Ferguson Cemetery Association Cemetery

Young America township, Carver county, Minnesota: T115N-R26W, section 6

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The Ferguson Cemetery is a well kept medium-large rural size cemetery. It has an open area in the south-west corner with only one visible grave in this area. The grave is that of: Friedrich W.H., son of J. & M. Ehlers 15 September 1893 - 27 April 1894.

This cemetery was transcribed in 1990.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 1990

John Adelberger

J. Adelberger, Co. E, 2 Minnesota In.

Christine, wife of G. Bathen

Gottfried Bathen

Charlotte Bennett

'Mother' Berry(?)

**Mother Berry - Elizabeth Kuntz-Berry born 27 May 1843-died 8 Nov.1920**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

son of J. & E. Berry

**Son of J & E Berry - Edward Newton Berry 5 Jan. 1883-Dec.1891**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

baby Berry

Andrew J., son of J. & E. Berry

Ardith Mae Berry

Carrie E. Berry

Carrie E., wife of John H. Berry

Huldy M., daughter of T. & E. Berry 

James W., son of J. & E. Berry

John H. Berry

Lorraine M. Berry

Margaret L. Berry

Maria Berry

Sarah E., daughter of J.W. & E. Berry

Stephen Berry

Wallace J. Berry

Elise A., daughter of F. & A.M. Bohnen

Evelyn M. Bohnen

Evelyn M. Bohnen

Jacob Bohnen

Jacob, son of F. & A.M. Bohnen

Margarethe, wife of Jacob Bohnen

Orville W. Bohnen

Amelia Bringen(?)

Edward Bringen

Emily H. Bringen

Emma Bringen(?)

Emma C., daughter of L.E. & T. Bringen 

Henry M. Bringen

Louis E. Bringen

Oliver T. Bringen

Theodore O. Bringen

Toneta Bringen

A.W. Brown

Elizabeth A., wife of A.W. Brown

Mary J., daughter of A.W. & E.A. Brown

Willie C., son of A.W. & E. Brown

John Brownley

Sarah, wife of John Brownley

baby Brummer

Edward J. Burton

Geo. Burton Co. I 2nd Minnesota Inf.

George Burton

George W., son of W. & A. Burton

Gertrude M., daughter of Wm. E. & M.A. Burton

Nancy R., daughter of J. & E. Burton

Sarah, wife of Geo. Burton

Charles H. Carey

J.W. Carl

S.M. Chesbrough

Mary Ann Claus

Mary O. Cole

__ Cunna(?)

Alice M. Daily

Apphia, wife of Luther Daily

Christine Daily

Eliza, wife of P.M. Daily

Haron Daily

Ida Daily

Luther H. Daily

Mary A. Daily

Newton Daily

Philip M. Daily

Alice C. Delaney

Howard E. Dettmann

Theodore Dittmar

Henry Dittmer

Adolph L. Dietel

August N. Dietel

Augusta B. Dietel

Louise Dietel

Marie Dietel

Nicholas Dietel

Theodore Dietel

Elma D. Dressler

Henry H. Dressler

Herman, son of J. & M. Drutrough

Francis K., wife of Jno. L. Egbert

Friederich W.H.,son of J. & M. Ehlers

Carl Ehrke

Elsie Ehrke

Frederika Ehrke

Friedrich Ehrke

Henry Ehrke

Michael Lee Ehrke

Albert F. Engelmann

Elizabeth Engelmann

Emil Engelmann

F.G. Engelmann

Louise Engelmann

Anna, wife of Joseph Ferguson

Joseph Ferguson

Keziah, wife of Robert Ferguson

Robert Ferguson

T.A. Ferguson

Ellie J., wife of W.H. Foot

Ida J., wife of A.J. Fritz 

Arthur J.P. Fruetel

Heinrich J. Fruetel

Gertrude, wife of J. Gangehoff, born Sogatz(?) 

Jacob Gangelhoff

Rebecca A. Gee, nee Shrode

Diane M. Grinn

** Diane M. Grimm -1947- born & died same day **  This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Eve E. Grinn

** Eve E. Grimm 1901-1982**  This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Harvey J. Grinn

** Harvey J. Grimm 1900-1987**  This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument

Robert K. Grinn

** Robert K. Grimm 1964-1966**  This persons information was added with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Ann G. Heckmann

Catharina, wife of P. Heckmann

Magdalena A. Heckmann

Mary A. Heckmann

Meta D. Heckmann

Peter Heckmann

Peter Heckmann

Peter A. Heckmann

Selinde C. Heckmann

William T. Heckmann

Amelia A. Heuer

Edna H.A. Heuer

Ernstine Heuer

Ferdinand A. Heuer

Helena, daughter of Wm. & Ch. Heuer 

Herman Heuer

Wilhelm Heuer

Aletta Hoernemann

Anna E.S., daughter of B. & K. Heornemann 

Anna J., daughter of P. & S. Hoernemann 

Arnold Hoernemann

Dietrich Hoernemann

Dorothea Hoernemann

Eliesabeth Hoernemann

Elisabeth Hoernemann

Elizabeth Hoernemann

Elizabeth Hoernemann

Elizabeth M., daughter of W. & E. Hoernemann 

Emma Hoernemann

Ernest J. Hoernemann

F. Wlihelm Hoernemann

Gerhard T., son of H.D. & T. Hoernemann

Gerhart Hoernemann

Gilbert Hoernemann

Heinrich Hoernemann

Henry A. Hoernemann

Henry D. Hoernemann

Herbert Hoernemann

Johann W., son of H. & T. Hoernemann

John P. Hoernemann

Katharina Hoernemann

Katherine Hoernemann

Katherine Hoernemann

Marvin T. Hoernemann

Mathilda Hoernemann

Melva L. Hoernemann

Meta Hoernemann

Peter Hoernemann

Peter G. Hoernemann

Selma Hoernemann

Sophie Hoernemann

Tillman Hoernemann

Tillman P. Hoernemann

William Hoernemann

Adner J. Holcomb

Amos N. Holcomb

California, daughter of A.N. & M. Holcomb 

wife & children of M. Hoof, born Lempken

Arnold Hoof

Elsie Hoof

Hulda A. Hoof

J. Wilhelm Hoof

John A. Hoof

John J. Hoof

Katherine Hoof

Magdalene Hoof

Michael Hoof

Peter Hoof

Sophia Hoof

Sophia Hoof

Martha J., wife of E. Hudlow

Cecelia Iseli

Rev. Fred R. Iseli

Pastor Johannes Jahn

Aaron Johnson

Anna Johnson, wife of Reuben Johnson

Carl B. Johnson

Clarence Johnson(?)

Clarence E., son of S. & M. Johnson

Della Johnson

Edward Johnson

Henrietta Johnson

infant daughter of R. & A. Johnson(?)

infant daughter of R. & A. Johnson(?)

infant son of R. & A. Johnson(?)

Reuben Johnson

Ruth A. Johnson

Susan, wife of R. Johnson

Wilhelmz Johnson

William W. Johnson(?)

Johann, son of B. & R. Kahlmann 

Gerhard Keusemann

Anna W. Kimpel, wife of Wm. Burton 

Elisabeth, wife of G. Kimpel

Gerhard Kimpel

Gerhard G. Kimpel

Jacob J., son of G. & E. Kimpel

Lillian E. Kimpel

Louisa, wife of F.H. Kimpel

Henry Knacke

Herbert J. Knacke

Herman Knacke

Johanna Knacke

Anna M. Koerschen

Ervin A.S. Keorschen(?)

Gerhard Koerschen

Magdalena Koerschen

Diedrich Korschen

David J. Krohn

Elizabeth Kroppen

Harold Kroppen

Heinrich Kroppen

Hermann Kroppen

Herman Kroppen

Margaret Kroppen

Mildred Kroppen

Peter Kroppen

Gertrud, wife of od Gerhard Krusemann 

Hernhand Kuhlmann

Hedwig Kuhlmann

Henry Kuhlmann

Maria F., daughter of B. & R. Kuhlmann 

Rosa Kuhlmann

Frederick Kuntz

Ida A. Kuntz

Mike A. Kuntz

Leni E., daughter of J. & E.J. Kumler 

Geo. Lebert

Christopher, son of J. & A. Lowis

Anna Mackenzie

Dennis Donald Mackenzie

Donald Mackenzie

John Mackenzie

Caroline Martin

Edwin M. Martin

Evelyn Martin

Fred Martin

Lee F., son of W. & C. Martin

Mamie A. Martin

Sophia Martin

William Martin

baby Mergen

Belle Mergen(?)

Ida Mergen

Ida Mergen

M. Mergen

Mabel May Mergen(?)

Michael Mergen

William H. Mergen(?)

Ellen, wife of John B. Monnea

John B. Monnea

Caroline Nixon, wife of Jhon Nixon

John Nixon, born in England

Alexander E. Pry

H. Paul

Emma T. Pry

Lydia, wife of W. Pry

Andrew Rattenstetter

Clare E., daughter of A. & M. Rattenstetter 

Simon E., son of J. & M. Rattenstetter

Bertha J. Reese

Charles E. Reese

Elizabeth, wife of W.H. Reese

Etta M. Reese

SGT. J.H. Reese, Co. G 1st Minnesota H.A.

James Reese

Jane Reese

Josiah Reese

infant daughters(twins ?) Reese 

Horace Russell, born in Connecticut

Mary L. Russell, born in Connecticut 

Maria Ruttermann

Rosina, wife of F. Schmidt

Ann Seth

Isaach Sherode

Rhode J. Sheroda

Adeline Smith

Bertha C., wife of W.D. Smith

Elizabeth, wife of George Smith

Frankie, son of G.W. & S. Smith

George Smith

George Smith

Gertrude Smith

John Smith

John K. Smith

Katherine Smith

Lois Ann Smith

Mary Smith

Sarah, nee Bartley, wife of Thos. Smith

Sarah S., wife of Geo. W. Smith

Thomas Smith

W.D. Smith

William Smith

Elisabeth Teborg, wife of Heinrich Teborg

Heinrich Teborg

Heinrich F., son of G. & E. Teborg 

Anna M., daughter of C. & M. Templin

Fredrich Templin, born in Mecklinburg

Sophia A., daughter of C. & M. Templin 

Clara J., daughter of J. & A. Terlinden

Jennie, daughter of A.W. & E.H. Tiffany

Lee, son of A.W. & E.H. Tiffany

'Father' Torrey

'Mother' Torrey

Lee Torrey(?)

Isaiah Tritabough, son of Nicholas & Sarah

Mary Vogler

Henry, son of H. & S. V.Berg

wife of H. VonBerg

Anna VonBerg

Elsie E. VonBerge

Friedrich VonBerge

Gloria D., wife of Alfred Von VonBerge

H. VonBerge

Harold VonBerge

Henry H. VonBerge

Steven VonBerge

Ida May Watkins, daughter of A.W. & E.A. Brown

Emma F. Wilkens

Fred Wilkens

Henry H. Wilkens

Hermann H. Wilkens

Margarethe, wife of H. Wilkens

Meta Wilkens

Pauline Wilkens

Wendell H. Wilkens

John Williams

Mayme, wife of R.T. Williams, nee Johnson 

Heinrich W., son of Wm. & M. Willmschen 

The following were badly broken, missing parts, or to worn to get a good reading

C. Aunnp(?), son of H__ S__ 4 November 1884 - 10 March 1886

Eva J__, died 3 October 1874, aged 11 years, 5 months, 4 days

only 'Father' on stone

died 14 December 1862, aged 3 years, 6 months, 21 days(?)

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