St. Hubert’s Catholic Cemetery - Chanhassen, Minnesota

city of Chanhassen, Carver County, Minnesota: T116N - R23W, section 13

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Eastern Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This cemetery is maintained and in good shape. The cemetery is located in the ‘downtown’ area of the city of Chanhassen. St. Hubert’s Catholic Church is adjacent to this cemetery.  The Church is dated A.D. 1887.

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote:  "... For years the only church building in the township was St. Hubert's (or St. Hubertus's) Roman Catholic, at the Village of Chanhassen.  The organization of the church was effected in 1863, and the building erected in 1873".  (page 234).

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 1998.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1998

Albert Anderson

Theresa Anderson

Brandon John Amrhein

Frances Amrhein

John Amrhein

John John Amrhein

Lavonne A. Marhein

Delvina Mergens Annabel

Michael Annabel

Jeffrey Thurston Arndt

? Backholl (?)

Margaretha, wife of ? Bar?hel

John Anthony Belanger, son of John and Therese

Edward A. Benhagen

Timothy C. Bernier

Donald A. Berreth

Anna, wife of Phillip Beyer

Phillip Beyer

Louise C. Bird

Benjamin Bofenkamp

Theresa Jeanne Bonello

Abbie E. Bongard

Agnes Bongard

Aloysius Bongard

Anna Maria Bongard

Bennie Herman Bongard

Catherine Bongard (?)

Dolores Bongard

Frank H. Bongard

Helen E. Bongard

Herman W. Bongard (?)

John T. Bongard

Kathleen E.M. Bongard

Louise Bongard (?)

Mathias Bongard

Wayne W. Bongard

William H. Bongard

William Rueben, son of Wm. & Alena Bongard 

Arnold F. Brodman

John P. Brose

Joseph F. Brose (?) or Thul (?)

Marie J. Brose

Johann W., son of J. & K. Brouns (?)

Elizabeth K. Bruns

Martin, son of J. & E. Bruns

George Buschkowsky

Mary Buschkowsky

James Carmody

Catherine E. Cassey

Friedrich (?), son of F. & C. Cassey

John Paul Christnach

Arnold J. Chulik

Hanna Marie Chulik

Arthur H. Clay

Lily R. Clay

Vincent M. Comee

Bernard Cordell

Christian Cordell

Christian Cordell

‘Father’ Cordell (?)

Katharina, wife of C. Cordell

Katharina Cordell

‘Mother’ Cordell (?)

Nickolaus Cordell

Simon Cordell

Simon M., son of W. & H. Cordell

Lena Cromer

Anna Dimler

Anna J. Dimler

Charles Dimler

George Dimler

Joseph Dimler

Mary Dimler

Emma M. Dolen

Frank L. Dosch

Mary K. Dosch

Cecilia Dresen

Franz Dresen

Leonard W. Dresen

Eliesabeth Faber

Agnes C. Fawcett

John H. Fawcett

Fran A. Fenstermaker

T. Win Fenstermaker

Henry Ferlack

Ann Feyereisen

Bernadette Feyereisen

Elizabeth A. Feyereisen

Eva Schroeder Feyereisen

Gerald T. Feyereisen

Jerry Feyereisen

Joseph E. Feyereisen

Peter Feyereisen

William F. Feyereisen

Mary C. Fitzgerald

Agnes M. Forcier

Hubert T. Forcier

John A. Foss

?, son of S. & M. Frank

Maria, wife of S. Frank, nee Schmitz

Isabel Peters Geiseir

Catherine Geiser

Charlotte M. Geiser (?)

Clarence W. Geiser

Eddie E., child of S.J. & S.E. Geiser

Fred A. Geiser (?)

John C. Geiser

John L. Geiser

Mabel E., wife of W.M. Geiser

Maria Geiser

May E., child of S.J. & S.E. Geiser

Rosetta F., child of S.J & S.E. Geiser

Rebecca Jean Goers

Herman Bert Golden

Mary M. Good (?)

Rick Wallentine Hale, son of Rick & Deeann

Lorraine J. Hanson

Walter H. Hanson

Frances Hedtke

Rudolph Hedtke

Casper Hempfer

John Hempfer

Regina, wife of C. Hempfer

John A. Herber

Mary T. Herzog

Alson P. Hopkins

Julia M. Hubbard

Florian Huber (?)

Isabelle N. Huber

Louis F. Huber

Mary Huber (?)

Elizabeth M. Hudlow

George W. Hudlow

Susan Anne Hullsiek

Ricky L. Imker

Joanne M. Irvine

Anne Iverson

Ole F. Iverson

Mary Jacque

Mathias Jacque

Evelyn Jacques

Katherine Jacques

Leo D. Jacques

Mathias Jacques Co. C 26 (?) Wisconsin Inf.

Raymond Jacques

Sylvester Jacques

John Jaques

Laura Jaques

Elizabeth A. Jeurissen

John L. Jeurissen

Evelyn Johnson

Raymond Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson 

Mary C. Jorissen

Vernice J. Jorissen

W.J. ‘Fred’ Jorissen

William Jorissen

Agnas Juerissen

Leonard Juerissen

Jacob Jungblut

Elmer F. Kelm

Henry Kelm (?)

Loretta C. Kelm

Mary Ann Kelm

? Kerber

Alois Kerber

Alois Kerber

Aloys P. Kerber (?)

Aloysius H., son of J. & J. Kerber

Ambrose Kerber (?)

Ambrose F. Kerber

Anna Kerber ?

Anna K. Kerber (?)

Anna M., wife of P.P. Kerber

baby girl Kerber

Charles Kerber

Charles E. Kerber

Dina & Ida, daughters of W. & S. Kerber

Dennis Kerber (?)

Dennis P. Kerber

Elinor Wendt Kerber

Elizabeth Kerber

Elizabeth Kerber

Elizabeth Kerber (?)

Harold N. Kerber

Irene I. Kerber

Jerome A., son of J. & J. Kerber

John P. Kerber

Joseph Kerber

Joseph, son of W. & S. Kerber

Josephine Kerber

Josephine L. Kerber

Judd Jeffrey Kerber

Juliana Kerber

Leo A. Kerber (?)

Leona S. Kerber

Leopold W. Kerber

Leopold W. Kerber

Margaret Ann Kerber

Mary Kerber (?)

Mary, daughter of J. & J. Kerber

Mary F. Kerber

Mary M. Kerber

Mary M. Kerber

Norman J. Kerber

Norman R. Kerber

Patricia Kerber

Pauline C. Kerber

Paul (?) Kerber

Peter Kerber

Raymond Kerber

Ruth C., daughter of J. & M. Kerber

Ruth M., daughter of J.P. & J. Kerber

Sophia M. Kerber (?)

Steven Joel Kerber

William F. Kerber (?)

Angela M. Klein

Catherine M. Klein

Cathrine Klein

Cathrine C. Klein

Clara Klein

Cornelia M. Klein

Elisabeth Binsfel, wife of Wilhelm Klein

Emil E. Klein

Francis H. Klein

Judith Ann Klein

Mary A. Klein

Mary Lou Klein

Nicholas Klein

Nicholas Klein

Paul Klein

Paul J. Klein

Paul N. Klein

Wilhelm J. Klein

William F. Klein

Florence B. Klingelhuts

? Klingelhutz

? Klingelhutz

Aloysius Klingelhutz

Caroline P. Klingelhutz

Dennis M. Klingelhutz

Henry W. Klingelhutz

Herman Klingelhutz

Joseph P. Klingelhutz

Susan C. Klingelhutz

James H. Klotter

Michael V. Koch

Chad Robert Koebnick, son of Chad & Joanie

Jeanette M. Knott

Raymond J. Knott

William T. Kuhlmann

Alice V. Kuhn

John H. Kuhn

John E. Kurimchak

Julia, daughter of J. & F. Kurtz

Angela Kurvers

Elisabeth Kurvers (?)

Elizabeth Kurvers

John Kurvers

Kenneth M. Kurvers

Leonard Kurvers

Mary Kurvers

Mary A. Kurvers

Mathew J. Kurvers

Nicholas Kurvers

Theodore Kurvers

Daniel Thomas LaBreche

Martha Jo B. LaBreche

Elizabeth, wife of Ferdinand L. Lallak

Robert A. Lamson

Raymond O. LaPlante

Calvin J. Lauer

Lizzie S., daughter of J. & A. Lauer

Katharina Lenzen

Katharina Kees, wife of Wilhelm Lenzen

William Lenzen

Mark Leo Littfin

Edward Lies (?) or Pauly (?)

Florence Lies (?) or Pauly (?)

only Joseph Lies (?) or Pauly (?)

Katharina Lies, nee Pauly

Ethel Loux

Mary C. Lubbe

Anna Macquaid

Henry D. Macquaid

Martha Malewski

Irvin Martineau

Clara, daughter of G. & K. Mason

Gustav J. Mason

Jerome Mason

Joseph Mason (?)

Katherine Mason

Margaret Mason

Margaret Mason (?)

Mathias Mason Co. I 106 Illinois Inf

Nicholas Mason

Richard, son of J.P. & R. Mason

William Mason

Mark A. Mattson

Earl F. McAllister

Clara McGinty

Michael C. McNutt

Agnes Melchior (?)

Alice R. Melchior

Clarence J. Melchior

Gerhard Melchior

Gladys J. Melchior

Joseph J. Melchior

Julius C. Melchior

Nicholas Melchior

Peter Melchior (?)

Alice L. Mergens

Anna M. Mergens

Bernard L. Mergens (?)

J. Roger Mergens (?)

Jno. B. Mergens Co C 1 Minnesota Inf

John B. Mergens

John G. Mergens (?)

Katherine Mergens (?)

Margaret Rose Mergens

Melvin R. Mergens

Michael S. Mergens

Nicholas J. Mergens

Robert M. Mergens (?)

Simon C. Mergens (?)

Joseph Meuwissen

Susan Meuwissen

twin girls Meuwissen

Emily J. Meyer (?)

Floyd J. Meyer (?)

Bernhard Mohrbacher

Christine Neidenfeuhr

Walter L. Neidenfeuhr

Arthur E. Nelson

Margaret R. Nelson

? Pauly (?)

Albert Pauly (?)

Anna Pauly (?)

Anna M. Pauly

Arthur N. Pauly

baby Pauly

Christine Pauly (?)

Donald G. Pauly

Edward Pauly (?) or Lies (?)

Edward H. Pauly (?)

Elizabeth R. Pauly

Emil F. Pauly

Eva Pauly

Faith, child of Russ & Lynn Pauly

Florence Pauly (?) or Lies (?)

Frederick J. Pauly (?)

Gloria E. Pauly

Heinrich Pauly (?)

Henry Pauly (?)

only Joseph Pauly (?) or Lies (?)

Kenneth H. Pauly

Margaret Pauly

Nicholas Pauly

Nikolaus Pauly

Rose B. Pauly

Wilhelmia Pauly (?)

William N. Pauly

Craig James Pautler (?)

Annie Peeha (?)

Alvin Peeha

Francis Peeha (?)

Frank J. Peeha (?)

William Peeha (?)

Florence C. Peters

Lambert J. Peters

Elizabeth Petrie

Lauretta D. Pidcock

Wesley E. Pidcock

Christina Raser

Theodore H. Raser

Elizabeth Rein

Kenneth Rein

Michael Rein

Paul M. Remer

Angeline E. Rettler (?)

Elizabeth M. Rettler

John J. Rettler

Leona A. Rettler

Ray M. Rettler (?)

George V. Reynolds

Helen C. Reynolds

Elizabeth Riegert

John G. Riegert

Kenneth Riegert

Wilbur Riegert

Peter Ring

Barbara Roeser (?)

Elizabeth Roeser

Harold F. Roeser

Leonard Roeser

Martin E. Roeser (?)

Mathew Roeser

Mathias Roeser

Peter Roeser (?)

Peter Roeser (?)

Mary Lucy Rojina

Mary C. Ronhovde

Anna K., wife of N. Rosbach

John P. Rosbach (?)

John P. Rosbach

Josephine Rosbach (?)

Nikolaus Rosbach

Nikolaus Rosbach

John Roufs

Matthew Blake Ryan, son of Daniel & Cynthia

Charles E. Salisbury

Elaine Clarke Savage

Thomas Leo Savage

Anna M. Schenk (?)

Elizabeth Schenk (?)

Martin Schenk (?)

Rosella Schenk (?)

Elizabetha Schier (?)

Hubert Schier (?)

Joseph Schindler (?)

Margaret, wife of J. Schindler

Bernadette Schlenk (?)

George Schlenk

Marie C. Schlenk

Martin S. Schlenk

Adelaide J. Schmaltz

Joseph Peter Schmaltz

Amy Schmieg

Anthony F. Schmieg

Clarence F. Schmieg (?)

Gertrude T. Schmieg

Mildred A. Schmieg (?)

Anton Schneider (?)

Elizabeth Schneider (?)

Frank J. Schneider

Genevieve S. Schneider

John A. Schneider (?)

Lawrence Schneider (?)

Pauline, wife of John A. Schneider (?)

Regina Schneider (?)

Susanna Schneider

Dennis W. Scholer

Alphonse B. Schroeder

Anna Schroeder

baby Schroeder

Elizabeth, wife of P. Schroeder

Gerhard Schroeder

Henry A. Schroeder

Henry S. Schroeder (?)

Lawrence J. Schroeder

Magdalena Schroeder

Melvin Schroeder (?)

Nicholas Schroeder (?)

Peter Schroeder

Ruby B. Schroeder

Susanna Schroeder (?)

Dolores M. Schroers (?)

Arnold Schutrop (?)

Lawrence P. Schutrop

Louisa Schutrop (?)

Raymond F. Schutrop

Robert E.W. Schutrop (?)

Laura Mae Seifert

Bernice N. Shorba

George P. Shorba

Henry J. Simons

John Simons

Mathilda Simons

Anna Sinnen

August John Sinnen

Eleanor K. Sinnen

John P. Sinnen (?)

Mary Sinnen (?)

Alois J. Skluzacek

Anna Smith

Bernard W. Smith

Emma J. Smith

George, son of J. & A. Smith

Homer R. Smith

John Smith

Peter, son of J. & A. Smith

Clifford H. Stimart

Mary E. Stimart

Marion F. Stultz

Stuart A. Stultz

Eva, wife of J. Sweeney

John Sweeney

Rosalie, wife of J. Sweeney

Anna Benhagen Swenson

Harvey Thies

Nancee Thompson

Joseph F. Thul (?) or Brose (?)

Katharine Thul (?)

Lawrence Thul (?)

Mathias Thul (?)

Jacobus Timmers

John P. Timmers

Louis Timmers (?)

Margaretha, daughter of L. & W. Timmers

Maria C. Timmers

Nicholas Timmers

Scott Treptow

Frances M., wife of Wm. Trutnau

Leverna S., daughter of W. & F. Trutnau

Lucile R., daughter of W. & F. Trutnau

Sylvester W. Trutnau

Theresia M. Melchior, wife of W. Trutnau

William Trutnau

Edward William VanDenBroeke

Chad W. Vohnoutka

Erin Lea Vohnoutka, daughter of Scott & Gail

Richard W. Vohnoutka

Wade Vohnoutka

Robert Walker

Helen Walsh

Ralph Walsh

Ida Wasylyk

John Wasylyk

?, daughter of A. & M. Weinholz

? Weller, nee Heller

? Weller

Edna Weller

John Weller

Joseph P. Weller

Katherine Weller

M. Elisabeth Weller (?)

Michael Weller

Peter Weller (?)

son of J. & M. Weller

Theresia Weller

Agnes Welter

Anna Welter

Charles Welter

Charles J. Welter

Dorothy E., daughter of J. & A. Welter

John Welter

John Welter

Margaretha, wife of M. Welter

Mary F. Welter

Mary J. Welter

Mathew Welter

Michael Welter

Michael D. Welter

Leona W. Wenning

Apolonia Wey

Hubert Wey

Loretta A. Whalen

Amy M. Wienholz

Joseph C. Wienholz

Marie S. Wienholz

Edward C. Willems

Frank L. Windsor

Gayle W. Wolff

Frank E. Wroble

Vera F. Wroble

? Zimmer (?)

Clara Felt (?), wife of N. Zimmer

Nikolas Zimmer

Unable to determine surnames for the following:


Gerhard L. - very worn stone

Johann, son of ?

Maria A. (near Weller) - very worn stone

Mathias (?) November

Rejina - very worn stone

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