Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery

Benton township, Carver county, Minnesota: T115N - R25W, section 22

In March 1937 and in 1938 the WPA records listed this cemetery in section 22, unfortunately there was no notation as to where in section 22. I have contacted several people who have resided in or near this area, checked for references to this cemetery in old plat maps and drove the roads searching myself, but I have not been able to locate this cemetery or find anyone who knows of its existence. I suspect if there was a cemetery it has disappeared. I can not prove nor disprove any of this. So I will list what the WPA records listed and let you decide for yourself.


(First Entry - 1937)


County: Carver

Township: Benton

Location: Section 22, T115N-R25W

Ownership: The Church Congregation

Dates: Opened 1857; abandoned 1885

Dedication: Unknown

Records: The church minute book contains the death record

Condition: The grass is mowed and kept up.

Number of Burials: Sixteen

Names and Dates of Burials:

Henry F. Luehring, 1857

H. Luehring, 1857

Sprengler, 1857

Fredricka W. Zimmerman, 1858

Anna Koehler, 1858

Schemmelphennig, 1858

Brinkmeir, 1861

Preiss, 1862

Fraenk, 1863

Herman Proehl, 1859

A. Henrich, 1877

P. and D. Schmidt, 1877

Katherine Gruenhagen, 1874

W. Rolf, 1865

Ehlers, 1878

Soehnholz, 1879

References: Church minute book and tombstones for names


Worker: C. Campbell March 1937


(Second Entry 1938)


Name of Cemetery: Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery

County: Carver

Township or City: Benton Township

Location: Township 115, Range 25 W, section 22

Ownership: Congregation

Dates: About 1885 for present cemetery. Transferred in 1885 from former

cemetery now abandoned.

Dedication: Not Known

Records: None

References: None

Condition: Good. Cared for by caretaker for lots and platting.


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