Aspden Cemetery - Pioneer Cemetery - Chanhassen, Minnesota

city of Chanhassen, Carver County, Minnesota: T116N - R23W, section 15

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This medium sized cemetery is maintained and in fair shape.  It is located in a growing residential area within a couple miles of 'downtown' Chanhassen, Minnesota.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright  ©  Debbie Boe 1998

Fanny M. Abbott

Grace M. Abbott

Herman A. Abbott

M.J. "Mother" Abbott

Nirum Abbott

A. Wilbert Anderson

Agnes G. Anderson

Etta O. Anderson

Fred W. Anderson

Gordon R. Anderson

J. Harold Anderson

Col. Lewis K. Anderson

Nellie A. Anderson

Nora Jane M. Anderson

Stella J. Andert

William J. Andert

Darlene Cook Andrus

Alice Aspden

Amelia K. Aspden

Ellen Aspden

Grace Hart Aspden

Henry Aspden

Herbert H. Aspden

J. Thomas Aspden

James Aspden C. D 2 Minnesota Cav

James Aspden

John Aspden

Margaret, wife of John Aspden

Mary A. Aspden

Charles Audus

Sarah Audus

John Backhoff

Abner C., son of E.L. & M.F. Bennett

Belvia B. Bennett (?) daughter of I. and R. Bennett (?)

Betsey Bennett (?) wife of Nathan Bennett (?)

Ida Sarver Bennett

Isaac Bennett (?)  son of N. and B. Bennett (?)

Nathan Bennett

Ruth Sherwood Bennett wife of Isaac Bennett (?)

Ethel E. Bitting

William H. Bitting

Alexander Bongard

Hattie H. Bongard

Horace E. Booth

Mary Booth, born at Birstal, England

Alice, daughter of T. & S. Bost

Morison Buell

Muriel J. Buell

Josephine Buschkowsky

Otto Buschkowsky


Paul Abraham Castens

Etta May, daughter of C.U. & E.R. Cheesman

Arba Cleaveland

Carrie L.B. Cleaveland

Ella C. Cleaveland

Emesett A. Cleaveland

Etta Cheesman, wife of Charles H. Cluesman 

John E. Craig

Myrl E. Craig & Baby

Gladys Maynard Donlin

Clarence Dressen

Henrietta Roers Dressen

Mila Eldredge, wife of Hiram D. Eldredge

Nathan B. Eldredge, son of Hiram D. and Mila Eldredge

Jenner F. Ernst

Mae I. Ernst

Arthur Fouch

Charles W. Fouch

Perlie H. Fouch

Adelle S. Fuller

Susan R. Fuller, wife of W.N. Fuller

W.N. Fuller

Phillip R. Gossard

Eric Christopher Guntzel

Eugene H. Hall

Ruth I. Hall

Edwin B. Harrison

J. Lynn Harrison (?)

James F. Harrison (?)

Nettie A. Harrison (?)

Sherwood B. Harrison

Helen A. Hiller

Helen Lupita Hiller, daughter of Zoila and William Hiller

Leland Aspden Hiller

Stanley R. Hiller

Bessie W. Humiston

Lee William Hutton

Ruth Bennett Hutton, nee Wilson

Johann G. Jacobi

Nettie A. Judd, only daughter of W.S. and A.F. Judd

Anna Kelm

Anna C., daughter of G. & A. Kelm

August H. Kelm

Augusta Kelm (?)

Dean G., son of A. & O. Kelm

Edward Kelm

Edward G. Kelm (?)

Fred H. Kelm

Gottfried (?) Kelm

Gustav Kelm (?)

Ida Kelm (?)

Martha M., wife of F.H. Kelm

Mathilda Kelm

Mathilda Kelm (?)

Olive L. Kelm

Regina A., wife of F.H. Kelm

Viola A., daughter of F.H. & M.M. Kelm

Wilhelm Kelm

Wilhelm H.G., son of W. & M. Kelm

Charles T. Kletzin

Florence K. Kletzin

Gladys M. Harrison Knapp

Amanda Koch

John Koch

Harriet L. Kurtz

Hannah Leighty (?)

Samuel Leighty (?)

Eliza Livingston

Elmer W. Livingston, Pvt. U.S. Army World War 1 

James Livingston

John Livingston

Marguerite A. Livingston

Mary Livingston

Mary A. Livingston

Willard Livingston

Ella Luebke

Herman Luebke

A. Burton Lyman (?)

Ada Lyman (?)

Ansel P. Lyman

Arthur Burt Lyman (?)

Eunice M. Lyman

Evelyn B. Lyman

George H., son of H.M. & M.P. Lyman

George Martyn Lyman

Grace A., daughter of H.M. & M.P. Lyman

Henry M. Lyman

Martha Pomeroy, wife of H.M. Lyman

Richard Brackett Lyman

Willie Lyman (?)

James M. Maynard

Leon D. Maynard

Alecia A. Maxwell

Ellen A. Maxwell

James Maxwell

James A. Maxwell

Mina C. Maxwell

Edgar A. McClees

Verona A. McClees

Betsy Moore, born in Bristal, near Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Joshua Moore, born in Bristal, near Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Dennis D. Moorhead

Irene E. McClees Morris

George O. Nelson

Mabel Nelson

baby Nesbitt

Benjamin J. Nesbitt

Edith J. Nesbitt

Mary Nesbit

Evelyn E. Nickle

Stanley A. Nickle

Ethel Nightingale

Kenneth E. Norquist

Corrie Poore Ober, daughter of Clara Kerr Poore

Ida E. Olson

Clara Kerr Poore

Albert Powers

Clarence Powers (?)

Frank W. Powers, entombment Mountain View Mausoleum, Pasadena, California

George (?) Powers

Harriet M. Powers (?)

Harriet Moore Powers, wife of Lewis Thompson 1855 - 1864, wife of George M. Powers 1871 - 1889

Lena, wife of Geo. M. Powers

Morris Powers

Nancy (?), wife of Morriss Powers

Trent Richard Powers

Olive Caroline Rietz, daughter of O.A. Rietz

Floyd J. Roers

Leonard Roers

May Amelia Roers

Sara M. Roers

Viola Hiller Roers

Willie J. Roers

Dorothy Aspden Rudolph

Edna Smith Sampson

Frank Leroy Sampson

Mary J. Sarver

Wm. F. Sarver

Barbara J. Skelton

Alex Wright Smith

Charles J. Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Mary Staring Smith

Sherman S. Smith

Sherman S. Smith

Stephen Smith

Hazel A. Smallwood

Herman F. Smallwood

Alecia M. Spencer

James G. Spencer

Robert A. Stom

?, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Oliver K. Stone

Eli Stone

Emma Stone (?)

Lizzie Stone (?)

Lizzie V. Stone

May Stone (?)

Thalia Stone

Henriette Tessmann

Albert Tessmann

Alfred J. Tessmer

Lewis Thompson

Laura Urback

Pauline Urback

Caroline E. Wagner

Clara Z. Wagner

Herbert C. Wagner

Walter C. Wagner

Elizabeth A. Waidt, nee Kelm

Kathrin Wey

Peter John Wey

Elva Newton Wilson

James Arthur Wilson

Miriam Julia Wilson

Willis Wilbur Wilson

Donald James Wisdorf

Abel Wood

Abel (?) Wood

Margaret Wood

Margaret Wood, wife of Abel Wood, born at Glossop, England,  died in Hennepin County, Minnesota

Not able to determine a surname of the following:

darling Clinnie, son of (?) - rest is cemented over

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