Zoar Moravian Church Cemetery

also Waconia Moravian Church burials

Laketown Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T116N - R24W, section 32

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. This rural church and cemetery are located about 6 - 7 miles north and west of Chaska, Minnesota, along Carver County Road 10, or 3 miles south and east of Waconia, Minnesota.

During the visit to this cemetery a groundskeeper explained some of the churches history. My understanding is that this church was used on a regular basis until the 1930’s when the congregation began to use the Waconia Moravian Church on a regular basis. At the present time the Zoar Moravian Church is still used on a semi-regular basis, specifically for Easter Sunday Services and Wednesday Night Vesper services during the summer months. To my knowledge both the Waconia Moravian Congregation and the related Zoar Moravian Congregation use the Zoar Moravian Church Cemetery for burials.

In the 1915 "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota", edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: ‘... The site of Zoar Church is the northwest quarter of section 32, and comprises two acres which were generously given for church and cemetery purposes by Mr. Rudiger. The first interment in the cemetery was that of the remains of Mrs. Fritz Rudiger, who died in 1856.’

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order. 

Marie I. Anderson

Owen C. Anderson

Beven M. Arnett

Hazel L. Arnett

Charles O. Aue

Clara C. Aue

Anna V. Bade (?)

Emma B. Bade (?)

Helmuth Bade

I.L. August Bade

John Bade

Lydia Bade

Rose Bade

William J. Bade (?)

Charles J. Barth

Lorie, child of Chuck and Phyl Barth

Mable C. Beirsdorf

Alfred Bender

Alice M. Bender

Bertha Bender (?)

Gottlod Bender (?)

Gustave Bender

Howard G. Bender

Jacob Bender

Johannes Bender

Margaretha Bender

Matthew Bender

Robert E. Bender

Ruth M. Bender

Herman (?) J. (?) Boight

Fritz Smith Bost

Brent R. Braun

Earl W. Braun

Regina Braun

Cara Jo Burau

Anna Chermack

John Chermack

Jack H. Connors

Ruby Connors

Paul Degler

Bertha, wife of Johann Dennin

Johann Dennin

Rev. James Philip Dettmer

Grace Helen Giesler Dittmer

Maria A., daughter of Jeremiah and Barbara Ehman

Albert H. Ehrenberg

Bertha L., wife of Herman Ehrenberg

Henry C. Ehrenberg

Herman Ehrenberg

Lillian D. Ehrenberg

Minnie Ehrenberg

Sophia Stelter Ehrenberg

Wilhelm F. Ehrenberg

William G. Ehrenberg

Dorathea Eman

Myrtle M. Falk

Wilmer T. Falk

Elizabeth Fradrich (?)

Wilhelm Fradrich (?)

Elizabeth Freadrich

Wilhelm Freadrich

H. Fredrick

Amelia W. Gohlke

Frederick Gohlke

Aline A. Gramith

Charles Gramith

Clifford Frederick Gramith

Gilda Gramith

Luvern Ogard Gramith

Miland Gramith

Rosella Gramith

Willis H. Gramith

Ella A. Gregerson

Fred F. Grimm

Lydia E. Grimm

Judge Arlo E. Haering

Evelyn M. Haering

Fred Haering

Myrtle Haering

Christina Hellrich (?)

Edward Hellrich

Heinrich G. Hellrich

Anna Hemke (?), nee ?ectmann

Arthur (?) Henke

Bertha Horeish

Minnie J. Ittel

William O. Itell

Gunner Jensen

Ida L. Jensen

Allene Johnson

Joseph L. Johnson

Lillie M. Johnson

Alvina Kemkes

Anna Mary Kemkes

Fred Kemkes

Heinrich Kemkes

Henry Kemkes

Lillian Kemkes

Traugott Kemkes

Wilbur Kemkes

John W. Klatt

Julia Klatt

Dorthea Else Koehler

Friedericke Louise Koehler

Barbara A. Kranke, nee Jakob (?)

Karl T. Kranke

Louise C. Kranke

Anna M. Kreitlow

Louise Kreitlow

Otto Kreitlow

Robert H. Kreitlow

Albert Krenz

Emily Krusina

Joseph Krusina

Josephina, wife of J. Krusina

A.E. ‘Jim’ Kucera

Antonia Kucera

Edna M. Kucera

George F. Kucera

Henrietta A. Kucera

Anna L.D. Lambrecht

Emma E. Lambrecht

Reinhard S.E. Lambrecht

Ethel Last

Fred Last

Arthur Laufenburger

Marjorie Laufenburger

Lois R. Lien

Henry O. Lobitz

Lillian E. Lobitz

Ella Luebke, daughter of Fredrick and Alvina Lubke

Friedrich A. Lubke

Reinhard F. ?. Lubke

Frances MacDonald

Roderick MacDonald

Anna Maetzold, nee Geidel

J. Gottlieb Maetzold

LaVonne P. Maurine

Ronald J. Maruine

Friedrich Mayer

I. Richard Mewaldt

Susan L. Mewaldt

only Miller

Judy E. Morke

Friderika Neumann

Otto F. Neumann

Ronald M. Oeltjenbruns

Bertha Oesterreich

Irene E. Oesterreich

Urban Oesterreich

Charlotte Ogard

Joseph C. Ogard

Caroline V. Olson

David G. Olson

Norman A. ‘Tom’ Olson

Lillian Osterfeld

Albert E. Poppitz (?)

Bertha L. Poppitz (?)

Henry Poppitz

Orville Herman Poppitz

Arthur L. Pruden

Edith Ford Rachel

Adeline L. Radde

Hilda H. Weber Radde

Walter J. ‘Skip’ Radde

Heinrich (?) C. (?) Ran

Johanna C. Ran

Friederich Reese

Friederika Reese

Carol ? Richter (?)

Christof Richter (?)

Joseph Richter

Pauline Richter

Bertha Rietz

John H. Rietz

Keith Simon Rosenwinkel

Carl Rudiger

Ernestine Ruediger

Ferdinand Ruediger

Fritz Ruediger

Jacob Ruediger

Regina Ruediger

Theodore Ruediger

David H. Sauerbrey

David R. Sauerbrey

Edward and Herman, children of E.W. Scheuble

Martha M. Schmandke

William H. Schmandke

August Schmandtke

Henriette Schmandtke

Louisa Schmandtke

Sophia C. Schmidt

Maria Schneider

Henry, child of A. and E. Schraan (?)

John, child of A. and E. Schraan (?)

John J., son of A. (?) and E. Schraan (?)

Christina Schroeder

Ella Schroeder

Bernice M. Schwalbe

Christiane H. Schwalbe, nee Brader

Clarence Schwalbe

Ella K. Schwalbe

Emma Schwalbe

Gertrud Schwalbe

Girlinda Schwalbe

Herman E. Schwalbe

Ida C. Schwalbe (?)

Orville W. Schwalbe

Traugott H. Schwalbe (?)

Traugott L. Schwalbe

Walter L. Schwalbe

Heinrich Schwalber

? Schwartz

August K. Schwartz

Bertha Schwartz

Carrie Schwartz

Friedrich Schwartz

Heinrich Schwartz

Louisa Schwartz

Viola A. Schwartz

Wilhelmine Schwartz

John Nicolas Schwarz

Johanna A.W. Sell

Ludwig G. Sell

David Stelter

Melody A. Sletten

Frank Smeets

Mollie Smeets

Louise Splettstoesser

Erwin P. Stahlke

Luella C. Stahlke

Phyllis G. Stone (?)

Bernice H. Streukens

George L. Streukens

Adele T. Stron

Leland E. Stron

David L. Strong

Doris H. Strong

Henry, son of H. and E. Stuht

Emma E. Sudheimer (?)

John A. Sudheimer (?)

Albert E. Trende

Bertha Trende (?)

Eleanor E. Trende

Ernst Trende

Frank Trende (?)

Johanna Trende

Lillian Trende (?)

Margarethe Trende

Richard, son of Gerald and Betty Trende

Wilmar A. Trende

Antoinette Trocke

Herman R. Trocke

Bertha J.L. Vocht

Ludwig G.E. Vocht

Henry C. Voight

Selma Voight (?)

August Voigt (?)

Fredericka Voigt

Herman Voigt (?)

Otto A. Voigt (?)

Joey Wilm

Anthony W. Winkel

Marguerite E. Winkel

Caroline Wolff 23 October

Julius Wolff

Anton Wostrel, born in Bohemia

Anton Wostrel

Anton Wostrel

Clara A. Wostrel

Edward W. Wostrel

Elizabeth L. Wostrel

Katrina Wostrel

William A. Wostrel

Anna Zeman, nee Zbytovsky

Arnold V. Zeman

Edward (?) Zeman

Frances Zeman

Frank Zeman

Frank Daniel Zeman

Joseph Zeman

Louisa Friedericka Bertha Richter Zeman

Martha A. Zeman

William J. Zeman

Julius Zibell

Not able to get complete surnames for the following:

? (hard to read) 6 August 1880 - 2 September 1889

Wilhelm P. - badly worn stone - in childrens area ?

Anna R. 1884-1932

8 November 1805 - ? April 1884 - rest of stone missing

(two children ?) 20 November 1877 and 30 November 1877, children of ? - very worn

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