St. John's United Church of Christ

Benton township, Carver County, Minnesota: T115N-R25W, section 17

The complete transcription for this cemetery is available in “Cemeteries of Western Carver County, Minnesota,” by Debbie Boe.  Copies can be purchased through the website. 

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The cemetery is well kept and in good shape. The church and cemetery are located along Highway 212, just north of the small town of Bongard, Minnesota. The town of Bongard is very small and consists mainly of Bongard's Creamery and Cheese Factory. The cornerstone of the church has St. Johannes Gem. A.D. 1883, 1969 and rebuilt 1937. I was told that the church cemetery records were copied into their 100th anniversary / centennial book.

In the "Compendium of History and Biography of Carver and Hennepin Counties, Minnesota" [1915] edited by Maj. R.I. Holcombe and William H. Bingham, they wrote: ‘St. John's German Reformed Church, on the northeast quarter of section 17, was organized 2 January 1866 ... The school and cemetery connected with the church were established soon after the church was organized.’ (page 243).

This cemetery was transcribed during 1991.

Copyright (c) Debbie Boe 1991

Raymond A. Arndt

Raymond Arthur Arndt

Albert Bachmann

Alma Bachmann

Bertha Bachmann

Eugene A. Bachmann

Henry Bachmann

infant son of Henry & Lorna Bachmann

Michael A. Bentz

Elisabeth Bergmann, born Perhiel(?), wife of Gerhard Bergmann 

Heinrich Bergmann

Katherine Bergmann

Margaretha Berrussen

(?) (broken off top) Bongard

A. Elizabeth Bongard

Albert Bongard

Albert F. Bongard

Anna M. Bongard

Bermann Bongard

Bertha Bongard

C. Bongard

Gerhard Bongard

Gerhard Bongard

Gertrud Bongard

Henry D. Bongard

Herman Bongard

Jacob Bongard

Jacob Bongard

Jacob F. Bongard

Jakob Bongard

Lillian Bongard

Louise Bongard

Magdalena Bongard

Margaretha Bongard

Martha B. Bongard

Wilhelm Bongard

Gerdrate Bregmann

Adeline Bruckschen

baby Bruckschen

Gerhard Bruckschen

Gertrude Bruckschen

Henry Bruckschen

Henry Bruckschen

Margaret Bruckschen

Martha, daughter of J.B. Brugger

Johanna Damschen

William Damschen

(?) (hard to read) of J. & D. Dietel

Albert Dietel

Charlie Dietel(?)

Dorothea Dietel

Helena Dietel

Herman Dietel

Verona Dietel

William Dietel

Anna Dietzel

Karl Dietzel

Karl G. Dietzel

Margaretha C.B. Dietzel

Monika(?) Dietzel

Willie C. Dietzel

Curt F. Doehrmann

Lauire Arndt Dougherty

Johannes Eichelberger

Berg Schweiz

John Eichelberger

Marie Eichelberger

Maria Anna Eichelberger

Deidrich Engelen

Louise Engelen

William Engelen

Anna Feltmann

Anna Feltmann

Arnold Feltmann

Arnold Feltmann

Bertha F. Feltmann

Elisabeth, wife of J. Feltmann

Fred J. Feltmann

Gerhard Feltmann

Heinrich Feltmann

Johann Feltmann

Katherine Feltmann

Mildred G. Feltmann

P.F.C. Raymond H. Feltmann

Catherine E. Flack

Clarence E. Flack

Anna Flusemann

Gerhard Flusemann

Lester Flusemann

Anna E. Fruetel

John Fruetel

John H. Fruetel

Katharina Fruetel

Johann Frutel

Sybilla, daughter of J. & K. Frutel

Fred W. Hedke

Magdalena M. Hedke

Heinrich J. Heimkes

Katharina Heinkes, born Nellen

Lloyd Herd

Wesley H. Hermann

Alfred C. Herrmann

Anna M. Herrmann

Edward C. Herrmann

Elsie S. Herrmann

Cpl. Wesley Herrmann

Vernon L. Hill

Herman Hunemann

Wilhelmz Johnson

Harvey T. Kamanns

Katherine Kamanns

Peter Kamanns

John H. Kern

Sybillia Feltmenn, wife of Edward Kern

Jacob Kief, born in Baden, Germany

Maria S. Kief

Albert C. Kohls

Frank Kohls

Mathilda Kohls

Verdilla Kohls

Wesley H. Kohls

Anna Leistiko

Herman C. Leistiko

baby boy Lenzen

Benjamin F. Lemke

J. Friedrich W. Lemke, born Pommern, Deutschland

E. Wilhelmine J. Lemke, born Reichow Pommern,  Deutschland

Anna Luedloff

Carl Luedloff

Stanley E. Luedloff

Edward Luedtke

Sophie Luedtke

Wilhelm A. Manteuffell

Conrad Mesenbring

Maria Louise Mesenbring, born Vehrenkamp Stockse, Deutschland

Elisabeth Nellen

Elmer G. Nellen

'Father' Nellen(?)

Gerhard Nellen

Gilbert E. Nellen

Gilbert P. Nellen

Henry Nellen

Henry P. Nellen

Johann Heinrich Nellen

Katherine P. Nellen

L. Mathilda Nellen

Lydia M. Nellen

Mabel M. Nellen

Magdalena Nellen

Michael Nellen

'Mother' Nellen(?)

Peter, son of J. & R. Nellen

Peter Nellen

Peter Nellen

Peter H. Nellen

Sybilla A., daughter of H. & M. Nellen

Sybilla Nellen

Sybilla Nellen

Arnold Peschken

Elizabeth A. Peschken

Friedrich A., son of Peter & Mathilda Peschken 

Gertrude Peschken

Herman Peschken

Hilda M. Peschken

Mathilda Peschken

Peter Peschken

Peter Peschken

Peter G., son of Peter & Mathilda Peschken 

J. M. Plackner, Co. E 5th Minnesota Inf.

Wilhelmina A., daughter of J. & W. Plackner 

Wilhelmina A., daughter of Johan & Wilhelmina Plackner 

Wilhelmine Plackner

John M. Plackner

Bertha Rosenau

Julius C. Rosenau

Martha L. Rosenau

Arnold Schaefer

Arnold Schaefer

Frederick W. Schaefer

Katherine Schaefer

Nicholau Schaefer

Nicholaus Schaefer

Anna Schmitz

Anna M. Schmitz

Debra Ann Schmitz

Edward H. Schmitz

Gertrude Schmitz

Heinrich Schmitz

Henry Schmitz

Herman Schmitz

Katherine Schmitz

Luverna L. Schmitz

Mable, daughter of H. & G. Schmitz

Oscar P. Schmitz

Viola Guethling Schmitz

Henry A. Schmidt

Anna Margaretha Schneewind

Diedrich Schneewind

Diettrich Schneewind

Edward F. Schneewind

Edwin D. Schneewind

Elisabeth Schneewind

Fred W. Schneewind

John Schneewind

Herbert Schneewind

Hilda M. Schneewind

Hulda F. Schneewind

Margaret Schneewind

Marie S. Schneewind

Mary L. Schneewind

Olga Schneewind

Peter Schneewind

Richard L. Schneewind

Sophia Schneewind

Warren W. Schneewind

William A. Schneewind

Albert J. Stender

Rosella M. Stender

Charles Sullivan

Lydia Sullivan

Joyce E. Tettenberg

Walter E. Tattenberg

Ida, wife(?) of D. Weimann, born Romacher 

Arnold Willemsen

Edward Willemsen

Florence Willemsen

Frieda Willemsen

Gerhard Willemsen

Gertrude Willemsen

Gertrude Willemsen

Jacob M. Willemsen

Katherine Willemsen

Lena A. Willemsen

Otto W. Willemsen

Arnold Willmsen

Katharin Willmsen, wife(gattin des herrn) of Michael Willmsen 

Arnold Willmsin

Katharina Willmsin

Clifford C. Winkler

Emma Winkler

George J. Winkler

Cresancie Wittsack

Henry D. Wittsack

Heinrich K. Wolff

Bonita Wolter(?)

Gottfried Wolter

Margaret Wolter

Wolter(?) twins

Clara Zehnder(?)

Myrlen H.W. Zehnder

James C. ZumBerge

Lowell Gordon H. ZumBerge

Selma ZumBerge

Walter ZumBerge

Walter H. ZumBerge

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