St. Paul's Evangelical Reformed Church - Hamburg, Minnesota

formerly a United Church of Christ congregation

Young America township, Carver county, Minnesota: T115N-R26W, section 34

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This rural cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. The cemetery is located behind the church.

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: 'The St. Paul's German Reformed Church organization, whose church building stands on the southeast quarter of section 34, was formed in 1868, ...'

This cemetery was transcribed in 1990.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1990

Albert E. Bentz

Gertrude E. Bentz

Anna, wife of Gerhard Bergmann

Anna, daughter of G. & A. Bergmann 

Gerhard Bergmann

Heinrich F., son of H. & M. Bergmann 

Henry Bergmann

Henry D. Bergmann

Herman P., son of H. & M. Bergmann 

Jacob Bergmann

Margaretha, daughter of G. & A. Bergmann 

Margretha Bergmann

Mathilda Bergmann

Minnie Bergmann

twin daughters of Mr. & Mrs. R. Bergmann

Helena Bergs

Henry Bergs

Kathrine Bergs(?)

Mathilda Bergs

Peter Bergs(?)

William Bergs

Elizbeth Bohnen

Arthur W. Bollmann

David A. Bollmann

Donna Bollmann

Elizabeth K. Bollmann

Joan M. Bollmann

Elizabeth Borgardts

Peter Borgardts

Christine Borgardts

Henry W. Bressler

Henry W. Bressler

Albert A. Buchweitz

Herman Buchweitz

Elsie Buechler, ? of J.C. Ochsner

Adeline M. Demm

John H. Dietel

Friedrich, son of G. & M. Eickschen

Gerhard Eickschen

Gerhard Eickschen

Gerhard, son of H. & L. Eickschen 

Gerhard, son of H. & L. Eickschen

Herman Eickschen

Louise Eickschen

Magdalena Eickschen

Margretha Eickschen

Mary Eickschen

Wilhelm, son of H. & L. Eickschen

Anna Eighelberger

Margarethe, wife of Wilhelm Engelen

Gertrud, wife of Jacob Engelman

Jacob Engelmann

Robert C. Engelmann

Sarah M. Evenson

Adolph L. Fenske

Walter Franke

Ewald Freter

Elmer G., son of J.G. & M.L. Fruetel

John G. Fruetel

Margaret Fruetel

Ellanora L. Geib

Denis M. Glander

Lydia M. Glander

Ludwig Gohlke

Magdalena Gohlke

Gale Grapentine

Albert A. Graupmann

Lydia C. Graupmann

Theodore Graupmann

Werner E. Graupmann

Dr. Carl T. Grivelli

Lydia Grivelli, nee Ochsner

Theodore 'Ted' Grivelli

Maria Hartelt

baby boy Hastings

Johann Hebeiser

Elizabeth Heckmann

Johanna Gertrude Heckmann

Peter Heckmann

Tillmann Heckmann

Peter Hectmann(?)

Anna E. Heimkes

Edward Heimkes

Emily A. Heimkes

Erwin H. Heimkes

Hilda M. Heimkes

Margaretha Heimkes

Peter H. Heimkes

William Heimkes

William H. Heimkes

Anna E., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. A. Herd 

Anna R. Herd

Elmer J. Herd

George A. Herd

Mabel A. Herd

Sidney Herd

Veronica Herd

Benjamin Herrmann

Dorothy A. Herrmann

Elizabeth Herrmann

Elma A. Herrmann

Erwin G. Herrmann

Harry Herrmann

Mathilda Herrmann

Mike A. Herrmann

William M. Herrmann

Anna Olgelenn, daughter of Died. & Caroline W. L. Hoernemann 

Anna Olgelena, daughter of Died. & Carolina W.L. Hoernemann 

Caroline Hoernemann

Caroline Hoernemann

Caroline Margaret Hoernemann

Caroline Wilhelmin Louise, born Lemke, wife of Died. Hoernemann 

Clarence Hoernemann

Clifford A. Hoernemann

Dedrich Hoernemann

Elisabeth Caroline, daughter of Died. & Caroline W.L. Hoernemann 

Emma Hoernemann

Emma Hoernemann

Erwin Hoernemann

Fred Hoernemann

Fred T. Hoernemann Sr.

George Hoernemann

Gertrude Hoernemann

Henry T. Hoernemann

Wilhelmina Hoernemann

Gloria A. Hoof

Albert Ische

Anna Ische

Carl Ische

Louise, born Heuer, wife of Albert Ische

Johann Jahnke

Wilhelmz Johnson

Anna Kamps

Eleanor F. Kamps

Elwin Kamps

Emma M., daughter of Willund(?) S. Kamps 

Gerhard Kamps(?)

Gottfried Kamps

Gottfried Kamps

Hilma A. Kamps

Katharina Lanzan, wife of Gottfried Kamps

Katharina, daughter of Gottfried & Katharina Kamps 

Margaretha, daughter of Gottfried & Katharina Kamps 

Magdalena Kamps

Otto T. Kamps

Peter Kamps

Sophia Kamps

William Kamps

William G. Kamps

Emilie W. Klancke, born Giese

Friedrich C. Klancke

Karl H.C. Klancke

Carl Klancke, born in Bohrbrucke Hanover 

baby daughter Kloempken

Diedrich Kloempken

Diedrick Kloempken

Diedrich Kloempken

Dietrich Kloempken(?)

Elizabeth M. Kloempken

Gerhard J. Kloempken

Henry D. Kloempken

Henry W. Kloempken

Herbert H. Kloempken

Howard H. Kloempken

Lydia A. Kloempken

Margaret Kloempken

Mary A. Kloempken(?) or Segler(?)

Sibilla Kloempken

William Kloempken

William G. Kloempken

Heinrich Klompken

Margaretha Klompken, born Gratzhoff, wife of Heinrich Klompken 

Magretha Ma, daughter of H. & S. Klompken 

Sophia M., daughter of Heinrich & Sophia Klompken 

Maria Koerschen, born Berge

Sibilla Kraus, born Bongardts

Agnes Kroells

Albert Kroells

Aldon Kroells

Alma Kroells

Anna, wife of Peter Kroells

Anna E. Kroells

Arthur G. Kroells

Brian K. Kroells

Cheryl Ann Kroells

Christina Kroells

Dennis H. Kroells

Elizabeth Kroells

Gerdrut Kroells

Gerhard Kroells

Gerhard, son of Wm. & K. Kroells

Gottfried Kroells

Herbert Jacob Kroells

John W. Kroells

John W. Kroells

Johnnie Kroells

Kim Lea Kroells

Lena Kroells

Lydia M. Kroells

Margaret Kroells

Martha A. Kroells

Mathilda Kroells

Mary Ann Kroells

Merlin W. Kroells

Peter Kroells Sr.

Peter Kroells

Peter H. Kroells

William Kroells

Willaim H. Kroells

William H. Kroells

Della Kuenzel

Diedrech Kuhlmann

Julianna Kuhlmann

Adolf Lange

Jacob Lange

Jacob Lange

Carl Latzke

Christiana Latzke

Emil Latzke

Gottrecht Latzke

Maria Latzke

Clarie U. Lenzen

Gertrude Lenzen

Gertrude E. Lenzen

Tillman G. Lenzen

Albert C. Maack

Anna M. Maack

baby Maack

Hermann Maack

Herman Maack

Margaretha Maack

Fred D. Mack

Arnold C. Mueller

Carl Mueller Jr.

Carl H. Mueller

Elizabeth Mueller

Ella E. Mueller

Henry C. Mueller

John Mueller

John J. Mueller

Katherine Mueller

Lyla Mueller

Mathilda S. Mueller

Sophia Mueller

Agnis, wife of Karl Muller

baby Muller

Karl Muller

Maria Muller

Peter Muller

Anna, daughter of J.C. Ochsner

Rev. J. C. Ochsner

Otto P. Ochsner

Samuel Ochsner

Samuel Ochsner

Rosine Ochsner

Emma E. Oelfke

William F. Oelfke

Hilliard E. Panning

Hillard E. Panning

Kevin M. Panning

Dora Perbix

Fred Perbix

Gottfried Perbix

Heinrich Perbix

Herman Perbix

John Perbix

Leona S., daughter of J. & D. Perbix

Lucy Perbix

Martha Perbix

Mary Perbix

Raymond F. Perbix

Dustin David Ruff

Scott Robert Ruff

Lucas H. Satter

Anna Sauter

Henry R. Sauter

Marie Anna Sauter

Paul W. Sauter

Wm. Sauter

Abe Schmidt

Arthur H. Schmidt

Lydia S. Schmidt

Mathilda Schmidt

Orville A. Schmidt

Leona L.A. Schmitz, nee Schwirtz

Elmer Schultz

Gwendolyn G. Schultz

baby Schwirtz

Ida E.L. Schwirtz

William H. Schwirtz

Adolph G. Segler

Bertha Segler

Carl J. Segler

Carl J. Segler

Edwin H. Segler

Mary A. Kloempken(?) or Segler (?)

Alfred Shaw

Anna Smith

baby Smith

baby daughter of E. & E. Smith

baby son of Harvin & Martha Smith

Christina Anna Smith

Diedrich Smith

Elsie B. Smith

Erwin J. Smith

Jacob Smith

Katherine Smith

Lydia H. Smith

M.M. Smith

Mathilda Smith

Otto D. Smith

Peter W. Smith

Raymond J. Smith

Wilhelmina (nee Hoernemann ?) Smith

William Smith

William Smith

Lenora S. Stoeckmann

Mike M. Stoeckmann

Elizabeth K. Tanke

Fred D. Tanke

Clifford C.E. Telthoester

Dale R.T. Telthoester

Karen Lou L. Telthoester

Tammy L. Telthoester

Rudolph Trocke

Vennedina Dreihus, wife of Rodolf Trocke,born in Dort Burgsteinfurt (?)

Alberta A. Vriesen

Otto J. Vriesen

Benjamin Willemsen

David Allen, son of Franklin & Norma Willemsen 

Agnes, wife of Gerhard Wolter

baby son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wolter

Bernh'd Wolter, Co. H 2 Minnesota Inf.

Bertha Wolter

Catherine Wolter

Dorothea Wolter

Elisabeth, wife of Peter Wolter

Elmer B. Wolter

Fred Wolter

Friederich W. Wolter

Georg Wolter, son of Gottfried & Ida Wolter 

George Walter, ? of Caroline Wilhelmine Louise Wolter, born Lemke 

Gerdrig, daughter of F. & H. Wolter 

Gerhard Wolter

Gerhard F. Wolter

Gertrud Wolter

Godfried Wolter, Co. A 4 Minnesota Inf.

Gottfried Wolter

Gottfried Wolter

Heinrich, son of F. & H. Wolter

Herrman, son of F. & H. Wolter

Hilma F. Wolter

Ida Wolter

Irene Wolter

J. Diedrich Wolter

Johannes Wolter

John G. Wolter

Kenneth M. Wolter

Lena Wolter

Lillian W. Wolter

Louise Wolter

Luise Wolter

Magatalena Wolter

Magdalena Wolter

Magdalena, daughter of F. & H. Wolter 

Margaret Wolter

Maria, wife of Gerhard Wolter

Martha S. Wolter

Marvin E. Wolter

Mary Wolter

Pearl M. Wolter

Peter Wolter, born in Baerl Regirungsbez, Dusseldorf 

Raymond G. Wolter

Reinhard, son of F. & H. Wolter

Reinhard Wolter

Reinhard B. Wolter

Reinhard D. Wolter

Reinhord Wolter

William Wolter

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