Zion Lutheran Church

Benton township, Carver county, Minnesota: T115N - R25W, section 27

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the www.lulu.com website. 

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This cemetery is located west and south of the town of Cologne, Minnesota. As you look at the cemetery, to the right (south) is the newer cemetery which is very well kept and still in use. To the left (north) is a large 3 sided monument; one side is the name of the church, another side has founded in 1857 Pastor Fr. Kahmeyer; erected in 1863; erected in 1880; dedicated 6 June 1954. The third side is a memorial to the people who were buried in the original cemetery. The burial monuments were removed from the original cemetery a number of years ago.

The memorial plaque for the original cemetery contains a name only listing of the burials. However, the names were grouped by year of death.  The years of death were then sorted and grouped as follows: 1857-1870; 1871-1876; 1877-1882; and 1883-1889. If (A), (B), (C), or (D) is listed before an entry, these letters refer to the memorial plaque. (A) is for 1857-1870; (B) is for 1871-1876; (C) if for 1877-1882; and (D) is for 1883-1889.  I was told this original cemetery was near the area where the memorial monument is located. This area is now a well kept lawn.

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, t hey wrote: "Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Church, down on Beven's Creek in the southwest quarter of section 27, was organized in 1856 ... " (page 243).

This cemetery was transcribed during 1991.

Copyright (c) Debbie Boe 1991

Waldemar W. Affeldt

Charles Ahrens

Olga Ahrens

Clara L. Amend

Friederike Amend

Hermann Amend

Pastor Herman Amend

Louise C. Amend

Mathilda Amend

Pastor Victor H. Amend

Ernest Bartels

Magdalena Bartels

Wilbert A. Bartels

(B) Heinrich Beckman

Curd H. Bergmann

Emma K. Bergmann

Heinrich C. Bergmann

Henry F. Bergmann

Henry F.J. Bergmann

Mildred Boelke

(B) Louise Boese

(D) Maria Boese

Edwin H. Bollman

Sophia Bostelmen

(A) Casper Brinkmeier

A. Henry Bruesehoff

Adolph Bruesehoff

Agnes L. Bruesehoff

Alan David Brueshoff

(D) Alwine Bruesehoff

Clemens H. Bruesehoff

Christoph F. Bruesehoff

Christoph Friedrich Bruesehoff

Cornelia C. Bruesehoff

Doratha Bruesehoff

Dorothea Bruesehoff

Dorothea Bruesehoff

Edward W. Bruesehoff

Edwin H. Bruesehoff

Ellie C. Maria Bruesehoff

Ernst Bruesehoff

Ferdinand F. Bruesehoff

Fred H. Bruesehoff

Gottfried, Emil, baby boy Bruesehoff

H. Fred Bruesehoff

Hilda M. Bruesehoff

Harry H. Bruesehoff

Henry Bruesehoff

infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Bruesehoff

Johann Heinrich Bruesehoff

Lydia I. Bruesehoff

Mae M. Bruesehoff

Magdalena Bruesehoff

Margaretha F. Bruesehoff

Maria Bruesehoff

Maria E. Bruesehoff

Mary Bruesehoff

Olga M. Bruesehoff

Walter S. Bruesehoff, married Mae M.

Edwin H. Bruesehoff(?)

(D) Wilhelmine Bruesehoff

Hermann C. Brueggemeier

Henry F. Brueggemeier

Henry J. Brueggemeier

Melinda Brueggemeier

Peter Brueggemeier

Rebecca S. Brueggemeier

William Brueggemeier

Henry C. Brusehoff

Heinrich Brushoff Sr.

Elmer M. Brussmann

Clarence Buehler

Hilda Buehler

Ida B. Buetow

Raymond G. Buetow

baby Bussmann

(C) Christian Bussmann

(C) Dorothea Bussmann

Edwin Bussmann

Elsie Bussmann

Emilie Bussmann

Emma D. Bussmann

Heinrich Bussmann

(C) Johann Bussmann

(C) Marie Bussmann

Martin H. Bussmann

Wm. Bussmann

(C) Wilhelm Bussmann

(B) Heinrich Dehnbostel

Charles J. Dietzel

(B) Christian Dimert

Johann Dittmer

Sophia Dittmer

Alice Eggers

Gottfried E. Eggers

Hermann Eggers

Johann Friedrich Egger

Lydia A.D., daughter of H. & F. Eggers 

(D) Anna Ehlers

(C) Georg Ehlers

(C) Marie Ehlers

(A) Fritz Eickoff

(B) Anna Fetsch

(B) Elizabeth Geister

Emilie Gennrich

John Gennrich

Herman Gennrich

Martha Gennrich

Martin Gennrich

Mathilde Gennrich

(D) Martha Goetsh

(B) Catharina Grueber

Heinrich J. Gruber

Adelia Gruenhagen

Adolf Gruenhagen

(B) Anna Gruenhagen

Anna Gruenhagen

(A) August Gruenhagen

Augusta M. Gruenhagen

(B) Cathrina Gruenhagen

(A) Christoph Gruenhagen

Dorothea Gruenhagen

(A) Erna Gruenhagen

Ernest Gruenhagen

Friederich H. Gruenhagen

Henry Gruenhagen

(B) Herman Gruenhagen

(D) Martha Gruenhagen

Sophia Gruenhagen

Wilhelm Gruenhagen

Wilhelmine Gruenhagen

Willard Gruenhagen

Anna E.L. Harms

(B) Christoph Harms

Christoph Harms

Christoph H. Harms

Clara A. Harms

Dorothea M. Harms

Dorothea M. Harms

Emma D. Harms

Ernst P.J. Harms

Eviline & Everett Harms

Fred C. Harms

Fred H. Harms

(A) Friedrich Harms

Friedrich Otto Harms

Gilbert, son of F.H. & D. Harms

Henry Harms

Henry C. Harms

Henry C. Harms

infant daughter of E. & F.C. Harms

infants of Walter & Esther Harms

J. Casten Harms

J. Henry Harms

J.O. Harms

Laura M. Harms

M. Doris Harms

Margaretha Harms

(A) Maria Harms

Martha Harms

Martin H. Harms

Mary Harms

Minnie Harms

Oscar Harms

Otto H. Harms

Ruth Dorothea Harms

Virginia E. Harms

(B) Johann Heder

baby Henschen

(A) Clara Henschen

Dorothea Henschen

Ernst Henschen

(A) Freidrich Henschen

Heinrich Henschen

Henrietta Henschen

Henry Henschen

Herbert Henschen

Huld Henschen

Malinda Henschen

Pauline Henschen

William Henschen

(B) Elizabeth Herkelrath

Carl F. Herrmann

Emma M. Herrmann

Emma M. Herrmann

(D) Friedrich Herrmann

Henry G. Herrmann

Henry G. Herrmann

Hilda M. Herrmann

Johann Georg Herrmann

LeRoy H. Herrmann

Lucie M. Herrmann

Merlin Herrmann

Ralph G. Herrmann

(A) Dorothea Heuer

Elisabeth Heuer, born Ludwig

(D) Friedrich Heuer

Friedrich Heuer

(C) Sophie Heuer

(C) Wilhelm Heuer

babies of L. & M. Honebrink

Bertha D. Honebrink

C. Magdalena Honebrink

Caroline Honebrink

Christian Honebrink

Clarence A. Honebrink

Ernest H. Honebrink

Herbert J. Honebrink

(D) Johann Honebrink

Johanna M. Honebrink

(D) Louise Honebrink

(B) Else Huettmann

Dorothea Huge

Friedrich Huge

Maria K. Huge, born Simers

Arnold Ische

Arnold Ische

Bertha Ische

Brian, son of Marvin & Evelyn Ische

Edwin Ische

Lydia Ische

Marvin Ische Sr.

Melvin H. Ische

William Ische

Ruth E. Jeffrey

Wilhelmz Johnson

(A) Friedrich Kahmeyer

(A) Johannes Kahmeyer

Garth T. Karnitz

Alma C. Kassen

(C) Anna Kassen

Ernest Kassen

Ernst Kassen

Henry F. Kassen

Maria Kassen

Maria Kassen

Mary Kassen

Ruth G. Kassen

Alinda Klaustermeier

Ida Klaustermeier

Leona D. Klaustermeier

(C) Marie Klaustermeier

Walter E. Klaustermeier

(A) Adam Klein

Georg Klein

Magdalena Klein, born Hoch

Maria Klein, born Herrmeyer

Philip Klein

Ida Knoll

William H. Knoll

Clara M. Knorr

Fred W. Knorr

(C) Cathrine Koch

(B) Christoph Koch

Ernest C. Kusserow

(B) Ferdinand Lano

Edward Leikam

John G. Leikam

Lydia C. Leikam

Alfred E. Lenzen

Alma D. Lenzen

Anna Lenzen

Arlene M. Lenzen

Harold H. Lenzen

Clara Elisabeth Lindemeier, born Telthoerster 

Dorothea Lindemeier

Ernest C. Lindemeier

(A) Friedrich Lindemeier

J.H. Lindemeier

(D) Johann Lindemeier

Johann Heinrich Lindemeier

Marie Lindemeier(?)

Maria E. Lindemeier

Maria L. Lindgren

J. Heinrich Lueders

Sophie Lueders

William D. Lueders

William H. Lueders

Dorothea Marquardt

Heinrich Marquardt

Anna M. Mattfeld

Bertha K.D. Mattfeld

C. Heinrich Mattfeld

Catharine Dorothea Mattfeld

Dora B. Mattfeld

Heinrich C.C. Mattfeld

Henry F. Mattfeld

Henry W. Mattfeld

Martha, daughter of H. & B. Mattfeld

William O. Mattfeld

Alma Melcher

Crast H. Melcher

F. Elisabeth Melcher

Fred W. Melcher

Henry T. Melcher

Pastor John E. Melcher

Maria E. Melcher

Martin Melcher

Mathilda Melcher

Troy Aaron Melcher

Ernst W. Menzel

(A) Mathilda Mesenbring

Hattie K. Honebrink Mutchler

(B) Anna Obrock

(C) Caroline Obrock

(B) Clamer Obrock

(A) Maria Obrock

Casten H. Ohland

Duard G. Ohland

Lena M. Ohland

Gary Lee Ohm, son of Walter & Vera 

Amanda, born Bergmann, wife of H. F. Ortlip 

(A) Anna Ortlip

Anna, born Brelje, wife of H.F. Ortlip 

Ida, born Zable, wife of H.F. Ortlip

Albert J. Paige

Gertrude C. Paige

(A) Josephine Pinz

(C) Cord Proehl

Doris M.S. Proel

Dorothea Proehl, born Somenberg

Dorothee Proehl

Fred Proehl

Heinrich Proehl

Henry Proehl

(A) Hermann Proehl

Mathilda Proehl

Heinrich Prohl

(D) Paul Pundt

(B) Johann Quast

(B) Otto Quast

baby girl Raduenz

Janus Ridley

Rev.Aug. G. Rehwaldt

Bertha A. Rehwaldt

Johannes C. Rehwaldt

Martha A. Rehwaldt

Paul A. Rehwaldt

Sophia L. Rehwaldt

Rev. Walter C. Rewaldt

(B) Emilie Reisz

(B) Louise Rische

Adam F. Rolf

Alfred Rolf

Amalia D. Rolf

(D) Anna Rolf

(C) Auguste Rolf

Catharine M. Rolf, born Rische

(B) Christoph Rolf

(A) Clamer Rolf

Clamor Rolf

Dora Rolf(?)

Edwin H. Rolf

(C) Eleanora Rolf

Elsie, wife of C. Rolf

(C) Elizabeth Rolf

Elizabeth M. Rolf

Emil Rolf

Emma Rolf

Emma Rolf

(D) Ernst Rolf

Esther Rolf

Esther C. Rolf

(A) Friedrich Rolf

Frank W. Rolf

Fred H. Rolf

Frieda M. Rolf

G. Christian Rolf

H. William Rolf

Harry C. Rolf

Heinrich J. Rolf

Heinrich W. Rolf

Helen M. Rolf

Henry Rolf(?)

J.H. Rolf

(C) Johann Rolf

(D) Klara Rolf

(C) Klara Rolf

Louis Rolf

Magdalena Rolf

(C) Marie Rolf

Martin F. Rolf

Martin J.H. Rolf

Marie S.D. Rolf

Paul C. Rolf

Paula M. Rolf

Samuel Rolf

Sophie Rolf

Sophie M. Rolf

Victor S. Rolf

Wera A. Rolf

(A) Wilhelm Rolf

Wilhelm Rolf

Wilhelmine Rolf

Magdalena Schlemmer

Agnes Schlueter

Antonia Schlueter

Bernhard L.O. Schlueter

Bertha Schlueter

Edna D.M. Schlueter

Elsie Marie Schlueter

(B) Ernst Schlueter

(C) Freidrich Schlueter

Gottfried Schlueter

Henry Schlueter

Henry O.G. Schlueter

Willard M. Schlueter

Adam J. Schmidt

Alma L. Schmidt

baby Schmidt

Carl Schmidt

Caroline M., wife of Philip Schmidt

Catherina Schmidt

Christian Schmidt

Christine Schmidt, born Klein

Dorothea P. Schmidt

Emma Schmidt

Emma Schmidt

Ewald & Lorenz Schmidt(?)

Geraldine Schmidt

Gottried C. Schmidt

(C) Heinrich Schmidt

Heinrich Wilhelm Schmidt

Henry C. Schmidt(?)

Hugo Schmidt

Ida Schmidt

(B) Johana Schmidt

Johanna W. Schmidt(?)

Louise W. Schmidt

(D) Ludwig Schmidt

Philip Schmidt

Philipp Schmidt

Victor Schmidt

William A. Schmidt

baby Schrupp

J. Schwarzkopf Co. D 5th Minn Inf.

Julius Schwarzkopf

Katharine Schwarzkopf

Lawrence Schwarzkopf

Sophie Schwarzkopf

Elsie K. Schwentker

Ernst Schwentker

Clara Seck

Leonard Seck

(A) Julius Selcher

(C) Heinrich Soehnholz

Dorothe Sprengler

Emilie, born Sprengeler, wife of Gottfried Schmidt

Friederich Sprengeler

J.C. Sprengeler

Marie Sprengeler

Rachel Sprengeler

Reinhard F. Sprengeler

Theodore Sprengeler

Emilie Stiewe

Herman Stiewe

Norman Stiewe

Walter Stiewe

(A) H. Stoeckmann

(D) Edward Strache

(D) Wilhelmine Straeher

Marie Stuewe

Marvin R. Stuewe

Minna (Minton) Stuewe

Robert H. Stuewe

Vera E. Stuewe

Gretchen W. Teare

H. Lynn Teare

John L. Teare

(D) Anna Telthoester

Caspar H. Telthorster

(C) Catherine Telthoester

(C) Ernst Telthoester

Fredrich Telthoester

(C) Heinrich Telthoester

Hubert Telthoester

(C) Karoline Telthoester

Lenhard H. Telthoester

Louise M. Telthoester

Lydia Telthoester

Maria Telthoester

(C) Sophie Telthoester

(B) Karlina Tessmann

(B) Bertha Thom

(B) Wilhelm Thom

Henry Tonn

Mathilda Tonn

(A) Kasten Uetzmann

August, son of A. & A. Varch

Anna Verch

August Verch

Clara L. Verch

William E. Verch

(D) Anna Vinkemeier

Arthur Vinkemeier

Bertha D. Vinkemeier

Caroline Vinkemeier

(D) Clara Vinkemeier

Clara Vinkemeier

Clara M. Vinkemeier

Dorothea A. Vinkemeier

Edward H. Vinkemeier

Ellen M. Vinkemeier

Ernst Vinkemeier

Ernst Vinkemeier

Fred H. Vinkemeier

Fredrich Vinkemeier

George Vinkemeier

Hulda Vinkemeier

Karen Vinkemeier

Maria Vinkemeier

Maria Vinkemeier

Joseph H. Vinkemeier

William E. Vinkemeier

(C) Cord V.D. Brelje

Anna Von Der Brelje

Christoph Von Der Brelje

Louis Von Der Brelje

Maria Von Der Brelje, nee Bostelman

(B) Albert Voth

Bertha Wachholz

Bertha M. Wachholz

Charles A. Wachholz

Edwin A. Wachholz

(D) Anna Wiebke

Cord H. Wiebke

Lena Wiebke

Maria E. Wiebke

Dietrich Wildung

(D) Dorohtea Wildung

(A) Friedrich Wildung

Maria Wildung

Otto Wildung

(A) Jacob Wolf

Christian Wolfram

(B) Alice Young

Louisa Zabel

William Zabel

Anna ZumBerge

Bertha ZumBerge

Elizabeth M. ZumBerge

Else(?) Maria ZumBerge

(D) Emma ZumBerge

F.H. ZumBerge

Florentine D.S., daughter of Friedrich & Bertha ZumBerge 

Gertrude E. ZumBerge

Heinrich F. ZumBerge

Henry F. ZumBerge

Henry G. ZumBerge

Henry K. ZumBerge

J.H. Friedrich ZumBerge

J.H. Friedrich ZumBerge

Maria ZumBerge

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