St. Mark's Lutheran Cemetery

Camden Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T116N – R26W, section 5

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery is maintained and in great shape. The monuments line up in very straight rows. The cemetery is located slightly north and west of the town of New Germany, Minnesota and borders Hollywood township in Carver county

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright (c) Debbie Boe 1998

Emma Asmus

Otto Asmus

Hubert H. Barlau

Martha Barlau

Otto Barlau

Luverna Baumann

Walter Baumann

Bertha Becker

Elsie L. Becker

George Becker

Harold R. Becker

Leona Beirsdorf

Audrey Belje

Brian David Berge

Albert Biersdorf

Henry Biersdorf

Louise Biersdorf, nee Kuntz

George Blum

Minnie Blum

Arthur C. Borchardt

Elzina E. Borchardt

John L. Borka

Anna B. Brandenburg

Otto F. Brandenburg

Erna Brelje

Herman Brelje

Leila Brelje

Emma Briesemeister

‘Father’ Briesemeister

Herman Briesemeister

‘Mother’ Briesemeister (?)

Verona Briesemeister

Heinrich G. Burau

Magdalena L. Barau

Carl F. Burkowske

Edwin W. Burkowske

Emil R. Burkowske (?)

Gustav Burkowske

Lacorda A. Burkowske

Lena Burkowske

Hilma Butterfass 

Minnie Butterfass 

Peter Butterfass 

Amelia A. Domjahn

Anna W. Domjahn

August F. Domjahn

Elizabeth Domjahn

Emil Domjahn

Herbert Domjahn

Herman E. Domjahn

Hilda Domjahn

Lena Domjahn

Magdalena Domjahn

Rudolph Domjahn

William Domjahn

Henriette Drews

Julius Drews

Otto J. Drews

Selma B. Drews

Clarence Dummer

Vernon Dummer

Albert Farber

Martha Farber

Carl Friedrich (?)

Albert Goede

Albert F. Goede

Alfred G. Goede

Carl F. Goede

Emma Goede

Frank Goede

Gustav Goede

Henry A. Goede

Ida Goede

Julius Goede

Karl F.W. Goede

Margaretha Goede

Nora Goede

Ruben Goede

Virginia B. Goede

Wilhelmina Goede

Wilhelmine Goede

Anna B. Goodridge

Glenna Green

Gust Green

Martha Green

Albert Groenke

Anna C. Groenke

Bernice G. Groenke

Donald P. Groenke

Donald Paul Groenke

Edward Groenke

Emil W. Groenke

Helena Groenke

Karoline Groenke

Lena A. Groenke

Milan Groenke

Milan R. Groenke

Oscar Groenke

Robert C. Groenke

Rudolf Groenke

Wilhelmina A. Groenke

William C. Groenke

Albert Guetzkow

Gustav A. Guetzkow

Lena A. Guetzkow

Minnie Guetzkow

Adeline Hafemann

Albert Hafemann

Alma Hafemann

Bertha Hafemann

Friedrich Hafemann

Milton Hafemann

Ottilia Hafemann

Otto W. Hafemann

William Hafemann

William Hafemann

Alvin B. Hamann

Louise M. Hamann

Erna E. Hartwig

Omar Hartwig

Roy R. Hartwig

Viola Hartwig

Herman Henchsel

Aletta S. Hedtke

Barbara Jean Hedtke

Carl Hedtke

Clarence Hedtke

Edith Hedtke

Evangeline M. Hedtke

Fred C. Hedtke

Joanne S. Hedtke

Kathy Hedtke

LuVerne Hedtke

Friedrich T. Hein

Leroy O. Hein

Mathilda B. Hein

Viron Hein

August E. Hennig

Augusta Hennig

Leopold C. Hennig

Martha E. Hennig

Anna Henning

Clara Henning

Darrell Henning

Dennis H. Henning

Emma A. Henning

Henry W. Henning

Henry Wm. Henning

Lena A. Henning

Leonard Henning

Leopold Henning

Reinhold Henning

Rudolf Henning

son of Mr. & Mrs. Gerhard Henning

baby Hensel

Dean W. Hensel

Edward Hensel

Melvin F. Hensel

Rubina D. Hensel

Arthur H. Heuer

Luella A. Heuer

Elda, daughter of Wm. & S. Hielke

Linda K. Hilk

Ida C. Hirsch

Herman J. Hirsch

Anna M. Johnson

Alfred B. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

Elmer Karels

Herman Karels

Hilma Karels

Ida Karels

Lorena Karels

Marvin Karels

August C. Kohls

Carl Kohls

Caroline Kohls

daughter of H. & C. Kohls

Elda, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. August Kohls

Fred C. Kohls

Fred W. Kohls

Helen D. Kohls

Herman Kohls

Herman Kohls

Johanna Kohls

Laura A. Kohls

Marcella Kohls

Marie A. Kohls

Minnie E. Kohls

Otto W. Kohls

Victor A. Kohls

Violet M. Kohls

Cordella Kuntz

Martha Kuntz

Otto E. Kuntz

Raymond Kuntz

Elsie I. Kutzke

Erlend O., son of Wm. & Elsie Kutzke

William F. Kutzke

Anna M. Latzig

Arthur W. Latzig

Arthur W. Latzig

DuWayne E. Latzig

Eldoris Latzig

Ella E. Latzig

Gayle Latzig

Margaret Latzig

Marie M. Latzig

Mary G. Latzig

Otto Latzig

Otto A. Latzig

Paul Latzig

Wilhelmina Latzig

Chad Allen Lehrke

Bertha Lemke

Franz Lemke

Franz Lemke

Ida Lemke

Lorena N. Lemke

Paul A. Lemke

Adeline Lohrke

Arthur Lohrke

August W. Lohrke

Henry C. Lohrke

Lillie F. Lohrke

Martha S. Lohrke

Rosalia Lohrke

William Lohrke

Charles F. Lindstrom

Lorena T. Lindstrom

Walter A. Lindstrom

Hilda B. Litfin

Leonard Litfin

Leonard J. Litfin

Lucille B. Litfin

daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Latzig

Elmer F. Luebke

Ida O. Luebke

Otto W. Luebke

Otto W. Luebke

baby boy Lueck

baby boy Lueck

Bertha E. Lueck

Christian W. Lueck

Emily A. Lueck

Fred W. Lueck

Jarold W. Lueck

Otto C. Lueck

Otto C. Lueck

Paul W. Lueck

Paul W. Lueck

Flora Luedtke

Walter Luedtke

Agnes Martin

Alfred Martin

Annie Martin

Christ Menth

Erna I. Menth

Hulda Menth

Lilah S. Menth

Lloyd A. Menth

Lorin F. Menth

Olga R. Menth

William R. Menth

Adelhaid Mielke

Albert Mielke

Arthur, son of William & Bertha Mielke 

Bertha Mielke

Christopher M. Mielke

Darlene J. Mielke

Ella Mielke

Emelia Mielke

Erwin Mielke

Ferdinand F. Mielke

Florentine H. Mielke

Helen Mielke

Henry F. Mielke

Louis Mielke

Ortwin Mielke

Otto A. Mielke

Roland E. Mielke

Ruben Mielke

Stella M. Mielke

Theresa B. Mielke

Wilhelmina Mielke

William Mielke

William F. Mielke

Lila A. Muelich

Merlyn W. Muelich

Marshall Lee Mueller

Edwin W. Narr

Frances E. Narr

Anna Nimz

Leonard A. Noerenberg

Lorena Noerenberg

Michael Noerenberg, son of James & Susan 

Ruben Noerenberg

Deloris Ortlip

Dorothy Vivian Ortlip

Ernst H. Ortlip

Maria H. Ortlip

Orville Ortlip

Charles Parpart

Shirley Mae Parpart

Amelia A. Pawelk, nee Goede

Anna C. Pawelk

August W. Pawelk

Caroline Pawelk

Dennis F. Pawelk

Elda, daughter of Herm. & A. Pawelk

Emil R. Pawelk

Erna Pawelk

Fridola A., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Pawelk

Gust A. Pawelk

Gustave Pawelk

Herbert Pawelk

Herman C. Pawelk

Ida E. Pawelk

Joyce Mary Pawelk

Lois M. Pawelk

Mary Pawelk

Mathilda Pawelk

Olga W. Pawelk

Raymond H. Pawelk

Selma E. Pawelk

Wesley H. Pawelk

William Pawelk

Wilmar Pawelk

Duane H. Pevestorf

Darling Paulette, twin daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Radoe 

Bernard Rieck

Bertha Rieck

Alma M. Roepke

Anna E. Roepke

Carl Roepke

Carl H. Roepke

daughter Roepke

daughter of E. & H. Roepke

Emil Roepke

Esther M. Roepke

Ewald H. Roepke

Herman J. Roepke

Hilda Roepke

Laura D. Roepke

Louise C. Roepke

Marcella Roepke

Norville Roepke

Norville C. Roepke

Ottilia Roepke

Viron Roepke

Walter F. Roepke

Wilhelmina Roepke

William Roepke

William A. Roepke

Gerald J. Rother

Gerald J. Rother

Hilda N. Rother

John R. Rother

Elizabeth Rudloff

William Rudloff

Emilie F. Rusch

Elizabeth Speigner

John Speigner

Ethel P. Stender

Leland F. Stender

Lorna A. Stender

Minnie H. Stender

Victor H. Stender

William F. Stender

Augusta Stern

Friederich Stern

Hermann Stern

Wilhelmina Stern

Edwin M. Sterner

Helen Strehlke

Walter Strehlke

Lamay D. Schelitzche

Henry A. Schmidt

Lizzie Schmidt

Lydia M. Schmidt

Lynette J. Schmidt

Melvin C. Schmidt

Agnes G. Schoenke

Arthur A. Schoenke

Emma R. Schoenke

Herbert Schoenke

Mathilda Schoenke

Otto E. Schoenke

Elmer E. Schroeder

Martin C. Schroeder

Myrtle E. Schroeder

Selma Schroeder

Viola M. Schroeder

Wilbert Schroeder

Helen M. Schubert

Herman J. Schubert

Ida Schuette

William Schuette

Albert H. Schultz

Arthur B. Schultz

Corinne H. Schultz

Dwight Lee, son of Wm. & Francilla Schultz

Elmer F. Schultz

Francilla M. Schultz

Lynn W. Schultz

Martha M. Schultz

Martha M. Schultz

William B. Schultz

William B. Schultz

Wm. F. Schultz

Anna E. Schulz

Wilhelm F. Schulz

Augusta Schwalbe

Clarence Schwalbe

Henry Schwalbe

Anna C. Schwartz

Charles L. Schwartz

Emma P. Schwartz

Gilbert C. Schwartz

Lena Schwartz

Oscar H. Schwartz

Fredrick C. Schweikert

Wilhelmine B. Schweikert

Dorothy B. Strei

Roland A. Strei

Anna Templin

daughter of Herman & Marion Templin

Otto Templin

Emma A. Terwedo

Carol A. Thaemert

Ellsworth E. Thaemert

Emma F. Thaemert

Harvey C. Thaemert

Gerda M. Unglaub

Howard W. Unglaub

Albertina Venske

baby boy Venske

Carl F. Venske

Cordella Venske

Laverna I. Venske

Marvin Venske

Virgil M. Venske


Delores L. Vollrath

Anna Waetjen

Edwin Wechsler

Helen Wechsler

August Wedekind

August Wedekind

Theresa Wedekind

Bertha M. Wendorf

Roger A. Wendorf

William Wendorf

Henry A. Wendt

Edith E. Weseloh

Rev. Henry J. Weseloh

Evangeline A., daughter of Herman & Louisa Wiedenroth 

Harold H. Wiedenroth

Olga M. Will

Wilmer H. Will

Carl Wischnack

Elizabeth W. Wischnack

Gustave W. Wischnack

Wilhelmina Wischnack

Harlan Wolter

Arthur C. Zabel

Clara O. Zabel

daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Art Zabel

Gladys L. Zellmann

Harold F. Zellmann

Harold F. Zellmann

Arline, daughter of Wm. H. Zuehl

Carl F. Zuehl

Emilie L. Zuehl

Henry Zuehl

Hilda A. Zuehl

Ida A. Zuehl

Lydia A. Zuehl

Lydia Olga Zuehl

Mathilda Zuehl

Otto H. Zuehl

William Zuehl

William H. Zuehl

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