St. Victoria’s Catholic Church Cemetery

city of Victoria, Carver County, Minnesota: T116N - R24W, section 14

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Eastern Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The visible cemetery, located along Victoria Drive, is one of two cemeteries located on this property. Within the newer of the two cemetery there are about half a dozen four foot tall cement crosses that appear to be burial monuments. These crosses have an iron crucifix attached to each individual cross, but do not appear to contain any names or dates for the deceased.

The other cemetery is located in a heavily wooded ravine about 1000 yards south of the church. The graves in the ravine are no longer individually marked nor is the area regularly maintained. The perimeter of the cemetery in the ravine was marked by four to six large field stones. My understanding is that the cemetery in the ravine was the original cemetery used by this church congregation, but the older cemetery in the ravine has not been used in a very long time.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order. 

?? of A.and A. Aretz (?)

Agnes Aretz (?)

Anton Aretz (?)

Anton Aretz (?)

baby daughter Aretz

Bob Aretz

Catherine R. Aretz

Celeste M. Aretz

Claris E. Aretz

Herbert F. Aretz

Herbert F. Aretz

Jerome J. Aretz

John Aretz (?)

Laura M. Aretz (?)

Nellie Aretz (?)

Tony F. Aretz

Victor W. Aretz

William S. Aretz

Teresa (Kunze) Azar

Margaretha Baumgartner

Mary Bigaouette

Robert W. Bird-Cimoli 1918-1994 (As per an e-mail from a family member this is actually Robert W. Bird.  The Cimoli surname on the headstone is part of his wife's name only.)

Bede E. Boll

John A. Boll

Lois I. Boll

Margaret Boll

Mary Bongard

Katrina Daisy, daughter of Roger and Cathy Breeggemann

Victoria, daughter of Roger and Cathy Breeggemann

Dorothea, wife of Ferdinand Breher

Dorothy A. Breher

Ferdinand Breher

Ferdinand Breher

Leonard Breher

Blandin A. (?) Brener (?)

‘Father’ Bruns

Henry Bruns

Mary Bruns

‘Mother’ Bruns

Peter H. Bruus

Lorraine Buesgens

Victor Buesgens

Victor H. Buesgens

Robert Dale Carroll

Anthony Caspers

Anthony J. Caspers

Hilda A. Caspers

Rosanne Caspers

Cecil L. Chapman

M. Jean Coleman

Maria Deis

Martin, son of N. and M. Deis, born in Bonifacius (?)

Ottilia, daughter of N. and M. Deis

Catherine Derhaag

Donald P. Derhaag

Henry J. Derhaag

Mary Dice

Anna Diethelm

Anton W. Diethelm

Arthur Diethelm

Arthur Frank Diethelm,

Bernard Diethelm

Carl Diethelm

Caroline F. Diethelm

Catherine Diethelm

Dennis J. Diethelm

Edmund F. Diethelm

Elisabeth Diethelm

Elizabeth Diethelm (?)

Eugene B. Diethelm

Frank Diethelm

Frank C. Diethelm (?)

Frederick Diethelm

George A. Diethelm

Harold J. Diethelm

Harold J. Diethelm

Hattie M. Diethelm

Henry C. Diethelm

Herbert Diethelm

Ida M. Diethelm

J. Joseph Diethelm

John A. Diethelm

Joseph, son of Carl and Elizabeth Diethelm

Joseph Diethelm

Karl Diethelm

Lorene M. Diethelm

Louise Diethelm

Louise Diethelm

Margaret Diethelm

Maria M. Diethelm

Marie A. Diethelm

Mary C. Diethelm

Michael Diethelm

Raymond J. Diethelm

Richard H. Diethelm

Rose Diethelm (?)

Susana Diethelm

Alice I. Dietl

Frank L. Dietl

Mary T. Dietl

Robert William Dietl

Elizabeth Dill

Joseph Dill

Theresia, wife of Michael Dithelm

**Maria Agatha Dohmen  28 December 1812 - 28 / 29 May 1883**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Frances Eagan

Richard W. Eagan

Genevieve Ebert

Walter J. Ebert

Zachary Caleb, son of Jeff and Corinne Eiden

Kathryn S. Erickson

Christina Ess

Johann Ess

Jno. Ess, Company D 5th Minn. Inf.

Mary Ess

Michael Ess

Joseph Faesler (?)

Charley, son of M.D. and L.S. Fessler

Michael Flood

Franz X., son of ? Fossler (?)

Johann M. Fossler

Theresia Gardner

Leonard J. Garaghty

Phyllis C. Garaghty

Pearl May Gaskill

William C. Gaskill

Annie Golden

Laverne Grace

Laverne Grage

Victoria Laddusaw Grage

Dennis Gregory

Frank A. Gregory (?)

Frank T. Gregory

Frederick F. Gregory

Henry J. Gregory

John Gregory

Joseph Gregory

Joseph F. Gregory

Mamie Gregory

Maria Gregory

Oleda A. Gregory

Peter Gregory

Philomena P. Gregory (?)

Susanna Gregory

Winnifred M. Gregory

Ludwick Greir

Juliana Grimm

Juliana Segner Grimm, wife of Wendelin Grimm

Wendolin Grimm

Wendelin Grimm, originator of ‘Grimm Alfalfa’ of Kulsheim, Baden, Germany

Adeline H. Hanson

Axel Hanson

Carl M. Hanson

Regina Hanson

baby girl Hartman

Leo F. Hartman

Leona C. Hartman

Catherine Hartmann

Catherine G. Hartmann

George J. Hartmann

Gladys Hartmann

Mathias Hartmann

Michael Hartmann

Ferdinand Heid

George Heid

Mary Heid

Mary M. Heid

Eunice R. Hesse

Francis A. Hesse

Francis A. Hesse

Aplonia Heuthmaker

Mathias Heuthmaker

Eva, wife of Leonard Heutmaker

Florian Heutmaker

Ida M. Heutmaker

Joseph F. Heutmaker

Leonard Heutmaker

Valentine Heutmaker

Vernice Heutmaker

Lambert Leutmekers

Theresia Heutmekers

Donald J. Jesberg

Joseph Jesse

Arthur Jeurissen

Judy A. Jeurissen

Kathleen Jeurissen

Viola Jeurissen

J. Heinrich Kaeinacker (?)

Caroline Kaley

Elizabeth Kaley

Frank J. Kaley

James M. Kaley

Joseph Kaley

Bernard Kaufhold (?)

Catherine Kaufhold (?)

Clara Kaufhold (?)

Franz (?) Kaufhold

Frederick H. Kaufhold

Germain Michael Kaufhold

John Kaufhold (?)

John Kaufhold

John J. Kaufhold

Regina Kaufhold

Theresa Kaufhold

Karl Kaufman

Magdalena Kaufman

Anton H. Kelzer

Clarence Kelzer

Dorothy Kelzer

George J. Kelzer

Hubert Kelzer

John H. Kelzer

Mary, daughter of Clarence and Dorothy Kelzer

Ottilia Kelzer

Donald A. Kerber

Donald A. Kerber

Evelyn M. Kerber

Math Kerber

Regina Kerber

Roman Kerber

Franz Kern (?)

Marie E., daughter of ? and ? Kern

Nicholas Kern (?)

Lowell H. Kirsch

Agnes B. Klaras

Herbert H. Kocks

Pauline O. Kocks

Alvina Kohmann

Maria H. Kohmann, nee Mulken

Martin Kohmann

Gertrude Kraemer

Theodore Kraemer

Nicolaus Krayer

Pete Krayer

Anjer Kunze

John Kunze

Orrin A. Kunze

Thomas Benjamin Kunze

Hubert Kurvers

Magdalen Kurvers

Alois Leizinger

Mary Leizinger

Barbara Leuthner

Maurice Leuthner

Maurice J. Leuthner

Mary Lou Leuthner

Robert Jerald Lindner

Joseph M. Lueck

Mary Jane Lynum

Katherine Maas

Johann Gradus Maas

Maria Sophia Maas

Mathias J. Maas

Renzo Luis Malaga

Patricia B. Martin

Elina Massa-Cimoli

Johann Mayer

Mary Anna, wife of John Mayer

Irene M. McGarry

Beatrice M. Mechtel

Myron G. Mechtel

Myron G. Mechtel

baby girl Michel, daughter of Gerald and Jane

Anna M. Miller

Nancy G. Mitchell

William C. Mitchell

William C. Mitchell

Peter Moelken (?)

Maria J., wife of J.G. Monnens

George W. Moore

? Muller

Frank L. Murray

Lucille C. Murray

Martin Naab

Gertrude Kunze Nelson

Mary Beth Neudecker

Genevieve A. Northrop

Ovid W. Northrop

Alfred B. Notermann

Anna Notermann

Anton Notermann

Arnold Notermann

Arnold A. Notermann

Catherine Notermann

Catherine Notermann

Catherine E. Notermann

Edmund J. Notermann

Elisabeth Notermann

Elisabetha, daughter of Arnold and Thresea Notermann

Ethel Notermann

Evelyn C. Notermann

Florian Notermann

Frances Notermann (?)

Francis A. Notermann

Frank J. Notermann

George Notermann

Gertrude T. Notermann

Helen Notermann

John Notermann

John Notermann (?)

Joseph Notermann

Lorraine T. Notermann

Mary Notermann (?)

Michael Wm. Notermann

Michael Notermann (?)

Paul Notermann (?)

Raymond M. Notermann

Robert Paul Notermann

Theodor Notermann

Theresia Notermann

twins Helen M. and Frank J. Notermann (?)

James D. Oakes

son and daughter of Jak. Anton Oschner

John D. Ohmen

Carol A. O’Neal

John Osweiler

Rose Osweiler

Emily Pierson

George Pierson

Joe Pliska

Vincense Pliska

? Poppler

Friedrich Poppler

Theresia Poppler

August H. Rachel

Stuart J. Rachel

Victoria Rachel

G. Rademacher

Pamela Ann Rademacher

Christ Rademaker

Thomas Rademaker

Jacob Raudamackers

Anna Reus

Francis Reus

Teresa Reus

Emma Rhoy

Lawrence Rhoy

Markus W. Rhoy

William Rhoy

William J. Rhoy

Marjorie Ries

Sandra Kay Ries

Sylvester Ries

Sylvester A. Ries

Ruth G. Robinson

baby Robling

Ben Robling

Calvin Robling

Calvin J. Robling

Edward C. Robling

Freida Robling

Margie Robling

Nicholas Roers, Company G 5th Minn. Inf.

Gertrude Rosen

Mathias Rosen

Caroline Sauerbrey

John M., son of Joseph and Frances Schaaf

David Anthony Schaefer

David N. Schenten

Mary Schindler

baby Schmid

baby Dale Schmid (?)

Elisabeth Schmid

Frank J. Schmid

Joseph Schmid (?)

Joseph Schmid

Joseph Schmid

Maria Schmid

Mary J. Schmid (?)

Olivia M. Schmid

Pearl C. Schmid

Walter J. Schmid

Albert B. Schmidt

Benedict J. Schmidt

Frances Schmidt (?)

Frank M. Schmidt

Gottfried, son of Martin and Maria Schmidt

Louis Schmidt (?)

Magdalena Schmidt

Martin L., son of Albert and Regina Schmidt

Regina Schmidt

Alphonse R. Schmieg

Anastasia Schmieg

Anna Schmieg

Anton Schmieg

baby Schmieg

baby Schmieg

Benedict F. Schmieg

Bernard G. Schmieg

Bernard G. Schmieg

Dorothy Schmieg

Frances Schmieg

Frances Schmieg

Frances A. Schmieg

Frank J. Schmieg

George L. Schmieg

Gertrude A. Schmieg

Hilda B. Schmieg (?)

John B. Schmieg

John M. Schmieg (?)

Joseph Schmieg

Leslie Ann Schmieg

Margaret Schmieg

Margaret A. Schmieg

Margaret E. Schmieg

Maria Schmid, wife of F. Schmieg

Mary Schmieg

Raymond Schmieg

Robert Schmieg

Theresa M. Schmieg

Theresia Schmieg (?)

?? Schneider (?)

Adeline P. Schneider

Anna Kelzer Schneider

Anna M. Schneider

Donna R. Schneider

Evelyn Schneider

Frances Schneider

Helen M. Schneider

James J. Schneider

John A. Schneider

Joseph Schneider

Josephia, daughter of E. and Maria Schneider

Josephia, daughter of E. and Maria Schneider

June B. Schneider

Leander L. Schneider

Leonard Schneider

Mary M. Schneider

Math M. Schneider

Sophia, daughter of E. and Maria Schneider

Thomas M. Schneider

Victor Schneider

Victoria Schneider

Evelyn M. Schrempp

Leonard J. Schrempp

Robert J. Schug

Michael Schuschitzky (?)

Kathryn A. Schuster

Frank Shule

A. Katharina Sloen, nee Zanders (?)

Peter Sloen

Anna Sloun, nee Glatzel (?)

Willie, son of W.M. and K.B. Snyder

Caroline E. Sohns

Dale G. Sohns

Dale G. Sohns 1932-1990

George R. Sohns

Nancy J. Sohns

Albert N. Steinberger

Caroline Steinberger

Caroline M. Steinberger

George "Todd" Steinberger

Jacob Steinberger

Kathrina Steinberger

Louis Steinberger

Marie "Snip" Steinberger

Franciska G. Stimmler, daughter of Anthony and Cresentia, and grand-daughter of Johann Stimmler

Johann Stimmler

Johann W. Stimmler, son of Anthony and Cresentia Stimmler, grand-son of Johann Stimmler

Florence Storms

Michael Storms

Ferd Thurk, husband of Theresa Zanger

Theresa Thurk

Catherine Timmers

Frank J. Timmers

John Timmers (?)

Joseph Timmers (?)

Joseph A. Timmers

Theresa Timmers (?)

? Tschim???

Anna Tschimperle (?)

Arthur J. Tschimperle

Elizabeth Tschimperle

Florian Tschimperle

Frank M. Tschimperle

Franz Tschimperle

Marie Tschimperle

Martin Tschimperle (?)

Rosella Tschimperle (?)

**Aloisa Tschumperli  24 March 1806 - 2 October 1865** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

**Augustin Tschumperli  2 April 1807 - 18 September 1865** This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member. This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Caroline (?), daughter of F. and T. Tschimperli

Magdalena Tschimperli

Susanna Tummers

Maria A. Tummers

Mary Lou Ulrich

Richard M. Uran

Edward A. VanderLinde

Joseph C. VanderLinde

Joseph C. VanderLinde

Katherine M. VanderLinde

Mary M. VanderLinde

Anna VanSloun (?)

Anna VanSloun

Edmund J. VanSloun

Francis L. VanSloun

Francis L. VanSloun

Leonard VanSloun (?)

Raymond J. VanSloun

Anton Vogel (?)

August J. Vogel

Cora B. Vogel

Gerald L. Vogel

Katherine Vogel (?)

Romain S. Vogel

Franz X. Vogl

Johanna Franziska Von Euw

? Waldvogel (?)

Franziska Waldvogel, nee Lugler (?)

John (?) Waldvogel (?)

Joseph Waldvogel

baby boy, son of Rich and Barb Wartman

Barbara M. Wartman

Bernard C. Wartman

Carol Ann Wartman

Edmund Wartman

Francis Wartman

Harold Wartman

Hidegaard (?) Wartman

Hilbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Wartman

Hilda E. Wartman

Isabel Wartman

Joseph Wartman

Katherine Wartman

Mildred Wartman

Richard C. Wartman

Agnes Weber

Fred Weber

Harold A. Weber

Harold A. Weber

Luverne A. Weber

Steven H. Weber

Steven H. Weber

baby Weinzierl

Frank J. Wellens

Mary R. Wellens (?)

Caroline A. Williams

Herbert Williams

Ida Williams (?)

Joseph Williams

Lorna Williams

Margaret Williams (?)

Margaretha Williams

Mary Williams (?)

Mathias Williams (?)

Michael Williams (?)

Peter Williams

Raymond J. Williams

Saloma Williams (?)

Sophia Williams (?)

Wilhelmina Williams

William Williams (?)

Johann Winkel

John Winkel

Maria Winkel

William Winkel

Gerald J. Yanisch

Jerry Yanisch

Caroline Yetzer

Frank X. Yetzer

George B. Yetzer

Leo J. Yetzer

Mamie E. Yetzer

Mary Yetzer

Theresia Yetzer

Theresia Yetzer

Adolf Zanger

Elizabeth M. Zanger

George A. Zanger (?)

Jerome J. Zanger

John A. Zanger (?)

Joseph F. Zanger

LeRoy M. Zanger

Mary A. Zanger (?)

Mary L. Zanger (?)

Jeanette A. Zrust

Ralph F. Zrust

Not able to determine surnames for the following

Rose 1916

Catherine 1911

Marie - 1886 -

Johanna - rest of stone buried to deep to read - near Dice and Moelken

Franz ? January 1803 - 5 March 1879

Franz X., son of L. and E.D. M?, died 8 December 1870, age 4 months (?)

?? 6 January 1881 - 30 May 1884

?? - 29 May 1883 - very worn stone

Mathias - rest to worn to read

not sure what to make of the following - appears to be two separate people, but not able to determine Maria’s surname: Jon Evangelist Meinrad Anton Ochsner Von Einsiedeln Ctn. Schwitz Switzerland 2 September 1842 - ____ [and] Maria Gertrude Moser B., nee Ochsner 18 May 1856 - 21 December 1905

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