St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery

Waconia Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T116N - R25W, section 24

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The cemetery is located just south east of the city of Waconia, Minnesota. At first glance the cemetery appears to be positioned a little askew, but upon closer view the cemetery actually runs a true east - west pattern. Carver County Road 10 parallels the cemetery and was lain out in a northwest to southeast pattern. This cemetery has several unique cement burial crosses. These burial crosses appear to contain only a name with a few that also list dates. Out of the few cement burial crosses that do mention dates, the dates are generally between 1900 - 1910.

The ‘Jesus on the Cross’ statue contains: 'in memory of R. Richard Effertz 13 April 1943 - 18 September 1956'. A nearby bench lists: 'in memory of Sgt. Frank J. Vojtisek, born 8 July 1914, killed in action at Soller, Germany 27 February 1945 - buried in Henri - Chapelle, Belgium.'

In ‘History of the Minnesota Valley - including the Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota’, by Rev. Edward D. Neill, written in 1882, the following is written: ‘The first burial in the cemetery on section 24 was the wife of Zachariah Diehl, who had made a claim on or near section 22.’

In ‘Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota’, written in 1919, it states: ‘The first church in Waconia was St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic. The church organization was effected in 1857 ...’

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Laurence Adelman

A. Maria Allmann

Andrew Allmann

baby Allmann

Elisabeth Allmann

Eugene Allmann

Henry Allmann

Hubert Allmann

John Allmann

Katherine Allmann

Lydia Allmann

Raymond B. Allmann

Wm. Allmann

Arthur Francis Ament

Margaret Collins Ament

Barbara Angerhofer

Franz Angerhoffer and son (?) Gl?otrri (?)

Gerlad J. Anderson

Joseph Anneh

Mary Anneh

Stephen Anneh

Caroline Aretz

Martin Aretz

Wilbert Aretz

Arthur L. Arnold

Margaret L. Arnold

Albert Baesler

Catharine Baesler

Emma V. Baesler

Frances Baesler

Henry Baesler

Ludwina Baesler

Catherine Bahr

Elizabeth C. Bahr

Helen E. Barton

George Bauer

Martin L. Bauer

Mary F. Bauer

Annie Bauernschmitt

Annie Bauernschmitt

George (?) Bauernschmitt (?)

George Bauernschmitt

Sa??ara (?) Bauernschmitt

Hans Baumeister

Rose Baumeister

Mark O. Bear

Anna E. Beversdorf

Paul M. Beversdorf

Anna Bewersdorf

Benard Bewersdorf (?)

Edward Bewersdorf

Edward Bewersdorf (?)

Alfred A. Biersdorf

Mary K. Biersdorf

Catharina Biggens

Lucille A. Bleedorn

Raymond J. Bleedorn

Chester J. Blinstrup

Anna M. Blissenbach

Henry A. Blissenbach

Kenneth E. Bluemke

Kenneth E. Bluemke

Michael G. Boll

Sharon C. Boll

Elizabeth C. Borka

Leonard B. Borka

Ramona R. Boschee

Grescentia Braun

Sandra K. Braun

Timothy L. Braun

Esther S. Braunwarth

Henry Braunwarth

Joseph J. Braunwarth

Luvern Braunwarth

James A. Bredeson

James M. Brosnahan

Margaret T. Brosnahan

John F. Brown

Joseph P. Buckley

Joseph P. Buckley

Josephine M. Buckley

Gertrude ‘Mork’ Burfield

Julianna Burfield (?)

Magdalen Burfield

Regina Burfield

Thomas Burfield

Margaret Claesgens Burkhart

Marie B. Callahan

Brian M. Cebulla

Marvin C. Cebulla

Anton Claesgens

Clara Claesgens

Frank Claesgens

Josepha, wife of Anton Claesgens

Shaun C. Cockerham

Barbara Colwell (?)

Harold L. Conser

Teresa W. Conser

Robert E. Coyle

Eliesabeth, daughter of F. & A. Deitz

Gabriel J. Deluhery

Lydia F. Deluhery

William Francis Dettle

Joseph H. Dicks

Anna C. Dircks (?)

Anna C. Dircks

Cath. Dircks

Cecilia Dircks

Cornelius J. Dircks

Frank J. Dircks

Herman J. Dircks

Henry H. Dircks (?)

Henry M. Dircks

John F. Dircks

**Joseph H. Dircks 1903-1991** This persons information was added as a family member correction.

Krescentia Dircks

Leon Dircks

Leonard J. Dircks

Philomena Dircks

Victoria E. Dircks

William Dircks

Leona K. Ditsch

Sylvester J. Ditsch

Anna Dohman

Martin Dohman

Lucy P. Dols

Raymond J. Doyle

Irene C. Dressel

Dora M. Dressen

Joan M. Dressen

Kunigunda Dressen

Lafar ‘Shorty’ Dressen

Lafar G. Dressen

Michael Dressen

Michael J. Dressen

Myron J. Dressen

Myron J. Dressen

William Dressen

LaVerna Dueber

LeRoy Dueber

Emma Ebert

John A. Ebert

Evelyn Effertz

R. Richard Effertz

Ralph Effertz

Barbara M. Ehalt

Charles J. Ehalt

Fridolin L. Ehalt

Mary B. Ehalt

Rita M. Ehalt

?? Ehrsam

Helen E. Eiden

Leander H. Eiden

Anna Maria Einzele

Georg Einzele

Dolores Elling

Elaine V. Elling

Kunny Lindner Elling

Walter H. Elling

Cenefefa Endres, nee Freischle (?)

Ignaz Endres

Joseph Endres

Louise Endres

Theresia Endres

Wilhelm Endres

Gerhard T. Engelen

Franziska Erhard

George Erhard

Lucille C. Erhard

Marcella L. Erhard

Margareta Erhard

Mary Erhard

Oswald J. Erhard

Ray G. Erhard

Remiguis (?) Erhard

Eric A. Erickson

Arlys L. Ertl

Romuald J. Ertl

Bernice Ess

Caroline Ess

Isobel Ess

Joseph Ess

Laura Ess

Raymond Ess

Engelbert J. Fasching

Irene W. Fasching

Arnold E. Feltmann

Edward D. Feltmann

Esther A. Feltmann

George Fernbach, born in Freibeg, Germany

John Fernbach

Johanna Fernbach, born in Ireland

Anna Fick

Anna A. Fick (?)

Elisabeth M. Fick

Frank J. Fick

Frank Joseph Fick (?)

Gertrude T. Fick (?)

Helen Fick

Isabelle Fick (?)

Johann Fick

Joseph Fick (?)

Margaretha Fick

Mary Fick (?)

Mathias J. Fick (?)

Adam Fischer

Adam Fischer

**Adam Fischer, 1838-1916, son of John Peter Fischer, first wife was Maria, second wife was Amelia**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Albert J. Fischer (?)

Amelia Fischer (?)

Anton Fischer

baby Fischer (?)

Bernhard Fischer

Elizabeth Fischer

Emelia Fischer

Emelia Fischer

Frank J. Fischer

Fred Fischer

Fredrick Fischer (?)

Georg Fischer

George (?), son of F. & A. Fischer

George F. Fischer

Gertrude S. Fischer

John Fischer

Joseph Fischer

Lucille E. Fischer (?)

Maria, wife of Amain (?) Fischer, nee Adelmann 

**Maria, wife of Adam Fischer, she was his first wife – she left six children when she died – he later married Amelia**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Martin Fischer

Mary Fischer (?)

Mildred E. Fischer

Ted C. Fischer

Theodore J. Fischer

William Fischer

William Fischer

John P. Fisher

Alois P. Fitz

Rosella K. Fitz

Bertha L. Fottral

James E. Fottral

Rose M. Fuchs

Josephina Gaffke

Michael Gaffke

James A. Gahan

Marie R. Gahan

Joel Gast

Gertrude Gentz

Richard Gentz

Robert Gentz

Rose M. Gentz

Helen Geyen

Jeff S. Geyen

Anna B. Giesen

baby boy Giesen

Casper Giesen (?)

Gladys A. Giesen

Helen Giesen

Hubert J. Giesen

Jake J. Giesen

Marvin H. Giesen

Minnie Giesen (?)

Raymond J. Giesen (?)

Anthony Glaesgens

Josepha (?) Glaesgens

John Godfrey

Mary Godfrey

Russel Godfrey

Juliet J. Goetz

Sylvester S. Goetz

Rueben M. Goetz

Verna B. Goetz

Edwin A. Gomoll (?)

Leroy C. Gorres (?)

Vernis J. Gorres-Kohman

Doris A. Gothmann

John P. Gothmann

Elizabeth Graf

William Graf

Albert M. Graff

Alma W. Graff

August Graff (?)

Eleanor Graff

Harry J. Graff

Joseph Graff

Lena Graff (?)

Louis Graff

Wilma Graff

Oswalda Grassl

Ellen Griffin

Patrick Griffin

Josephine Grausam

Mathias Grausam

Margaret A. Groschen

Johann Gruen

Margaretha Gruen

Carl Guggemos

John Haberberger

Abbie M. Habergarten

Alice J. Habergarten (?)

Charles A. Habergarten (?)

Maria M. Habergarten (?)

Mary Habergarten

Lynn Marie Hable

Charles Hansen

Susan Hansen

Albert R. Happ

Ambrose A. Happ (?)

Anna Happ (?)

Apolonia Happ

August Happ (?)

Casper Happ

Elisabeth Happ

Elisabeth Happ

Elisabeth Happ

Evelyn M. Happ

John Happ

Joseph Happ

Katharina Happ

Margaret K. Happ

Maria Happ

Maria Happ

Wayne A. Happ

Caroline Hartman

Sylvia H. Hartman

Thomas C. Hartman

Alice I. Hartmann

Alice M. Hartmann

Alphonse B. Hartmann

Alvin J. Hartmann

Anna Elizabeth Hartmann (?)

Anton J. Hartmann

Barbara Hartmann

Ben H. Hartmann

Catherine Ann Hartmann

Christian Hartmann

Christine E. Hartmann

Debbie A. Hartmann

Elizabeth M. Hartmann

Ethel E. Hartmann

Eugene L. Hartmann

Frank J. Hartmann

Frank P. Hartmann

George J. Hartmann

Gilbert J. Hartmann

James K. Hartmann

Joseph Hartmann

Joseph Hartmann (?)

baby Leo Hartmann

Leroy B. Hartmann

Lucille E. Hartmann

Margaret M. Hartmann

Mary A. Hartmann

Mary A. Hartmann

Mary R. Hartmann

Mary T. Hartmann

Myra C. Hartmann

Paul J. Hartmann

Remigius G. Hartmann

Rosalia F. Hartmann

Theresia Hartmann

Theresia A. Hartmann

Val. Hartmann

Valentine J. Hartmann

Emily M. Hauwiller

Henry Hauwiller, Pvt U.S. Army

Ruth Hauwiller

Mary Hazen

baby Heiland

Genevieve A. Heinen

William H. Heinen

Gertrud Heisinger

Dominick Henk

George Henk

Louisa Henk

Anna Henke

Anna M. Henke

Elizabeth Henke

Emma S. Henke

Frances Henke

Frances Henke

Francis Henke

Fred C. Henke

Friedrich Henke

John Henke

Joseph F. Henke

Lawrence J. Henke

Ray C. Henke

Mathias Hessler

Edwin W. Hilgers

Elizabeth A. Hilgers

Evelyn H. Hilgers

Gladys Hilgers

Hattie E. Hilgers

Jerry Hilgers

Joseph C. Hilgers

Louise Hilgers

Margaret Hilgers

Wilfred W. Hilgers

William Hilgers

William J. Hilgers

Daniel A. Hilk

baby girl Hilk

baby girl Hilk

**Rose Marie Hilk, nee Sterner 1941-1995 married Albert A. Hilk 16 August 1958**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Eileen F. Hinrichsen

John L. Hinrichsen

John Hoenffe

Anna M. Hoffer

Rose A. Hipp

Anna D. Hoffman

John G. Hoffman

John P. Hoffman

John P. (Hutch) Hoffman

John Hohmann

Gustaf Honnef

Brien E. Host

Kristen Host

Timothy Patrick Howe

Lyle Hron

Monica M. Hron

Wenzel Hron

Christina, wife of H. Huckenpehler

Henry Huckenpehler

Anna Huckenpoehler

Bernard W. Huckenpoehler

Edith E. Huckenpoehler

Josephine Huckenpoehler

Josephine M. Huckenpoehler

Mary D. Huckenpoehler

Mary G. Huckenpoehler

Mathias J. Huckenpoehler

Michael Huckenpoehler

Teresa Huckenpoehler

William B. Huckenpoehler

George F. Huckenpohler (?)

Joseph Huckenpohler

George J. Hudinsky

Susan G. Hudinsky

Leida L. Jaeger

Raymond B. Jaeger

Anthony M. Jansen

Bernice M. Jansen

Christian Jansen

Cornelia Jansen

George H. Jansen

Gilbert H. Jansen

Herman Jansen

John J. Jansen

Lucille Jansen

Margaret F. Jansen

Frances Janski

Fr. Lloyd Janski

Norbert Janski

Maria Anna, wife of Peter Jetzer

Adella Johnson

Albert Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Anna Johnson

Appolonia Johnson

Bernard A. Johnson

Catherine A. Johnson

Charles Johnson

Donald Johnson

Earl Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

George F. Johnson

Gilbert F. Johnson

John A. Johnson

Ida E. Johnson

Loretta M. Johnson

Marcella Johnson

Mary Johnson

Mathilda B. Johnson

Maxine D. Johnson

Paul Johnson

Pauline Kolb Johnson

Veronica Johnson

Walter Johnson

Walter C. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

William L. Johnson

David Richard Joos

Roby Joos

Anton E. Kaeder

Eddie Kaeder (?)

Elizabeth, daughter of A.E. & E. Kaeder

Elizabeth Kaeger

George, son of A.E. & E. Kaeder

Herbert B. Kaeder

Mathias E. Kaeder

Susana Kaeder

Thekla L. Kaeder (?)

Olivia K. Kaley

Roman J. Kaley

Allan J. Karels

Anna Karels (?)

Antonia M. Karels

Rev. Bernard Karels, born in Rosen

John Karels (?)

Philip Karels

Lena Karls

Rev. Joseph Kauer, born in East Prussia

Alvin A. Kaufhold

Alvin A. Kaufhold

Anton Kaufhold

Bernard Kaufhold

Henry J. Kaufhold

Jean B. Kaufhold

Louis Kaufhold

Mary R. Kaufhold

Norbert J. Kaufhold

Anna M. Kehne

Henry A. Kehne

Alfred C. Kelzer

Anna Kelzer

Ardis J. Kelzer

Charles L. Kelzer

Charles L. Kelzer

Dorothy M. Kelzer

Emma Kelzer

Ethel J. Kelzer

Francis V. Kelzer

George H. Kelzer

George M. Kelzer

Genevieve M. Kelzer

John Kelzer

Joseph Kelzer (?)

Julia P. Kelzer

Katharine A. Kelzer

Lorraine A. Kelzer

Lucille A. Kelzer

Martha Kelzer (?)

Ralph C. Kelzer

Raymond J. Kelzer

Roger F. Kelzer

Stanley J. Kelzer

John Kieser (?)

Lena Kieser (?)

Herbert (?) Kimmerle

Albin J. Kirsch

Albert S. Kirsch

Anne C. Kirsch

Anton J. Kirsch

Cecelia Kirsch

Christina Rosalia Kirsch

Eliesabeth Kirsch

Elizabeth Kirsch

Harold Kirsch

Jacob Kirsch

Johann Kirsch

John Kirsch

John J. Kirsch

Joseph Kirsch

Josephine Kirsch

Leland J. Kirsch

Mabel I. Kirsch

Mary D. Kirsch

Ottilia Kirsch

Ottilia Kirsch

Richard E. Kirsch

Salome A. Kirsch

Stella B. Kirsch

Thomas M. Kirsch

Virginia M. Kirsch

Anna E. Klein

Anna T. Klein

Cora KIein

Edwin J. Klein

Elizabeth K. Klein

Jean Klein (?)

Johanna A. Klein

John E. Klein (?)

John M. Klein

John R. Klein

Mathaus Klein

Odile M. Klein

Philip Klein (?)

Raymond H. Klein

Armella E. Kleman

Glendon A. Kleman

Cora Klepperich (?)

George Klepperich (?)

Gladys Klepperich (?)

Joseph Klos

Frank Koberg

Anna Koch

Anna T. Koch

August Koch

Benedict S. Koch

Douglas A. Koch

Douglas A. Koch

Frank Koch

Georg Koch

George Koch

Joseph Koch

Kathryn G. Koch

Loraine R. Koch

Regina Koch

Josephine W. Koehnen

Albert Kohler

Albert E. Kohler

Anna Kohler

Benedict A. Kohler

Catherine Kohler

Joseph Kohler

Katharina Kohler

Katherine M. Kohler

Bernard Kolb

Casper Kolb

Dorothea Kolb

Eleanor Kolb

Eugene Kolb

Joseph E. Kolb

Loretta Kolb

Mary Kolb

Mary Ann Kolb

Mathilda Kolb

Walburga Kolb

Anna Kolberg

Anna Kolberg

Anthony Kolberg

Frank Kolberg

Louise Kolberg

Theresa Kolberg

Anna Kormann (?)

Anna M. Kormann

Anton Kormann

George Kormann (?)

Sebastion Kormann (?)

Alice M. Krautbauer

Arthur Krautbauer

Dennis W. Krautbauer

Donald G. Krautbauer

Edward Krautbauer

Edward C. Krautbauer

Flora Krautbauer

George Krautbauer

George E. Krautbauer

Gerald F. Krautbauer

Gerald F. Krautbauer

Ida L. Krautbauer

Joseph Krautbauer

Joseph P. Krautbauer

Margret Kratubauer

Maria A. Krautbauer

Albert Krueger

Caroline Krueger

Caroline T. Krueger (?)

Frances Krueger

Frances E. Krueger

Otto H.A. Krueger

Eleanor (?) Krummer (?)

Lorenz Krummer (?)

Anna J. Kruzel

Roman P. Kruze

Clarence Kuglo (?)

Emma Kuglo

John Kuglo

Albert J. Kugler

Albert S. Kugler

Eduard A. Kugler

Geo. J. Kugler

George M. Kugler

John Kugler

Loretta A. Kugler

Magnus Kugler

Magnus J. Kugler

Magnus J. Kugler

Margaret A. Kugler

Mary T. Kugler

Matt Kugler

Matt F. Kugler

Maude F. Kugler

Phyllis Kugler, wife of Matt F. Kugler

Thekla Kugler

Anna Kunz

William A. Kunz

Anna M., daughter of J. & M. Kunze

Benjamin Moore Kunze

Bertha M. Kunze (?)

Edwin J. Kunze

Frances Kunze

John A. Kunze (?)

Joseph Kunze

Katie, daughter of J. & M. Kunze

Mary Kunze

Mayme C. Kunze

Nora M. Kunze

Della Kutzke (?)

Richard LaFountain

Anna Lahr

Edward Lahr

Edward Lahr

Edward Lahr

Emma Lahr

Jacob P. Lahr

Jakob Lahr

Joseph Lahr

Katharina Lahr

Magdalena Lahr

Theresa M. Lahr

Donald F. Lano

Marian E. Lano

Albert Laumann (?)

baby girls of Denis & Bonnie Laumann

Bertha Laumann (?)

Charles M. Laumann

David J. Laumann (?)

Elizabeth Laumann

Frank B. Laumann

Hildegard H. Laumann

John Laumann

Joseph Laumann (?)

Marguerite H. Laumann

Ottilia T. Laumann

William F. Laumann

August M. Leivermann

Mary Alice Leivermann

Mildred A. Leivermann

Florian J. Lenz (?)

Ida V. Lenz (?)

Myrl F. Lenz (?)

Julia (?) Leuthner (?)

Lawrence A. Leuthner

Mary Leuthner

Barbara Lewis

George B. Lewis

Isabelle Lewis (?)

Anna Lindner

Anna F. Lindner

Elizabeth Lindner (?)

Frances J. Lindner

Dennis E. Lindner

Hedwig F. Lindner

John Lindner

John Lindner

Joseph Lindner

Joseph Lindner (?)

Joseph Lindner (?)

Joseph L. Lindner

Lydia B. Lindner

Mary Lindner

Norine Lindner

Philip J. Lindner

Philip J. Lindner

Sophia Lindner (?)

Stanford ‘Jake’ Lindner

Val Lindner

Frank Lingel (?)

Georg Lingl

Heinrich Lingl

Maria Lingl

Edward Lipp

Emil Lipp

Gaudenz Lipp

Mary (Allmann) Lipp

William George Lipp

‘Father’ Litfin

‘Mother’ Litfin

Nancy Ann Litfin

Anna Maria Logering, nee Wubben

Albert Louis

Rev. Anthony M. Louis, born in Waconia

Charles Louis (?)

Elizabeth Louis (?)

Jacob Louis (?)

Victoria Louis (?)

Jason E. Luedloff

Robert M. Lundgren

Robert M. Lundgren

Richard C. Lynch


Charles Machtemes

Dolores A. Machtemes

Harriet A. Machtemes

John A. Machtemes

John A. Machtemes

John F. Machtemes

Thomas Machtemes

Alexander James Magnuson

Albert Maiser

Amanda M. Maiser

Anton Maiser

Benedict Maiser

Benedict J. Maiser

Charles Maiser

Emma Maiser

Fanny M. Maiser

Flora Maiser

Frank C. Maiser

Therese Maiser

Darrell McKay

Marie (Kugler) McKay

Timothy M. Mechtel

Earl E. Menzel

Edward F. Menzel

Ruby L. Menzel

Winifred M. Menzel

Kunigunda Mertz

Alwine Meuffels (?)

Anna Meuffels

Annie B. Meuffels

Christ Meuffels (?)

Christian Meuffels

Ethel G. Meuffels

Gebhard Meuffels

George Meuffels

Gerald N. Meuffels

Gerald N. Meuffels

Gilbert F. Meuffels

John Meuffels

John Meuffels

John C. Meuffels

Joseph L. Meuffels

Mary Meuffels

Mathias Meuffels

Matt Meuffels (?)

Gregory D. Michels

Albert Miller

Albert C. Miller

Benedict J. Miller

Elizabeth Miller

Elmer F. Miller

Elmer F. (Biffer) Miller

Erna M. Miller

Francis Miller

Francis H. Miller

George L. Miller

Joseph A. Miller

Joseph G. Miller

Josephine M. Miller

Katy Miller

Mary A. Miller

Mary Jan Miller

Mary L. Miller

Adelaide C. Mock

Clara I. Mock, nee Gott

Eleanor Mock (?)

Eugene H. Mock

Ferdinand Mock

George Mock

Joseph D. Mock

Joseph Desmond Mock

Joseph O. Mock

June F. Mock

Louisa Mock (?)

Margaret Mock

Maria K. Mock

Mary A. Mock

Otto Mock (?)

Richard F. Mock

Blanche C. Moonen

George J. Moonen

Sandra C. Moore

Albert Moy

August (?) Moy

Clara K. Moy

Edward A. Moy

Friederich Moy

Jed (?) Moy

John E. Moy

John E. Moy

Mary (?) Moy

Mercedes Moy

Otelia Moy

Stanley J. Moy

Germanus Muehlberg

Annie Katie, daughter of U. (?) X. & Apollona (?) Muller 

Kaspar Muller

**Kaspar Muller, died 13 January 1870**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Magdalena Muller

Otto Muller

Clara Nerlinger

Genovea Nerlinger, nee Schmid

Jacobine Nerlinger (?)

Four seperate names on Nerlinger family stone - no dates listed - Gen. V. - Jacobine - Leo - Ludw.

Richard J. Neubauer

A. Margretha Niehaus (?)

Anna M. Niehaus (?)

Gerhard H. Niehaus (?)

Katherine Odenthal

William F. Odenthal

Rebecca Ann Olson

Loretta C. Olstad

Agnes O’Reilley (?)

Roy J. O’Reilley

Henry B. Osterfeld

Albert Osterfeld

Josephine Osterfeld

Ida A. Otten

John R. Otten

Arnold J. Paal

Mary E. Paal

John A. Palas

Mathilda A. Palas

Augustin Dolorfino Palattao

Adrian Palmersheim

Elizabeth Patterson (?)

William H. Patterson (?)

Anthony Peitz

Catherine Peitz

Elizabeth Peitz

Emma E. Peitz

Ferdinand Peitz

Frank Peitz

Franz Peitz, born in Brenken West Preussen

Franz Peitz

Herman H. Peitz

Joseph Peitz

Joseph Peitz

Lena M. Peitz

Raymond Peitz (?)

Rose M. Philippy

Marguerite Pinner

Walter Pinner

Bernadette Plocher

Dahle K. Plocher

Floyd W. Plocher

Albert, son of Albert & Marie (?) Pofahl

Catherine B. Poppler

Edward F. Poppler

Everard J. Poppler

Francis J. Poppler

Francis X. Poppler

Frederick J. Poppler

Friederich Poppler

John L. Poppler

Katie R. Poppler

Louis A. Poppler

Marcella Poppler

Mary L. Poppler

Theresa C. Poppler

Theresia Poppler

Ramond J. Poppler

Walter Poppler

Cora B. Radde

Fred W. Radde

Fred W. Radde

Helen A. Radde

Marie A. Radde

Stanford P. Radde

Christina Rademacher

E. Rademacher

Elizabeth Rademacher

Glis (?) Rademacher

John Rademacher

Jos. Rademacher

Joseph F. Rademacher

Mary F. Rademacher

Rosella E. Rademacher

Thomas J. Rademacher

Johann Rangich

Bernard Rauen (?)

Caroline Bauen (?)

Frances E. Rauen

Frank J. Rauen

John Rauen

Maria Rauen

Mary Rauen (?)

Peter J. Rauen

Raymond Rauen (?)

Anna Rauschendorfer

Clarence J. Rauschendorfer

Joseph Rauschendorfer

Maurita H. Rauschendorfer

William J. Regan

Wilhelmine Ottilie Richter

Abraham Ritter, Co E 4 Regt Minn. Vols

Anna M. Ritter, nee Klein

Edward J. Ritter

only Roderick

Andreas Rossmann

Frank Rossmann

Johannes Rossmann

Joseph Rossmann

Michael Rossmann

Margaretha Rutz

Mary Rutz

Peter Rutz

Johann Santheim

John P. Savaryn

Paul M. Savaryn

Clarence F. Sauter

Herbert G. Sauter

Malinda E. Sauter

Mathaus Schadegg

Elizabeth Schalow

Frank J. Schelitzche

Mary W. Schelitzche

Nichel, daughter of Steve & Gloria Schesso

Andrew G. Scheuble

Anna Scheuble

George Scheuble

John Scheuble

Frances M. Schindler

John L. Schindler

Victor M. Schindler

Victor R. Schindler

Anna M. Schlechter

Anna Maria, wife of Heinrich Schlechter

Anna Maria, daughter of H. & A.M. Schlechter

Barbara Schlechter

Casper Schlechter

Catherine M. Schlechter

Eva Schlechter

Frances M. Schlechter

Heinrich Schlechter

John H. Schlechter

Johann Schlechter (?)

Myrtle A. Schlechter

Paul H. Schlechter

Peter J. Schlechter

Reinhard Schlechter

Richard L. Schlechter

Franziska Schmidt, nee Walk

Gertrude Schmidt

Martin M. Schmidt

Alfred J. Schmitt

Anna Meuffels Schmitt

Anna M. Schmitt

Anton Schmitt

Bertha L. Schmitt

Cecelia T. Schmitt

Clara E. Schmitt (?)

Conrad Schmitt

Conrad Schmitt

David Schmitt

Edward D. Schmitt (?)

Erwin S. Schmitt

Frances Schmitt (?)

Frank Schmitt

George Schmitt (?)

George J. Schmitt

Henry Schmitt (?)

Irwin Schmitt

Jan Schmitt

John P. Schmitt

Josephine K. Schmitt

Lena Schmitt

Loretta S. Schmitt

Ludwina C. Schmitt

Magdalena Schmitt

Maggie Schmitt (?)

Margaret Schmitt

Martha Schmitt

Mary Anna Schmitt

Samuel Schmitt

Barbara M. Schmitz

Henry S. Schmitz

James A. Schmitz

Stephanie Anne Schmitz

Andrew Schneider

Andrew John Schneider

Anna Schneider

Brett D. Schneider

Edward Paul Schneider

Louise Schneider

Louise Schneider

Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider

Adeline T. Schug

Ambrose L. Schug

Raymond P. Schug

Walburga Schug

Lillian Schulz

Robert W. Schulz

Katharina Schumm

Anton A. Segner

Genevieve C. Segner

Edward P. Seidel

Grace M. Seidel

Todd Wm. Shenkyr

Andrew L. Sicheneder (?)

Dorothy, wife of Ed. A. Sicheneder

Edward A. Sicheneder

Eleanor Sicheneder (?)

Frances Sicheneder (?)

Frank Sicheneder

Frank J. Sicheneder (?)

Harriett D. Sicheneder

John Sicheneder

John Sicheneder (?)

Joseph (?) Sicheneder (?)

Katherine M. Sicheneder (?)

Mary Sicheneder

Robert H. Sicheneder

Robert H. Sicheneder

Theresia Sicheneder (?)

Germaine Siegle

Hilary Siegle

Ben Simon

Edward Simon

Johan Adam Simon

Johann Simon

Katherina Simon

Margareta Simon

Russell Paul Simons

Henry J. Slitzke

Elisabeth Smeetz

Clement Smith

Ruth L. Smith

Katherine Spartz

Bergit E. Stacey

Hattie Stacken

Henry Stacken

J. Cornelius Stacken

James Joseph Stacken

Peter H. Stacken

Sandra L. Stark

Catherine Steckard

? Steinhagen

Anna Steinhagen

Anna V. Steinhagen

Anton Steinhagen

Caroline Steinhagen

Caroline Steinhagen (?)

Casper Steinhagen (?)

Casper H. Steinhagen

Elizabeth Steinhagen (?)

Emma Steinhagen (?)

Ferdinand Steinhagen (?)

Franz Steinhagen (?)

Gertrude Steinhagen (?)

Godfrey F. Steinhagen

Heinrich Steinhagen

Helen Steinhagen

Henry Steinhagen

Henry H. Steinhagen

Henry J. Steinhagen

Henry W., son of H. & M. Steinhagen

Herman Steinhagen (?)

John Steinhagen (?)

John J. Steinhagen

Josephine Steinhagen (?)

Margaret A. Steinhagen

Margaret C. Steinhagen

Mary Steinhagen

Philomena H. Steinhagen (?)

Raymond Steinhagen

Rufinus H. Steinhagen

Rev. John Stelmes, born in Luxembourg

Frances C. Stenger

Johann Stenger

Katherine M. Stenger

Lawrence Stenger

Lawrence Stenger

Loretta A. Stenger

Lucas Stenger

Lukas Stenger

Maria Stenger, nee Schmitt

Mary Stenger

Mary Stenger

Mary Stenger

Otto G. Stenger

Susanna Stenger

Emmett H. Stenglein

Mary Louise Stenglein

Stanford Radde Stepaniak

Lucille Sterfeld

Clara A. Sterner

Ray J. Sterner

Rose Marie C. Sterner (Hilk (?))

Mathilda A. Stevens

Horace J. Stone

Abbie Straus (?)

Franz J., son of J. & M. Straus

John Straus (?)

Joseph Straus (?)

Joseph Straus

Margaretha E., daughter of J. & M. Straus

Mary Straus

Loretta Straus (?)

Carrie A. Sudheimer

Lloyd H. Sudheimer

Eileen M. Sueker

Richard F. Sueker

Esther Tellers

Henry Tellers

Marie Tellers

Amanda K. Terwedo

Charles J. Terwedo

Dolores J. Tester

Leslie H. Tester

Cyril G. Theis

Daniel Theis

Daniel H. Theis

Marcella M. Theis

Michael R. Theis

Hubert J. Thomas

John Thomas

Minnie F. Thomas

Elmer G. Thurk

Hattie A. Thurk

Marvin G. Timmers

Mary E. Tschimperle

William J. Tschimperle

Harvey Vahl (?)

Helen Vahl (?)

Louisa A. Vahl

Marion Vahl (?)

Herbert M. VanEyll (?)

Theodore J. VanKempen

Jocob Vergoossen

James E. Vit

Adolph Vojtisek (?)

Josephine Vojtisek (?)

Maria E., daughter of F. & M. Volkenant

Mary Volkenant

Theresia C., daughter of H.R. & Maria Volkenant

Casper Vollmer, born in Brenken, Deutschland

Elisabeth, wife of Casper Vollmer, nee Steinhagen, born in Niderntudert (?)  Westfalen

William H. VonHoltum

Agnes E. Wagener

Alfred H. Wagener

Amy Wagener

Anna Wagener

Anna Wagener

Anne M. Wagener

Anthony P. Wagener

Anton Wagener

baby Wagener

Barbara Wagener

C. Rufinus Wageneer

Dominic Wagener

Edward P. Wagener

Elaine Wagener

Elizabeth Wagener

Ferd Wagener

Frances M. Wagener

Frank Wagener

Frieda Wagener

Harold G. Wagener

Harold G. Wagener

Harry A. Wagener

Henry Wagener

Jeremy Gene Wagener

Jerome I. Wagener

John F. Wagener

Juliana, wife of Ominikus Wagener

Loretta A. Wagener

Mary Wagener

Maurice J. Wagener

Minnie Wagener

Moritz Wagener

Phyllis L. Wagener

Rachel T. Wagener

Theresia Wagener

Walter M. Wagener

Clement Weber

Dale A. Weber

Edward J. Weber

Elisabeth Weber

Elizabeth Weber

Frank X. Weber

Joseph Weber

Joseph A. Weber

Kathryn M. Weber

Lorenz Weber

Melissa A. Weber

Monica Weber

Robert Weber

Weber twin girls

Diana L. Wegener

Beth Ann Weiland

Dolores L. Weinzierl

Elinor A. Weinzierl

Francis C. Weinzierl

Frank A. Weinzierl (?)

Kate A. Weinzierl (?)

Mary C. Weinzierl (?)

Reuben J. Weinzierl

Anna C. Wellens

Henry J. Wellens

John J. Wenzel

LaVerne R. Wenzel, wife of John Wenzel

Sophia Werner, nee Sonehein (?)

Vera K. Wessale

M. Wessel

Sophia M., wife of M. Wessel

Wm. Wessel

Francisca Wessbecher, nee Mueller

Anna, wife of Fred Wessbecker

Anna Wessbecker

Anna Wessbecker

Edward Wessbecker

Erna Wessbecker

Florence Wessbecker

Frances Wessbecker

Fred Wessbecker

Fred W. Wessbecker

Fred W. Wessbecker

George Wessbecker

George P. Wessbecker

Grover J. Wessbecker

Joseph Wessbecker

Joseph Wessbecker

Laura A. Wessbecker

Louis Wessbecker

William M. Wessbecker

Michael J. Whitson

Duane C. Wickenhauser

Amelia Willems

Anna F. Willems

Henry J. Willems

John J. Willems

P.A. Willems

Sophie Willems (?)

Willie Willems

Albert Winkel

Anton Winkel

Rose Winkel

Charles Winson

Blanche Wirtz

Mary Wirtz

Peter H. Wirtz

Heinrich Woedehoff

Appolonia Woerdehoff

Elisabeth Woerdehoff

Franziska Woerdehoff

John Woerdehoff

William Woerdehoff

Maria Woerdfhoff

?, daughter of P. & K. Wolf

Katherine Wolf

Peter (?), husband of Katie Wolf

Howard O. Wolter

Anton F. Wortman (?)

Barbara Wortman (?)

Martha Wulf

Rudolph Wulf

Appolonia Yetzer

John Yetzer

Joseph F. Yetzer (?)

Katherine M. Yetzer (?)

Eugene Zahler

Mary Zahler

Rosamunde Zahler

Herbert Zehnder

Luella S. Zeman

Sylvester J. Zeman

Albert F. Zrust

Anna Zrust

Elizabeth Zrust

Frank Zrust

Frankie, son of F. & L. Zrust

Joseph Zrust

Margaret A. Zrust

Mary E. Zrust

Robert F. Zrust

I was not able to determine surnames for the following:

only baby

Matt (?)

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