Kermit M.

Turk, Sandra

Turner, Robert D.

Turnrose, Annie

Tweed, Anne C.

Tweed, Dagmar Elizabeth

Tweed, Gilman Arthur

Tweed, Gullick O.

Twite, Alice C.

Twite, Kurt Bradley

Twite, Ralph Edwin

Tychsen, Alexander M.

Tychsen, Carl A.

Tychsen, Vera

Uherka (?), May

Uherka (?), Shirley May

Uherka, Frank A.

Uherke (?), Albin A.

Ulka, Lorraine J.

Ulman, Fred

Uptagrafft, John F.

Uptagrafft, Myrtle B.

Vandenberg, Gerald L.

Vanderhoof, Vena B.

VanDuyn, C. Jane

VanDuyn, H. Wes

Vane, Ida V.

Vane, Oscar C.

Vanek, Merrilee

VanNingen, Lillian T.

VanNingen, Roy S.

Vannurden, Berdella S.

Vannurden, Carl C.

Vannurden, Cecille E. Souba

VanReyper, Alma

VanSlooten, Florence C.

VanSlooten, Nicholas

Varner (Schnabel), F. Evelyn

Varner, William A.

Vassar, Martin M.

Vassar, Violet H.

Vee, Belinda A.

Venaas, Ivan

Veronikas, John E.

Vickerman, Dale C.

Vickerman, Dayton L.

Vickerman, Dorothy M.

Vickerman, Ella M.

Vickerman, Floyd W.

Vickerman, Floyd W.

Vickerman, Glenard L.

Vickerman, Joy M.

Vickerman, Laila M.

Vickerman, Lulu B.

Vickerman, Myrtle

Vickerman, William T.

Viray, Gladys A.

Voigt, Clara E.

Voigt, Otto E.

Voita, Vaclav

Vollrath, Grace K.

Vomela, Joseph T.

Vomela, Theador

Vomela, Theador

Voss (?), Albert G.

Voss (?), Bertha M.

Voss (?), Clifford A.

Voss, Harold

Voss, Priscilla

Vujnovich, Sava

W., R.J.

Wacha, Leonard

Wacha, Marie

Wackerfuss, Bonnie L.

Waetjen, Roy

Wagner, Willard C.

Wagstaff, Kris W.

Waite, Douglas D.

Waite, Mildred G.

Walker, Bernice B.

Walker, Leo G.

Wallick, Harriet C.

Wallick, Jay Alan

Wallick, Roland V.

Wallin, Ruth Olson

Wallin, Sidney A.

Walton, Asa F.

Walton, Constance S.

Walton, Exine I.

Walton, Harriet F.

Walton, Kay Frances

Walton, Margaret H.

Walton, Marion F.

Walton, Merton

Walton, Mildred

Walton, Steven Dennis

Walton, William H.

Walton, William S.

Wandrei, Herbert R.

Wandrei, Lillie H.

Wandrei, Steven R.

Wantoch, Ardell H.

Wantoch, Julius A.

Ward, Otis A.

Ware, Bert A.

Warner, Edward

Warner, Esther G.

Warner, Frank J.

Warner, Thomas J.

Warnes, Kenneth F.

Warnes, Marion M.

Warren, Diane

Warren, Shirley A.

Waterman, John W.

Waterman, Julia A.

Watland, James

Watland, Ruth M.

Watson, Winifred M.

Webber, Russell E.

Webber, Sigrid H.

Weber, Cara M.

Weber, Sheila A.

Weberg, Georgina

Wechsler, Chester A.

Weckman, Herbert A.

Weckman, Hulda E.

Wehmasto, Sanna Maria

Weidenbach, Adam

Weidenbach, Esther

Weidner, Frederick C.

Weilage, Roelayne A.

Weilage, Ronald W.

Weiland, Lyle A.

Weinkauf, Mary A.

Weisgram, Art

Weisgram, Darlene

Wells (?), James Earl

Wells (?), Merie

Wells, Edward E.

Wenzel, Annelore

Wenzel, Rolf Albert

Werner, Anna

Werner, Anton

Werner, Jim P.

Werness, Catherine A.

Werness, Jenny K.

Werness, Melvin J.

Werness, Peter G.

Werness, Phyllis B.

Werness, Raymond J.

Werness, Shirley J.

Werness, Walter I.

Wernick, Joel S.

West, Garnet D.

Westberg, Mary

Westberg, Swan

Westburg (?), Evelyne

Westburg, Amelia E.

Westburg, Andrew H.

Westburg, Hulda E.

Westburg, Ida S.

Westburg, Nellie

Westburg, William V.

Westerse, Cecelia

Westling, Albert

Westling, Andrew

Westling, Annie

Westling, Christine A.

Westling, Evelyn

Westling, Frances

Westling, Leslie H.

Westling, Mildred L.

Westling, Norman W.

Westling, Roberta E.

Westling, Vernon

Westling, Victor

Westlund, Johanna

Wheat, Kenneth H.

Wheat, Marguerite A.

Wheaton, Albert K.

Wheaton, Lois A.

Wheeler, Lillian

Wheeler, Milo R.

Whipps, Elizabeth

Whipps, Elmer G.

Whitcomb, Dale H.

Whitcomb, Eileen H.

White, Hilda O.

White, Joshua C.

White, Richard G.

White, Stanley

White, Thomas Maynard

Whitney, Alma L.

Whitney, Frank N.

Whitney, Frank S.

Whitney, Mary R.

Whitney, Nola E.

Whitney, Theresa M.

Whitney, William C.

Wiborg, Ella Mae

Wiborg, William R.

Wibstad, Amy Marie

Wicklund, Irene E.

Wickner, Mary E.

Wietzke, Walter R.

Wiggins, Grace

Wiggins, J. Willis

Wilder, Bernice L.

Wilder, Clifford T.

Wiley, Dennis H.

Wiley, Harold S.

Wiley, Thalia A.

Wilhelmsen (?), Edith C.

Wilhoid, Richard O.

Wilhoit, Margaret M.

Wilkins, Grace B.

Wilkins, William O.

Williams, Alma M.

Williams, Earl W.

Williams, Emma

Williams, Esther A.

Williams, Florence J.

Williams, Geo

Williams, Geo E.

Williams, Geo T.

Williams, Gus

Williams, Harry G.

Williams, Hilda

Williams, Ida C.

Williams, Irene C.

Williams, Isabelle

Williams, J. Frank

Williams, John E.

Williams, Leonard

Williams, Lucille

Williams, Mark

Williams, Sarah

Williams, Sarah B.

Williams, Thomas J.

Williams, Vernon

Williams, Warren L.

Willman, Laverne

Wilson, Carol E.

Wilson, Catherine

Wilson, Helen June

Wilson, Henry W.

Wilson, Isaac Christopher

Wilson, Jodean

Wilson, Paul Williams

Wilson, Wayne

Winkelman, Ella A.

Winkelman, Elmer J.

Winkelman, Linda L.

Winkler, Allie Hurley

Winkler, Ernest Wm.

Winkler, Ervin C.

Winkler, Fred J.

Winkler, Myrtle E.

Winterfield, Dorothy Ellen

Winterfield, Lynn D.

Wistrand, David

Wistrand, John H.

Wistrand, Karen

Witte, Elmer R.

Witte, Thelma A.

Wojciechowski, John

Wojciechowski, Pedro C.

Wolff (?), Anna

Wolff (?), Frieda

Wolff (?), George

Wolff (?), Johanna

Wolff (?), Nels

Wolff (?), Wilhelm

Wolff, Charles N.

Wolff, Evelyn E.

Wolff, Oscar W.

Wolter, Phyllis A.

Woodbury, Dorothy I.

Woodbury, Gerald A.

Woodhall, May Andrea

Woodstrom, Jack W.

Wothe, Leo

Wothe, Steven

Wright, Donald A.

Wright, Dorothy A.

Wright, Virginia A.

Wright, Winifred I.

Wulff, Helen M.

Wulff, Herbert

Wyche, Gilbert S.

Wylie, Edward A.

Wylie, Merle J.

Wynkoop, Betty Lou

Yackel, Donnamae

Yackel, Lola M.

Yackel, Richard A.

Yackel, Theo W.

Yager, Clifford H.

Yager, Hazel L.

Yngve, Jean Ann

Yort, Henrik M.S.

Young, Dewaine V.

Young, Ida C.

Young, Lawrence A.

Young, Lynnette A.

Youngstrom, Alfred N.

Youngstrom, Naemi C.

Ypparila, Patricia J.

Yudina, Nadezhda

Zahringer, Edna G.

Zahringer, Harding J.

Zahringer, Herbert C.

Zahringer, Joseph

Zahringer, Mamie C.

Zajicek, Thomas John

Zakariasen, Kenneth L.

Zander, Clara

Zatarga, Anna C.

Zdrazil, Elizabeth

Zila, Burt

Zila, Leonard J.

Zila, Rose

Zimmerman, Dianne L.

Zimmerman, Harvey E.

Zinke, Julius F.

Zivkovich, Stephen

Zobach, Anna

Zoet, Grace



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