East Union Lutheran Church Cemetery

Dahlgren Township, Carver County, Minnesota: T115N - R24W, section 35

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This cemetery has regular care and is in good shape. There are a couple of plaques of note near the front of the church. Above the door is: ‘East Union Skand. Ev. Luth. Kyrka BYGGD 1866’. Another plaque: ‘This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places - by United States Department of the Interior’. Another plaque: ‘Dedicated by the Luther League of the honor of the Men from East Union Evangelical Lutheran Church who took part in the World War 1914-1918’. The listed names were:

George W. Lindquist, Clarence A. Ekstrom, Wilhard E. Olander, Henry R. Nord, J. Elmer A. Lundgren, A. Herbert Bengtson, Walter E. Ekstrom, Charles W. Olson, George H. Scott, Arthur J.T. Olander, Ernst W. Hallin, Walter W. Hurtig, J. Albert Johnson, Luther J.A. Idstrom, Herman P.R. Milberg, Gustaf A. Carlson, Harry A. Hillstrom, J. Bernhard Hallin, Martin O. Hurtig

In the Carver County Historical Publication 'In the Tracks of the Swedish Settlers in Carver County', as written by Susanna Thilquist, in 1988,'... this church is one of the oldest Lutheran Churches in Minnesota, ... When the Congregation was organized in 1858, its name was changed from Oscar's Settlement to Union.  ... The cemetery surrounds the church...' 

This congregation and the congregation from the West Union Lutheran Church are related.

This cemeteries burial monuments were transcribed during the spring of 2000.

Copyright © Debbie Boe 2000


Everyone is listed in alphabetical order. 

A. William Abrahamson

Charles Abrahamson

Esther Abrahamson

Hannah Abrahamson

Anna Adamson

Axel E. Adamson

Carl A. Adamson

Christiana, wife of John Adamson

Edith E. Adamson

Edward Adamson

Esther M. Adamson

Gerald M. Adamson

Gerald Myron Adamson

Henry C. Adamson

John Adamson

Nellie Adamson

Viklor, son of J. and C. Adamson

Allgot Adin

John Adin (on Anderson (?) stone)

A. Peter Ahlin (?)

Anders Ahlin (?)

Andrew D. Ahlin

Caroline B. Ahlin (?)

Emma M. Ahlin (?)

G. Clement D. Ahlin (?)

J. Gustaf Ahlin (?)

Johanna Ahlin (?)

Johanna Ahlm

Sven Ahlm

Anna Alexander

Effie Alexander

J.T. Alexander

Carl A, child of N. and M. (?) Alexanderson

Levi F., child of N and M. (?) Alexanderson

Nels Alexanderson

Frances A. Allen

on Anderson (?)

Alice C. Anderson (?), child of C.F. and G.J. (?) Anderson

Andreas Anderson

Andreas Anderson

Andrew P., son of Ingemar and Cathrina Anderson

Anna Beata Anderson (?)

Anna Stina Anderson (?)

August Anderson (?)

August F. Anderson

Catharina Anderson (?)

Catherina Anderson

Cathrina, wife of Ingemar Anderson

Christina Anderson

Christina Anderson

Denton L. Anderson

Edward A. Anderson

Emma M. Anderson (?)

Esther Nord Anderson

Frank W. Anderson

Gustava U., wife of C.F. Anderson

Ida Sophia Anderson

Ingemar Anderson

Johanna Anderson (?)

Johanna Anderson

John Alvin Anderson (?)

John P. Anderson (?)

John W. Anderson (?)

Kristina Anderson (?)

Maria S. Anderson

Marie Anderson

Mathilda , child of C.F. and G.J. (?) Anderson

Myrtle Anderson

Nathaniel, son of J. and C. Anderson

Olaus Anderson

Ole R. Anderson

Otto R. Anderson

Raymond A. Anderson

Robert K. Anderson

Robert Kleven Anderson

Sophia O. Anderson

Svante Anderson (?)

Svante Anderson

Aaron T. Arneson

Alice J. Arneson (?)

Alma J. Arneson

Ella M. Arneson (?)

‘Father’ Arneson (?)

Herman F. Arneson

Mable T. Arneson

‘Mother’ Arneson (?)

Effie Arvidson (?)

Gustafva Arvidson (?)

Ida M. Arvidson

J. Carlyle Arvidson

Joseph E. Arvidson

Saml. Arvidson

Samuel Arvidson (?)

Victor Arvidson (?)

Anna Nilsdatter Aslakson

Anna P. Aslakson

Edvard W. Aslakson

Helga Carolina Aslakson

Maria Aslakson

Nils A. Aslakson

Paul Olsen Aslakson

‘Father’ Aspengren (?)

**August Aspengren, born December 10, 1835 in Sweden - died January 28, 1916 in Carver, Minnesota**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

John Aspengren (?)

**John Aspengren, son of August Aspengren, born February 28, 1866 in Sweden, died March 28, 1950 in Lester Prairie, Minnesota**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

‘Mother’ Aspengren (?)

**Charlotte Anderson Apsengren, wife of August Aspengren, born March 27, 1836 in Sweden, died April 2, 1922**  This persons information was added  with information that I received from a family member.  This information was not transcribed from the burial monument.

Alice Bahr

Adolf Beckman

Albin Beckman

Anna Beckman

Carl Beckman

Christina Beckman

Elden G. Beckman

Emil Beckman

J. Edwin Beckman

Johannes Beckman

June C. Beckman

Alma L. Bengtson

Andreas Bengtson

Andrew H. Bengtson

Charley E. Bengtson (?)

Christina Bengtson

Christina Matilda, wife of A.L. Bengtson

Emma J. Bengtson (?)

Filmore J. Bengtson

Frank Bengtson (?)

Gordon R. Bengtson

Irving Bengtson (?)

Johanna Bengtson

Johanna Bengtson (?)

Johannes Bengtson (?)

John A. Bengtson (?)

Mabel Bengtson

Maline A. Bengtson

Maria Bengtson

Peter Bengtson

Rodney Bengtson

William Bengtson

Chris. Bensen, Company K 2 (?) Minn. Inf.

Jno. Bensen, Company Y (?) 2 Minn. Inf.

Christian Benson

Edgar T. Benson

Hannah H. Benson (?)

Marie M. Benson

Adeline E. Berg

Anton O. Berg

Doris A. Berg

Clara J. (Lindgren) Bergin

Emil Bergin

John Bergin

Maria S. Bergin

Alfred J. Bergstrom

Alvina Bergstrom (?)

Anna Bergstrom (?)

Anna S. Bergstrom

Arthur Bergstrom (?)

Carl Bergstrom, born in Sweden

Dorothea Bergstrom (?)

Gustaf Bergstrom (?)

Helen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Bergstrom

J.P. Einer, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Bergstrom

Jennie C. Bergstrom

Maria Bergstrom

Oscar A. Bergstrom

Anna C. Berlin (?)

August E. Berlin (?)

John E. Berlin (?)

Swante A. Berlin (?)

Clarence Bettinger

Mabel Bettinger

Agnes Biggs

Kermit C. Blomberg

Ronald K. Blomberg

Ruth E. Blomberg

Alfred Blomquist (?)

Augusta Blomquist (?)

Carl J. Bohm

Helma Josephine Bohm (?)

Inga Marie Bohm (?)

Isac Alfred Bohm (?)

Martha C. Bohnsack

Richard J. Bohnsack

Amanda Bom (?)

Arnold Bom (?)

Herman Bom (?)

Sarah Bom

Severin H. Bom

Constance L. Bondeson, nee Schilling

Dennis J. Bondeson

Ellsworth W. Bondeson

Ellsworth W. Bondeson

Lannette J. Bondeson

Carl G. Borg

Henry A. Borg

Johanna Borg

Charles E. Boxwell

Emma C. Boxwell

And’w Braf, Company T (?) 9 Minn. Inf

Eunice D. Bringen, nee Johnson

Irving Ed. Bringen

Andrew P. Brink

Anders Brink

Anna Catherine Brink

Elmer A. Brink

J. Esther Brink

Johanna (?) Brink

Elizabeth Frances, child of Andrew and Betsy Bryngelson

Frank Record, child of Andrew and Betsy Bryngelson

Gladys C. Burfield

Lyle W. Burfield

August Burling (?)

Barkley, son of E.C. Burling

Carl E. Burling (?)

Clara Burling

Clare I. Burling

John I.C. Buring (?)

Kathryn Burling

Mary Burling (?)

Oscar S. Burling

Ray Burling

A. Emelia Carlson

A. Everett Carlson

A. Josephine, wife of Caleb Carlson

Adin, son of P. and C. Carlson

Andrew Carlson

Andrew E. Carlson

Andrew J. Carlson

Anna E. Carlson

Anna Josephina Carlson (?)

Anna Sophia Carlson

Arthur O. Carlson

B. Christine Carlson

C. Morris Carlson

Carl J. Carlson

Charles Carlson

Charlie J. Carlson (?)

Chrestina, wife of J.A. Carlson

Christine G. Carlson (?)

Clara Carlson

Clara Carlson

Edwin J. Carlson (?)

Elin B. Carlson

Emilie Carlson (?)

George B. Carlson

Gustaf Carlson, Company H 9 Minn. Inf

Harland K. Carlson

J.A. Carlson

Johan, son of Anders (?) and Annie Carlson

Johannah Carlson

John P. Carlson (?)

Jonas Carlson

Jonas Carlson, Company M 1 Minn. H.A.

Linda Carlson (?)

Majastina Carlson

Mary Carlson

Mary Carlson

Mildred E. Carlson (?)

Peter Carlson, Company H 9 Minn. Inf

Swen J. Carlson (?)

Theodora Carlson

Thilda Carlson

Viola H. Carlson

Hannah O. Caron

Jay R. Ceaser

Jay Rodrick Ceaser

Lillian A. Ceaser

Lyle G. Ceaser

Roderick L. Ceaser

? (mother) Ces Chapman

Gladys Chapman

Mary A. Chapman

Wayne A. Chapman

Inez Scott Chard

Samuel Cleveland

Emily Cooper

John E. (Jack) Cullen

Terry Cullen

Anna, wife of Svante Dahl

Mardonna I. Dahn

Ellen M. Danielson

Oscar N. Danielson

Evelyn E. Eck

Alfred Edberg

Andrew Edberg

Anna M. Edberg

August Edberg (?)

Della Edberg

Edith L. Edberg

Ellen Edberg

Ellen Edberg (?)

Everett A. Edberg

George Edberg

Helen S. Edberg

Ivy S. Edberg

Johannes Edberg

John Edberg (?)

Majastina Edberg

Mathilda Edberg

Mathilda J. Edberg

Myrtle Edberg (?)

Anna T. Edblom (?)

Emery R. Edblom

James D. Edblom

Lillian Edblom

Stanley Edblom (?)

Swante Edblom

William Edblom

Arthur L. Edman

Emil T. Edman

Gustava Edman

John G. Edman

Alfred Ekstrom

Clarence A. Ekstrom

Clarence A. Ekstrom

Henrietta B. Ekstrom

Jon A. Ekstrom

Sophia E. Ekstrom

Clarice L. Elert

Ella B. Elletson

Marion L. Elletson

Nellie M. Eno

Andrew E. Ericksen (?)

Elivine A. Ericksen

Muriel T. Ericksen

Thilda Emelie Ericksen (?)

Andreas Erickson (?)

Andreas Erickson (?)

Arne Erickson (?)

Hulda Erickson

Mary, wife of Arne Erickson

Theodore Erickson

Anders Erikson

Maria, wife of Anders Erikson

Ola, son of Anders Erikson

Maria Farm

Douglas C. Farrell

Evelyn M. Farrell

Anna Fauger

Josephine May Ferguson

Nancy B. Ferguson

Emily Hall Firebaugh

Frank L. Fredrickson

Earl Freye

Joyce Freye

Robert Earl Freye

baby boy Glowatzke

E. John Glowatzke

Juanita K. Glowatzke

Clarence W. Goetz

Myrtle Goetz

Charles Goetze

Clinton B. Goetze

Inez Goetze

Lowell C. Goetze

Andrew Goodmanson (?)

Anna L. Goodmanson (?)

Charlotte Goodmanson (?)

John F. Goodmanson (?)

Swan Goodmanson (?)

Maria Alexanderson Gudmundson

baby Gunderson

Albert V., son of Osten and Valborg Gunderson (?)

Johannes Gustafson

Katrina Gustafson

Anna G., wife of J. Gustafsson

Alan Haas

Anna Hall

Anna Hall

baby of J.E. Hall

Carl A. Hall

David Hall

Everett R. Hall

Ewald Hall

Gerald M. Hall

Gust W. Hall

Hanna J. Hall (?)

Hannah Hall

Henry Hall (?)

Irene E. Hall

John B. Hall

Mildred H. Hall

Oscar A. Hall (?)

Peter Hall

Swan Hall

Alan Hallin

Beatrice C. Hallin

Carl E. Hallin

Christina Hallin (?)

Donald Hallin

Elin Hallin (?)

Ernest W. Hallin

Ernest W. Hallin

Esther E. Hallin (?)

Esther M. Hallin

Fred A. Hallin (?)

Hjalmer Hallin (?)

John Ben Hallin

Katrina Hallin (?)

Leonard Hallin (?)

Leonard E. Hallin

Lilly Hallin (?)

Lovisa Hallin

Paul Hallin

S. Theodore Hallin

Sigurd Hallin (?)

Theresa Hallin

Julia Amanda Hammarlund

Thure Wilhelm Hammarlund

Amanda Hermana Halloff (?)

Amanda Lagetta Halloff (?)

Chas. Herman Halloff (?)

Elin A. Halloff (?)

Annie M. Hansen

Edith Mae Hansen

Elmer E. Hansen

Elmer Ernest Hansen

Jane A. Hansen

Jno. Hansen, Company H 9 Minn. Inf

Phillip Hansen

Richard M. Hansen

Robert B. Hansen

Robert B. Hansen

Etta J., child of H.J. (?) and S.J. Harris

H. Corrine Hasse

Howard H. Hasse

Lance Hasse

Erika Theresia Hedeen

Ida M. Heighstedt

Emily Kate Heim

? of John A ?? Hillstrom (?)

Alma A. Hillstrom

Alma M. Hillstrom

Charles Hillstrom (?)

Clara Hillstrom (?)

Elisabeth J. Hillstrom

Harry T. Hillstrom, son of Theodore and Alma Hillstrom.

John A. Hillstrom

John A. Hillstrom

John Theodore Hillstrom

Oscar P. Hillstrom

Laura Hoff

Peder H. Hoff

Anders Holm

Gustaf Holm

Adeline Brink Holt

Adolph Leonard Holt

Alice Holt (?)

Andrew Holt (?)

Andrew Holt (?)

Anna Holt (?)

Carl Victor Holt

Clara Holt (?)

Dorothy Carol Holt

Esther Emelia Holt

‘Grandma’ Holt (?)

Inga Holt (?)

John Holt (?)

John E. Holt (?)

Mathilda Holt (?)

Walter Brink Holt

Clara Hult

Emil, son of P.A. and H.P. Hult

Johannes Hult, settled in Carver in 1854

John A., son of ? and ? Hult

John Adolph Hult

Kathrina, wife of Johannes Hult

Mathilda Hult

Nancy M. Hult

Henry Hunter

Ida H. Hunter

Patricia A. Hunter (?)

Sanford August Hunter

Valerie J. Hunter

Jno. Hurstadt (?), Company A 4 Minn. Inf

Albert J. Hurtig

Andrew Gust Hurtig (?)

Anita M. Hurtig

Anna V. Hurtig

Clara Hurtig

Clarence C. Hurtig

Emma A. Hurtig (?)

Emma J. Hurtig

Emma M. Hurtig

Esther E. Hurtig

Gustaf Hurtig

J. Arnold Hurtig

John A. Hurtig (?)

Judith H. Hurtig

Maria K. Hurtig

Martin O. Hurtig

Mary S. Hurtig (?)

Sophie Hurtig (?)

Walter Wm. Hurtig (?)

Emma A. Jabs (?)

Laverne M. Jabs

Otto F. Jabs (?)

Anders Johanson

Albertina Johanson

Amalia ? (nearest to Johanson ?)

? Johnson

? Johnson

? Johnson

? Johnson

A.P. Johnson

Aaron Johnson (?)

Adolf Johnson (?)

Albert Johnson

Alfred Johnson (?)

Alice D. Johnson

Anders Gustaf Johnson (?)

Andrew Johnson

Andrew A. Johnson (?)

Andrew P. Johnson

Angie Johnson (?)

Anna Johnson (?)

Anna Johnson (?)

Anna Johnson

Anna M. Johnson

Anna M. Johnson

Anna M. Johnson

Anna S., wife of N.H. Johnson

Amelia B. Johnson

Archibald C. Johnson

August Johnson (?)

August Johnson

August P. Johnson

Axel P. Johnson

B. Johnson

baby girl Johnson

Carl August Johnson (?)

Carl G. Johnson (?)

Cecelia Johnson

Charles M., child of P.A. and Mary Johnson

Charles P. Johnson (?)

Chris Johnson

Clara, child of A.J. and ? Johnson

Clara, daughter of P. and M. (?) Johnson

Clara M., daughter of A.J. and A. Johnson

Deborah L. Johnson

Dorothy L. Johnson

Earl K. Johnson

Earl M. Johnson (?)

Edward W., child of A.J. and ? Johnson

Effie R. Johnson (?)

Eleanor F. Johnson

Ellen K. Johnson

Emely Johnson (?)

Emma Johnson

Emma C. Johnson (?)

Ernest V. Johnson (?)

Eugene H. Johnson

Floyd C. Johnson (?)

Francis W. Johnson (?)

Frank V. Johnson

Frederika Johnson (?)

Geo. E. Johnson

Gustaf Robert Johnson (?)

H. Johnson

Hazel M. Johnson

Hjalmer Johnson

Ingeborg Johnson

Jalmer Johnson (?)

Johana Johnson

Johana M., child of P.A. and Mary Johnson

Johannes Johnson (?)

John Johnson (?)

John Johnson

John Johnson

John A. Johnson (?)

John L. Johnson (?)

Josaphina A. Johnson (?)

Josaphina S., child of P.A. and Mary Johnson

Joseph A. Johnson

Louis Johnson (?)

Lovisa Johnson

Luverne J. Johnson

Magnus Johnson, Company M 1 Minn. H.A.

Magnus Johnson (?)

Mamie Margaret Johnson (?)

Margaret J. Johnson

Maria Johnson

Maria Johnson (?)

Maria, wife of H. Johnson

Maria L. Johnson (?)

Marie Johnson

Marion L. Johnson

Marvin Johnson

Mary Johnson

Mary, wife of P.A. Johnson

Matilda R. Johnson (?)

Melinda Johnson (?)

Minnie C. Johnson

Nels F. Johnson

Nels H. Johnson

Nels H. Johnson, cam to this community 4 September 1858, served in the Civil War in Company C Braketts Batl

P.A. Johnson

Corpl. Peter A. Johnson, Company H 1 Minn. H.A.

Raymond F. Johnson

Robert A. Johnson

Ronald O. Johnson

Rose L. Johnson

Salma A., child of P.A. and Mary Johnson

Solomon Johnson

Swand Johnson

Thalia Johnson (?)

Thilda C. Johnson (?)

Theodore, child of A.J. and ? Johnson

Tilda, child of A.J. and ? Johnson

Vera E. Johnson (?)

Vernon A. Johnson (?)

Walter Johnson

Mabel A. Kaan

Marvin R. Kaan

Rens Fred Kaan

John C. Kaley

Steven G. Kaley

Emma J., daughter of J. (?) and A. (?) Kallgram (?)

Swan Kallgram

Anna B. Kallgren

John Kallgren

Edwin A. Kellgren

Esther A. Kellgren

Richard Scott Kangas

Josie Karpen

Gerda Kindgren

Roy Kindgren

Mari Kjelberg

S. Kjelberg

Andrew Kleven (?)

Andrew Kleven (?)

Hannah Kleven (?)

John T. Kleven (?)

Lillian L. Kleven

Mary Kleven (?)

Nellie M. Kleven (?)

Peter Kleven (?)

Peter Kleven (?)

Peter D. Kleven (?)

Anton A. Kohman

Laura H. Kohman

Clarence L. Krug

Mathew E. Kuka

Viola A. Kuka

Earney W. Laabs

Earney W. Laabs

Mae I. Laabs

Alma Larson (?)

Anastine Larson (?)

And’w Larson, Company H 5 Minn. Inf.

Andrew Larson (?)

Andrew Larson

Andrew A., child of A.P. and Johanna Larson

Anna Larson (?)

Anna L., child of A.P. and Johanna Larson

Anna L. Larson

Anna Marie Larson

Carrie Larson

Edgar Larson (?)

Edward V., child of A.P. and Johanna Larson

Ella Larson (?)

Ernest Leroy, son of Peter and Johanna Larson

Esther O. Larson

‘Father’ Larson

J.B. Larson

J. Levi Larson (?)

Johanna, wife of S. Larson

Johanna, wife of A.E. Larson

John larson (?)

M. Wilfred larson

Maja Stina Larson

Majastina Elramsdatter Larson (?)

Majastina Larson

Mary, wife of Andrew Larson

Mathilda Larson

‘Mother’ Larson

Sims Larson (?)

Sven Larson

Swante Larson

Thilda Larson

Tilda Larson

Walter L. Larson

William Larson

Athilda Leonard

Georgie Leonard

Ida M. Leonard

John Leonard

John A. Leonard

Albert W. Lindahl

Albert W. Lindahl

Sadie E. Lindahl

? Ranma ? Lindquist (?)

Florence E. Lindquist

Mary Lindquist (?)

Raymond G. Lindquist

Swan Lindquist (?)

Tilda Lindquist (?)

Victor Lindquist (?)

Tilda Wilhelmina, wife of Herman Lingren

David Lyle, son of David and Diane Linnerson

Marvin C. Linnerson

Vivian Linnerson

Ernest F. Loehrs

Viola A. Loehrs

Christina L. Long

John A. Long

Mary S. Long

Swante L. Long

Alice E. Lund

August Lund (?)

C. Victor Lund

Christine Lund (?)

G. Reuben Lund

Gustaf E. Lund (?)

J. Russell Lund

Johannes Lund

John P. Lund (?)

Julia J., wife of S.P. Lund

Lotta Lund

Luann E. Lund

Peter Lund

Rose E. Lund

Selma Lund

Tilda J. Lund (?)

J. Theodore Lundberg

Lillian E. Lundberg

Esther Holt Lundborg

Gladys Mildred Lundgren

Johan P. Lundgren

Sofia L. Lundgren

? Lundquist

Alma Lundquist (?)

baby Lundquist

Carl P. Lundquist

Clara E. Lundquist

Dorothy M. Lundquist

Effie A. Lundquist

Esther ‘Essie’ W. Lundquist

George Lundquist

George W. Lundquist

Georgia Lundquist

Hazel E. Lundquist (?)

Helena Lundquist

Herbert E. Lundquist

Hulda Lundquist

Ida M. Lundquist

John Lundquist

Mable V. Lundquist (?)

May V. Lundquist (?)

Myrtle H. Lundquist (?)

Ray Lundquist

Raymond Lundquist

William Lundquist (?)

Minnie J. MacNabb

Andrew Malmgren

Anna Malmgren

Nels Malmgren

Pernilla Malmgren

Andrew B. Mellberg (?)

Andrew E. Mellberg (?)

Anna Mellberg (?)

Esther L. Mellberg (?)

Fred W. Mellberg

John Mellberg (?)

Lillian M. Mellberg (?)

Louise E. Mellberg

Oscar M. Mellberg (?)

Charlotte A. Mellgren

Elphie Mellgren

Evelyn E. Mellgren

John A. Mellgren

John A. Mellgren

Lorenze E. Mellgren

Lorraine B. Mellgren

Andrew Mellquist (?)

Cornelius Mellquist (?)

Ellen Mellquist (?)

Emma C. Mellquist (?)

Emma J. Mellquist (?)

John Mellquist (?)

Ruth Mellquist (?)

Theodore Mellquist (?)

Victor N. Mellquist (?)

Patrick M. Meyer

baby boy Milberg

baby girl Milberg

Elizabeth Milberg

Elmer Milberg

Herman Peter R. Milberg

Reuben Milberg

Arnes G. Miller

Frances Miller

Theodore J. Miller

Swan (?) Millgren (?)

Swan Millgren, Company M 1 Minn. H.A

Agnes B. Molkentin

Otto A. Molkentin

Perry J. Mude

Ethelyn Mueller

William E. Mueller

Emma Nicholson

Hans Nicholson

Marion G. Neilsen

Adin Nelson

Amelia E., wife of J.S. Nelson

Andrew Nelson

Andrew A. Nelson (?)

Anna Nelson

Anna S. Nelson

Annie L. Nelson

Carl A. Nelson

Carl A. Nelson

Carl J. Nelson

Christine Nelson

Emma V. Nelson

Esther D. Nelson

Esther S. Nelson (?)

Hazel E. Nelson

Inga, wife of Andrew Nelson

Isabelle Nelson

Johanna M. Nelson (?)

John A., son of A. and E. Nelson

John S. Nelson

Josephina Nelson (?)

Josephine Nelson

Katrina (?) Nelson

Levin G. Nelson

Maria Nelson

Marie Nelson

Marie A. Nelson

Olga Nelson

Peter (?) Nelson

Selma Nelson

Sven Nelson

A.P. Nord

Anna E. Nord

Carl O. Nord

Caroline, wife of A.P. Nord

Christina Nord

Emma Nord

Henry Richard Nord

J.A. Nord

Myrtle A. Nord

Arthur J.T. Olander

August Olander (?)

August S., child of F.A. and C. Olander (?)

Carl Olander (?)

Carl R. Olander (?)

Clarence W. Olander (?)

Dorothy M. Olander

Edgar L. Olander

Emma Olander (?)

Emma C., child of F.A. and C. Olander (?)

Esther H. Olander

George Olander (?)

Helga T. Olander (?)

Mabel Olander

Mary Olander (?)

Nellie Olander

Peter Olander (?)

Reuben M. Olander

Willard E. Olander

Helena, wife of Lars Olsen

Lars Olsen

Alfred Olson

Anders Olson, born in Ilekasa Forsamling Skaraborslan Sverige

Andrew G. Olson (?)

Anna M. Olson

August J. Olson

August S. Olson (?)

Benhard D. Olson

Carl Henrik Olson (?)

Caroline M. Olson

Charles W. Olson

Christina Olson, wife of Anders Olson

E. Gladys G. Olson

Edwin J. Olson

Ellen E. Olson (?)

Evelyn L. Olson

Geo. W. Olson (?)

Harry A.C. Olson

Harry Arene Olson

Hazel B. Olson

Ida J. Olson (?)

Johanna Olson (?), born in West Union, Carver County, Minnesota

John S. Olson (?)

Magdalen Olson

Paul D. Olson

Polena Olson

A.P. Oman

Albin N. Oman

Christina Oman

Emil Oman

Johanna Oman

John Oman

Oscar E. Oman

Sven J. Oman

Theodor Oman

Fay W. Owens

Robert D. Owens

Aron E. Palmer (?)

Clara M.S., daughter of Aron Palmer

Selma A. Palmer (?)

Selam M. Palmer (?)

Ardis H. Eichler Patterson

John William ‘Bill’ Patterson

Andrew Paulson

Henry Paulson

Henry T. Paulson

Johanna, wife of Henry Paulson

Johanna Paulson

Paulina Paulson

Silas W. Paulson

Anna J. Pearson

Carl J. Pearson

?? of ? M. Peterson

Anna M. Peterson

Catherine, wife of P. Peterson

Chas. Peterson, Company M 1 Minn. H.A

Esther Peterson

Glenn Peterson

Ingeborg Peterson

Jeanette Peterson

John E. Peterson

Mildred E. Peterson

Paul J.R. Peterson

Peter Peterson

Samuel Peterson

Carl Albert, son of S. and K. Petterson

Katrina, nee Nilson, wife of S. Petterson

Irene A. Ploen

John C. Ploen

A.H. Quist

Randall Robert Read

Barbara M. Reese

Frieda C. Rhode

?, wife of E. Risley

Lars Rosengren

Maria Rosengren

Anna C. Rutz

Nicholas Rutz

Floyd J. Ryan

Floyd James Ryan

Marion E. Ryan

J.G. Rydeen

John C. Sand

Lena Sand

memory of the A.G. Sandell family

Andrew W. Sandell

Agnes E. Sandell

Clara C. Sandell

‘Father’ Sandell (?)

Frances A. Sandell

Hjalmer J. Sandell

‘Mother’ Sandell (?)

Frans Victor Sanquist, born in East Union, Carver County, Minnesota

Magdalena Sanquist, born in Herrjunga, Elfsborgslain Sverige

Sophia Sanquist, born in Herrljunga, Sverige

baby boy Sauerbrey

John Sauerbrey

Marjolane Sauerbrey

Alice B. Schmidt

Frank A. Schmidt

Inez Malzahn Schueren

Agnes Scott (?)

Alma Scott (?)

Andreas Scott

Andrew Scott (?)

Anna C. Scott (?)

August Scott (?)

Augusta Marie Scott

‘Brother’ Scott (?)

Carl Scott (?)

Carl A. Scott

Carl Art Scott

Carl Oscar Scott

Chester Scott

Elenor Scott

Elmer R. Scott

Emil Scott

Emil Scott

Emma Lydia Scott (?)

F. Oscar Scott

‘Father’ Scott (?)

Frida Scott

George H. Scott

Hannah Scott (?)

Helen Scott (?)

Hilma Scott

Hazel V. Scott

John Edward Scott (?)

John O. Scott (?)

Lena Scott

Lydia Scott

Mabel Scott (?)

Mabel Irene Scott (?)

Majastina Scott

Minnie J. Scott (?)

‘Mother’ Scott (?)

Oswin Scott

Rudolph C. Scott (?)

Sarah Scott (?)

‘Sister’ Scott (?)

Swante Scott (?)

William Scott

William Scott (?)

Corp’l And’w Scone, Company M 1 Minn. H.A

Andrew A. Sell (?)

Carl John Sell (?)

Clara A. Sell (?)

Esther L. Sell

Eva Sophia Sell

Geo. A. Sell

John Aug. Sell

Sarah L. Sell (?)

Archie Sells

Elvera Sells

Myron Sells

Swante Skatt, Company A 11 Minn. Inf.

Anna G. Skoog

Annastina Skoog

August Skoog

Johanes Skoog

Lars Skoog

Lars Skoog, Company M 1 Minn. H.A

Maria Skoog

Swante Skoog

Anna M. Smith

August Smith

C.J. Smith

Eleanor M. Smith

Ellen Smith

Henry J. Smith

Jonas J. Smith

J. Snell

Corp’l Tho. So?, Company A 9 Minn. Inf

Robert D. Sogge

Clarence F. Soles

Violet L. Soles

Emile G. Soley

Dennis N. Sorensen

Doris L. Sorensen

Berthea G., wife of Charles J. Sorenson

Pearl E. Stack

William R. Stack

William R. Stack

Dale M. Stai

J.J. Stob, Company H 9 Minn. Inf

Anna M., child of A. and M. Stomberg

John (?) Stomberg (?)

Swante, child of A. and M. Stomberg

J. Henry Sundine

Donald C. Strom

Donald C. Strom

Vernis M. Strom

Anna, wife of L. Swandson

Lars Swandson

Alma Swanson

Charles Swanson

Christine Swanson

Elias Swanson, Company H 9 (?) Minn. Inf

Emanuel Swanson

Helen Swanson

LouAnn Marie Swanson

Majastina (?), daughter of Elias and Maja (?) Swanson

Pauline E. Swanson

Dane P. Swenson

Elias Swenson

Gustaf Swenson

Majastina Swenson

Ruth, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. S.G. Swenson

Emma M. Tessman

Ferdinand G. Tessman

William G. Tessman

Kari Thompson

J.A. Thorn

Alfred, son of J. and M. Torn

Jacob Torn

Maja Magnusdotter, wife of Jacob Torn

Esther C. Trapp

Christina Turner

Nick Vaidich

Andrew Wallace, Company H Minn. Inf

Andrew Wallace

Andrew A. Wallace (?)

Donald C. Wallace

Edwin Wallace (?)

Effie Wallace

Levi A. Wallace (?)

Lillian M. Wallace

Mary Wallace

Oscar Wallace

Oscar Wallace (?)

Alice R. Wanquist

Eugene A. Wanquist

Carol M. Wawrzynaik

Edgar Wawrzynaik

Thea A. Wells

Andrew Westerberg (?)

Hulda Westgren

Katrina Westgren

Amanda J. Westlund

Archie H. Westlund

baby boy Westlund

Edward Westlund

Ethel Westlund

‘Father’ Westlund

Ferdinand Westlund

Herman Westlund

‘Mother’ Westlund

Jno. Wixon, Company E 10 Iowa Inf

? Youngberg

Anna Youngquist

John A. Youngquist

Adele Holt Zimmerschied

Clarence R. Zimmerschied

Not able to get enough information for the following:

? Charley

Anna J. ?

Anna Math. (near Berg or Ferguson ?)

Arthur W ?

August (near Berg or Ferguson ?)

Charles L., son of -

Edna O. ?

Elmer E ?

Emma ? - ? (near Edblom ?)

Nile??tto, ? of ?, d ? - hard to read

Vernon A. ? (near Hall and Carlson ?)

Edna R.M. (near Lindquist and Johnson ?)

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