Norwood Public Cemetery / Forest Hills Cemetery Association - Norwood, Minnesota

Young America township, Carver county, Minnesota: T115 N-R26W, section 15

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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This is a well kept cemetery on the western edge of the city of Norwood, Minnesota. At first glance it appears to be one large cemetery, but the area actually contains two cemeteries. The majority of the cemetery is the Forest Hills Cemetery Association Cemetery and I believe the north-east part of the cemetery to be the Norwood Public Cemetery.

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: 'The Norwood Cemetery Association was organized in December, 1876, and the grounds located in the western part of town.' (page 247).

This cemetery was transcribed in 1990.

Copyright (c) Debbie Boe 1990

John F. Albrecht

Metha Albrecht

August Arndt

baby Arndt

Henry Baden

Anna Bachmann

Cynette J. Bachmann

Ed C. Bachmann

Edna Bachmann

Hanna Bachmann

Harvey W. Bachmann

Herman Bachmann

Anna Bathen

Edwin W.F., son of H. and A. Bathen

Henry Bathen

Anna Bauermeister

Dora Bauermeister

Edward Bauermeister

Otto Bauermeister

Rudolph Bauermeister

Sophia Bauermeister

Fred H. Baumgart

Katherine Baumgart

Edwin Beckefeld

Henriette Bensler

Johann Bensler

Marlin Fred Bentz

Amanda Bergmann

Anna Bergmann

Gerhard Bergmann

Hermann Bergmann

Charley J. Berry

Cornelia, wife of Alfred Berry

Helen Marie Berry

Louise C. Berry

Mary D. Colwell - Berry

Oscar S. Berry

Russell W. Berry

Susan L. Berry

Walter C. Berry

Rebecca K. Pieper Blake

August Bloedel

Clarence J. Bloedel

Nancy Bloedel

twins of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Bloedel

Eugene Bohnen

George Bohnen

Hazel M. Bohnen

Hugo P., son of Geo. and Marg. Bohnen 

Margaretha Bohnen

Paul G. Bohnen

Geo Bongard

Olga M., daughter of G. and B. Bongard

Louis E. Booth

Mary E. Booth

Emma Born

Magdalena Born

Wilhelmina Born

William H. Born

Alvine Bovey

Fred Bovey

Karl H. Bovey

Glen Bovy

Henry W. Bovy

John Bovy

John H. Bovy

Katherine Bovy

Mary C. Bovy

Verona P. Bovy

Elizabeth Hoeffken Bradley

George J. Bradley

Dearold F. Brecht

Elizabeth H. Brecht

Leslie Brecht

Carl Bretschneider

Sybilla Bretschneider

Arlene M. Bromstad

Amanda Marie Brothers

Emma Buchweitz(?)

'Father' Buchweitz(?)

Laura Buchweitz(?)

'Mother' Buchweitz(?)

Otto Buchweitz(?)

Anna Buescher(?)

Pvt. Chester Buescher(?)

Henry Buescher

Katherine Buescher

Esther M. Bultman

Laurence H. Bultman

Ida Michelsen Butterfass

Mathilda Butterfass

Helen Fabel Carlsen

Anna B. Christen

John R. Christen

Rudolph J. Christen

Edward C. Conus

Ruth E. Conus

Jacob Cugrlmann(?)

Diedrich Daniels

Henry Daniels

Ida Daniels

John Daniels

Katherine Daniels

Sophie Daniels

Ada L., wife of G.F. Dennstedt

Esther, infant daughter of George F. and Ada Dennstedt 

G.F. Dennstedt

Lillian M., daughter of G.F. and A.L. Dennstedt 

Alice Dietel

Caroline Dietel

Henry Dietel

John Dietel

Kathryn Dietel

Lorenz Dietel

Reid A. Dietel

infant son of A.G. and A. Dreis

Emma Zieper Dresow

Adolph G. Drews

Agnes C. Drews

Henriette, wife of Ludwig Drews

Ludwig Drews

Johnn Drehaus

Daniel Dudrey

Harold P. Effertz

Lydia A. Effertz

Paul R. Effertz

Edward F. Eggers

Elizabeth M. Eggers

Bernhard Eickschen

Hannah Hankenson Elliott, Schoharie, New York 

Robert N. Elliot, Braceville O. (Ohio ?)

John Ettensohn

Albert F. Fabel

Anna Hoeffken Fabel

wife Celia Fabel, born Budow, wife of Edw. Fabel 

Conrad A. Fabel

Emil Fabel

Emma E. Fabel

Emma W. Fabel

Frank Fabel

Henry Fabel Sr

Henry Fabel Jr.

John H. Fabel

Lena, wife of Henry Fabel Sr

Margaret Fabel

Minnie Fabel

Tillie Fabel

William G. Fabel

Augusta Falk

Elizabeth Falk

Fredrick Falk

Gerhard Falk

Gerhard Falk

Ida Falk

Elizabeth Fauss

Henry Fauss

baby boy Feltmann(?)

Cecelia Feltmann

Harold Feltmann

Herbert P. Feltmann

Herman Orville Feltmann(?)

John Feltmann

Mary E. Feltmann

Peter Feltmann

Elizabeth Feyereisen

John P. Feyereisen

Henry Flusemann

Andrew Franck

Andrew W. Franck

Andrew W. Franck

Ella K. Franck

Emma V. Franck

Frieda A. Franck

George H. Franck

Henry C. Franck

Henry G. Franck

Lena S. Franck

Marie Franck

William C. Franck

William J. Franck

Doris G. Fruetel

Edwin Fruetel

Gertrude Fruetel

Herbert J. Fruetel

Jacob Fruetel

John J. Fruetel

Leasa Fruetel

Mathilda Fruetel

Roslyn Fruetel

Herman Fruetel

Hanna W., daughter of J. and W. Gallmann(?) 

Fred Giehler

Mary Giehler

Pauline Giehler

John F. Graupmann

Martha C. Graupmann

Mabel Berry Gullickson

Martin H. Gullickson

Charles Gunkel

Elizabeth Gunkel

Johnie, son of G. and E. Gunkel

Gail Gutnecht

O.H. 'Dick' Gutknecht

John C. Haag

Martha L. Haag

Olga E. Haag

Vernon M. Haag

Charles Wayne Halliday

baby Harms

August Hartelt

August Hartelt

Augusta O. Hartelt

baby girl Hartelt

Edward, son of J. and M. Hartelt

Herman Hartelt

Joseph Hartelt

Mattie J. Hartelt

Minna Hartelt

Otto A. Hartelt

?er Hathaway, wife of Giles Hathaway 

Herbert Haug

Esther Heap, born in Manchester, England 

Fred Heap

James Heap

John Heap, born in Manchester, England 

Tillie Heap

Christ Hebeisen

Emilie Hebeisen

Ferdinand Hedke

Hilda Hedke

Elizabeth Heimkes

Elizabeth D. Heimkes

Elizabeth L. Heimkes

Gerhard Heimkes

Heinrich E.A., son of G. and L. Heimkes

Ida Heimkes

John Heimkes

Katherine Heimkes

Louesa H. Heimkes

Oswald G. Heimkes

Peter Heimkes

Rosina Heimkes

William H. Heimkes

baby Heinbockel

Bertha Heinbockel

Edward C. Heinbockel

George A. Heinbockel

Herman Heinbockel

John Heinbockel

Margaret Heinbockel

Mathilda Heinbockel

Henry Heinen

Martha Heinen

Myrtle Heinen

Eddie O.F., son of G. and A. Henkelmann 

Albert F. Herrmann

Anna Herrmann

Anna Herrmann

Anna L. Herrmann

Bertha Herrmann

Carl J. Herrmann

Elizabeth Herrmann

Elizabeth Herrmann

Fred Herrmann

Herrmann twins

J. Henry Herrmann

John J. Herrmann

Louise Herrmann

Nancy I. Herrmann

Oscar J. Herrmann

Selma Herrmann

Sybilla Herrmann

William J. Herrmann

Wilmar M. Herrmann

Anna M. Hill

Hans G. Hoberg

Cora G. Hoeffken

Edith, daughter of G. and I. Hoeffken

Fred H. Hoeffken

Friedrich Hoeffken

George, son of G. and I. Hoeffken

Gerhard Hoeffken

Ida Hoeffken

Kenneth Hoeffken

Margaret Hoeffken, wife of Friedrich Hoeffken 

Anna Hoernemann

Edna A.E. Hoernemann

John Henry Hoernemann

Olof O. Holm

Cecil H. Hoyt

Albert J. Ische

Clara S. Ische

Meta V. Jacobs

Wilhelmz Johnson

Joseph Jung

Magdalena Jung

Wilbert Jung

Gustav A. Karnath

Henrietta C. Kell, wife of Russell Kell 

Anna Marie Kersten

Johann Kersten

Henry Keusemann

Rosina M. Keusemann

Henrietta L. Kirby

William F. Kirby

August F. Klancke

David John Klancke

Doris Klancke

Elford A. Klancke

Fred D. Klancke

Corpl. Henry Klancke, Co. F 16 Illinois Cav

Henry D. Klancke, Reg. 16 Illinois Cav. 

Henry W. Klancke

Katharina Klancke

Louisa Klancke

Marie I, Klancke

William Klancke

Mary, daughter of William Kloempken Jr.

Dietrich Knacke

Elisabeth Knacke

Andreas Koegel

Emil Koegel(?)

Frank J. Krantz

Frankie, son of J.D. and M. Krause

Jacob D. Krause

Mary Krause

Annie Kroells

Emelia Kroells

Henry Kroells

Katherina Kroells

Kinghen, daughter of J. and A. Kroells

Peter J. Kroells

William Kroells

Heinrich L.A. Laasch

Wilhelmine Laasch

Albert Lambrecht

Bertha Lambrecht

Anna M. Lemke

Fred B. Lemke

Ernst H. Lindemeier

Helena Kohls Lindemeier

Andreas J. Lindert

Anna Lindert

Anna Lindert

Duane W. Lindert

Frederick Lindert

Fred'k Lindert, Co. H 2nd Minnesota Inf.

Frederick Wm. Lindert

Henry Lindert, Co. H 9th Minnesota Inf.

Henry Lindert, Co. H 9th Reg. Minnesota Inf.

Henry Lindert

Henry F.W. Lindert

Henry W. Lindert

Herbert O. Lindert

Karl A. Lindert

Katharina Lindert

Katherine H. Lindert

Minnie Lindert

Pauline W. Lindert

Victor H. Lindert

Aug't Loch, Co. G 4th Minnesota Inf

Lena M. Loek

August Loesch

Ida Beth Lord

Willard E. Lord

Ernest F. Lortis

Neil Brian Lortis

Adolphine Ludwig

Emil Ludwig

Herman Ludwig

Albert O. Lunow

Lillian L. Lunow

Katherine Maack

Louis H. Maack

Hylda E. Majestic

William F. Manteuffel

Michael W. Matern

Raymond C. Mattison

Hilda M. McCann

John E. McCann

Evelyn McGrady, nee Bovy

Frederic McKim

Margaret McKim

Marvin J. McKim

Albert Meyer

August S. Meyer

Emma Meyer

Ernest Meyer

Ernest P. Meyer

Leonora W. Meyer

Lizzie Meyer

Mathilda Meyer

Minnie P. Meyer

Violet P. Meyer

William Meyer

Charles Michelson

Louis Michelson

Gilbert Mielke

Mary D. Mielke

Otto A. Mielke

Wilhelm Mielke

Wilhelmine Mielke

C.F. Mix, Co. K 98th Ohio Inf

Elisabeth, wife of Geo. Mix

Elisabeth, daughter of ?ola Mix Sutton

George Mix

Margaretha Molls(?)

Mathias Molls(?)

Michael Mrsich

Douglas Mueller

Rose Ruehmer Nerland

Albert E. Noll

Anna Noll

Charotte Thaemert Noll

Edmund O. Noll

Elsie W. C. Noll

Hilary Noll

John Noll

Mafalda Noll

Martha A. Noll

Martin Noll

Mary Noll

Sarah Kulvig Noll

William Noll

William F. Nolls

Chris Nygren

Emma Nygren

George W. Ocobock

Gertrude Hoeffken Ocobock

Mildred D. Orcutt

Clarice Perbix

Emma Perbix

Gerhard Perbix

Magdalena Perbix

Selma Perbix

William Perbix

Arnold Peschken

Bertha A. Pieper

Robert J. Pieper

Wm. Pieper

Elizabeth Plankers

Henry W. Plankers

Peter Plankers

Carl P. Quanstrom

Caroline, wife of C.P. Quanstrom

Mina Quarder, nee kuepfer

Mina Quarder

Rev. Paul Quarder

baby girl Quast

David and Ricky Quist

Anna Ranzinger

Max Ranzinger

Roland J. Ranzinger

Henry E. Rau

Otto A. Richter

Mary Rick

Ralph Rick (Zieper lot?)

Robert J. Rick

Florence Berry Rieke

Rev. Harry F. Rieke

Clara A. Ritter

Elizabeth Ritter

Gustav Ritter

Gustave Ritter

Hannah K. Ritter

Ida, daughter of G. and L. Ritter

Oswald, son of G. and L. Ritter

Robert C. Ritter

Albert Roth

Anna D. Roth

Emma Roth

Fred W. Roth

Heinrich Roth

Kunigunda, wife of H. Roth

Peter Roth

Sybilla Roth

Wilbur Albert Roth

August Ruehmer

Sophia Ruehmer

baby Schaefer

Elsie Lenora Schaefer

George Schaefer

Ida Schaefer

Lola Schaeffer

Fred Schell

Jacob Schell

Jacob Schell, Co. G 2nd Minnesota Inf

Johan Diedrich, son of Jacob and Maria Schell 

Mary Schell

Anna S. Schimmelpfennig

Carol J. Schimmelpfennig

Hilbert H. Schimmelpfennig

Anna Lindert Schindler

Thomas Frederick Schindler

Margaret Fabel Schletty

Charles Schmid

Clara Schmidt

Elfred E. Schmidt

Chatharina Schneider

Elizabeth Schneider

George Schneider

Hollie Schneider

Wm. Schneider

Wilhelm, son of W. and R.(?) Schneider

Esther B. Schrupp

Mathilda Schubert

William C. Schubert

Johann M. Schuermer

Sophia M. Schuermer

Elisa Schumann

Frank Schumann

baby Schwirtz

Adolph Herman Segler

Augusta Segler

Emma Segler

Fred Segler

Herman Segler

Katharina Seiberlich

Luis Seiberlich

Bernice M. Sheldon, nee Wilson

Bertha, wife of Wm. Siems

J. Chauncey Slocum

James Slocum

Alfred S. Smith

Ann Smith

Catharine Smith

Charles Smith

Della A. Smith

Emily H. Smith

Helen O. Smith

James Smith

James Smith, Co. G 10th Minnesota Inf.

James Smith

John Smith

Karen Wendlandt Smith

Maria Smith

Mary A. Smith

Peter A. Smith

Peter Smith

Splettstoesser (only surname)

August Splettstoesser

Gustave Splettstoesser

Louise Splettstoesser

Julia A. Splettstoesser

Lillian A. Splettstoesser

Reinhold O. Splettstoesser

A. Spilittslaser, Co. B 1st Minnesota H.A.

Michael E. Steinbrecher

Carl F. Stender

Susanna Stender

Bertha Stender

Heinrich Sterman

Katharina, wife of Heinrich Stermann 

Peter Stermann

Leona M. Stover

Emma O. Sund

John M. Sund

Robert 'Bobby' E. Sund

Dorothy Sundquist

Jamie Sundquist

E. Sweeney

Dorathea Talksdorff

Fran O., daughter of J. and U. Tall

?, son of J. and U. Tall

Elizabeth A. Tattersall

Emma Teborg

Gottfried Teborg

Albert J. Teubert

Alma M. Teubert

Amanda A. Teubert

Arzella Teubert

Edith A. Teubert

Edith E. Teubert

Elizabeth Teubert

G.R. Teubert

Gunther Teubert

Lillian M. Teubert

Lizzette Teubert

Melvin A. Teubert

Melvin A. Teubert

William G. Teubert

Albert Thaemert

Elford Thaemert

Mathilda Thaemert

Anna M. Trocke

Gertrude J. Kosek, wife of J. Trocke Jr.

Hanna, nee Sigler, wife of J. Trocke Jr. 

John Trocke

John Trocke

Katie, nee Kamann, wife of J. Trocke Jr.

Mary Trocke

Leonard Turula

Herman Vox

Margaret E. Vox

Charles F. Ward

Ned W. Weimann

Amelia O. Wheeler

Bertha Wherley

Christina E., nee Teubert, Wherley 

Jos. Wherley

P. Wherley

Peter Wherley(?)

Reuben Wherley Sr.

Bertha Will

Gustav Will

Ida, daughter of G. and K. Will

Keulze(?), wife of Gustav Will

Maria, wife of Gustasv Will

Oscar H. Will

Alexander Wilson

Catherin Wilson

Catherin, wife of M. Wilson

Isabelle Wilson

James Wilson

John Wilson

Mary Wilson

Mathew Wilson

Matthew Wilson

Thomas Wilson

Vera F. Wilson

Wesley Wilson

Wyman A. Wilson

Caroline E. Winkler

Edward S. Winkler

Heinrich Wissling

Gertrude Wolff

Katherine Wolff

Rudolph Wolff

Augusta Wollin

Emil Wollin

Edwin G. Wolter

Edwin M. Wolter

H. Reinhard Wolter

Herman P. Wolter

Henry H. Wolters

Katherina Wolter

Katharina, daughter of H. and G. Wolter 

Leslie Edwin Wolter

Magdalena Wolter

Peter Wolter

Peter M. Wolter

Reinold Wolter

Selma M. Wolter

Louisa Wuetherich

Peter Wuetherich

Albert Yaeck

Elizabeth Yaeck

Emma Yaeck

Fred Yaeck

Herman Yaeck

Karen Marie, daughter of William and Helen Yaeck

Steven Thomas, son of William and Helen Yaeck

Wm. Yaeck

Della K. Zellmann

Otto W. Zellmann

Albert R. Zieper

August Zieper

Catherine (Franck?) Zieper

Mathilda Zieper

Theodore Zieper

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