Lake Auburn Moravian Church Cemetery

city of Victoria, Carver County, Minnesota: T116N - R24W, section 11

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This cemetery has regular care and is in great shape. The church and cemetery are situated in a rural area within the city limits of Victoria, Minnesota. Most of the burials are located in the western sections of this cemetery. There is a burial list posted at the entrance to the cemetery; the list contains names, year of birth and year of death for those buried in the cemetery.

In the 1915 "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota", edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: ‘Laketown Moravian Church was organized 31 October 1858, at the house of John Holtmeier (section 11, near Lake Auburn) by Rev. Martin Erdmann, the noted Moravian missionary and evangelist. ... The church has a cemetery in connection, and the first person buried in it was Mrs. Frederick Klatt, who died in May, 1861.'

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

only Lake Auburn Home - no names or dates

Brian J. Adam

Celeste Albert

Gene L. Albert

Lynnella Albert

Theodore Albert

William F. Arp

Eleanor Bitzer

Roland Bitzer

Emma Boettcher

Eugene V. Boettcher

Henry R. Boettcher

Marjorie M. Boettcher

Albert Bruhn

Frankie M. Bruhn

Alma Braunworth (?)

Jewel Viola Braunworth, daughter of William and Alma

William Braunworth (?)

Martha L.E. Brennecke

Syvania Cope (?)

Angeline Eggers

Alfert Engelhart

Augusta Engelhart (?)

Frank A. Engelhart (?)

Harriet Engelhart

Woodrow W. Engelhart (?)

Adolph, child of D. Fink (?)

Alice Fink (?)

Alma Eve, child of D. Fink (?)

Anna G. (?) H. Fink

August E. Fink

Bernice M. Fink

Bertha Fink (?)

Caroline C. Fink (?)

Carrie Richter Fink

Christian F. Fink (?)

Christina S. Fink (?)

Clemons (?) F., son of D. and B. Fink

Cora Fink, nee Scholl

Daniel Fink (?)

Edward F.J. Fink

Edward J. Fink (?)

Ella Fink (?)

Elmer Fink

Emma Fink

Emma E. Fink (?)

Ferdinand J. Fink

Florian H. Fink

Frank Fink

Fred Fink

Friedrich J., son of F. and E. Fink

George Fink (?)

George F., son of G. and W. Fink

Henry Fink (?)

Henry Fink

infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Fink

James R. Fink

Lamont L. Fink

Laura A., daughter of D. and B. Fink

Lydia A., daughter of D. and B. Fink

Maye Fink

Milton E. Fink

Mina Margret, child of D. Fink (?)

Oscar Fink (?)

Ralph F. Fink

Rena M. Fink

Sharon Fink

Violet I. Fink

Wilhelmine Fink (?)

William Fink (?)

Willis C., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fink

Henry W. Fossum

Pearl B. Fossum

?, son of M. Gerdsen (?)

Albert Gerdsen

Emma R. Gerdsen

Henry Gerdsen

Herman A. Gerdsen

Herman H. Gerdsen, Ausdem Grossherzogtham Oldenburg

infant daughter of H. and M. Gerdsen

Mary, wife of Hy. Gerdsen

Mary Magdalen, daughter of H. and M. Gerdsen

Esther Getzke

Paul H. Getzke

Fritz Goldschmidt

Henry E. Goldschmidt

Ida C.W. Goldschmidt, nee Zahn

infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Goldschmidt

Martha S. Goldschmidt

Alma Hedtke (?)

Amalia Hedtke (?)

Elsie W. Hedtke (?)

Evelyn E. Hedtke

Ferdinand Hedtke (?)

Herbert E. Hedtke

Howard R. Hedtke (?)

Jacob Hedtke

Lena E. Hedtke

Lydia Hedtke (?)

Margaret Hedtke (?)

Theodore Hedtke (?)

William A. Hedtke

John L. Hinz

Mary J.W. Hinz

Robert W. Hinz

only Hoffmann

only Hoffmann

Elizabeth L. Holtmeier (?)

Erwin S. Holtmeier

Fern D. Holtmeier

Gesina K. Holtmeier

Herman E. Holtmeier (?)

John H. Holtmeier

Mary C. Holtmeier (?)

Samuel H. Holtmeier (?)

Wm. Holtmeier

Clement Hoyler

only Hoyler

Mabel Hoyler

Mary G. Hoyler

Gerald T. Johnson

Carl F. Kehms

Frederick H. Kellogg

Lillian M. Kellogg

Frances Kemkes

Jacob J. Kemkes

Amalia H. Klatt

Elisabeth Klatt

Elmer Klatt

Helen D. Klatt

Lydia Klatt

Albert, son of Gottlieb and Anna Kowalke

Constantine Kowalke

Gottlieb Kowalke

Gustave H. Kowalke

Hanna, wife of Gottlieb Kowalke

Lena A. Kowalke

Lottie Kowalke

Martin Kowalke

Stanley Kowalke

Charles J. Krey (?)

Esther Krey

Helena E. Krey (?)

Wilbur W. Krey

Anna Kroening (?)

Clara S. Kroening (?)

Ferdinand Kroening (?)

George W. Kroening

Herman Kroening (?)

Lillian F. Kroening

Myrtle R. Kroening

Sophia Kroening (?)

Walter H. Kroening

Ferdinand Kronning

Martha Lindner

Rawleigh Lindner

Shirley Lindner

Lena M. Lobitz

Theodore M. Lobitz

Albert Maass (?)

Alfred Maass

Alvin W. Maass

Augusta Maass (?)

Bertha Maass

C. William Maass (?)

Charles Maass (?)

Edna B. Maass

Edward Maass

Edwin A. Maass

Frederica Maass

George Maass

Harold J. Maass

Harriet L. Maass

Henry Maass (?)

Janet B. Maass

Larry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Maass

Mary Maass (?)

Pauline M. Maass

Rosa Maass

William Maass

Grace K. McCurdy

Carl G. Miller

Ida A. Miller (?)

Mathilda Miller

Maurice W. Miller

Otto C. Miller (?)

Emma Fink Ostrander

David T. Penny

Rev. A. Petterson

Anna M. Petterson (?)

Esther Petterson

Gertrud M., daughter of Rev. A. and A. Petterson

Hans Petterson

Lizzie Petterson

Lucille M. Petterson

A ?, daughter of G. and E. Plocher (?)

Albert C. Plocher (?)

Beatus, son of Fred and Augusta Plocher

Earl F. Plocher

Edward B. Plocher

Emma M., wife of G. Plocher

Ferdinand O. Plocher

Gottlob Plocher

Inez Ruth Plocher

Louisa E. Plocher (?)

Maria Plocher, nee Schneider

Michael Plocher

Ralph R. Plocher (?)

Randy W. Plocher

Raymond Plocher (?)

Ruth M. Plocher

Ruth V. Plocher (?)

Wilfred B. Plocher

Alberta E. Rettke

Albert T., son of Henry and C ? Rietz

Caroline S. Rietz (?)

Elizabeth A. Rietz

Elmer J. Rietz

Henry Rietz (?)

Jane E. Rietz

Conrad Rippel

Henry Rippel

John Rippel (?)

John F. Rippel

Kenneth B., son of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Rippel

Mamie A. Rippel

Margaret Rippel (?)

Margaret M. Rippel

Margaretha K. Rippel, born 8 July 1833 in Holz Preussen

Nellie Rippel

George W. Ripple (?)

Eunice Walter Rowe

Elisabeth Salter

Madelyn R. Schalow, nee Maddy Fink

Haze E. Zeman Scarset

Ida L. Schulz

Stanley A. Schulz

Wm. E. Schulz

Richard G. Smith

Albert A. Sohns

Reuben M., son of C. Sohns

Wilhelmine E. Sohns

Herman Spencer

Emma Sperner

Gldys M., daughter of G. and M. Speorner

John E. Stewart

Myrtle M. Stewart

Rinehart Tessmann (?)

Fred C. Thurk (?)

Frederick Thurk (?)

Henrietta Thurk (?)

Herbert F. Thurk

Lisette Thurk (?)

Mabel L. Thurk (?)

Marion J. Thurk (?)

Mary Thurk (?)

Rosaline A. Thurk (?)

Susie Thurk

Walter F. Thurk (?)

William Thurk (?)

? Thurke

Anna Thurke

Lena Turke

Julius Virchow

Louise Virchow

John Volkmann

Mary Volkmann

Anna M. Walter (?)

Bertha H. Walter

Donald B. Walter

Edward Walter (?)

Edward J. Walter

Fred Walter

Gertrude M. Walter (?)

John O. Walter

Mary Walter

Samuel Walter

Idella M. Wiltse

Ray C. Wiltse

Albert Wolff

Edward J. Wolff

Emil G. Wolff

Louise A. Wolff

Henrietta Zahn

Alfred W. Zeman

Antonia Zeman

Filbert J. Zeman

John F. Zeman

Frederick Zoerb

Maria Zoerb

Anna, daughter of F. (?) and M. Zorb (?)

George H., son of Friedrich and Maria Zorb (?)

infant of F. and M. Zorb (?)

Margaretha E., daughter of Friedrich and Maria Zorb

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