Pleasant Hill Cemetery

city of Eden Prairie, Hennepin County, Minnesota: T116N - R22W, section 26

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This cemetery is upkept and in good shape. Some of the burials in this cemetery appear to have been moved from other places. This is based upon the age of the burial monuments. Rows 1 - 12 comprises the older original cemetery. This area appears to e almost full. Just to the east of the original area is a newer section which is more open and the rows run in a north south burial pattern.

This cemetery was designated as a Heritage Site by the city of Eden Prairie.

There may have been a church at or near this location a number of years ago. In the 1881 History of Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis, by Rev. Edward D. Neill, in reference to the United Presbyterian Church he wrote ‘ ... organized in 1858 . the elders of the church are Samuel Anderson, James Clark and James Gamble ... the church edifice ... located in the northwest part of section 26 ...’

As you enter the older section of the cemetery there is a granite memorial which states ‘Pioneer Mother and Grandmother of Eden Prairie’s First Families - Elizabeth Anderson 1792-1874, widow of Robin Anderson - North Ireland 1853 - Settled in Eden Prairie in the 1850’s with 8 of her 11 children’ The children were:  Sarah Gamble 1819-1911, Ann Jane Brown 1822-1906, Robert (Anderson ?) 1824-1899, James (Anderson ?) 1829-1912, Archie (Anderson ?) 1834-1904, Frances Mitchell 1834-1919, Samuel (Anderson ?) 1834-1925, William (Anderson ?) 1838-1927

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed in June 2001.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2001


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Peggy Woodward Abbott

C.N. Albertson

Louisa J. Albertson

Robert O. Albertson

? Anderson

?, wife of A. Anderson

Albert H. Anderson (?)

Albert W. Anderson

Allan P. Anderson

Anna Anderson

Belle Anderson

Ben Anderson

Bernice J. Anderson

Calvin Albert Anderson

Charles Anderson (?)

Charles Peter Anderson (?)

Clayton W. Anderson

David H. Anderson (?)

Dorothy L. Anderson

Edith Anderson (?)

Edward Anderson

Eliza J., child of J. & S. Anderson

Elizabeth, wife of Robt. Anderson, resident of Cavan County Ireland

Elizabeth Anderson

Emma E. Anderson

Esther M. Anderson

Fannie D. Anderson

Floyd J. Anderson (?)

Frances K. Anderson

George H. Anderson

Harry E. Anderson

Harvey Anderson

Hattie J. (?) Anderson

Hattie (?) Anderson

Helen Holden Anderson

Helen Mae Anderson

infant daughter Anderson (?)

infant daughter of Victor & Mildred Anderson (?)

infant son of J. & S. Anderson

Irene W. Anderson

Isabelle J. Anderson

James, child of J. & S. Anderson

James Anderson

James Lowell Anderson

James R. Anderson

James W., son of R.H. & Mary Anderson

Jane Hoffman Anderson

Jeff Phillip Anderson

John H., child of S. (?) & M. Anderson

John Henry Anderson

John W. Anderson

Kenneth E. Anderson

Letetia Clark Anderson

Louis G. Anderson

Maggie S. Anderson (?)

Margaret, wife of Saml. Anderson

Margaret Anderson (?)

Margaret Anderson

Margaret Hammon, wife of Samuel Anderson

Mary, wife of R. H. Anderson

Mary A. Anderson

Mary J. Anderson (?)

Matilda, child of J. & Anderson

Melie I., child of R.H. & Mary Anderson

Mildred B. Anderson

Minnie Anderson (?)

Minnie Anderson

Myldred J. Anderson (?), nee Hammer

Nels P. Anderson

Nicholas G. Anderson

Nora V. Anderson

Oliver P. Andeson

Olga Ruth Anderson

Ora F. Anderson (?)

Orville Andeson

Petra O. Anderson, nee Johnson

Phlinda F. Anderson (?)

Robert G., child of S. (?) & M. Anderson

Robert Geo. Anderson

Robert H. Anderson

Robert H., child of J. & S. Anderson

Sadie M. Anderson

Samuel Anderson

Sarah, wife of James (?) Anderson

Sarah J. Anderson

Sarah J., wife of Saml. Anderson

Sidney J. Anderson

Stanley J. Anderson

Thomas Anderson (?)

Victor C. Anderson (?)

Willard E. Anderson

William T. Austin

Alice M. Barney

Charles M. Barney

Charles M. Barney

Donna M. Barney

Willis H. Barney

William C. Baynes

baby girl Beggs (?)

Benjamin J. Beggs (?)

Burton Lowell Beggs

Frances G. Beggs (?)

Hazel Beggs

Kate H. Beggs

Truman Beggs

Ada D. Berger

Dorethy Berger

Hulda A. Berger

Rudy Berger

Meryl L. Bergman

Ralph Bergman

Ralph L. Bergman

Dorothy B. Bertramson

Donna M. Bierbaum

Conrad Bitzer

Emma Bitzer

Brian Boren

Annie A. Boyden

Chester O. Boyden

Clair E. Boyden

Lorriane M. Boyle

Albert E. Brekke

Joy F. Brekke

Elwood N. Brell

Doris M. Britten

Addie B. Brown

Alida Jane Brown

Amy E. Brown (?)

Ann J. Brown

Arthur G. Brown

Dean T. (?) Brown

Della A. Brown

Edward J. Brown (?)

Elizabeth M. Larcher Brown

Florence D. Brown (?)

Florence M. Brown (?)

George Brown

J. Carol Brown

James Brown

James A. Brown (?)

James C. Brown

James Charles Brown

Jennie A. Brown (?)

John W. Brown (?)

Juliett Cluff Brown

Margaret N. Brown

Nona J. Brown

Robert Brown (?)

Sadie Finch Brown

Truman D. Brown (?)

William R. Brown (?)

Claude N. Buckingham

Ida Buckingham

John Buckingham

John N. Buckingham

Mabel P. Buckingham

Permila Buckingham

Betty Jane Carmichael

Carol Ann Christenson

Anna K. Clark

Arthur Lloyd Clark (?)

Betsy L. Clark

Burton E. Clark

Daniel A. Clark

David A. Clark

Eliza A. Clark (?)

Elmer E. Clark

Fannie Clark (?)

Gordon James Clark

Helen H. Clark

Howard E. Clark

James Clark (?)

Jas. Clark

Jeffrey Clark

Jessie H. Clark

John Clark

John Edward Clark

John G. Clark (?)

John R. Clark

John W. Clark (?)

Letitia Clark (?)

Lillie M. Clark (?)

Martha W. Clark (?)

Pansy P. Clark

Prudence Clark (?)

Robert J. Clark

Thomas P. ‘Tim’ Clark

Thomas R. Clark

Clement Cornwell (?)

Clifford C. Cornwell

Frances C. Cornwell

George Cornwell

Kenneth I. Cornwell

Sophia J. Cornwell

Anna L. Cunningham

Lyda L. Cunningham

Harold O. Daily

Inez G. Davies

Marlene J. Davis

Mary Ann Dean

Debbie Dessin

Dorothy A. Doughty

Rolland F. Doughty

Herman E. ‘Tiny’ Drill

Violet C. Drill

Dora M. Edberg

Edwin E. Edberg

Kelly Ann Eggert

Orrin R. Ellison

Bert Emswiler

Charlotte Mae Estenson

Joyce Fasoli

David John Ferris

Florence L. Ferris

Harold H. Ferris

John Oliver Ferris

Margaret Ellen Ferris

George R. Finch

Mary C. Finch

Barbara Mary Flanagan

Daniel F. Flanagan

baby Fossom

Peter S. Fox

Alma Gamble

Amy A. Gamble

Edward Gamble

Elsie E. Gamble

James Gamble

James Gamble

John J. Gamble

Mary B. Gamble

Mary L., wife of Stewart Gamble

Sarah Gamble

Stewart Gamble

Vincent Lee Gartrell

Frank A. Gibson

Lulu L. Gibson

Marie E. Kehrer Gillespie

Wilmer P. ‘Dutch’ Gillespie

Andrew Glenn

Edith Hill Glenn

Jeannette Bazley Glenn

Luella McCoy Glenn

Margret A. Glenn

Mary J. Glenn

Robert Glenn

Robert Glenn

Samuel Glenn

Sarah A. Glenn

Thomas Glenn

Wm. W. Glenn

John H. Glieden

Marian R. Glieden

baby Goodrich (?)

Eva L. Goodrich (?)

Fred W. Goodrich

Harriet Goodrich

Hattie Goodrich (?)

Horace Good rich

Lione Goodrich (?)

Josephine Goodrich (?)

Orvill Goodrich (?)

Sadie Elliott Goodrich

Jesse Grant

Grace E. Griffith

Lorence E. Griffith (?)

Owen H. Griffith

Anna May Haley

Grace Marie Haley

Kathryn Rose Haley

Eva Nell Hall

Austin L. Hamilton

Stella Hamilton

Alexander B. Hankins

Cecile Hankins

Janette E. Hankins

Madge V. Hankins

baby Hansen

Elmer C. Haralson

Elsie A. Haralson

Carissa M. Hayen

John E. Heinmiller

baby girl Hendrickson

Archie B. Hill

Benton J. Hill

Clayton R. Hill

Eliza A. Hill

Elizabeth J. Hill

‘Father’ Hill (?)

John Hill

John H. Hill

Lyle A. Hill

‘Mother’ Hill (?)

Pearl Hill

Rena B. Hill

Warren G. Hill

Desiree Mary Hille

Albert E. Hjorth

Starr A. Hodge

Oren J. Hoium

Bernice M. Holasek

George A. Holasek

Mary Holasek

Bertha Clark Holley

JoAnn Hosek

LuVerne James Hosek

Edward Howe

Stella E. Howe

Virginia H. Hulbert

Martin Husby

Erna C. Jackson

William R. Jackson

Loring Jacobs

Adelene M. Johnson

Albert Carl Johnson

David A. Johnson

Edmund B. Johnson

Elva M. Johnson

John A. Johnson

A. Johnston

Martha Hedrick Julian

Russell A.D. Kageler

Robert Kevin Kelly

Mable Brown Kern

Harry A. Kimball

David Brooks Kinsel

Charlotte M. Klug

Joseph P. Klug

Donald C. Koehn

Mary E. Krieger

William A. Krieger

William H. Krieger

Mary Kunsman  ‘sister of Belle Anderson (?)’

David Richard Kustritz

Isabel Fitzpatrick Langton

York Edward Langton

Terrance E. Lano

Carrie E. Larson

D. Pearl larson

Russell C. Larson

baby Lee LaRue

Chester L. LaRue

Isabelle B. LaRue

Mary C. Lenzmeier

Annie Logan (?)

John Logan (?)

Edward, son of Sallie H. & J.W. Lucas

Edward Lucas

John Lucas

Leland S. Lucas

Margaret Hill Lucas

Mary B. Lucas

Robert B. Lucas

Robert H. Lucas

Casey Lynn Mabee

M. Irene Madland

Tom Madland

Carolyn L. Maiden

Mrs. L.F. McCammon

Annie L. McClay (?)

Edna McClay

Everet R. McClay

James McClay

James S. McClay

John W. McClay (?)

Rosetta McClay

Lloyd E. McConnell

Alice May McCoy

Delia McCoy

Edith McCoy, nee Mitchell

James McCoy

Josephine McCoy

Margaret J. McCoy

William McCoy

William H. McCoy

Michael Austin McDonough

Jason Michael McHutcheon

Lloyd David McKenzie (?)

Martha Clark, wife of John McKenzie

Carl E. Meyer

Florence I. Meyer

Linda Kay Meyer

Esther E. Mikkelson

Charles G. Miller

James Patrick Millet

Kenneth E. Millis

Mary J. Millis

A.W. Mitchell

Alexander Mitchell

Alexander Mitchell

Andrew W. Mitchell (?)

Annie E. Mitchell (?)

Dolly Mitchell

Elizabeth J. Mitchell

Elmer J. Mitchell

Evelyn M. Mitchell

Fannie Mitchell (?)

Francis Mitchell (?)

Henry H. Mitchell (?)

Howard J. Mitchell

Irwin R. Mitchell

Jane E. Mitchell

Judson Mitchell

Laurine M. Mitchell

Lillian L. Mitchell (?)

Luverne G. Mitchell (?)

Mabel Lucas Mitchell

Margaret Lucas Mitchell

Myrtle I. Mitchell

Nelson J. Mitchell

Ray W. Mitchell

Sarah Dean Mitchell

Alma Brown Moad (?)

Thomas L. Moad

Dominique Marie Mueller, daughter of John & Kimberly

Anne Louise Mullaney

baby Nelson

Barbara J. Nesbitt

Elizabeth S. Nesbitt

Ellen Jane Nesbitt

George E. Nesbitt

Gertrude Nesbitt

Hazel G. Nesbitt

infant son of Rob & Lizzie Nesbitt

John Nesbitt

John W. Nesbitt

Martha Nesbitt

Nellie Nesbitt

Raymond G. Nesbitt

Robert J. Nesbitt

Stanley K. Nesbitt

Walter L. Nesbitt

William Nesbitt

William W. Nesbitt

Lee Norwich

Joan A. O’Leary

Richard K. O’Leary

Carl E. Olsen

Mary E. Olsen

Timothy W. Orr

Debra A. Osterman

Clarence P. Page

Clarence Q. Page

Lillie A. Page

Ruth M. Page

Sylvia M. Page

Viola I. Page

Winifred G. Page

Winifred M. Page

Myrtle Irene Palmer

Alice Anderson, wife of Horace Paulson

Horace W. Paulson

Elwood L. Pehrson

Norda Peterson

Robert Peterson

Mary E. Pettipiece

Alma Raddatz Raguet

David Raguet

Harry S. Raguet

Hilda M. Raguet

John H. Raguet

Lena Raguet

Katherine Roberg

Kelsey Lynn Roberg

Wallace Roberg

Martha J. Rogers

Elmer E. Rose

Amanda Pavelka Roushar

Molly Kate Schmidt, daughter of Perry & Anne

Gregory P. Schmidtlein

Janet W. Schmidtlein

Kenneth Louis Schmit

Anna T. Schwartz

Frank Schwartz

Roy Paul Seifert

Timothy M. Smalley

Earl J. Smith

Edith A. Smith

H. Mildred Smith

Jeanne M. Smith

Richard Smith

Wm. Gordon Smith

Keli Jo Stager

?thapine, wife of Hugh Steenson

Annie Steenson (?)

Hugh Orrie Steenson (?)

infant son of J.G. & C.H. Steenson

James Steenson

John W. Steenson

Margaret G. Steenson (?)

Margaret G., wife of S. Steenson

Mary Steenson (?)

Mary Brown Steenson (?)

Myrtle B. Steenson

Nancy, wife of Wm. Steenson

Samuel Steenson

Samuel Steenson (?)

William R. Steenson (?)

Wm. Steenson

Earl R. Stewart

Frank A. Stewart

‘Grandma’ Stewart (?)

‘Grandpa’ Stewart (?)

John Stewart (?)

Libbie Stewart (?)

Mary, wife of Thos. Stewart

Ruth Stewart

Thomas Stewart (?)

Dennis Lee Solie

Helmer M. Sorenson

Barbara F. Thompson

Willis H. Thompson

Wilma C. Thompson

Jacob Carl Tovar, son of Dave & Bekki

Amelia Tuckey, nee Chrisse

Anna M. Tuckey, wife of G. Henry Tuckey

Annie M. Tuckey (?)

G. Henry Tuckey, Company I 13th Mass. Vol. G.A.R.

Loring C. Tuckey

Loring H. Tuckey

Margaret J. Tuckey

Wallace J. Tuckey

John Patrick VanRiper

Phyllis Wagner

Ross C. Wagner

Arthur E. Watkins

Dorothy G. Watkins

Flora Watkins

Sam Watkins

Dolores M. Pauling Welin

Elba C. White

Mildred Gamble White

‘Father’ Wiltgen (?)

‘Mother’ Wiltgen (?)

Logan T. Winspear

Louise C. Winspear

W. James Winspear

Sarah E. Wintermute

Lorraine C. Wohnoutka

Lynn Edward Woodward

Maude Neville Woodward

Daisy, daughter of M. & J. Wulf

Edward B. Yaple

Dora A. Yaple

Charles Frederick Zekind

Gary E. Zimmerman

Unable to determine a surname:

Marion - 1924 - near Raguet ?

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