St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery - Crow River

Camden Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T116N - R26W, section 15

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This rural cemetery is maintained and in good shape. There is no longer a church at this location. The burial plots seem to have changed in size from the older burial sections to the newer burial sections in this cemetery. The newer burial plots appear to be larger and / or spaced further apart. Several of the burial monuments have script style lettering which is difficult to decipher. 

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright (c) Debbie Boe 1998

Friedericka Barfknecht

Herman Barfknecht

Gottlieb Barlau

Hilda Barlau

Anna M. Blauert

Gustav E. Blauert

Martha W.B., child of F. & M. Borchardt

Unser Liebling, child of F. & M. Borchardt

Arthur (?) Breisemeister (?)

Anna Clara, daughter of A. & B. Briesemeister

Caroline Briesemeister (?)

Emma, daughter of A. & A. Briesemeister (?)

Martha, daughter of A. & A. Briesemeister (?)

Olga F. Briesemeister

Jens A. Brink

Louisa C. Domjahn, wife of A. Domjahn

August Domjohn

Malinda Domras

Raymond Domras

Edwin S. (?) C. (?), son of F. & S. (?) Drews

Margraet Fenske

Rudolph Fenske

Senrethe (?) C. Glern

Hermann Gode (?)

Albertine Goede

August Goede

Harold E. Goede

Hilma A. Goede

Edwin S.A. Goetzkow

? of A. & E. Graunke

Albert (?) Graunke (?)

Albert E. Graunke

Carolina Graunke

Edward R. Graunke

Emma B. Graunke

Emma M. Graunke

Ethel Graunke

Friederich Graunke

Laura (?) Graunke (?)

Sophia, daughter of A. & L. Graunke

baby of A. & K. Groenke

baby Fred Gruenhagen

August Guetzkow

August H. Guetzkow

Carolina Guetzkow

Carl Guetzkow

Elizabeth Guetzkow

Fred Guetzkow

Herman Guetzkow (?)

Herman Guetzkow

Loisa Guetzkow

Loren Guetzkow

Louise M. Guetzkow

Marie Guetzkow

Minnie Louise Guetzkow (?)

only Guetzkow

Otto F., son of H. & M. Guetzkow

Selma Guetzkow

Reinhold E. Guetzkow

William Guetzkow

Eunice M. Hechsel

Otto W. Hechsel

Lee Ann Hedtke

Regina E. Hedtke

William A. Hedtke

A.J. Hennig

Bertha Hennig (?)

Emil Hennig (?)

Emil E. Hennig

Wilhelmina Hennig

Laura E. Hensel

William R. Hensel

Clarence Wm. J. Hochstedler

Jacob Wm. J. Hochstedler

Adeline Honebrink

Clarence Honebrink

baby son of Ed. & E. Hudlow

L???, daughter of Ed. & E. Hudlow

Agnes M. Jakubik

Paul Jakubik

Adolf (?) F. Japs (?)

Anna ? Japs (?)

Emma B. (?) Japs

Jennetta, daughter of C. & K. Johnson (?)

Wilhelmz Johnson 

Mathilda E.H. Kirchenwitz

Robert M. Kircheuwitz (?)

Emma Kohls

Anna K. Kusske

Edward Kusske

Kenneth E. Kusske

Myron L. Kusske

Ervin R. Lange

Florence J. Lange

James W. Lauman

James W. Laumann

Gary Laumann

Roger Laumann

Gustav Lehrke

Otto, son of F. (?) & P. Lehrke

Wilhelmine Lehrke

Minnie Loehrs

William Loehrs

Ernestine Lueck

Friedich W. Lueck

Reinhardt F. Lueck

Muriel A. Maass

Ralph H. Maass

Andrew Mattison

Bertram Mattison

Bertram Mattison

Ida Mattison

Karen Mattison

Mareus Mattison

Minnie Mattison

Fred C. Mielke

Katherine J. Mielke

Lillian Mielke

only Mielke (?)

M. (?) M. (?) Mielke

Walter Mielke

Peter Nelson

Mabel E. Pawelk

Marcella V. Pawelk

Merlyn O. Pawelk

Oscar H. Pawelk

Roy O. Pawelk

Lorraine Raether

Milton E. Raether

George E. Reese

Ida A. Reese

Emilie Remus

Friedrich Remus

Augusta Roepke

Fredrick Roepke

Carl G. Ross

Ferdinant Ross

Florentine Ross

Gustav Ross

Martha Ross

Jacob Scheuble

Anna (?) E. Schmidt

Ida E., daughter of O. & E. Schoenke

Wilhelmine A. Schroder

Christian Schroeder

Elsie L. Schuettpelz

Florence Schuettpelz

Harold Schuettpelz

Marvin H. Schuettpelz

Amalia Schwartz, wife of August Schwartz

August G. Schwartz

Lena M., daughter of Aug. & A. Schwartz

Wilhelmine Schwartz

Carl Seidler

Emilia Seidler

Fred Seidler

Julius B., son of C. & E. Seidler

Otto F. Seidler

only Seiuler (?)

LaJane Stender

August (?) Stern

Agnes L. Stieve

Frank A. Stieve

Caroline A. Thompson

Charles E. Thompson

Anna P. Trittabaugh

Annie Trittabaugh

Carla M. Trittabaugh

Enoch Trittabaugh

Henry G. Trittabaugh

Herbert Trittabaugh

Leroy Trittabaugh

Lillian C. Trittabaugh

Lydia Trittabaugh

Mathilda Trittabaugh

Nicholas Trittabaugh

Oscar C. Trittabaugh

Adolph G. Unglaub

Clarence Unglaub

Elizabeth Unglaub

‘Father’ Unglaub

Gilbert J. Unglaub

Jerome E. Unglaub

‘Mother’ Unglaub

Sheldon, son of M. & M. Howard Unglaub

William Unglaub

Elmer E. Vollrath

Elisa Wagner

Michael Wagner

Adeline W. Wegner

Arlene Wegner

Carl Wegner

Ferdinand Wegner

Fredericka Wegner

Walter Wegner

William J. Wegner

Edwin Westermann

George F. Westermann

Herbert Westermann

Johanna Westermann

Heinrich Wiedenroth

Wilhelmine Wiedenroth

Arlen L. Will

Elvine Ella, daughter of H. & I. Zahel

Augusta Zuhl (?)

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