Cologne United Methodist Church

Benton township, Carver county, Minnesota: T115N - R25W, section 24

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This cemetery is located about 1 mile south of Cologne, Minnesota. The church is still standing, but no longer used on a regular basis. The church and cemetery are kept up and in good shape. The cemetery is overseen by the Cologne United Methodist Cemetery Association.

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, t hey wrote: "The Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church ... (section 24) was organized as early as 1856 ..." (page 243).

This cemetery was transcribed in 1991.

Copyright (c) Debbie Boe 1991

William F. Baumeister

Claus H. Bensen

Elsie (Sauter) Benson

Alfred J. Bipes

baby son Bipes(?)

Carl Bipes

Carl H. Bipes(?)

Edward Bipes

Fredy, son of Charles & Ernstine Bipes 

Grustine Bipes

John Bipes

Louie Bipes(?)

Mary A.F. Bipes(?)

Wesley B. Bipes

Anna Bitzer

Balthas Bitzer

Balthas Bitzer

Balthas F. Bitzer

Dorothea, wife of John Bitzer 

Emma D. Bitzer

Emma E. Bitzer

Heinrich B. Bitzer

Ida R. Bitzer

Johanna C.H. Bitzer

John G. Bitzer

Sophia Bitzer

Sophia, wife of B. Bitzer, nee Mahle 

Katherina Bleichner

Louisa Bublitz

Lydia Bublitz

August Fritz

Carolina Fritz

Gottfried Fritz

Gottfried G. Fritz

John G. Fritz

Kathrine Fritz

Wm. F. Fritz

Marguerite Gipple

Henriette, wife of J. Guthling 

Johann Guthling

Harold Albert Guethling

Helene A. Guethling

Ludwig Guethling

Rose Clara Guethling, nee Urbach 

August Heese

August G., son of Aug. & A. Heese 

Freedrih Heese (difficult to read) (?)

Helmuht Heese (difficult to read)

Dorothy S.B. Hoffmann, daughter of J.J. & Catherine Hoffmann 

Kathrine D., born Bitzer, wife of J.J. Hoffmann 

Wilhelmz Johnson

infant Kluca

Christia Knodler(?)

Bertha Kohls

Ernst E., son of W. & B. Kohls

Herman Kohls (twin)

Wilhelm Kohls

Wilhelm Kohls

William F. Kohls (twin)

Albert Kossack

Hermann F., son of G. & C.L. Kossack 

Anna C. Lemke, nee Bitzer

baby boy Lemke

Emilie S. Lemke

Emilie S., daughter of Franz & Anna Lemke 

Frank F.W. Lemke

Lloyd R. Lemke(?)

Louisa S. Lemke, nee Bitzer

Selma M. Lemke

Victor W.J. Lemke(?)

William J. Lemke

Esther Lenzen

Margaretha K. Lenzen

'Mother' Mesenbring

Otto H. Mesenbring

Otto H. Mesenbring

Rose Mesenbring

Elizabeth Miller, daughter of Rev. Chas. & Ernestine Bipes 

Christina Neustel

Heinrich Neustel

Heinrich Neustal

Alma Ortman, nee Schoewe

Elsie F. Peterson, nee Bipes

Carl W. Sauter

Caroline Sauter

Charles, son of F. & S. Sauter

Clarence W. Sauter(?)

daughter Sauter, daughter of Doug & Kathy

Elmer L. Sauter

Ernst Sauter

Frederick Sauter

Friederich Sauter

George R. Sauter

Jakob Sauter ?

Katherine M. Sauter

Leslie Sauter(?)

Sophia, wife of F. Sauter

twin boys Sauter, sons of Doug & Kathy

William Sauter

Florence M. Schmidt

Louis G. Schmidt

Carl A. Schoewe

Edward R. Schoewe

Gottlieb Schoewe

Henrietta K. Schoewe

Hulda Schoewe

Louisa Schoewe, born Barlau

Albertine, wife of Herman Schroeder, born Liegener

Francis Sturn

August, son of F.C. & V. Thaemert

Edward W. Thaemert

Frank C. Thaemert

Frank C. Thaemert

Harvey Thaemert

Johann Thaemert (difficult to read) 

Johann C. Thaemert

Katharine Thaemert

Valeria Thaemert

Wilhelmine Thaemert

Caroline L. Wade

Betty J. Zehnder

Edwin W. Zehnder

Elizabeth Zehnder

Elmer C. Zehnder

William F. Zehnder

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