St. Patrick's Catholic Church

Young America township, Carver County, Minnesota: T115N-R26W, section 12

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This cemetery is located north-east of downtown Young America. It is right next to a large Lutheran cemetery off of north-east 5th Avenue. They are separated by a driveway.

This cemetery appears as though there may have been a church or other building in the south central area of the cemetery. There does not appear to be any burials in this part of the cemetery. I have asked if there is a burial map of this cemetery. To my knowledge there is not.

The St. Patrick's Catholic congregation and the Ascension Catholic Church congregation in section 15, within the city of Norwood, are related and part the same congregation. I was told some of the St. Patrick's burials may have been moved to the Ascension Catholic Church Cemetery at one time.

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: 'In 1865 Rev. Father Stern recruited a small Catholic organization in Young America Village and services were held irregularly for some time.  In 1880, when the fine church at Norwood was completed, the Young America congregation began attending the new church of their neighboring village. (page 246).'

This cemetery was transcribed in 1990.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1990

Malhi r(?) son of J. & N. A__(?) 

Bridget Bartley

Catherine Bartley, born in Ireland

Patrick F. Bartley

Peter Bartley

Thomas Bartley, born in Ireland

Thomas Bartley

Casper Cinsins Co. I Minnesota Batt'n Inf

Ester, wife of C.W. Croff

Ann Dowling

Bernard Dowling, born in West Meath County, Ireland 

Bernard Dowling

Catherine Dowling

Katherine Dowling

Mary Dowling, born in Leitrim County, Ireland 

Mary Dowling

William Dowling

Maggie Etlicher

Maria Etlicher

Nicholas Etlicher

Catherine Fallon

Michael Fallon

J.N.(?) Greetzner

Arthur, child of A.C. & Kate Heifferon 

Kate, wife of A.C. Heifferon

Nellie, child of A.C. & Kate Heifferon

Casimir Karcher

Casimer Kascher, Co. G 2nd Minnesota Inf.

Anna Klobe(?)

Karl Klobe(?)

Michael A. Knee

T. Arthug(?) Knee

Emma Koch

Georg Koch

-also marker stone? with E.K.

Albert Kretschmer

Charles Kreschmer

Margaret Kreschmer

John McDonell

Johnny, son of J. & M.J. McDonell

Bernard S. McFadden

Catherine McFadden

Eliza McFadden

Sarah J. McFadden

Thomas McFadden, born in County Leitrim, Ireland 

Elizabeth McGuire, child of C. & M.J. McGuire

Hugh McGuire Sr.

Mary E. McGuire, child of C. & M.J. McGuire

Henrietta, daughter of A.H. & M.J. Muller

Elisabeth, daughter of J. & M. Naumann

Frank Nee

Sarah Connelly, wife of P.H. Nee

Mary, beloved wife of Wm. Patterson

Anna Paul

John Platzer

Rosina Platzer

Maria Putzke

Frank Richter

Maria, wife of F. Richter

Anna K. Schudegg

infant daughter of F. & M. Sullivan

Catherine Sweitzer

George Sweitzer

Frank Nathan Tyler

Lucy Mae Tyler

Harvey I., son of F. & R. Vocler

Atharina, wife of Seph Weiser

August, son of A. & M. Weismuller

Emelia, daughter of A. & M. Weismuller 

Albert Winkle

Anna Woodworth

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