Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery - Waconia, Minnesota

city of Waconia, Waconia Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T116N-R25W, section 13

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This very large cemetery has regular care and is in good shape.  At the time I visited this cemetery only about 1/3 - 1/2 of the cemetery appeared to have burials.

Within the boundaries of this cemetery is the old Suthheimer family cemetery. My understanding is that the Suthheimer family cemetery is no longer a separate cemetery.  I have created a separate cemetery listing for Suthheimer cemetery.  Waconia Public Cemetery is located across the street from Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery.

In ‘Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota’, written in 1919, it states: ‘Trinity Evangelical Church was organized in 1865 ...’

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Amelia Krause Anderson

Clark Claude Anderson

Martha Joann Anderson

Nelson E. Anderson

Severa B. Anderson

Ervin Arndt

Ervin H. Arndt

Amanda L. Bachman

Caroline Bachman

Charles C. Bachman

Edna E. Bachman

Lisa L. Bacon

Walter A. Bahls

Martha E. Bahls

Augusta Bahr

Elmer O. Bahr

Ernst Bahr

Franz Bahr

Henry Bahr

infant son Bahr

Johny Bahr

Minnie Bahr

Jason P. Bannister

Michael J. Bast

Willia H.A., son of Charles & Caroline Bauchman

Esther O. Bauer

Marlys J. Bauer

Mathies E. Bauer

Dwayne Orlin Baumann

Albert F. Beck

Alfred Beck

Bertha M. Beck

Peter K., son of A. & M. Beck

Amelia Beiersdorf

Anna Beiersdorf

Carl Beiersdorf

Carl W. Beiersdorf

Emma I. Beiersdorf

Ernstena Beiersdorf

Frank Beiersdorf

Herman L. Beiersdorf

Leona E.M. Beiersdorf

Lucille E. Beiersdorf

Shirley M. Beiersdorf

William G. Beiersdorf

Dorathea (?) S. Biers?or (?)

Lorena E.W., daughter of C. & A. Beirsdorf

Evonne Lillian Biersdorf

Karl U. Biersdorf

Marie Therese Biersdorf

Clifford Bergs

Melva Bergs

Adeline A. Birkholz

Agnes P. Birkholz

Harold W. Birkholz

William A. Birkholz

Bruce J. Bjorge

Dorothy B. Blaesing

Eleanore M. Blaesing

Louisa A. Blatz

Val C. Blatz

Christ H. Boehmke

Edna A. Boehmke

Louisa Boehmke (?)

Lucille E. Boehmke

Marie L. Boehmke

Milan R. Boehmke

Norman H. Boehmke

Rudolph Boehmke (?)

Theodore A. Boehmke

Clarence A. Boehner

Erna J. Boehner

Erwin W. Boehner

Lucille E. Boehner

Adolf G., son of ? & B. Boettcher

Adolph Boettcher

children of Otto & Clara Boettcher

Selma Boettcher

baby boy Bollmann

Henry G. Bollmann

Kathie Lynn Bollmann

Magdalena Bollmann

Otto Bollmann

Robert H. Bollmann

Ruth E. Bollmann

Annie Borghoff

Anna Born

David W. Born

Elvira L. Born (?)

Ferdinand Born

Ferdinand O. Born (?)

Fern M. Born (?)

Helen A. Born

Jacob, son of Casper & Catherine Born

Laurenda A.L. Born

Martha E.M., daughter of F. & A. Born

Vernon H. Born

William F.J. Born

Anna Brandenburg

Carl W. Brandenburg

Caroline Brandenburg

Charlotte Brandenburg

Edwin H. Brandenburg

Edwin H. Brandenburg

Elizabeth Brandenburg (?)

Emma L. Brandenburg

Friedrich W. Brandenburg

Gustave Brandenburg

Henry W. Brandenburg

Herman Brandenburg

Herman H. Brandenburg

Ida Brandenburg

infant of Jos. Brandenburg

Joseph Brandenburg

Lena Brandenburg

Lillie Brandenburg

Lorraine A. Brandenburg

Vernon E. Brandenburg

Ruth E. Brandenburg

Wilhelmine Brandenburg

William Brandenburg

Willie Brandenburg

Wm. L. Brandenburg (?)

baby Brandt

daughter of Brandt

Emma I. (?) Brandt

Evelyn Brandt

Henriette Brandt

Henry Brandt

Magdalena M. Brandt

Otto H. Brandt

Wilhelm Brandt

Alvine Braun

Carl Braun

Gustav Braun

Henrietta Braun

Lillie Braun

Louisa, nee Manteuffel, wife of Ernest Braun

Theodore Braun

Lester M. Briesemeister

Theodore H. Briesemeister

Anna E. Buelow

Cora Emma Buelow

Frank H. Buelow

Ferdinand August Buelow (?)

Louisa Buelow, daughter of Ferdinand & Sophia Buelow

Robert G. Buelow

Sophia Elizabeth Buelow (?)

Wilhelmine H., wife of J.A. Buelow

Albert F. Burandt (?)

Albert H. Burandt

Auguste Burandt (?)

baby girl Burandt

baby Marvin Burandt

Dorathea, daughter of Theo. Burandt

Ella D. Burandt (?)

Elsie L. Burandt

Ferdinand S. Burandt

Henriette, wife of Ferdinand S. Burandt

Henry G. Burandt (?)

John D. Burandt (?)

Karl Burandt

Leona H. Burandt

Louise J. Burandt

Maria Burandt

Maria Burandt

Martha W.E. Burandt

Marvin A. Burandt

only Burandt

Ralph, son of Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Burandt

Theodore F. Burandt

Wilhelm Burandt

Adolph Burau (?)

Arthur H. Burau

Bertha C. Burau

Carl Burau

Clarence H. Burau

Erna E. Burau

Ferdinand Burau (?)

Friedericke Burau (?)

Gottlieb Burau

Gustav A.J. Burau

Julianna Burau

Leopold G. Burau

Laura J.E. Burau

Paulina Burau

Wilhelm B., son of C. & J. Burau

Vernon K. Burmeister

Vernon K. Burmeister

Louisa Busse

William Busse

Louise Butke

Menna Carl

Sophia Carl

Meta M. Carlson

August Clasen

Charlotte Clasen

Christine Clasen, nee Truwe

Friedrich Clasen

Jeffrey Scott Clasen

Joel W. Clasen

Karl Clasen

Walter O. Clasen

Harold J. Clancy

R.W. Collier (?)

Albertina Dallmann

Mabel E. Dallmann

William Dallmann

William A. Dallmann

William A. Dallmann

Christopher Alan Debner

Erwin Deis

Johann M. Dennin

Karoline Derrih (?)

? of ? & Emma Diessmer (?)

Emma Peterman Doerr

Alice E.E., daughter of C. & A. Domras

Amalie Domras

Augusta Domras

Augusta, wife of Carl Domras

Carl L. Domras

daughter of Carl & Auguste Domras

Gustav Domras

J. Bertha Domras

Julius A. Domras

Cora L. Duchrow

Richard H. Duchrow

Orville H. Dueffert

Brad M. Dummer

Hermann ??, son of C. & L. Dummer

Jack F. Dunn

Barbara Eggers (?)

Bertha, child of Friedrich & Christine Eggers

Christina Eggers

Edward F. Eggers

Emma A. Eggers

Emma J. Eggers

Friedrich Eggers

George G. Eggers

Louie, child of Friedrich & Christine Eggers

Lydia A. Eggers

Raymond W. Eggers

William Eggers (?)

William M. Eggers

Barbara Ehlen, nee Weinheimer

Elisabeth Ehlen, nee Rolf (?)

Henry Ehlen

Katherine Ehlen

? child of (?) P. or H. (?) & K. (?) Ehler

Christine S. Ehrenberg

infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Ehrenberg

William E. Ehrenberg

Caroline Eisemann

Johannes Eisemann

Brian Richard Elling, son of Dan & Karen

Eva M. Elling, wife of Otto Elling

Gottfried Engler

Alena B. Ernst

Theodore H. Ernst

Ottilie H. Faerber

Anna Fahse

Carl Fahse

Charles A. Fahse

Dennis F. Fahse

Ernestina Fahse

Fred H. Fahse

Johann Fahse

Milo W. Fahse

Ruth I. Fahse

Anna M. Falk

Arthur E. Falk

Clarence H. Falk

Emma Falk

Emma W. Falk

Fred W. Falk

Friederike Falk (?)

Friedrich Falk

Gustav G. Falk

Henry Falk

Mary L. Falk

William Falk

William R. Falk

Alice Faye, nee Jenson, born Seneca, Iowa

Christopher Urdahl Faye, born Zululznd, South Africa

David Allen Felt

Amalia J. Fick (?)

Anna Fick (?)

George Fick (?)

John E. Fick (?)

James D. Fink

Mary K. Fink

Louise Fischer

Rueben Fischer Jr.

Adeline M. Fois (?)

Allan H.A.,son of H. & A. Fois

Bertha C. Fois

Henry H. Fois (?)

Frank Follrath

Selma Follrath

Arthur G. Foster

Wilhelmina D. Foster

William Foster Sr.

Wm. G. Foster Jr.

Richard Allen Frederick

Frederick L. Frederickson

Gladyce P. Frederickson

Carl W. Fregin

Pauline Fregin

Eleonora, child of Wilhelm & Wilhelmine Friedrich

Wilhelmine, child of Wilhelm & Wilhelmine Friedrich

Wilhelm Garlthom

Anna Florentina Garty (?)

Clarence E. Gast

Henrietta Gast

John Gast

John H.A. Gast

Lucille Gast

Lydia Gast, nee Splettstoesser, wife of Otto Gast

Otto Gast

?, ? of G. & E. Gatz

Adolf J. Gatz (?)

Anna, ? of G. & E. Gatz

Arline E. Gatz

Bertha Gatz

Carl, child of Ferdinand & Bertha Gatz

Caroline Gatz, nee Stahlke

Edwin H.?, son of G. & L. Gatz

Eliza Gatz

Emma, daughter of Fred & Bertha Gatz

Ferdinand Gatz

Florentine Gatz, nee Gubbe, born in Zu New Kyschan in West Pruessen

Florentine Gatz

Gottfried Gatz

Gottlieb Gatz

Gottlieb Gatz

Gustan, child of Ferdinand & Bertha Gatz

Henriette, daughter of G. & E. Gatz

Henry J. Gatz (?)

Irene Gatz

Laura H. Gatz

Louise Gatz

Milton Gatz

Oscar A. Gatz

Sadie L.H., daughter of G. & E. Gatz

Theodore E. Gatz

Viola L. Gatz

William Gatz

William C. Gatz

? of D. & P. Geer (?)

Emma, daughter of D. & P. Gees (?)

Heinrich J. Gentz

Otto Gentz

Sarah Gentz

Wilhelmine Gentz

Cheryl Ann Giese

Gladys M. Giese, nee Peterman

**Gladys M. Giesen, nee Peterman 1914 - 1997.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Donna Mae Gilster, nee Litfin

Paul A. Glaeser

Viola M. Glaeser

Ruth M. Gladem

T. Severn Gladem

Tideman S. Gladem

Adeline F. Gnan

Oscar G. Gnan

Fred G. Goethke

Lillie Goethke

William Goethke

Dwayne Goetz

Gordon G. Goetz

Idella H. Goetz

Mildred B. Goetz

Raymond G. Goetz

Friedericke Goetze, nee Krause

Mildred A., daughter of C. & G. Gramith

Jeremiah J. Graudin, son of (?) Val & Pete

Henrietta Grieshammer

Johann Grieshammer

Johann, son of Johann & Henrietta Grieshammer 

Carl Grimm

Franziska Grimm

Herman Grimm

Mina Grimm

baby girl Groenke

Earl H. Groenke

Henry A. Groenke

Maeola A. Groenke

Alwina Guethling

Amelia A. Guethling

baby Guethling

baby Guethling

Bertha K. Guethling

Elmer E. Guethling

Evelyn A. Guethling

Fredrich Guethling

Gustave C. Guethling

Herbert F. Guethling

John A. Guethling

Lucille A. Guethling

Luella E. Guethling

Marie, daughter of S. & M. Guethling

Mathilda E. Guethling

Reinhold J. Guethling

Rudolph, son of S. & M. Guethling

Theodore J. Guethling

Carl W. Guetzkow

Harold W. Guetzkow (?)

Lorna Guetzkow

August Gust

Caroline W. Gust

Christine Gust

Conrad Gust

Donald Gust

Wilhelmina Gust

Arvid D. Haas

Elsie M. Haas

Sheryl Jean Haas

Victor H. Haas

Johan Hahn, born in Gurshua (?) West Prueuzen (?) 

Wilhelmine Hahn, nee Maehring

? Hammel (?)

Wilbert W.L., son of A. & A. Happ

Alvin O. Harloff

Erna H. Harloff

Alfred W. Harms

Anita F. Harms

Christina Harms

Donald H. Harms

Fred J. Harms

Herman C. Harms

Lorenz F. Harms

Meta A. Harms

Paul Harms

Dolores G. Hart

Marcel A. Hart

Elsie Hass

Martha M. Hass

Reinhart A. ? Hass

Anton L. Hasse

Anton M. Hasse

Betty Lu Hasse

Donald J. Hasse

Emilie A. Hasse

Erna B. Hasse

Erne, son of A. & L. Hasse

Leilah L. Hasse

Margaret S. Hasse

Otto A. Hasse

Otto H.J., son of A. & J. Hasse

Roy O. Hasse

Wilbert W. Hasse

Willie, son of A. & J. Hasse

Albert E. Hedtke

Anna Hedtke

August Hedtke

Caroline Hedtke

Herman Hedtke

infant son (?) of T. & J. (?) Hedtke

Marie Hedtke, nee Mebrina (?), born in Demlin (?), W. Preussen

Martin Hedtke

Merlin J. Hedtke

Ben Hegtvedt

Bertha A. Hein, nee Stahlke

Fred H. Heinen

Lillie M. Heinen

Bertha Heldt

Carl A. Heldt

Carl W. Heldt

Edward A. Heldt

Ernstine W. Heldt

Esther Heldt

Friederich Heldt

Katherine E. Heldt

Lena W. Heldt

Louis G.F. Heldt

son of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Heldt

William F. Heldt

John Henke

Lillian Henke

Clara M. Herbst

William J. Herbst

Hildegarde Hershberger

Robert W. Hershberger

Elroy H.F., son of F. & E. Heuer

Junia A. Hilgers

Reuben F. Hilgers

Albert F. Hilk

Alfred A. Hilk

Alvin R. Hilk

Annie M. Hilk

Arthur T. Hilk

August Hilk

August H. Hilk

August H. Hilk

baby son of Shirley & Dennis Hilk

Bertha Hilk

Bertha M.A., daughter of A. & A. Hilk

Cora H. Hilk

Edward Hilk

Eugene Hilk

Frieda Hilk

Friedrich R. Hilk

Gladys M. Hilk

Herman E. Hilk

Hulda A. Hilk

Ida A. Hilk

Johanna Hilk

Karen Jean Hilk

Louise Hilk

Lillian L. Hilk (?)

Magdalena F. Hilk

Martha Hilk

Otto W. Hilk

Rudolph Hilk

Theodore W. Hilk

Walter F., son of A. & A. Hilk

Fred C. Hill

J. (?) Hill

Louis T. Hill

Louisa M. Hill

Martin P. Hill

William A. Hill

Violet F. Hiller

Walter F. Hiller

Edna M. Hinz

George H. Hinz

Catharine H. Hoese, nee Burandt

daughter of P. & C. Hoese

Edwin F. Hoese

Emil Hoese

Fred Hoese

Fried Hoese

Hildegard C. Hoese

Ida Hoese

Minnie B. Hoese

Oscar P. Hoese

Wilhelmina Hoese

Cora B. Hollen

Oscar E. Hollen

Eleanor S. Holmes (?)

Ervin P. Honebrink

Jacob Honebrink

LaVerne E. Honebrink

Lillie B.L., daughter of J. & L. Honebrink

Lily S. Honebrink

Louise Honebrink

Anna, daughter of F. & I. Hose

Donald G. Hubbard

Martha, daughter of A. & J. Hulck

Richart F., son of A. & J. Hulck

Alvina Hundt

Joseph Hundt

Albert Ittel

Edna Ittel

Bertha A. Jaekel

Bertha Sophia Jaekel

Christian Jaekel

Edward H. Jaekel

Henrietta Jaekel

Herman Jaekel

Marcella Jaekel

Mary A. Jaekel

Walter G. Jaekel

Constantina Janka, nee Gatz

Albert A. Janke

Ernst K. Janke

Friedrich Janke (?)

Karoline Janke

Clarence J. Jasper

Wilhelmz Johnson

? Josel or Jofes (?)

Bertha (?) Josel (?)

Ulbert Josel (?)

Albert Jung

**Emma Ida (Hein) Kaniess  2 December 1893 - 7 November 1954, daughter of Fred and Bertha Hein.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

**Hugo William Kaniess  18 August 1886 - 7 February 1962, son of Carl W.J. and Augusta.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Amilia Klammer

Jacob Klammer

Julius Klammer

Louisa Klammer

Otto Klammer

Adelia A. Klatt

Anne Klatt (?)

Charles Klatt (?)

Ernestine W. Klatt

Fred Klatt (?)

Friederich W. Klatt

Lillie Klatt (?)

Marian, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F. Klatt

Minnie, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F. Klatt

Rose Klatt (?)

William Klatt (?)

Martha R.H., daughter of R. & A. Koehler

J. George Kohl

M. Elizabeth, wife of George Kohl (?)

Mary E. Kohl

Sara Elizabeth Kosek

Tara Beth Kosek

Timothy John Kosek

baby boy Kottke

Martha L., daughter of J. & S. Krase (?)

Albert J. Kratzke (?)

Edward Kratzke

Gust F. Kratzke

Henrietta Kratzke (?)

Johanna B. Kratzke (?)

Lena A. Kratzke

Mabel M. Kratzke

Marcella A. Kratzke

Maria E. Kratzke (?)

Maria F. Kratzke (?)

R.J. Kratzke

Rudolph S. Kratzke

Waldron R. Kratzke (?)

Warren G. Kratzke

Wilhelm F. Kratzke

?, son of J. & S. Krause

Adolph Krause

Albert, son of K. (?) & K. Krause

Alice Krause

Alvina W. Krause

Anna C.A., daughter of O. & E. Krause

Arthur C. Krause

August Krause

August Krause

Carl O. Krause

Caroline Krause

Christiana J.A. Krause

Donald Keith Krause

G. Gotlieb (?) Krause (?)

Gustie Krause

Joyce M. Krause

Justus Krause (?)

Karl Krause

Lillian B. Krause

Lloyd E. Krause

Lloyd E. Krause

Louise Krause

Marie Krause

Mildred A. Krause

Roy H. Krause

Selma Krause

Carl Krey

Charlotte Maria Krey

Eleanor H. Krey

Elmer L. Krey

Heinrich Krey

Julius Krey

Louisa Krey

Rudolf W. Krey

Frieda K. Kubach

Glenn I.A. Kubach

Ludwig J. Kubach

Alfred Kuntz (?)

Alfred F. Kuntz

Anna M. Kuntz

Bertha Kuntz

Elizabeth Kuntz

Emma Kuntz (?)

Emma Amelia Kuntz

Frank Kuntz

Frieda M. Kuntz

Harold F. Kuntz

Henry Kuntz

Kevin LeRoy Kuntz

Leroy Kuntz

Lloyd Kuntz

O.J. Kuntz

Paulina Kuntz

Raymond D. Kuntz

son of Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Kuntz

Verdilla A. Kuntz

William H. Kuntz

Curtis C. Kunz

Curtis C. Kunz

Wilhelmine Kunz

Emilia Kunze

Ernest C. Kunze

Reinhold, son of W. & H. Kussero

Berthold Kusserow (?)

Hulda C. Kusserow (?)

Herbert, son of J. & M. Kalbus

Armon Fred Kaniess

Emma Kaniess

HUgo W. Kaniess

Albert J. Kellermann

Elizabeth Kellermann

Vern G. Ketcher

Viola M. Ketcher

Esther Kistner

Myrtle I. Kling

Alan K. Klotz

Elilie Knorr

Friedrich Knorr

Dorothy V. Koch

Victor C. Koch

Martha Konig

Morris M. Kortgard

Morris M. Kortgard

??, nee Kotscher

Caroline Kowalke (?)

Theodore Kowalke (?)

Charlotte Kranke

Johann Kresin (?)

Wilhelmina Kresin

Eleanora L. Krienke

Howard E. Krienke

Arlys Kugath

William Kugath

Helen I. Kurvers

Herman J. Kurvers

Elroy Kusske

Irene Kusske

Henry Laasch

Ida Laasch

Julius Lado

Albertina Lahl, nee Weise

Gotlieb Lahl

Almira H. Lahr

David E. Lahr

Jerome E. Lahr

Jerome Ed Lahr

Viona B. Lahr

Amanda Lambrecht

Edwin R. Lambrecht

Herman Lambrecht

Leone H. Lambrecht

Serena A. Lambrecht

Archie P. Larson

Elda L. Lehrke

Ellen Lehrke

Gottlieb Lehrke

Henrietta Lehrke

Henriette Lehrke

Otto R. Lehrke

Rudolph F. Lehrke

Catherine Leistiko

Edward Leistiko

Henry A. Leistiko

Hulda E. Leistiko

Magdalene Leistiko

Minnie Leistiko

Walter Leistiko

William F. Leistiko

Adele R. Lemke

Edwin F. Lemke

Emma Lemke

Herbert Lemke

Hilmer Lemke

Louisa A. Lemke

Martha L. Lemke

Roland L. Lemke

Wilhelm A. Lemke

Allen E. Lenz

Christiana Lenz

E.M. Lenz

Eduard Lenz

Friederich W., son of G. & L. Lenz

? G/ Lenz

Gustav Friederich Lenz

Laura A., daughter of G. & L. Lenz

Louis E. Lenz

Purly M. Lenz

Wilhelmine Lenz, nee Scheuble

twin girls Lenzen

Anna H.W., nee Hill, wife of Gottfried Lettenmaier 

Elsie A.L., nee Splettoesser, wife of Gottfried Lettenmaier

Eva Lettenmaier

Johann Lettenmaier

Adolph Lindenberg

Amelia Lindenberg

Elsie E. Lindenberg

Harold Lindenberg

Herman Lindenberg

Johanna Lindenberg

John A. Lindenberg

Louisa Lindenberg

Mainhard W., son of Wm. & A. Lindenberg

Matilda Lindenberg

Walter Lindenberg

Donald A. Lindner

Edgar P. Lindner

Magdalena W., wife of F. Lindner, nee Brandenburg

Adeline E. Lindstrom

Carl V. Lindstrom

Elnor Bertha Litfin, nee Manteuffel

Herbert John Litfin

Alma Lobitz (?)

Carl Lobitz

Christ F. Lobitz

Clara Lobitz

Clara H. Lobitz

Clarence H. Lobitz

Ella E. Lobitz

Ellen, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Lobitz

Ernestine Lobitz

Erwin H. Lobitz

Frank G. Lobitz

Harold H. Lobitz

Hermann Lobitz

Hilda L. Lobitz

John O. Lobitz

Louise, daughter of H. & E. Lobitz

Martha B. Lobitz

Mary E. Lobitz

Otto G. Lobitz

Rosella A. Lobitz

Verna M. Lobitz

Wilhelmine, daughter of H. & E. Lobitz

William A. Lobitz

Shane Wm. Loehrs, son of Dennis & Donna

Julius Loerke

Wilhelmina Loerke, nee Siltz

Alma L. Lohmar

Leslie W. Lohmar

Leone E. Lohmar

Theodor H. Lohmar

Marleen Mae Lovaasen

Raymond Lovel

Viola Lovel

Charlotte W. Lubitz

Christian Lubitz

Clara A.W. Lubitz

Gotfred, husband of W. Lubitz

Wilhelmine Lubitz, nee Schultz

Louis Lubke

Alma B., daughter of H. & G. Ludke (?)

Paul A.C. Ludwig

Albert T. Luebke

Anna, wife of Wm. Luebke

Anna Luebke

August Luebke

baby Luebke

Bertha C. Luebke

Carolina Luebke

Christine Luebke

Ella D. Luebke

Emma A. Luebke

Emma E. Luebke

Fred Luebke

Friederich Luebke

Friedericka, wife of Heinrich Luebke

Friedericka C.H. Luebke

Harry W. Luebke

Heinrich, husband of Friedercka Luebke

Herman Luebke

Henry C. Luebke

John A. Luebke

John C. Luebke

Mabel A. Luebke

Martha M. Luebke

Ruth R. Luebke

Walter F. Luebke

Wm. Luebke

Daryl Lueck

Albert F. Luedtke

Friedrich Luedtke

Henrietta S. Luedtke

Wilhelmine Luedtke

Alma Luepke

Herman Luepke

Myrtle J. Luepke

Allen Luetke

Amanda R. Luetke

David Allen Luetke (?)

Evelyne Faye Luetke (Mutziger)

Florella Luetke

Frank A. Luetke

Herbert Adolph Luetke

Karl Luetke

Karolina Luetke

Loyda A. Luetke

Alma B. Maass

Caroline Maass

Henry Maass

Ida M. Maass

William A. Maass

Arthur Mackenthun

August Mackenthun (?)

Harvey Mackenthun (?)

Henrietta S. Mackenthun (?)

Hilma Mackenthun

Kurt A. Mackenthun

Kurt A. Mackenthun

Ronald L. Mackenthun

baby boy Mahlum

Albert Manteuffel

Amelia Manteuffel

August Manteuffel

August Manteuffel

Bertha Manteuffel

Elizabeth Manteuffel

Frieda Manteuffel

Harry Manteuffel

Herman Manteuffel

Jeffrey D. Manteuffel

Julius F. Manteuffel

Louisa Manteuffel

Marie Manteuffel

Annie Marquardt

Gustav Marquardt

Wallace Marquardt

Walter Marquardt

Wilhelmina Marquardt

Robert O. Martins

? Maufolf

Robert J. McCune

August W. Melchert

baby Melchert

Bertha A. Melchert

Esther A. Melchert

Gilbert A. Melchert

Henriette Melchert (?)

infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Melchert

John Melchert (?)

John Melchert

Theresa E. Melchert

William L. Melchert

Carl A. Menzel

Debbra Jean Merchant

Olga Mesell

Marlene K. Meyer

Casper G.A., son of G. & I. Michelson

August C. Mielke

Dora O. Mielke

Emma I. Mielke

Friedrick Wilhelm, son of F. & M. Mielke

Lena M. Mielke

Marie Mileke, nee Schmidt

Wilhelmina Mielke, nee Hedtke

William A. Mielke

Ida C. Miller

Alwin Molnau

Alwin H. Molnau

Clara Molnau

Edward H. Molnau

Emma, daughter of E. & A. Molnau

Herman Molnau

Lena E. Molnau

Alice Moltrecht

Mark H. Morrison

Johanna Moy

Florence L. Mulhern

Melvin L. Mulhern

Bertha M. Nash

J. Edwin Nash

Esther E. Neuman, nee Honebrink

Albert Neumann

Augusta T. Neumann

Carrie Neumann

Dolores Neumann

Elmer H. Neumann

Emilie Neumann

Emma Neumann

Ernst Neumann

Harold Neumann (?)

Henry Neumann

Louise B. Neumann

Louise I. Neumann

Mary L. Neumann

Otto F. Neumann

Rosella E. Neumann

Walter H. Neumann

Walter O. Neumann

William C. Neumann

John A. Nimz

baby girl Noeldner

Lawrence H. Noeldner

Lynette S. Noeldner

Marion M. Noeldner

Karolina L. Noerenberg

William F. Noerenberg

Harry S. Norman

Harry S. Norman

Mary S. Oberender

Augusta Oestreich

Bernhard Oestreich

Ida M. Oestreich

Penny Louise, daughter of Ed & Peggy Oestreich

Edwin C. Olson (?)

Charlotte Ohm

Clarence H. Ortlip

Elvira I. Ortlip

twins Wallace Otto

Laila Packman, nee Jenson

Lance Reed Panning

Dora E. Paul

Bernice E. Pearson

Hannah S. Peltz

Henry J. Peltz

? Peterman (?)

Alma A. Peterman (?)

**Alma A. Peterman, nee Schraan, wife of Otto C. Peterman, 1887 - 1960.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Ann Rosalie Peterman

baby of Wm. & E. Peterman

Edgar A. Peterman

Elizabeth Peterman (?)

Emelia Peterman (?)

Harold W. Peterman

Henry Peterman

Lillian B. Peterman

Louise Peterman

Otto C. Peterman (?)

Verna E. Peterman

William H. Peterman (?)

Willie, son of W. (?) & E. Peterman

Dorothea Petermann

Johann Petermann

James H. Peters

Brook J. Peterson

Donald R. Peterson

Myra M. Peterson

Orville, son of Ed. & Addie Pierson

August Pinske

Gustaf Pinske

Albert L. Pofahl

Anna Pofahl

Arthur P. Pofahl

Betty C. Pofahl

Edna Pofahl

John Pofahl

John H. Pofahl

Mary Pofahl

Paul Pofahl

August Pofhal

Augusta Pofhal

Chester F. Poppitz

Clarence Poppitz

Frank Poppitz

Frank L. Poppitz

Louisa Poppitz

Louisa A. Poppitz (?)

Louise Poppitz

Melvin C. ‘Bud’ Poppitz

Esther Pranschke, nee Melchert

Pastor Harold E. Pranschke

Alvina F. Pretzel

Walter A. Pretzel

baby girl Quast

Bronnie E. Quast

Emma A. Quast

Gilbert R. Quast

Rudolph J. Quast

Alice W. Radde

August Radde

Charles Radde

Charles G., child of Mr. & Mrs. John Radde

Edward J. Radde

Gottlieb Radde

Harvey M. Radde

Henrette Radde

Herman E. Radde

Jacob Radde

John Radde

Lillian Lenz Radde

Louise, daughter of J. & M. Radde

Lola L. Radde

Mabel F. Radde

Magdalena Radde

Mathilda Radde

Minna I., child of Mr. & Mrs. John Radde

Ottilia Radde

R.C. Radde

Anna Radtke

Adelheid Sophie Radzow, nee Bolte

Eduard Radzow

Julius H.W. Radzow

Wilhelmina, wife of Johann Radzow

A.W. Raether

Anna C. Raether

Apollonie A. Raether

Arthur A. Raether

baby Raether

Betty Lou Raether

Christina Raether

Christine M. Raether

Edwin H. Raether

Emelia Raether (?)

Ethel A. Raether

Frank Raether (?)

Frank J. Raether

Fred A. Raether

Frederick Raether

Henry H. Raether

Hilma L. Raether

infant Raether

John A. Raether

Karl A. Raether

Leona L. Raether

Ludwig M.F. Raether, born in Pommern

Malinda A. Raether

Theresa Raether

Willie Raether

Carl Rahn

baby Raymer

Augusta, ? of August Reese

Gregory A. Refsland

baby daughter of C.A. & W. Reil

Elaine G. Reil 30 January

Evelyn L., daughter of C.A. & W. Reil

Esther L. Reinitz

Gilbert H. Reinitz

Henry Reinitz

Mary Reinitz

Paul F. Reinitz

Bruce A. Reinke

Charlotte E. Reinke

Herman A. Reinke

Joseph Reinke

Paul Reinke

Wilhelmina B. Reinke

William F. Reinke

Arthur L. Remus

Martha B. Remus

Curtis W. Renken

Frederick Rohde

Johanna Rohde

Hermann Rohde

Anna Rohloff

August Rohloff

Augsut Rohloff

Augusta M. Rohloff

Emilie Rohloff

Heinrich Rohloff

Herman A. Rohloff

Hermann Rohloff

Wilhelm Rohloff

Adolph C. Rolf

Herbert Rolf

Kenneth C. Rolf

Lillian Rolf

Lorena E. Rolf

Margery Rolf

Emil Heinrch Ross

Marie Rowley

Jul ?? Ru ??

Anna Rudloff

Ferdinand Rudloff (?)

Fred Rudloff

Henry A. Rudloff

Martha V. Rudloff

Wilhelmina Rudloff (?)

James D. Salden

Otto, son of J. & J. Schacher

Adam J. Schafer

Friederike Schafer

Daniel Scharmer

Emelia Scharner

Emma Scharmer (?)

Friederich Scharmer

Lillie Scharmer

Ottelia Scharmer

Theodore Scharmer

Walter R., son of Wm. & E. Scharmer

William J. Scharmer (?)

Anna A. Scheuble

Antonia Scheuble

Fred Scheuble

Friederich Scheuble

Irwin Scheuble

Mary Scheuble

Ralph Allen Scheuble

Walter E. Scheuble

Anna Schildt

Albert Schieldt

Herman Schieldt

Ida Schieldt

Wilhelmina Schieldt

Albert Schmakel

Alvina R. Schmakel

Bernice Schmakel

Bertha Schmakel

Dorothy Schmakel

Elsie H. Schmakel

Evadine B. Schmakel

Frank C. Schmakel

Frank E. Schmakel

Helen Schmakel

Herman, son of S. & B. Schmakel

infant children of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Schmakel

infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Schmakel

Lilah R. Schmakel

Louise A. Schmakel

Myra D. Schmakel

Paul H. Schmakel

Thomas Lee Schmakel

Walter T. Schmakel

Wilhelm Schmakel

Willard A.F. Schmakel

Clarence R. Schmidt

Ella B. Schmidt

Emma A. Schmidt

Frank H. Schmidt

Friederika A. Schmidt

Friedrich (?) Schmidt

Harry L. Schmidt

Herman A. Schmidt

Henrietta Schmidt

Hulda M. Schmidt

John Schmidt

Karl Schmidt

Nancy L. Schmidt

Rudolph Schmidt

Ruffina Schmidt

Umalia Schmigtenberg, nee Lindenberg, born in Bogascha Brovarz Pommering 

Arthur H. Schneewind

Bertha Schneewind

Delma B. Schneewind

Gerhard Schneewind

Harold W. Schneewind

Hilda S. Schneewind

Jeffrey L. Schneewind

Walter F. Schneewind

Alma E. Schneider

Ida Louise Schneider

Ione D. Schneider

Theo D. Schneider

Rev. Wm. F.G. Schneider

Andreas Schraan

Andrew Schraan (?)

Bertha Schraan (?)

Eliesabeth Schraan

Johann Schulz

Caroline Schuettpelz

Walter Schuettpelz

Bertha M. Schultz

Walter F. Schultz

Darwin H. Schumann

Anne E. Schwalbee

Emma H. Schwalbe

**Emma Hulda Bertha (Kaniess) Schwalbe  12 August 1873 - 18 April 1958, daughter of Carl W.J. and Augusta (Blanck) Kaniess.**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Herman J. Schwalbe

**Herman Jacob Schwalbe  28 December 1874 - 16 September 1936, son of Henry and Gertrude Schwalbe**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Laura L. Schwalbe

Friedrich Schwechtenberg

Matilda, daughter of F. & U. Schwechtenberg

Ulbert, son of ? Schwechtenberg (?)

Albert H. Schwichtenberg

Anna A. Schwichtenberg

Anna W. Schwichtenberg

baby of H. & A. Schwichtenberg

Beatrice M. Schwichtenberg

Emma, daughter of F. & U. Schwichtenberg

Herman A. Schwichtenberg

Irwin E. Schwichtenberg

Louise F. Schwichtenberg

Otto A. Schwichtenberg

Gottlieb Schwinger

Brian Loren Seeley

Emil J.H. Sell

? Seltz

Alvina B. Seltz

Carl Seltz

Pastor Carl Seltz

Dora A. Seltz (?)

Doris, wife of Rev. C.G. Seltz

Gustav Seltz (?)

Gustav H. Seltz

Herbert H. Seltz

infant ? of Karl & Magdalena Seltz

John H. Seltz

Laura H., daughter of Rev. C.G. Seltz

Louis A. Seltz

Magdalena Seltz

Magdalena Seltz (?)

Magdalene Seltz (?)

Maria Seltz

Marie M. Seltz

Rose A. Seltz

Theo C. Seltz

August Siltz

Dorothea Siltz

Friederich Siltz

Helena M., daughter of Gustav (?) & Dorathia Siltz

Henrietta, wife of F. Siltz

Margaretha A.C. Siltz

Alice Simon

Adolph Smith

Laura L. Spagenske

Robert Gene Spannaus

Alvina Splettstoesser (?)

August Splettstoesser (?)

Caroline Splettstoesser

Edward Splettstoesser

Erwin A. Splettstoesser

Evelyn M. Splettstoesser

Frieda E. Splettstoesser

Ida W. Splettstoesser

Irvin A. Splettstoesser

Myrtle E. Splettstoesser

Oscar Splettstoesser

Theodore C. Splettstoesser

Henry Splettstoser

Ida Splettstoser

H. Louise Splettstosser

Johann Splettstosser

Karl F.J. Splettstosser

Louisa Splettstoszer, nee Rohloff

Elsie Sprengeler

Fred Sprengeler

Ernest J. Stahlka

Anna M. Stahlke

Arta A. Stahlke

August H. Stahlke

Clara, daughter of O. (?) & L. Stahlke

Dellas Stahlke

Elizabeth M. Stahlke

Elmer A. Stahlke

Emil Stahlke

Ernest C. Stahlke

Ernest F. Stahlke

Ernst J. Stahlke

F.W. Stahlke

Gustav A. Stahlke

Henreitta Stahlke

Henriette W. Stahlke

Henry A. Stahlke

Ida Stahlke

Irene Stahlke

Loretta A. Stahlke

Tara Lynn Stahlke

Waldomier Stahlke

Wilhelmine K. Stahlke

Emma W. Steinhagen

Ida B. Steinhagen

Karl, son of Gott ?? & ? Steinkeans (?)

Dora, daughter of Gottfried & Mionna Steinkraus

Emma H.A., daughter of Gottfried & Minna Steinkraus 

Carl W. Stender

Clarice M. Stender

Leona Stender

Ralph A. Stender

infant son of Larry & Helen Stuhlke

Amanda Sudheimer

Elmer F. Sudheimer (?)

Evelyn E. Sudheimer (?)

Fred Sudheimer

Eddie Sumnick

Bernard V. Swenson

Bertha T. Swenson

Frederick H. Tabbert

John G. Tabbert

Ella Teich

Ida Tellers

Joseph Tellers

Albert Terwedo

Alice Terwedo

Bertha Terwedo

Terwedo baby (?)

Anna R., wife of W. Terwedow

Bertha C. Tesch

Caroline, daughter of J. & C. Tesch

Christjana Tesch

Clarence E. Tesch

Erwin Tesch

Erwin H. Tesch

Ewald O. Tesch

Julius Tesch

Heinrich Tesch

Herman J. Tesch

Mamie A. Tesch

Margaretha A. Tesch, daughter of H. & W. Tesch 

Wilhelmine Tesch, nee Barnick

Albert J. Tester

Alfred Tester

Bertha Tester

Clarence A. Tester

Dorenda L. Tester

Lorenda M. Tester

Mae Tester

Theresa M. Tester, nee Maahs

Wilhelmine Tester

Wilhelmine, daughter of A. & E. Tester

Sophia (?) Tessman (?)

Harold F. Thaemert

Elanor E. Thies

Erwin G. Thies

Malinda I. Thies

Albert L. Thom

Ann M. Thom

Anna Thom

August E. Thom

Augustina Thom

Bertha Thom

Edgar P. Thom

Euna M. Thom

Fred Thom

Gustav R. Thom

Joyce M. Thom

Louise N.H. (?) Thom

Ludwig Thom

Malinda Thom

Minnie B. Thom

Otilia Thom

Paul F. Thom

Ruben H. Thom

Ruben H. Thom

Werner F. Thom

Wilhelm Thom

Ruth A. Thompson

Wilton L. Thompson

Amalie E. Thun

August Thun

children of Mr. & Mrs. Gustave Thun

Christina (?) Thun (?)

Gottlieb Thun

Gustav E. Thun

Olga Thun

Otto E. Thun

Wilhelmine Thun

Herman F. Tonn (?)

Rose L. Tonn (?)

August, son of A. & A. Treichel

Sophia Carolina Treichel

Wilhelm, son of A. & A. Treichel

Julius, son of W. & C. Trelchel (?)

Florence Truwe

Raymond Truwe

Alvina Uecker

Irene L. Uecker

Karl Uecker

Vincent W. Uecker

Eva Urbach, nee Eisemann

Elsie A. Vahl

Henry C. Vahl

Alma A. Verch

Friedrich Verch

Hattie Verch

Henriette Vollert, nee Brandt (?)

Emilie (?) L. ?? Vollman (?)

Albertine Vollrath 22 March 1853 – 5 May 1890, wife of August  **This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.**

Alma F. Vollrath, nee Luebke

August F.J. Vollrath

Bertha Vollrath (?)

Edward C. Vollrath

Elvira Vollrath (?)

Emil Vollrath

Emilie Vollrath (?)

Herman Vollrath (?)

Johann (?) Vollrath

John H. Vollrath

Jakob Vollrath

Lena A. Vollrath

Leroy Frank Vollrath

Lillie Vollrath

Oscar Vollrath (?)

Otto J. Vollrath

Tena M. Vollrath

Walter Vollrath

William Vollrath

Albertine Vollrodt

Auguste Vollrodt, nee Lopno

Bertha M. Wachholz

Carl Wachholz

Emilie Wachholz, nee Fahse

Emma Wachholz

Harold A. Wachholz

Henry, child of Karl & Emele Wachholz (?)

Henry C. Wachholz

Henry J. Wachholz

John Wachholz

Lillian A. Wachholz

Loretta F. Wachholz

Louisa M., child of Karl & Emele Wachholz (?)

Luella A. Wachholz

Reuben E. Wachholz

Emilie Wacholz

Alice Wacks

Henry Wacks

Anna D. Waechter

Pastor August C. Waechter

Elsa Weber

Myrtle E. Weber

Adam Weinheimer

Friedrich Weinheimer

Margaretha A., daughter of F. & M. Weinheimer

Margaretha Weinheimer, nee Hill

Ernst A. Weise

Hedwig L. Weise

Mary L. Wemeier

Peter G. Wemeier

Peter G. Wemeier

baby boy Wenning

baby boy Wenning

Leroy S. Wenning

Alma A. Wenz

Wilfred F. Wenz

Herminie Westermann

Maria Kutherina Westermann

William Westermann

Herman Wiedenroth (?)

Louisa Wiedenroth (?)

baby Wiesner

Laura B. Wildermuth

Lowell Harold Wildermuth

William P. Wildermuth

Helen Willemsen

Bertha Winkel

Joseph Wisneski

Katherine Wisneski

Arthur Wolter

Bernhard Wolter

Emma Wolter

Lois Wolter

Paul O. Wolter (?)

Fred E. Zabel

Leona M. Zebell

Leonard G. Zebell

Alice E. Zellmann

Carl H. Zellmann

Jennifer Zellmann

Arthur H. Ziemer (?)

Emma C. Ziemer (?)

Eva M. Zierman, nee Wachholz

Herman F. Zierman

Marvel J.F. Zierman

Elmer Ziermann

Louise Ziermann

Alfred Zieroth (?)

Augusta Zieroth (?)

Dale H. Zieroth

Elsie Zieroth

Erwin Zieroth

Harold Zieroth

Mary Zieroth (?)

Richard A. Zieroth

Theodor Zieroth (?)

Dorothy Zimmermann

Friedricka Zimmermann

William Zimmermann

Herman Zinter

I was not able to get a complete reading of the following burial monuments

?? 31 July 1828 - 17 May 1880

?? 6 January 1819 - 27 January 1886

August F.H., son of F.F. & ??

Amanda W.,

Christian Carl

Henriette - rest of burial monument is cemented and buried to deep to read

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