Eden Prairie Cemetery

city of Eden Prairie, Hennepin County, Minnesota: T116N - R22W, section 20

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This Cemetery is kept up and in good shape. The burials in the older northern half of this cemetery do not appear to line up as well as the burials in the southern half of this cemetery. This cemetery appears to have a couple of ‘open’ sections reserved for future burials.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed in July 2001.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2001


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order.

Ella Adams

Gerald LeRoy Adams

Kenneth Adams

David J. Anderson

Erma Matilda Anderson (?)

Frances Anderson

Ida Elizabeth Anderson

John Hill Anderson

Richard Thomas Anderson

Fae L. Andrews

Russell P. Andrews

George M. Angell

Jane A. Angell

Jane A. Angell

Donna M. Austad

Earl M. Anthony

Jerome M. Austad

Henry J. Bach

Ruth L. Bach

William O. Baer

Arthur Bailey

Edna Folsom Bailey

Eliza Jane Bailey

Leroy Edward Bailey

Melvin Bailey

Monroe Barker

Aage R. Bendiksen

Geo J. Bendiksen

Harold J. Bendiksen

Mette M. Bendiksen

Karen Sue Benson

Merlyn Jay Benson

Curtis M. Bergquist

Emily M. Bergstrom

Torrance A. Bergstrom

Vincent P. Bianconi

Joan LaVonne Bigley

Joshua D. Bischoff

Murray E. Blair

Wm. S. Bleakney

Amelia B. Bomsta

Russel B. Bomsta

Doris A. Bongard

Dennis E. Borrink

Kathy Boucher

Ernest J. Boyd

George W. Boyd

Ruby D. Boyd

David Alan Boynton

Gloria A. Boynton

Spencer L. Boynton

Cora G.M. Brenchley

Howard S. Brenchley

Jerry V. Brouillette

Bernice G. Brown

Clara L. Brown

Eva L. Brown

Fern E. Brown

Florence M. Brown

Harriet N. Brown

Margarethe F. Brown

Robert Henry Brown

Robert L. Brown

Robert O. Brown

Reuben L. Brown

Wiley A. Brown

Anne E. Brum

Cora M. Brum

John H. Brum

Lottie Brum

William F. Brum

Edwin H. Burkhardt

Libby Burkhardt

Walt Burkhardt

Leo W. Burton

William I. Butler

Dorothy Ellen Carlberg

Ethel L. Carlberg

Gordon G. Carlberg

Harry G. Carlberg

Harry G. Carlberg

Gustav Verner Carlson

Lisa Hadland Carlson

Julie Ann Carroll

Abbie Cass

Andrew Cass

Grace Cass

Richard O. Chapman

Doris M. Charnstrom

Wendell A.Charnstrom

Tony Chau

Edward S. Christenson

James Edward Christenson

John Allen Christenson

Anina E. Clabo

Carol A. Clabo

Leif Clabo

Wilhelm Clabo

John H. Clapperton

Sophia H. Clapperton

Pearl D. Clark

Francis A. Cloutier

Gayle Cloutier

Gregory Austin Cloutier

Arthur W., son of W.O. & I. Collins

Isabella Latta Collins

James H., son of W.O. & I. Collins

Stanley M., son of W.O. & I. Collins

William Oliver Collins

Betty M. Compton

Ethel Mary Compton

Robert W. Compton

Gene A. Conner

Hattie Calligan Conway

Janice Rae Cook

Emilie G. Cornelius

Mildred Benson Corson

Wesley D. Crawford

Christopher Kevin Curtin

Allen Dadelbach

Lorraine M. Dahlin

Elizabeth Davidson

Elvin G. Davidson

Joseph George Dehler

Lena Baer Demel

Karl Diem

Agnes Dohrer

June M. Doig

Lawrence I. Doig

Alex Dorenkemper

Irene Dorenkemper

Arlene M. Dorn

Jennie A. Dorn

Orville R. Dorn

Rinault G. Dorn

William J. Dorn

Alfred G. Dorow

Donna M. Dorow

Bessie Sohle Douglas

Curtin J. Douglas

D. Frank Douglas

Sheldon F. Douglas

Dorothy W. Dredge

George Wm. Dredge

Arthur F. Dressen

Douglas S. Dressen

Guy D. Dressen

Helen M. Dressen (?)

Emma Durheim

Charlotte Ann Hicks Dvergsten

George A. Edes

Ruth E. Edes

Alice Ellis

Delbert F. Ellis

Earl R. Ellis

Charlotte P. Enblom

Paul Albert Enblom

Nancy Endizzi

Florence I. Engh

Norman W. Engh

Dorothy J. Engseth

Martin O. Engseth

Robert Karl Erichsen

Ardith M. Erickson

Axel C. Erickson

Dorothy Erickson

K. Eugene Erickson

Lawrence E. Erickson

Manley Erickson

Martha Erickson

Lynn Roberts Exe

John Patrick Fafinski

Chelsea Lynn Fajdetich

Christine Steenson Felsted

Edward L. Fennell

Gertrude A. Fennell

Mary Elizabeth Fennell

Clara J. Ferrell

Audrey Y. Fiedler

Frank W. Fiedler

Celia M. Fisher

Edward L. Fisher

Sharon E. Fisher

James Thomas Flavin

Gordon A. Fox

Marge Friederichs

Norm Friederichs

Betty L. Fritz

Harlan D. Fritz

Mary Ann, wife of James Furgason

John C. Gables

Stephanie D. Gables

Norman H. Gakemeier

Betty M. Gehrke

Glen C. Gehrke

Amos H. Gens

Jonathon Lee Gens

Abigal P. Gibbs

Delia A., wife of Geo. N. Gibbs

Geo. N. Gibbs

David Walter Gilderhus

Alfred G. Gillness

Mabel A. Gillness

Eleanora C. Glatzel

Alma C. Good

Chester Good

Caroline Good

Edward Good

Edward Good

Herbert Good

Howard H. Good

James L. Good

Margaret Good

Mary Good

Priscilla Good

William P. Good

Russell K. Goodman

Emma M. Goodrich (?)

John C. Goodrich (?)

Aaron Gould

Caroline M., daughter of A. & R. Gould

Matilda Gould

Edwin D. Green

Ida Mae Green

Audrey N. Grosch

Clarence T. Guttromson

Gladys L. Guttromson

Georgia O. Hanna

Doris G. Hansen

Joel D. Hansen

John C. Hansen

Alton F. Hanson

Elsa S. Hanson

Georene A. Hanson

Larry Lee Hanson

Lydia C. Hanson

Charles R. Harms

Eunice Hope Harrison

R. Dudley Harrison

Ruby Oliver Harrison

David J. Haskell

Nellie Hulbert Hauliston

Patrick Allen Havenor

Charles E. Haynes

David M. Haynes

Dorothy L. Haynes

Harriett J. Haynes

Helen Morse Haynes

John A. Haynes

W. Edward Haynes

Richard B. Hays (?)

Rose V. Hays

Clara J. Heath

Lyndon R. Heath

Marilyn Joan Heath

LeRoy Hedquist

Marion K. Hedquist

Leslie F. Heinlein

Selda Heinlein

Harl D. Henry (?)

Mildred M. Henry (?)

Colleen Marie Norberg Helgestad

Alice M. Hertzberg

Lawrence F. Hicks

Barbara J. Hirman

Aldine C. Hobbs

John J. Hobbs

Ruth Kent Hodgson

Ida Lou Hogge

Robert E. Hogge

Anna E. Holdahl

Jill E. Holdahl

Chris Holmquist

Janet Marie Holte

Leonard Lincoln Holte

Ernest Cecil Hone

Fannie Geno Hone

Earl W. Houghton

Jason Dean Hoyt

Charles E. Hulbert

Howard H. Hulbert

Jean P. Hulbert

Karl Hulbert (?)

Losetta L. Hulbert

Phoebe K. Hulbert

Rachel Booth Hulbert

Rubie E. Hulbert (?)

William Franklin Hulbert

Ella F. Hurd (?)

Webster F. Hurd (?)

Carol M. Ince

Jean L. Ivers

Tom W. Ivers

Michael D. Jacobsen

Ella H. Jaeger

Ernest A. Jaeger

Patricia A. James

Thomas R. James

Agnes L. Jarrett (?)

Aletha Leona Jarrett

Asa P. Jarrett (?)

Eleanor R. Jarrett

Eugen D. Jarrett

Ida C. Jarrett (?)

Kenneth Jarrett

Mildred J. Jarrett

Myrtilla L. Jarrett (?)

Ronald T. Jarrett

Rueben E. Jarrett (?)

Susan Jarrett (?)

William J. Jarrett (?)

William R. Jarrett

Julia A. Jedlicka

Barry Johnson

Betty J. Johnson

Charles E. Johnson

Dorothy H. Johnson

Gladys M. Johnson

Kerstine Johnson

Logan Arnold Johnson

Lucille V. Johnson

Ralph M. Johnson

Roger E. Johnson

Russell W. Johnson

Ruthven E. Johnson

Vicki J. Johnson

James E. Johnston

Anita H. Kartak

Fred Kateley

Irma L. Kateley

George M. Kempton

George Riley Kempton

Mary M. Kempton

Mathilda Kempton

Doratha Kenney

Beatrice (Betty) M. Kenyon

Darwin F. Kenyon

Ann Keough

James W. Keough

Marie E. Keough

Barry F. Kesler

Malcolm L. Kindig

Viola A. Kindig

Exania B. Rouse Kinney

Lily Ann E. Kleven

Lowell A. Kleven

Agnes A. Kopesky

Henry Kopesky

Jerry A. Kopesky

Jerry A. Kopesky

Phyllis A. Kopesky

Richard J. Kopesky

Audrey Kornmann

George Kornmann

Agnes L. Kostecka

Albin J. Kostecka

Frieda Kristofferson

August Kruger

Louisa M., wife of August Kruger

Anna Kuchera

‘Father’ Kuchera

Joseph Kuchera

‘Mother’ Kuchera

Joseph Marshall Kuehn

Carol M. Kukowski

Stanley P. Kukowski

Anna M. Kurtz

Frank P. Kurtz

Alfred H. Kurtzbein

Audrey I. Kurtzbein

Shirley Jopre (?) LaBore

Grace I. Lane

Cindy Lanenberg

Francois C. LaRiviere

Henry Lariviere

John A. Larivier

Mary T. Larivier

George L. Larson

John S. Latzke

John W. Latzke

Richard J. Latzke

Mary G. Laufer

Selma O. Leen

Robert T. Leppert

Lawrence T. ‘Pat’ Lindner

Judith M. Loop

Violet C. Luebke

Eric Jason Lund

Mary Ann T. Lund

Jamie K. Luurs

Margaret Malone

Mary Theresa Marshall

William Harriman Marshall

Anna G. Marth

Carl A. Marth

Harriet I. Martin

James A. Martin

Marion A. Martin

Sandra Lea Martin

John C. Martinsen

Joan T. Marzinske

Adrian W. Mattila

Arleen C. Mattila

Ruth G. McCaughan

Graham McClintock

Mayme McClintock

Robert G. McClintock

Ella I. McDonald

Norman L. McDonald

Gladys McFarlane

John McFarlane

Diane F. McGrorty

Scott M. McLaughlin

Michael James Meyers

Eldora F. Mickelson

Diane Jordan Migneault

Richard A. Mikelson

Alvin John Miller

Anastasia R. Miller

Ann Dorothy Miller

Anna M. Miller

Arthur W. Miller

Catherine C. Miller (?)

Charlotta, wife of F. Miller

EtheldredaThelda’ M. Miller

Fred H. Miller (?)

Fred H. Miller

Fredrick Miller

Gertrude A., wife of A.W. Miller

Harold H. Miller

John L. Miller (?)

Kimberly A. Miller

Leroy K. Miller

Lucille M. Miller

Lucy Bernice Miller

Mary E. Miller (?)

Nettie Miller (?)

Norman M. Miller

Theresa C. Miller

William D. Miller

Anna F. Mitchell

Hazel Emily, daughter of R. & M. Mitchell

Maria Mitchell

Samuel Mitchell

Thompson S. Mitchell

Debra Moe

Henning Mogensen

Mark Peter Mogensen

Joseph E. Molitor

Mary A. Molitor

Chester A. Monson

Evelyn J. Monson

Eileen H. Moore

Irvin H. Moore

Alice G. Moran

Anna M. Moran (?)

Clamor G. Moran

Clyde H. Moran (?)

Edwin N. Moran (?)

Eliza, wife of G.N. Moran

Ella M. Moran

Everett L. Moran

George N. Moran

George W. Moran

Irene M. Moran

James Elmer Moran

James W. Moran

John Moran

Joyce Ellen Moran (?)

Mabel R. Moran

Mary K. Moran (?)

Maud, daughter of D.E. & F.L. Moran

Robert L. Moran

Russell E. Moran

‘Son’ Moran (?)

William H. Moran (?)

Earl R. More

Helen M. More

James William Mortell

Linda Ann Bayer Mortell

James P. Mosher

Alma Mueller

George Mueller

Shirley R. Munsey

Mary C. Murray

Warren L. Myers

Aaron S. Neill

Emma C. Neill

Harry S. Neill

Hattie S., daughter of A.S. & M. ? Neill

Helen A. Neill

Mary E. Neill

Richard Neill

Sarah, wife of Richard Neill

Minnie D., wife of Jake Neisinger

Dennis Michael Nelsen

Donald W. Nelson

Edith O. Nelson

Harold A. Nelson

Irvin J. Nelson

Julia A. Nelson

Marie C. Nelson

Marjorie L. Nelson

Roy Leslie Nelson

Russell A. Nelson

Victor M. Nelson

Alice C. Niblett (?)

Charles E. Niblett

Howard B. Niblett (?)

Ralph Niblett

Sophia A. Niblett

Todd James Nicholls

Merle Atwood Nicholson

R. Scott Northington

Richard J. O’Brien

Ann M., wife of M.H. Oliver

Myron H. Oliver

John A. Olsen

Alma C. Olson (?)

Carl R. Olson

Edward Olson (?)

Floyd O. Olson

Harold Olson

John Edward Olson

Mark Paul Olson

Alice K. Ondrachek

Daniel D. Ondrachek

Adaline Oothoudt

Annie S. Oothoudt (?)

Dean W. Oothoudt

Edna Oothoudt (?)

George W. Oothoudt (?)

Josiah Oothoudt

Ruth L. Oothoudt

Ronald R. G. Ott

Douglas A. Page

James V. Pahl

C.S. Paine

Clarence S. Paine

Ezra Paine

Frank Paine

John Paine

Rosannah Paine

William B. Paine

Ben H. Palmer

Birdie, daughter of J.N. & C.E. Parker

Ettie R. Parker

‘Father’ Parker (?)

‘Mother’ Parker (?)

David Philip Parsons

Lucille A. Patten

Orville D. Patten

Amy M., daughter of J.W. & J.I. Pemberton

Elnora Eunice Pemberton (?)

Eunice H. Pemberton

Iva L., daughter of J.W. & J.I. Pemberton

Jennie Gould Pemberton

Joseph Dana Pemberton

Joseph W. Pemberton

Anna M. Penney

Elsie M. Penny

Orson Penney

Scott Robert Penney

Willard Penney

Wilma Marie Penney

Carmen Marie PeroutkaBacha

Chris Peterson

Julia M. Peterson

Martha Peterson

Mary I. Peterson

Ruth Peterson, nee Tuckey

Sandra Peterson

Severin Peterson

Severin Peterson

Lila A. Phelps

Wm. Edward Phelps

Daniel C. Phillips

Myrtle G. Phillips

Berton C. Pierce

Olive M. Pierce

Fannie V. Plant

George F. Plant

Gilbert Plant

Timothy Michael Plathe

Leo (Pat) Pletsch

Adolph G. Popowski

Norma M. Quam

William O. Quamm

Amy Elizabeth Radtke

Elizabeth H. Raguet

Henry W. Raguet

James H. Raguet

John C. Raguet

Katherine O. Raguet (?)

Preston T. Raguet (?)

Clarence W. Ramus

Dorthea V. Ramus

Rosella F. Rasmussen

Virgil L. Rasmussen

Alfred H. Redner

Bertha A. Redner

John K. Redner

Mary M. Redner

Susan M. Reed

baby Reinhard

Jessie M. Reinhart

Roger J. Rell

Velma M. Richter

Mason Daniel Riegert

Dorothy N. Ringhausen

Robert D. Ringhausen

Jack A. Roane

Gilbert Robertson

Jeannette Robertson

C.A. ‘Rocky’ Roskstad

Doris M. Rockstad

Angelinde Rogers

Evelyn H. Rogers

Harry A. Rogers

James H. Rogers

John Rogers (?)

Lillian V. Rogers

Mary L. Rogers

Mathilda Rogers (?)

Norbert H. Rogers

Norman B. Rogers

Eric Paul Rondeau

Lena G. Ross

Eddie Adelbert, son of William & Emily A. (?) Rouse

Henry Rouse

Gordon B. Rustad

Alexa Nicole Ryski

Scott F. Ryski

Floyd D. Sable

Floyd H. Sable

Jackie D. Sable

Regina R. Sable

Frances E. Schaitberger

Kenneth A. Schaitberger

Janet M. Scharmann

Carl P. Scheibe

Roberta P. Scheibe

William D. Scheneman

Agnes Schmidel (?)

Albert H. Schmidel (?)

Charles Schmidel (?)

Donn Schmidel

Egnatious Schmidel (?)

Emma M. Schmidel (?)

‘Father’ Schmidel (?)

Margie Schmidel

‘Mother’ Schmidel (?)

Violet D. Schmidel (?)

William H. Schmidel (?)

Dale H. Schmidt

JoAnne E. Schmidt

Louis A. Schmit

Marinda Jane, Paris

Helen Harms Schneider

Albertina Schumacher

Mary Ann Schuster

Gary L. Scruton

Jean A. Scruton

Amanda Seck (?)

Anita A. Seck

Charles A. Seck

Edward Seck

Emma M. Seck

George J. Seck

George W. Seck

‘Grandfather’ Seck (?)

Julia A. Seck

‘Mother’ Seck (?)

Roy F. Seck

Walter Seck (?)

infant Seeley

Anna E. Seiler

Frances M. Seiler

Frederika M. Seiler

Helen M. Seiler

Hephzibab D. Seiler

Hephzibah Seiler

James A. Seiler

John G. Seiler

John M. Seiler

Leo H. Seiler

Mary Ann Seiler

Ray J. Seiler

Sarah J. Seiler

Sherman S. Seiler

Wm. George Seiler

Patricia Anne Sens

Carl J. Severson

Carl J. Severson

Frances Severson

Ida M. Severson

Helen Sexton

Joseph E. Sexton

Madge Shultz

Warren Shultz

Earlyn L. Sickmann

Ruth A. Sickmann

Gordon P. Silitz

Harriet D. Sima

Tess Darah Mitu Simmons

Jeanette Sjodin

Walter Sjodin

Odmor Skjelbostad

Dawn C. Skranka

Audrey Smidell

Fred Smidell

Glennys Smidell

Pearl Smidell

Dorothy C. Smith

Erma H. Smith

Etta J., daughter of Sheldon & Mary Smith

James F. Smith

Mabel E. Smith

Maria Detmeiler, wife of Stephen Smith

Netta A., daughter of S. & M. Smith

Sheldon Smith

Augusta R. Sohm

Clifford C. Sohm

Dorothy I. Sohm

Lorraine E. Sohm

Louis D. Sohm

Marilyn J. Soll

Michael G. Soll

Michael Gregory Soll

Cornelius W. Somsen

Roger Sondergaard

G. Marian Sorenson

Catherine M. Spandle

Edward J. Spandle

Richard A. Spencer

Alice Stacy

Eliza N. Stacy

Wm. H. Stacy

Anna Hatch Daniels Staring

Cordelia Stanchfield Staring

Daniel W. Staring

Hanna, wife of Jonas Staring, daughter of Rev. David Devoe

Hannah Devoe Staring

John H. Staring

John Harry Staring

Jonas Staring

Jonas Platt Staring

Lany E. Staring

Margretta Staring

Maud E. Staring

Miron Stanley Staring

Lawrence L. Starring

Viola O. Starring

Willis, son of H. & L. Starring

Nancy R. Statto

Mark Allen Stauner

John M. Stephan

Jennifer Lee Stevenson

Dorothy Mae Stewart

Emma Stewart

James S. Stewart

Jason A. Stewart

Marion James Stewart

Edwin C. Stoessel

Romana H. Stoyanoff

John B. Strauel

Louisa Strauel

Irene E. Studenski

Marvin C. Studenski

Cheryl H. Suiter

Jeff Supper

A.K. Swan

Hardy Swanson

Karen Swanson

Leonard Henry Sweere

Don Swenson

John Power Swenson

Tuan Anh Ta

Lance Bryan Thoen

Clifford O. Thompson

Gary C. Thompson

Vivian R. Thompson

Elizabeth Tirrell

John Tirrell

John R. Tirrell

Elmer J. Tobias

Lois D. Tobias

Joseph Tolasek

Lucille H. Tolasek

Laura R. Tongen

Willard M. Tongen

Nancy A. Tracy

Wayne R. Tracy

Ilse H. Treske

Kurt G. Treske

James William Trouth

Alma Tuckey

Bertha Bell Tuckey

Donald W. Tuckey

Edson A. Tuckey (?)

Edson N. Tuckey

Henry H. Tuckey

Margaret A. Tuckey

Marcena T. Tuckey (?)

Willie Tuckey

Curtis D. Turner

Sue H. Turnquist

Lee H. Unze

Larry E. Utech

Marlene L. Utech

Alphonse J. VanHouten

Ellen McGuire VanHouten

Le Thi Voi

Harlan M. Vooge

Dorothy F. Wagg

Sanford J. Wagg

Anthony S. Waldack

Howard J. Wagner

Lorraine M. Wagner

Thomas Craig Wasson

Arthur Wethal

Lillian J. Wethal

Albert ? White

Charles M. White

Margaret S. White

Martha A., wife of Wm. A. White

Wm. A. White

Kathryn C. Whitmer

Ross M. Winn

Jan E. Witthun (Wollan)

Gary Gene Wood

Matthew D. Wood

Michael S. Wolfe

Ruby Wolfe

Mary E. Wyman

Timothie Ann Young

William A. Young

Winslow Zahalka (?)

Edith E. Zell (?)

Harold J. Zell

Julius R. Zell (?)

Not able to determine surnames for the following:

? died 19 December 1860, age 25 years

? age 20 years - next to Neill

only Margie 1936-1993

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